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Duke Inigo Fidante

Life is too short to ignore all the beautiful things it has to offer. A sword at my side, a glass of wine in my hand, why worry about the rest?

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sly Blade Master
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malvici
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 26
Birthday: 3/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'9
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark blue
Skintone: Olive

Obituary: Fortessa di Guardiarosa in Tor is more thorn than rose. Enemies will find breaching it as difficult as grasping a rose barehanded without striking thorns. Every night the guards and servants alike patrol its halls, which weave through its structure in a confusing tangle. Every night the fortress lulls into a quiet and peaceful slumber under the protective watch of the guards and trained servants, thorns ready to slash any intruders. Any who could breach these walls would have to be a skilled infiltrator or assassin. On one of these evenings, the Fidantes found themselves comforted by the sounds of silence until such lack of sound was foreboding. Suddenly, the silence was pierced by blood curdling screams that tore their protective peace asunder. The guards were first to arrive at the gruesome scene; their Duchess covered in blood, her trembling hands pressed firmly to a grievous wound in her husband's abdomen, but it was a fruitless effort. The man they had come to know as Duke Inigo Fidante was quickly slipping away, growing paler and paler with every passing moment. His bloody sword by his side while he convulsed on the ground. The Duchess herself was found to have lacerations upon her hands, as if she attempted to thwart an attack aimed at her. Guards and knights began scouring the grounds as Guardiarosa was lit up by questing torches and shouts of searching for the intruder and murder. As Duke Inigo Fidante succumbed to his injuries, it was said he sacrificed himself to save his wife and children. An ultimate act of love. His assailant however is still at large.

Description: With an easy smile and an engaging allure, Inigo pulls in looks from those he passes. His deep blue eyes reflect the soulful nature of a cultured noble. What he lacks in height he makes up for in charm, carrying himself with a confidence that comes naturally. His hands are strong and calloused, carrying the weight of whatever weapon is placed in to them with a skilled assuredness. His broad shoulders and sculpted arms speak to the care he gives his martial training. His voice is a thing of southern beauty, his Lycean accent accompanied by his charming smile is enough to make the purest of heart's skip a beat.

Personality: Light hearted and good natured, Inigo is easy to smile and even quicker to draw in an intriguing conversation. He is fascinated by life and all the indulgences that come with it. Every experience is a fascination worth indulging in deeply, to understand, to experience all it has to offer. Though, with a blade in his hand, be it a southern rapier, a pair of swift daggers of a vicious extended pike, his demeanor changes. He becomes focused and intent on his task, able to hone in on what is being asked of him.

Background: The cousin of the sitting Duke, Inigo grew up in the luxury of the Lycene city state of Southport. His childhood was one of plenty, offering him all a child could wish for. He and his more elusive sister, Fiora, were never left wanting.

That is, until the Tor-Southport war. It changed everything for the Malvici family. Preparations for war became more than just a precaution, they became a necessity. He was only eight years old when it happened. Inigo felt the call even then. To the blade. He would hide knives in his boots and train with them whenever he could. The formal blade training of every twelve year old citizen of Southport couldn't come quick enough for him. And when the day finally came, he embraced it with the same passion he seemed to have for life.

When the war was finally finished with his cousin Lucian's demise, Inigo vowed never to let such a thing happen again. He would protect his family how he knew best. With the blade. Now in Arx brought along by his cousins Duke Hadrian and General Calypso, Inigo serves as the families Blade Master. A champion fighter and devoted guard for the young Duke. His smile and quick wit serve the family just as well as his blades.

Relationship Summary

  • Fiora - Twin sister, older by a few minutes. The yin to my yang.

  • Friend:
  • Costas - Definitely more than meets the eye, I have a lot to learn.
  • Anze - Family friend, strong warrior and strong voice.
  • Kima - The Lioness, fierce and wise.

  • Spouse:
  • Calista - The most breathtaking rose in all creation and my better half by far.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Eirene - Gruff but caring Aunt.
  • Hadrian - Cousin Duke, firm but fair.
  • Calypso - Cousin General, embodies the rapier; sharp and quick.
  • Artorius - Best friend from childhood, he's turned into a good man and a good father.
  • Caelis - A bratty cousin when we were younger and nothing has changed, I'd have it no other way.
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