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Lady Melinda Grimhall

I will lead my family to greatness.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Leading Lady
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Divorced
Age: 21
Birthday: 08/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Blue Grey
Skintone: Olive

Description: A tall beautiful woman stands here with an exotic dusky skin-tone of Thraxian origin. Her dark hair has been styled into gorgeous ringlets that cascade down to her shoulders. Every tress is artfully placed yet still manages to convey a slightly wild look. She's also taken extra time with her makeup, smoothly applying a subtle layer of blush so as to soften her defined sharp cheekbones. A gentle application of dark mascara causes her brilliant blue grey eyes shine with intelligence. Her eyebrows have been carefully sculpted to perfection, giving no doubt that she took extra time to get ready today.

Personality: Raised the oldest daughter puts her personality in a unique perceptive, Melinda has shown great skill in gathering support and helping battle strategies. Her skill may never be with a sword, instead a needle to sew the flesh, she is quite capable of standing along side the great women of Thrax. She is a kind woman who enjoys music, but she can be commanding and charming at the turn of a hat.

Background: The oldest daughter of Harald and Anneke, had always been loyal to her family. While she was often chasing after her brother to help sew him up after his scuffles, she was also taught to respect the Lords of Thrax. Being a female was never easy in Thraxian lands, but she was able to learn along side her father and other commanders, she had learned how to help create warplans and gather the troops and drive them with insightful words. Drawing the people behind her family whenever she was able.

Respect for her people was something the Grimhall family as a whole possessed, during the siege her father sent her away to Grihems point, where she helped organize from afar. Melinda works very close with her family, grasping for any chance she can prove her leadership skills.

Name Summary
Alarissa Grimhall's daughter, not so easily befriended. But time and tide might do so. A potential ally in the coming war for the hand of Victus.
Alexis Lady Melinda Grimhall, Voice of Grimhall. A very focused and ambitious noble, from what she shared of her plans.
Arcelia I didn't get to really interact with the Lady for long but she seemed like a nice enough woman. Perhaps we will meet again when there are not as many people around and get to talk a bit.
Artorius A lady of Thrax and a Beautiful Grimhall! She seems a kind woman. Apparently Calypso mentioned me in talks of contracts and trades to her, and I am grateful for this, as I fear I wouldn't have met her today. I would like to speak with her more in the future, as she seems an interesting individual! She is quite the beauty.
Dominic A lady in a pretty blue seasilk dress approached me one day when I was running recruitment and said to me she had some business that I might find interesting. She introduced herself as the daughter of Harald, the first one. I saw the resemblance. In exchange, we would do business with her new barony. I could not deny the fervor in her words for making her home a better place and offered my own security services to see accomplish this goal.
Fatima A very level headed woman with a mind for business it seems. She had some excellent suggestions with restoration efforts. I hope I can see more of her in the future.
Harald A warm and witty young lady, she is her mother's daughter and a credit to her house.
Ian She doesn't wear the family idiom on her sleeve, but it's not too far below the surface.
Magpie Magpie doesn't really know much about Lady Melinda, but his friend Edward seems to like her, so he'll try not to be *too* rude around her. They're clearly from very different worlds, but that's how things are between commoners and nobility.
Petal She said thank you and that will be remembered. I like working with the nobles who say thank you the best of all.
Reese She sure is busy promoting her family. Hard work and ambition. It is sure to pay off.
Victus New addition to the Grimhall's dynasty. Pretty thing, hoping she makes her family proud.