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Princess Caelis Valardin

"She had often wished for adventure, for old spells and wicked kings."

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Marine Captain
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 1/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: raven black
Eye Color: ocean blue
Skintone: honey

Titles: Princess Consort of Sanctum

Description: Standing at five feet and six inches tall, there are certainly shorter women than Caelis. With raven black hair that drinks in the light and dark blue eyes, she's a lovely sight. Unlike her cousins her skin is a tanned honey hue from her time under the sun at sea. Lithe muscle give her the ability to move with poise sword in hand or in a ballroom. She has classic features, arched brows, full lips, heavy lashes and a nose that sports a small bump from a break at some point in her training. She wears a chemise with a toughened leather corset stamped in red birds. While she might where skirts or dresses at home, at sea or working, she prefers sturdy trousers that hug her legs and soft soled boots covering her knees.

Personality: Caelis is an iquisitive and thoughtful woman. She favors activity, being in motion is much more preferable to being decoration and sitting around. She craves challenge and adventure, wanting to see, try, feel new things. Her temper is slow to build, but once she snaps, it's unforgiving. She can hold grudges for years with out a thought.

Background: Caelis is a cousin to the main branch of House Malvici. A student of herbalism, she took great joy in learning each plant and it's uses in the gardens of Southport. When herbalism wasn't enough she learned the craft of a soldier and sailor. Spending most of her late teens and young adult years on a ship, she's risen recently to Maritime Captain and uses her travels to collect and find rare herbs from port to port as well as stories of the old days. Recent trouble has recalled her to Arx to support the family and bolster alliances.

Relationship Summary

  • Edain - Taught me to ride horses, and how to be a leader who isn't all military might and a cold heart.

  • Friend:
  • Katarina - soon to be a sister in spirit and in-law.
  • Nicia - I savor our walks.
  • Alis - Though I don't find much time to meet, I relish our talks. She's kind, and funny, and we share a love for torturing our brothers.
  • Alarissa - Kind, and generous of spirit.
  • Aiden - the Hawk Prince.
  • Estaban - The lion of Saik. I like to train with him.
  • Antonio - Keep practicing, some day you'll best me.
  • Ford - A fine captain, and swordsman.
  • Arcelia - The delicate lady to my rough edged fighter. I won't forget the mud slinging girl.
  • Kieran - the relaxed prince of the north. Good to drink with.
  • Audric - If I ever need sense kicked back into me, I know who'll tell me the unflinching truth.

  • Family:
  • Artorius - My big brother, I love him dearly.
  • Serah - My little Angle Fish, the prettiest niece.
  • Hadrian - Cousin and formerly my Duke. He drives me to be ever more wise.
  • Calypso - Cousin and Duchess. I am the warrior I am because of her.
  • Inigo - a warrior like me, and now a Duke. Someday we will spar and settle who is better.
  • Eirene - She has given so much for our family.
  • Pepper - the shy cousin.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden A merry little goldfinch. I saw she was sighing and sad, so I invited her to dance with me at the competition. She was able to keep up quite well and surprisingly, I liked it. We met quickly once before, but I was short on time then and eager to race home. She knows Estaban, so any friend of his is a friend of mine!
    Alexis Lady Caelis Malvici, soon to be Princess Caelis Valardin. She makes his grace happy, from what I hear tell. And that means I will protect her 'til my dying breath.
    Arcelia I have known Caelis about as long as I have known her brother. She has always been a very sweet woman but I would never tell her as much. She is a fierce warrior and that is to be respected. No cute nicknames for Lady Caelis.
    Arianna Beautiful, deadly, and brilliant. If ever I were looking for someone to stand by my side in battle, it would be her. I know we will see each other again, her destiny is perhaps greater than she knows.
    Arn A Malvici admiral. Says she isn't scared of me which probably means that she is. Not thank I go out of my way to scare people. I could use an admiral. Maybe she'd like Percephon. Nah, who would?
    Artorius My dearest sister and confident! I've been watching you grow since we were but wee children, and I'm beyond proud of the accomplishments and trials you've completed and beaten to get here. An Admiral AND a voice? I'm proud of you Caelis, and I love you to the ends of the earth and back.
    Clara The lady is soon to be the wife of a High Lord... I wish her luck. That doesn't sound like an easy job. I wish her the best future though. She seems nice. Funny too.
    Clover She seems almost as bashful as High Lord Edain! But nice.
    Ferrando Polite if a little reserved, I get the feeling the Admiral saves her energy for being at sea where the real work is at. She's by all appearances as well-versed in the Southport style as any, so I've no doubts she would make an excellent training partner.
    Fiachra She seems to really care for Edain, which is a good thing. I think they will do well together. I hope I didn't entirely scare her with my commentary on a typical Sanctum wedding to a knight, however.
    Hadrian She is a delightful noble woman, courageous warrior, perfectly suited Admiral of Southport, and has great potential as a Voice of House Malvici. I am excited to see the young woman I knew in youth grow to be something far greater than even I ever considered for her future.
    Harald Blessed of Mangata, so I'm told. Time will tell whether the woman is favored enough.
    Katarina An admiral who I've heard nothing but generous praise for her humanitarian efforts with the refugees. She was wonderful and supportive tonight at the showing of our Valardin boat, and I'm grateful for her praise.
    Malik She dances well, even if she seems a little shy. She made a worthy competitor.
    Marian It's good to see the Marine Captain at the event. She's a little aloof in her elegant way, but perhaps Edain can bring her out of her shell. She strikes me as someone who's waters run deep.
    Reese She seems really capable. Must be, to be a voice! I don't know her well, maybe I will know her better in the future.
    Ryhalt Our high lord's new bride, and a mariner. Always nice to meet those. Well, except for the ones that like to take my boats.
    Saedrus I have met Caelis many times, though all have been brief but lovely occasions. During the Tournament of Roses though we worked together in the recovery tent -- she seemed to see a different perspective on things, and I have a great deal of respect for the woman after what I have seen.
    Sasha Lady of Malvici who seems to have a thrist for Adventure much like mine. I wonder if she would regal me with her stories over tea sometime.
    Stefano Malvici admiral. It was a pleasure to watch her work, even if I'm no a seafaring man.
    Tarik A very nice woman. She is the second Admiral I have met since coming here. I wished I had more time to talk to her about recent events, and naval strategies, but I was in a hurry. She is a nice person for taking the time out of he schedule to speak with me, and to pass on my message to the new head of her organization.
    Victus An admiral and a dashing one at that. I can see why her and Calypso make a fine team.,
    Wash Her appointment is clearly not an ornamental title. I hope that I get the chance to race against her.