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Malvici-Volkov Wedding After Party

To celebrate the joyous union of Lord Domonico Malvici and the now Lady Aahana Malvici


March 9, 2019, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Aahana Domonico


Martino Calypso Ruslan Svoli Cadern Gregori Miranda Jasher Reese Dariel Lucita Neilda Roxana Ysbail Caelis Ysabel Renata Donato Ajax Willow Mabelle Isidora Fecundo Jaenelle Santi Iseulet Aiden Josephine Waldemai Olivia Radhilde Kaia Archeron Eddard Corrigan Evaristo Silvio Arcadia Duarte


Malvici Volkov


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Malvici Hall - Grand Hall

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Comments and Log


We are not far away not from my brother's big day and his wedding to the fair Lady Aahana.

While he insists it won't happen, I am sure that the Lord Domonico will not *entirely* be in leathers.


Now we are in the after party, party. There seems to be only a few bottles of the superb family spiced red left from the original box. So these will need to last.

That is the sign of an excellent party, yes? Little wine left when you already bought over and above what you did expect.

Tatiana, the Tantalizing Tale-singer, Svetlana, the Sultry Secretary arrive, following Gregori.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Roxana.

Roxana gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Roxana gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Roxana gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Lucita gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Mabelle gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Isidora gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Gregori gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.


Malvici Hall is usually a rather serious place... especially when Lord Domonico is around but currently the place has a considerably different feel at the moment. There is actual bunting hanging on the walls and the tables have been set with rich food. Meats, fruits, breads and plenty of wines... specifically the Southport Spice Red that Aunt Roxana has snaffled several of. The House guards are still trying to be as professional as ever but this is an event that has been talked about and has been 'in the works' for a long time and so therefore they are a little more relaxed but still stiffens to attention whenever Domonico wanders by.

Lord Domonico Malvici is now married and is currently... dressed exactly the same as he always is.. in his sculpted leather armour (which has been cleaned, buffed and polished) and he stands near the door, welcoming the guests as they enter with a nod, warrior's forearm grip of a handshake and an honest to the Gods smile. Yes Domonico has been smiling. He must have been married or something.

Lady Aahana is currently nowhere to be seen.


Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Miranda.


Malvici Hall is usually a rather serious place... especially when Lord Domonico is around but currently the place has a considerably different feel at the moment. There is actual bunting hanging on the walls and the tables have been set with rich food. Meats, fruits, breads and plenty of wines... specifically the Southport Spice Red that Aunt Roxana has snaffled several of. The House guards are still trying to be as professional as ever but this is an event that has been talked about and has been 'in the works' for a long time and so therefore they are a little more relaxed but still stiffens to attention whenever Domonico wanders by.

Lord Domonico Malvici is now married and is currently... dressed exactly the same as he always is.. in his sculpted leather armour (which has been cleaned, buffed and polished) and he stands near the door, welcoming the guests as they enter with a nod, warrior's forearm grip of a handshake and an honest to the Gods smile. Yes Domonico has been smiling. He must have been married or something.

Lady Aahana is currently nowhere to be seen.


Gregori walks in dressed in his best after all this is for his cousins wedding. He spots Domonico at the door as hecomes in shakes the mans hand he gives his shy smile. "Lord Do...Domonico its a pleasure to see you. Congratulations a...and sho...should I call you cousin now too?" Gregori asks with his shy smile trying to make a joke.

Lucita quietly enters the area, her steps confident with the familiarity of having been her many times. She pauses near the entry long enough to offer congratulations and return the warrior type grasp to forearm offered to her. "All the planning, all the trouble setting things up and making arrangements. It is a relief when they are finally all over, complete, yes?" She murmurs, her glance sweeping around to seek out the bride futilely. She tips her head, a hint of queston in her eyes but she is too polite to actually ask. Instead she rlinquishes her place to others who enter the area.

Princess Roxana Grayson is indeed the dearest 'auntie' of the groom, even if she's actually a cousin of some sort, they think. As such, and as a Grayson Princess, and as a spoiled brat in general, she feels perfectly entitled to a few extra bottles of wine on this, the day of her (nephew's) wedding. She's in bright silks, dyed all shades of the rainbow with jewelry to match, a rather bold look for a wedding but aunties do not care about these things. She has thus far refrained from licking her finger to wipe a smear of invisible something from Domenico's cheek, which she, and all, should consider grain restraint and reward her for.

Olivia wanders in. Looking a bit distracted as always. She is dressed in her finest gown for the occasion. She has a smile on her face. She stops at Lord Domonico, "My Lord. I have come bringing the well wishes of the entirety of House Ashford."

Slowly yet surely, Ajax trudges into the main hall his usually scruffy form is well cleaned today, his armor polished as his brown eyes roam around the area curiously, seeming a tad awkward he lingers by the edge of the gathering seeming not the type to thrust himself towards the higher ends of folks, he gives Olivia a look as she enters before he looks at Dominico, "Commodore, Congratulations!" he calls over before dipping his head to the man.

Mabelle steps quietly into the room, she stops at the door to offer her warm wishes to Lord Domonico for his marriage, as a representative of house Laurent and an acquintance. She makes her way into the hall, her crystal eyes swivel across the room, scanning it as suitable for her first visit. The scent of drinks and food lure her further in. She's quite unfamiliar with most attendant and so she finds a cozy place close to where the wine is served and settles close by.

3 Thrax Guards, Tomi, a young sailor arrive, following Jasher.

Dariel does his best to be fashionably late yet not late enough to miss the wine. It's a skill. Everyone seems much too formal for him, so once he sees the groom he makes his way over and gives him a big hug. "Congratulations to you both, my Lord! Though you seem to have scared off your bride already? That's quite a feat!"

Kaia arrives, following Martino.

Isidora enters, Miranda teased her that she had been in her rooms far too much since her wedding. But here she was. Out in public. And pregnant. The belly draped nicely in seasilk and a more Lyceum fashion than seemed normal for a Valardin Princess. Her face the usual stoic calm as she enters in as her honeyed eyes take in the room.

Radhilde makes her way into the Grand Hall and looks around to those gathered with a bright and warm smile, dipping soon into a curtsey before Lord Domonico before straightening, "Congratulations, Lord Domonico." She steps away after straightening, her eyes looking around to most with unfamiliarity but her lips in a pleasant smile.

Leading down the staircase, with the Lady Kaia on his right side. His left hand resting on her right, tucked in the crook of his right elbow. The Lord Martino lowers and bows formal to the room. Afar, his lips curl to his brother Lord Dominico and the Lady Aahana, "Ah... brother, sister-in-law. Congraulations at last." Side-by-side he crosses the room with Kaia.

After selecting her bottles of wine, Roxana gestures to a servant for a glass of one, and that lovely red in hand, begins to glance around for a place to settle. She's not headed towards her nephew/cousin/whatever just yet, but instead settles onto one of the red couches to nurse her matching glass of wine.

Coming in behind Isidora, Miranda smiles at her sister-by-marriage and kisses her cheek, without so much as a hello! No warning for the pregnant princess. "You look beautiful, Isidora. Good to see you out. I see my brother has left you to the wolves, hmm?" She offers Isidora her arm, "Shall I escort you? My own escort seems to be late, but I'll pretend it was all planned and thus, I'm here for you." She winks at Isidora. "We'll be our own little scandal for Dom's wedding."

Domonico smiles and nods at the well wishes of the people coming in. "Why yes Lord Gregori. We are now cousins. By all means call me that... or Commodore. Either will suffice at the moment."

Lucita gets a warm smile as she speaks to him, "Yes. IT feels slightly different than preparing for war but somehow strangely similar."

When Domonico notes Roxana's additional bottles of wine he *nearly rolls his eyes but restrains himself.

Domonico greets Olivia with a nod and a, "I truly appreciate the well wishes LAdy Olivia!"

The Commodore greets Ajax and Dariel in quite succession, "Thank you very much." The Commodore says in a loud voice, used to shouting commands at sea, "Please everyone, collect a bottle of wine and help yourselves to food."

Olivia smiles to Domonico before she wanders off to give him plenty of space for his greetings. She looks to be trying to stop a passing server to get just a plain water, but she is terrible at being assertive. So she kind of ends up just spinning around in place as servers pass by.

Lucita gives a warm smile, her gaze drifting from person to person in the room, there without escort but not seeming uncomfortable about that situation. She takes one of the glasses of wine and a bit of fruit on which to nibble as she begins to mingle. "Ladies Olivia, Miranda, how have you been these last few days?" And warm smiles are given the others who are not in her conversational range as yet.

Mabelle spots two familiar faces within the crowd. She lifts her glass somewhat to greet Ajax and flashes a warm smile toward Kaia, a distant cousin she's not seen since before she left the city. She regains her shy disposition and settles anew.

Jasher walks in. He's dressed differently from the usual; lustreless umbra marks most of the black of his wear, his jacket buttoned shut despite the weather, with only the hint of a white collar peeking through. Even the occasion also doesn't stop him from wearing his sword, though as per usual, it's peacebound, the black cloth almost indistinguishable from the rest of his wear. The man's posture is as straight and rigid as if he wore armour instead; an impression that eases only slightly when he walks up to Domonico and offers a nod. "Good day," he says, pauses, and adds, "congratulations."

Gregori smiles and laughs a bit nervously. "Thank you Cousin Ill move along I know you have loads of people to greet." He says softly abd heads off to find a quiet corner and await his favorite cousin.

Led by the eldest Malvici lord, Kaia also offers her congratulations to the, just married, Raptor of the Lyceum, "Lord Domonico, congratulations on this, oh so joyous, occasion. May your union grow strong and last until you draw your last breath.~" she chimes, amicably.

Martino leans close to Kaia's left ear as he murmurs hushed, "I shall... bring forth the offered out bottle of red, with an additional glass for Lady Olivia, there. Did you wish to greet her and... oh the Lady Mabelle as well! I shall come across in a moment?" He smiles broad as he is stood before his brother, a brief clutch on Domonico's shoulder as he grins pleased, "You did it, at last, brother-mine."

Isidora hugs and kisses Miranda as she takes her arm. "They don't look wolfish." She said simply looking around. "I would love the escort though."

Root, a ferocious badger arrives, following Archeron.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

Domonico gives Martino a firm hug at the congratulations from him before he nods graciously to Kaia and he chuckles, "Thank you Lady Kaia. I truly hope that breth is not for a long time." He takes a deep breath and looks around the Hall at the various nobility and others that are attending with a smile on his face. He catches the ever serious Prince Jasher's eye and after a pause, offers him a nod.

Miranda nods to Isidora, putting one hand over Isidora's and guides her to Domonico. Lucita's calling of her name causes her to look that way, "Baroness! It is good to see you! One moment and we'll talk!" She whispers to Isidora with a playful grin and and brings her to Domonico, "Cousin! Congratulations! FINALLY." She drawls. "Now, perhaps, you'll stop running about like a chicken with its head cut off. And look at that grin! No one will recognize you here." She does give Domonico a hug, leaving Isidora long enough to do so, and a kiss to the cheek. "Congratulations, Cousin. Truly."

Olivia smiles to Lucita, "Baroness, a pleasure to see you. Perhaps we can discuss such things at a table." She turns to Martino, "Just... just water for me my Lord thank you."

Kaia listens in to Martino, her eyes moving towards Olivia and nodding -offering the lady a smile if she so happens to meet her gaze, before then taking notice of one of her lovely distant Laurent cousins, Mabelle. "Very well, my lord. I'll go give my greetings, to both my dear friend and cousin, and find you later." She agrees, before, nodding to the Commodore and offering a sweet smile, before moving towards the ladies.

It doesn't seem like Ajax needs much motivation to eat or drink as he seems to busy himself looking at the spread properly, the arrival of Jasher causes the mercenaries attention to shift as he dips his head to the man, "Prince Jasher." he offers with his usual runble.

Jasher pauses, then nods back before stepping aside to let Miranda have her turn at greeting. He glances towards Ajax, one eyebrow lifting slightly. "Master Ajax," he greets in return. "I find you in the most interesting of places."

Martino inclines his head low to the Lady Olivia as he is told for the water. A chaste, brief, peck on the Kaia's cheek as she slips from him to meet her family and Lady Olivia. He gathers two of the red wine glasses in fingertips, his left holding the requested water. Low, he murmurs to Dominico, "I take it the newest Lady Malvici is... waiting to dazzle us all?"

Archeron slips into the festivities fashionably, well, late-ish. But other important people arrive at the same time so he can't be all bad. But, the important thing is - he is here. And so are drinks and people to watch. So he meanders his way towards the drinks, tugging at his silk shirt to straighten the slightly creased thing.

Mabelle curves her lips at Kaia's approach of her, observing a face she teases her, "Cousin! You look absolutely radiant, you must tell me your secret!", she showers her with some more compliments pertaining her gown.

Olivia has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Archeron takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Martino takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Jasher gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Lucita gives a nod to OLivia though from the twinkle in her eue and the little grin on her lips, a different interpretation might have been spoken in less refined a gathering. Instead she just gives Olivia a nod and moves toward one of the tables. Jasher is given a beguiling smile and a curtsy as she walks by him on the way toward a seat.

Roxana takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Olivia smiles and thanks Martino as she takes the water. "I think I shall go sit for a bit." She gives Kaia a little wave and a smile. She wanders over to the couches. Might as well find the most comfortable of seats.

Lucita has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

First, she approaches her cousin -with a slight burst of laughter at her kin's compliments, "Mabelle! What a most pleasant surprise! It has been too long. I'm so happy to see you! You look must stunning yourself.~" she replies, evidently thrilled to see her cousin once more. "How's the family? Are you acquainted with the bride, the groom, both?" so many queries, truly it had been a long time.

Radhilde takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Kaia takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Pausing by the door, Jaenelle hands a missive to her assistant to send somewhere, because messages can find their way to places most cannot. It does not take long for the reply which causes the Archduchess Regent to laugh and set the paper aside for now. Business done, she turns towards the room at large, making her way to the receiving line for the happy couple. She patiently waits for it to be her tone to speak, and each is offered a brightly lit smile, "Lord Domonico, Lady Aahana, I wish you all the happiness in the world."

"If she doesn't show up soon you ought to send someone looking." Roxana instructs her nephew helpfully. "It could be that she suddenly considered the future unrolling before her and decided to flee, change her name...she could be halfway to Sanctum by now." She's not the best with maps or time, or advice really.

Isidora looks at Miranda with a look that says, 'I know what you were talking about but I don't see it.' Her eyes look at Domonico and she smiles a bit. "Congratulations cousin. May your marriage be as happy as mine is on it's worst day."

Radhilde hums gently as she selects one bottle and disappears within the crowd, her eyes sparkling and looking to everyone she passes and her head dipping gently in a silent pleasantry.

As Ajax pulls a bottle free, he gives Jasher a wry grin, "I tend to think I wander to the right places. But i'll always show fer a friend." his head bobbing, he looks over towards Maebelle, giving her a warm smile, "Not seen you in awhile either. You've been well, yeah?"

Mabelle beams at Kaia and her abundances of questions, "I've not quite seen the family since my return, dear one, but we shall all have a big gathering in the event to come, I believe, Taste of Arx? I do not know, I heard food will be present and so will I!", she chuckles and the confesses, "I know the groom, and his brother, who lost in a bet againt me"

Martino crosses the room, two prepared glasses of the spiced red in hand as he steps back forth to the Lady Kaia's side. Smiling his easy-going lips to Mabelle as he adds, "Ah yes... a pleasure to see you again Lady Mabelle." He slips the glass of red into Kaia's free left hand before glacing to welcome Miranda with a broad smile.

Domonico chuckles once at his brother's words, "It's like you truly understand what Aahana is like." The Commodore lets his eyes flick around the room, noting briefly the look between Lucita and Jasher and he can't help but chuckle again before he notes a servant wave his attention and he nods briefly before making his way to the end of the Hallat his usual striding paceand once at the bottom of the stairs he turns to face the assembled people.

He coughs once and his quite booming voice (suitable for a Voice of Malvici) echoes out, "MY LORDS AND LADIES! May I present my wife, the Lady Aahana Malvici!" and he raises his hand to the stairs with a smile.

Aahana gracefully saunters down the stairs in her new outfit as Domonico announces her arrival. A bright, welcoming smile curls her lips as she happily says, "Thank you all for coming to celebrate our joyous day." Her steps easily leading her to join Domonico at his side, gently kisses on his cheek before settling on his arm.

Olivia sees Archeron and tries to wave him over to the couches.

Archeron sneaks his way - or well, walks while desperately trying to avoid eye contact - across to the couches as the party seems to be getting underway. And always good to be sitting before the party starts. Otherwise people might make you join in. As he nears, he gives Olivia a warm smile and a bow of his head "Cousin. A long way from the Keep."

Archeron has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Miranda smiles towards Martino, a twinkle in her eye. "See? It's like he knew I was talking about him," Miranda offers to Isidora with mirth. Then Domonico introduces Aahana and she turns, guiding Isidora along before applauding and offering a cheer in greeting to the new Lady Malvici!

Lucita spots Aahana's arrival and lifts her glass. "To the newly-wed couple! Gods bless their marriage."

Jasher crooks an eyebrow at Lucita's form of greeting, but otherwise the bulk of his attention is focused on Ajax. "Well enough." He pauses. "I do have a tendency to end up in the right--or wrong--places, as it were. Though my being here is deliberate." At the announcement, he turns to face the radiant bride, and likewise lifts his glass.

Martino applauds the arrival of the new Lady Malvici, a broad smile as he lifts his glass with Lucita's call to Aahana, "To Lady Malvici. Our congratulations go forth to you."

"Goodness she even has a sword done up with hawks. Very impressive." A compliment on fashion from Roxana is hard-earned, at least one that has her appearing genuinely impressed and not just small talk. There's a smattering of applause for the Lady Malvici and a lift of her glass in toast. "To the Lady Aahana and the Lord Domonico. May their marriage bring them more than they ever dreamed possible, and may the Gods smile upon it with blessing." She probably heard that somewhere, but delivers it impeccably.

Mabelle attemps to lift her jaw from the floor as the bride walks in. She echo's the offer of congratulations around the room while lifting her glass.

Gregori looks up at the announcement and moves over to his Cousin. "Its good to see you cousin." He says with a soft smile. "Or my apologies Lady Malvici."

Ajax gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

It seems Domonico is stock still right at this moment, just staring at his wife and seemingly unable to move or say anything as he looks over her, his thoughts and voice stolen by her radiance.

Dariel takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

"Eeeeeh, I think we all do in our own way." Ajax chuckles a bit, his brown eyes drifting towards Lucita who despite greeting Jasher earns a dip of the head from the mercenary, his attention shifts towards the bride then Domonico's looking at his new bride before he leans to say something quietly to Jasher.

Miranda smiles at the sight of Domonico dumbfounded by his new bride. "And there is Commodore Malvici's timeless perihelion of radiance." Her expression is fond and loving, as if greatly pleased by the happy couple.

Jasher takes a thoughtful sip of wine. He listens to Ajax's words, but his eyes watch Domonico in the midst of being poleaxed by Aahana's appearance. He lifts the glass to his lips in an attempt to hide his minute smile.

Aahana happily smiles to Martino as she fondly responds, "Thank you brother for the well wishes. And for being able to make it." Her attention then flitting to Jaenelle as she fondly says, "Thank you, I am ever so glad that you could make it Princess Jaenelle." Her glass easily lifting as Roxana makes the toast, a bright smile curling her lips as she carefully clinks her glass to the others before taking a small sip of the wine. A fond smile looks to Gregori as she says, "And I am glad to see you as well cousin, how are you studies going?" Then to Miranda she kindly muses, "I suppose I am indeed such."

Kaia grins at Mabelle's replies, and nods. "I shall be sure to come visit, then, I still owe a promised visit to the Duke." she admits, with a giggle. Then her eyes widen just a little at the mention of her being acquainted to the Malvici lords, another smile setting on her face, just in time to meet Martino's arrival to her side. She takes the offered glass, "Thank you.~" she says, before returning her gaze to her cousin. Only momentarily, though, for just then, the arival of the Lady Aahana ia announced and, her eyes gladed over to the stairs. Her expression full of awe, the newest lady of Malvici had certainly made for a legendary entrance in that outstanding outfit. She let out a soft gasp, before murmuring, "Oh, she looks so beautiful!~"

Soon after, she raised her glass in unison to Lucita's toast, and echoed the words, before taking the galss to her lips.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Martino laughs amused at Miranda's comments as he inclines his head to her, "Ah well said my dear cousin and, well." He pauses to sip his spiced red before adding, "How might you be today?" Low, his head bows to the arrival and step through of the Lady Aahana as she greets her guests.

Gregori looks to Aahana. "Just like you to still worry about me and see how my life is. This is what I love abiut you cousin but this is your day yours and Lord Domonicos. We can talk about my studies another time."

Isidora squeezes Miranda's hand softly. "I am getting tired." She says softly to her sister.

Miranda smiles to Martino, "I'm well, Cousin. It seems that my brother has left his beloved in my hands today." She motions to Isidora, "Cousin, have you met Princess Isidora Valardin? Sister, this is Domonico's elder, more fun brother, Lord Martino Malvici." She introduces the pair, lightly drawing her forward. "Oh? Perhaps we should sit then?" SHe winks at Martino and turns to eye the couches, "Where?"

Ajax's hand moves to gently pat Jasher's back as he notices the man fighting a smile, a good natured roll of his eyes following as he makes his way over towards the red couches, spotting Archeron, "Lord Tyde!" he offers with a smile of a greetings.

Ajax has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Radhilde's eyes watch the Lady Aahana make her way down the stairs and she looks awestruck at her attire before she lifts a glass in cheers to the couple, quietly taking a sip.

Isidora looks at Miranda, "I think ... I think I need to lay down." Isidora looks pale. Paler than normal. "I'm suddenly not feeling well."

Miranda frowns and nods to Isidora and ignoring the others, murmurs to her and gestures to the stairs. Then, guides her upstairs, out of sight of others.

Archeron turns his head from conversation as he is addressed and he raises his hand to Ajax in greeting "Please, join us. And meet my cousin, Lady Olivia Ashford."

Martino inclines his head low to Isidora as he he welomed to her, "Princess. It is, truly an honour, to meet you." He smiles agreeably to Miranda as he lightly crosses with Miranda and Isidora to the couches, "Let us... might I get either of you a glass of wine... water?"

Radhilde has joined the a sturdy table inlaid with a cherry wood Raptor.

Aahana fondly smiles to Gregori as she muses, "Very well then cousin." Her attention soon looks to Domonico and slightly taps on the tip of his nose as she fondly murmurs, "Remember my love, we need to entertain."

Jasher finally heads towards the couches as well, taking a seat to bask in the atmosphere and listen quietly.

Jasher has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Domonico recovers... eventually from his shock at the sight of his wife. His WIFE. Lady Aahana Malvici, his wife. He keeps repeating that in his head over and over before heis tapped on the nose and he straightens and allows his military discipline to help him keep calm and focused. He moves through the party, graciously thanking The Archduchess Regent on route for her kind words with a solemn bow and smile. He approaches his wife, Aahana and gets her attention, "My love... I... didn't know when to give you this but I suppose there is no time like the present." He takes a small, ornate wooden box off a servant and holds it out to her.

Radhilde makes her way over to the tables, taking a seat at one and smiling when her glass is refilled, setting the bottle beside the vessel upon the table. Soon her rich brown eyes soak in the crowd as she takes a slow sip.

With an easy going smile, Ajax offers a small nod towards Archeron, his gaze shifting to Domonico's recovering the man giving a small "D'awwww." before he turns his attention towards the people at the couches.

"It's been good seeing you cousin.~" says Kaia, to Mabelle, "Do feel free to send word to me anytime, and I shall have you over at Bisland for some tea." she offers, before proceeding to make her way around. Seeing that Martino is busy with his own family and guest, she lets him be for the time being, and sways through the room, glass of red in hand, until she catches sight of another one of her cousins, "Dariel, cousin dear!~ You look fabulous.~" she chimes, finding a spot by his side, "I've not seen you for days, have you been well?"

Jaenelle dips her head towards the pair once the initial greeting has occured, moving past so she doesnt interrupt the line further. Looking around the look, she takes a glass of wine as she heads towards one of the seating arrangements set up. Sometimes it is nice not to be the host for once and enjoy the festivities!

Mabelle nods quietly to Kaia as she bids her farewell, "I'm certain we shall meet soon". Her eyes bounce from the tables to the luxurious guests as she studies her surroundings.

Miranda returns from escorting Isidora upstairs, leaving her guards with the Princess for when she's up to returning. In the meantime, she looks about the gathering and smiles, standing on the second stair to give her some height to look at everyone - probably to ogle the bride, but who can blame her? She leaves one hand on the railing of the stair, tapping lightly upon the railing.

Martino steps across to the couch, pausing before Lady Olivia and Lucita as he inclines his chin, "Baroness, Lady Olivia. How are you both today?" He smiles easy, casual, to Olivia as he adds, "Your presence has certainly been a missed force."

1 Saik Guard arrives, following Neilda.

1 Grayson House Guards leaves, following Roxana.

Neilda takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Neilda joins the festivities celebrating her master's marriage, and appears quite well-dressed in a long flowing silk gown that fits her just as well as her bits of leather armour that Lord Domonico usually sees her in. Although she was somewhat quiet during the cermony, she arrives in the hall with a small smile plastered on her face, and does her best to offer a greeting to everyone present.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

Domonico is standing with an ornate wooden box before his new wife currently but notices Lady Neilda enter and gives her a quick nod with a slight smile. Yes he is actually smiling a little. His eyes widen a touch as he spies Josephine's entrance as well.

Finally stepping off the stairs, Miranda comes to sit among those at the red couches. She smoothes her dress under her as she sits down, hands in her lap. She exhales as if relaxing and lets her gaze wander the room before settling on those chatting at the couches.

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Lucita glances up to see Neilda's arrival. "Lady Neilda, Glad you got to be here." Her voice is not loud, it is just projected as a singer would do to reach Neilda.

It's a quiet entrance by the jeweler whose accompanying sound is the dull thud of her cane in amidst her silks. But as Domonico looks to her, Josephine bows to the man, a smile and a wink for him and starts to wander off in search of a place to sit. To take a load off.

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Once the she's done conversing with Dariel, Kaia proceeds to make her way across the room -over to where both Olivia and Martino are at. "May I join you, my darlings?~" she says, once she close enough to them.

Mabelle slips toward the exit unnoticed in the big excitement and flowing chatters.

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"Greetings, Lucita," Neilda flashes her sister-in-law a hearty smile. "My, you look radiant. As does the happy couple. Say, have you seen Lord Martino?" Her question in the Baroness's direction comes with a particular ... raise of her eyebrows.

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Martino welcomes in the Lady Kaia with an inclination of his head, "Why of course Lady Kaia... how was your cousin? Third, right?" He smiles easy to her, lifting the glass of wine to his lips to sip a moment. Ears twitching, hearing his name chattered somewhere in the room.

Miranda sits at the couches with the others, hands in her lap as she listens to the conversation about her. Greetings managed, introductions offered. She listens to the others, but doesn't participate yet. Her gaze does lift to look about the room, here and there. Such a crowd! A look to Neilda, "My lady, it's been some time. Good to see you."

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Olivia smiles up from the couches to Martino and Kaia, "Please do join us."

Lucita's head gives a tiny shake, a hint of regret in her eyes as she glances between Martino and the lady he has been escorting about. "Only to say hello, so many here with whom to speak."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

"Ah, I see..." And when Neilda looks about after Lucita responds, she gives a momentary shake of her head. "Only for what we and Lady Bridget talked about, I suppose," she explains, before brushing that off. "Likewise, Lady Miranda," she flashes her a grin.

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Eddard manages to scoot into the Malvici estate at an almost reasonable time. Mildly late. But looking dashing at the very least. He has an eye out for the lady he was supposed to arrive with. Unfortunate circumstances withstanding.

Kaia smiles at Martino and Olivia, and also to the others gathered. Catching sight of well quite a few familiar faces, actually. She takes a moment to greet them, before taking a sit next to Martino. "Prince Jasher; Ajax." she says, a simple greeting really, before shifting her gaze to Lucita as she speaks and offering a smile, "Baroness."

Domonico hands Aahana the ornate wooden box... He seems to be holding his breath.

Martino defers the seat forth to Kaia as he stands circular to her and Olivia. He takes a mouthful of his wine before incling his chin to those recently arrived. He murmurs low to Kaia and Olivia as he comments, "Just a... moment. I believe someone was calling my name." At that, he steps from the couch area, more visible in the room.

Aahana lights up as she is handed the ornate wooden box, softly biting on her bottom lip as she opens it. Her eyes go wide in super as she takes out a single dragonweep stone. Pure delight echoes on her features as she lovely says, "Oh Domonico... it is lovely!" Perhaps forgetting there is a party to host as she pulls Domonico down into a deep, passionate kiss. Eventually breaking it with cheeks lightly flushed as her hand carefully wraps around the coveted gemstone.

Another glance about the hall and Miranda spots Eddard having just arrived. She smiles warmly and offers to those at the couches, "Excuse me." Then she rises and makes her way about the hall, around folks and deliberately hiding her arrival until she can slide right up beside Eddard and slip an arm through his. "I see you made it, my Lord." Her voice is warm, soft but with that light rasp to it. Her expression is pleased as she offers, "You missed Lady Malvici's grand entrance and Commodore Malvici standing on his tongue." She chuckles and draws a finger along the side of his face, "But I'm glad you're here."

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Kaia was just nodding to Martino, replying to his query with a, "Yes, third cousin. I had not seen her in quite some time." the converstation getting cut off only a little while after, when he excused himself for a moment. And then, her eyes shift over to Olivia, "Have you been well Livie? Is it me, or do you seem just a tad off?" she wonders, having taken a better look at her friend.

Ysabel enters the Grand Hall wearing a simple but elegant sky blue gown. Her hair is tied back in a messy bun with locks that frame her face. She makes her way over to Lord Martino her smile lights up the area around her as she says, ?Hello, Lord Martino. Hope I am not too late.? Then she offer a warm greeting to everyone else not seeming to want to interrupt the happy couple just yet, she finds herself a place to settle in.

Domonico gets the breath stolen from him by the sheer passion of Aahana's kiss and it takes a few moments for the pair to disengage from each other as he completely forgets the rest of the guests for a moment, "I thought..." he begins when the kiss is broken, "That you could use that with your next outfit."

Martino's distracted a moment trying find whom called him before his attention is brought back to him on the approach of the Baroness Ysabel. His eyes crease, easy, in the corners to her before incling his chin, "Oh a good day Baroness. No, no. Not too late... have you met many here already?"

Olivia smiles to Kaia, "All is well Kaia." She ensures her friend.

Eddard is quick to hiss without looking towards Miranda. "I am sorry my lady, but I am already here to escort someone." Its spoken from the corner of his mouth as he is looking around the crowds of noble women. Then he'll look and flash a vibrant smile towards Mirnada. "Oh, it is you. Why are you trying to sneak up on me?" Her arm is pulled tight against his body. "Who are we visiting?"

Ysabel looks at Lord Martino shaking her head. "Only your brother, Master Ajax, you and Prince Jasher I think. I do not think I have really met many of the others, other than them," she say in her normal happy animated manner.

Lucita hmms as even in the heart of an event messengers seem to find her. She deals with one, talks for a while, then gets another, and finally just looks at the others. "Seems I have need of tending to this. Will see how long it takes and return if I can." And she rises, bids each a goodbye as she makes her way out of the room and again congratulates Domonico and his bride.

Archeron lifts a brow at the display, chuckling "Mm. The Lycene certainly are different. If they start consumating things here, I take it we all politely flee?" Presuming that Jasher likely knows him, he leans over a little to offer his hand to Miranda "My apologies m'lady. I am Lord Archeron, Voice of House Tyde and possibly the lone ranger of Thrax. Someone, I suppose, must look after the boats while they are still verticle and called 'trees'."

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"Baroness Gilden." Ajax offers with a dip of his head, his lips curling into a warm smile at the two love birds at the center, he shoots Archeron a look clearly looking like he's refining from laughing.

Martino smiles easy to Ysabel as he inclines his chin, "Then I simply - must - introduce you to more. Do come." He loops his right arm into her left to step across the floor to the couch. Kidnapping her really, making Ysabel social, he pauses and defers his free hand to Kaia, Olivia and Neilda, "The Ladies Kaia... Olivia and Neilda. Bisland, Ashford and Saik."

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Miranda just beams at Eddard, delighted at his words. "Hah. Smooth talker, you knew it was me all along." She laughs and glances about, "Well.. it looks as if the bride and groom have a moment. Don't mind Commodore Malvici, he's entirely besotted with his bride, as he should be..." But oh! Archeron is introducing himself and she ohs. "First, a moment.." She takes the offered hand from Archeron, not the one Eddard is holding tightly! "My pleasure, my Lord, we are well met. Don't worry about it. It's a wonderful party and a great celebration." She chuckles, then motions to Eddard, "This is Lord Eddard Clement, bard extraordinaire."

"I believe a polite but quick departure would be a wise move if it happens," Jasher deadpans towards Archeron at his comment. Despite that, he's seated comfortably at the couches, seeming content to bask in the atmosphere even if he's not smiling about it.

Ysabel sky blue eyes wide as she is kidnaped by Lord Martino but tries to keep up. "Pleasure to meet you both," she says softly with a warm friendly smile on her face.

Olivia smiles to the Baroness Ysabel as she is introduced.

Aahana smiles happily as she fondly murmurs, "And indeed I will use it for just that my beloved." A nod of thanks is offered to Lucita before she makes her departure. At Archeron's words she laughs a bit before she muses, "No need to flee, I am a rather patient woman." A playful wink given before she attention shifts to fondly smile as she looks about at all whom are present for the celebration.

Martino defers Ysabel to the three women. Olivia, Kaia and Neilda as he adds, "And Ladies Olivia, Kaia and Neila. This is Baroness Ysabel Gilden. Recently arrived back here in the city."

Eddard is quick to greet Acheron as well. "Lord Acheron, a pleasure. I'm...yes. I'm that. And a few other things, but mostly just a bard. Just a bard." A wink for Miranda before looking around the place. "It really is packed. You told me there would be more decollatege on display...."

"Ah, good day, Lord Martino," Neilda remarks upon seeing him. "Baroness Lucita and I were just saying..." She looks to her sister-in-law, and then to Martino, "How proud you must be to be the brother of the bridegroom! I was overjoyed when Lucita married my dear brother," she recounts. But there is also a somewhat confident smile when she addresses him, soon turning to a grin.

"If you can't tell the difference between those parties and a weddind reception, I dont believe you have been invited to those Lyceum parties, Lord Archeron. You would know, trust me" Jaenelle informs the man dryly from where she sits.

Kaia looks up to Martino and the lady he's introducing, and she smiles to the woman and offers a courteous nod -her face seeming slightly familiar, she could have sworn she had seen her somewhere before, yet she couldn't quite place where.

Olivia grins up to Ysabel, "Lesson one of being back in the cities. Lord Martino is trouble. Watch yourself."

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Kaia says, "Welcome, Baroness." she chimes with a smile, and then glances back at Olivia and lets out a chuckle, "That is true."

Martino turns on his rump against the couch to bring his attention forth to Neilda. Only after giving Kaia a passing smile and an eyebrow lifted to Olivia. His eyes brought to Neilda's face as he inclines his head, "Oh quite... very proud. My brother has done the whole of House Malvici well. But. How are you?"

Domonico smiles widely at Aahana's words and then gives her another kiss before he gestures at the party, "We'd better mingle a bit. I think I can be apart from you a few moments my love." With that he approaches the couches and slaps his hands on the Martino's shoulders, "Thank you for being here brother. It means the world to me,"

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Archeron coughs a little as he realises his voice had raised and become audible "Apologies, Lady Aahana. It was not in any way a reproach - life as it is, any moment of happiness should be grasped and held as strong as one can. And I wish you and your husband many such moments. And well, Thrax are nothing if not practical - we just like to know procedure." He offers a grin, masking the rather sheepish look. He offers another apologetic bow to Jaenelle "Oh, I doubt I have, Grand Duchess Regent."

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Ysabel chuckles and says, "He does not quite try to hide this." She glances over to Lord Martino smirking slightly.

Fecundo gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Reese gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Miranda places delicate fingertips to her own exposed decollatege and regards Eddard as if struck stupified. "Did I?" she asks in her most innocent-not-innocent voice. A finger moves from decollatege to her lip, likely drawing his attention from one spot to the next. "Why, my lord, "I have no memory of such. Perhaps you misunderstood me." She looks at Eddard, every so innocently. "At any rate, come, my lord. Let's have you meet my cousin and his wife, hmm?" She does, this time, guide him towards the newlyweds who part! Fine. So.... She pokes Domonico's shoulder because he's right there. "Are you ignoring me? Come meet my escort, Cousin. This is Lord Eddard Clement. My Lord, this is the groom, Commodore Domonico Malvici."

Domonico gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Aahana returns Domonico's kiss as she easily slips over to sit at one of the tables, seeming to pick the one inlaid with an ebony Raptor. A warm smiling curling her lips as she smooths out her gown once seated.

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Corrigan gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Domonico gives Miranda 'a look' as she nudges him before he considers her escort, his eyes sweeping up and down the man carefully before he nods, "Lord Eddard. Welcome to Malvici Hall. Please enjoy the food and drink available." He extends his hand for a handshake, one of his firm, warrior forearm grip greetings.

Reese arrives at the reception, having a gentle smile for those here even as she continues further further inside.

Fecundo steps into the hall and looks about carefully, furrowing his brow for a moment.

Martino smiles easy as he welcomes in Domonico to the couch beside, "Oh, brother-mine. Think nothing of it." He glances over his shoulder as he hears the three women talk about him a moment before returning his sharp green eyes to Neilda, "We should speak again soon Lady Neilda. Write forth." With that he slips to his feet to step back across to Lady Kaia, his left hand presented forth to her, "Shall we, my Lady?"

Eddard might've kept talking to Acheron, but Miranda is guiding him away with pulls, words and innocent sayings. "I am fairly certain that was what I heard." Another quick smile for Domoncio and Eddard gets his forearm shook loosely once before he manages to grab on. He had not seen this particular armshake. "Oh! The pleasure is all mine, this is a wonderful party, my lord."

OOC -although Dom would appreciate this one more... after all Malvici

Kaia glances up to Martino, with a beaming smile and nods, "Of course, my lord." Her hand now in his, as he leads her, well...wherever it is that he is leading her? She sure hopes it's to dance. She wants to dance.

"Quite, Lord Martino," Neilda comments, before giving a somewhat tepid smile to Lucita.

Corrigan slips in the reception. He watches and takes a celebratory wine.

Miranda rolls her eyes at Domonico's appraisal of Eddard. She smiles when he offers his hand, but looks like she might burst into a fit of laughter at any moment. She glances about, perhaps to see where Aahana has gone, but then spies Fecundo. She leans into Eddard a moment, murmuring to him briefly.

Olivia makes her way from the couches and approaches Dariel and taps him on his shoulder, "I believe you owe me a dance."

Eddard mutters, "I will ... around. There is no escaping the heat of your gaze."

Martino fingertips wrap around the hand of Kaia's as he smiles broad to her blue eyes, "Mm... now..." He steps across with her, fingertips tight, as he murmurs, "What dancesteps do you know my Kaia?" He pauses in the centre of the room with Kaia before him.

Ysabel takes this moment to slip away from Lord Martino and she makes her way over to Corrigan. "Hey there Inquisitor Corrigan, How are you?" She grabs her own wine as she joins Corrigan.

Ysabel gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Reese continues further inside and she gets a glass of wine and goes to take a seat. The girl smiles as the dancing starts.

Miranda smiles at Eddard and kisses his cheek before slipping away from him and heads over to Fecundo. Upon reaching him, she tiptoes up to kiss his cheek, "Brother, it's good to see you." Then, softly, she speaks to him, a hand moving to point towards the staircase.

Domonico straightens up and claps his hand to some musicians to the side who start to play a Southport tune. There is a definite martial theme underscoring the melody but what would you expect from a wedding of House Malvici? "Now let us see which couple can impress the most with a dance today?"

Corrigan smiles, "I've been well. How are you, Lady Ysabel?"

Eddard meanders off with a glass of wine in his hand before settling into step beside Lady Olivia Ashford. "I am currently dance partnerless. May I steal your presence for a dance or two?"

Fecundo gives Miranda a one-armed hug when she kisses his cheek, "Sister-mine. He then listens to her and ahhs softly. He winks to her, "Thank you. I'll check in on her and be right back."

Kaia grins at Martino and shakes her head, "Some decent enough not to embarrass you, but certainly not impressive enough to gain me praises." She admits with a chuckle, as she is led by the eldest Malvici lord into the dancing floor.

Ysabel chuckles at Corrigan and says softly, "Baroness, but no worries. I am fine. Just came to tell Lord Domonico and Lady Aahana congradulations. It is good to see you free from work to be able to come out today."

Olivia smiles to Eddard, "Ah I would be delighted. I hope you have resistant feet. I am not very good at this." She offers her hand to Eddard.

Eddard checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 26 higher.

Lacking a suitor or spouse to dance with, Neilda turns to Lucita. "Do you wish to dance as partners, Luci, or just observe?"

Miranda nods to Fecundo, "My guards are outside the room, so should be easy to see which one she's in." She gives her brother a hug, then turns to watch the goings on.

Martino hushedly assure the Lady Kaia as he says, "Mm... we shall take the two-step then. It is a simple box step that forms all future waltzes we shall learn." Formally, he rests his right hand on her hip. His right taking her left to hold outright as he smiles down to her eyes

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Ysabel seems Inquisitor Corrigan got some kind of important message and had to leave. Ysabel smiles after him than makes her way over to Lord Domonico. "Congadulations Lord Domonico, as promised I did make an effort to make an apperiance," she says softly.

Evaristo gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Olivia is promptly taken by the hand to be led away. Towards the dance floor to hopefully not butt shoulders into Kaia and Martino doing their dancing. "You aren't skilled at dancing? It'll be easy, follow my lead and don't wring my neck."

Reese is still here and perched on the couch with her spiced red wine. She has a warm smile for Olivia as the Lady starts to dance. She then peeks over to Lucita. "Greeting Baroness." She says. The girl waves to Ysabel a moment later. She looks over the room. "What a lovely party." The princess says.

Domonico looks over at Aahana deep in conversation before he smiles responds to Ysabel, "And I am most grateful that you did Baroness. I hope that the food and drink is to your taste?" He hmmms briefly before he looks to those making their way to dance before saying to Ysabel, "Would you care for a short dance while my wife is occupied. I promise that Lady Aahana will not get jealous."

Olivia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Evaristo isn't fashionably late, as just late, to the party. Though since it's not an actual wedding he might be forgiven as he saunters inside and finds that wine almost immediately, perking up and taking a few greedy gulps as he looks around to see what's going on. He'll find the hosts, walk over and bow and offer his congraulations with his pleasantly charming manners before starting to mingle.

Kaia smiles back at Martino's sharp green eyes, mesmerized in that gaze of his, as he prepares their stance to begin the dance. "As you say, my charming lord.~" she chimes, before letting out a soft giggle.

Aahana fondly calls out for her seat towards Ysabel, "He is right, I will not mind, though do watch his two left feet." A wink then given to Domonico as she blows him a kiss.

Kaia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Reese peeks over to Aahana. "Lady Aahana, congrats and you look very lovely." She says. The girl then has a smile for Evaristo.

Martino checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Ysabel chuckles at Lord Domonico. "Sure, I will dance with you. I do hope Lady Aahana os enjoying the celebration." She smiles at Lady Aahana and says, "You look very lovely. Congradulations to you as well." She beems at Reese and says, "Nice to see you Princess Reese."

Olivia does her best to try and keep up to Poor Eddard. Perhaps he didn't know what he was getting in to... too late now. She is a mess trying to keep up with the lead, stepping on feet as she goes. Hopefully they are just Eddards feet, she can't really take the time to pay attention she is struggling enough as it is.

Eddard checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Miranda moves to stand where she can observe the dancing, smiling as she spies Eddard and Olivia and Martino and Kaia and others. She claps along to the music, swaying a bit, enjoying herself.

Domonico nods to Princess Reese and smiles warmly (yes he's smiled a lot today - Get over it!) before he takes to the dance floor with Ysabel and takes a deep breath. "Ready?"

Martino laughs low as he leads the Lady Kaia through a brisk step over the floor. His movements graceful with her, a left step... a back step perfectly over her feet as he smiles down to Kaia's eyes, "My sweet Lady. The first one many this, yes?" He curls his lips a moment as he lifts his left hand to her hair to twist and twirl her from him.

Aahana fondly smiles to Reese as she says, "Thank you Princess Reese, I am very glad that you could attend." Her hand reaching out to give a brief, thankful squeeze on the Princess's. Her attention looking to Ysabel as she happily says, "Thank you for the compliments and the congratulations. I am very much enjoying the celebration, I assure you."

Domonico checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Ysabel nods as she is lead to the floor by Lord Domonico. Her sky blue eyes seem to focus on his movement to see what to do.

"AH!" Comes the cry from the dance floor before Eddard can stifle himself. Theres now a hitch in his step as he limps through a few more turns before righting himself. "You are doing fine, my lady." A strained voice speaking those words. A stutter step and /glares/ coming from elsewhere as the pair bump into people. "Doing just fine.."

"Eyo, Princess." Ajax offers towards Reese, dipping his head as he watches the two dance sipping from a glass of his wine.

Miranda draws in a breath, stifling a laugh as poor Eddard has his foot stomped upon. She smiles towards Reese, "Ribbons." She offers a hand to the Grayson princess, "Care to dance? I can't promise not to step on your toes, but it looks like fun."

Domonico can be described as many things. Stoic. Serious. Often rigid. Lacking in a sense of humour. But two left feet? No definitely not this day. His moves are graceful, precise and focused. Anyone who knows Domonico or is particularly skilled in combat would notice that his steps are actually part of a combat routine that he practices daily.

Reese has a warm smile for Ajax. The girl seems flattered by Miranda's offer and she rises to her slippered feet even while reaching out for the Lady's hand "I would love to, Lady Miranda and I have very tough toes, so it is okay if you do, Lady Miranda."

Ysabel seems able to keep pace with him as she is guided along the dance floor by Lord Domonico. Her sky blue eyes still seem to study him so she can try and keep up as they dance together.

Olivia nods at the words of encouragement. Maybe not ghe best idea. She gets a little bolder with her steps... making things worse... just oh so much worse...

Jasher watches the people dancing, content to just sit and mull spiced wine. Then his eyes slide towards Domonico, and his eyebrows lift as he observes the man's steps. A thoughtful look crosses his gaze.

Miranda smiles brightly at Ribbons and takes a moment to guide the Princess out amongst the other dancers...

Miranda checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

"I do hope so my lord.", would say Kaia in return to Martino's query. Guided quite elegantly in a dance, clearly led by the Malvici lord. She'd let out a soft chuckle, as he spinned her around -her arresting midnight-purple and dark-red gown, matching to the lord's, shimmering beautifully under the light; her big blue-grey eyes locking always at the end back on his.

Domonico checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Dancing is just a form of walking and organizing feet and hands and arms and legs to work all together. Basically, exercise and so while Miranda's movements are not the epitome of grace as some... she will manage to lead Reese about the floor and not aim her into things or step on her pink slippered feet! Turning the princess, this way and that, perhaps deftly avoiding Olivia and others as needed.

OOC - Totally not the music playing but what I am listening to

Reese checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Domonico:did have to adjust his moves partway through, actually lifting Ysabel out of the way of a wild Olivia partway through. The Malvici Commodore actually is not that bad at all and as he passes the dancing Miranda and Reese he murmers, "Good footwork," to the pair of them accompanied by a wink.

Martino's fingertips twist in those of Kaia as he pivots her well across the floor before bringing her back into his chest. His right hand, returning on her hip as he steps another box with her, his lips leaning to her ear as he murmurs, "This first... we shall finish with a graceful dip from you my Kaia." His right hand is led behind her lower back, to support her, as he dips and drapes her dramatically.

Reese dances along with Miranda and she does an okay job at such. She turns about on her slippered feet. Her cheeks are pink and her blue eyes are bright. Reese seems to be having a great time.

Reese is overheard praising Domonico: Woots, Congrats!

With the ballroom now filled with dancers, Ajax trudges his way back towards the couches, giving Neilda and Jasher a dip of his head once more, "It's good to have a day o' joy, don't ya think?" he offers towards the both of them.

Reese is overheard praising Aahana: Woots, congrats!

Ysabel eyes widen as she is lifted up but seems to be able to keep up with Lord Domonico fairly easily as he continues to guide he along the dance floor.

After brief visit upstairs, Fecundo returns to the party proper to come and looks at the party, expression less tense. He sees Domonico on the dance floor and lifts a hand to the man before making his way around to room toward where Aahana currently is.

Martino is overheard praising Aahana: What a wonderful host and beautiful addition to House Malvici. Truly, we are blessed to welcome you in

Miranda moves Reese about the dance floor, guiding her away from any problems of crazy footing on the dance floor. Domonico's remark to her makes her laugh and then Miranda moves her head to Reese's ear and whispers to her as they move about.

Eddard eases out of Olivia's grip at the end of a song. "Thank you for your time on the floor." He'll dip a bow before heel-toeing towards a server to snag a drink. Something to drink please.

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Olivia curtseys after her dance and wander back over to her Cousin, Archeron. "Your turn." She extends a hand to him.

The nowadays almost innately glowing face of the lady, goes one shade of pink higher. A beaming smile on her face as Martino murmurs to her ear the next step of the move; and so, she gracefully does, following through his guidance, dip backward quite dramatically -supported by his hand. A melodic giggle echoing around her once she is led back up, to continue with the dancing. She's evidently enjoying the whole thing, despite not being the best of dancers.

Kaia is overheard praising Malvici: A most wonderful wedding reception! The bride look marvelous, as if taken out of a legend! And the groom, I haven't seen him smile so much in my life! May the gods bless their happy union.

~The current song ends and the musician quickly talk amongst themself before preparing the next song. One that is up-tempo, still with the marital undertones before Domonico calls out, "Everyone. New partners. Those not dancing. Join in!"

Reese keeps dancing along with Miranda. She seems to be super happy and enjoying herself. The girl playfully pouts to Domonico when he speaks of swichting partners.

Martino laughs hushed, struck by the giggle from Kaia as she's dipped and returns up. He smiles down to her eyes as he inhales a touch sharp to her, "Mm... my Kaia. Thank you for such an honour." He gathers her left hand to his lips, a light grace of his mouth on it, before sighing at his brother's command, "Well... you may need to impress him now, my dear."

Ysabel chuckles and says, "Thank you for the dance Lord Domonico." She head over to Princess Reese and says, "Can I steal your next dance Princess. Before I get stolen by a more troublesome partner?"

Reese looks upon Ysabel, giving her a warm smile that touches her blue eyes. "Of course, Baroness, I am honored" She softly says. She then tries to gently kiss Miranda's cheek before leaving her company.

Miranda smiles brightly at Reese and stops the dance, sweeping back to draw up Reese's hand and kiss her knuckles. "My plans are foiled, my Ribbons..." She wiggles her brows at the Grayson princess, then steps up close to hug her and speak softly to her. Then she relinquishes the Grayson to Ysabel, "Baroness, I give you your partner. Thank you, Ribbons."

Domonico nods seriously to Ysabel before he smiles, "It was my pleasure." The stoic Commodore takes a step back, sweeping his gaze around the room, like surveying the horizon from a ship as he waits to see who pairs off with who for dancing.

Jasher reluctantly rises to his feet, setting the glass down as he smooths his umbra. He pauses to listen as the music takes on a faster, yet still militaristic tempo, but otherwise doesn't seem particularly inclined to join in.

Miranda twirls away from Reese and heads away from the dancers a moment to grab up a glass of the red going around. She takes a sip as she dances herself over to Eddard and hip-bumps him gently.

Reese returns Miranda's hug, wrapping her arms about the Lady for a brief moment. She then joins Ysabel in the dance, the girl seeming to be having a fun time. Her cheeks are pink and her blue eyes are bright.

Enough rehydrating by means of alcohol, then Eddard is moving himself back towards the dancefloor. Eyes in search of a certain woman he was supposed to spend the evening escorting. She finds him first. "I was wondreing if you were trying to escape me." A hand snakes about her waist and they start to dance.

Domonico gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Reese checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Ysabel sweeps Reese off seeming fairly confident in her steps as they make their way around the dance floor. She is able to keep pace even with the tempo as she and Reese dance together smoothly.

Eddard checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Miranda chuckles as Eddard pulls her onto the dancefloor again. She manages to put her glass of wine, after a quick sip again, on a tray as it's passing her. Able to follow Eddard's lead, this time, with ease. No, not graceful as he, perhaps, but very mch not stepping on feet and not running into others. She places an arm around Eddard's shoulders and leans in to kiss his cheek, murmuring to him as they move.

"Likewise, my charming lord." She says, offering him a sweet smile, before shooting Domonico an annoyed but clearly amused look. Just before, very intendedly so, swaying her way over to him, "I hate you right now." She mutters to him, while evidently positioning herself before him with the intention of having him lead her for a dance now. "Since, you have forced me out of my charming dance partner, ..." she says, leaving the sentence unfinished, before offering a smile and a chuckle.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Olivia watches the dances from the couch... for safety... not hers but everyone elses. She sips her water quietly.

Silvio gets Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Martino steps across the floor anew, bringing himself to the couch beside the Lady Neilda as he asks, "Would you... care to, my Lady Saik?" He defers her to the dancefloor, now that the Baroness has parted.

Jasher looks at Ajax. "So it seems. But it seems I have no need Yet."

Ysabel seems the Baroness is not as clueless as she seems as she continues to dance along with Reese and says, "Guess all those lectures from Lord Domonico about footwork paid off, no?" She chuckles at this at her and Reese move along the dance floor.

Kaia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Domonico nods seriously to Kaia before he says, "I apologise My Lady. I though it only fair that others get to meet you properly so he doesn't monopolise you." He begins the quick set dance, moving confidently before adding, "You look stunning my Lady..." he glances to Martino and he smiles at kaia and murmers something.

Rumbling with a laugh, Ajax gives gives Jasher that look as if the man's doomed himself.

And what to one's wondering eye should appear, but Silvio...a smile and his usual swagger. The former Prince drifts in quietly, blending for a bit with his expertly curled hair sproinging with his every movement. Like an elegant shadow he lurks and watches those that dance...the spinning Miranda, the prancing Domonico, the twirling Eddard. He seems content, for the moment, to bask in the sights and sounds of the party.

Olivia taps Ajax on the shoulder, "I could use a new dance partner Master Ajax. I believe you will do just fine." She stands from her seat and sets the water back down.

Kaia smiles at Domnico and nods, giving him a courteous bow, before stepping into position to dance along the quick set dance. Her stride not as confident as his, but still graceful enough to match without embarrasment. "Thank you, my Lord. You look quite dashing yourself, altough not as impressive as your wife, I'll admit." she tells him with a chuckle, before following his gaze towards Martino, and listening in to his whisper. Another chuckle following right after.

As Ajax is tapped on the shoulder, he gives Jasher a look that is not very flattering, before he tilts his gaze towards Olivia, dipping his head towards the lady, "Of course, my lady." he starts to follow her to the floor proper with a soldiers wariness.

Jasher heads over to the couches to sit and watch once more, militaristic black umbra stark against the luxurious red. He gives Ajax a look of all due blandness.

Arcadia slips into the party, her usual messy attire changed for sheer elegance. She takes her place alongside the wall watching as those get set to dance.

Eddard will not be skewered by stilettos, stomped by heels or kicked in shins by toes. Not this dance. A subtle wiggle to his shoulders as her arm lays across the plane of his shoulders. "How did your visit with your brother go?" A question posed as he spins her once, himself being the pivot point.

Olivia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Kaia mutters, "... I do think so, ... well. ... don't think I could ... anyone ... ... ... me feel quite as lucky."

Reese seems distracted but Ysabel still manages to help guide her smoothly across the floor as they dance together.

Martino lightly crosses the room to stand beside the Lady Arcadia. A brief elbow to her side from him, a light one, as he smirks aside to her, "Ah Lady Arcadia... you are looking less. Mm?" He raises an eyebrow as he gazes over the dancefloor. His eyes, in particular, watch Kaia's footwork.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Ajax checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 31 higher.

Arcadia briefly dips her chin at Martino's words "Thank you Lord Malvici. I think that was meant to be a compliment."

Aahana gracefully slips from the table to make her way towards Domonico with a grin as she fondly says, "Oh my darling husband, I believe you owe me ever so many dances." Her grin shifting into a bright smile as she does a graceful spin before find herself at his side.

Aahana checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

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Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

Miranda's fingers glide through Eddard's curls and over them, apparently, as they dance. She does not seem to be troubled by the other dancers upon the floor. Perhaps she trusts Eddard to weave her through them as she is following his lead. "It was fine. He was looking for his wife, of course, but she is upstairs resting." She murmurs to Eddard, her honey-brown eyes looking up into his grey eyes.

Olivia tugs Ajax ojt to the dance floor. Probably a bit of an odd looking dance couple. She squares up with him, "Sure hope you know what you are doing..."

Martino wryly curls his lips as he turns his head to Arcadia, commenting, back, "It would be. It is a pleasure to see you here... and, well, someone has spent well on her gown." He nods her head before indicating afar, "Let me get you a glass of red. Along with a bottle of our special spiced blend."

Domonico does not prance! Far from it. Quick precise steps perhaps but not prancing! To Kaia he laughs and murmers, "I don't think anyone could match Aahana for a thousand years with that outfit." He looks over at his wife and smiles before he whirls Kaia around, his corded muscles flexing as he lifts her around and places her down as Aahana slides along to take over from The Bisland. "My apologies Lady Kaia... but duty calls."

Archeron pushes himself to his feet, having enjoyed watching the dancing - even if he does give Ajax a little look. "Don't break her, Ajax. I don't have an excess of family." He gently reaches to pay Domonico's elbow in greeting as he passes on his way to the door "Thank you for such an entertaining evening, and the best to you and your bride. I'll gently poke Duchess Margot, I'm sure she will want to try to have you to the Tower for dinner so she can congratulate you herself."

Luckily, for Olivia as Ajax is dragged, he is able to mostly match up with her movements, squaring up with her he does attempt to move with the woman, even with his big form he does so relatively flawlessly even if he's doing nothing fancy, those close to two can likely spot on that every time so far olivia moves to step on his feet he just slips them out of the direct line of fire.

Ysabel still guides Reese along as she moves them around the other people dancing. She seems to be able to keep pace with the music fairly well as they move along together.

Arcadia smiles luxuriously at Martino "Thank you. It is a firm favourite of mine. You look dashing yourself. "

Martino is overheard praising Ajax: Dancing well with the Lady Olivia when she was not feeling too well.

Kaia chuckles and gracefully steps back, "-and, I shall not deny it.~" she chimes, offering the happy couple a appreciative smile, "Lady Malvici, you are looking stunning. Congratulations!~" she says, before stepping further back to give them room to dance. Her eyes now scanning the room for a new partner.

Martino takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

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Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Martino steps back to Arcadia with the glass in his left hand, slipping it into her own as he murmurs low, "Well... that is kind of you to say." He slips the bottle to her as well as he asks, "Ever danced before in the city?"

Silvio flits around the edge of the crowd, sipping his drink, then eyes the red couch. "One of you has to dance." He makes a ticking sound with his tongue. "Surely I outrank someone here." He lets out an amused chuckle, but...he's also totally still standing there seeing who will give up their comfy, warm spot.

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Arcadia peers at her bottle curious, "Thank you. I will certainly enjoy this." Watching the other Malvici brother, she murmurs to Martino "I think this is the first time I have ever seen your brother smile." Serripticiously she glances at the floor "Not for some time, I fear."

Silvio has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Soon enough, Kaia spots her next victim, and she grins, making her way over back to the couches, she approaches the recently sat Thraxian prince, "Prince Jasher, would you honor me with a dance?" she asks, an expectant look on her smiling face.

"Ah, thats unfortunate. She is missing one of the best parties I have been to in the past year or so." Eddard does weave the pair of them easily enough through manuevering dancing pairs. Fancy footwork of the dancing variety, probably not of the sword fighting variety. He doesn't have that look.

Olivia does a little better this time, but she is clearly not good. Ajax is a bit better at avoiding the toe crushing. Lucky for him. He also does a pretty excellent job of steering her away from other people... and stuff...

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Martino laughs a low tone to Arcadia as he murmurs quiet, "Oh quite... well... you have met and seen his new wife. Yes?" Martino gestures across to the radiant Aahana as he notes, "On such a day, would you not also?"

Aahana smiles happily to Kaia as she says, "Thank you ever so much." Easily she slips her hand into Domonico's and her other rest on his shoulder, gracefully moving along the floor as her smile utter pure happy wedded bliss as she looks up into his eyes.

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Domonico dances with his wife. His WIFE. Still not bored of that yet it seems. His body moves in time with hers but lacks the elegant sensuality that she possesses. He murmers something in her ear quietly.

Ysabel guide Reese over to a seating area and says, "Thank you for the dance Princess Reese but I should go before I get myself into trouble. I promised I would start to behave myself." She hugs Reese goodbye, than moves over to offer Domonico a hug farewell, than finally moves to hug Lady Ahana as well. "Sorry for the short stay but Congradulations again. I hope you two live happily together. All the best wishes even." She gives everyone else a warm farewell as well.

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Cadern slips his way in and smiles as he watches the celebration. He lurks the edge surveying the group looking pleased to attend the event as he drifts around the edge of the dancing groups and picking his way around towards the newly wedded couple.

Miranda continues to follow Eddard around, her cheek pressed to his as she murmurs to him. She has no trouble, apparently, following his lead. Good thing someone is paying attention to where they're going or they might run into.. someone!

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Jaenelle dips her head towards the hostess as she leaves to go attend to other important matters such as dancing with the husband, turning back towards poor Radhilde that has been left all alone with the Archduchess Regent.

Ajax's lips curl into an easy going smile as he leads in in the relatively safe dance, giving a nod of encouragement every time she doesn't step on his feet he leans in to whisper something.

Reese smiles to Ysabel. "Thank you as well, Baroness." She softly says. The girl then slips off.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting leave, following Reese.

Jasher looks up at Kaia. His brows furrow slightly, but he rises to his feet with nary a rustle. He inclines his head as he offers a hand, a gesture more resigned than delicate.

Arcadia murmurs to Martino "Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure, but she does look breathtakingly beautiful."

Martino murmurs further to Arcadia as he says, "I shall introduce you. But first..." He steps from her side, reaching his right hand out to lead, "Shall we step across the floor?"

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Olivia smiles to Ajax as he helps her look at least... less terrible than she really is. She looks around nervously as they keep dancing, worried about what or who they might knock over.

Arcadia slips her fingers into Martino's hand, a gentle lady-like pressure on them, "It would be my pleasure." She slides over onto the dance floor with the older lord.

Kaia chuckles just a little at Jasher's reaction, but finally takes his hand. "You can join me in blaming the Lord Domonico, for this bit." she tells the prince, with a chuckle, as they make their way back into the dance floor.

Kaia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Martino leads the Lady Arcadia further into the centre. His right hand resting light, barely, on her left hip as his left twins with her fingertips as he asks, "What... dancing experience do you have? Would this be a box-step for you, young Cady?"

Miranda leans her head back from Eddard's, her smile is affectionate and warm. That smile grows int a broad, bright thing and she leans in to nudge her nose to his a moment. Then she frees one hand to reach down and grabs at the skirt of her gown to lift a bit, exposing the calf of one leg, but likely that's by accident as her gown may be getting in her way!

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Arcadia shifts into position, an easy smile creasing her lips, "A box step would be fine. " She arches an eyebrow, teasing the lord, "it won't be too fast for you? "

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Martino checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Martino laughs easy, composed, to Arcadia as he begins to lead her through the steps. His left hand leading her across the room, a turn and a twist, as he leads her back. Around. A faint curl of his lips down to Arcadia, face as he says, "Oh, I assure you, I am quite used to sweeping across the dance floor." His eyes glance across to Kaia, taking her presence in for a moment as he dances.

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Eddard eases the pair of them through the swirling maelstorm of dancers. "You wouldn't want to trip, would you, my lady?" Look at that! Eddard glances away towards Thraxian Princes and Bislandian Ladys. Almost missing a calf, he didn't though.

"Perhaps I will," Jasher replies with bone dryness as he accompanies Kaia to the dance floor. He takes a deep breath, and just stands there, a rock in the sea of dancing. "I don't dance," he says towards Kaia, half explanation, half apology.

As Ajax continues to steer the two, he brings them to the edge of the dance floor, dipping his head towards Olivia, "You did fine, lass. Thank you for the dance." he offers with a warm seeming smile.

Arcadia steps in time with Martino, "Why do I not doubt that? "

Miranda laughs lightly and lets her gown drop, draping her arm about Eddard's shoulders as they dance. She kisses his cheek and then says, "Shall we sit? I am quite parched, my Lord." She gestures to a couch or table, wherever he might like to sit.

Martino curls his lips, a wry smirk touches them as he steps gentle with Arcadia. Allowing her to grow in familiarity with the dance, "Well... my 'years of experience' no?"

Arcadia laughs softly at Martino's words "I thought we determined being old did not make you wise or experienced?"

Kaia stares at Jasher for a moment, not seeming at all very surprised. "That's alright your highness, we don't need to impress, just have a little fun..." she murmurs to him, "...even if we just step on each other's toes." she finishes, with another giggle. "I'm sure, we will be fine." she assures him, before positioning herself along with him to dance. A momentarily glance at Martino, she meets his eyes and she offers a smile, before looking back at Jasher.

Olivia smiles and curtseys to Ajax. "Thank you for the dance Master Ajax." She looks around the room for any more potential victims.

Aahana continues to gracefully move along with Domonico around the floor, her smile remaining ever present. Easily lean in towards him to softly whisper back before she offers him a wink before gently giggling.

Martino laughs easy to Arcadia, finishing it in a smooth twist again of his fingertips to spin her from his presence. A wry smirk follows as he inclines his head, "Oh, Lady Arcadia... my thanks for such a dance. Should we continue, well, I might fall victim to your jokes." He turns his chin to welcome the, now free, Lady Olivia across.

"Oh please. My legs are dying out here." Miranda is clutched and positively PULLED from the dance floor. "I don't think I have the stamina for much dancing."

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Domonico enjoys his dance with Aahana, managing *not* to get distracted by Miranda flashing a leg before he does get distracted by kissing Aahana. It takes a while for him to break it and the serious Malvici brother is positively beaming as he gestures to the tables. "Remember all to eat your fill and drink the finest Southpot Spiced Red!" He looks around and calls to Martino, "Brother. Do you remember the game Breath?"

Laughing, Miranda lets herself be pulled from the dance floor! She eyes Eddard's legs, "Dying are they?" she inquires, giggling a bit. She waves down a servant to collect two glasses of wine, handing one to Eddard before looking to those at the table he's brought her to. "Greetings!"

Arcadia smiles easily at Martino, "Thank you for the dance too. " She steps back aside for Lady Olivia and returns to the couches to watch.

Arcadia has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Seeming as the Thraxian prince ultimately would refuse to dance, she lets him off the hook and swirls her way over to Martino, "May I steal you for a dance once more, my lord?"

Martino flashes an easy smile and dip of his chin to Arcadia as she parts from the dancefloor. He smiles distant to his brother, "Oh I do... it has been some time since we did last play." Instantly, though and typically, the Lord is distracted by Lady Kaia and the blue eyes of hers. He laughs, almost instantly gathering her fingertips in his, right hand on her hip familiar, as he says, "Please, please do my sweet Kaia."

Kaia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Martino checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

"Splendid!~", she chimes, yet again with a beaming smile. "Shall we then?"

Martino twists over the dancefloor with the Lady Kaia before him. A gentle pivot upon his toes to lead her frame across in a back-twist as he murmurs low to her, "My Kaia. Truly, well, not just radiant this evening but... so social. So impressive."

With himself now parted from Olivia, he trudges over towards the table with people still seated on it as he dips his head.

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Domonico finishes his dance with Aahana and moves over to the crowd at the table and takes a couple of goblets of wine, offering one to Aahana and sipping his own. "This... has proved quite the event..." he muses carefully.

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As the Archduchess Regent stands from where she has been for most of the party, a dip of her head is given to those who kept her company before she begins towards the door. Her small army of guards fall in line behind the small woman, though before she leaves she looks towards Radhilde and with a grin wiggles slightly and winks.

Jaenelle checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting leave, following Jaenelle.

Radhilde beams at Jaenelle's last words to her as she leaves the table and she nods, "You must! Be well Archduchess!" She calls after the woman, still grinning.

A hand lifts to flutter at the departing Jaenelle. Eddard looks a mix of chagrin and bemused as he returns his attention to his table.

Once more, she's led by the eldest Malvici brother into a dance move she didn't know she was even capable of. Still, it went quite well! Her back did /not/ break, that was good. A slightly nervous chuckle escpas her lips, and her face glows. "I've been learning from the best." she tells him with a grin, staring at those mesmerizing green eyes of his.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Duarte takes Celebratory Southport Spiced Red from Adorned Shrike Liqour Cabinet-Please take one of celebratory wines.

Martino laughs a low tone, a touch breathless, with the Lady Kaia as he steps from her barely. A flush, wine-touched, face gazes down to her eyes as he comments, "Oh... Lady Kaia. This is the start. We must - again - soon." He lifts her hand to kiss upon her knuckles before leading her across to the main table with brother, sister-in-law, are sat.

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Martino is overheard praising Domonico: Wonderful party hose for his wedding. What a brother to have!

Kaia nods, "Of course, my lord." she agrees, before being led towards the table.

Martino is overheard praising Kaia: Oh my sweet darling Kaia. How well you do dance, and grace us with your presence

"What a wonderous day for a wed---" Duarte begins to announces as he strolls in with arms open wide and head held eyes. But a glint of something in his periphery catches his eye and he snaps his focus to that. He trots over to a sofa and kneels on the floor, sliding out a hidden blade from beneath it. "How quaint..." he murmurs as he slides it back into it's hiding spot.

He hops up and opens his arms again, big smile like nothing happened. "What a wonderous day for a wedding celebration!"

Domonico smiles as he looks around the table before he spies the newcomer, "Ah.Count Duate. Please join us!" He raps his knuckles on the table for attention and raises his goblet, "Would you all kindly raise your drinks in a toast to my wife. The newest Malvici, Lady Aahana!"

Arcadia widens her eyes at Darts, quickly shifting her feet away, before catching Domonico's words and raising her glass.

Kaia says, "To Lady Aahana!~""

Miranda raises a glass in turn to toast to Aahana, "To the most lovely of ladieess!" Whoops! Miranda glances down a moment, then laughs and tries again, "To Lady Aahana Malvici!"

Jasher gets another glass. He lifts it briefly before taking a drink and moving to settle in one of the tables.

Picking up an unused glass from the table, Ajax raises it upwards with an easy going smile, "Ere' ere' to the couple!" he rumbles, hard to deny the smile formed on his lips.

"Lady Aahana Malvici! Lord Domonico Malvici! HEAR HEAR!" Eddard was paying attention to the toast. Definitely. Not just shouting the right names over here.

Aahana happily smiles as she lifts a glass in her own honor and gingerly drinks from it once the toast is over, easily cuddling up with Domonico in the booth.

Radhildes attention is drawn to the toast a d she lifts her glass high, "To the Lord and Lady!"

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Domonico smiles as he drinks before announcingm, "I thank each and every one of you for attended and sharing this day with us. We truly am honoured have been honoured by your presence. Please stay as long as you like, we have plenty of food and drink to go around."

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