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Vassal of The Crown

Words: "No one may harm us unpunished"
Sigil:A fox on a purple field.
Nickname: Foxes.

The city-states of the Lyceum are far more fractious and treacherous than any other vassals in the whole of Arvum and could never be expected to follow a leader that is not clever, powerful and capable. House Velenosa has spent centuries ensuring they fulfill every requirement and more. While not every Grand Duke of the Lyceum has been from House Velenosa, the vast majority of the leaders of the Lyceum have come from the sly southern foxes. It is a credit to the talent and skill of House Velenosa's nobles that despite the Lyceum has a whole being an ending intrigue of manipulation, far more other nobles are willing to trust Velenosa than other Lycene houses. Their word, once given, is very rarely broken- they have honor, even if it is of an exceptionally dangerous variety.


Name Rank Title Description
Karadoc(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals Count-Consort of Fortezza di Iriscal
Donato 5 Noble Vassals Count of Caina
Enyo 5 Noble Vassals Baroness-Consort of Fen de Lire
Audric(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals Baron of Afflua
Luciano 5 Noble Vassals Lord of House Fidante
Syd 5 Noble Vassals Lord of House Volkov
Gregori 5 Noble Vassals Lord of House Volkov
Mihai(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals Lord of House Corvini
Amerigo 5 Noble Vassals
Giuliano 5 Noble Vassals Lord of House Pravus
Alrec(RIP) 7 Known Commoners
Malena 7 Known Commoners
Danae 7 Known Commoners
Esera(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Niccolo(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Archduke-Widower of House Velenosa
Leo 10 Retired/RIP
Luca(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Prince of House Grayson
Kima 10 Retired/RIP
Juliet(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Eos(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Cicero(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Prince of House Velenosa
Salazar(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Vincere(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Pietro(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Valkieri(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Duncan 10 Retired/RIP Marquis of Brassfall March
Serafine(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Princess of House Velenosa
Eleyna 10 Retired/RIP Princess of House Velenosa; Emeritus Grand Duchess of the Lyceum
Elonso(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Cassius(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Duke-Consort of Setarco
Mallory 10 Retired/RIP
Emeline(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Stefano(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Baron of Caith
Estaban(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Baron of Saikland Greens
Franco(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Deva 10 Retired/RIP
Lazarus(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Zortan 10 Retired/RIP
Blossom 10 Retired/RIP
Narciso(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP
Anze(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Duke-Consort of Southport
Valerio(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Lord of House Mazetti
Xander 10 Retired/RIP
Zerric 10 Retired/RIP
Rian 10 Retired/RIP Prince of House Velenosa
Castruccio 10 Retired/RIP Lord of House Fidante
Dario(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Marquis of Ischia
Mydas(RIP) 10 Retired/RIP Voice of House Velenosa
Micaela 10 Retired/RIP Lady of House Malespero
Rasteon 10 Retired/RIP

Ruler: Jaenelle

Minister Category Title
Valencia Population Minister of Civil Welfare
Saoirse Loyalty Minister of Loyalty
Lore Productivity None
Theo Upkeep Minister of Infrastructure
Antonio Warfare None
Quenia Income None

Land Holdings


Description: The city-state of Lenosia is famed throughout all the Realm for its vineyards and its gardens, the prosperous trading hub producing much of the most sought after vintages for all of Arvum. While the lovely public gardens cultivated by House Velenosa are a popular sight for most travelers, perhaps even more stunning is the palatial seat of House Velenosa, the lords paramount over all of the Lyceum. So beautiful is the palace that many fail to notice the imposing and effective defenses of its central keep, a guarantee that even if a force was able to breach the defenses of the city it would take an extended and determined siege to have any hope of attacking House Velenosa itself.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.

Landmarks: The massive Princess Jaenelle Velenosa's Library of Lenosia has been built, a sprawling structure only second in size to the Great Archive of Vellichor in Arx.

The Great Road was built connecting to Lenosia in 1010 AR.

Seized control of the Rogelivitti vineyards after the owner was found guilty of kinslaying, extortion, conspiracy against House Velenosa, and executed by being forced to consume Lenosian Red until death.