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Princess Cassima Thrax

The first lesson of economics is that there is never enough of anything to satisfy all who want it. The second lesson of economics is that literally no one wants to hear the first lesson of economics, so it is best to arm oneself for any meeting with a good supply of ... zest.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Perspicacious Princess
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: female
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Skintone: light brown

Titles: Minister of Finance and Incomes of House Thrax, Treasurer of the Isles Canines, Curator of the Scholars of Vellichor

Description: Whether her cloud of dark curls falls long and loose in a tumble to the midst of her back or is carefully confined into twists and braids, is remains her most dramatic feature: knotty, full-bodied, silky black, it is a riot of curls, an untamed monstrosity of curls, or a delight of curls, depending on how much effort Cassima has been wiling to undergo in what feels like an endless war with her sometimes glorious hair. Her skin is a warm, light brown, smooth and without visible blemish. Her frame is slight, cleanly angled and youthful, her curves modest. Her lips are full, almost too full for her face, beneath the soft snub of her nose. Her eyes are a deep green, dark and framed by an intense profusion of black eyelashes. Her eyebrows are thick and dark, but nicely shaped, lending expressiveness to eyes that already express much.

Personality: The social whirl is not where Cassima shines most. That isn't to say that she is incapable of communicating, but she tends towards a wry, quirky sort of humor that does not always make it easy for her. She has a bit of a tendency to withhold where she should reach out and to overshare when she should remain restrained, the kind of social awkwardness that develops from a childhood spent too much in books and too little in the companionship of other children. Yet her warmth and her loyalty are deep wells, and once tapped, should never run dry. Pragmatic and inclined to simple, honest, and occasionally self-deprecating self-assessment, there is never a risk that her arrogance would chase off anyone -- except perhaps in one area and that is the area of scholarship. Yet in this one area that Cassima does not second-guess herself, her excellence is real. A clever writer, witty jokester, ready humorist and boon companion once those initial layers of uncertainty and awkwardness have been surpassed, Cassima is anchored to reality by her grounded nature and tries not to be overly troubled by her essential layers deep human loneliness, because doesn't everyone have that? She loves to watch people and imagine their stories for herself. She enjoys complicated problem solving and mathematics. She is fascinated by questions of philosophy and politics.

Background: The eldest daughter of a lesser line of the principal house of Thrax, Cassima never expected to be in line for anything. Her father was about as foreign to the ways of the Mourning Isles as it was possible for a man to be: the younger son of a Northern march, inclined to study, whose hobby was mathematics and logical proofs. Yet he brought with him wealth for the House and the knowledge of what to do with that wealth, and was embraced by the family as an odd, but useful, addition to the line. Still, he had no sons, and that was an unending frustration for Cassima's mother, who wanted nothing more than a prince to push into the line of fire, that is, the line of duty that are the internecine politics of a major house.

Cassima loved her father more than anything in the world, and so she grew up at his knee. Books and learning were their special time together, when she was free of the nursery and could sit with him in his study, and while there were not insignificant tensions between he and his wife Alyona Thrax, with his daughter he could sit and think and talk -- frequently well over her head, but in deepest earnest. So it was that she grew up a daddy's girl with a most untraditional father in a traditional house, and there's nothing that breeds true like nerdery. Cassima focused on learning everything that she could about literally everything, but especially the running and management of a house, the running and management of an army, the logistics and the inglorious; it's easy to pay attention to maths when they're maths based on people's lives, the food and clothing and gear and everything that is desperately needed in a world where it might be more fun to pay heed to the more glorious questions of war. Cassima's father died when she was still young, but his death only served to fire her determination to embrace all that he was and had been.

There has always been a strong tradition of Thrax economists, lawyers, and managers, so Cassima found that although she felt the pangs of outsiderhood because she learned these things at her father's knee rather than her mother's, she was not an iconoclast, and found herself uniquely situated among her sister women -- vehemently traditional in her interests, vehemently nontraditional in her outlook, she fit in with neither the old guard of grandmothers with their finely manicured fingers twisted around the purse strings nor the new guard of young women reaching for the progressive outreach that she saw growing in many of the vassal houses to Thrax. Alone in a crowd, an outsider among insiders, she developed her self-sufficiency along with her personal brilliance, and learned to obscure and shroud her basic, fundamental loneliness in a traditionally nerdy way: humor.

As an adult, she finds Thrax on a precipice of change and arrives in the capital with a certainty that her fundamentals are those that her family will desperately need. She has reached out to join the scholars and economists and thinkers of Arx to drive herself into new connections and new friendships that might help her build anew and learn and grow.

Relationship Summary

  • Gwenna - Beautiful, intelligent, responsible, personable. She manages to be both the perfect continental lady and an independent northern woman as well in a way that makes me positively envious.
  • Sameera - A brilliant craftswoman who yanked me out of my shell into a new hobby, party planning. I'd be afraid to do the same to her, however. She might hurt me.

  • Deceased:
  • Abbas - The most complex man I have ever met. I knew him as a brutal killer and a jovial merrymaker. Above all, he was and will always be family.

  • Family:
  • Coraline - Little sister, what an odd path you follow. I love you, and wish to see you safe and happy to make your own future. Even if it is a future I cannot possibly fathom.
  • Galen - A cousin of some distance, yet he behaves more to me as a brother might. I have never had a brother, and I never want one. I have him, and that is more than enough.
  • Caith - The light of the world and my exact opposite in every way. Where I am dark, she is fair. Where I am tall, she is short. Where I am quiet, she is outgoing. Where I am pensive, she is charming. She is the sun to my moon, and is perfection incarnate.
  • Cirroch - How can a newly-acquainted cousin come to mean so much in such a short period of time? I would trust him with my everything.
  • Juliana - We met and found each other in business and tragedy, yet somehow that seems to have made us close. How strangely the world works, sometimes.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Alarissa - The Princess-Consort and official Voice of House Thrax.
  • Victus - The High Lord of House Thrax.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha DEFINITELY a big sister like me, Princess Thumbs. I feel this pain.
    Alarie Valued client.
    Alarissa She seems to be a lovely - and economically educated - Thraxian Princess. I am envious of her curls.
    Alban A Princess. A Thraxxian. Which explains the complete lack of propriety and desire to embarass perhaps. Perhaps not. The real question is, is it real, or just a show to see how people will react? The truth is out there, somewhere.
    Aleksei We sure approach problems differently, but it might be that that helps us solve them together.
    Artur One of my sister's friends and I can see why! I thought only Gwenna could make that half horrified/half deeply confused face! Why do I inspire this reaction in people?! Princess Cassima seems pretty nice though, even if she doesn't like mice much. Which is a shame, because mice are adorable.
    Barric Spars with Gareth verbally and gives as good as she gets. That alone is worthy of noting, and she doesn't let it get to her. Makes me curious how she learned such patience, I should ask her for advice some time.
    Caith Darling sister. You are so clever, you leave me in awe. The least I can do is bring you out of your shell.
    Caspian She seems polite, kind, and loving sister.
    Christine A person of numbers. A nice one, even. At least one with which it's possible to talk about thralldom without getting a lecture of it and open minded enough...
    Cirroch It was a pleasure to meet my cousin, she even bears a family resemblence. But she may be afraid of mice? It must be a Thrax thing.
    Coraline Love sis but dang she is loud. Poor bear, might be safer with it at this point. I wonder if I point behind her and say the name of a dangerous animal if she will be distracted long enough for me to run? Things to ponder.
    Darren I like this one, she's got a sharp wit about her. We'll have to work on someone with Sanna blood drinking rum over whiskey, but I have hope.
    Echo Princess Cassima 'Trouble' Thrax - I like trouble! She seems to get into all sorts of fun things. Fortunately for her, she's got a lot of friends around her to make sure she gets out of it all okay.
    Fairen She should have been a Leary. She has the temperment and intelligence for it.
    Galen My cousin, I do not know her as well as my others, but, she seems very proper, and during these times cheerful. She has already given me a drink as well, so I shall approve for the moment. I will defend her unto death regardless, my family is everything.
    Gareth A stiff back and a keen mind, perhaps a drinking problem, but that can be overlooked.
    Gwenna Princess Cassima is likely one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, as well as exceptionally warm and friendly. I truly hope there is a friendship in our future and am looking forward to our paths crossing again soon.
    Ian The first couple of times we met, I got the impression she didn't much approve of me. Now? I guess we'll see what she says when she sobers up.
    Iliana One of my cousins! No matter what she says! She is just droll enough that we seem to get each other. I love hearing her opinions on things, because advice is always welcome. I hope we get to know each other better. I can use someone closer to my age to chat with.
    Jacque Seems to know her way around ledgers, a listening ear, very keen mind. I'd like to learn what she knows on economics, on upkeep. It would help me.
    Jeffeth A princess. Poor thing was getting teased by her family. But she was nice to me. I tried to help her a little, but was surrounded by nobles.
    Jordan Thrax Princess, I think. Said something about not being sober when she meets Prince Gareth. All in all she seems to be the thinking kind, quiet; introspective, not one for crowds. That type.
    Margerie Quite the ... creative dancer, she and her sister!
    Mirari I always enjoy Thraxian folk, they are straight to the point, no bullshit and they know what they want. My kind of people.
    Petal lovely and a great customer. I would do work for again and I am glad that she won.
    Reese Likes to run big events. Polite, Poised and comfortable to be around. She doesn't try to hard, but is just naturally graceful.
    Reigna An intelligent and forthright princess of Thrax. Odd, perhaps that she wants knowledge but disdains the practical applications, but maybe with time and exposure we can make a healer out of her afterall.
    Sabella I thought she was a shadow monster! But no, just a Thrax Princess. Hm, was that repetitive?
    Sparte The first Thraxian noble I've met who knew the value of a potato. I mean I'm sure some others know? I just havn't met them yet. And potatoes. You know?
    Turo Having made a terrible impression, I'll work to gain her confidence and even make a friend of her.
    Valdemar Smart, and enjoyable to talk to for all her claims that she is not very social. It was fun to share a few drinks with her.
    Valery How can she be scared of the mice? They are so nice and friendly...
    Vanora Princess Cassima is lovely and clever too, I think she is good for the future of the Isles.
    Victus I met her once a long, long time ago. She's a part of the family that isn't purely Isleborn. But she's got a sharp mind. I'm lookin' forward to what she brings to the table.
    Zoey A charming princess with a keen eye. Too bad she doesn't like my dog.