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Baron Eos Saik

You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Blooded Knight
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Saik
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widower
Age: 32
Birthday: 8/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Pale Green
Skintone: Fair

Obituary: Respected Baron of House Saik. Died in battle intercepting a group of shavs on the shores of Saikland Greens in late May 1005 AR. Battlefield completely scorched, despite the rain, with the beach turned black for a mile in all directions. No survivors from the battle found. Survived by his sister, Baroness Kima Saik, the Lioness of Saikland Greens.

Description: What most people notice first and foremost about Eos is the weight of his stare. Pale green eyes observe the world unflinchingly, as though neither the darkest horror nor the brightest joy could move him if he were unwilling to be moved. A weathered individual, Eos is one more aptly described as ruggedly handsome than aught else, with his dark hair allowed to grow so far as the hard line of his often shadowed jaw. He is neither short nor tall, but the power of his presence makes him seem larger than he is, bolstered by the fact that his manner and movements often inspire atavistic fears of things created only to kill. Despite this, Eos is not entirely a grim and brooding man. The ease with which he is wont to laugh or smile has caught friend and foe alike off-guard, and gives away that more than a few of the lines worn into his face have been carved by the like.

Personality: On the surface and off the battlefield, Eos is as most honorable noblemen are. He makes good on his word and adheres to propriety in the public eye, reserving anything but the most proper and formal presentation of himself to those closest to him. He is a sure and soft-spoken man who chooses his words and tone with purpose. He savors life's indulgences and denies himself little, but never to excess or beyond the means of his purse. He enjoys the quiet company of his animals - a veteran warhorse and a three-legged retired war hound - almost as much as people. He is never unduly cruel, but does not shy from harsh truths; a velvet glove over an iron fist. The one place this all breaks away and he personifies the lion the Saiks are often likened to is with a sword in his hand and blood in the soil.

Background: Eos' childhood was nothing out of the ordinary for a boy born to a noble house. He was raised alongside his younger sister Kima, five years his junior. As children, they were very close and competative with each other. When it came to the likes of sparring, he frequently had the advantage and he never let her win, insisting that the men in the world would always be bigger, and that they would not let her win either.

As they grew older, approaching adulthood and responsibility began to invade their happy little life to pull their closely twined paths apart. It began when Eos first set off to begin his formal training as a knight, something he proved to have a natural talent and zeal for. It continued later when Eos was informed by his parents at the age of twenty that he needed to marry. He had some say as to whom he found the most agreeable of a small number of young noble women, but it ultimately came down to which was the most likely to help improve the Saik family status and coffers. Still, Eos sought counsel with his younger sister before making that final choice, trusting her judgement despite her years when she agreed his choice, a woman by the name of Rosalynn, would be good for him. Who knew him better than Kima? In a stroke of favor from the gods, he found genuine happiness with his wife, and in short time, a true love.

In the two years to follow, he kept his fights close to home, never gone for more than a few weeks at a time with the small company of fighters from his father's lands that rode with him. His son, named Vomas, would be born when Eos was twenty-two, and everything flipped on its head. Rosalynn struggled with the birth of their child, and very nearly bled out. The physicians were able to save her, but her health never did fully recover. A deep depression took her that neither husband or child could lift. The toll of her worsening health, mental and physical, became more than the woman could bare. While Eos was away on another small campaign, before the first birthday of their son, she simply walked off a tower in the dead of night.

Losing his wife broke something in the young man, and the man he is today began to form then. He left his son in the care of his family, a nanny, and a tutor, and threw himself even more fervently into any battle or fight he could find. He had always been a fearless combatant, but he became an eager one as well, developing a fierce bloodlust that gave rise to unsettling rumors of the man taking slices of fallen enemies' flesh to eat or collecting their teeth as trophies. His visits home, however strongly he loves his son, now ten years of age, and his sister, the two things which might anchor him to a less blood soaked life, stretched further between while he sought to find an answer to his pain in the visceral world of war.

It was not something that could rage forever, however. In the ten years since, his years and experiences have finally started to see him to something resembling stability again. He returned home to assume the responsibilities to House and kin that had been set to the wayside while he found his way back to himself, only to find those responsibilities sending him to Arx..

Relationship Summary

  • Kima - Gods Help Me.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Victus - Bear of a Man
  • Jaenelle - Intrepid Culinary Adventurer
  • Joscelin - Jeweler - Chairwoman of J.A.F.
  • Isolde - Mirrormask Princess of the Velenosa
  • Sudara - Decisive Lady of Pravus
  • Ida - Weaponsmith of Unquestionable Skill
  • Lydia - Quiet and Curious Woman
  • Leo - Fidante Duke, Military Mind
  • Dawn - Grace Under Heavy Burdens
  • Audric - Resourceful Fellow
  • Talen - Sword of Lenosia
  • Niccolo - The Silver Fox of Velenosa

  • Friend:
  • Prospero - Generous Catalyst, Lawyer on the Side
  • Larissa - The Courtesan Who Defied the World
  • Calista - The Rose of Tor
  • Calypso - My Malvici Counterpart, Talented Woman
  • Saedrus - Most Faithful of Friends
  • Eirene - Perfect Battlefield Bedside Manner

  • Family:
  • Vomas - Young Son
  • Rosalynn - Deceased Wife
  • Orazio - Uncle and Archlector, in that order.
  • Name Summary