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Open Throne feat. MC Arianna

Rumor has it at the King's open throne today none other than the Lady Arianna Pravus will be arriving to request her boon from the Tournament of Roses! What will she ask for? People are already staking out good spots in the throne room to watch!


April 6, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Malcolm Evaristo Brianna Arianna Delilah Peri Mirk Sorrel Gianna Charlaine(RIP) Margot Raven Sudara Maja Corban Zoey Archeron Shard Belladonna Jeffeth Willow Radhilde Kyden Dariel Stygia Calypso Cassima Mia Cristoph Laric Nurie Carita Austen Cassandra



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Throne Room

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Comments and Log

Malcolm, Shepherd Duke, enters the throne room with his arm offered to Delilah, Whitehawk lady. The pair holding a quiet discussion on a subject that's clearly baffling Malcolm, because mid-way toward a place to stand he blurts out -- "All we do is stand around in here and watch? Huh."

2 Pravus Guard arrives, following Sudara.

Raven, Sudara arrive, following Arianna.

Evaristo leads Peri off to the right then, bowing towards the throne and other lords and ladies which makes walking a bit awkward but he's got practice enough to do so almost flawlessly anyway. "Here?" he says with a smile, and then lingers near Peri as he turns attention towards the throne itself. He then carries on a murmured conversation with Peri.

Aida, the hypochondriac Setarcan maid, 2 Pravus Honor Guard arrive, following Belladonna.

Brianna laughs good naturedly at Malcolm's words. "Ideally, yes," she informs the duke.

Fredrik, a small white fox arrives, following Charlaine.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Mirk.

Malcolm glances side-long toward Brianna, dark and brushy eyebrows lifted high along with his slightly-dubious smile, and he decides (for the countless nth time) to share the following with the Halfshav. Mostly in tones that should be quiet, but they carry: "Bein a peer don't stop bein weird, does it? Everyday it's somethin new."

Several Pravus arrived together, including the Duchess Belladonna, the Blackheart, Lady Sudara and Arianna. On her arm she led her eldest cousin in, like a proper knight might, and conversed softly to the women before she parted ways with them to find seats. In her grasp is a brass cylinder she holds in her hand like a clutch and the other holds a handful of her gown so as to not trip on her own train.

Smiling at familiar faces and winking in the direction of Sir Corban the young Lady makes her way towards the elfbone throne. Upon reaching polite speaking distance she takes a knee as is customary. "Thank you for receiving me Your Majesty. I will try to make this petition as painless as possible so we can go about our lives, hm?"

Delilah looks far more comfortable in the presence of that throne, though she grants it a long look. Thoughtful gaze settled upon those already present, her attention flits back to Brianna and she offers the Halfshav lady a dip of her chin and a blazing smile. "There you have it. Well said." Chrysanthemums drift along her braids, swaying as she inclines her head. "Arx never ceases to bring new experiences," she adds softly.

"I admit, I don't have any experience not being a peer, but... no. It never, ever stops being weird. Just when you think it can't get weirder, it does. There's a reason we go through so much wine and spirits." Brianna nods politely, introducing herself. "Brianna Halfshav." Then Arianna is making her approach to the throne, and that steals the entirety of the lady's attention.

The throne room is still very exotic. Peri looks around in awe at the exotic bone chair. it hasn't gotten any less boney. Peri talks softly in reply to Evaristo.

Arriving quietly in the throne room without his usual entourage, Mirk settles into place quietly beside Brianna, giving his cousin a side eye. He clasps both hands in front of him, eyes turning towards the King and Lady Arianna, watching intently as the boon is mentioned.

Evaristo whispers something to Peri then straightens up to watch the Pravuses enter, ogling them very very curiously.

Sorrel stands next to Brianna, just watching the crowd with interest. She's got her arm hooked through Brianna's, and she watches the goings-on with interest.

Gianna spends a bit of time inclining her head to various people she knows. The Nightingale of the Bard's College doesn't seem to be here with anyone in particular; she stands alone.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Serissa, the ever-present nanny arrive, following Zoey.

An awkward, clumsy footfall marks Charlaine's arrival, and with her she carries a snow-white fox. Fredrik isn't the happiest fox today; twisting and squirming in Charlaine's arms as she attempts to quietly get settled somewhere off to the side.

Margot steps over towards her cousin Archeron, her head dipping towards his to ask something quietly.

Dressed up in the stylish snakeskin duster and tight-fitting pants in a pitch black, and the half-moon blade of the Blackheart at her side, the Blackheart of Pravus strides in alongside Arianna, her own arm looped through on the opposite end, Raven smiles proudly for Arianna, leading her all the way until finally she lets the champion depart to face her audience with the king, and Raven takes a seat with the others, moving to join Belladonna and the others as she gets herself comfortable to solve the question that has been on her mind since Arianna was victorious that day, casting quiet words with her companions, she gives Arianna an encouraging smile from her spot.

In honour of the occasion, Sudara has once again gone so far as to forego her customary black - venturing so far into the colour spectrum as to opt for a burgundy silk gown, to celebrate her cousin Arianna's success and honour. She certainly looks to be enjoying the chance to play the part of the proud older relative, smiling happiy at the Rose Champion as she approaches the throne to claim her boon.

Alaric regards Arianna with a regal grin. "Hopefully you'll not just try but also -succeed-," he replies dryly. "Boons are generally intended to be celebratory and not particularly injurious." He makes a bit of a ceremonially flourishing handwavy motion. "Well then, Lady Arianna, state your petition."

Are there refreshments or did Maja bring food of her own? Because she is munching on something, yup. Chewing on a bit of jerky, the young woman looks around and perks up as she spots someone she knows. Breaking away from her spot, she weaves her way through the crowd and finally settles against the wall. Next to Jeffeth. Grinning up at the big guy, Maja gives him a playful poke of her elbow by way of greeting.

Corban bristles at the wink from Lary Arianna, the former Valardin First Captain perhaps put off by the Lycene gesture. But he remains, impassive, by the King otherwise.

“Under the Great Archive lies another city. We have all known this, but dared not speak of it. There are also many Shav’arvani in the city who slip through the cracks of civilization with only sporadic kindness or opportunity afforded to them. The evil beneath has preyed not only upon the people of Arx - shav and citizen alike - but upon the city's knowledge and secrets as well.”

Lady Arianna takes a breath before continuing but remains kneeling from where she is,”I was inspired by Sir Corban, as I’ve stated within my white journal, and decided that I would take his sagacious advice. So rather than anything massively avaricious or self-aggrandizing, I would ask my Boon to be two favors of our Sovereign ruler. One an act of charity and the other a personal affair, each for the betterment of all.”

“I request of my king that he compassionately grant amnesty and protection to all non-citizens, whether they are known or not, who hunt evil things in the Labyrinth. A charitable act demonstrating the grace of the crown, Your Majesty, and as a personal favor let the Crown fund my commission and delivery of a song.” The Pravosi Knight looks up and raises an eyebrow with a shrug and a half-smirk of good natured amusement.

“Whimsical and perhaps a waste of the Royal Boon some might say but I love art and have recently been divinely inspired.” Her expression smooths itself out into something more serious and befitting the moment,”In glory to Jayus and remembrance of old ways, may this be carried out the same way as the legends from the ancient elven war. The same war in fact that forged that very throne you sit upon, Your Majesty.”

“In those perilous times it was said that a sealed plea, account of glory, or prayer was carried by Knights of the Faith and then given to an artist who would glorify Jayus through the creation of song. The knight's journey was symbolic, empowering the Spellsinger such that their song was even able to break the grip the dark god held over enslaved elven minds. So I ask that my sealed account be carried by Sir Jeffeth Bayweather to the songstress best fitting the request within, Princess Sorrel Thrax, to be turned into a song which she may sing for me.”

The brass cylinder on her person is offered to one of the King’s Own, as etiquette would dictate. For a scant few moments the petitioner speaks quietly towards the King and his protectors as to what its contents are, most likely, after which she steps back. “For you, Your Majesty."

Entering with little (read none) fanfare, Zoey Kennex pauses to scan the crowd before heading to Sorrel and Carita if they're anywhere near each other. She slips a flask into her hand, the silver bright against her umbra and epiphanite, and the item is passed over to Carita.

Gianna's eyebrows arch; then her eyes narrow slightly at Arianna.

Archeron lifts an eyebrow at the request as it is made - no massive pile of silver today. Just....a rather odd look of confusion. But he is quickly reminded of what he is up to and he quietly makes a beckoning gestures at Radhilde and Willow, shifting so there is space for them with himself and Margot. As for Margot, she gets a rather amused look before he leans in to murmer.

Brianna grips Sorrel's arm tightly, her gaze fixed on Arianna, inscrutable and hawklike.

Shard's expression remains more or less the same, though her eyes narrow considerably, and there's a slight twitch to one eyebrow.

Belladonna Pravus comes in with the rest of the Pravus entourage, but unlike most rulers, the Duchess of Setarco seems to be very hands on with things going around with her family, always smiling when she moves to adjust something about Arianna's clothes or cracking a joke when commenting about one of her guards posture.

As Arianna approaches the King, Belladonna watches with a lot of interest, always smiling, as if things are always amusing in one way or another, summer never far from the Spider of Setarco's features. She is obviously proud of her knight.

The boon is asked, and she narrows her eyes, obviously humored and curious about it, but she doesn't say anything. She simply eyes the King, then, wondering what is going to happen.

The large knight smiles lightly down at Maja at the poke, though his demeanor is rapidly changing when Arianna speaks. Jeffeth watches Arianna with a tight expression. When he is named, he shoves off the wall and stands straighter. The man looks across the room to where Sorrel stands. His brow arches high as he looks back to Arianna before they knit and furrow. He purses his lips and squints over to Arianna, before looking up to the King.

Zoey gets a rare, well-aged cognac with floral spicy notes from a brushed silver flask with small built-in cup.

Evaristo just stares at Arianna with his mouth agape, without even bothering to hide his incredulity and total surprise. He blinks very, very slowly, then looks around at the others to see how THEY will react.

Aside, a little louder than a mutter, Malcolm glances toward Delilah: "What in the everlovin gods is a spellsinger?"

Making her way with Radhilde, closer to Archeron's beckons, Willow looks from Arianna to Alaric, the smile from the Pravus' words still tilting at her lips to pull them into an expression of delight. She offers Belladonna and Raven a subtle wave from the sidelines.

Eyes looking to Arianna at the request with a mild arch of her brow then giving a little tilt of her head, Radhilde smiles a bit and moves closer to Archeron and Margot, dipping her head to them both when she stands between them, "Lord Archeron, Duchess Margot."

Sudara looks quite frankly fascinated. Clearly, she had no idea at all of quite what her cousin might request - and whatever she might have guessed, it was not this.

Delilah shifts her gaze upward to Alaric, that curious mirrored gaze empty of anything other than quicksilvered thoughts tumbling away. The delivery of the request leaves a skimming measure of interest, and briefly she glances aside to Sorrel and Brianna, and then right back to Malcolm. "You missed the concert cycle, didn't you? Alas," she replies softly.

Peri leans in to Evaristo, "Spellsingers helped us survive the Gyre War. Have you heard the tales?"

Kyden looks at Jeffeth as he straitens from the back of the room, she chuckles as she takes in the faces of those around after hearing Arianna's plea. Watching others named in the request she then layes her wide eyes on the king. Waiting to see how the events play out.

Jeffeth tenses, his eyes slowly wandering the room at the front of the crowd. He turns in a full circle, looking this way then that way. His lips thin before he turns towards the front of the room once more.

Willow mutters, "... ... goes for ... that's ... I am doubling ... on ... druid studies."

Margot smiles warmly to Arianna, keeping her voice low and soft so not to disturb the ongoings in the room. "Lady Radhilde, you look lovely as ever."

Sorrel, dressed in a conservative Thraxian style, looks surprised as she hears her name spoken during Arianna's request, and she arches a brow. To Delilah, she notes, "I may do a revival, just so people who didn't have the opportunity previously can hear the songs." But she doesn't say anything to Arianna just yet, though she does study her for a long moment. Her gaze flickers to the king, to see what his response will be, and if anything, her smile curves in what might be considered amusement. To her companion Brianna, she says, "This boon sounds like work for me, not for His Majesty."

Archeron bows his head to Radhilde and to Willow "M'ladies." He offers, a smile creepling back onto his lips, though he still steals small furtive glances across to Arianna, keen not to miss the reaction to this apparent pancake stack of a city. "This....seems like it might get more interesting than the last. Whether that is good or bad..." And then Margot is showing him up and his cheeks colour "Ah yes, you both look most lovely, as of course do you Cousin. Lady Radhilde is taking up the bow, Cousin. In between goading me into practicing my axe."

Corban steps forward to take the cylinder when it is presented, holding up a hand to prevent one of the other Knights from doing so. This is a job for the First Captain.

Gianna has crossed her arms now; her jaw is set, her chin tilted up at a proud angle.

Brianna's eyes are fixed on that odd brass contraption, her free hand smoothing her dress. She's actually wearing a dress during the daytime. A miracle. "See, if I'd won, I'd have asked His Majesty to shave his head. None of this... whatever this is," she says softly to Sorrel.

Raven's eyes widen a bit, before she frowns a bit. She looks rather confused and studies Arianna carefully. She's not quite sure what this all means.

What the what? Maja tilts her head, to the left and then to the right with her expression fixed in confusion. This is .. a weird boon, right? She looks around at the other people in the room, checking to see if they know what the heck is going on. Evil things in the Labyrinth? Spellsingers? Huh? It sounds like Arvani but it sure doesn't make any sense to her. Still chewing on her jerky, her gaze turns curiously to the king.

Delilah stifles a faint tremor of a laugh at Brianna's words. "But they're such handsome locks of a certain length. It would be a loss to the Compact, would they not? Perchance Marquis Hadrian considers this to be the next topic of inquiry at the Salon."

Dariel listens carefully to Arianna puts forward her petition. Eyebrows raising at mention of the arts. It wasn't what he expected someone to request for their boon.

Stygia has been standing against the back wall, now leaning on it with her arms crossed, grinning broadly.

"Tehom's Tush did anyone else feel that!"

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici, 6 Malvici Guards arrive, following Calypso.

Zoey is grinning with Carita as they pass the flask back and forth, but her warmly brown eyes remain casually interested as she watches the King with his petitioner.

The blonde Duchess of Setarco remains ever-so-amused, leaning towards Sudara to waggle her eyebrows as if the request piqued her interest, "She has come quite a long way, wouldn't you say?" She smiles warmly at her Esterhold cousin, before she straightens back on her seat, and eyes Raven. While she talks to her protege, she waves at Willow, winking at the Nightgold girl with warmth.

"You will do well to pay attention. There is much to learn about what is going on," she says, mood never diminished, as she awaits for a veredict. She chuckles at Soren's tirade about work, nodding in agreement, but tries to remain focused on the going ons.

Margot's brow lifts her discussion with those around her forgotten as she looks towards the source of the the exclimation, a fair brow arched just slightly.

Inquisitor Jonathen, 6 Veteran Confessors arrive, following Laric.

"What are we feelin?" Captain -- er, Duke Malcolm the Obvious asks. This time, in Peri's general direction. "I'm kinda hungry." A hand wiggles from side to side in a so-so way, and then he glances back toward Delilah, asking further in a quiet way.

Evaristo is leaning in to listen to Peri, giving her an eyebrow-waggle - only to sort of half jump at her exclamation. "What?! I didn't do anything," he says and his eyes widen. "I swear," he adds to anyone nearby, just in case. "You alright?" he asks more quietly, realising they're literally IN THE THRONE ROOM after all.

Willow looks around curiously, a brow raised.

Shard checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Calypso strides into the hall and offers a quiet now to the King before settling off to the side to listen to the proceedings.

Corban opens the scroll given to him, surveying its contents. But then he startles, looking forwards Alaric on the Throne for some reason before shaking his head. He clears his throat and resumes his position.

"No, you're fine," Peri tells Evaristo. "He's fine.. he didn't do anything." She tells the crowd. Peri looks around the room, eyes narrowed.

Willow mutters, "... are they ... about? ... you feel something, or am ... just missing ..."

Cassima looks Sorrel's way following the boon revelation, her green eyes creasing with fond amusement. In response to the outburst, she glances briefly upward. Maybe there's a ceiling leak!

Brianna's atention snaps to Peri at her outburst, her auburn brows knitted with concern. Even though she's in a gown, she takes on a soldier's stance, her head on a swivel, alert.

Jeffeth is staring openly at the throne, eyes wide. He takes an instinctive step forward. Closer to the throne.

Shard sucks in a sudden, sharp hiss of a breath, and her shoulders give a distinct jerk before remaining very tense and very still. In fact, very tense and very still describes pretty much all of her at the moment.

Raven nods to Belladonna, her eyes on everything all around her. "It's not quite what I had in mind," Raven admits, eyes straight ahead. "What's going on...?"

Zoey's eyes light up suddenly and she blows a kiss over at @cass, full lips curled into a delighted smile.

Zoey's eyes light up suddenly and she blows a kiss over at Cassima, full lips curled into a delighted smile. <fix>

1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, 3 House Riven Soldiers, white-tailed eagle, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

Radhilde's eyes shift to Margot and with a warm, low voice accompanied by a smile, she answers, "Thank you and you are looking lovely as well. Your gown is beautiful." Her nose wrinkles playfully at Archeron's words as her orbs turn his way then, "Thank you and I hope you thank me for your amazing showcase of that axe too." A quick grin before her eyes turn back to Alaric and Arianna.

Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Cristoph.

Margot shakes her head a bit and frowns, "I do not know." She rests a hand on Archeron's shoulder and another on Radhilde's arm, just to be safe pushing the Lord a bit infront of the two of them and the lady back a bit with her given, like a good Mourning Isles woman she's unarmed.

The slender curve of a smile hangs in the balance upon Delilah's expression and she leans in slightly to better see Peri, but she glances back to the king's general expression. "Tell me about it," she murmurs to Malcolm, the thousand different scaled appliques dancing in brilliant shattered fire down the length of that seasilk dress. Turbulence roils along the cyan-shaded gown, and she utters a soft laugh. "What do you feel like? After this, we're going to have to discuss the options a little further."

Archeron just starts lifting an eyebrow at the goings on as people start exclaiming things and acting oddly. People are, of course, usually quite odd. So that is possible. Still. Arch shuffles a bit so he is a little bit in front of the ladies, as is proper for a Thrax man. And he leans down to pick up his escort, in the form of a large badger, because you also hold your badger. Like a Thrax man. Radhilde is a welcome distraction and he smiles back at Radhilde "Well. I'll train with Victus and show you when I am much better."

Mia slips into the room as quietly as she can, given the particular timing of her arrival -- which happens to be 'unfortunately late'. Dark eyes scan the space quietly, brushing over the throne for a moment before searching out familiar faces.

Alaric regards Arianna with a thoughtful expression. "Hmm. I'll have to think about this," he muses lightly, gaze traveling upwards as he idly scratches his beard musingly. There's a bit of a dead silence while he has a think. One of the perks of being the King, though, is that everybody has to stand and wait while you think. "Lady Arianna, your petition is heard and provisionally accepted, subject to the following conditions. By the noble traditions of the royal boon, the Crown grants any reasonable desire. Stretching it into two distinct and unrelated desires is a bit of an overreach. Furthermore, it is unreasonable to ask the Crown to extend 'amnesty and protection' to unknown individuals who have not sworn fealty to the Compact of Arvum and who are only identifiable by a... rather vague description at that. How can they even be protected if we do not know who they are? How can we give amnesty if we do not even know what was done that requires a pardon? I do not feel that a royal boon is for vague hypotheticals, so on these grounds I am declining to grant the first part. But as far as the second part goes, the Crown can certainly fund a work of art on your behalf, although strictly speaking the individuals are not -obliged- to accept a commission. Though I would think it would be quite difficult to turn down the prestige of having one's work selected as a Tournament winner's desire," he proclaims regally. "Is this acceptable, or would you rather select something else?"

Cristoph is perhaps a little late, he slips into the throne room and finds an out of the way place to observe. He tips his head to Lady Zoey along the way.

Laric enters the throne room at a smooth stride, glancing over the crowd with a soft uptick of his brows and a faint smile for a few familiar faces. He continues moving, as unobtrusively as you can in a big red coat but aided by the attention on Arianna and Alaric. Rather than straight to the side of the room, his boots carry him towards the far back of the room, and from there unless a member of the King's Own stops him, he steps up to Corban's side to speak quietly with him.

Nurie slips in to stand with other observers in the back, easily blending in with the probably many servants or other riffraff on the periphery.

Willow pipes up in the direction of whoever exclaimed about Tehom's Tush earlier, and asks, above a whisper but still rather quietly, "Feel what?" The stiffening on Shard's part was not lost on her, nor Jeffeth's steps.

Calypso calypso shifts briefly to Belladonna and softly enquires of the duchess, "What was the boon asked for?"

"Who would have thought that swinging around a hunk of metal could win one such favour?" Sudara shoots Belladonna a wryly playful look to accompany her murmured words, before quirking a smile at Raven. "Arianna has been rather creative with her request," she explains more seriously. "As His Majesty just indicated, she was... ambitious. But having made it in this forum guarantees that we all heard it, and that her proposals can now be considered more widely."

Malcolm grins, a little, and then much -- much wider. He blinks, shakes his head a little, scrubbing his hand across his eyes. "Nah, didn't see no dog when we came in. Yeah, Lilah, must be on account of bein hungry. Saffron Isles fare, I think --" he mutters, still talking food. Until the king -- with the capital-K -- starts to speak and he does the proper thing and shuts his yawp, listening to Alaric's response.

Peri's hackles are raised. Despite that, her hair is behaving. It is held in place by multiple hairpins. "What is going on with everyone?" Peri asks. She looks at Jeffeth. "Evaristo, look at Sir Jeffeth."

At the arrival of the Master of Questions, there is some concern from the Knights here as Laric moves to the Throne to speak to Corban. But the First Captain holds up a hand to have them stay, tilting his head to hear what the Inqusitor has to say.

There's a momentary pause as the King speaks and Mia's brows arch higher and higher, as if they were making the slow climb across a mountainside towards her hairline. She's curious, to say the least. But then the moment passes and she turns to slip through the crowd, winding her way towards Malcolm and Delilah. "....What was it she asked for?," the Countess murmurs in a low voice.

Though Charlaine has more or less fallen silent along with her fox companion, she remains ever curious. At first, it was nothing more than a curious set of hazel-brown eyes observing Arianna and Alaric, but eventually her attention lowered to a notebook that she is now currently scratching away at. Should anyone pry, they'd read point-form notes: 'City under the Great Archive?', 'Labyrinth?', 'Spellsinger? Sorrel?', and a few other key words or phrases that she probably found interesting.

Stopping short, Jeffeth purses his lips and stares hard at the throne. His eyes flick up to Corban, and then over to Laric. Jeffeth remains planted where he is, eyes settling back on the throne.

Carita's laughter is a little less soft than intended over the quiet conversation with Zoey. Her cheeks redden because of it, and her laughter softens but doesn't stop as she responds as softly as she's able.

Austen slides into the room near the back, the bulky knight hardly inconspicuous in his King's Own armour. He moves up beside his brother and sister knights, taking his place in the guard. His head bows slightly to murmur a report to one before his head turns to scan the room, a mildly curious look shot to Laric.

Cassima reaches up with a hand, pretending to catch Zoey's blown kiss. Or she might have, but her attention focuses just over the other woman's shoulder to one of the room's banners. Seeing something there, her expression shifts to one of concerned concentration before, falling self-conscious, she glances anxiously around to those directly nearby and withdraws a step.

Calypso smiles at Belladonna thankfully "It is good to be back in the city. Even if it seems restless of late." Thinking about the other mutter, she murmurs back "Ambitious boon."

Radhilde's eyes squint over at Willow after a few murmured words and when she asks her question a little more loudly before she looks over to Archeron, looking mildly distracted, "Hmm. I would love to see that.." Her eyes look a touch wary as Margot gently keeps her close whilst Archeron goes before the Ladies then she looks over to the King.

"Your Majesty's wisdom is a source of great envy but as I'm sometimes a bit...daft and need things better explained." Arianna laughs softly and airily before she furrows her brow,"Is an act of charity such as providing shelter to refugees to difficult to organize? Any non-citizen who seeks protection from the Crown against evil, any non-citizen who is willing to fight aforementioned evils. I think these people would be model citizens were they given the opportunity. This is an act of generosity that requires the funds organization and leadership among the Compact." She peers around to the King's Own and the nearby Master of Questions before allowing her gaze to settle upon Sorrel and Jeffeth. "With the eyes of foreign powers upon us, we must make aims to unify -all- of Arvum. To accept those who were Abandoned, cast aside, driven out by the harsh pitfalls of polite society, or otherwise misguided to be welcomed back among us. I do accept Your Majesty's second half of the Boon and would be delighted if Sir Jeffeth and Princess Sorrel accepted such a commission. I'd be indebted to them a great deal but everything happens for a reason and this reason, is for the betterment of all Arvum."

Evaristo mostly just looks confused - which is a difference to the normal casual smirk. his eyes also shine with some excitement cause this IS exciting. "Uh..." He squints at Jeffeth to see if he can see something odd.

Delilah mutters, "... for ... those who ... ... ... ... the Labyrinth. The ... that a ... plea ... carried ... ... Jeffeth to ... Sorrel, as ... spellsinger to create ... ... in ... name and sung ... ... ..."

There's a growing uneasiness in the way Mirk holds himself, though it's kept from his face, a mask of stoicism broken only by the intent way he watches the proceedings, his eyes flicking from person to person at their reactions.

Shard's already narrowed eyes narrow further to near slits, though, really, she looks a little distracted.

Margot draws her hand back from Radhilde's arm and gives her an apologetic look, "I am sorry my lady just... too often the unknown has been deadly in my life." To Willow as well she nods.

Slowly, Mia's dark eyes narrow. And then her head snaps around for a moment, once again scanning the crowd. Did she.... did some call her name from another corner of the room? From some cluster of people? Perhaps, but it'd be quite obvious -- and quite rude -- for someone to so boldly and loudly interrupt the King's court. And yet.

Peri looks around, fierce. Her grip on Evaristo's arm tightens, and her other is fisted. She mutters to Evaristo.

After a few soft words to her countess, Delilah murmurs a margin more audible in response to Malcolm. "A lovely choice. Admittedly, that has been popular as a topic of late." She gestures for Mia to join them, plucking her skirt closer to her. The little knot of Crownlanders not far from the Halfshavs are surely not too difficult to miss.

Belladonna grins at Calypso, and nods. "Ambitious. I would expect nothing less of our Arianna. Of any of ours, really. Creative, too, which is what I like the most." She seems well at ease with the situation as Arianna then barters with the King, her azure eyes focused on the two of them even she ever so often leans in to talk with either her fellow Duchess, her protege or cousin. Unlike many in the room, she doesn't seem worried or like she is seeing things. Another day in court! "I love the Boon Day atmosphere. So charged~"

Not seeming to notice anything unusual, Willow has managed to distract Marquessa Pudding over to her and is feeding her bits of jerky. She's quiet again though, which is something.

Nurie seems to pick up a little of the mood of the room, though perhaps not exactly what is going on exactly. Her dark grey eyes search the faces of others, one by one, as she bites her lower lip just a touch

Brianna speaks up, the tall woman pulling herself up to her full height. "At the risk of impertinence," she says, voice loud and clear, "How, precisely, would this song be for the betterment of Arvum?" she asks Arianna, knowing full well that interrupting like this is absolutely impertinent. She doesn't seem to actually care.

Zoey turns her eyes back to Carita, murmuring quietly as a pensive expression swiftly shifts back towards amused. Bryanna's question sparks another subtle curve of the Kennex Voice's lips, but she looks to Arianna to hear her reply.

"She is ambitious and it seems it's a rather magnanimous use of a royal boon," Raven says, looking to Belladonna for a few moments before she looks back to Arianna and the King, she sits up in her seat, adjusting her jacket and leaning forward, listening to the interplay as it's all gone back and forth."

Evaristo squeezes Peri's arm tighter to himself and starts to look a bit uneasy, glancing around before he leans in to murmur to Peri. He also looks over at Gianna, making sure she is okay here, raising an eyebrow at her in a silent question.

Cristoph finds a place to lean, arms crossed over his chest as he listens to the exchange between Alaric and Arianna. There's a thoughtful expression spelled across his features, one dark eyebrow arching curiously even as his attention wanders to the other players at court.

Carita's smile and quietly conversation with Zoey suddenly takes an abupt pause, her attention shifting over her shoulder a moment. There's a brief smile offered, and then her attention is on the proceedings agian but the smiles of before are a little less so.

Archeron gently rubs Root's belly as he holds him in his arms while he does his best to look casual, smiling back "If you ever have the chance, Lady Radhilde, you should visit Tyde Isle. Lovely place, very normal. But it is an interesting castle and land. We are one of the larger islands, so, the climate is different to some of the smaller ones. You can go inland and find hardwood forests even."

Whatever Corban tells Laric causes more bafflement than surprise to cross his features, and he glances sidelong at the elfbone throne. The bafflement fades away into something more neutral, then he stills for a moment. He takes a longer look around the throne room afterwards, seeming a little unnerved by something. He murmurs something else to Corban, creases his brow with concern, then takes half a step back.

The large man distractedly looks over to Arianna, his eyes flickering back to the throne occasionally before he looks to Arianna more fully. "You want me to.." Jeffeth purses his lips, looking to Sorrel, then back to Alaric. Jeffeth raises his hand, up above his head. As if asking a question. "Your Majesty? May I ask a question to clarify?"

A few whispered words pass between the Riven and Whitehawk ladies and then, with nothing more than a silent narrowing of her eyes, Mia slips her hand into Delilah's and gives it a firm squeeze.

Zoey suddenly pales under her dark skin and she looks around. Composure? What composure?

Among those put ill at ease, Cassima does her best to appear.. not so. It's forced and a little awkward. She takes quiet stock of the expressions of those around her, chewing on the inside of her cheek while her hands squeeze and twist at the handle of her cane.

"Oh no, it's quite fine, Duchess, I understand." Radhilde assures Margot and keeps to her side along with Willow, brown eyes shifting over to Archeron and she gives him a gentle smile, "Maybe I will get the opportunity to. I would like to see it." She responds softly, keeping her voice low still as not to disturb.

Calypso gives a small chuckle before agreeing with Belladonna and Raven "No. I should never of thought her to ask anything less." She watches over the King and the throne room completely at ease.

Mirk lgances around sharply, his frown deepening, and then glances to Brianna, as if to read his cousin's expression. Then he lets out a sharp breath.

Delilah gently twines her fingers with Mia's in a symmetrical heart-clasp, and she looks over with one of those uplifting smiles. The effervescent blaze remains in place as she murmurs something, an affirmative nod bestowed.

Peri has an intense discussion with Evaristo. Her piercing eyes are still glaring at the elfbone throne.

Kyden slinks closer to the door watching the giant knight approach her champion. Feeling the electricity in the air she braces her self in a shadow. Keeping a close eye on the Pravus enterage and flicking her chartreuse eyes to Shard then Peri.

Evaristo clutches that skull pendant in his hand and folds his other hand around Peri's hand - protectively rather than intimiately. He looks grimly at the throne and shakes his head to something Peri whispers.

Nurie's attention is drawn from merely people watching, to a sudden straightening of her spine and shoulders as she turns to stare right at the throne. She even draws in a quiet breath, as if to speak, taking a half step forward--and then goes very still for a few heartbeats, before melting back again into a more appropriate servant's posture. But her gaze lingers at the throne, her lower lip once more caught between her teeth.

Alaric frowns faintly and sets his jaw, seemingly distracted for a few moments have rubbing his temple and letting out a breath. "Lady Arianna, Arx is not an open city and has not been one for a thousand years. Yet we have also all the while accepted refugees who have first sworn fealty to the Crown and become citizens. Residence in Arx and the protections thereof is a privilege of those sworn to the Compact and I do not consider it a reasonable use of a royal boon to overturn such a longstanding policy," he declares confidently before glancing to Jeffeth. "You may."

Lifting a hand to touch one of the feathers dangling from one of her earrings, Willow straightens slowly. Her expression grows thoughtful and she closes her eyes a moment, canting her head as if to listen to something.

Stygia meanders over to Evaristo giving him a big grin and a wink and a nudge before whispering to him.

Malcolm bumps his shoulder into Delilah's, glanves down with a lopsided - boyishly entertained smile - and he then peers over to look at Mia and offers her a wiggle of his fingers in a cheery wave. Totally unbothered, because apparently Court is just a place where you see all the people you know -- and lots you don't. Soft, he sort of decides, "Nah. This ain't too bad at all."

Austen's eyes continue to scan the room as he straightens. There's a look of concern in his eyes, though he doesn't appear to be listening to the conversation, instead flicking a look at people as.. distractions start to appear amongst them. He moves up towards Corban, movements careful, eyes watchful.

Cristoph is busy lifting a hand to wave or offering a smile here, he's a duke, there's nothing odd here. Then he seems to freeze in place, glancing quickly over his shoulder. His expression is alarmed and concerned, blue gaze sweeping the area immediately around him. The confident Oathlander is unnerved.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Jeffeth lowers his hand once called upon and looks to Arianna. "So.. You want me to do this.." He brings his hand to scrub at his jaw, looking over to Alaric then back to Arianna. "You want me to go on a journery, gather prayers of the faithful, and when I'm finished, take it to Princess Sorrel?" He purses his lips, knitting his brows. "How do I know when I get enough prayers?" That's the real question here.

When Charlaine finishes jotting down her notes, she folds her notebook and lifts her attention to observe once again. Only this time, her expression clouds at the tense and awkward atmosphere, which prompts her to heft her fox up in her arms and slowly begins to rise. "Um. Hey," she mumbles out to the person nearest her in a volume slightly louder than intended before falling into a whisper; gaze lifting to the elfbone throne.

1 Templar Initiates, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

"You are welcome as well, of course, Lady Willow. It's been too long since we had the Northlanders come to Tyde Hall." Archeron says after Radhilde answers, bowing his head back to Willow. He gently sets Root to the ground, who decide to just snuffle at Margot's feet. As Jeffeth begins talking through, Archeron's tourism duties fade and his head tilts "Lady Radhilde, Margot, is he talking to anyone or...himself? Or the chair?"

Zoey inhales a deep breath and her face rearranges itself into something far more politely formal ...and intensely Bisland. She links her arm with @car's, giving her a small, warm smile as she responds softly.

Radhilde checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Evaristo checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Margot shakes her head and continues to watch over Archeron's shoulder. "I am not entirely sure what is happening cousin. Or clear what they are speaking of, we shall have to ask Princess Sorrel later."

Radhilde's body stiffens a moment and her eyes widen but she lifts her chin, clearing her throat as her deep browns swirl to look behind her a moment. A shiver can be seen in her hand which she quickly holds tight.

Late to the party, Legate Cassandra makes her way quietly into the throne room. Glances are cast to thte faces present, but the woman doesn't gravitate to any particular individual. Instead, she seems to be taking stock, studying the scene.

Stopping some silent and almost mime based questioning exchange with the distant Mirk for a beat, Willow smiles and nods at Archeron, saying, "That sounds lovely, my Lord." She seems a bit distracted, but is unfailingly polite about the response, if not terribly verbose.

Evaristo suddenly squeezes Peri's hand a bit harder and looks up sharply and scans the room around the ceiling, eyes narrowing as he searches for /something/.

When the Sovereign Ruler of Arx clarifies for the Pravus she smiles graciously and nods. "Ah. Of course Your Majesty! History isn't my strong suit, and I had no idea that diplomatic and military conquest was the only way Abandoned or Shav'arvani join the Compact. You hear so many stories and see so many among us wearing their faces that I almost never stopped to imagine how they all arrived." Arianna bows deeply in respect,"You're very generous to take the time and explain this to me." To Jeffeth, there is a sympathetic furrowing of the brows. "Well. In my experience, which is nil with this kind of thing, the Gods will let you know. Perhaps Jayus will bless you with a True Dream. One cannot be certain but when the time comes Sir Jeffeth, you will know." To the Princess of Thrax, Bladesong, she turns and watches. "I hope only to witness the glorious music you will make, even if only just the once. Your highness." The First Knight of Setarco waits to be dismissed then.

Finding a lack of comfort in the subtle reactions of the throne room's other occupants, Cassima nopes the fuck out. Nope, nope, nope. The portion of her massive curls that's still loose at the top of her head bounces powerfully as she turns to withdraw. Whilst doing so, the princess spares a few quick secondary glances. To the upward recesses of the ceiling, and perhaps the windows.

Gianna frowns slightly, glancing around and arching an eyebrow again. She glances over at Evaristo and frowns further. She begins to sidle toward him and Peri.

Bastian, the Reformed Rogue, 3 Thrax Guards leave, following Cassima.

Nurie shivers ever so slightly, thought in a cold way so much as a tickling way, though at least she manages to stifle a giggle. She forgets that she doesn't have a cloak, instead her hands moving as if to draw one around her, and then falling rather stupidly to be clasped in front of her when she realizes that she's not wearing on. She glances behind her, looking around, before nodding, perhaps to herself, and reluctantly returning her attention to the players up front.

Margot checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Brianna sniffs, narrowing her eyes, annoyed and distrustful.

Shard's nose wrinkles, and she gives Arianna a flat, if still distracted look.

He purses his lips. "And I go all on my lonesome?" Jeffeth adds in, quickly looking over to Alaric apologetically. He didn't ask for a second question.

Mirk dips his head towards Willow, from across the room, and holds up a finger, as if to forestall further questions. Then his full attention is on Arianna once more, listening to the exchange play out.

Margot nods slightly to Radhilde, "Perhaps after the this concludes we may wish to retire to the Tyde Tower if you ladies have no other plans?" She offers quietly to Radhilde and Willow.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Archeron just scrunches his nose and lifts an eyebrow "You know, sometimes rangers would start talking to themselves at Ashford, or the trees, or people not there. Usually they'd end up walking off a platform in the night, wouldn't even scream. Just the sound of snapping branches and then a thud." Archeron muses from the little gaggle he is with "I'm sure Princess Sorrell can make this all sense. They must just be talking so low we can't hear." Yes. That must be it. "Well. It's interesting. Not sure what I'd ask for with a boon. Probably nothing as lovely as a song."

"I need to try and steal someone for a bit after this, then I have to help finalize decorations for the party at the Estate later, or else I would love to see the Tyde Tower," Willow tells Margot, with a soft smile, the words not far above a whisper so as to remain unobtrusive. "You're all quite welcome to attend, of course."

Regarding Arianna seriously, Sorrel replies after a moment, "I will consider the cost of the commission based entirely on how much research I have to do, plus a reasonable basic fee, should the subject matter appeal. Do you have a prayer to submit to Sir Jeffeth?" She folds her hands softly against her dress, holding herself at her full height.

Carita continues to link her arm with Zoey's, her smile curling as they talk low. She nods a few times, and takes a drink from the bottle Zoey offers over.

Her face is screwed up in befuddlement, one cheek filled with jerky as she chews slows. Maja looks at the King, at Jeffeth, at Sorrel, at Arianna .. and as much as she tries to make sense of all this, she still just doesn't know what the flip is going on. One million silver? She can understand that. Gathering prayers for a .. 'spell singer'? What does that even mean? Turning to the person next to her, the cute curly-haired common lifts her shoulders and asks: "Do you get what's happening?"

Peri searches Evaristo face, concerned at is reaction. She looks uncomfortable at the approach from Gianna and whispers something to them both.

While everybody around her seems to be reacting in their own subtle ways to something, Raven just looks on, unbothered though her eyes narrow as she looks around. A growing frown of concern as she keeps everything in sight. She remains silent though, her eyes locked on the King and Arianna once more.

Cristoph speaks quietly to the assistant by his side, writing something onto a piece of parchment and pressing it into his hands. The man disappears into the crowd.

"Very well then, it seems that we are in accord with regards to Lady Arianna's petition. By the noble traditions of the royal boon, the Crown shall underwrite the commissioning of an expedition and then a work of art based on the same, with the preferential selection of Sir Jeffeth and Princess Sorrel for seeing to the particulars," Alaric declares. "Lady Arianna, may you continue to serve House Pravus with distinction, just as you have fought and triumphed in the Grand Melee with distinction. So let it be."

Peri startles at something Evaristo says and she replies to him and his friend Gianna. Then she looks around before returning her gaze to the both of them.

Brown eyes shift from face to face, as she finds herself finally approaching Cristoph. There's no more greeting than a little nod to the Laurent, as her focus is on the King and those directly with him.

"Okay." Jeffeth lets out with a befuddled breath. Before his eyes slowly float back to the throne. Then up to Alaric.

Stygia is overheard praising Arianna: Far, far more entertaining than Harlex's request!

"Ah. Of course Your Highness," Arianna says warmly to Princess Sorrel. "I was pretty certain I couldn't afford such a thing, one of the reason I'm willing to ask the Crown for such a favor. It is, of course my pleasure to see King Alaric foot the bill for an immortal work of art. As for prayers, that is the important of the Knight of Songs journey. The symbolism is important, as is the trials the Gods will no doubt put upon his path. I merely dreamt a dream and am here to see it off. I'll be in touch about the details Princess Thrax, Your Majesty. Thank you for such generosity, be well." At this she turns to go and smiles brightly while walking back to the other Pravus so they can all depart.

"Oh yes.. your party is later hmm." Radhilde says over to Willow before smiling and looking to Archeron with a tilt of her brow and chuckling before looking to Margot, "Perhaps I can come by if Lady Willow doesn't need my help."

The Duchess of Pravus stands, clapping softly at her knight with a proud smile on he features, making no qualms about it and not really aware she is probably alone in doing it. Pravosi people live in their own world, weirdo islanders to the last of them. Still she seems excited Arianna got at least a part of her wishes, and she looks at others of the House around her, her infectious personality extending its tendrils to boost morale and wash away the whole weirdness that just came to pass.

Peri is overheard praising Alaric: He did a good balancing act, I think. tricky.

Stygia claps enthusiastically for Arianna, her ruby smile bright and broad. With that, she tips her very fancy cardian snakeskin hat and slinks on out with a certain serpentine grace.

Calypso does not clap, but extends an amused smirk of support to her fellow Duchess.

Cristoph nods to his sister when she approaches, arms crossing in front of him. It's the same unease as before, nothing relating to Cassandra's presence.

Willow joins in the applause, offering a wave to the departing Pravosi.

Peri is overheard praising Arianna: I am very impressed with her requests.

"So let it be," Charlaine repeats quietly under her breath, punctuated heavily with a nod. If the way she clings to her fox is any indication, the general unease has bothered her tenfold, and Cassima's expert departure has left Charlaine longing for something similar. Yet she lingers by the exit in an unobtrusive manner. Just in case.

Margot claps politely as everythings finally settled with the meeting. "It has been a most curious day."

Gianna murmurs quietly with Evaristo and Peri, though she does raise her hands to applaud. It's only polite.

Delilah is overheard praising Alaric: Discourse and diplomatic dealings with elegant aplomb and intrepid insights.

Silently, Raven rises to her feet alongside Belladonna, looking over to the Duchess and back to Arianna, she keeps herself close to the other Pravus, and makes sure she has everything fitted nice, her black duster arrayed over her aeterna blouse.

Radhilde lifts her hands to clap when the decision is made, a smile planted on her lips.

Kyden claps for Arianna and the song, the commisioning of art not lost on the artist. She still casts glances around warily. When Belladonna stands she pays careful attention to her paying special note to her posture and clap.

Evaristo just watches the Pravuses leave with some lazy clapping of hands, a sile growing on his face. He upnods at the departing Stygia but says nothing to her, just a silent farewell. He murmurs something to Gianna and Peri as he claps.

Alaric joins in the polite applause before rubbing his temple a bit absently. "And with that, I think it's a fine time to bring today's business to a pause and have some drinks," he proclaims as he stands up and snaps his fingers to summon the stewards to begin to fan out among the throne room bearing trays of wine.

Archeron claps. But like you clap at the end of a very confusing grand melee where everything starts normal but by the end a big burly knight is being tickled by talking squirrels. Just, slowly. And with a look of mild perturbation on his features. "Yes. Very." He murmers after Margot speaks. "Mm. I'm sure the offer stands for whenver you might wish to visit, Lady Willow."

Sudara dips into a deep curtsey in the direction of the throne, before offering Arianna a look and smile that suggest she found that all to be rather more _interesting_ than anticipated. But when her duchess and the champion depart, she moves to do so as well.

Ugarte arrives, following Fortunato.

Alaric is overheard praising Arianna: You have fought and triumphed in the Grand Melee with distinction!

Cristoph is overheard praising Alaric: Always such a wise and diplomatic king.

Drinks! FINALLY something she understands! Maja pushes away from the wall and starts to weave her way over toward the refreshments.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Evaristo before departing.

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