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Lady Mabelle Laurent

Tomorrow is another day, another chance.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Scandalous Oathlander
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Skintone: Creamy

Titles: Minister of Population for House Laurent

Description: Silken black hair falls in a sheet, barely gracing her shoulders, falling to the small of her back. The contrast between the pale cream of her complexion only emphasizes the darkness of her blue-black hair. Fine brows wing over a set of wide eyes. Black lashes frame a pair of exquisite blue eyes, the irises edged in a darker blue. Her features are delicate, almost doll-like, lending her a beauty that is at once fragile and sharp, like a glass blade. She is of just over average height, five feet seven inches, slender, her curves are subtle but there is no denying her femininity. She is a study in contrasts, of dark and light. Fragility and strength. A hint of something potentially sweet with just a touch of danger.

Personality: When she left for her marriage, she was a demure, blushing bride that was known to be charming but practical. Safe. Her return to the fold has seen some changes. This Mabelle is sharp and possibly dangerous to touch. She remains as charming as ever, but there's a more caustic edge to her humor these days. Something jaded and cynical from the things she's seen, from information she's researched. Her style is more risque too, once you get comfortable in that Lycene style of dress there's no real going back, is there?

Background: Mabelle Laurent was born into a more distant branch of the Laurent line, pretty far removed from any potential chances to inherit the duchy but not so far removed that she wasn't good marriage material. So as these things tend to go, she was found a suitable match with House Hawkmour. She wasn't thrilled with her 'older' husband, a man in his early forties who had already been married once before with children not much younger than herself. But it was asked of her by the late Duke Edmund Laurent, so she agreed to her distant uncle's request.

Mabelle was pretty, charming and most importantly, far more clever than her family had realized. She settled well into her new life and even managed to form an alliance with her new husband. One that didn't involve her sleeping in a different bed most nights of the week. Her hobbies and interests grew during her time in the Lyceum and she developed a close bond' with the family apothecary, a rather eccentric woman that spent a significant amount of time in a lower levels suite (read: basement) of the castle.

It was here that she learned the healing arts as well as other more esoteric subjects that most in the Oathlands would have shied away from or condemned. She became quite skilled at mixing and matching different compounds and while crafting isn't a thing nobles do for silver, she enjoyed it nonetheless and took great pride in what she created.

However tragedy struck when her husband, a rather shrewd lawyer with numerous political connections turned black in the face and expired at dinner. There were countless suspects and Mabelle unfortunately ended up on the list. Largely due to the mercurial nature of their relationship and her now expansive knowledge of a trade that could lead one to believe she might have known /how/ to poison her husband.

Not having quite the needed connections to survive such a scandal, she made an impassioned plea to her distant cousin the duke to be allowed to rejoin the family now that her marriage was tragically ended. With approval granted from all parties, she's gone to join the Laurents in Arx and hopefully have a fresh start there.

Relationship Summary

  • Edward - My guide to the unspoken truth.
  • Vincenzo - Brings color to my life.
  • Delia - The easiest conversations
  • Alessia - Lady Mischief
  • Jasher - Unexpected ear

  • Family:
  • Cristoph - My Duke and guiding light.
  • Flavien - Beloved Cousin

  • Protege:
  • Saverio - I'm not sure who is teaching who.
  • Flynt - Up and coming healer
  • Name Summary
    Aethan A Laurent lady, very pleasant company.
    Agostino An amiable noblewoman with an apparent taste for cookies. Easy on the eyes as well, she is definitely one I'd enjoy meeting again.
    Ahmar A Laurent Lady. She seems mostly concerned by the health of the people involved at the docks. I like that.
    Ajax A chatty lady, but good for her that she's learning to practice the blade.
    Alarissa A nimble little laurent, filled with determination.
    Alecstazi Boisterous is not necessarily loud, but she is both. Charming though.
    Alessandro Lady of Laurent, and a very good traveling companion. Knowledgable in her field, as well.
    Alessia A wonderful hostess who really knows how to bring out her guests' creativity.
    Alrec I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if the doctor wants to fix me and I am sure she can but I am also sure there is a lot I can teach about the south.
    Amari Quite different from the other Laurents I'm familiar with, but that's not necessarily a bad thing at all. She's a delight to speak with over tea and cookies, and it's really no surprise at all that she excels at diplomacy.
    Apollo Quick to soothe even the smallest of slights - and with cookies to boot.
    Arcadia Quiet and poised. Definitely a real lady.
    Arianna What a gentle soul. She understood my humor and seemed nothing less than lovely. Quite something!
    Armani A musician with a fine sense of style - maybe more of a Lycene at heart than most Laurents. We'll be good friends.
    Artur A cousin that keeps many dogs. She still carries the Lycene influence with an ease that is good to see on her, and that she was more than willing to help me with my falcon will be appreciated! It's always good to find a cousin to get in trouble with.
    Astrid A very kind customer who has offered patronage. Her heart is very clearly in the right place.
    Athaur A very curious sort. I don't think we have ever had a noblewoman wander into our expanmse before! But it was a pleasure to meet her.
    Baltus Lady Laurent. Modest in her new appointment. I bet she does well at it.
    Bethany A pianist, at least by her own word. I hope someday to hear her play.
    Bhandn She shared some strong drink with a young man claiming to be a Prince of House Redrain. With how the young man behaved and what he said, I can't decide if it was due to manners, risk-taking, or pity.
    Brady Are Oathlanders sexy? I didn't know they could look like this. I demand a dance.
    Brigida A pretty thing. I hope there is more to her than that though. Arvum doesn't need another empty-headed aristocrat.
    Cabrera Wants to do proper charity for the commoners, not just tossing gifts and silver around. That's a good Noble.
    Cahal A Laurent with memories of the Cloudspine from her childhood. What a shame I never knew her.
    Caspian I can't wait for her to chide me as she patches me up after a lost duel...if I ever lose.
    Catriona A kind as she is beautiful, this woman is the embodiment of the fine pastries she offered me.
    Cristoph May the gods help me. Between Mabelle and Braden and Eiran? I don't know how I'm going to keep my sanity. At least they all mean well. Mabelle is a sweet girl under the apparent ability to /stab/ people.
    Dante Incredibly beautiful, a constrast of darkness and light - like a painting or a poem. Eyes like crystals and a vibrant wit. Might be a distant cousin, but that's most of the peerage. She seems very friendly and personable.
    Delfina A charming woman, filled with grace and enthusiasm. I suspect we might have a few things in common, and I'd like to get to know her better.
    Delilah I like anyone willing to wear a raspberry beret. Stylish!
    Denica Lady Laurent. I had heard recently she threw quite the party. I am sure we will get along just fine.
    Domonico A Laurent. Seemingly quiet attentive. Willing to get out of her comfort zone and try something new. I approve.
    Evaristo Charming and a real social butterfly and just as beautiful as one, as well. It was a delight to meet her at the Malvici breakfast.
    Fairen A lively and friendly spirit with a great fondness for puppies. I wonder if she's a scholarly sort?
    Faye Not a typical Laurent, but pleasant to speak with and filled with creative ideas. I hope to get the chance to talk with her more in the future.
    Fecundo An entrepreneurial lady I met at the Patronage gathering on the beach. She seems to have a good broad range of interest. I hope she finds what she seeks.
    Fiora She cuts a lovely figure but... If /I/ am being the interesting participant in a conversation, something is very wrong.
    Flavien My closest cousin and the one I find myself having lingering conversations with.
    Flynt Noble Lady that dabbles in medicine and seems to care about others. My patron!
    Gerald An interesting young woman. Very not what I would expect from an Oathlander, but, that's alright. Stuffy sorts, most.
    Giuliano A devoted fan of the cookie, her shape is in no way diminished by it. I wonder if she's ever eaten a cookie while. Nevermind. But I will see how her cookie crumbles.
    Gretchen A Laurent who has only recently returned to Arx. She seems stylish and proper, if a bit quiet.
    Harlex I didn't mean to scare her, not really. Maybe a little. At least I got a drink with her out of it.
    Helena Full of compliments and her own beauty and grace and easily fitting in with both strangers and familiar faces alike, I found Lady Mabelle quite a pleasant conversationalist to spend a cold evening sipping whiskey with.
    Iseulet I have absolutely no idea how I haven't met this woman before! Witty, beautiful, and makes me smile. I can't wait to run into her a little more around the city. (Have you seen her dog? IT'S FABULOUS!)
    Ishmael A charming and beautiful lady of the Oathlands.
    Jasher A physician. Easily underestimated at the surface, yet beneath lies a temper and wit, sharp as a new cutlass.
    Joslyn Surprisingly pleasant. I'm not sure what I got myself roped into with her, but I think it all went far better than I had any right to expect.
    Julian The lovely Lady Laurent. Not at all what I picture when I think of an oathlander. But that is not a bad thing. I like to get to know her better.
    Kaldur Never fear, my Lady, the Shrine of Lagoma's nature is rebirth. A little exploding is only a moment's a problem... and it surely wouldn't happen again. Hopefully. Sit in the back.
    Lailah A pleasant lady, though I'm finding it hard to read her. I'll have to get to know her better.
    Lilia Paradoxical. She claims to be a social butterfly but it is clear that there is more than meets the eye.
    Llewella She likes rum and talks freely about things far more entertaining than ledgers. This woman is absolutely adorable and precious.
    Lora A line of connection drawn over Hawkmour's brass road. It is always bittersweet to meet someone who has these things in common, but the Lady Laurent makes this more sweet than not.
    Lore A delightful noblewoman of the Oathlands persuasion. This is the second time I've run into her and I've enjoyed both experiences. Perhaps I can help her out with something special.
    Lucita A cousin of Braden Laurent, pleasant natured Lady who likes music and plays instruments but is not a singer.
    Mailys Ah, yes. The Oathlander turned Lycene, and Oathlander again. One has to wonder what secrets she holds.
    Marisol She is a strong lady, one that I can admire for her abilities that stand in contrast to my own. Brave. Adventurous. She reminds me of my twin. I have long been in need of a friend like her.
    Martino A woman who adores Lyscum fashion. Doesn't that tell you something?
    Mason Mason is a fan of the Laurents and Mabelle seems to be cut from the same cloth. Friendly, polite, and well-versed in treading the social waters, the prince enjoyed speaking with her when they first met.
    Merek I like friends that like to make their cookies also!
    Mikani Cookie lover, especially of the artistic variety.
    Miranda More than she seems. Another doctor, which is always good, but quick, too. Leaving a bad situation before it became terrible. Good for her. Look forward to getting to know her better. Could be handy to know her!
    Mirella I'd like to talk to her again. She seems like she'd be someone worth getting to know. Someone people just have that air about them, I suppose.
    Mirk A newcomer to Arx. Strangely disconnected from her family, but hopefully that will change.
    Monique A damsel in distress, and yet, for all that, I think she has stores of untapped courage and reserves of brilliance that I cannot even begin to guess at. But I should like to try.
    Morgan Lady Mabelle Laurent of the two cousins, the non boring one! I like her life goals. Also, funny. Nice eyes. Doesn't sing?
    Naka Laurent cousin. Rather busy and knowledgable and helpful. Really, if you're the third, though, you tend to somehow inherit the other two. Smart enough to not let herself be overwhelmed by it all, either.
    Narcissa Eccentric in a subdued, well masked sort of way - a practicality that asks why she bears the name of Laurent, and none of the Lyceum.
    Neviah At first, unnerving. Unsettling. Put me on edge. I am unused to people being so warm and friendly. Perhaps she isn't so bad after all. She did give me time to try to open up. I tried. I think I failed, but...
    Niklas Lady of Artshall, though with a touch of the Tor. An interesting combination. Seems to have had a bad run-in with a mutual acquaintance. Will have to follow up on that.
    Norwood Her sorrow seems to hang much less heavily upon her. For that perhaps Lord Braden's arrival could be considered a good omen. However, I hope it does not encourage her to the other extreme.
    Olin A noblewoman and an alchemist! A surprising combination, but her interest in the craft appears deep and she spoke to me first as a peer.
    Orathy She be hurtin me damn feelins, callin me Rat. Shit, and her laughter is like a damn knife to the gut. Ahh, ya never know what sort of shewolf yer messin with until ya mess with 'em.
    Otho She's terribly enthusiastic about, oh, everything. One should take precautions not to be infected by it.
    Pasquale She has a solid head on her shoulders.
    Peri She enjoys hearing about the unknown and far off places. Tell her a story!
    Petal She seems nice and interested in all sorts of clothing, not just noble clothing.
    Pharamond The Lady Laurent is certainly the most fashionable physician and has a bedisde manner that makes going to the hospital a lot more pleasant
    Quintin I've seen her blush quite a bit, and I believe she's good with animals?
    Raimon A friendly Noble Physician. Good sort to know
    Ras She has fruit and nice ideas. Kind ideas. I think she's probably a good person.
    Raven First time getting stitched up without whiskey, not my favorite way, but she's got nimble fingers, and has a great bedside manner.
    Reese An interesting Lady with a great hat. She seems to have an inner strength and not mind brawl and the like.
    Reigna She seems sweet and good hearted -- but she is Laurent so is that any surprise? She clearly has a desire to help those around her. A trait I find most admirable.
    Ronja I think I'd get along well with this one. She seems like she knows how to find the fun in things.
    Rook Very conversational and talkative. Will strike a conversation on anything it seems and hold it. Multi-talented then.
    Roxana Sweet, beautiful, and a talented alchemist. I like her.
    Sabella Charming and funny and a great conversationalist and she knows how great the biscuits are at the Sleepless Knights! AND SHE LIKES PARTIES! Definitely best friend material!
    Salvador An Oathlander so scandalous as to not drink milk, and cavort in Lycene bars! She has the guile of a Lycene woman, however, and a sense of fashion to match.
    Sanya One of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure to meet in the city.
    Saoirse Lady Mabelle Laurent entered a room, sat down, and stared at me ...smiling. WTF are they doing in that fealty? are they all on drugs?
    Saverio She's not a black widow. Yet. Ruthlessness looks good on her.
    Shazza A promising partner in beginning equestrianism. I suspect she has sweets always close to hand, a point in her favor.
    Sigurd Words fail me truely. Though she does inspire them greatly.
    Sven She seems trustworthy, don't you think?
    Talwyn Her laissez faire attitude to political matters on the doorstep leave much to be desired. Her Lycene taste in fashion partly makes up for that
    Tatienne A potential customer, I hope she'll make use of my services some time.
    Tescelina A spirited Laurent lady, so very lovely. Quite the butterfly catcher, too. She could capture a star with that jar of hers, I'd bet!
    Thea Chatty, enjoys sweets. I'm sure we can find something in common.
    Thesarin Clever. Curious. See why she's friends with the Lady Monique.
    Turo Seems to be a pleasant and friendly woman, even if she appears to like the idea of doing a census, which is just weird.
    Tyrus Lady Mabelle Laurent was met at the Ebb and Flow tavern, seeking my niece. She was polite, though unfortunately she could not stay long.
    Valdemar Delightfully wicked, she was a source of both wisdom and much-needed levity when I ran across her.
    Valenzo Curious, but timid. She has been burned, I think, whether you can see scars or not...and haven't we all?
    Vanora The Lady Laurent is humble and sweet, as well as an unusual beauty in my favorite combination. Hint of sweet and a touch of sharp. I hope to know her more.
    Vasile She knows how to have fun!
    Venturo The Lady Laurent is clearly a lover of entertainment and games. With a touch of luck, perhaps she'll convince the Duke, too!
    Videl A pleasant oathlander noblewoman, didn't get to meet her for very long, will have to find an opportunity for a longer meeting.
    Vitalis Quiet at first, but she opened up a good bit after the Shushing started. An apt shusher and student as well. Very perceptive.
    Vittorio She seems to wear her thoughts on the surface, but it also seems quite genuine, if not what I was expecting.
    Viviana Have I been in the isles too long? I don't recall Oathlanders being so lovely, nor such good company. And a physician, too. Goodness.
    Wash My first impression of her may have been right. But I can't blame her for making eyes at Catalana. Who wouldn't?
    Willow Anyone in a gown that lovely surely has wonderdil taste and is someone I want to know better.
    Zara She stands with one foot planted in the Lyceum and one foot planted in the Oathlands, which leaves her poised to be an excellent diplomatic envoy to soothe the tensions.