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Lord Pietro Igniseri

I'd fight you for that, but there aren't enough of you.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Heroic Hothead
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 11/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: olive

Obituary: Lost on a scouting mission before the Battle of Pridehall against the Silent Army. Secretly furyborn, Lord Pietro Igniseri went into a berserker rage while fighting Bringers of Silence, which helped save countless lives, and that of Lady Cara Ashford as she brought word of the coming of the Silent Army.

Description: Pietro carries himself with the swagger of a champion, lean with the raw strength of athletic youth. Angular features are softened by warm, dark eyes, while a strong jaw suggests determination. Dark hair is kept close-cropped to avoid a riot of unruly curls, framing strong features. Frequent smiles show themselves bright against the warm olive dusk of his skin.

Personality: Pietro is vibrant and energetic, coursing with an energy that is, at times, frenetic. He always has to be moving. He seeks excitement and thrills, but the true excitement he wants most is glory. Honor for his family, glory for his name, heroics of the kind that save others -- but while he loves the idea of saving others, he's not always that great at understanding what it is that they might need. 'Rescue' is more a grand concept than what you'd call a plan. For Pietro, planning is mostly something that happens in other people (usually, Vincere). He is courageous (reckless), adaptable, and quick on his mental (and physical) feet, but rarely thinks before he acts. Passionate about everything, he is a man of deep loyalties with a grand romance in his heart that isn't focused on anyone or anything in particular. Highly conscious of himself, it's not so much that he is self-important as that he guards his family with tempestuous ... er, immediacy and verve.

Background: Pietro Igniseri was born second, seven minutes after Vincere, the first son and technically the heir. When the twins were born, the Marquesa Igniseri of the city-state of Granato was married to the Marquis Igniseri, and their first few years of life were fairly normal. But the Marquis -- a much older man -- died in Arx when the twins were but three years old, and their mother left them in care of their nurse to pursue the goals of House Igniseri herself. She married again when they were 7, a lesser count who pursued her relentlessly. There were rumors that the count was the author of their father's death, and Pietro grew up especially resentful of the man, who was unusually bookish and intelligent for a noble and spent many hours doing his best to ingratiate himself with the boys by teaching them things. Vincere was more receptive than Pietro to the contents of books, which did not move around or go hunting enough for Pietro's tastes.

When the promising young boys were 13, their stepfather died in an "accident" in the Lycene countryside on a trip to Granato. Rumors abounded about how it happened, but an investigation by their aunt turned up significant evidence that their mother, the Marquesa, was responsible. She lost significant reputation capital, and in part to keep her family intact, she agreed to a fosterage contract with House Rubino so that her boys could be raised through their teen years as wards of her liege. This was done to keep the woman whose reputation grew over the years as the Badger of Granato in line. Training with their liege-lord's children, the Igniseri twins grew more capable. Their training separated them somewhat -- Pietro could not get enough of battle and action, while Vincere grew subtler and quicker to grasp the greater needs of a commander -- but both were united, over time, in both their loyalty to each other and their hunger to improve their family's fortunes after their mother's mismanagement.

The Badger remarried again. The knight she married, Sir Jalawyn, was little better than a commoner, although he was unusually handsome. She mainly kept in touch with her sons via correspondence -- once they attained their majority they returned to Granato to manage the city-state and develop the family fortune. They both learned much of the military arts and Pietro especially took troops of men out onto the roads to Gemecitta and beyond to hunt brigands and glory and anything else he could stab appropriately. (Vincere rode out sometimes, too, but honestly he just had better things to do most of the time.) But when Marquis Sir Jalawyn Igniseri died six months ago -- poisoned, though the Badger still swears it wasn't by her hand -- she did not remarry, but found herself strongly advised by her fellow Lycenes to leave Arx and send her perfectly capable heir in her place to manage for the Igniseri fortunes. Her capable son of course is Vincere, but Pietro will never leave his side ? so the two of them ventured to the capital to turn this ship around and sail their disgraced family into better fortunes.

Relationship Summary

  • Vincere - best twin and truest friend
  • Quenia - younger sister, cleverest and curiousest
  • Iovita - half-sister, probably covered in mud at any given moment

  • Acquaintance:
  • Juliet - sassy and sexy even if it was kind of a rocky start
  • Eleyna - cool reserve over fierce passion
  • Talen - snarkier than I am
  • Orazio - basically the family emergency priest because every family needs an emergency priest
  • Anze - former frequent sparring partner, always beats me and calls me a puppy
  • Tristram - knows a lot, eats a lot of bacon
  • Preston - templar I was pretty rude to at one point
  • Aleksei - good weapons trainer
  • Zhayla - tiny terror with a titanic sword

  • Ally:
  • Ainsley - with whom I tripped and fell in love (shut up all of you)
  • Aislin - pathfinder, knower of all the answers, has definitely seen elephants

  • Friend:
  • Valkieri - Cranky liege and kinda foster brother
  • Sylvie - Classy liege and best hostess
  • Leo - big damn hero
  • Luca - can't believe you threw me that one time
  • Serafine - former lover, current bestie
  • Calypso - one of the first badasses I met in the city
  • Dawn - giver of dogs, who always tried so hard
  • Cara - near sister, future sister-in-law, true friend, carer for everyone
  • Cassius - true and stalwart friend even though we may make a surprising pair

  • Family:
  • Luis - cousin and friend, kinda like a little brother
  • Name Summary