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Meriah Gascoigne

You're going to ask about the scars, aren't you? Everyone asks about the scars. They say, 'Oh, dearie me. How could that happen to such a pretty face?' Bah. Kiss my ass.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Street Croaker
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Gascoigne
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Medic
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Skintone: Pale

Description: There's a sudden disassociation when looking at the woman. Her face isn't off-putting with narrow, pale features that register as normal. Dusty, black hair often kept short and brushed in a simple fashion. But the noticeable thing, the thing that makes it hard to look at her without flinching--are the scars. They are on violent display, crossing over the hollowness of an eye and near the corner of the lip. Brutal, in whatever made them and carried off that violet eye. The other is sharp, almost sinister, as though it had some hand in the gruesome disappearance of the other.


Personality: Not quite a social creature but very even in temperament, Meriah can 'get-along' as they say, with the majority of people. Though her sense of humor is unquestionably black and she lacks that certain sense of pity even the most ardent cynic possesses. The nickname 'Black Meriah' is certainly well-earned. But when it comes to her job, the street croaker is second to none. Intelligent and sharp, she can come off as moody but it may be a lack of patience for those who believes, 'have been denied the basic intelligence to function' in life.

Background: She grew up on the hard mean streets. A thousand other children just like her running rampant in the streets. Dead mother, drunken bastard of a father, Meriah didn't shy away from finding methods to feed herself. But she wasn't going to be another sticky-fingered orphan, snatching goods off the stalls of merchants. Meriah was too smart for that; weirdly smart.

Smart enough to catch the interest of a quiet old man down by the docks. Former sawbones for a detachment of mercenaries decades ago. So long ago he couldn't remember their name. But he found her one day nursing a cut on her arm. Instead of just sewing it up, he had her do it herself and was marveled by her quick learning.

Years went by and when Meriah was fourteen the old man died. She took enough money from her useless father to buy a plot at the Cemetery and buried the sawbones. Least she could do for him. After that she started doing work for the locals. Charging a small fee for medical services, triage, and so forth that might be too expensive.

When she turned eighteen her father died and that was fine. She used the money he left behind to buy medical equipment and a few old books.

But the scars. Well. Those came during the Siege. A few years later. She saw a wounded man wandering down an alley and when she tried to help, she noticed something was -wrong- with him. The Bringer of Silence sliced out her eye with a knife and cut her face. She screamed, barely managing to escape before a patrol managed to subdue him.

Meriah still struggles with that moment.

Her begrudgingly charitable habits taking a hit, finding it hard to trust others, she became a little more reclusive. It was around that time that folks started calling her 'Black' Meriah. The nickname whispered offhandedly as she passed around the streets in the Lowers. Still aiding some when she could, but always in a spiteful way.

Name Summary
Aahana A very kind physician who I am happy to have crossed paths with.
Adora Some kind of healer that is hopefully better with her herbs than she is her words. I don't like her.
Aella That was quite the face. She got it bravely, allegedly, and hasn't let it keep her down. Makes me curious about her, if she's actually brave as she appears or if it's all bluster.
Amantha A dry sense of humor is something I will never overlook. Add to that her rumored talent with a scalpel, and I may well be smitten!
Amund Hard life. Written plainly on her face. But stronger, resolute core. Worthy of respect.
Armani I can already picture you like a mermaid, take me below the sea and put me back together
Bianca Frank in her words, devoted in her work. I have met the woman twice now and each time she has proven to be invaluable to the Compact. She may be known as 'Black Meriah' to some, but don't let it fool you. She is a living bane to disease.
Calandra Has a good and fair head on her shoulders, seemingly as a result of her upbringing amongst the docks. It's nice to know there's a kindred spirit out there, looking out for the Lowers.
Caspian When I first met her she didn't seem to be that friendly or talkitive, but I was wrong! She's quite friendly and a good soul.
Cirroch Seems like a fun woman for a cat lover.
Coraline A master surgeon, a master physican, gruff and prickly as nothing else, and I can think of few I would trust more with my own health. This woman would stab illness and injury itself if she could.
Delilah She seems one more likely to listen than to talk, but her words resonate with intelligent commentary when she chooses to share them. Meriah has a powerful reputation as a healer, and I would not be surprised to see her live up to that. My friends may be in the balance, otherwise.
Domonico A surgeon. A commendable profession. I'm curious as to how she got her injuries though. It doesn't seem to bother her though.
Draven She says she is cruel! But I bet she is nice! I think she is! She might take me as a Physician's Assistant! Maybe!
Duarte A doctor who was all at once helpful, and hopeful, and professional.
Faruq Scars tell a lot about a person. I will forever wonder about hers. The cat playing ping pong with the wooden eye was delightful though. It's a pity she uses the scars as a shield to an extent, she really is quite pleasant company, when she wants to be.
Fecundo Straightforward and a little serious, though in her line of work, that's not surprising. I wouldn't fit, but hope she finds a worthwhile apprentice.
Fiora Curious, gentle, and very attractive. What a precious soul this one. The cat, I mean. I don't know about the woman, she's alright I guess?
Gilroy Physicians are always bad news. It means someone's all messed up. Or is selling some bullshit nerve tonic.
Harper A physician by the looks of her. She seems to be a tough one, but from what I can tell of her she takes her job real serious. I can respect that.
Ian Brave enough that it'll get her killed one of these days.
Ida Mistress Meriah, who has the most adorable cat, is a surgeon and part of the Physician's Guild. I think my trade is not one she cares for, though I've no doubt there are solid reasons for such. Despite that, she was exceptionally pleasant company and I rather hope we manage to meet up again.
Jacali Curious lass, that one, strange indeed... rather like it, all tolt as true.
Jeffeth Black Meriah (she's not really black) seems like a good sort, helping people in the Lowers. She's tough but kind, and seems to have tough love exuding from her constantly.
Jyri Healer with a cat, and one eye. I'm a soldier with dogs and one eye. We should be friends, together we can see as one person, fight and heal.
Kaia At first, I admit, I found her a little scary and intimidating; but she is in fact a lovely and very amicable person. No doubt, she has fame as, a remarkably skilled physician. I like her.
Liara When I think of a master physician, I think of someone who's all dour and serious. But no! She's quick to joke and to laugh and chat. Still, I'd certainly take her seriously.
Lilia The cat to counter a certain grouchy old dog.
Lou A bit rough around the edges, but sometimes such people are diamonds in the rough. I like her so far, and she seems to have a good, capable head on her shoulders, and like me, she's not afraid to speak her mind about things.
Maddox A physician, heart and soul. I have heard of her work before, and even of her unsettling visage, but her presence is impressive in its own right.
Melody A creature of the lowers -- One with a talent for things I can't stomach. Yet somehow she's so terribly alluring, with an impish and playful side to her. We're going to get along well.
Miranda This Master Physician looks as if she's had some interesting experiences. She'll be handy to know and have around after a battle, I'd wager. Pleasant company to have with a good wit and humor!
Monique The master physician certainly makes a memorable entrance. I don't know that I've ever seen such scarring before, or such a lovely feline companion.
Morrighan A woman of the Lowers who sounds to have considerable skill and talent as a physician; I'm impressed. I'll know who to call on should I find myself beat all to abyss and bleeding.
Niklas Seems a little gruff, but it looks like she's earned it more than most.
Orathy Shit... reckon now I know why they be callin her Black Meriah.
Oswyn A very capable physician.
Petal I think she probably has had a very hard life and I wonder waht her story is. Maybe one day I will learn such.
Reese She is tough and has been through some times. I don't know what, but she is a survivor who is helping others survive too. I hope her clinic goes well.
Rey Unusual, Impressive and someone who I want to know more of. She is a Master of her trade and seeing her in action will let me learn more of our craft.
Rowenova Triage (a blue smoke devon rex) and Surgeon Meriah Gascoigne -- members of the Physician's Guild -- helpfully healed me at the Commons Medical Clinic after coming back to Arx from a dangerous mission ((Riverbend PRP : Parts I-III)).%RBoth were excellent caretakers. Highly recommended! 10/10 Paws.
Sabella OH MY GOD HER very...memorable! Because of its...uniqueness!
Shae Pretty eye, handsome scars. Moves in her skin like she wants to be more at peace than she is, but she doesn't lash out about it. She smells like Reigna, only ... sharper. Metal, maybe? Clean.
Thesarin Seen hurt, that's clear, but she seems a cheerful sort. Always glad to know another skinstitch.
Traherne She seems a brash sort, not that that is a bad thing. It is refreshing in its own right. Maybe I'll catch her for another drink one day.
Valery I got a protege! She's nice and she likes the children and the mice she's a healer.
Vincenzo Umbra and Amethyst. Dark on the surface but it is only a shell. Her laughter is real rather than cruel and there is a fierceness about her; one not tinged with barbs or blades, but is no less intense. She cares. Gorgeous eye.