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Baron Edward Stormbreak

You always regret the risks you never take.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Quartermaster
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Stormbreak
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 4/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Quartermaster
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: sun-tanned

Titles: Baron of Whitefrost

Description: Edward is a slim fellow with an athletic runner's build. He stands about 5'5" and has dark brown hair and blue colored eyes. Long days in the sun give him a tanned or olive toned complexion. He often favors clothing in light fabrics in green and blue tone colors, and a sturdy pair of boots when needed.

Personality: At the outset Edward is a naturally charming gentleman, who some may consider, is an annoying adherent to a lot of the rules of etiquette and propriety. Often Edward tends to be a quiet man and often takes to observing his surroundings watching the behaviors and actions of others and speaking only when he must in large groups. But buried deep he has the natural aggression and ruthlessness of any Thrax man, combine this with a notable character flaw of holding onto grudges, and this may eventually get him into trouble.

Background: Dwindling in familial size, the Redreefs were not a populous House, having lost a great many of its members to piracy, accidents, and murder over the years; leaving just Tiberius and his brother - the former Baron of Redreef. Tiberius' marriage to Martha, a merchant with the power of a lord, brought in a merchant fleet to the House to help increase its economic weight, and to try and shed House Redreef of some of its pirate past.

Their only child, Edward, was born on a stormy morning on a smaller, outlying island. While growing up, Edward learned that the brother of his father was the Baron and that would make Edward twice removed from succession to the House per the laws of Thrax. His mother took on the role of his primary tutor, grooming him for this job - reinforcing the things needed to run a Barony rather than wage war. Her heavy hand in his education gave him a solid foundation in economics and etiquette, a bit of education in organized combat.

Being away from the estate where the seat of the Baron resided left Edward somewhat detached from his cousins who were born a couple years after him. Their constant traveling kept him from developing the kind of close bonds and tightly knit family relationships that his parents had hoped for, as it appeared he would need them to support him.

To help him get an understanding for how the economic affairs of the House worked, and to give him a taste of the Salt, the later years of Edward'’s life were spent out on the seas moving from ship to ship ensuring compliance with House Redreef's shipping requirements and improving the efficiency of those ships. For almost a decade Edward performed this job. Until the laws changed. Then he was called to Arx to be used in a new service to House Redreef.

Relationship Summary

  • Vanora - My stalwart patron.
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