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Prince Gaspar Velenosa

In a world of luxury and opulence, the wants of 'the haves' change from day to day. Who better to show them what they crave than me?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Enigmatic Courtier
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 29
Birthday: 2/24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Umber
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tan

Description: Gaspar Velenosa struck a tall, lean figure with all of the obvious displays of strength, scarcely hidden by the fashionable clothes chosen for the day. Almost ever present was that cocksure smile along with a short mop of curly umber hair. Handsome, as are most of his station, but it's that countenance that draws the eye; that insatiable lust for life and all of its pleasures perpetually etched across his smile.

Just below his right eye was a small, lateral scar from long ago. Perhaps the only 'blemish' on an otherwise seemingly markless expression.

Personality: Gaspar Velenosa is cheerful, curious and carefree. There's no place that he isn't comfortable either in court or out of it. Lust. That encompasses nearly all of Gaspar's drive. Lust for love, excitement, knowledge, intrigue. There is never enough for him, never enough hours in the day to do all that has to be done for someone who will only be satisfied when the world itself is tied around his finger. Gaspar is the quintessential jack-of-all-trades. Seemingly touched by the gods themselves, all that keeps him from turning a passion into a the newest passion born of tomorrow. How can the voice be mastered with the temptation of a lady on the mind? What chance does diplomacy have with the call to finish that painting?

Background: The life of a young prince was exactly what one would expect. Catered parties with food too rich for a child to enjoy, endless lines of Lycene Peers visitng and chatting, remarking on how 'big' he's getting. It was all as mother, Emma Velenosa, wanted. "Nobody pays attention to children" she would remark, when instructing Gaspar to listen for bits of intrigue at each gala they attended.

Unfortunately, "nobody" included his mother for many years, when she wasn't teaching him to spy on her peers. Political manuevering left her unable, or more likely unwilling, to properly raise Gaspar. Nannies came and went. Boarding schools both near and far were his home just as much Lenosia had been. But it was at those schools, in those different places that he reinvented himself each time. A new persona for new classmates and teachers.

There is only one place to put those new talents to use, one court where the posturings of peer and person will require focus and patience. With a new Archduchess in control, it's nothing less than his familial duty to aid her and the rest of his kin in Arx.

Name Summary
Ajax A prince. In that city that is honestly nothing special with how they come out of the woodwork weekly. I think I stopped being in awe of them a month into the city. Yet, he holds the crowds attention, especially when that crowd is a collection of beautiful women. But that is hardly something unique in this city. I look to you and I wonder how much of your personality is simple that. An act, frankly though. I doubt you'd survive in Velenosa if you actually had no talent in keeping that hidden. So, thus I will watch, wait, and be curious until that mask of yours comes off. What will I see?
Amund A Prince who has ambitions and the drive to reach them. His strengths are clearly social but he can shape himself into a fine swordsman if that's his will.
Arcadia Immediately told the most lamest of jokes. He must be a father.
Berenice Ah, another dear cousin come to Arx! I'm rather fond of this one; we're rather of a like mind on many things.
Cabrera A grandiose and truly dazzling Prince of style, fashion and charm
Cahal A prince of Velenosa and prospective bard. He's very evasive about what he actually does.
Caspian The man bought free drinks for everyone. How can I not like him? He stole my heart with that!
Celeste Such a full barrage of charm has rarely been turned against me. Prince Gaspar is a credit to his House and a charming companion to have.
Corrigan Was I accidentally flirting with him? Was he flirting back? Interesting man
Denica A charming Velenosa Prince. Fun and quite a joy to be around. I like this one.
Eleanor A charming flirt, but in a delightful way. Very supportive of the King's Own, which is always nice to see.
Estil A kind enough Prince to recognize that there is a time and a place for everything. I found him charming and respectful.
Gianna A rather roguish prince and quite the talented singer. I'm so pleased he's joined the Bard's College. Perhaps a duet one day!
Harlex Listens more than you'd think. Clever. Reckon, I like him alright.
Iseulet I've just met him and already he's my favorite Velenosan Prince. Is it safe and right to have a favorite? Who knows. Courvoisier forgives him, but I won't hold any responsibility for the cat hair he's going to be infested with if he gets too close to him.
Lora One cannot spend any time in the Lycene quarter without meeting charming, roguish, indolent musicians; it is a rare thing to encounter what they all seem to aspire to be, in the flesh. Thus this particular prince is, likely to the peril of all those around him.
Mabelle Never seen a Velenosan Prince so fascinated by things that originate in the north.
Maja It's a rare thing to come across someone who can go toe-to-toe with me when it comes to drinking, flirting and having a good time. Prince Gaspar is my kind of people. Oh yes..
Martino A light-hearted smile, a smooth presence. Gregarious without being overly so.
Miranda Sneaky Prince, walking about a beach like a commoner! Who's to blame me for not recognizing a Prince of Velenosa right away when he's walking about without guards or proper princely attire! Ahh, but he was fun to meet, all the same. A sense of humor to boot!
Nurie It is my experience that not many lords can turn something of a stumble into something that stays on the memory as charming and even chivalrous, but somehow the Prince makes it so. He has a smile that lights his eyes! How could one not be moved?
Petal A charming prince would look very handsome in many sorts of clothing. It will be fund to make an outfit him. He reminds me of the Duchess in a subtle way, maybe his charm. I am not sure.
Reese There is something very charming and likable about him, but I think it goes deeper than the surface. He seem to have intelligence and awareness of others. This is a prince who will be going places.
Sabine He seems a man in search of a purpose, something greater than himself. So it is with many of those I meet who aspire to more. He strikes me as one with more determination than most, however.
Sanya He's charming, polite, I look forward to interacting with him more.
Sophie The Mercies are always grateful to our benefactors. I am hopeful that we will see more of this man.
Svoli Has the kind of effortless charm and grace one could but hope for in a Lycene Prince. It feels like he is genuinely interested and invested.
Tescelina I was uncertain if those knights would aggrieve him. But I think he handled it with good temper and a friendly disposition. I would have protected him, otherwise.
Thea A prince with a quick smile. There is more there than meets the eye. I can feel it.
Vanora As charming as I'd expect a Velenosa to be, and rather handsome too.