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Words: "Balance of Body"
Colors: Red, Yellow, Black and Green
Sigil: A blue field with balanced quarters, bearing a green herb, a black wave, a red flame and a yellow curl of smoke

The Physicians Guild offers opportunity for those who deal with the well-being of others to gather, collaberate, and attend to the medical needs of Arx and beyond. Epidemics and plagues, strange manners of death and peculiar symptoms in the living, midwifery and hangover cures - they collectively cover it all. They welcome anyone who has made medicine and healing their life's work; common or noble, rooted in belief or science, whatever the specialty.


Name Rank Title Description
Reigna 1 Guildmaster Head Administrator. Specialties: Surgery. General Medicine. Midwifery.
Eirene 2 Assistant Guildmaster Head of Surgery. Specialties: Autopsy. Medical Mysteries. Trauma Surgery.
Rukhnis 2 Assistant Guildmaster Specialties: Holistic Medicine. Epidemic Illness. Ophthalmology.
Benjamin 3 Master Physician
Sophie 3 Master Physician
Cedarav 3 Master Physician
Rey 3 Master Physician
Isidora 3 Master Physician Head of Education. Specialties: Herbal Remedies. Combat Medicine.
Miles 3 Master Physician
Victoria 3 Master Physician
Olivia 3 Master Physician Specialties: Herbal Medicine. Combat Medicine.
Godric 3 Master Physician Specialties: Autopsy. Medical Mysteries.
Margret 3 Master Physician Administrator of the Commons Clinic. Specialties: General Medicine. Midwifery. Trauma.
Mabelle 3 Master Physician
Juliana 3 Master Physician Specialties: Apothecary. Autopsy. Trauma.
Meriah 3 Master Physician Trauma Surgeon
Medeia 3 Master Physician General Medicine. Midwifery.
Azova 4 Physician
Annika 4 Physician
Clara 4 Physician
Branwen 4 Physician
Jack 4 Physician
Lianne 4 Physician Speaker for the Dead. Specialties: Autopsy. Anatomy.
Lethe 4 Physician Specialty: Herbal Medicine.
Carmen 4 Physician
Briar 4 Physician Surgeon
Richard 4 Physician
Kalani 4 Physician
Estelle 4 Physician Specialty: General Medicine.
Oswyn 4 Physician
Coraline 4 Physician Combat Medic
Soren 4 Physician
Rowynna 4 Physician
Viveka 4 Physician
Thea 4 Physician
Lenne 4 Physician
Kako 4 Physician
Kalila 4 Physician
Ricki 4 Physician
Ingrid 4 Physician
Raziel 4 Physician
Ridley 4 Physician
Katarzyna 4 Physician
Annabella 4 Physician
Elora 4 Physician
Glenys 4 Physician
Dusa 4 Physician
Shyanne 4 Physician
Giada 4 Physician Quartermaster
Clarisse 4 Physician
Ivy 4 Physician
Valery 5 Apothecary Specialty: Herbal Remedies.
Ira 5 Apothecary
Seva 5 Apothecary
Rose 5 Apothecary
Rhue 5 Apothecary General Medicine. Herbal remedies. Research.
Tove 5 Apothecary
Alayne 5 Apothecary
Oili 5 Apothecary
Ilsa 5 Apothecary
Ksenia 5 Apothecary Specialties: Herbal Remedies. General Medicine.
Ailys 6 Apprentice
Ianna 6 Apprentice
Mae 6 Apprentice Midwife
Signe 6 Apprentice
Emmelline 6 Apprentice
Ronan 6 Apprentice
Kalivan 6 Apprentice
Hope 6 Apprentice
Merek 6 Apprentice
Aelgar 6 Apprentice
Maya 6 Apprentice
Cecilia 6 Apprentice
Aeryn 7 Veterinarian
Amantha 8 Liaison Iron Guard Nurse Corps Liaison
Rosemary 8 Liaison