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Secret Thea Party - It's her birthday!

Rule 1 of Secret Thea Party - Do not tell Lady Thea that is exists.

Rule 2 of Secret Thea Party - Bring cake/gift/drink/yourself/a +1

Rule 3 of Secret Thea Party - DO NOT TELL LADY THEA IT EXISTS. (OOC - Same goes OOC. Her player dosn't know either)

It is Thea's birthday in a few days time, the previous day to this secret party, so she will probably think we have all forgotten. Which means it works great as a secret party!

Come along. See you there.

OOC - Recognise this is likely a horrible time for everyone to be online, oddly it's when she usually is plus a few others of Thea's friends. So there is seriously no pressure to turn up!! Especially at the start, I suspect this'll go on for a while. If she doesn't turn up - even funnier! :laughs:


Aug. 26, 2019, 7 a.m.

Hosted By

Martino Arcadia Miranda Thea


Alessia Antonio Arman Calypso Dariel Domonico Evangeline Fiora Gaspar Inigo Isidora Kaia Lisebet Lucita Mabelle Pasquale Reese Santi Selene Sven Valencia Valenzo Waldemai Caelis Videl Artur Catalana



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Bold Espressions - Main Room

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Comments and Log

Arcadia helps to keep Thea distracted while Martino gets things set up. She still complains about Thea's dress "I am sure I can see all your bits through it."

Maple, a brown golden retriever, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Truffle, an energetic mountain puppy arrive, following Mabelle.

Pasquale gives Martino a nod and a faint smile as he moves on into Espressions to speak to Thea. "Is that so bad?" Pasquale asks of Arcadia as he gets near enough to comfortably speak. "I think its rather lovely."

Thea doesn't pay much attention now as--it's her brother. Directing her attention back to Arcadia, with very the signature Thea eyebrow lift, she replies,"Arcadia, everything is covered and besides--it's nothing no one has seen before and you have the same bits" Hearing Pasquale, she offers a bow of her head a brief smile,"Hello Lord Pasquale and thank you."

Pleased at the banner, Lord Martino claps once and steps back to turn on his heels. "Ohhhh Theeeeeaaaa." There is a devious tone to Martino's voice as he steps from the banner and calls his sister across to look. "Can I get you coffee?" There is a crease of his sharp green eyes to Lord Pasquale as he asks the same question, "Mine thanks for coming along dear friend of ours."

Mabelle travels into the Coffee place, with a wide smile on her face and calls of "Happy Birthday!". She makes a series of whistles and her puppies (which are wearing some seriously absurdly huge bows on their heads) run toward Thea, circle her thrice, quite to the dismay of Finn and quickly sit behind her. "Happy Birtheday Lady Malvici", she greets her and offers her a bag of chocolate. "Lord Malvici, Countess Arcadia, Lord Pasquale, good afternoon".

Arcadia glances at the banner and then at Martino's singsong voice. A smirk comes across her face as she waits for the Thea Malvici death stare. She blinks and covers her ears at the shrill whistle and then all these dogs are there. She gives a tight smile and definitely steals a whiskey coffee "Good morning."

Thea pauses midsentence and turns toward her brother's voice and--jaw drops, her face a shade of red upon seeing the banner and--is that a pink cake?! Her gold-flecked green eyes just stare,"Martino--what--"but her voice trails remembering there are -people- and she tries to look normal. Thea smiles as best she can at Mabelle,"Thank you Lady Mabelle."

Finn sees what he thinks are dogs--whos to tell with bows on them, and takes off to play.

Flutter, a lovely passerine bird, Joan arrive, following Videl.

Pasquale smiles at Thea's response. "Happy birthday Thea." he says. Then. "Hello Mabelle." And then he drifts over towards where Martino is setting things up. "How could I miss it? Is that coffee?"

"Happy Birthday!" There Martino stands still beside that banner as he dips his chin afterwards to Johannes to bring out a bag for the Lady Thea. "I /even/ got you a gift." The bag is small, certainly not saddle or horse shaped. "Ah Lady Mabelle good day... Johannes. I'll take the bag. Please, see that everyone has the coffee-whiskey monster that Thea always has to hand." Across the floor Martino steps to then reach out and hand the bag to Thea. "Your gifts."

Martino drops a useful cloth heart bag.

Mabelle gestures silently to Cupcake to take the dogs out of their misery and remove the bow. "Oh, Whiskey Coffee. I've been having spiced rum all morning, Princess Valencia spoiled me". She steps toward Pasquale and teases Thea, "My, everything is so pink".

Thea takes a useful cloth heart bag.

Videl enters the bold espressions and takes a good look around, a bemused smile on her face. "I'd heard rumour of some kind of party, I'm afraid I didn't have time to acquire a gift, so instead I shall sing the praises of the birthday lady." She heads straight for Theam "Happy birthday."

Videl is overheard praising Thea: Happy birthday

Pasquale is overheard praising Thea.

Mabelle is overheard praising Thea.

Thea checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Arcadia stares at the bag. Then stares at Martino. She immediately encourages Thea. "Lets see what you got. Your brother is so lovely and kind. " She praises Martino loudly, "I wish I had a brother like you."

There is utter excitement in Martino's features as he watches Thea expression as she goes to take the bag. A wry curl of his lips touch as he comments easy to Arcadia, "Well, you were umm... blessed in the department of sister. I ended up with a Thea about eleven years later." With a low bow of his head, Martino welcomes Videl in with a broad smile upon lips, "Oh Lady Videl, a delight to see you... my! You are not here to wound me are you?!"

"I would have liked a sister." Pasquale lifts one of the whiskey-coffees and gives it a thoughtful sip. "You're rather lucky to have a Thea." The cup gets gently put aside. Never to be touched again. As he leans in a little to listen to something Mabelle has to say. The look at her words is one of thoughtful curiosity and he leans to reply before turning his attention back to Martino. "So what exactly did you put in that bag?"

Mabelle shakes her her quietly to Pasquale as she murmurs, "Prince Artur Redrain's hawk. Since you asked". She smiles to Videl, "Lady Videl, good afternoon, I've not seen you in quite some time I pray you are well?". She then tends to agree, "I'd love a sibling. My duke would appreciate it too, someone else to torment, perhaps". She smiles quietly

"I don't know, there's downsides to having sisters too." Videl answers with a bemused smile, "I know, because I made sure Yelana learned that early on." There's a faint giggle when she says that, "I've been doing well, Lady Mabelle. Thank you." She glances to Thea once more, and then to Martino, "So what exactly did you give her, my lord?"

Arcadia certainly doesn't admit to breaking her sister's nose last night. No way! She instead just watches Thea and her gift.

Thea takes Martino Musk - A Blend of Summer Airs from a useful cloth heart bag.

Thea drops Martino Musk - A Blend of Summer Airs.

Thea takes Heaven's Embrace, The Creamiest Liqueur from a useful cloth heart bag.

Thea drops a useful cloth heart bag.

"Oh you shall see... I am sure." Martino's voice is wry, as he turns his chin to Pasquale and Videl with a faint smile, "And my thanks. Been well?" He pauses for a moment, a tilt of his head as he is almost instantly distracted by Videl's comment on a sister. "You... have a sister?! How have I not been fortuante to meet the good Lady Igniseri?"

Thea stares at her bag then looks to Martino, then back to her bag before she practically shouts,"Are you kidding?! That is gross! I can't drink this!"tossing the musk to Johannes, she tells him,"You wear it! Maybe you can---be sneaky and people will think you're him and you pick up the ladies!"

Spying a new face, Thea sees Videl,"Hello Lady Videl, how are you?" Obviously, Thea is trying really hard to keep her composure. Not grit her teeth at her brother. She turns to Mabelle,"Yes, so much pink,"her eyes back to her brother.

Arcadia immediately sniggers "Oh. Your brother gifted you his nut juice!"

Mabelle glances at the label of the perfume and rolls her eyes as she laughs, "Goodness Lord Malvici, you are so full of yourself, it is magnificent. Just what we all wish, to smell like a man". She grins at Thea, "Well have a happy birthday, I fear I have other commitments but I wanted to come and wish it in person". She bids the rest, "Oh enjoy the pink and try to breathe before all the air fill Martino's ego". She winks to Martino entertainedly as she murmurs something to Pasquale before she leaves

"If I wanted to smell like a man I would most certainly not seek to smell like lord Malvici." Videl opines in a tone of clear teasing, claiming a seat and ordering a drink. "I'm doing quite well, Lady Thea, thank you." She then asides to Martino, "I don't think you would be able to handle my sister, my lord. That's why I've tried to arrange it so the two of you don't meet."

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

Pasquale speaks quietly to Mabelle until she says she is leaving and then turns his attention back to Martino with mild amusement. "Well at least she wont miss you after you're married now. Thoughtful."

Almost instantly intrigued by Videl's suggestion, the attention Martino was giving Thea is now upon the Lady Igniseri, "Oh? Oh why would I not be able to, Lady Videl? I have tamed a dragon before. Oh, is she in the city now?" His right hand is upon his heart as he speaks to Videl and watches Johannes go from person-to-person offering out coffee-whiskey thing. "And, Thea. I believe the appropriate thing is to -use- gifts. Isn't that right Countess? Lord Pasquale?" He uses them to back him up. Who could deny a pregnant woman her wish...

Arcadia warns Thea, "I have a gift for you. It was from Dariel. So when you hate it, blame him. Okay?"

Thea mutters,"Probably smells like a woman, since that's how he smells anyway,"eyeing her kopis she didn't think she'd need. It's starting to look better and better the more she thinks about it. "Please Lady Videl, let him meet her. I like to think I have given him a run for his money all these years, but if she's worse---" Thea glances at Pasqual, her words unfortunate,"Kaia is marrying -in-, so I still have to deal with him,"a moments pause hearing Arcadia. There is pink everywhere, her brothers smelly nuts in a bottle--Thea is not sure what could be worse, but she just nods to Arcadia,"Alright."

"I do think." Pasquale plays devil's advocate. "That its also appropriate to put gifts on display." He tilts his head to get a better look at the bottles label. "Heaven's Embrace? Truly?" He quirks an eyebrow at Martino before looking back to Thea. "I'm sure it will not be the same again afterwards."

"So you actually did it." Alessia says dryly to Martino as she enters the cafe, pausing to read the elaborate sign, before approaching Thea with a smile. "Happy birthday." Her maid steps forth to hand the Malvici a cask.

Arcadia straightens her shoulders and gives Thea a grim look. "You can't stab me." Struggling to get from sitting to standing from the couches, Cady eventually comes to Thea. Inhaling deeply and having a look of disgust on her face. She reaches up to Thea and tugs her face down and gives her a loud smooch on the lips!

Swiftwing, a sharp eyed, red-tailed hawk, Daan, the Fanboy Valet, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Artur.

"My thanks Lord Pasquale! See, sister." Martino's eyes crease pleased at Pasquale's comment as he nods, "It was from the tasting I hosted with Princess Valencia a while ago. The remaining bottle."

Martino is stood beside the bar once again, the large sign draped in front of it declaring a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the Lady Thea. Johannes, his assistant, is working from person-to-person to offer a 'Thea Special' or something - coffee and whiskey mixed together as if it was some Lycene treat.

Videl laughs. "You'll have to find out yourself, if it comes to that." She answers, "And I believe she should be in the city, but who really knows with her. She spends more time travelling than she does sleeping." She glances to Thea, "But fine, I will no longer try to prevent such a meeting."

Swiftwing, a sharp eyed, red-tailed hawk, Daan, the Fanboy Valet, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Artur.

Thea is practically in love with Alessia and the cask of brandy,"I will drink all of this I think, tha--"but her words are cut off from lips! Arcadia's lips on HER lips! Not that Thea has anything against lips, kissing is great. But this kiss is from Dariel. So in true Thea fashion--not that these people would know, Thea one hundred percent kisses Arcadia back! Now we have a full on Lycene party!

Prying her lips from Arcaida, Thea thanks Videl,"I appreciate that. It will be something he deserves if she is as you say,"taking a large sip of her whiskey coffee. Yep. So much better. She eyes Pasquele aside,"Do.not.encourage.him!"

Arcadia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Swiftwing, a sharp eyed, red-tailed hawk, Daan, the Fanboy Valet, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Artur.

Arcadia has been kissed by Thea! She wretches back gagging and spluttering. It's like kissing your sister. Just all sorts of wrong. She swipes her mouth with her hand "Ugh!"

Privately celebrating at the words from the Lady Videl, there is a faint curl in the corners of Martino's lips as he nods firm to himself. "Mm... Thea's birthday party, and I still have it. But, well, how have /you/ been Lady Videl?" He leans his back against the banner, there is a slight furrow of his forehead as Arcadia and Thea seem to engage in such Lycene activities, "Well... there are worst people out there who'd give that as a gift." An effortless shrug before Martino finally pauses. Finally sips the coffee-whiskey blend.

He hates it.

"Well, I'm glad I don't get that bad of a reaction to a kiss." comes the voice from the doorway. Leaning on his cane, Artur gives a smile and a shake of his head. "So, is this how we're greeting the birthday girl?" he asks with a wink towards Arcadia. And that could have totally been an invitation for Thea to get a birthday kiss from the Redrain Prince as he carries a small package in his hands. "Happy birthday, Lady Malvici."

Pasquale watches with amusement crinkling the corners of his eyes. "It isn't right to expect the impossible of me."

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrive, following Miranda.

Arcadia is still wiping at her mouth. She excuses herself from the party, muttering something about needing turpentine to clear her mouth after that. Thea kisses. Ick.

Arcadia has left the a pair of sea blue leather couches on a handwoven blue rug.

Puff, a dainty yellow-green canary, 2 Leary House Guards, Sir Jesmond the Giant leave, following Arcadia.

2 Kennex corsairs arrives, following Catalana.

Thea actually grins a little at Arcadia,"You are welcome,"before turning to Artur,"Ah--your highness. Would it be rude to refuse? Am I allowed one--is that my gift?"teases a little. "And thank you very much." Thea is totally avoiding the pink--everything at this moment. Seeing Arcadia leave, she gives a bow of her head and smile,"Thank you for coming."

1 Malespero guard have been dismissed.

Alberico, the Malespero aide have been dismissed.

"Yes. But just one. So you should make it count." Artur responds with a small chuckle. "Or you can have the present I bought you. Your choice." Of course, he'll probably give her the present anyway as he eyes Martino's concoction. "No matter what you do, that coffee will never taste right." he points out blandly. Coffee. Ick.

Catalana comes in with a smile, a small gift box under her arm. She immediately heads to the birthday girl. A bright and sunny smile on her face. "Lady Thea. Happy Birthday. Your brother was so kind to tell me of your party. Here. I brought you a present. I hope you enjoy it." She then finds Martino in the crowd. "Lord Martino. Thank you ever so much for the invitation." She's then off to talk with him and sample the coffee.

Entering the festive Bold is Miranda. She has her entourage which immediately disperse.. that is, her guards move to help hold up walls, but Brenlin is holding a basket of flowers. She just comes along and offers, "Happy birthday, Cousin!" not caring if she's over-stepping other birthday wishers! She kisses her cousin's cheek and then steps aside.

BRenlin, on the other hand, comes in and shyly brings his lanky self to Thea and holds out a basket of flowers, "My Lady, happy birthday." Then he does something REALLY crazy! He kisses Thea's cheek, blushes to his ears and steps back as if afraid he might get stabbed. But the grin on his face is priceless!

Artur checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 2, rolling 33 higher.

Artur drops a pair of dragon bookends made of wood and rubies.

Stood by the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner drapped over the counter is the Lord Martino Malvici, Lady Thea sat in the couches with others about. Gifts before her include perfume... an open bottle of a liquor. Martino leans across the counter to murmur hushed to Videl, showing a note across to her. "Would this be a good start? To The Handful of Igniseri, Fine Lady Yelana." There is a wry curl of his lips before he straightens once again and welcomes the Lady Catalana with a broad smile, "Oh Lady Catalana, well fellow Voice and fine asset of the Isles. Opportunity was there to invite you." He offers across part of his own coffee, barely drunk as he murmurs hushed. "It is an odd drink this."

Thea amusedly regards the Redrain prince,"I'm not sure if Arcadia's can be topped, but you can try,"before turning to the others. She bows her head, to Catalana,"Thank you for coming and the gift." Seeing the flowers and Brenlin, Thea smiles a little,"Thank you Brenlin. Would like some of Martino's nut musk?" There is--an actual serious tone there, and maybe a twitch. Turning to Miranda as well, she smiles big for her,"Thank you so much!"

Thea takes a pair of dragon bookends made of wood and rubies.

Chuckles come from the Redrain Prince as Artur makes his way over to Thea and sets down his gift to her - a pair of bookends. Because she likes books, right? He doesn't know. He probably bought them on the way to the party as a last minute gift. "I don't know, I think Brenlin might have something to say on it." he points out to the healer before quirking a smile and dips a finger under her chin to tilt her head up. "Thank you for treating my injuries in Twilight Dale and keeping me hale, Thea." he comments to her, before pressing his mouth against hers, full and firm for several seconds and then steps back with a grin. "There. One birthday kiss granted." he decides.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alessia before departing.

Chuckling as Arcadia gives Thea a kiss, Alessia takes a seat on the couches, before being intercepted by a messenger. She reads the note thoroughly, a little discomforted by the words, before folding the letter and putting it away. She glances up, raising a hand to greet the new comers. "Your highness, Commander Floofykins." She greets warmly.

Catalana laughs low at Martino, her usual blend of smoke and honey coming through. "Now I feel like stud of the south is quite crude after all that lovely flattery. What shall we call you instead? Hmm." Her attention is grabbed by Thea being kissed and dressed in such a sheer gown. She does contemplate for a moment getting a tablecloth to cover the poor almost naked girl up, but reminds herself, lycene. So instead she focuses on the lady with Martino, "Hello. I'm Lady Catalana Kennex."

Brenlin is all giddy that not only did he kiss his Lady-love, with whom his affair is only in his mind, but she didn't stab him! YES! Martino nut-musk? Who cares!? Life is shiny and new and very good to the likes of him! This RZ aide has thoroughly just achieved the goal of his dreams! Kissed Thea and survived to relive that moment for years to come! He's likely already planning next year's bold move. He stammers something or other, for which he'll kick himself later, then steps back and lets Thea's family and friends gush over her.

Miranda is watching her aide with amusement and turns to look at the others, "Greetings everyone.." She looks amused and heads over to greet Martino with a kiss to his cheek before settling in a chair nearby to people-watch.

"Oh, Lady Catalana we can... decide that over wine after we finish off writing up this dinner of ours. I know a fine baker in the city." There Martino leads with a hushed laugh with an intent to disarm for the Lady in comment, as he adds aside for her, "And this is Lady Videl Ignisari. Voice of her House." A-far he turns his sharp green eyes to his sister as the attention is upon her for the most part. "Shall we... speak and put the final touches to this event then, my good Lady Kennex?"

Thea teases Artur as the kiss ends,"Close---,"and then adds,"It is never a worry. I can look at the wounds later if youd like." Thea looks at the bookends and grins,"These will go nicely with all my books jn my room. They're all falling over. Thank you,"her words sincere. She eyes Brenlin amusefly,"One day I will find him a lovely lady---"sipping her drink.

Catalana presses her hand to her heart, certainly playing along with Martino "Oh wine and cake. My favorite. Shall you tell me where we'll eat or is a surprise?" Leaning in she murmurs to Martino, "I think. for your sister's next birthday, I shall buy her a proper dress." She shakes her head and tisks "a sword and a dress? Honestly."

"That is a proper dress." Alessia interjects with a wry smile, appraising Thea. "And it's stunning. Whisper Selene, right?"

"Why... the fine botanical gardens, of course. There is quite the lovely point in the gardens there where---" Martino's breath is hushed along with the words for the Lady Catalana before he leans back. Left hand upon her lower back as he assures her, "We are /Lycene/ my good Lady Kennex. I know, I know. It is a shock for the Isles." There Martino makes his way across the floor with the Lady Catalana beside, bowing his head to his busy sister. To other well-wishers and arrivals with an easy smile upon his lips, "Do all be well and... the cake there is untouched. I know it pains to hurt the pink frosting Thea."

Catalana laughs softly at whatever Martino whispered and she swats his chest "So naughty Lord Martino." She gives the others a wave as she lets Martino direct her out the door.

2 Kennex corsairs leaves, following Catalana.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, Catalana leave, following Martino.

Domonico enters Bold Espressions, his smile rapidly disappearing as he sees Brenlin kissing Thea into a scowl. He takes a step forward and coughs once to get attention.

Thea promises Martino,"I will make sure Finn brings you some,"as she turns to agree with Alessia,"It most certainly is a proper dress and yes, Whisper Selene. It's one of my favorites if I'm honest." Thea distantly eyes the pink cake, before returning back to the surprise guests,"It seems my brother outdid himself so eat, attack the cake(literally), and things."

A familiar cough distracts Thea and she turns,"Domonico, hello. Did you have a part in this too?"

Now, with nothing to distract her like greetings and what not, Miranda eyes the food being offered but does not, yet, partake. She watches the crowd and then her eyes are drawn towards Domonico, her brows furrow.

Brenlin turns his giddy face to Domonico and smiles, "Admiral." Oblivioius-nation! He is in Heaven!

Lucky for him, Miranda sidles up to Domonico and slips her arm through his. "It was a chaste kiss to the cheek, Domonico. Behave or you will ruin your baby sister and only sister's birthday bash and then... I will be -very- put out and she and I will plot your demise."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alessia before departing.

"I'm not sure how long I can stay, Thea, but I did want to make sure you got a proper birthday greeting from me." Artur replies. "And I have no complaints about the dress." There's a wink to Thea as he gives the healer's side a quick squeeze before finding a place to sit.

"Be well, my lord, my lady." Alessia offers those departing with a smile. Her gaze shifts to Artur as he takes a seat. "It's lovely to see you again, your highness. How've you been?"

Domonico resists the temptation to drag Brenlin out, throw him on a ship and then sail off before returning without the Aide. See... he resisted. Well done Domonico. He smiles as Miranda put her arm through his and he murmurs, "Of course I will be behaving Miranda." To his sister he smiles, "Only in as much I knew about it and did not leak the information. Oh. I have a present as well."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

Miranda stands a bit higher next to her favorite second cousin. Something Dom might notice. The boots, clearly, add height, but only a couple inches. Still, it makes it easier for her to kiss his cheek again and murmur in his ear. She pats his arm and her hold on him is loose enough that he can go where he will and separate himself should he wish to.

Thea worries about Domonico,"Is it pink? Does it contain anything regarding your--juices?" The fact she has to now -seriously- ask these questions makes her worry about her family's life choices. She turns to Miranda and gives her a subtle wink, a thanks for making sure her brother behaves himself. Thea turns to Artur as well,"Thank you. I do appreciate it. I wasn't even expecting--any of this if I'm honest."

Domonico murmurs something back to Miranda before he steps forward, still arm in arm with Miranda before reaching into his belt and producing a dagger, in a small sheath, offering it hilt first towards Thea. "Happy Birthday Thea. I trust you will keep this close."

"I am doing well, Alessia. I did not know you were close with Thea." Artur offers with a chuckle. "I swear, the circle of who knows whom in the peerage gets smaller and smaller every day." he points out as he takes a drink of whiskey. None of that coffee stuff for him, thanks. As he leans back, he gets a message and responds to it, before Thea gets another present and he smiles a little wryly. "Maybe I should have gone with a weapon as a gift instead of bookends, huh?"

Miranda murmurs back to Domonico, then eyes Thea. "Ew! Juices? I mean, seriously. Ew. What sort of question is -that- anyways??" She laughs and then shakes her head, "I think it's an inside joke."

"Indeed. She's my good friend.... and spirit twin. I have decided. While my real twin is back in Ostria." Alessia chuckles giving Thea a wink. "Is that... internal juices?" She asks with a wry smile, her brows rising.

Thea blinks at Domonico and then her dagger,"Oh! This is perfect! Thank you,"as she closely inspects it, carefully of course. "I love it." She glances up at Artur,"I love weapons and I love my books. My room is full of books, maps, just---things. I honestly think you would be surprised." "As for Lady Alessia and I, yes we are. I now know enough people but I'm not--friends with everyone,"Thea admits. Smirking at Miranda, Thea simply points to the bottle of musk she threw at Brenlin,"I have no idea what it is, I don't want to."

There was a bottle thrown at Brenlin? He of the dazed look? He missed it. But some poor patron caught it and is looking it over and wondering... could he, too, smell like Lord Martino? Perhaps... something close?

Artur is overheard praising Thea: Praise for the birthday girl!

Miranda gives Dom a light pat on the arm and then moves to give Thea a hug. "Happy birthday, Cousin. May the Gods bless you with many more." She kisses Thea's cheek and says, "I'll be heading out. I'm terrible with parties, but I am glad to have been here. I'm going to steal a piece of cake for later." She winks.

Thea points to the pink cake now,"Okay. I think that thing needs to be destroyed. Who wants cake?!" It's so pink, one would assume Thea is pretty serious when she says destroyed.

Domonico smiles, "I'm glad you approve Thea. Now keep it close." He looks over at the others and nods, "Prince Artur. Lady Alessia. You are both well I hope?"

Thea hugs Thea though,"Thank you, Miranda."

"I'm going to pass. I have some meetings to attend to this morning. I will see you later, though." Artur rises from his seat and gives an incline of his head before he's moving to depart, catching a missive on his way out.

Swiftwing, a sharp eyed, red-tailed hawk, Daan, the Fanboy Valet, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Artur.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leave, following Miranda.

"I'm well, my lord. Yourself?" Alessia asks Domonico with a polite smile. "Until next time, my lady. Your highness."

Thea bows her head to the prince and Miranda,"See you soon I'm sure, your highness, cousin---" "Thank you for coming,"Thea sincerely tells them both. She peers at Alessia, a teasing smirk on her lips,"Twin you say? That's a bit scary, yes?"

Domonico hmms as he looks at Thea, "So. What happens now? Stay around for more people or drag all this back to your room?"

"Scary, indeed." Rising from her seat, Alessia smiles aplogetically. "Unfortunately I must be heading back. It was lovely speaking with you both. Until next time."

Thea tells Domonico,"I suppose we can drag all this back. Put the cake in the hall--can we,"her eyes drift to the giant banner,"Can we have a fire this evening?" She twitches a bit but smiles at Alessia,"Thank you for coming Alessia."

"Happy birthday!" The Mazetti says to the Malvici before heading off.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

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