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Marquis Valerius Malespero

Every noble house expects its children to gloriously surpass the acts of heroism of its ancestors. I really hope the rest of the family handles that.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Cheerfully Idle Rich
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 23
Birthday: 10/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: deep brown
Skintone: lightly tanned

Obituary: Found stabbed through the heart, his body discovered inside the study at the Malespero Tower on July 23, 1014 AR.

Description: Valerius looks the part of the greatest heroes of old - strongly built, tall, with broad shoulders, square jawed. Valerius styles his hair and dresses in a way that rugged and brutish Thraxians find almost foppish. His muscle is practically wasted, only maintained so pretty women think he's brave and tough. His rich brown hair often sports a well kept style, with a great deal of time spent on it. His deep brown eyes sparkle with good humor and occasional mischief. Make no mistake, Valerius is an extremely handsome man, simply preferring fine clothing of nearly Lyceum proportions than anything remotely resembling armor. He can fight, and is trained to do so, but it might mess up his outfit.

Personality: Valerius enjoys people. He enjoys impressing pretty women, whether or not he ends up in bed with them is kind of just extra bonus. He likes to make them laugh, bring a color to their cheeks, and make himself look amazing with one on his arm. For other men, he genuinely enjoys making friends, joking, gambling, generally carousing with the boys. He sees little need in all the anger, senseless violence, and posturing for dominance that one would think is in his blood. He might describe life at court as a battlefield of intrigue, but really it's only to make the rest of his family leave him alone so he can get ready for the next party. He will fight if he has to, and do so well, but it's so dull and boorish. Settling matters over a drink or poker game is far more appealing to him.

Background: On the surface, most would imagine Valerius has the makings for one of the greatest warriors House Thrax has ever produced. Grandson of the ruthless Prince Donrai Thrax and son of a Redrain champion who was murdered during the Tyde rebellion while he was quite young. House Thrax certainly trained the young man relentlessly as a warrior and weaned him on tales of vengeance against those responsible for killing his parents, expecting him to turn into another fearsome weapon for the noble family, and he has undeniable talent at arms, but he's... nice. There's perhaps no worse adjective in the Thrax lexicon than 'nice'. He's amiable, agreeable, and has far more interest in idly spending time with other nobles in polite social settings than bathing in the blood of Thrax's enemies. It horrifies the Thrax leadership.

Sure, Valerius is an extremely capable warrior when he's pushed and shoved in that direction, but it is painfully obvious that his heart is at court. A political calling isn't the worst thing in the world, as far as House Thrax is concerned, since enemies need to be manipulated, but the trouble is that Valerius doesn't even seem interested in that. He just genuinely enjoys talking to others and trying to solve their problems, and despite their best efforts, the man is dedicated to being one of the friendly, amiable idle rich.

Relationship Summary

  • Juliana - Master Physcian and whiskey thief
  • Sorrel - favorite sister in-law
  • Tyrus - brillant cousin
  • Pasquale - brother in-law, sometimes closer than actual brother
  • Kenjay - first cousin once removed. Cousin-uncle?

  • Spouse:
  • Lianne - The night so lovely, dark and deep

  • Deceased:
  • Cassius - You should not have been so taken.
  • Abbas - Taken by the Sea

  • Acquaintance:
  • Tyche - You won this round, Countess.
  • Moros - The finest drunken turtle sled teammate a man could ask for.
  • Austen - A man of both thought and action, potential teacher

  • Friend:
  • Aiden - A wager once made, now a wonderful friend
  • Kalani - defender of cake battles
  • Zoey - Amazing dance partner
  • Rosalind - An appreciation for everything new and old in the world.
  • Kiera - Witty dancer and great friend
  • Mabelle - self proclaimed crazy cake lady
  • Patrizio - the infamous tavern crawler and conversationalist

  • Sibling:
  • Jaenelle - Dearest sister, and Mistress of Murder Mystery
  • Galen - lovable brother

  • Protege:
  • Aahana - a beautiful mind to share ideas and laughs with

  • Patron:
  • Wash - notable investor and teacher to my ideas
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I met Thraxian prince at a lecture on Eurus just before my wedding to Sebastian. Politics brought us together in more ways than one. He is mannered and well-spoken; a grand representative of his new home.
    Aelgar Well-spoke and polite. Socially adept. A pleasant man at first contact and he seems approachable. Must be the man Patrizio spoke of, the one writing of the drinking establishments. I hope we will have a chance to speak soon as I am sure his experiences will be very helpful to my own project to learn the city.
    Aiden There's no secrets here. The Marquis is very forward and unapologetic for it.
    Alarissa A cousin by marriage and a unique one. Protective and loyal, he is a good man.
    Andromeda Marquis. Former Prince of Thrax. I do not know if I would've known without it being said. Eager to make new acquaintances. A keen mind, but more suited for the likes of Giorgio or precious Maharet than myself, I think.
    Anisha Marquis Valerius Malespero, formerly of Thrax. A genial man with a casual demeanour, and excellent taste in sisters and table-companions. Another bright star in the constellation of Malespero.
    Calista After all these years, the (now) Marquis will always be the best fetcher of messengers.
    Calla I met the Marquis of my Patron's house at a bullriding Tourney. Seemed interested in learning more about Sangris.
    Caprice It's always a gamble, eschewing titles, but if he's out to make friends with everybody then I'm happy to oblige.
    Elizabetha Shining teeth and twinkling eyes cannot win everything, can they?
    Esme Perhaps you were dreaming of me and you thought me to life. Perhaps I am meant to be your muse that guides your actions to find the duty and honor of your choice. Perhaps even.. I am the whisper in the back of your mind..... we are sure to be friends.
    Evaristo Dark sense of humor and banter, pretty intense!
    Evelynn I do love when people have such a fondness for music and the more jubilant things in life.
    Faye A Marquis of many talents, his charm not the least among them. Though if he is so intent on finding out others' secrets, I'm curious about his own.
    Haakon First saw him looking foppish with a glass of wine in hand. Don't know him well, but he seems like the sort to fop onto a boat with a glass of wine.
    Ian Probably more comfortable where he is than he was in Thrax.
    Icelyn Were it not for the armour he wears, I would have thought him a man born and bred in the south. He is warm and companionable outside the ring, and a fierce and strategic warrior inside of it.
    Ilira Marquis Valerius: Sir Pearls in his Smile.
    Kenjay A man with a sense of humour, and a good attitude towards sparring.
    Korka He might not be a totally useless noble. He's a rather good Inquisitor.
    Lianne Summer sunlight's warmth even in the dead of winter. Passion, both scattered and directed. Mine.
    Llewella A rather quiet man. I'm honestly not sure what to think of him yet. But it is Arx, and we're likely to run into one another again. Plenty of time for opinions to grow.
    Mabelle Simply Valerius. Something tells me there is nothing simple about the Marquis. Not when he smiles like that.
    Margerie The marquis seems to have acclimated to the Lyceum well. He enjoys the finer things.
    Martino A curious House, a curious family. A quaint Marquessa who I would have met a few times in my youth.
    Medeia The man seems to enjoy the finer things in life, which isn't a bad thing. Though, I can't tell what there is to him I'm missing.
    Miraj Such a kind and gentle soul. You can tell he was raised properly, being a Thraxian Prince. Nothing but genteel manners! (What do you mean they don't say that about all Thraxian Princes? Has the South rubbed off on him you think?)
    Monique We have only just met, and yet I feel as if I know him. It is a strange bond, but a good one that I look forward to exploring.
    Neilda Turns out he's a good, laid-back host, even if the murder dolphins are a bit much.
    Nina A handsome man... and seems to be quite busy and popular, so I'm happy I was finally able to spend a little time getting to know him better. He's a fine dancer as well... or at least, a very eager student.
    Orick A licentious poem from a Lycene noble, he wasn't one of the best performers that night but he cerainly may have been the most interesting... and the most bold.
    Orland Busy. Has constant information flowing into his hands. He also told me has good sources. Well connected.
    Pasquale I'm always impressed by the ease with which he fits into any social group.
    Philippe A cordial man. Those who master the seas are a different sort than my cavalrymen -- a flashing brightness is in their eyes and smiles. Facing the madness of the ocean year in and year out must do something to a man. I wonder sometimes if, were I born under different stars, I would have been able to withstand those trials. Those who thrive in that domain are worthy of respect.
    Piccola I didn't get to interact him much at the tourney, but he seems like every other Lycene nobleman I know.
    Poppy One word. Flirt.
    Porter The man talks a good talk about being a lover, but he sure has a strong axe arm. Those bruises are going to hurt tomorrow.
    Renata He appears to like honey in all of its forms. Flirtatious, but then aren't /all/ the men of the Lycene? It's what they do best.
    Romulius A fine teacher, and would be a fine patron - I will keep his 'smile and drink' advice at heart.
    Rosalind He's turning into a good friend! We're a lot of like in a way that doesn't make sense. Not like minded, but a like!
    Rylan A man who knows himself, and knows his worth. Generous and outgoing, even with those far below his social rank.
    Saoirse Well... He does seem ... terrifically interested in ... *fish* As does his wife?
    Sorrel Just as charming as the day we met. Stylish and friendly and bold. He is one of my favorite friends, as always.
    Svana Marquis Valerius has a smile that could make my knees weak if I were a lesser woman. Beyond that, he is quite cute - I wonder what else he's like though.
    Thea He's a pretty good relaxer. Who goes to catch a fish sometimes. It was interesting to meet the Marquis, though I wouldn't rely on him if I was drowning. Unless it was in wine.
    Tyrus When I saw him last, he was both younger and wore a different name. Now he bears the title of Marquis-Consort and holds the course even in the face of difficulties. I'm glad he's doing well.
    Wash Galen's brother, younger?, is part of the same mold, I am lucky that Galen sung my praises to him, I have that to fall back on if I can't keep up with his drinking.
    Zoey A delightful man who will likely be as fun at parties as her is cordial in other settings.