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Xander Trevisani

Yes, I do know the sound of one hand clapping. That joke got old years ago.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: One-Armed Sergeant
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Trevisani
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 38
Birthday: 04/25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fair and weathered

Description: Here is a man who, even out of armor, just has the look of life-long soldier, yet not a knight. From the gnarled right hand to the weathered and rough facial features, he would not be considered attractive in the classical sense, but perhaps not wholly horrifying either. Grizzled and worn are good descriptors. His light brown hair tends to be pulled back into a simple tail and the blue eyes that peek out from a scarred brow can sometimes have a flinty look to them.

Taller while not being overly huge, he's still robust for his age. The most noticable thing about him is the fact that his left arm is missing, or at least half of it, leaving half of his forearm, elbow, and upper arm. This usually requires his sleeves to be folded and pinned to eliminate the slack.

Personality: As a man who came from humble beginnings, Xander is equally humble in the fact of knowing he's lucky to of made as far as he has. Whether the fact that he's proud of being a Sergeant in what he believes is the best trained military in Arvum, the fact that he's survived as long as he has, or both. He is not the bragging sort, he would rather be doing his job.

Quiet and a touch reserved, he knows how to speak to the every day soldier but tends to falter a touch when around nobility, preferring to be seen and not heard. That is, unless he's being spoken to. But in his usual silence is a lifetime of combat experience, which he believes makes him just as relevant as any knight or lord. Experience that he is more than happy to back up. And while the loss of his arm might weigh heavy on him, the fact that he's still standing, willing to sacrifice more if need be is a testament to his will.

Background: Alexander, or rather, Xander to everyone not his mother, came from a poor family, barely more than serfs that lived on the outskirts of Southport. And like many famlies, he came from a large one, with a rather inordinate amount of mouths to feed. Xander, who was the eldest, was listless in his youth, unmoved by any particular direction to go in. Until one day, at supper, seeing the meager amount of food they were given to eat, realized that if he gave his portion to the rest of his siblings, they'd eat better than him. Which was the point he realized he needed to do what he could to not be a drain on his family's income.

He joined the Southport military the next week, to join the rank and file of a man-at-arms, like so many others. Instead of doing it out of the mandatory elistment for all young men and women, he joined before it was his time, and sending his payment of service to his family, putting the food they needed on the table. It was not out of patriotism or some kind higher call. He was just a young man doing what he could to provide for his family that scaped by payday to payday.

The Tor-Southport war his first taste of life of war that would eventually become a career spanning over twenty years. And in those twenty years, he often found more strife than easy times. And a great deal of sacrifice. When he lost his arm, his first thought was not if he would die, only how would he be able to do the job that he come to do very well, and had been, at that time, on a list of short names to become the next Sword of Southport, one of the few swordsman in the city who excelled with a blade to a degree to be considered one of the best. Those dreams were dashed the moment the surgeon removed the infected limb from his body.

But Southport military is not one to toss away a valued asset, especially when that asset has no desire to see early retirement. And Xander did all but beg to stay on as a Sergeant within the ranks. While he had no desire to be removed from the front lines, a position offered to him by the Duchess Malvici to come to Arx as a drill instructor was a chance to keep earning his pay while still doing his duty. But the alternative was much more bleak. With no other options left to him, Sergeant Trevisani left for the great city.

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