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Viveka Llyr

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Wise Woman
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Llyr
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 32
Birthday: 9/7
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Healer
Height: average height
Hair Color: wheat blonde
Eye Color: light teal
Skintone: fair

Description: Viveka is a woman in her early thirties, that possesses a slightly motherly look to her. A touch weathered, and worn, and yet she is stoic and stalwart, the youthful beauty having smoothed some over the years to something more mature and refined. Her pale wheat blonde hair, has been left long and a touch wild. Locks of it braided into tiny braids that have been decorated here and there with intricately carved beads. Blue-green eyes offer a window to the intelligence within the woman, and the depth of strength and compassion she holds. On the taller side, with a statuesque form, that shows a quiet confidence.

Personality: Stoic, Compassionate, Matronly. Are all words one could use to describe Viveka, she rarely smiles widely, but her quiet warm smiles are gems to be earned. Protective, fierce at heart, she has a mind of her own, and is often willing to share that with you, whether she thinks you want it or not. She can be exceptionally compassionate, but never take that kindness for a weakness. Though a lot of it is dampened by the grief that clings to her.

Background: Born a thrall, she comes from a thrall family, who years and years ago was a minor noble house that had fallen and was taken and claimed by Thrax. The women of the Wojciech family made a long line of wise women, local healers, and keepers of hearth wisdom; knowledge and teachings that were passed down from mother to daughter, and so forth. A practice that was shared among the women folk. While Viveka did not go to any fancy academies, her grandmother's and mother's teachings, and her history and experience as a healer has served her well, and she is well renowned from the Isles she is from for being an exceptionally talented healer. She has always been a devoted follower of Lagoma, who like her foremothers before her, holds a very special place in her heart.

Her husband Stevik was a ship captain for one of the various ships within the Thrax armada, and her oldest son, Marinus, was his First mate, and her other son, Rolf, served on the same ship as his brother and father. All of them died during the battle against the Gyre, leaving Viveka bereft from the loss of her husband, and her children. The grief of it still clings tightly to the woman.

With no family left, and deeply grieving from her loss, she has left Maelstrom, needing to not be near that which is familiar. As such, she's moved to Arx, to throw herself into healing and assisting others, perhaps as a way to help her deal with her own grief; needing to keep herself busy. She seeks to assist Thrax, as well as Arx in the coming days, to help heal and bolster those in need. To kindle a new hearth, and share her knowledge that she learn from her foremothers, with other like minded people. And just maybe, to start again.

Name Summary
Amund She's nice. Thoughtful and a Mercy. From Escuma. A place I've heard of, but never been to. Maybe she has tales to tell.
Skapti Doesn't much approve of my usual ways of sortin' things out, but... Has a way about her that eases the dreams, without 'em, she does.
Sophie Mercy Viveka is a welcome addition to the Mercies of Arx, and I have decided to take her under my wing and make her my protege. There are great things ahead for her, and for the Mercies.
Turo It's always good to spend time with someone from Escuma, and a healer is always worth knowing, just in case.