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Lady Svoli Volkov

The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Horse-Whisperer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Volkov
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Horse-whisperer
Height: 5'0"
Hair Color: Wheat Blonde
Eye Color: Violet-tinged Blue
Skintone: Softly Freckled, Light Peach

Description: Only standing about five feet tall, the first thing you'd notice on this petite woman would be the mane of pale, wheat blonde hair. Reaching to her hips in a wild and weighty drape, dreadlocks of varying size mingle with the shorter, loose tresses in front that frame her austere features. High, angular cheekbones and a sharp jawline lend her a vaguely feral, otherworldly mien, particularly in combination with the unusual coloring of her upward-tilted eyes. Brows of a naturally brooding expression, several shades darker than her hair, lend further intensity to the violet tinge of her irises; the color weaving like tangled roots through an ocean-blue core. The habitually grim set of her full lips, while not particularly inviting, accentuates the overall impression of prideful dignity about the young woman, who carries herself with quiet, calm confidence. Her skin, where visible, bears a honeyed tan and there's a dusting of tawny freckles across the bridge of her nose. While she is far from the elegance of a courtier, there's an undeniable aura that seems well beyond her years.

Personality: Svoli is a stereotypical recluse and social outcast, preferring to spend her time with wildlife and her family's horses. She seems to understand and empathise with animals far more easily than she does other people, and is regularly caught speaking to her horses as if they are genuinely communicating. She lacks any of the social skills that the rest of her family exhibit and has no apparent interest in the life of a courtier. Svoli is nevertheless fiercely loyal and actually very compassionate - it's just that she doesn't care for people as a whole. Her siblings are the only ones who seem to understand her at all.

Background: Sister to Aahana, Svoli steadfastly claims to be the elder twin, despite being the smaller of the pair and their births only being a short span apart. Svoli is most certainly harder to understand than her sibling. She is the proud daughter of the brazen and ferocious Horselords of Volkov and, as with her elder brother, her heart lies in that wild heritage. But even the traditions did not explain away her nature. It was whispered within the nomadic tribe that their Horselord's child - one of the twin girls he had sired - had an unusual way about her. People, she would disregard, seeming almost to look through those who attempted to engage her as a youngster. But animals she would converse with freely. While other little girls sought company and playmates, or were taught the typical skills of womanhood, Svoli would wander off into the wilds as she pleased, disappearing for days at a time and returning with, when pressed to converse, tales of the creatures she claimed to have befriended.

The steeds those of House Volkov stake much of their livelihood upon are an extended part of Svoli's personal family - she speaks to each of them, and know them for their quirks and subtle differences in temperament. While her family may consider her something of a dolt in social aspects, she more than makes up for it with her uncanny understanding of and control over many varieties of beast, not only those of equine origin. More often than not, this means Svoli is regarded with wary uncertainty by most; a feral, unsettling oddity to the minds of even her own people. She has, of course, done nothing to dismiss her reputation. It's perfectly possible she hasn't even noticed.

Her affinities aside, she has come to grudgingly concede learning the more civilised aspects of her family's trade, as well as cultivating and rearing them. Politics and courting are of no import to her, and she still far prefers her solitude in the wilds to the overwhelming bustle of Arx. But times change and one must adapt.

As for her brother's decision in bending the knee, following the death of her father, Svoli is indifferent. She only hopes that this change in political stance will mean that fewer wild beasts will be unnecessarily hunted. Her love for animals could become a serious concern for some, as in certain situations her ferocity in defending them can turn violent - such justice of course being reserved for those animals closest to her, or those she may feel empathetic toward at the time.

Relationship Summary

  • Ruslan - brother
  • Aahana - 'younger' sister
  • Name Summary
    Brigida It is so good to see the horse whisperer back and alive it seems. She still rides as well as she always does... mostly.
    Drake An excellent rider, did a fine job at a dangerous steeplechase. Her quick start left me in the dust. The small riders do tend to ride the lightest. ...And sometimes, surprisingly, are the loudest.
    Haakon While she rides like a fucking centaur, she ended up dangling from a tree like some leather clad fruit.
    Maris Certainly an interestin' looking lass with a love for her horse. Some kind of Shav noble based on her getup and that signet ring.
    Martino Speaker of horses and excellent company to be around. Quiet to start but, in time, she will find her path in the city
    Neve She is beautiful, so beautiful. Not in that traditional sense, something much deeper that calls to me. A northerner's uncomfortableness, her sense of uncomfortable nature in public, her trouble keeping up. Her preference to be in nature, with nature, with beasts than people. Everything this woman says or does I find innately beautiful. Alluring. She calls to me in a sense of home does, of what I was before, of our people before the compact. We were beautiful then, as she is now. She makes me want to run in the trees, to chase the wildlife, to be free without the wills of the world.