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Lady Tescelina Wyrmguard

Oh I know very well, how the secrets beckon so sweetly.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Woeful Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Palladium
Eye Color: Cyan
Skintone: Fair

Description: Tescelina once held an immaculately sweet face. But it has since become something haunted although, in certain circles, there is beauty in this as well. Sweetness touched with a melancholic bitterness. High and noble cheekbones terminate into a pointed chin with oft expressionless pink lips, brilliant but hollow cyan eyes usually downcast, and hair in the bloodline's favored near white which is worn often in a bushy tail with hanging strands to the sides or, in more private moments, allowed to spill down the back. She has maintained a high level of fitness, however, and her limbs and sleek figure are suited to her style of swordsmanship.

Personality: There are some that have called her demure but she is not shy, simply -- hushed. She often avoids direct eye-contact and can seem distant or entirely vacant (at the worst of times). Her smiles are poetically sad things and her penchant for solitude makes it seem that she is standing alone, even in a crowded space. She has not, however, lost her sense of duty and when she is prone to act it feels mechanical but honed; her face often falling to something of an expressionless countenance.

Background: "Such a clever girl." That was often heard in regard to Tescelina from a very early age. The sole daughter of Baptiste and Antoinette Wyrmguard. She possessed -- besides a love of star-gazing and reading for long hours in the library -- a fierce sense of right and wrong. Throwing herself into harms way on numerous occasions for relatives and close friends. Her father put her on the path to becoming a knight, which she accomplished by the age of 18.

Alas, she had gone questing from her home only two years later and taken up residence in House Bellerive's county during the height of the turmoil regarding the Great Road. Reports of these events are scarce. However, while visiting a small villa, it was beset by attackers late in the evening. By dawn's light, only Tescelina remained alive. Wearing her night clothes, drenched in blood, and clutching her sword while standing in the villa's expansive sunflower field. She could not and would later be unable to recall what transpired. But all were found brutally mutilated. This is believed to have been Abandoned before they were driven to the border.

Some speculated that she was the slayer but this could not be proven. For despite her appearance, her sword had not a drop of blood on it. They began, in whispers, to simply refer to her as the Knight of Sunflowers.

She has come to Arx after a few months of recovery and /encouraged/ to take the trip by her parents who believe that the city will do her good -- and keep her out of the minds of those back home in the Oathlands.

Name Summary
Apollo She has a taste for adornment that I'd more readily associate with a princess, and a pleasant surety about what she wants.
Bhandn I did not expect a lady with only her weapons in attendance to be the one to first take up my offer. She would have won, had I not been armored. I respect someone willing to fight despite that.
Bonnie I don't normally expect to keep pace with scholars - knights, maybe.. - but there's a lot of practicality in studying the stars, and lots of determination in understanding them.
Delilah I wondered if the gods ever set someone in the same mold as yourself out into the world. Are there twin stars that travel in different paths, determined to follow an unknown course for their delight and wonder? If so, I think I have found the starry partner that floats in a midnight sky. We are unalike and alike, and that assures I'll be ever curious about her.
Dion Reminds me of a pirate queen I once ran afoul of in the Southern seas, only I doubt she cuts off ears and shout-sings crude sea shanties. Far, far too polite for that sort of thing.
Domonico She moves with grace and skill and is impressivw in the ring. I wonder how good she'll be in open battle.
Emilia A kind and warm-hearted person. I can tell. She dresses like a Knight and behaves like a Lady. It is quite respectable.
Evaristo Calm and quiet, but utterly pleasant company. A scholar with swords is a very nice combination.
Faye A charming and curious woman, seemingly filled with interesting passions. I can tell she appreciates research and tracking down secrets. I'd love to talk with her again and get to know her better.
Fiora She's nice if that's what you're into. She started crying in front of me though. Hasn't anyone told her you need to go do that in the forest where no one can see or hear your screams of impotent rage? I guess not.
Giada One of those quiet and proper types, but she has fire and steel in her soul.
Gretchen An interesting fighter that seems to value economy of movement. I've never seen one fight in a skirt and coat before. And win!
Jeffeth She is to be protected, even more than the rest. She is special in the way she sees things and how she thinks about the world, she is in her own place. Distinct from the rest while still being very present. I may not know her extremely well, but I do care for her deeply, already.
Kaldur A delightful knight of Wyrmguard, engaged and engaging. I hope she has better luck looking into things Clocktower-related than I have.
Lottie So I maaaaaaaay have thought she was a goddess or a Seraph of legend when I first saw her. She's just so kind too and seems to appreciate the artistry and purpose that goes into creating not only something beautiful, or even flavorful, but something with meaning for the person it is intended to be served to. Not everyone does, so beyond her already stunning qualities she's got that boon going for her in my book too!
Mabelle They call her the Knight of stars. I bet its because she can climb so well, she can easily reach the stars. I shall ask her to bring down for me.
Marisol The stars can not be devoured...but one would think they could with how she reacted to such a thought. Maybe they can. Maybe she knows more than the rest of us.
Marzio A Lady of Wyrmguard with an interest in curious things. She seems to be an interesting sort. Perhaps I will learn more of her one day.
Orathy Reckon I do be seein women fightin in dresses befer but it ain't ever a wise thing ta do with all that fabric gettin between legs 'n such. Aye, better she be gettin some pants but it always be a frightful reminder that ya gotta watch 'em skirts, they got knives 'n can stick ya with the pointy end.
Petal She is a night! who likes tea and seems very friendly.
Pharamond She has a quiet confidence and is a Wyrmguard as are many of my cousins - she is one I will have to get to know more.
Quintin A rather bookish Wyrmguard knight who spins a fine tale. Interesting!
Raven An Oathlander knight, as beautiful as she is graceful. I've heard the oathlanders are more reserved, and she certainly seems to be, and seems a touch nervous around me. An astronomer though, she's clearly way smarter than me.
Reese Impressive on the sparring field, but also very interested in books and academics. She seem to have an interesting blend. There is an excited glint in her eyes too which bodes well for making things happen.
Reigna She has grown still, this cousin of mine. It seems we are ever on the opposite ends of the spectrum; her light to my dark in the days gone by, and now switched, with my brightness and her gloom. I know what has happened to me... but now I wonder what has befallen her?
Rendyl A strange and distant lady. But beautiful, and a formidable fighter. She speaks well of being lost - I do hope that she bumps into me again in her wandering.
River A very competent swordswoman, and elegant on top of it. quite a good show.
Ronja Well, I sure lost that fight. Sorry, 'dance.' Her technique is fascinating, though, and there seems to be more to her than she cares to let show...
Rysen A woman of beauty and bright intelligence, yet distant - very much like a star gleaming in the heavens.
Shiara Like the stories I read as a girl, the first Knight I get to meet and she is charming, chivalrous, brave and very very kind. It's like meeting someone from a fairy tale except she is very real. Her companion treated me with equally shocking grace and mutual respect but most of all warmth.
Sorrel One of my dear Wyrmguard cousins. She needs better armor, so I have helped a little to outfit her, and I'm certain she'll be quite the knight someday.
Sparte A deeply passionate woman who has a lot of heart. I saw her cry but it seemed happy, so I tried to pretend she wasn't. I hope that was the right way to handle that.
Vega A martial noblewoman who is charming in her quietness. She reminds me in some fashion of my husband.
Venturo A Lady Wyrmguard, the first of her family I have met. The study of the moon and stars, fascinated with clocks, and a carefully hidden slyness make her an intriguing study.
Vitalis Her bout was a delight to watch and though she lost, fought and conceded the same way, with precision and grace - the picture of an Oathlands knight.