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Prince Dimitri Velenosa

Life isn't about just having dreams, it's all about transforming them into reality.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Gallant Cavalier
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 28
Birthday: 07/01
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Inky Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Pale

Description: Inky black hair hangs in loose waves to about his chin, his sideburns stretching down along the pale skin of his face and then covering his jawline with a long, lush beard that is kept neatly combed and oiled. Dark brown eyes are bright and expressive, watchful and alert. While tall in nature, coming in at about six foot one, his stature is far from intimidating, for he's far more wiry then muscled and it's his hands that are his most distinguishing feature, with long and nimble fingers that would make some think 'artist' when they see them.

Personality: Friendly, sociable and more then a little outgoing, Dimitri is able to easily navigate just about any social situation, whether it's in the company of the valorous Oathlanders to the raucous Northerners. Never one to turn down a drink or a party, he finds himself quite at home when in the company of others, so long as his company doesn't involve fighting.

Background: Born a minor Lord of House Pravus, Dimitri's life was never pre-destined to be anything but what he wanted to be. Far removed from any chance of ruling his House, the young Lord was afforded the opportunity to grow and prosper as he saw fit. Of course, this didn't stop various members of his family from trying to guide him in one direction or another, but ultimately, he would find his own path in life.

And what a life it was. At a young age, it was easy to see that Dimitri would never be skilled in any form of the martial arts. Sure, he received some training in how to use a blade, but he's as equally likely to hit a friend as he is a foe. Coupled with his just plain .. disdain for learning such things, he found himself avoiding any such teachings. Instead, his love seemed to come from socializing. From spending time with people from all walks of life. From brash to kind to stoic, the young lord never seemed to have an issue with trying to make a new friend.

But one can not spend all their time merely lounging around, no matter how much they may wish to do so and with Dimitri's apparent natural skill at talking with others, he found himself inadvertantly settling disputes amongst his friends. Playing the role of mediator and calming tempers was something that came naturally, it would seem, and as the years progressed, so did this ability.

It wasn't long until he found himself being called upon by others to aid in matters of diplomacy and with his love of talking and socializing, it seemed as if he had found a calling, at least one that he could stand to do. It was during an event in Lenosia that his life really took a twist, in so much as he stumbled upon a Velenosian Princess, Cerys, who drew his eye almost immediately. Although the pair couldn't have been more different, where she was a skilled warrior and he was a minor diplomat, an easy friendship was struck.

With House Pravus preparing for elevation to the status of Great House, it was the perfect opportunity to see one of their Lords married into House Velenosia, to try and strengthen a bond that would no doubt be strained as vassal became an equal. A whirlwind courtship was arranged and blessed and afterwards, the pair were married. Now, with the honeymoon phase having come to an end, the pair have made the choice to start their new life together in Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Cerys - My dearest wife. Who would have thought we'd enjoy things as much as we do.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn He has an easy-going way about him, seems to navigate situations with the simplest of ease. Just the sort of level-headed influence I'm glad to have around in times of trouble.
    Alessia A courtier originally from House Pravus. Which sounds about right, he's as eloquent as I'd have expected knowing his kin.
    Alexis A connoisseur of beauty, and a silver-tongued Setarcan, he stands out even among the fealty where those would be common-place. And when he was Pravosi, Pravus was still in the Lyceum, so my sentiment stands. At any rate, he seems like a man of keen mind and sense, and his love for his wife is both charming and disarming.
    Anisha Prince Dimitri was not eaten by bears, I was delighted to discover. Why would he be eaten by bears? Why, because of the scavenger hunt, apparently. At any rate, he was not eaten by bears, but rather distracted by company in the Queensrest Inn. Pravus turned Velenosa, he is everything you might expect from those two families so invoked. Smooth, delightful, courteous... And with just a tiny hint of danger beneath it all. Well worth an evening of wine and conversation. Well worth a repeat, I'd say.
    Apollo There are some sorts who can be so calm when there's nothing to be calm about it can quiet even the rattliest of hearts. I'm so glad he was there. I'd have been a rotten mess.
    Berenice A newcomer to our family, but my cousin assures me that he has much to bring to the house. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Cerys Prince Dimitri Velenosa: We were sacrificed on the altar politic, to our mutual amusement. More and more, I am finding that it also seems to be to our mutual enjoyment. For being such polar opposites we seem to have a great many things in common, and our differences only seem to make the commonalities all the more enjoyable.
    Darren An interesting Velenosan prince. Likes the warmth and may take a little persuading to get him to the North but I'm sure we shall manage. He seems curious about the goings on of the city - such curiosity should always be encouraged, with care.
    Dio A sharp-minded Lenosian Prince formerly of House Pravus who makes for excellent company in sharing a drink.
    Domonico A man of the social arts. At least he recognises the fact that when diplomacy fails it will be up to people like me to step up.
    Drusila A prince of the south with due respect for the hazards of the north that favours the pen over the sword. I look forward to seeing the path of his ambition.
    Dycard I see a lot of myself in the Prince. An easygoing nature, a natural gift and an obvious preference for words, and an easy laugh that makes him hard to dislike.
    Emlyn A Prince who married my cousin. He seems to have good connections and he likes to talk. I'm going to have to butter him up somehow.
    Esme There is a good woman in the Lycene, Dimitri. Although, the way he looks and interacts with his wife, I am sure that he's more than aware of it. I am sure we shall be good friends.
    Evangeline A dashing and fashionable Velenosan Prince. He seems to be in the know of many things, not just fashion.
    Gaston It appears that my cousin has picked a good man to be her counterbalance. Upon first meeting him, he appears to be a well spoken man, one of poise and intelligence. A man of intelligence can be a most dangerous foe to his enemies and a great ally to his friends.
    Mabelle Seems to be the sensible side of his Princess. I should like to hear him sing one day.
    Marzio A quick footed Velenosan prince I had a dance with at the bar. He seemed to be a nice enough fellow. Perhaps soon I will get to know more of him.
    Nanette At first blush, I do believe that Lady Poppy is in wonderful hands. I cannot believe I spoke that bluntly to a Prince, but he took my insinuations with wonderful grace. It is likely improper of me, but I do hope we get to speak again.
    Nina He seems to be the diplomat to match his wife's blade skills. Quite polite and well-spoken! I think I may have heard he has a bit of musical talent as well but he is quite modest about it!
    Pasquale Exactly what one would expect from a Velenosian prince.
    Piccola The man seems to come and live in luxury, which means I know little about him. Not sure if I'll ever have the opportunity to change that.
    Poppy The city is brimming with Princes. This one is charming and kind and interesting. One who will surely stick in my mind.
    Reese A prince who married a princess and a warrior of words. Probably did good by his house with this alliance. I think he is charming and will go places and get things done.
    Sudara If only I could claim the credit for who this former pupil of mine has grown into as an adult!
    Tatienne A lycene prince. A diplomat apparently. Seems as pleasant as you would expect from those things, can never know what lurks behind the surface though.
    Thea A newly married prince. That is into art. I'm sure he'll find his place here soon enough, but at the moment it's like talking to my brother. But the princly form. You come up with your own decision on that. I'm glad he and his wife didn't get sucked into the maelstrom though...
    Videl A Pravus who married into Velenosa, a wielder of the art of speech apparently. Likely someone to keep an eye on.
    Zoey Most delightful company! Perhaps a friend with whom I can grow. We shall see as our paths cross more frequently.