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Dame Thena Grayhope

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Battle Priest
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: female
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: Dusky

Titles: Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace

Description: Thena is of middling height and possesses a rangy build made up of mostly lean muscle, graced with very little in the way of curves. She has a heart-shaped face that can, on occasion, bestow on her an air of sweetness, though far more often her expression defaults to vacant and slightly sullen. Her hair falls in dark shining waves when unbound and there are buried glints of red in direct sunlight; her eyes are nearly black and her complexion is dusky. Thena is generally a woman of few words and moves with the precise nimbleness of an alley cat, tending towards silence even when she's not deliberately trying to be stealthy. She often has an air of alert wariness about her.

Personality: Thena is inquisitive and sharp, often far too sharp, with a snarky devil-may-care facade that hides the ravages of personal loss and a less than stellar upbringing. She can be well-mannered if she chooses to, but usually whether she chooses to is often entirely based on the direct benefit to herself. She can be incredibly determined when she's on the hunt for something, which is usually information, and quite mercenary about dumping one source in favor of another one that has a better yield. Thena is deeply religious and believes that she was genuinely called to the Faith, though she also deliberately uses her Godsworn status to keep a barrier between herself and anyone who might want to venture too close. Still, she has strong convictions, feels that it is her gods-given duty to fight the oncoming darkness until she can't, and, acutely aware of her own shortcomings, strives constantly to better herself and to pay off some nonspecific debt she feels she owes to the world. Hunted and haunted, it might be too much to say she has a heart of gold, but she has a bright-burning spirit underneath all the attitude that she reveals but rarely.

Background: Born to a life of moderate poverty in a large family with Grayhope connections, Thena showed early aptitude for sneaking about and relieving people of their possessions and was fostered out to some other Grayhope cousins who 'encouraged' this aptitude and a few others (stabbing) that might help her help them with the family business. Petty theft as a child and pre-teen led to more lucrative and dangerous operations, and it was during one such that she was betrayed by her partner and left to die in the gutters of the Lower Burroughs, where an elderly disciple of Lagoma named Petrae found her. The woman, a talented healer, patched her back together and eventually convinced her that she was meant for more than a short drop and sudden stop, so eventually Thena left 'home' to stay with Petrae in a cottage in the Gray Forest, a few miles outside of Arx. Petrae taught her healing arts and some rudiments of the Faith, especially worship of Lagoma, and, having never known real safety or parental care before, Thena finally started to thrive. When Brand and his army began to make their way toward Arx, Thena left her oasis to seek help from someone in the city. She became trapped there by the Siege, and, unsure of the reception she might receive from the Grayhopes in the city, signed up with the Iron Guard as a means to keep herself sheltered and fed. When the Siege lifted, she made her way back to the cottage in the company of a couple of heavily armed friends, only to find that Petrae had been tortured and murdered. Devastated and bereft, Thena sought consolation in the Faith and eventually took vows to become Godsworn. She currently serves in the Knights of Solace and finds some comfort in carrying out her duties, specifically those duties that involve slaughtering anyone and anything remotely linked to her mentor's death.

Relationship Summary

  • Petrae - priestess of Lagoma. Mentor and guide, found dead in the Gray Forest after the Siege.

  • Family:
  • Bertolem - Father. Don't remember him.
  • Matild - Foster-mother. Would rather not remember her.
  • Imelda - Mother. Don't remember her.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha She must be very good at her job if they have her helping oversee supply lines to Stormwall (though maybe I didn't understand that. Wouldn't be the first time I misunderstood something. HAH!). But if she's going to fight at Stormwall, I'm just gonna stay impressed. That takes guts. And I like the Knights of Solace that I've met before.
    Agostino She appears to have an interesting sense of humor, though with such limited conversation it was difficult to be sure.
    Aislin More subdued than some I've traveled with, but I've seen this Knight of Solace move like the wind with those daggers, striking at dark forces with such speed as to make me wonder if she might not be gifted by the gods.
    Alaric An admirably hard worker, committed to her people, her Faith, and her Compact.
    Alarissa A stalwart and unerring sense of honor and justice, Dame Thena has time and again shown to be able and by far the best individual for her job and I delight in knowing the city and arvum, is safe in her and her orders hands.
    Aleksei A bit more respectable than the rest of her family. Alas! That can't be that much fun.
    Alexandre The Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace. We met at her office, and she supplied me with not only opportunities to help but also her own tale. Yet there's humility in her, along with a deep concern for those under her purview. A good woman, one I will happily follow.
    Ann To the point, but looks unsure of her contribution - I wish she would know that her opinions are valid and needed - all the small ideas and opinions add up. There's something noble about her - a good person, gold beats in her chest.
    Asher My cousin. Not blood related of course... But still! She's a fine guard and I love to bother her with things. And tease. Like real family!
    Calaudrin Then used to steal all of my smokes. Now she has her own case that I filled with them so she doesn't. Except she's eventually going to run out and start to steal from me again. It's fine I guess. I like her.
    Caspian Thena appears to be a really skilled fighter. I hope to best her in combat some day!
    Cristoph Dame Thena Grayhope is a remarkable young woman! I'm impressed by everything she's done for the Knights of Solace. This art showing she put together was spectacular. I think she has a fine future ahead of her.
    Daemon A sister and a lovely speaker at that, glad to have met her.
    Delilah No nonsense and down to earth, Dame Thena is very much the sort of person I would trust to have my back in a difficult situation. She has unexpected talents for stories, and a practical viewpoint warmed by real concern for what she does.
    Derovai Cleverer and more amusing than she wants to let on, but disappointingly reluctant to ask the "right" questions at an upcoming sermon. Will need some whittling down, but seems to be worth the effort.
    Echo The Commander of the Knights of Solace! She's actually really easy to talk to, and even though she looks pretty tough, her company is wonderful. I should consider asking her if she needs help.
    Ectorion Ah, another who never expected the path their life took, a sentiment I am all too familiar with. She seems like an able enough commander, and the loyalty of her subordinate certainly speaks to that well.
    Elora Steady hands and a desire to help. We should all be so lucky to have someone like that in our corner.
    Emilia She earns my respect by being the Grandmaster of one of the most effective and self-sacrificing arms of the Faith Militant. The first among them is always the greatest, and she is without a doubt also the kindest. Gild bless.
    Emily The Grandmaster is a woman of great confidence. Her aid comes at a time when it is most needed. I may be forever in her debt.
    Esoka Seems like a smart girl. Finds solutions to problems that don't involve property damage. Good head around roaches. Also, did not poison me with her casserole.
    Fatima Slightly intimidating guardswoman who seems a bit standoffish. Understandably so. I sense a story here, perhaps some day I will find out.
    Ferrando She's a rebel! Although she ended up in the kind of family where you rebel by doing stuff like 'being a responsible person' and 'joining the Iron Guard', so arguably she's not a very typical rebel. She seems out to make things better, though, so that's commendable.
    Fortunato Strong, reserved cousin, focused to the point of intensity. The Faith's a good place for her and I know she's already impressed folk in power with her dedication. As for me, enjoy her company, her seriousness, and the dry wit under the serious.
    Gisele She seems intelligent, and capable of bearing up under the weight which has been placed on her shoulders without invitation. The Grayhopes are going to get a reputation!
    Ian Being in a similar position myself, I don't envy hers.
    Ignacio A knight of Solace. They have a honorable reputation and Dame Thena seems not exception. However, she seems to be fun and interesting as well, someone I would like to get to know better.
    Isolde Good under pressure. Wish I could wield daggers like she does.
    Itzal Thena on parade! But more seriously, she's fun to hang around with. While we have different outlooks on some situations, like what to do when someone comes at you with a knife, I enjoy her humour (yes she has some). And the fact that her opinion on what to do when someone comes at you with a knife differs from mine.
    Jamie I was not expecting someone... like her, as Grandmaster when I returned for debriefing. I am equally impressed and surprised. I have a feeling there are many facets to her that I am only beginning to understand.
    Jeffeth Commander. Will always be commander. To be trusted. A reliable and understanding ally.
    John Dame Thena, Guild Master of Solace. I can't help but feel giddy that I will be working with her. I hope I can live to her expectations.
    Jordan She seems to know how to keep people in line, or at the very least seemed to be a touch commanding to me. I'm probably right.
    Joscelin Enthusiastic, as tactless as I can be when I'm excited about something. She was a joy to meet again, to stuff with scones and pester with a million questions. I am happy to help her.
    Juniper She has a very well-behaved dog. In a city like this one, having well-trained pets is a mark of /distinct/ favourable character.
    Jyri Wish she was still in the Iron Guard. So we could fight together and not talk much, just grunt at each other and cover everything that needs saying that way. But I'm sure we'll fight together some day.
    Kaldur Thief? Grandmaster? Whatever her past, Dame Thena seems solid. She has a nice place, too! I wonder who furnished her accoutrements...
    Katarina Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace, Thena remains an easily approachable and lively spirit as when Katarina first met her. She wonders if the Grandmaster still manages to find time to go out and be at the forefront of the action every now and then, in spite of her new duties. Preferably nothing as horrifying as that time they went sailing and then, low and behold, there was a whole archfiend's herald that nearly killed the two of them... That was a little too exciting. Still, Katarina knows exactly who to call to go on death-defying adventures.
    Kenna If it wasn't for Silas being Lord Commander of the guard I'd follow Thena to the Abyss and back again.
    Killian Another Grayhope, I imagine she will be as fine an exemplar of that lineage as all of the others I have known. She seems formidable of will, and fearless of spirit, not to mention more than passingly adorable.
    Leola She is fine, and brave. She is devout, and far more a natural Knight than I. I can only respect her for this, and envy her her natural affinity for action
    Luca I can't say I know her well, but I've always liked the things I have heard. I don't envy the amount of responsibility I am sure is heaped upon her. She's a strong woman though, no doubt. She can handle it.
    Magpie Though Thena and Magpie have known each other for years, they never had much interaction until recently. He sees her as a valuable member of the family -- not because she could be useful for inside info in the Iron Guard (she's not), but because she's strong and stands by her convictions. She's also loyal.
    Mason Mason had heard a bit about Thena before ever meeting her, and while he knew she had recently been through hard times, it didn't really drive home until he spoke to her. He's very concerned about Thena based on their conversation and isn't sure if her zeal is passion founded of altruism or vengeance.
    Merek %bMerek first met Thena at a meeting in the Iron Guard Barracks. She seems to like knives, and also generally seems like a nice woman and dutiful to the Guard.
    Michael She must be an impressive woman to hold such attention from these nobles and soldiers. The Knights of Solace are in good hands.
    Mirk Determined unto death, and thinking only of those that require her protection and support. Or at least, very, very close to death.
    Norwood She is a careful leader who weighs the risks and acts prudently for her troops.
    Orazio An interesting young squire. Canny enough to be honest about what she needs and feels, which O likes. Needs polishing, but that's to be expected. Has the makings of a solid Knight of Solace.
    Petal She seems nice. I don't know her well and I don't thing that I get all he jokes and comments. Maybe I will one day understand her better.
    Reese She seems quite wise and is pleasant company. She is a leader who has inner strength without being arrogant or annoying.
    Rymarr I believe she thinks that she's...I'm not sure. Clever? Of course that isn't an insult, but an observation. While I don't know her well, she seems to sort who is equal parts sarcasm and sincerity. With time I imagine that she'll learn that I am frequently only one of those things. All the time. Probably. I heard through the grapevine that she left the Iron Guard to go serve with the Knights of Solace. The irony that I had considered them myself prior to joining the Iron Guard, yet join the Guard I did, and then she left to join the Knights of Solace and serve the Faith. It would seem that in the end, the Faith always gets their way.
    Sabella She certainly commands a room and has a great sense of humor! No wonder she is such a beloved leader!
    Saedrus Though I first met Sister Thena at a small gathering of friends, I saw a great deal more of her at the Tournament of Roses. She has an iron kind of composure that differs greatly from my own, a very level-headed young woman who I look forward to working with on future endeavours.
    Samael I think I saw them at the Prayers of the Sentinel. They must care about justice.
    Sameera Seems less judgemental and has a good ear. Might not be objectional to chat with her about more personal matters at a later date.
    Silas A Grayhope guard! Silas didn't think he'd see the day. That said, Thena's spunk and medical expertise has helped the Iron Guard immensely in the past war against Tolamar Bran, and Silas finds he likes the woman quite a bit. He hopes she finds her way in whatever path she chooses.
    Skapti A Grayhope cat burglar who became an Iron Guard and a Knight of Solace? Now I really have seen everything. Still, I guess if she's staying at the Murder she ain't exactly forgotten her roots, now has she?
    Stefano I don't know her well still but she seems a capable and effective commander for the Silver Order. Very active and on top of things.
    Tallius A Knight of Solace, no wonder she's so nice to a bumbling delivery fellow in the wrong place and interrupting. They truly are the best of the church.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Tynan My sister carries the world on her shoulders some times. I don't know how she handles all that responsibility, but good on her for making something of herself. Luckily, if it gets too bad, I know how to cure responsibility with a bottle of whiskey.
    Venturo Clearly someone who appreciates my craft and alcohol, though I question the ability to drink in moderation. Attentive and has a great smile. Also, Dog's pet, the soon to be Grandmaster Thena, is pretty nice too.
    Viktor She is very patient and accomodating of ill manners. I am not sure if I agree with that path but perhaps it is simply the way things are done here.
    Wylla I wonder if those smudges are really her real feelings, or if she was just humoring me when I suggested that she draw her feelings. Either way, she's a likeable enough woman, and she at least tolerates Splat, despite her hardened appearance. I should tell Blessed Roran that Dame Thena would also like a kitten!