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Prince Edain Valardin

Those that proclaim the moral high ground are only looking to attack you from an elevated position.

Social Rank: 2
Concept: Resolute High Lord
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: golden brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: freckled almond

Titles: Highlord of the Oathlands, Prince of Sanctum

Description: Handsome, square-jawed and broad shouldered, Edain fits all the dimensions of a knight that has stepped of the pages of a story book. It almost serves to make him disinteresting, if aesthetically pleasing to look at. He has taken to wearing a full, but neatly groomed beard and moustache to banish the youthful cast from his face, the strong lines of which he attempts to always hold in an expressionless mask. Despite this, it is rare that his hazel eyes do not betray him and his emotions.

Personality: Edain is honorable, loyal, chaste, merciful, honest and valorous. In short he is everything that a noble knight of the Valardin should be. He is bold and commanding, and he is a good leader of men in battle. His problem is that while he is a capable leader, he is a better follower. He was not only content, but indeed preferred that he was far from the line of succession and he just had to be the greatest knight he could be. Now that leadership is thrust upon him he is proud to bear it, and does his best to inspire confidence in his people. He feels out of his element forced to deal with the courts he has avoided for so long. He is well aware of his shortcoming, but he also knows full well he cannot afford to be seen as nothing more than a mouthpiece for his advisor's agenda. So he tries his best to keep his head above water on a battlefield where he can't just smite his opponents with a sword. It's a work in progress.

Background: Edain is a knight. For all his life, that is all he dreamed of being and all he dedicated his training towards, and he never imagined he would be anything more than another proud knight in the service of his family. True, he was born the son of the high lord of House Valardin, the ruler of all the Oathlands and one of the five greatest nobles in the land. But he was born as a fourth child and he was quietly grateful that he was so far from the crushing responsibility of rule, that he could embrace the simple purity of service with a sword and that he could win glory and honor in the name of his house. That he could be a knight.

That was before the Tragedy at Sanctum. Edain didn't truly grasp how easy his life was before the attack, the popular and handsome prince that had no greater designs than serving as a knight. He never imagined that he could one day rule. He never imagined that his elder siblings and parents could all be slain in one devastating attack that would leave him as the new high lord, the Prince of Sanctum. He never spent a day training for the possibility, never joined his elder brother in all the lessons from his father on how to properly rule or to deal with House Valardin's vassals, he never even expected to sit upon the Assembly of Peers and watch the political turmoil of the Realm. Then all at once, in one bloody night, it was his responsibility. His duty.

He wishes it was not so. He never wished to rule, he never wanted the responsibility or burden of leadership, but it is his now and he takes his obligations seriously. He'll lead House Valardin to the best of his abilities and try to become better with each passing day. He just wished that the confidence he felt as a swordsman extended to how he felt as a ruler.

Relationship Summary

  • Dagon - Unconventional thrax prince
  • Isolde - Broken angel or charming demon?
  • Victus - Deadly thrax warlord
  • Denica - Champion of the arts
  • Margot - Modest Diplomat
  • Calista - Sweetly Scandalous
  • Nadia - Lady of the North
  • Silas - Fine knight, excellent carpenter
  • Jessamine - Friendly Healer
  • Darren - Northern High Lord
  • Fawkuhl - Disappointing Dominus
  • Ferrgus - Tortured Sword

  • Family:
  • Alis - Beloved sister
  • Aurelian - Scholarly Cousin
  • Alarissa - Demure Sister-in-Law
  • Marian - Bad-ass Sister-in-Law

  • Rival:
  • Talen - Ruthless Lenosian Sword

  • Friend:
  • Ida - Favored boxer and armsmith
  • Arn - Loyal duke
  • Dawn - Close ally, honest friend
  • Leo - Chivalrous Duke of Tor

  • Ally:
  • Esera - My Shadow
  • Name Summary
    Aiden Aiden has nothing bad to think or say about Prince Edain. The Grayson admires the Valardin Prince for the way his people follow him and how their unity shows through their willingness and drive to support him. If a Prince could be measured by his his people treated him, Aiden can pretty well rest assured that Edain is one of the most highly regarded people in all of Arx, maybe even the Arvum.
    Ainsley Edain has always been kind to me. It's typically a thing done in private, but I will remember the kindness he showed me after Pietro's death.
    Alaric High Lord Edain remains reassuringly steadfast in his beliefs and committed to the highest ideals of the Compact. It's good to see that three years of diffculties haven't turned him from a knight into a politician.
    Alarissa A stalwart leader and all one could ask for in a brother in law. He keeps his promises and for that I am grateful.
    Alban A man who expects much of those around him, just on general principle. I hope I live long enough to determine if he's worthy of it, or not.
    Aleksei The Prince of Sanctum is everything the title implies: very princely. Very Sanctum -- y. If you've been to Sanctum, you know what I mean.
    Alexis High Lord Edain is a very nice and kind man, and I well remember him visiting when Princess Alis and I were undergoing our tutoring. Since the Tragedy, he has proven himself worthy to the task, and I am proud to know I serve such a stalwart idol of Oathlands Virtues.
    Arcelia I always wonder about Prince Edain. There seems to be a lot of layers to work my way through but I can never pin him down long enough to get to know the man. Perhaps one day but alas that is not today.
    Arn Radley's boy. Ascended before his time even if he is doing a good job. He just wanted to be a knight but life isn't all happy endings and doing what you want and he experienced that too young. There is nothing I won't do, no depths to which I won't sink in order to protect him and crush anyone that stands in his way. I wish there were ten of me around to keep on his ass, make him better, keep him safe but the one wil have to do.
    Arn Boy's no Radley but he has a chance. Still young. Few things I wouldn't do to make sure he turns out better than his dad.
    Artorius Interesting fellow, and a friendly High Lord. He seems to be friendly with my sister, and a friend of hers is more often than not a friend of mine. I wouldn't mind sparring him at some point though. Nice guy all 'round.
    Bianca The first time I saw the Highlord speak before the masses was at an Assembly of Peers. I was proud that day to be an Oathlander. His wisdom and convictions honor us all and I have the utmost faith he shall continue to guide his people on a righteous path.
    Bianca Tempered, patient, honorable, esteemed... I can go on and on stating the merits of the Highlord. He is beloved of his people and holds a well earned place in my heart.
    Brigida The High Lord of Valardin is as tireless and dedicated as the name Valardin would suggest, but he is not without his humor. If he were on offer forty years ago I might be the Dowager Princess now.
    Caelis At first it seemed an impossible task to learn to ride from a high lord but Prince Edain is a warm spirt and fine companion.
    Calaudrin It's not often that you might a High Lord who's willing to give up his space to let some guards practice. Stand up guy. And he let me stand around and stare.
    Cirroch I watched him compete in the Deepwood Falconry Exhibition and then shared tea with him in his Manor. He is a reasonable and honorable man. He loves his wife and is a kind host. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Clover Prince Edain is absolutely the nicest highlord there is. Clover is completely convinced of this. He's always got a smile and a kind work for her. And never makes fun of her for tripping or falling or being clumsy!
    Costas The Highlord of the Valardin seems a friendly sort and he doesn't shy away from getting his hands dirty; that counts.
    Cristoph Prince Edain is an impressive leader and a good man, he held Valardin together during the siege of Arx. I only wish that I could have been there to help him. He'll forever have the loyalty and support of House Laurent, whenever he needs it.
    Cullen A true model of chivalry and knighthood, and the sort of ruler few places get. We're fortunate in the Oathlands to have him and his wisdom and the fact that he cares about his subjects. A role model for aspiring knights and leaders.
    Dagon A reminder of the kind of honorable ruler that, in Dagon's perfect world, all the people of the Compact would enjoy serving under. And that he would have liked to have been. Absent such dreams, Edain is the best ally Dagon could hope for, and their camaraderie a good boost to his spirits.
    Darren The High Lord of the Oathlands does an amazing impression of one of his Generals. Darren isn't really sure how a puppy with two peters would come to exist, let alone why it would be so attracted to a table leg - but who knows what they do down there in Sanctum for fun? What's most important is Edain relented and gave up on getting tea in a Northlands bar and went for whiskey.
    Delilah The high lord of the west maintains a patrician nobility that emphasizes the cut of House Valardin, as one might expect. More significantly, though, he has a surprisingly warm sense of humour and accessibility that might not be expected of a man of his rank.
    Dominique His grace is someone who I have always looked up to. If I can be half the ruler he is, then I know Blancbier will be fine.
    Ectorion It is strange to view him as cousin but no longer as liege, but he has always been clear that he both supported my decision and was proud of it. I could not ask for a better friend, family or Lord, even if he is now only two of those three.
    Edwyn It's been a while since I've seen my lordly cousin - he was merely a cousin, then. But he seems reasonable and amiable as ever.
    Eirlys Very strong leader, thoughtful and fair. Willing to ride with his troops. He has a lot of honor.
    Eleyna The Prince of Sanctum is everything you expect out of a Valardin. Noble and kind and honorable. Just like a knight out of the stories I used to hear as a little girl. Honestly, he's so good that he'd almost be boring if weren't for the fact that he's so damned funny. The best part is that I don't think he realizes that he has such a hilarious sense of humor. That only makes it better.
    Emilia A man who is humble, polite, generous and kind. We are lucky to have him.
    Fatima High Lord hmmm. Interestingly stoic. Though I have a feeling he is very much a loving man when it comes to his family. Valiant, honorable, righteous. Everything a Thraxian man is not but still. He has my respect.
    Faye The Valardin High Lord, an intelligent and knowledgeable man. I approached him seeking answers on a particular inquiry and I was not disappointed. I hope we might work together in the future.
    Fecundo The High Lord was very gracious for the invitation to attempt the Valardin combat riding gauntlet, even including my sister, Miranda. Though not our first meeting, it was the first time we were able to have discourse. A noble gentleman to aspire to, certainly.
    Ferrando The High Lord does not care for the expedient thing, only the right thing, and will seek it out for however long it takes to find it. Indeed, endurance is what I would consider to be his defining trait.
    Fiachra An honourable High Lord, and true to his word. I believe him when he says that he wants to avoid the mistakes of the past, and I am pleased to call him brother-in-law.
    Gareth High Lord of Valardin, a man fitting of his station who can see beyond the trivialities of the most commonly among the peerage.
    Gaston A High Lord who doesn't hesitate to put himself in danger to protect his vassals as they protect him. A man like that is worthy of respect.
    Hadrian The Fresh Prince of Sanctum. Honorable, respectful, polite, friendly, and so very much more. Perfectly reasonable company. Company that many would be ever-cheerful to share. He's definitely the sort that represents the Valardin well; a little stuffy, but still very much a responsible and reasonable figure. It's no wonder his people adore him and the Compact respects him. Armed with a plan, he walks into the spider's web. I hear he likes spiders though. Fancy that.
    Holden A man who is concerned about how well he will do at a thing is more likely than one who goes forward with overconfidence and brash disregard. He will make a fine father as much as he has made a fine Prince of Sanctum. His brother would be proud of him.
    Iseulet Even if he wasn't the only High Lord I've ever met, he would still be the most amiable I'm sure. He reminded me at once, so much of a man I once knew - I immediately liked him. Biased, apparently!
    Jacque High Lord Edain is a cousin of mine, and High Lord of our dear Oathlands. As he represents the best of us among the Valardin and to the others, he has my sword and my support, inconditionally. It is my hope we get better acquainted.
    Jaenelle A proud man of unbreakable morals, compassion for his people, and unwavering honor. The short time we spoke, I was continuously impressed by his passion, ideas, and dedication.
    Jeffeth All the High Lords are very different. High Lord Edain I think is my favorite. He is a skilled man who gladly shares his prowess and knowledge with others, as well as a kind and understanding man who seems to take each decision slowly and with great thought. I admire him, if even I don't know him well.
    Juliana High Lord of Valardin.. first words I heard from him were curse words. It only got better from there. Who knew Oathlanders had a sense of humor?
    Katarina Prince of Sanctum, and now Katarina's dear elder brother, Edain is something of a storied figure for Katarina as their times together are scarce, but precious. Usually spent in reaffirmation, or plotting together for the future of their infantile Valardin navy, she fears disappointing him the most.
    Lark A man of great warmth to contrast my cold.
    Leola He knows those of his House, their goals, and does all he can to enable them to achieve them. He stands for his people, and, I'm told, leads from the front. I cannot ask more of a High Lord. He's also rather dashing. I wonder how many Valardin lads and lasses have prayed for this particular dragon?
    Lucita I can easily see why people speak so highly of this man. During the time we spent in conversation he was insightful, thoughtful, a good listener, showed common sense. His reassuring manner inspired confidence and hope.
    Margerie It's barely a day after I found myself in the midst of a storm with people bristling over questions of respect and propriety and I find myself observing it from the outside. The high lord stood in the eye of the storm and attempted very reasonable diplomacy impressively. Well mannered and friendly, speaks well of my nephew - this seems a High Lord one could be proud to serve.
    Marian Marian loves Edain like a brother and is loyal to this reluctant leader. She made a tough decision in choosing to save those children in the nursey over protecting the back of his brother, and there's latent guilt over making that tough choice. A choice she would make again, even knowing that it would lead to Valen's death. She knows the burden that Edain carries, having to lead when he wasn't meant to. She feels like her choices put him there and tries in small ways to make up for it.
    Marius It is one thing to simply have someone's fealty, and another to prove you deserve it. Prince Edain deserves mine, and proves it every day. He is a man of great honour and integrity, of wisdom and grace.
    Marius The High Lord is a man of honor and of considered thought. I respect trying to find the right action, rather than the quick one. He is a man I can be proud to give my fealty to.
    Mercedes I miss the friendship we once had. I don't think he will ever be able to forgive me for giving up my nobility or truly understand why I had to go -- but I hope we can mend our relationship as best we are able. No matter what, I wish him every success. He is a great leader and an honorable man.
    Miranda It is always a good first meeting when someone joins me in heckling my brother. I appreciate a good sense of humor any day! It was my honor to meet this High Lord of Valardin
    Monique You know, for once, I'm not sure. I'm just not sure. Is he *really* the proper and perfect High Lord? Or is there something beneath the surface that no one gets to see? I'd like to test his seemingly unflappable mettle, find the core and see what waits there? I have my suspicions but... I'm just not sure! It drives me a little mad.
    Mydas High Lord Edain Valardin does his reputation proud. Polite to a fault, humble, he is one who has not let his high status or substantial power get to his head. A remarkable trait, and one that brings honor to the Oathlands.
    Nierzen Not an idiot. Not incompetent. Doesn't appear to be a hypocrite either. Worthy of additional study.
    Orazio Sincere. Open. Very young, particularly as the head of a Great House, but Orazio has hopes for him, as he is tempered in fire and grows into his duties.
    Quenia A Prince of House Valardin. He's hosting the Tournament of Roses for the crown. I lamented that I had no martial skills myself, only social ones, and he suggested that I could give my favor to one of the competitors. A brilliant idea!
    Reese He is quite the knight warrior high lord! I remember him first during the vigil for the fallen duchess. He seems like a good guy. I don't know him too well. He always has treated me well and also seemed okay with me as a warrior female like I am. And not everyone always has been. He thanked me for saving Princes Tristram. He seems to be friends with my husband.
    Roland Couldn't ask for a more honorable liege to serve than Prince Edain, by my books. He's a good man and he cares about the gods and his people, and he'll lead us right, that's for certain.
    Rymarr Growing up, Dayne Valardin was the logical choice for any young knight from the Oathlands to aspire to be like. With the unfortunate passage of that most celebrated of knights, the Prince of Sanctum must take on that role. He must embody all that is to be a knight. Not for himself, but for those who will undoubtedly look to him. It is with some measure of happiness that I can say that the Prince of Sanctum does just that. Where High Lords of the Compact in the past months and couple of years have made questionable decisions, pitted themselves against the Faith, or otherwise threatened instability? The High Lord of Sanctum has not. He has been resolute, practical, faithful, and in possession of greater wisdom than many combined. House Valardin, under his guiding hand, will propser.
    Sasha My very wise High Lord Cousin. His leadership is unable to be compared to by any.
    Shard There are things I expected from the leader of the Valardin and the Oathlands when I first came to Arx, expectations built up from dozens of childhood stories and Abandoned rumors, and every time I encounter Edain he insists on not meeting a single one of them. Except for the skill with horses, I suppose. And the armor. Eventually, I'm sure, he'll hit one of these, but until that time he actually seems to be a decent sort of person with a bizarrely intense obsession for bacon.
    Simone He is a wise leader who seeks honest council from his people. I am, as ever, proud that the Telmar and Greenmarch families are part of House Valardin.
    Skapti High Lord Edain seems... Well, bit of a dork, really. Moofing? The fuck? But then, he also tolerated my calling him M'Lord all night without getting his knickers in a twist too, so there's that. Not a bad sort, really. Still. Moofing.
    Sophie Cousin Edain seems to know just what to say to make me feel better about my future. He is a wise man, and he has the courage to make difficult decisions because they are the right decision to make. I shall endeavor to accept them more cheerfully even when they seem on the surface to be troubling.
    Sorrel He's so formal! But so nice! Sorrel is pretty sure he likes her, even if he's not sure if he deserves one of her songs.
    Sparte The Valardin Highlord. He is surprisingly very, uh, how to say it. Empathic? Understanding? He seems to have a heart open to others. But then everything Valardin has a lot of duty and expectations, so I hope what I saw wasn't him being bound by his.
    Stefano The high lord of the oathlands, an honorable and upright man. Certainly admirable traits for a high lord!
    Talen Prince Edain is the picture perfect knight and lord one would expect to have in the Oathlands. Talen's the direct opposite. Regardless of his new status as royalty, Talen's quite sure that he's meant to shock where Edain is meant to encourage swoons. The Dark Knight turned Dark Prince might very well need to come up with a name to act as an outward nemesis and polar opposite, if only for show.
    Terese A man who will leave his mark upon the realm and ultimately a legacy to be lived up to in honor and valor in his own right. He is also gracious, affable, and exceedingly knowledgeable and I find that there is so much I could learn from him. I value the time he took to speak with me after having just made his proclamation to build an Academy in honor of his uncle, Lord Commander Dayne Valardin, and the flurry of messengers, work, and his tireless endeavor to inspire us all.
    Terese A fair and just ruler. He cares for those under him and so long as their pursuits are well thought, just, and honorable, he is a considerate man. I am lucky to have served under a highlord as good as he.
    Tesha I know that look exact. The pause before he accepts a show of fealty echoes farther than he might imagine. The way his features try to betray his mask. They say if you pose long enough then it no longer feels as if you are acting. I shall pray this is the case for his sake.
    Theron Even though he's a busy man, the High Lord of the Valardin ran the Gauntlet and had one of the best runs. We spoke briefly and he encouraged me when I received my result, which I appreciated. He's got a sense of nobility and selflessness and is well beloved by his nobility. This bodes extremely well.
    Vayne A short discussion, but one that seemed sincere and which I appreciated. I look forward to learning more from him, even if I am older than all his horses.
    Venturo It isn't every day, even with my run of fortune, that one gets to meet a High Prince. Good natured in allowing me to barge in, his project is a perfect example of Oathlander virtues.
    Verity It has been a long journey from the Oathlands to Arx, and yet it is back to those roots that I find myself drawn. At least the High Lord is the kind of man you can be comfortable following. His earnestness is refreshing in a city full of politicians.
    Victus I've never had many good things to say about him, but that day in Gloria's shrine I did. He fought as a Dragon and kept his wings held high all the way to the end. Respectable.
    Zara My cousin and the head of the family. He has alot on his shoulders but his family stands behind him and offers wht we can. I am pleased he accepts my council and more so accepts my talents and where they can best be of use. Of course his young son can bring a smile to my lips, so that might be another reason I like him so.