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Darkwater Deeps Town Hall

Thrax is hosting an evening of questions, answers, information sharing and clarification for the compact with regards to the Darkwater Deeps and how the compact as a whole can aid in combating one of the threats to the compact as a whole.


Jan. 4, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Victus Alarissa


Melinda Asger Ian Magpie Edain Lethe Galen Isabeau Kael Titania(RIP) Aleksei Samael Edward Vanora Lucita Sameera(RIP) Denica Eleanor Reigna Gwenna Sparte Mae Khanne Caelis Margerie Calypso Ailith Belladonna Driskell(RIP) Lou Madeleine Thena Caspian Malesh Wynna Valdemar Katarina Leona Mia



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Estate - The Crosses

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Comments and Log


I appreciated the way that Prince Victus and Princess Alarissa were able to keep such a challenging and at times emotional discussion flowing and organized.

I wish that some words had been given more time and more weight, but the opportunity for such is not lost. At big meetings such as this one, it is often the smaller conversations held afterwards that truly help shape a strategy.

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Khanne notices Aleksei's invite and murmurs softly to the people at the somewhat comfortable seating before she rises up to cross over to the shark couch, settling herself there with a small smile and greetings to those present there.

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Squire Serad Iron Foot arrives, following Edain.

Edain arrives, following Caelis.

As he enters the large room, Valdemar Grimhall looks around, clearly not recognizing many of those who are present. Seeing a couple of familiar faces sitting together, his sister Melinda and Ian Kennex, specifically, he soon makes his way in their direction to take a seat among them, nodding his head in greeting to the others in that area before settling in.

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Ian eyes the cooing baby like it's a puzzle that's beyond his comprehension. He is, at least, a dutiful student. But he's also very happy to give the baby back to Melinda. He nods to Valdemar.

Titania looks to Sameera nodding giving her a smile and also Edward, but when she spots Madeleine she moves in her direction. She spots Ailith as well. "Blessed Madeleine, Blessed Ailith may I join you both?"

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

A huge hideously ugly mastiff, Pyotr, a harried-looking Solace acolyte arrive, following Thena.

Mae enters with a rather unlikely companion, by way of Duchess General Calypso Malvici. Mae's wearing black, hood up, and she's jingling with each step. Just like normal! Soon as she's inside, though, she whispers a few words to Calypso, flashes a smile, and then drifts away. Off to find her husband!

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The Cross hall, with it's vast expanse of room is filled with a cross section of the residents of the city of Arx. Extra seating brought in, uncomfortable chairs, benches, some of the Cardian leather couches from the guest suites. Even a bench with a colourful fish on it set up in the corner. There's even standing space for many if it's needed.

As people enter, Thralls and servants direct them through the Maw and into the Cross where at the head of the room is the massive Kraken table with it's carved legs and visage of a terrifying battle between sea serpent and beats on the face of it, caught forever in laquer. Across this surface are rolled up maps, pots of ink, paper, writing instruments and the necessary makings for a strategy meeting that is soon to happen.

Other tables sit on opposite sides and are laden with alcohol of many varieties, hot teas, iced tea and thralls standing by in fresh and neat uniforms and ready to serve. There's no attempt to make the room more welcoming, just capable of holding people and making sure that supplies and sustenance are at the ready. There's even some more deadly looking pastries on the Kraken table for those daring enough to snatch one.

The Cross Halls have been made fit for war. The table at the center of it all had been cleared to allow a map of the entire eastern coast of Arvum to take total precedence. Little figurines of ships are set aside a trio of black-spots, arrows drawn in black slithering from each of them. One heads for the Mourning Sea, the other snakes to the south, and the last heads directly for the north. Darkwater Watch, Maelstrom, Stormwall, Setarco and Lyceum lands are all marked with tiny flags. Every threat is accounted for.

Victus sits at the head of the table with the Princess-consort Alarissa beside him. His axe is set on its head against the floor, his palm resting against the pommel. The High Lord stands. "Welcome to you all. I'll make this brief. If you're here, you're here for one of many reasons. To assist, to gather information, to share what you've learned or to be there when it happens. Whatever it is, we're all here because we're not bowing to the Pretender King that's on his way. So don't shout, don't start fights, an' don't fuck about."

With a scowl on his face, Victus raises his hand slowly once he's finished and takes his seat once more. "The Herald of Mangata's reflection has fulfilled the requirements to break his curse. He comes bearing terrible abyssal power and his fleet is massive. Thousands of ships are sailing from Darkwater Deeps as we speak and several of you will find your homelands in danger soon enough. We have two primary weapons to combat this threat. The weapons of Cobalt which protect from the Archfiend's madness, and Faith to strengthen the Goddess' resolve as she holds back the Archfiend. Both of which will be paramount to our success in survival as a people. We will be dealing with war on the sea and war on land. We will fight foes that do not die by normal steel and monsters that are not of this world. All of you in this room who choose to help will put yourself at great danger. Some of you may not be alive to see our victory. If this is a burden you do not accept, you may leave now. You will not be needed. Stay and understand that what we do here, we will do at great cost. That is the price of our lives and our future."

The Prince of Sanctum arrives quietly with his wife. This is not his area of expertise, He is here to listen and to learn.

Madeleine motions to Titania. "Please, do child." She has taken over Aleksei's couch just like that, scooting everyone about to allow for Ailith and Titania. As the lectures start, her usual cheerful countenance goes a bit sober.

Gwenna nods as Khanne departs and makes her way toward one of the occupied couches. The Redrain once again watches the passing of the baby, the smirk gone in favor of a simple smile. Valdemar's arrival is met with a polite nod of greeting and then the princess turns her attention to the front once the speaking begins.

Sparte is sipping at some tea from his soupflask now, quietly conversing with Caspian. He seems to be in his own little world as things start to get going, recovering from a jog he made to get here in time. But when Victus speaks, that gets Sparte to straighten up and give his attention. He listens, the corner of his mouth tugging down into a worried frown.

Kael steps into the great hall of Thrax and -- well, it is like the very. first. time. He pauses a bit once he's stepped to the side of the entry so that he can survey the decor, such as it is. With his Aunt on his arm, once proceedings begin, he makes his way to the seating swiftly. She sits first, he thereafter.

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5 Pravus Honor Guard, Aida, Deacon arrive, following Belladonna.

Caelis walks in with Edain, she finds them a quiet stretch of wall to lean up on watching the goings on. She looks up at a whisper from Edain and flashes a tight smile as her hands settle in front of her and she murmurs back in a quiet voice.

Ailith adjusts her seating and bows her head pleasantly to Titania. She looks ready to speak but silences for the meeting has begun. An apologetic smile is given and her attention focuses on Victus and Alarissa.

Melinda smiles to her older brother and gives him a quick hug, not to squish the child and also to pay attention to the speaking. She watches those she sits with, for their words when they speak but for now Melinda is quiet.

Alarissa occupies that seat, haing slipped in at some point and under her own power, taking up a space at the main table. Watchful blue eyes regarding the people as they trickled in, making note of who has come. Mae's entrance garners a faint head dip, as well as Alistair. But Victus starts to speak and she focuses her attention to the High Lord then swivels her attentio back to the room at large.

a black robed Silent Reflection arrives, following Driskell.

4 Kennex corsairs, Serena, the charming Stormward lady-in-waiting, Driskell arrive, following Vanora.

It is Dominus Aldwin's sad duty to report the passing of the Legate of the Arts, Legate Guiscard Blanchard. While most of the population of Arx's reaction is, 'That's very sad for whatshisface' and 'we'll never forget Gui-whatever', the quietly extremely influential aged former templar died of old age at a poor time. The mobilization of the Templars, of course, is falling to those below him.

How Magpie ended up at the same table as Victus and Alarissa is likely a mundane matter of him helping himself to a seat. But now that he's there? Well, the man is fooling around with one of the tiny ships on that spread out map. When the High Lord booms out telling people not to fuck about, the sailor discreetly reaches over and sets that itty bitty ship back where it belongs, avoiding looking at any of the Thrax. He leans over to listen to Mae as she sits, then murmurs softly to Eleanor and Mae both.

Oaken, a massive Oakhaven bloodhound, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall arrive, following Reigna.

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Titania smiles seeing there is not much room, "I will speak with you after blessed one." she w hispers and moves to join Ian and Melinda her hands resting in her lap looking to Victus as he speaks and falls silent.

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Teiddwen the Otter, A fiery headed prodigal named Gwddfgwyn arrive, following Asger.

Eleanor, from beside Magpie at the Kraken Table, watches Victus speak with solemn expression. After, though, she does glance between the maps on the table and the crowd with slighty wide eyes as if just noticing where she's sitting. How did she end up here? Let's blame Magpie. As Magpie murmurs something to her, though, she covers a laugh and seems to relax sligthly.

Two black-clad figures arrive together, attempting to be unobtrusive. Vanora murmurs something softly to Driskell and she murmurs back, and they find somewhere to sit.

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Belladonna has a small group with her, though most of them are left behind when she heads for somewhere to sit. The little blonde settles in quietly, folding her hands together in her lap. As unobtrusive as the bright colors will let her be.

"So what do we know at present? Are the armies of abandoned conscripted, or voluntarily serving the Marin fucker sailing in advance of these monsters, along side them?" Caelis asks, raising her voice a little. "With so many navies represented here, it seems a good time to work out how we might soften the enemy up before relaying on the tools you mentioned." She glances around, curious to see what the others might be thinking.

Isabeau arrives in the wake of Prince Edain and Princess Caelis, looking suitably reserved given the relatively serious content matter presumably to be discussed, but there's still a sparkle in her cobalt blue eyes that speaks to something welcoming.

Asger strolls in all but by himself though an otter does trot along after him at his heel. A rater surly expression his face he glances around for any familiar faces but then moves off to position himself by the wall, crossing his arms over his chest as he watches.

Madeleine is contemplative as she and the others of the Faith softly confer.

Reigna is apparently late arriving, but she zooms over towards her aunt and husband and is quick to settle in and take a seat.

"Princess Consort Valardin. I'm sure that the High Lord of Thrax will answer that in due time. Restless as I'm sure you are to take him head on, there is much to go through. Have faith we will get to that." Alarissa calls out from the table to Caelis.

Malesh has gotten good about not making much fuss when he's late to things, despite his great height. He stoops and slips in quietly with one of his clerks and the sit in the first seats they can find. The clerk takes notes as Malesh listens. The marquis does make time to look around and nod hellos at people, his face somewhat apologetic, either for his tardiness or for the poor soul that might be seated behind him.

Titania looks over as Caelis calls out, her ocean blue eyes watch her for a long moment then look back to Alarissa as she replies, she breaths deeply and waits listening.

Madeleine raises her hand slightly to draw attention to herself, clearing her throat.

3 Bisland pride guards, Deputy Clerk Anya arrive, following Samael.

Denica is pretty quiet as everything procedes. At the moment she seems to be standing, looking around she plops down on a seat at the Kraken table, giving a wave of her fingers towards the others, her attention moving back to whatever she's been writing down. Or is she drawing?

Sparte gets a small vial with a strong liquor from a first aid pouch embroidered with a candle flame.

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As things settle a bit, Victus draws a finger town to the war table again. Content that his warnings have been heeded and the serious business can begin. "Marin's strengths are many and some we still don't fully understand. Abandoned known as the Marinites are the ferocious cult which follows him and their creatures are responsible for the deaths of Zhayla and Killian. The Herald holds onto Marin's writs that were forged ages ago and has gathered lost ships from the sea for hundreds of years. They move slowly, which we can theorize is because of the massive amount of power he's expending to bring them to heel. Such is now allowed, by the weakening of the curse. Monsters of the sea also hear Marin's call, from krakens to serpents. Things that will swallow a ship whole."

His hand draws a circle around the Maelstrom. "During the battles at the capital, we faced monsters that were neither dead or wholly living. Not quite like the undead that poured from the Gray forests during the Silent Army's crisis, but in the same vein. Fire was not effective. The so-called 'murder-hounds' that devoured Zhayla and Killian are a new threat, but one that we've seen can be put down by a blade. Very, very difficultly. At the very least we can be assured that Marin's force contains more mortals than other similar threats we faced, men who will die when run through. Eventually."

:looks to Sparte like he had something crazy, claiming to him, "Rum is the gift of the gods. To have anything but rum in your flask is insanity." Turning to Deacon he grins, "Why can it not be both?"

"Does anyone else know of any other elements that we may be facing that his Grace did not bring up, that we may be facing as a greater whole with regards to the Marin." Alarissa calls out, looking around the room. "Enemies that we have not listed and we need to know about?"

Philomel, the Nightingale, 2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards arrive, following Lucita.

Sparte seems oddly unconcerned with what Victus is saying. It isn't that he isn't paying attention, more that he isn't being worried by it. If anything he seems to be waiting, sipping tea from his soupflask quietly.

Gwenna makes a murmured apology as she departs both seating and hall.

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2 Redrain novice guards leaves, following Gwenna.

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Samael enters with Anya at his heel. He walks along the outside of the room to find a place to stand.

Melinda raises her hand slightly at Alarissa's call for anything else they need to know about.

Reigna is paying close attention to Victus as he speaks, though there is only a little flicker at the mention of Killian and his death, Margerie's comforting squeeze draws the current Countess' attention to the former. A fond smile is flashed, brief, but sincere before Reigna turns her attention back to Victus. She does, however, silently slip her hand onto Kael's forearm lightly as she leans over to him and murmurs something softly.

Alarissa points to Melinda, inviting her to speak.

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Lucita quietly comes in about the time Samael does and moves to some of the chairs set up along the dance floor. She is silent, listening.

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Melinda nods her head as she stands, so as her voice will carry, she was a great public speaker and was known for her skill. I am not certain how wide spread this is but my Father spoke of corrupted water creatures - something like flying fish? Water Imps? I am not sure what to even call them as but they attacked our fleets when we were securing the Magnotta County, if these creatures are attacking our fleets.. we might need to look into why the sea creatures are being currupted and what we can do to stop it?" she asks Alarissa before sitting.

Sorrel arrives, following Galen.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Madeleine before departing.

The Archlector of Mangata stands and waits a moment for the attention of the crowd. "Our Goddess' love and devotion is the only thing that keeps a trickle from being a tidal wave. She holds back the Beast that is her reflection. Once the Herald is free, the bonds that hold it back will also be weakened. But-" The curvy woman holds up a hand. "We cannot destroy the Beast, only contain it. We must be forward thinking as we go to fight the Herald; how we can hold back his master."

"That said," Madeleine continues, "I'd like to lead you all in a prayer so our resolve may strengthen the goddess."

Khanne listens to Madeleine, pressing fingertips to her thin lips. She nods when it is suggested a prayer take place.

"Those are similarly what the Marin'alfar fight on the daily." Victus replies to Melinda. "Like we hear the call of Mangata to stop them, those creatures hear the call of the Archfiend. They are corrupted and they serve to fight us. Whether or not we can stop it is difficult to say as the longer something stays in the Abyss, the further from being brought back it goes." He stands again, pointing to a far-off spot on the map, out of the way of any settlement. "Beneath the waves we fought them. It took several priests and those who understand the Goddess' will." Here, a nod is given to Ailith and Khanne both. "It may entail the same thing. But if killing them is less costly, we must take what small victories we can."

Then he raises up again. "This brings me to another point. The so-called 'Abyssal Dread', a form of insanity that the Archfiend radiates around itself. That which drives men to slit their own throats and then the throat of their men next to them." He draws the broadsword at his side, an ancient thing and holds it up for the room to see. "The weapons forged by Cobalt are what will protect from this madness that seeps in. Soldiers armed with them and men willing to fight with them on the front line will stand a much greater chance than those armed with only steel."

And as Madeline recounts her own tale, Victus gives her a nod. "The Archlector speaks true. We can be assured that the power of Mangata is what will be our greatest shield against the coming threat. Shrines across the Isles act as beacons of protection. Pray to her, send your offerings to her, build places of worship and consecrate the ground. She needs it if she is to shield us from the full power he wields."

Sameera doesn't particularly weigh in on anything but Henri does approach Victus and wait for the High Lord to acknowledge him before handing off a package and a note. Undoubtedly that is Sameera, in her anti-peopling way, contributing to the discussion.

When Mia arrived, it was late -- which would explain her brisk pace and her harried air. Slightly less so, the dark frown she wore and the cluster of guards accompanying her.

Narses arrives, following Leona.

Bowing her head, Maddy says, "Blessed Mangata, friend to sailors as well as those on land, hear our prayers and know our love. You sacrifice so much for us to keep us safe, so I ask you guide us in our efforts to fight your enemies and give you a respite from your burdens. Be with us. So we ask, so may it be."

Melinda bows her head to pray.

Caelis crosses her arms under her chest and prays along silently.

Calypso lowers her head reverently as the Archscholar begins to pray. One does not need a shrine to send their prayers to the Gods, after all. When the prayer is finished she speaks up. "Not all who will be fighting have weapons of Cobalt. Do we have time for more expeditions to find them?"

Leona slides into the back of the room just as Mangata prays and she bows her head reverently while the Archlector offers her prayer. Then she raises her head, those storm-blue eyes taking in the room, landing on Eleanor and nodding once in approbation.

Khanne quiets her murmured talk when Madeleine begins the prayer. She reaches up, clasping two shells she wears at her neck. "So may it be," says the Shaman.

Lucita adds her prayers silently to the others being said.

Belladonna bows her head as the others do, closing her eyes. It's only when voices sound again that her chin comes up and she's back to watching people as they speak, listening attentively to the information shared.

Ailith bows her head solemnly, a prayer upon her lips in silently echoing the Archlector.

Lou lowers her head in silence to join in the prayer that Madeline speaks, closing her eyes and offering her own thoughts and words to support what was already said.

Reigna slips silent, head reverently bowed as the prayer is made. Her own lips move silently and only after the blessing is concluded, does the Countess murmur, "So may it be."

Eleanor bows her head to join the prayer, expression intent. Once finished, she catches Leona's gaze and half-lifts a hand to acknowledge her.

Kael, in true Oathlander fashion, folds his hands before him and bows his head in a most humble manner.

Lethe bows her head as she also joins in praying.

Sparte lowers his head in prayer with the rest of the room. He doesn't close his eyes, still looking around at the others assembled curiously.

As Madeleine breaks out into prayer, Alarissa remains quiet and when she stops, addresses the room. "Attempts are being made to make one last pass at locating some of the weapons. There are far more weapons in our possession and as they are needed, they will be shuffled around as best we can. We are also looking into other means and ways of protecting against the dread, for those who are not in possession of cobalts weapons. This was why it was called out for an inventory, to see where we stood. Hopefully, these last expeditions will prove fruitful. Also, any whom might have knowledge of individuals with gifts or means to do the same are please asked to encourage them to come forward. The better we can ward and protect, the less people we will lose."

Madeleine smiles richly in satisfaction, warm and peaceful. She settles back to the couch and murmurs to the Palacd Seraph.

Edward stands up and quietly moves to slip out, Sombra falling into his wake.

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Thena, a dark quiet presence in a corner, bows her head in prayer along with the plate-armored golden-haired squire next to her. When the prayer has ended, she murmurs to the man quietly before slipping out, leaving him there with a notebook and stylus.

A huge hideously ugly mastiff, Pyotr, a harried-looking Solace acolyte leave, following Thena.

Henrik Coldrain - the Sameera Babysitter arrives, following Sameera.

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"I would like to offer the Agents of the Ministry of Defense to this task, your Grace." Calypso says towards Alarissa's words. "If you have need of swift action and strong resolve, we will find agents to see it done in a timely manner." With that question answered and offer of help given, she falls back to listening.

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Mae murmurs a few words to her table, kisses Magpie's cheek, then quietly slips out over her seat and disappears somewhere in the perimeter of the room.

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Melinda nods her head to Calypso and she looks over to her brother, "shall we head out?" she asks him as people look to be leaving.

"We don't have much time to do much of anything if we're being blunt. But we're gonna have to take those risks." Victus says aside to Calypso. "We know more exist, more are probably unaccounted for in the city as well. We'll need to mount more, get as many of them into soldier's hands as we can. While Thrax is armed pretty healthily, we're gonna need to be equipped for more than one front. The North and the Lyceum will need to start seeing their own share coming in when the fleets draw closer. I encourage those in those room who fall under those fealty lines to start preparing, talk to those in charge and get shit moving as quickly as you can."

Then his attention falls back onto the table, shuffling a pair of mini ships forward. "I will also tell everyone in this room this right now. Do /not/ sail out to face those fleets. Many men have tried to sail into the Deeps and many men are fucking dead. If any of you go out there, you will be entering a domain that ain't your own. Domain of foul magic, krakens under the waves and hundreds, hundreds more that will drag your ass down to a place it'll never be seen again. This is not a war where we have the advantage in offense, this is a war we prepare to fight on home territory. Where we can prepare that territory to sing praises to Mangata and have ships that will not be cut into pieces by giant abominations that lurk underneath them."

6 Malvici Guards, Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici arrive, following Calypso.

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Galen would slip in, some military matters or the other held him up no doubt. Though on his arm was Lady Sorrel, clad in silks, though her hair slightly disturbed. He would quietly make way toward the Kraken table, pausing just before reaching it and turning toward Sorrel, "M'Lady" the Prince and General of the Thraxian ground forces offered before moving to take his seat the the table.

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Sparte rises up from his seat, holding his soupflask low so as to draw less attention to it. He waits for a signal that it is okay to speak, then does so. "We're facing not only someone infused by the powers of the dark reflection of mangata, but someone said to be a powerful blood mage by the Marin'alfar. That means we should expect surprises outside of their powers as a herald." Sparte scans the room. "Cobalt weapons are in short supply, but four things we know have helped against other abyssal threats. Holy water and holy flame I can't give you, how those are made is a matter beyond my ken. You will not be sold them, but if anyone can share with those on the front lines it will save lives. Alaricite and Diamondplate most of us cannot afford, but those also work against a great many threats. Even when they do not, you could not ask for a better material for a blade. If there were a time to arm champions, the march of a herald is that time." Sparte coughs quietly, taking a quick sip of the fluid in the lid of his soupflask to calm his throat before continuing. "Yet there is one weapon that is more vital than any other. Skill. If any need help finding training for battle that intend to be on the front lines, make it known. If you need no help but can teach, now is the time to share your talents. I stand ready to offer my knowledge to any who need it." He retakes his seat.

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Turn in line: Madeleine

Turn in line: Sparte

Turn in line: Driskell

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

'Master SParte. Your offer is a welcome one and i hope that others will take you up on it. Holy fire, and water, will be made available at all ports, as they have been ever since the bloom started on the statue. We will work with others to ensure this and the faith." Alarissa offers to sparte.

Driskell bows his head, the unseen hands clasped perhaps together underneath the folds of the black robes. "I am not here to tell you what to do, decisions are for those who have the heavy burden of leadership placed on their heads and I do not envy them. I am Godsworn, I owe no fealty to any except the gods and I serve all. I have returned from my pilgrimage to a city clawing at hope in a dark time and am reminded that often I'm asked by the faithful why the gods don't answer prayers when we petition them. They plead to be spared from pain, misery and things like this and then are frustrated or even worse, are angry at the gods for the lack of response. But in the darkest of times, do we not shine?"

Driskell lets that pause a moment. "There has been an imbalance, and a response to that imbalance is the doom which sails towards us in that darkening storm. But while you talk about weapons, tactics and strategies to deal with the issue, I would counsel you each to think as to what has caused this imbalance. The gods deserve their prayers, we should uplift -each- of them in our thoughts and hold our hearts open to receive their guidance. Corruption is a seed that flourishes within righteousness and hubris, I simply pray that we all might meditate and reflect the actions and choices we have taken, and the imbalance caused. If you would ever listen to a simple priest and former thrall, I would ask you not to seek out the destruction of the herald but instead how to restore balance that has been upended. For then we might not repeat the mistakes which has us here today and use them as learning opportunities, otherwise we are doomed to repeat as the wheel turns."

Madeleine nods to the mention of holy water.

Turn in line: Lou

Sparte looks a little sheepish at the correction from Alarissa on availability, but not upset by it. He inclines his head.

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Lou moves to the front of the line and says. "I'd like to put out there that the Society of Explorers stands ready to help with any missions to help find the additional weapons. Also, in a more recent expedition that I helped with, it was discovered that Pena Stormryder was not, in fact, the last heirophant. There were others that escaped when she fell. So it is possible that there are others out there who have knowledge that could help us, who were descended from those people. I do not have any details as to who they were. But, perhaps those with experience of digging things up in the archives or sort through old stories might start searching such matters that might be of aid."

Turn in line: Titania

Titania stands up her Ocean blue eyes look around the room as it becomes her turn, she speaks up not her normal soft voice but once that is loud enough for all to hear. "I know where the horrors that we have seen in the sea comes from, there is a struggle, I have seen it. Beautiful and Teriible he yanks at his watery chains and with every yank they are freed to swim off, as we speak it is going on he tries to free himself and he is struck down back to the water. Over and over, again I believe we must make a desition. Break the chains to free the damned for death or salvation." she looks to all of them there, "I do not think he has yet broken free but he is close and if he breaks free the beast devours the world and the beast is hungry." she sits down back next to Sameera.

Margerie's voice may carry a bit as she leans towards her niece and nephew. "A heirophant? What's that?"

Khanne can be seen smacking her hand to her forehead.

"We know of one the desccendents. We are in communication with them though all research into the rituals and the hopes to bind the herald have proven fruitless and it would seem that even if we found such, we lack the capabilities of doing such." Alarissa replies. "Though it is not removed from the table. His grace can speak more on that topic." Alarissa regards Driskell and his words, a brief nod for the man then to Victus. Though there's a pause at Titania. "Lady Kennex. He is most decidedly free."

Lou nods to Alarissa, then retakes her seat, murmuring quietly to her seatmates.

Wynna lingers near the entrance, keeping to herself.

Captain Reedy, a Telmarine military aide arrives, following Corban.

Corban has joined the Dance Floor.

Conferring quietly with Edain and writing a note, Caelis checks the response before she rolls off the wall to make a suggestion. "As to defense-we might have a means of slowing them down. I suggest we put out harbor chains and spiked metal nets out-buoyed and anchored. Boom the rivers we can to control entry. It will at the least slow them down or control their approach. Ideally it will bleed the fuckers a little before they reach us." She looks at Victus as she speaks. "I mean to boom the river approach to Sanctum, free up some of our navy to assist elsewhere."

Wilhelm enters the room quietly, seeking out Sparte and saying something quietly to the man. Sparte's eyebrows raise and he glances around, quietly reclosing his soupflask before following Wilhelm out.

Sparte has left the Slightly uncomfortable temporary seating.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger leaves, following Sparte.

Leona mutters quietly, "Knowing a thing is different from being able to do it."

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

Katarina has joined the Slightly uncomfortable temporary seating.

Magpie has been sitting quietly through most of this, save a few low comments here and there to the others he's sharing a table with. He jots a couple of messages on paper, then passes them to Zavi to take to certain people.

As more offer their words, Victus raises up again. "It seems we are beginning to wind down then. As Sparte has said, the enemy possesses powerful magic as well. Though we're not certain of the identity of this 'blood mage', I will tell you we have a very, very strong suspicion. You should expect more surprises like that as well. There are those who flock to Marin's banner like flies for the promise of power and those are people with talents we may not understand until it's too late. Arm yourself with knowledge and be prepared for the unexpected." To Driskell he also adds, "All walks of Faith will be needed to defend ourselves, you are right. But it is not a war we will only win with Faith. For as much of the power as the Gods wield and protect us with, they won't be able to save everyone. That is what falls to our hands."

As he looks back across the map, his expression hardens a bit. "So now that we've spoken of the strengths and weaknesses, it's time we talked about what's needed." Here he nods to Caelis. "Soldiers, Cobalt, Faith, Resources, all of them will go hand in hand. Follow Princess Caelis' example. Those of you who will be threatened, prepare your homes and your territory. Build shrines, prepare troops, make a line and be ready for the day comin' up that you'll have to hold it. Those who do not fall under immediate threat, help your fellows however you can. Fill in gaps, provide anything you don't already need. The survival of our eastern front is paramount to the survival of the Compact as a whole. We cannot grant them an inch. Do not raise to meet the Herald head-on, raise to protect yourselves and drive it back when it comes."

Calypso is overheard praising Victus for: A stern leader in war. Well said.

Magpie is overheard praising Victus for: Great meeting. Would attend again.

Calypso is overheard praising Alarissa for: The keeper of order. No small task. Well done.

Katarina is overheard praising Victus for: Unsurprisingly succint on his points and a great war leader.

Real quick, Caelis tacks on with "Oh, the water bugs-shoot the shaman and they fall." She looks for her sister in law and failing to find her casts a smile about instead. "Easy peasy."

Belladonna murmurs a few words to Deacon before she rises and makes her own way out.

'There will be additional meetings for military heads, so that we may all be on the same page and spare the confusion that there was present during such. So that the left hand will know what the right hand is doing and we can all work in concert and maximize our success." Alarissa offers in the wake of Victus's words. "We will be reasearching, as hard as we can, any thread that arises that may gives us an advantage. We will be in contact with the Marin'Alfar to See what thier needs and so that we can best aid them or they us." Alarissa regards the room. "Pooling of our knowledge, and resources with regards to this will bring success division bring failure. We must act smart and his Grace and I will make ourselves available, as will the other voices of the house, to co-ordinate."

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5 Pravus Honor Guard, Aida, Deacon leave, following Belladonna.

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Henrik Coldrain - the Sameera Babysitter leaves, following Sameera.

Ian doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry to leave, but he's rarely in a particular hurry to do anything. He unbuttons his coat enough to withdraw a flask and takes a swig as people file out around him, then slides it back into the inner pocket.

Titania shakes her head the young woman has a troubled look on her face, she moves to pull the hood of her cloak up and make for the way out of the Crosses.

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Madeleine calls out to Tatiana. "Wait, child. You wanted to talk?"

Driskell stands up from the slightly uncomfortable yet still comfortable temporary seating, the hood pulled up over his head. A specter of a silent reflection moves to follow him.

Margerie has left the Somewhat comfortable temporary seating.

Vanora dips her head graciously to the High Lord and Lady of Thrax as she rises from the collection of seats. She tries to catch Titania just as Madeline does, inquiring something softly of the Kennex lady.

Caelis loops an arm in Edain's, looking up at him cheerfully. "Want to talk tower defenses? I am absolutely starving." She murmurs and tugs him along, ready to go now that the meeting's called.

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Jordal, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

Unsually somber, Capsian rises from the table and makes his way to the door, his trademark smile nowhere to be found.

Titania stops and hears Vanora nodding her head to the woman, "Yes Marquessa, I will be there shortly." she says softly then looking to Madeleine, "Yes Blessed, if you have a moment."

a black robed Silent Reflection leaves, following Driskell.

Valdemar rises from his seat, brow furrowed somewhat. "It was good seeing you again, Lord Ian," he tells the Kennex lord before turning to bow to the high lord and lady of Thrax. He then heads for the door.

Ian nods to Valdemar. "I'll be by later."

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Rising from her wholly uncomfortable seat with a grimace, Katarina takes stock of the crowd at length before she begins to make her way across to the table housing Alarissa. A warm smile is afforded to the occupants before she bends to murmur a quiet word to the Princess-Consort.

Asger grunts as he begins to get up from the seating he had settled at "Mangatta will see us through and the Spirits will have our backs." with a small smirk pulling at his lips he says "Let's just hope everyone's blades feel the same thirst that the Crovane's do, there is a battle coming and hopefully your thirsts aren't too easily slaked."

Vanora glances to Ian. "Be by sooner. You and Lord Valdemar both."

"I am always ready to eat." Edain says quietly to his wife as he makes his way out with her.

" Shall we go someplace more quiet," she asks Tatiana, Madeleine standing from the bench.

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Calypso nods once to Victus and Alarissa and then slips out of the meeting.

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6 Malvici Guards, Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici leave, following Calypso.

4 Kennex corsairs, Serena, the charming Stormward lady-in-waiting leave, following Vanora.

3 Grimhall House Guards leaves, following Valdemar.

Squire Serad Iron Foot leaves, following Edain.

Edain leaves, following Caelis.

Alarissa regard katarina as she makes her way over, turning to look at her her former sister in law.

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Captain Reedy, a Telmarine military aide leaves, following Corban.

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Philomel, the Nightingale, 2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards leave, following Lucita.

Corban, Lucita leave, following Sorrel.

Khanne just seemed to realize what Caelis said. She looks alarmed and says, "uh... what?" She looks around. "Shit... she left.."

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With his cane to brace against, Ian forces himself to his feet. He starts in the direction of the Kraken table, and when he stops walking briefly to regard it, his attention is on Victus.

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Alarissa reaches out, resting a hand on katarina's forearm smiling and nods. "I'm sure we will. Give them my love."

Asger grins and calls over to Khanne with a teasing note to his voice "What, it wouldn't be a battle without you getting shot at least once, now would it?" with a laugh he shakes his head "You're a survivor though."

Titania has left the Cross Alcove.

Katarina exchanges quiet words with Alarissa for a time, a small smile dimpling her cheeks once more when she finally pulls away. "Count and Countess Keaton," she calls out for Reigna and Kael, hurrying after them.

Titania nods her head, "Yes please." she says softly moving to follow madeleine.

Kael offers his arm to his wife and moves with her toward the kraken table. He does not intervene, however, but there is a dip of a bow offered toward the gathering there. Ah, and there is Katarina. The young man shifts his attention and inclines his head toward her, murmuring, "Good evening, your highness."

Khanne jots down a quick note, handing it to Drysi to deliver for her, furrowing her brow. She looks to Asger and says, "for once, I'd like to not have to get stictches on or near my boobs...."

Madeleine bows to to Thraxian highlord and heads out, Tatiana following alongside.

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3 Iron Guardsmen, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Titania.

Titania leaves, following Madeleine.

Magpie seems to be rather insistently speaking on something to do with Koraj and looking between Eleanor and Denica, though he does lower his voice some as others approach the table. There's a nod to Kael, "Hey there!" (Not that Kael was actually speaking to him) "Don't forget to greet the rest of us!" He quips with a grin.

Reigna is by necessity following Kael, and she has a smile, sweet if somewhat pensive, for Katarina, "Your highness! Always good to see you -- Oh! I have so many questions for you. Now isn't the time, of course, but soon?" Spying Khanne at the shark couch, Reigna waves to get her attention so she can smile to her dear friend.

Lou seems to be saying her goodbyes at the shark couch, and then turns to make her way out.

Lou has left the Shark Couch.

Katarina smiles quietly at Kael and Reigna when she draws near. "I was hoping I could walk with you," she says, after a final glance cast over the dwindling crowds behind her. A hand rises up in familiar wave to Asger and Khanne, as well as Ian, when she spots their familiar faces. "And maybe answer some of those questions?"

Magpie aaahs softly, giving Denica a nod when she answers something. "I see. That's what I was wondering. Thanks!" He says, smiling. The man gets to his feet, stretching. "I'm gonna chase down Leona and bother her. You wanna come, Dame Eleanor?" He asks with a mischievous grin for the knight.

Khanne looks up to see Reigna waving at her. Her stressed, tired, tense expression relaxes somewhat to see her friend. "Goodness, Rei... I need some time with you very soon. It's been too long.. I haven't even been able to thoroughly read your last message... "

Margerie is a few steps behing Reigna and Kael, one thing or another distracting her. There's a bit of a blink at hearing what Khanne said, but Magpie's the one she ends up half smiling at. Hard to bring the humor to the surface after this meeting! "It is difficult to know which way to look to send greetings to this evening."

Ian nods to Katarina in passing. He waits patiently, a little distance from the Kraken table, for Victus to have time to speak with him.

Magpie actually manages to gain a grin from Kael as he peers back toward the Kraken table. It's a stupidly boyish thing, it really is, but it's a fine counter to his prior dour expression. "Never," he says in a most solemn manner, executing another bow and this time punctuating it with a wink. To Katarina, he says, "The more the merrier. Let's be off?" He glances to his Aunt, nodding her way.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

Crow - Thraxian Steward arrives, delivering a message to Ailith before departing.

Victus peers up toward Ian with tired eyes and nods to an open seat. "Sit down Ian."

Drysi delivers a note to Khanne hurriedly, and she reads it, letting out a sigh of relief. "Oh good... not like, me shamans..."

Aleksei rises from his seat, offering a few final words to his couch buddies. He flashes a quick smile over to Magpie before beginning to make his way out.

Ian settles into a seat. He slips the flask out of his pocket and offers it to Victus.

Ian has joined the Kraken Table.

Eleanor, speaking to others at the table, gives a single nod at Victus. "Fair point." With a glance to Magpie she snorts a half-laugh and nods. "Sure. I don't have anything else to add here." She pauses to nod at Victus and Alarissa as she stands. "Thank you. I'll do anything I can to help, just contact me." She follows behind Magpie.

Ailith receives a tiny bundle from a nursemaid which she so carefully cradles. "Oh look at this precious face." She tilts her toward Khanne and Aleksei to see.

Zavi arrives, delivering a message to Leona before departing.

Magpie grins, offering both Margerie and Kael a very unpracticed, very commoner sort of bow. "And to you!" Then he throws Aleksei a wave as the archlector is leaving before offering an arm to Eleanor, "Shaaaall we? Later High Lord! High Lady!" And is that a hand swiping for a little figure from the table??

Eleanor has left the Kraken Table.

Katarina has left the Slightly uncomfortable temporary seating.

Victus nods to Eleanor. "We will. Be well." And a bit more of a scrutinizing look to Magpie. "Don't die." Then he settles back to the conversation at hand.

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Teiddwen the Otter, A fiery headed prodigal named Gwddfgwyn leave, following Asger.

"Never you worry dear Khanne. I will always be here, but first you seem to need some rest." Reigna offers her friend a fond smile and then says, "But yes, soon as we are both free. We should talk." She looks up and catches Kael's smile and then turns her own on Magpie, "Goodman Grayhope! Good to see you!"

Oh. Oh no. Babies. Aleksei is totally distracted from his exit to sidle right back up to Ailith at the couches.

Khanne shakes her head and says, "what I need is a big bottle of whiskey...."

Denica dips her head to Magpie, drawing and looking to her sketch with a little satisfied smile. "It's no trouble, Master Magpie. I should've spoken more clearly."

Kael, with Keatons and Katarina, move toward the exit. Kael is once more looking over the decor, but it's a brief thing.

Oaken, a massive Oakhaven bloodhound, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall leave, following Reigna.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl leave, following Katarina.

Echo, an adult Oakhaven bloodhound, Drys, Reigna, Margerie, Katarina leave, following Kael.

Teiddwen the Otter, A fiery headed prodigal named Gwddfgwyn arrive, following Asger.

Ian lowers his voice and murmurs something to Victus. An odd note comes into his voice about halfway through.

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Zavi leaves, following Magpie.

Alarissa's making her way away from the table as people start to filter out and she spots Ailith laden with dark haired child. "Is she showing her off again?"

Alarissa has left the Kraken Table.

Asger winks to Khanne as he gathers up the otter at his heels in his arm and tells her "It would be a shame if anything further happened to them. We have to see about getting you some reinforced armor around them." the duke unable to help but let out a hearty bout of laughter

Alarissa has joined the Shark Couch.

Ailith beams delightfully as she cradles the swaddled child. Milk bubbles anyone? "It is part of her religious education to meet members of the Faith and for Lady Khanne to boop her nose."

Khanne nods and says to Asger. "I heard steelsilk was the way to go... unfortunately, that is so very beyond my financial reach. I'll just try to find a really good medic, physician, or mercy to tail after me at all times..."

As if on cue, Khanne reaches over and very lightly touches Astrid's nose. "Boop."

Wynna stares blankly at nothing at all as the nobles crowd around a baby.

Narses leaves, following Leona.

white-tailed eagle, other white-tailed eagle, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, 4 House Riven Soldiers leave, following Mia.

Asger snorts and rolls his eyes "Or you could just have someone who was willing to catch an arrow for you with you. That and the mercy would be a good bet there." Asger says as he rubs at his chin "I need to arrange among the North to go over defensive plans."

Ian uses the table to push himself to his feet, apparently not intending on lingering.

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Ian bows over his cane. "If you'll excuse me, Your Grace? Marquessa Vanora was pretty clear that I was to go back to the Kay directly."

Khanne is still distracted by babyness, but grins as she looks up at Asger. "I suppose that would help as well. But, you know... I'd feel awfully guilty if someone did that..."

"Be well 'till then, Lord Ian." Victus says to the man as he moves to leave. The High Lord seeming content to stay in his seat, his eyes glossing over the map. Silent save for the slow raise and fall of his chest.

Ian goes back to the Kay, er... "directly". He's not lingering, but he's not walking very fast. But that might just be because Ian.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Galen before departing.

Galen has joined the Kraken Table.

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Asger pets his otter as he begins to head away "Well folk I'll see some of you later unless we all meet cruel deaths at the hands of life aquatic before then." chuckling to himself he strolls off

Teiddwen the Otter, A fiery headed prodigal named Gwddfgwyn leave, following Asger.

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