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Sir Miles Lockton

If you wouldn't get injured, I wouldn't need to grumble at you for being injured. See how it works? It's not a complicated concept.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: King's Own Medic
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Lockton
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 48
Birthday: 12/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Charcoal
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Warm Beige

Description: Average in most respects, Miles stands just under six feet tall and possesses a relatively trim build. What was once a strong young man has gradually gave way to the effects of age. That is not to be imagined that he man is not capable; far from it. He is as spry and limber as he was in his youth and his wiry frame is collection of corded muscles and memories in the form of scars. Charcoal hair is kept modestly short, though often slicked back. A carefully trimmed beard hugs his jawline and a majestic moustache is kept carefully waxed and presentable for the admiration of all. His blue eyes speak of age and experience, time spent on and off the battlefield. At times his eyes contain the vibrance of lost youth, but more and more often with age they seem distant and haunted.

Personality: Time has transformed a once vibrant young man with aspirations and dreams into a rather crotchety, grumpy older man. In possession of skills that often demand some measure of bedside manner, Miles can still be a true sweetheart or friendly face to those who are severely injured. Those who aren't so seriously injured? It's their own fault for clearly doing something stupid or otherwise avoidable! While not cruel, he's very certain to inform someone of their failings while in the same moment carefully patching up their wounds. While he can certainly grumble and mutter under his breath about a knight's errors in taking a club to the head, at the heart of it all his complaints do carry within them some measure of meaning: love. He wants people to feel better, he wants those under his care to be able to fight on, and often his frank manner that shows that he truly cares for those he mends because he does not wish to see them injured again. At best he's a loveably disgruntled old man who has become jaded with experience and time.

Background: Born the seventh and last child of a Count and Countess sworn to House Laurent, Miles Lockton was destined to always finish last or be considered an expendable bargaining chip by parents who already had an heir, a spare, and many more available in the event of tragedy. Eventually becoming a page to one of his family's sworn knights, then a squire, eventually Miles became a knight in his own right.

While never the most expert swordsman, Miles was in possession for an affinity for service. Not only to himself or his liege, but to the injured. He comported himself with valor when, as a knight himself, he was in battle with a number of shav'arvani, his own mentor was seriously injured. Not only did Sir Miles Lockton fight off the three shavs who would have no doubt killed the knight who trained him, he hoisted the fully armoured man onto his shoulders and trudged off the battlefield with him to seek immediately attention.

At 24 years old, that singular act of valor and dedication drew the attention of the Crown. Which resulted in his invitation to join the King's Own, the royal guard of the Sovereign his or herself. Since that time Sir Miles has witnessed many knights come and go within the King's own, more often than not when they've met their end, yet Sir Miles continues on. Some claim he's unkillable - yet more claim that it's because he's too stubborn and crotchety to die. Some say the gods don't want to deal with his heavy sighs and disappointed frowns. Sir Miles has witnessed a great deal and even tended to the minor injuries of a young Leona Thrax, who herself would one day become a Lord Commander of the King's Own, at the behest of Lord Commander Dayne Valardin. Youth is taking over the King's Own, yet Sir Miles refuses to fade away.

Relationship Summary

  • Benjamin - Master Surgeon
  • Leola - Animal Whisperer
  • Valery - Mousy Girl
  • Rymarr - Former Lord Commander
  • Larissa - Charming Whisper

  • Ally:
  • Felicia - Drinking Buddy

  • Friend:
  • Leona - Esteemed Lord Commander
  • Duarte - Man with the Alright Beard
  • Name Summary