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Duchess Margot Tyde

If one is thrown into a pool of sharks, there's only a handful of acceptable choices. I'd prefer to swim like one.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: First Duchess of Tyde
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Tyde
Gender: female
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Honey blonde
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Smooth olive

Description: A youthful face with an older and unbroken soul, Margot is the picture of Thraxian virtue and beauty. Long, rich blonde hair often finds itself braided severely, or gathered on the head in simple, modest styles. Her large cerulean eyes hold a polite demureness, with sharp intelligence and calculating glints she cannot completely hide. She seems encompassingly genuine, projecting a sincerity as convincing as it is practiced, though with fleetingly few smiles on her bow mouth. Her high cheekbones and slender chin give her face a beauty few can match, with her conservative dress and manner unable to fully hide her sleek attractiveness. Her lovely frame, slender and graceful, often seems reserved, especially dressing in her typical modest clothing. She speaks rarely, but when she does, her quiet tone can captivate and enchant.

Personality: Margot is the soul of survival. She gauges any situation, quickly, with a sharp and capable mind, and determines the best way to weave her way through it, coming out on top more often than not. So ingrained into her being, she does it with simple social gatherings or chance encounters, as well as any courtly or political event. She waits and plans, approaching with disarming charm once she's calculated the most effective approach. She tends to be unfailingly polite, especially to men of House Thrax, subservient, though not completely submissive- it has just often been the mask she's worn most often for her own survival. Despite her past she shows little grief, but she is extremely careful, reserved, and calculating until she has a handle on potential gain.

Background: Some nobles are raised to meet the expectations of their house out of pride or obligation, striving to be the perfect scion cast in the mold of their ancestors. Lady Margot Tyde, on the other hand, was raised believing that her life literally depended upon how well she could hold up to the Thraxian ideal for a noblewoman. Her father, Duke Titus Tyde, was the second most powerful noble inside the Mourning Isles and rebelled against his liege, Prince Donrai Thrax. As little more than a child, she remembers the utter destruction of her house as House Thrax crushed her family, putting everyone she knew and loved to the sword... save her. As her family's holdings passed to the control of House Thrax, and its vassals all bent the knee, no explanation was ever offered for why her life was spared. It was made privately clear that she would be raised as a ward of House Thrax and her continued status as both a noble and non-corpse was largely dependent upon her behavior.

But Lady Margot Tyde is certainly a survivor. To survive, she relentless pursued Thrax's ideal for noblewomen. A true lady of Thrax is the charming diplomat, the convincing apologist for Thraxian excesses that wins concessions where brutish threats fail. A true lady of Thrax skillfully supports the lords and sways others to the cause, but demurs from wielding political power in her own hand. A true lady of Thrax disarms foes with clever games of charm, needing no other weapons. A true lady of Thrax should be ambitious for the success of her house, with a carefully cultivated fire, even as she defers the prizes to men. All this was expected of her, and Lady Margot became what she needed to be, never giving a single dangerous hint of the sort of desire for revenge that would have doomed her while living among the men that killed her family. She would do anything to survive. Anything to succeed.

Relationship Summary

  • Alessandra - You deserve better
  • Niccolo - Blunt Conversationalist
  • Alarie - Mistress of the Cloth
  • Eugine - Dead and Forgotten

  • Friend:
  • Calista - Gal Pal
  • Edain - Trustworthy
  • Gideon - I feel safer with you here.

  • Family:
  • Denica - Uncertain
  • Valerius - .....
  • Jaenelle - Ray of Sunshine
  • Dagon - Husband and Partner
  • Victus - My liege.
  • Donella - Sister in every way.
  • Donrai - A shadow that will always linger
  • Abbas - It's complicated
  • Fatima - I've missed you so!
  • Name Summary
    Alexis The Duchess Tyde is a capable diplomat and speaker, and a seemingly endless well of knowledge. It was my priveliege to help guard her during her mission to gather Abandoned as allies, and see her in action. She's hard to describe. There's a lot of Thrax in her - and yet, it's the new Thrax - the Thrax of change. The Thrax of tomorrow.