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Lord Castruccio Fidante

Be strong, and fear nothing. The strong are always favoured, for it is that the weak are chastised by the strong.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Machiavellian Condottiero
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Fidante
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: deep black
Eye Color: dark olive
Skintone: dusky olive

Description: A tall, dark Lycene with dusky olive skin, and dark olive green eyes, his hair is deep black and falls in loose curls to his shoulders. With a regal carriage to his chin and a charming smile when its seen, his face is yet marred by a few small scars of battle. He has the broad shoulders and slim waist of a swordsman, with calloused hands to match.

Personality: Castruccio is a Machiavellian through and through. He is a man given to brooding and dark moods, and his humour tends toward the sharp and sarcastic, if not even macabre. He puts his family above all else, and will not hestitate to do whatever he thinks is necessary to protect the Fidante legacy. He is the sort of man one wants as an ally, and not an enemy, and he's ever aware that if he shows weakness, his own allies are liable to turn on him if he doesn't do it first.

Background: From a young age, Castruccio was a brooder. Where other children played pranks and made jokes, he was more likely to explore than partake in games. Though plain to all that as he grew older his ambitions were militant in nature, his father directed him instead to theological studies. It left a bitterness in Castruccio to see his cousins and older brother getting to train all day at the sword, though indeed, he did train in secret as often as possible. It didn't help that he received much mockery for having to study and read during the day when others were training outside.

His first scandal, and the first of many scandals attributed to his name, was from the result of a duel with a far-removed cousin that resulted in the lad's death. Though ruled accidental, rumours began to circulate, pointing out that the deceased had been the biggest instigator when it came to harassing Castruccio. s he grew older, his father began to send him on diplomatic meetings, which he actually took to with aplomb. Oft times the biggest detractors of House Fidante would find their minds changed to everyone's surprise, though the occasional accident and rise of someone with more sympathetic views to Castruccio's mission occurred more often than might be easily swallowed as coincidence. Still, it left Castruccio with a reputation as an intellectual, as well, though he still railed against the life chosen for him. Until it all changed. No one was sure what the duel was over, but a fight between Castruccio and his older brother left Castruccio two times a kinslayer, for he won the fight. Then he left.

Six years were spent as a soldier of fortune, Castruccio building up name and reputation for himself. Six years of carefully selecting alliances, and sometimes fighting for one enemy only to switch to another when the profit was correct. It's only now that the threat of the Gyre is so impending, that Castruccio has returned to his family to take up as a Knight of the Rose.

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