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Golden Hart

Words: Kind Hearts. Lucky Harts
Sigil: An abstract golden stag's head with antlers curved to resemble a stylized heart embracing quatrefoil on a field of purple; topped with a scarlet banner adorned with three gold hearts. (draft design available upon request)
Fullname/Nickname: Golden Hart Gaming Club

While they bill themselves a gaming club and gambling group, the Golden Hart is, foundationally, a charitable organisation that looks for ways to bring most of its profits to worthy causes and people in need. Founded by Princess Valencia Redrain, the club focuses on providing a welcoming and relaxing social atmosphere at its locations for commoners and nobles alike with ample ways for people win, spend money and enjoy good company. There's betting, games of chance, games of skill available and an arena where the some of the best fighters in the city come together to test their skills and win bragging in the spirit of good will and charity. The Golden Hart pride themselves on their fairness. Winners of large sums are encouraged to donate both to the house's charitable causes.


Name Rank Title Description
Valencia 1 Lady Luck
Antonio 3 Hart's Counsel
Kieran 5 Member of the Golden Circle
Ariel 8 Wildcards
Haati 8 Wildcards
Cadern 8 Wildcards
Calathane 9 Patrons
Neve 9 Patrons
Graham 9 Patrons
Gideon 9 Patrons
Simone 10 Friends of the Hart
Ansel 10 Friends of the Hart
Ulfric 10 Friends of the Hart
Lydia 10 Friends of the Hart
Ophelia 10 Friends of the Hart
Regla 10 Friends of the Hart
Tarik 10 Friends of the Hart
Caras 10 Friends of the Hart
Isolde 10 Friends of the Hart
Mina 10 Friends of the Hart
Martino 10 Friends of the Hart