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Lady Azova Darkwater

A positive attitude can be as healing as medicine, although I wouldn't recommend a treatment that left either out.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Selfless Mercy
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Darkwater
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 11/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Mercy
Height: average height
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: fair

Titles: Mercy of Lagoma, Legendary Mercy

Description: There is a subtly elfin quality to Azova's features: high, thinly angled bones, with a delicate point to her chin and her nose a pert snub. Her hair is fine, too, a silky fall of amber, gossamer and straight. Her eyes are large and bright, a clear blue whose brilliance suggests sea and sky in the frame of thick, pale eyelashes. Her mouth is thin and pink, and the apples of her cheeks flush with some frequency due to the treachery of her fair, fair skin. Prone to alert, gazelle-like stillness, Azova can often be seen looking up and away, listening, before plunging into a dynamic flurry of activity, leading with swift certainty in her slim, long-fingered hands.

Personality: Azova’s roots are idealistic and ingenuous, a native optimism that simply could not survive the trials of reality, but they linger beneath a surface that life has hardened. She sees the best in people, and lavishes hope upon the world in the keen desire to shape it, change it, into something better than it is. That doesn’t mean she is blind to what is, but chooses to live in a world that she can effect, and focuses instead on what could be. She has a battlefield medic’s mouth — or a sailor’s, take your pick — and though her warmth and optimism shine like beacons from her eyes, it’s rare that she can get through a conversation delving into the startlingly profane. It’s easy to think that a kind woman is soft, but Azova is anything but: even-tempered and generous though she is, this is layering over a spine of solid steel. Her smile may be sweet, but that never made her less of a force to be reckoned with.

Background: Azova was a treasured daughter who grew up with the pampered life of a noble and yet found it left her empty and cold. Instinctively conscious of her privilege even at a young age, she observed her family’s place in the world with a certain level of native uncertainty for its justice, and focused hard on her studies with the seraph on anything that she could learn that might justify her position. So it was not that surprising, as she blossomed into an earnest, educated young woman, that she blossomed into one with a keen desire to find ways to give back to the world and to help others.

Well-intentioned idealism is not the only pathway to the physicians’ guild and the Mercies of Lagoma, but it is a well-traveled one, and there were friends and mentors to help guide Azova on her way. With the support of her family and a dewy-eyed hope about the future, Azova ventured forth to Arx. During the Silent War, she cut her teeth on battle, and saw horrors that quenched her initial idealized version of being a battlefield medic in blood and terror. Others might have wilted back and sought a quieter life, a quieter service, when subjected to such early trauma in their career, but not Azova. She was a noblewoman, a daughter of House Darkwater, a lover of Lagoma, and above all other things, a healer. She had studied to be a doctor where she was most needed, and this was a trial by fire that left her with grim determination to succeed.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aelgar Quiet but competent, she seems to have a handle on the questions asked of her. It is nice to have the partnership of such people.
Ailys So very kind, and seems to understand what it is I want to do almost better than I understand it myself. I'm glad she was the one to welcome me to the Mercies.
Alecstazi A sweet woman, soft spoken. A healer. She is the epitome of an Isle Lady. I see depth to her, which she keeps modestly down. She is smart, quick, but not sharp. She carries the fullness of Mangata's grace and the fire of Lagoma with her. She is the sort of woman I saw myself marrying. Perhaps, should she end up married to Lord Reve she and I can commiserate on the state of finding ourself among the savage North. Except that it is not so savage, and far warmer than I thought to expect.
Amund A sense of humor, an iron liver and a bright smile. A stunning combination, even more so that she knows it.
Braith Not a fan of spiders. Glad that we share that but she seems friendly enough. Interested in music but then I suppoes anything is better than spiders.
Cahal A healer with a healthy dose of curiosity.
Cristoph I'd like to say that the nightmares and the sick feeling in your stomach will go away, but I'm not sure that they ever do. At least they haven't for me. I'm sorry.
Dio A kind and thoughtful Mercy of House Darkwater. May her burdens ever feel light.
Drake A cheerful islands Lady with a lovely, infectious laugh.
Ember I have a tendency to find an abundance of good cheer and optimism as cause for suspicion, in all truth. However, Lady Azova wears her loyalty to Countess Carita proudly, and that makes her my ally through thick and thin.
Evaristo That performance will be something I will remember forever - I laughed so much I cried!
Evelynn Very warm, easy to talk to. I hope we get the opportunity for a longer conversation next time.
Giorgio A compassionate woman that doesn't let that compassion cripple her practicality. A healer who I have heard to be quite capable. I look forward to working with her soon.
Grady It must be difficult to have one's soul drawn towards the Faith and one's heart planted firmly at home. Soul or heart, surely one cannot afford to abandon either.
Icelyn The very image of a Mercy, a woman of faith and a person of integrity. It would be an honour to work alongside her again in the future.
Mabelle Would you look at that beautiful red hair? A beautiful woman who's also a physician AND full of mischief? I shall have to know her better.
Medeia The Mercy is excellent in her chosen work, a calling it seems. We tend to meet in passing, but having had the chance to work at her side was an honor.
Piccola Sometimes you meet someone who you know is probably a lot smarter than you, and the best thing to do is enjoy their company as long as you can have it.
Porter Doesn't want me to consume topical medicine, thinks I know what classy drinks are. Does she even know who I am?
Raimon First seen at The Spirits, where I was rather out of my depth. Luckily, a pair of kind strangers, Azova and her Darkwater husband, were able to rescue me from my ignorance. And offered an adventure in Rum betimes! Truly a blessing to have met them, for which I thank Mangata, Blessed-Be the Breath of Her Name!
Ras Kind, gave everybody at the shrine tea when it was cold. I dunno much about her but she seems pretty honest with her words, and that's good.
Romulius The Lady Darkwater takes her duties very seriously, though she is willing to humor my brother's antics. Sharp and kind - good company.
Rorik She might not know what words are real words, but she is a real friend.
Rowynna Lady Darkwater has an engaging character, and is encouraging of my endeavours. I shall have to seek her advice with regards my New Hope project.
Rukhnis Instantaneous kindness and consideration for a stranger. She is clearly a Mercy who is the very epitome of her title.
Rylan Firm and yet compassionate, an ideal healer. Not to mention an excellent story-listener!
Sanya I love meeting new family members. Especially one who happens to be a talented mercy and fun when concocting new plays.
Savio A fair-minded Mercy, able to balance compassion with realism. I'll sail her back to safety or die trying. Hopefully not die trying...!
Teagan She's much more approachable than Countess Carita, but no less willing to stand up for what she believes in and see the job done and done right.
Venturo A Mercy with a sense of humor and who is intrigued by making alcohol? How Rummy! She'll have a free drink or three at the Raconteur after setting my wrist as my thanks.
Wash A brave and worthy soul. They'll offer to teach first aid, I'll teach them the basics of sailing. Seems equitable to me.
Zoey Like most brilliant minds, a bit odd. There are few healers I would trust more to bring someone I cared about back from the brink of death.
Zoya A rather uptight healer. If he was meant to live then mere words would do little harm.