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Lady Azolla Nightgold

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Songbird
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Nightgold
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 18
Birthday: 11/8
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Ebony
Eye Color: Emerald
Skintone: Rosy

Obituary: Perished in a harsh blizzard in the Northlands.

Description: Soft ebony hair frames the young woman's heart-shaped face and it has been delicately braided with adornments of charms and beads. Dark lashes accent her emerald eyes and soft rosy skin. She has the frail frame of someone who suffered childhood illness. She moves with an alluring grace and is often times found undertaking some new artistic endeavor.

Personality: Sweet tempered and mild mannered. She talks very softly but that maybe due to the illness suffered as a child but she has a hauntingly beautiful voice. She is a very talented artist and musicain. Her easy going sweetness makes it easy for anyone to get along with her. She is always has perfect manners and there is an alluring grace about the way she speaks and moves.

Background: Growing up Azolla was a sickly child. This meant she was kept inside alot. She spent her time drawing, painting, playing music and singing when she was feeling well enough. Her family worried and doted over her till she finally was strong enough to overcome her illness. She now is ready to fulfill her duties to her family.

Name Summary
Aethan Lady of Nightgold, seems to be very musical.
Ahmar My little sister. She has been busy in the short time she has been here. This betrothed of hers better hope he is up to snuff.
Alrec A quiet songbird who came all the way from Stonedeep to witness my fight. I hope she writes a song about me.
Amari The Lark of Stonedeep's singing is a treat. She sang a lovely and memorable song about the Rainbowmaker.
Arcadia Another Nightgold. Wonder if she's as manipulative as her cousin.
Athaur I was hoping to run into this beautiful singer again.
Bhandn Were I her, I'd be wary of boys offering rum who say they have quite the persuasive silver tongue, but I could merely have become overly cautious in my old age.
Braden A lady of the north. A talented singer, and so very excited to be in Arx.
Brady An amazing singer. The talented neice of Willow.
Dariel A friendly singer and aspiring actress who is enthusiastic about learning the profession. I look forward to performing with her and teaching her what I know.
Delilah A sweet, gentle young woman of delicate disposition but animated conversation. I look forward to seeing her in my sister's upcoming performance.
Domonico From what I have seen of this Lady I doubt she could ever be a soldier with her frail frame. She may have other skills to make up for it though.
Donato Willow's niece...a quiet sort, also an artist. Looks kind of unhealthy, but that's not uncommon. Polite, a little reserved. I should talk to her more to get to know her better.
Elfriede An awe-inducing woman of legendary stewardship. Her voice is sweet and smooth as wind amidst leaves. I wish I could sing like her.
Erik A young Nightgold lady with a lovely voice, being nearby her will reward me with a few songs and maybe someday she can give voice to the stories I'll create.
Evaristo Another Bard! A brief meeting in another setting, but I look forward to hearing her performances.
Evonleigh Very sweet and friendly. I look forward to working with her as an actress.
Giada She sings a good bit. Pleasant voice. Kind of want to get her drunk, though; bet that'd be -hilarious-.
Gregory A bard looking forward to her performance. She seems passionate about singing and acting, and I'm sure she will do Jayus pround with both her performance, and her insipring of others.
Gretchen Quiet, timid, friendly. This city is going to eat her alive.
Gwenna A lovely Nightgold noblewoman who seems to hold a great deal of love for those she find dear to her heart.
Harlex A quiet young woman. An actress, however. Perhaps she saves it for the stage?
Helena Bright and cheerful, quite like the birds she seems to be nicknamed for.
Ian I think that's the girl who I ran into in the garden that one time.
Imi Lady Azolla was quite sweet, even if her visit at the tavern was very unexpected. I suspect once she gets her footing she will be seen as a remarkable addition to Arx's population.
Jace She seemed very interested in the osprey. Will have to invite her next time I go to the Menagerie.
Jasher Soft-spoken, easily rattled by others. The likes of her tend to sink or swim here. I wonder where she will end up.
Joslyn She took care of my betrothed in the middle of a very difficult time when I couldn't be there. I'll be forever grateful for her, and I hope we get to know each other just as well.
Kaia A lovely lady with a beautiful voice; she seems to be a little shy, but surely as an aspiring actress she'll grow out of it.
Kaldur She's wearing Guildmaster Joscelin's work - Seliki pearls, no less - so I am predisposed to liking her. So gently spoken and quiet. A singer and an actress-to-be. She must be preserving her voice for the stage.
Lucita A newcomer to Arx who seems brightly interested in meeting new people and learning her way around the city. She gets along well with people and has a beautiful singing voice.
Madeleine We got a blusher in our midst! It will take literally every bit of willpower I have to not try to constantly get her sweet face to a nice beet red. She seems nice, so I'll do my best not to exasperate her toooooo much.
Martino She is going to be an actress, quite the social character then. Respectable and polite too.
Petal She is going to write a song and is related to Willow. She seems like a Lady worth knowing.
Quenia A young noblewoman from my kinswomen's fealty, Redrain. She aspires to be a performer, and I have suggested she speak to my cousin Lucita about such matters, being of the Bard's Guild.
Quintin A lovely voice.
Raimon Friendly, with a lovely singing voice
Reese She seems like a kind and welcoming woman. I hope to one day hear her sing. I find myelf enjoying her company
Ronja She seems kind. Kind and maybe a little bit quiet. Usually those folks are the dependable ones, the kind, quiet types.
Rukhnis A very fair singer she may be, but she is far less adept at courtesy. She will learn with time, no doubt.
Rysen A singer with powerful, moving voice - the sort that touches the heart, and cannot be forgotten.
Sanya We are blessed to have one with her skill in healing giving us aid.
Saro Fragile, soft-spoken, naïve. Not sure how she'll fare out in the world, but at least she's got good people to watch out for her.
Sorrel The Lady Nightgold has some interest in the performing arts, and has joined the Bard's College. I look forward to seeing her perform in an upcoming play.
Sparte I'm always thrilled to have someone on hand to patch the injured, and she was there for just that task. Only, nobody was injured. I almost wanted to let someone stab me so she'd have something to do.
Valdemar My cousin's intended. She seems sweet, though perhaps a little quiet so far. Perhaps she speaks more once you get to know her better.
Vanora The young Nightgold lady is indeed pretty, and shows signs of being charming too. We could use a few like that to offset the Grim.
Videl Lady Azolla seems pleasant enough, though she doesn't quite appear to know what responsibility or enduring hardship means. I pray she never learns the latter.
Willow My favorite neice has come to Arx and I could not be happier. She got so tall! She's taller than I am now!