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Let the coins rain so hard we hear thunder.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Orphan turned mercenary
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Tyde
Gender: Male
Marital Status: unmarried
Age: 32
Birthday: 4/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Mercenary
Height: 6'2
Hair Color: Faded black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Deeply tanned Caucasian skin

Description: Standing of a tall height, this adult man possess a body that appears to be accustomed to a hard days work and play. His shoulders are certainly bulky as he moves with economic footsteps to make himself seem taller then he is. His head is clearly shaved, however not to the point of balding as the top of his head is cropped with a thin black hair that draps down to his forehead, lined slightly with age and show two prominent eyebrows. Underneath those thick brows are two eyes that are light brown in color giving many of his expressions perhaps a gentler feel. A pronounced nose helps shape his square face as well as even lips that lead down to a clef chin that is covered in a thin stubble. Leading down from his face, his neck is thick and bulky as expected of someone his size and mass. A thick vein can be seen from its left side whenever he is under physical and mental duress.

Personality: Quick to laugh, and easy to make smile. Ajax usually can be seen cracking a joke or trying to lighten the spirits of the people around him. Ajax usually plays the part of a strange combat inclined jester when not on an assignment. While he's on an assignment he's polite and to the point with the clientele and seems to keep a positive public relationship towards others in his company. Starkly contrasting with the rare instances where he's provoked to rage. His personality taking an icy chill with barbed words that lead towards fists being thrown.

Background: "Let the silver fall, boy!" The echoes of Ajax's father still crawling through his skull. He was a surprisingly happy child before the fall of Tyde under the strict tutelage of his father and mother both well respected if not ruthless merchants of the realm which led to an unfortunate bit of scrutiny on the otherwise happy go lucky child. As he aged into the world properly he never found himself taken with further education provided by his parents and as he simply seemed to lack the patience required to be a merchant. In his teenage years, he spent time away from his mother and father to learn the art of sword play from a distant uncle. Learning chivalry, and the art of the sword spoon fed the tales of war and adventure against the elves. Ajax was being prepared for service to a knight when Tyde had fallen. When the news had reached the land he had disappeared only being spoken of in rare passing. During the start of Ajax adulthood he would be found amongst the Redwood mercenary company, often guarding the roads, fighting in small skirmishes for coin. Eventually, parting to earn his own way in the world. While those who encounter him claim he cares for little for status, he seems content in his own dreams in hording a large stockpile of coin

Relationship Summary

  • Harlex - The fuckin' wolf ain't no joke. But still, I think I can match em' actually like the guy aside from that bit.

  • Ally:
  • Mirk - A generous sort. Provides work for me from time to time. I like him.

  • Friend:
  • Karak - Works for me.
  • Kanean - Works for me.
  • Khuen - Works for me.
  • Jinnean - Works for me.
  • Zeia - Works for me.
  • Domonico - doesn't work for me. I still actually care about his well being.
  • Meeshna - Works for me
  • Kaya - Works for me
  • Jasher - a prince. Doesn't work for me, but he grew on me during the evening visits of ale. I care about him.
  • Sorrel - The princess Thrax, if you need something. I might be there.
  • Reese - you've always been kind and supportive, assisting me and mine. Thank you.
  • Emmerly - Works for me. Sometimes stops me from doing stupid shit.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Overly chatty. Promised he'd purchase from me once he was settled. He'll probably talk a lot then too. I don't like him.
    Aella While they weren't making me convulse with laughter, this one seemed to know how to have fun if it was forced upon him. Probably. Shit, what do I know maybe he's terrible.
    Aethan A sellsword -- and if he nearly bested my brother in a spar, he must be good at it.
    Ahmar A Mercenary who tossed me around the Hart like I was a child. I used to think I was a decent fighter before I met him.
    Alarissa A mercenary, but one unaffiliated with the company's within the city. Interesting. It's noble thought, his choice on who to serve. I shall have to keep my eye upon him when we have need of a little more work.
    Alessia He seems polite yet modest, I hope to meet him again.
    Alexio The sellsword in charge of the Redwood Mercenary Company; a good and dedicated man. Someone who certainly appreciates his connections with us merchants. Amusing how he confused me with a lord, can't blame him though, I do dress quite grandly. *smirks* "Like a prince...", according to Reese.
    Alrec Something about him seems familiar like perhaps we fought together in a different lifetime.
    Amari He has a very strong snowball throwing arm and apparently no qualms about hitting innocent ladies with them. He seems pleasant otherwise and was nice enough to give a terribly generous and completely undeserved compliment after.
    Amund Sellsword trying to earn his living.
    Arcadia A curious man who gave me my first lesson in how to blend in better. No silks.
    Arcelia I did not get to speak with him directly but he showed up to the Thrax Fealty meeting in which we discussed the future of our people. That alone says he at least cares about what happens and that is something I can respect. I look forward to speaking with him in a more personal setting.
    Arianna He's the kind of guy I surround myself with. Someone who knows and understands the power of silver and how cheap life really is.
    Armani Big, brawny boar of a man. Don't want to cross him, it would take ages to repair my cutlass afterwards.
    Astyr A remarkably successful mercenary. Friendly, and more clever than he lets on, I think.
    Athaur A mercenary that cares for his men with a good head on his shoulders.
    Avary His hound caused quite the stir. I gathered he's a man that enjoys such attentions.
    Azova A seemingly simple fellow. In a pleasant way, not.. the other way.
    Berenice He seems to have invented some sort of rivalry for himself. I feel a bit bad, for I don't think that Harlex has noticed.
    Bhandn A simple sellsword, wearing all /that/? And I'm a stable boy tossing hay for forty years.
    Bliss I don't think he really had any idea what it was he was dealing with that day. Nice enough, but I do hope there are further layers to yet be uncovered.
    Bonnie I guess technically there's competition here, but also enough trouble going in to make it easier to like another mercenary instead of getting cutthroat.
    Braden A simple sellsword. Looks like he is a force of nature on the battlefield.
    Brady Pretty knowledgeable mercenary, and seems like a friendly and nice guy. Can't wait to see him fight.
    Braith More than anger. More than sorrow. Emotions range and sometimes we may not feel that we do not settle in the depth of one but often we exist on the periphery of each. You are emotional, Ajax of the Redwood - is what I would like to say. But best not and just drink my whiskey.
    Brianna He seems cheerful, and he's so very large. I am going to be working with him when we go North, I hope he doesn't mind a woman who often speaks before she thinks.
    Brigida He is no simple sellsword. Despite what he may say.
    Caith He is a sellsword and I know his name now, too: Ajax (I wonder if he fights with a battle axe? Wouldn't that be neat? Ajax and his Battle Axe! I should ask him...)! He is very nice and polite even though he always seems to bring the cold air in with him. Ha!
    Calandra My sister seems fond of him, which speaks volumes. Those scars, too, they tell a story I'd like to immortalize, though the man is modest about them.
    Calarian I rarely find need for hired blades and have no desire to see that change. But if it should, I think I know who I will approach to resolve the matter.
    Cambria A sellsword. I do not wish to befriend another sellsword. They die so easily. Yet here we are.
    Caspian A man who shunned a safe job of being a merchant to pursue the life of a sellsword. I don't have any room to judge that, since I did something similar.
    Clover A young man touched by tragedy and yet still young enough to have hope and heart. I pray he will go places in this life and do amazing things, and not lose that heart.
    Cristoph A sellsword, but also a reasonable sounding man that asks reasonable sounding questions. And what's there not to like about someone that offers help and advice to a stranger? Mark of approval in my book.
    Cullen Definitely a sellsword with a lot of opinions on the matter, as well as a personal code that he apparently adheres to. I'm not sure if that is an admirable quality or not in a mercenary...these are the people you need to get their hands dirty.
    Domonico A sellsword. He smiles easily and makes observations that are not the easiest to follow. Probably not properly educated.
    Donato A simple sellsword he claims, but the simple never claim to be. More clever than he appears, I bet, and deadly. I'll remember that when I need to hire some people.
    Draven He's nice! So nice! I like him! Maybe one day he can teach me how to punch people! Just like Nova wants! He seems tough too!
    Drusila A self-proclaimed 'Simple Sellsword,' by which I take him to be a very professional and shrewd fellow. If he is as rich as he says, this is assuredly the case, as foolish men in his profession tend to end up peniless in ditches. Or just in ditches. But good company for drink, in any event!
    Duarte Seems a shrewd sort, but perfectly personable. Seems he must be new to the city, the way he elicited from us an estimate of the market price for his particular brand of services.
    Dustin Strong charming warrior type with a mercenary company, or at least a hook up with one. Said if I got the chops, there is paying work. I might take him up on that offer.
    Eddard A friendly man, polite and willing to settle in with a crowd.
    Elfriede A taunting smile, an easy voice to follow and eyes that betray cunning. And more, yet not often enough.
    Emilia He strikes me as an honorable and humble man, deserving of my respect.
    Evaristo Captain of his own mercenary band - useful man to know for certain.
    Faye A practical man who is clear about his priorities as a sellsword. I certainly appreciate his honesty.
    Fiora He seems a good man. Whatever that means.
    Gaspar Confident and respectful. I have a feel he would become a good drinking companion, should we meet again.
    Giada Poor man. He'll get used to being around me again.
    Gianna I like him. He's a clever sellsword and I think our senses of humour might align rather well.
    Gilroy Game to break a leg to test himself and his friends. An admirable enough trait ... in other people.
    Giuliano A mercenary with expanding business, seems like a good year for violence.
    Giulio A sensible sellsword, without overmuch of the braggadocio one can often see with such. I do so enjoy real professionals.
    Gregory A man who seems a little more focused on himself than those I have previously met, but then I have met few. Seems concerened about the future, with implications of danger for all. May Gloria guide his weapon and shield him from harm.
    Gretchen A sellsword that's anything but simple who knows a good product when he sees it!
    Harlex A seemingly capable sellsword. Making his way in the city, as I once did. Bought me a drink, quick way to my good side.
    Helena Blunt spoken but there's something sweet beneath that rough exterior of this sellsword.
    Helle The Kind Man. He is an optimist, I think, and most certainly not a tree. Though he is patient like a tree...
    Ian Good conversation. Hope he finds what he's missing.
    Iliana You can almost always spot a sellsword, but Ajax is a personable sort from the little I saw of him. Willing to take a joke. I like that.
    Imi A simple mercenary, he says. I don't believe it. Decent company though.
    Ishmael A friendly and jovial sellsword.
    Jacali He likes a bit of a chuckle, he does. Always smilin'. ... them're the ones you gotta watch.
    Jan Looks competent. He certainly managed to lift my mood with that last push against Sorrel. I'll have to get to know this one a bit better.
    Jasher A sellsword with simple aims. Perhaps he will defy expectations and live a full life. Time will tell.
    Jeffeth A sell sword. he seems a good sort though, friendly enough. Perhaps we'll fight side by side at some point.
    Jenessa Quite a polite and pleasant sellsword. I daresay he needs to take the time and appreciate the little things in life more often, hopefully someday he will.
    Jennyva I met him outside of the Redwood Headquarters. From the outside I expected someone a bit more vinegary, but after a very short chat and drink at the Golden Hart it became clear he's not vinegary at all! Even sweet. Maybe even a little bit shy.
    Joscelin Abrupt but not rude. Intriguing but not a braggart. So far.
    Joslyn Seems a friend of Reese, and leader of a group of mercenaries. I wish him luck in those endeavors, and will keep an eye open in the event I need my own forces bolstered.
    Juniper It's a thing to be respected, that a commander places greater value on the lives in his care than on the coin in his purse.
    Jyri Sellsword and nothing simple about him, despite his introduction as such. I'll remember the name - sellswords are always good to know.
    Kaia A tall man (like I find most of the people in Arx to be?); who although comes off slightly intimidating at first glance, distinguishes himself from the rest with his gentle, amiable and approachable personality. Is not afraid to take on a challenge; and face it head-on. I admire him.
    Kaldur An amiable sort. I haven't met too many sell-swords, he seems a decent sort. Hmmm. HMMMMMmmmmm...
    Kamaria A simple sellsword with a wardog named Floofus. I'll watch out for this one, people with a sense of humor like that are dangerous.
    Kenna A rather laid-back mercenary. He seems like one that would make friends easily - but also not have a problem losing them either.
    Keyser Claims he's a simple sellsword but I've never known a sellsword to be simple. I'm betting there's more here than meets the eye. Not sure it's worth my own safety to find out.
    Korka An eloquent and insightful (if belatedly) sellsword who I should very much like to see again sometime.
    Kyden This is the first useful person I've met in the 'streets' of this city. I cannot believe this warrior has such an eye for beauty, amazing he found the spot for my future statuary.
    Leif From what little we spoke he seemed a friendly type. Keeps good company at the very least. I look forward to meeting again, perhaps next time for a tad longer.
    Liara A bit rough around the edges, though endeavoured to be polite all the same. Seems to know what he wants and where he's going, at least in broad terms.
    Lisebet Strong and silent, seems to be. Confident, but not arrogant; I bet he gets to keep people out of mischief all the time.
    Lora Everything I remember of the common men of Thrax. It is never princes that inspire pangs of homesickness, it is the extraordinarily ordinary.
    Lore Another sellsword that seems to be putting down roots. But damned if he's not fun to be around!
    Lottie What a charitable man and such a well behaved group he commands! You can see they respect him and from everything I've seen so far that respect is well deserved.
    Lycoris Briefly met him at the spir and spar, then had a chance to watch him spar at the training center with Elise (though I missed most of it) and then Harlex. Fascinating, man and I enjoyed every moment of his performance.
    Mabelle Quick to offer his opinion and judgement. I'm not certain if I approve. Yet.
    Macda Just because you are taller, older, heavier, bulkier, broader, hairier, AND an arse, doesn't mean you can sass me.
    Maja He has a PUPPY! Oh, and he's a sellsword, too. But a puppy!
    Malcolm Mercenary that's a friend of Jenny's - and I've seen him 'round a couple of times since. Not sure how much we've got in common, but, don't matter much - he seems like good folk - and I need to know more good people.
    Marisol The mercenary Ajax holds himself well and is pleasant company. I do hope he passes on his manners to his men.
    Martino A sellsword but one who partakes in free whiskey rather than cheap beer. Can commend him for that.
    Michael A mercenary captain, pulled together quite a band misfits too harsh? Of something.
    Mikani Master swordsman. Remind me to never piss him off.
    Miranda He seems a simple enough man. Makes his way through life by selling his skills with the sword. Seems to be a lone wolf in Arx, currently.
    Mirari Sensible man. Generous, buying a mysterious stranger a drink.
    Mirari A "Simple" sellsword. Indeed? Indeed. You are what you say you are, I suppose.
    Mirella A sell-sword. Good honest work, that. He's pleasant company for conversation.
    Mirk A professional mercenary and newcomer to Arx. But after several meetings, I can't recall if I've seen him express any emotion about anything. Odd.
    Monique A mercenary keen to bring his fellows to town and forge his own way. I can certainly respect that. And he's a whiskey drinker. That speaks volumes about his good character.
    Morgan Apparently a simple sellsword, but from how people reacted, I don't think that's probably true. It's probably his company's tagline 'You can trust us not to steal your money - we're simple sellswords!' Yeah probably that.
    Nigel A mercenary that understands the virtue of more than steel and coin. It is rare and I hope he preserves such.
    Niklas Straightforward mercenary with a vicious sense of humor.
    Orrin I might take to task the commoner that begs a dance with a princess, but if she likes, then I am the fool. He appears to have comported himself quite capably.
    Oswyn A mercenary that is thankfully much better at throwing snowballs than me. Glad he was on my side.
    Perronne He seems nice! Sort of mellow, for a mercenary type, and probably good at his job! Which I sort of hope I never see, just because of the blood and things. But still, very nice!
    Petal He seems intelligent and handles himself well when someone is messing with him. I am sure has layers.
    Pharamond A good honest sell sword. Those are the best kind.
    Quintin Quite a good swordsman; his movements change entirely when he begins to fight in earnest.
    Raimon A simple Sellsword
    Raja He's just another merc who thinks he is amazing. Maybe he /is/ amazing? Time will tell.
    Ras What a calm guy. Didn't deserve me calling him a jerk.
    Raven A sellsword with an interesting outlook on life, hope we can trade some stories sometime in the future.
    Reese An interesting sellswords who seems logical and looking to find his fortune. He as a grounded and intelligent way about him. Probably is a good warrior.
    Renata A man from the North, and I've not met many of those. His words to me were kind, though perhaps overly optimistic.
    River Pleasant, takes joke. Seems fun loving too.
    Ronja A sailor! I like sailors. They're much easier to get along with than, well, the alternative. Plus, he seems like he actually knows what he's doing as a sailor, which is even better.
    Rowenova More than 'just' a sellsword, he pet Sir Flop and was nice to a pregnant woman.
    Roxana Maybe he's the strong, silent type, but he's kind of cute.
    Sabella A sellsword who is a big fan of my little sister it seems!
    Sabine Salt of the earth, blunt of manner and of tongue, but pleasant enough in his rough-hewn way. No need for etiquette in his trade.
    Salvador A Mercenary captain of the Redwoods, recently granted a stronghold in the Thraxian lands. An interesting fellow, perhaps a rising star amongst the Sellsword community.
    Samithel One accustomed to combat; there is likely more red about him than simply his armor. I think he has accepted the role of death, in more ways than one.
    Sanya He is very open, friendly and a great drinking companion. It was a genuine pleasure to have met him and I hope to see him on more occasions.
    Saro A hired blade by trade, and clearly one with a great many battles under his belt. I genuinely enjoyed hearing his thoughts about his work.
    Selene Art provides an excellent measure of a man. A sellsword striving to admire the work of others is a rousing conversationalist, and most importantly, interesting. I applaud his efforts. Someone I hope to see more of at the Golden Hart.
    Sophie A likeable enough fellow. Maybe one day he'll see to donate to the Mercies. I'll have to keep him in mind if there's a need for anything specific.
    Sorrel A gruff mercenary who nevertheless is quite interested in history. He seems to enjoy listening to me talk about historical topics, and he's always very polite.
    Sparte A sellsword new to Arx, with a sense of humor. Shame he seems attached to that life, he'd make a fine guardsman I expect.
    Stygia That is why weaponry is the BEST idea. Here I thought a mercenary would know that!
    Sudara A sellsword who might politely be described as unpolished. That he knows Tenebrae and holds her in high regard strongly suggests that, much like her, he might be a book not to be judged by his cover.
    Talwyn A well-known mercenary about town, polite enough if his language can be coarse, but that's to be expected. I imagine he's seen much work.
    Thea A sellsword who doesn't seem to get enough credit.
    Thesarin Stout sort. Sellsword with standards, the way he has it.
    Thorvald He seems a good enough sort, the type you want to have at your side if you're heading into battle. Which is good, as it sounds like we might, if he's working with the Halfshavs. I look forward to getting to one another better, maybe get in some training.
    Tyrus Ironically, for all of their necessity and even need in these times, he was the first mercenary I came across. He was a good drinking companion.
    Valenzo A mercenary, friendlier than most I've met! We'll need to talk more!
    Vega A mercenary, but seems to prefer Thrax company to others. Strange man, but polite.
    Venturo A self called simple sell sword, but I still believe Arx doesn't draw in simple men or women. Regardless, may his work bring him the profits he deserves, and the luck to survive.
    Vercyn A simple sellsword he calls himself. They are very rarely simple, but the man has good taste in whiskey and companions so I cannot fault him for that.
    Victus Sellswording is hard work. Not enviable or desirable by most, mind. But it's hard work. One has to have a strong back for it. Those who do it well are respectable, like this guy.
    Videl Hard-working mercenary, a good kind of person to know, even if you hope you never need to go to war.
    Vitalis Big, quiet type. One of these days we'll actually get to have a conversation one on one. Concerned over his soldiers - speaks well of him.
    Volcica A skeptical mercenary, but willing to find things out for himself, by giving them a chance. Maybe I found a new friend in the Shrine of new beginnings?
    Wash The kind of man who doesn't work an oar for long, intended for bigger things I am sure.
    Willow I love the depth and texture he has, subtle word choices, well placed smiles, and warm hearty laughter.
    Zeriax The soul of wit shares brevity with terse and stoic attitudes, many matches in blood meant to carry the weight of certain words. See then, how actions speak for themselves.