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Lord Richard Wyrmguard

Never judge something by its cover. No, instead judge by the content within that cover. For some books look in terrible conditions yet provide a great tale. While others are new and have nothing but vacuity.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Crusading Healer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 7/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Sunkissed

Description: Richard has his hair cut down into a buzz cut. The color is clearly a darker brown. His prominent forehead, surprisingly, has no worry marks. When it comes to his eyes, they are well arched by eyebrows that look rather straight, and with that now familiar dark brown. With a very straight nose, it is not difficult to realize this man is always looking quite serious with a very steely gaze of his glimmering in the light. Eyes that are clearly full of life, but more so reflects a keen intelligence in them. His lips are actually on the bigger side. He wears a clean mutsache and stubbly beard. Due to his training since childhood to be a knight, body wise, Richard definitely is not lacking in the height or muscle department. Because his body frame is quite large, but all of it is pure raw musculature. Limbs are thick, large and muscular. His hands however seem to be extremely calm at all times and one cannot stop to notice how dextrous he is with them.

Personality: Behind that seemingly martial, knightly exterior is a mind like a steel trap. Richard has always been more of an observer. He takes things in, processes things, and then acts. As a result, he watches his words and can be seen as gruff and rough around the edges, but he means well, having seen and lived through many consequences for acting too hastily. As the eldest of the cadet branch of the Wyrmguards, knightly duty, filial piety, and loyalty to family has been ingrained in him, and he will do whatever he can to protect his family and his people. It's one of the reasons why he remains mostly guarded at times, but once his guard has fallen and he considers someone trustworthy, then that person as a valuable friend and ally for life.

Background: The eldest scion of Damian Wyrmguard and his wife Elisabetta, Richard is the first cousins of the other three Ds (Dominique, Damon, and Desiree). While he always pursued more intellectual pursuits, his father demanded that he be trained in all things knightly due to the duty and responsibility that they had to the people of Blancbier and to the family. As such, he trained hard as a young boy, building up his body and learning what he could about the more martial of arts, but he always was more intrigued with the human body and how one could learn to better optimize it for handling the harsh conditions of war and combat.

As such, with his mother's blessing, he became more of a physician, learning what he could about the human body. He wrote down everything he saw, seeing the correlations of how diet and exercise could improve optimal outcome in producing stronger, sturdier warriors. His notes have always been meticulous and his observations always astute, to where he was placed more as an athletic trainer and doctor to any and all squires in Blancbier looking to be knights. It's why he has a such a gruff exterior in that he knows that the life of a knight can be a hard one afterall.

Having managed things in Blancbier for so long, he was called to Arx by his cousins to help with a variety of things. This is why he has come to Arx, to see how he can assist and help his family.

Relationship Summary

  • Drake - My mischevious, but loving brother.

  • Friend:
  • Reese - While I don't know her all that well, we do seem to enjoy lietrature a lot.

  • Family:
  • Reigna - My dearest cousin and healer.
  • Bianca - A hand to steady me and keep me from my darker thoughts.
  • Tescelina - A fellow mind seeking truth in the dark. A sharer of the silence. A treasured cousin.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn He comes across as rather solemn and cerebral, with curious insights into life and death. From what I can tell during our short exchange, he seems quite reserved, but conversation - when drawn out of him - might prove to be thought-provoking.
    Alexis Lord Richard is in many ways what I think of when I consider the Oathlands Noble - stern and stoic, for the most part, and deeply dedicated to family and duty. His scholarly side reminds me of Alexander, though he went for the House of Solace and the physician's training rather than the Scholars. Wait. Does that make me akin to Lord Drake?
    Appolonia Rarely have I seen a man so warmly introduced to me by several ladies. Is this fate? No. He reminds me of a great purple stone in one of the valleys in Ischia, which seems to move round every winter. But perhaps they both bear hidden veins.........
    Aslaug Easily distracted, like a dog pining for his master's hand and suddenly hearing a sound in the distance that's more interesting. Still, he may be interesting to know better - a challenge to see how far off his game he can be. Also, he is a great fan of Count Blanchard. An Achille's heel perhaps?
    Bianca The sign of a great man is a willingness to face his fears and his failings and through them, become better. I believe in the man I know you to be, Richard.
    Cadenza Such strong hands, and committed to spanking all sickness away.
    Dante A fine and wise man who confirmed my deep unease over Fizz-Key and gave me some potentially life-saving advice. I'll certainly always be grateful for that.
    Drake Richard got beat up by a woman and then spoke a lot about the library. He has obviously not changed much in my time away.
    Drusila How curious to meet a man from Blancbier, I wonder if they're still true to the promise in the name of their very house. He seems very restrained and polite, I may have to pry him open.
    Gabriella Here is a man of duty, even in suffering the attentions of a mind-addled vagabond, or fielding the rage of someone gleefully thrust upon self-destruction's spiral. Such commitment is breathtaking. Quite the strong hand, too.
    Hamish An Oathlander of many interests; disciple, medic, warrior. Yet with a wit quicker than one might expect from such a description.
    Ignacio A rectangle in a purple robe. Seems a knight, though I am told he is a physician. Feisty enough to take a swing, whatever the case, which I can appreciate.
    Jourdain I believe my cousin would agree: often one syllable will suffice.
    Katryn Lord Richard is everything I have heard: a strong figure of diligence and upright stature, as well as caring and delicate in his own way. He shows an enduring compassion for his fellows and a critical eye to the improvement of all around him. Truly, an inspiration I shall endeavor to become more like.
    Korka The kind of man that likes to lend a helping hand when he sees someone in need. That's going to get him killed one day.
    Lora A peculiar, somber man. Not the bedside manner I would expect for a physician, unless in truth he mostly tends the beds of bloody war.
    Mabelle Such prowess, he nearly gave me a heart attack. Oddly not drawn to chocolate as the other Wyrmguards.
    Mirk Serious about his horses, it seems, and not one given to overmuch explanation.
    Philippe It is good that I have the acquaintance of a skilled healer. The business of war is a bloody one, and my long campaigns have left hurts in me that age has aggreviated. Perhaps Lord Richard's ongoing research may find a way to ease this persistent pain in my back. It is also a comfort to have a comrade whose temperment is less turbulent than some in my household.
    Sabella Lord Richard Wyrmguard promised to produce some very small horses for my children, so I think it's safe to say that I utterly adore him and have already started working on the small horse accessories they shall need!
    Sunaia A physician, unmarried, perhaps a little broody for Olivia - but nonetheless interesting. Did I mention he's a physician AND unmarried? PERFECT.
    Verity A big man with big feelings. He's a well-respected physician and, after seeing the size of his mace, I'm sure he's a wonder at setting bones.
    Zoey A wise man never skips leg day.