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Valenzo Vincinatti

If you haven't found it yet, you aren't looking hard enough.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Seaworthy Relic Seeker
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Vincinatti
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Sun-Bleached Blonde
Eye Color: Mossy Green
Skintone: Swarthy

Description: With a bold roguishness smile and eyes that glitter green with speckles of gold in the sunlight, Valenzo's charms are easy to see. His hair is kept rather long, bleached blonde by the sun over so many voyages at sea. His skin was likely once a warm olive tone, now blanched and leathered by the warm southern sun. His broad shoulders and calloused hands tell of a life of hard work and determination.

Personality: Valenzo's time in Arx has changed him; where he was once a laid-back and somewhat whimsical individual, hard truths learned about himself and the world around him have left their scars, and it would be hard not to notice even the brightest of his smiles carry some hint of bitterness.

Still, given the choice, smile and laugh he does, and while his damned insatiable curiosity is a flame that cannot be quenched, no matter how deeply in over his head it gets him -- his quick wits somehow manage to carry him through.

Background: Valenzo grew up on the docks of Southport. A rather busy port city, young Valenzo came in contact with all sorts of people. Each with their own story to tell. He would sit with them and listen while his father, a merchant ship captain, was busy. Growing up on the stories of far off places, adventures on the deeps and treasure to be found, left him a very curious boy full of wanderlust. Though, like every good Southport Citizen, when Valenzo came of age, he joined the military to serve his time and give back to the city that raised him.

Being placed in the same unit as Lord Artorius Malvici, nephew of Duchess Adona Malvici had its perks. The crew would sail along the southern passages of Arvum on patrol or what have you. It was the same trip where Artorius landed in Crownlands Ports and met his first wife, that Valenzo would decide right then and there that he had a calling. Treasure hunter. Listening to the tales of the adventurous Ashford bunch, urged Valenzo to pursue his passions. When his military years were up, Valenzo acquired a small ship and crew of his own and set sail.

Several years later, word made its way across the seas that Lord Artorius has become Count Artorius and taken a new cluster of islands for the Compact. The draw of adventure, helping to settle a new land and discover what there is to discover about them, lures Valenzo back in to the service of his former military companion. Having sworn loyalty to House Magnotta, Valenzo now finds himself at the right hand of the ruling family.

Relationship Summary

  • Fiora - Subtle, brilliant, and fierce. Where would I be without your help?

  • Acquaintance:
  • Jasher - A Thraxxer Prince. Good man, I think, with a taste for old tales.
  • Macda - Great drinking companion, back in my early days in the city. Still not sure why you hid who you were for so long.
  • Raymesin - Damn tall, isn't he? Probably shouldn't keep teasing given his skill with those blades.

  • Ally:
  • Crew - The Tasty Terrapin's crew is a rowdy and raucous bunch. They've become like the family I never had.
  • Domonico - We together served in Malvici's navy back in the day with Arty. Always glad to help.

  • Deceased:
  • Alrec - A complicated man. In over his head, with predictable results. May the Queen keep you.
  • Kevin - Damned crusty old pigeon.

  • Friend:
  • Artorius - My oldest friend, from my navy days. Life in the city's kept us at a distance, but I'll answer when you call.
  • Evaristo - Brothers not by birth, but by blood.
  • Joscelin - You keep me anchored. You glow. I'm glad you're in my life again, love.
  • Stygia - I will repay everything, I swear it on my life.
  • Alessandro - A fast friend, with the strangest things in common.
  • Helena - Another fast friend, and a bright soul. I can see why Ev likes her so much!
  • Name Summary
    Adora He appreciated me making fun of his friend. He has terrible taste in friends. I don't like him.
    Aethan It's always nice to meet someone you know you'll have a high opinion of, and have even your expectations exceeded.
    Ajax A captain, good on him. He seems fun.
    Alessandro Clearly a good man to know, for many reasons -- very pleasant company being a non-trivial one.
    Alrec If I surround myself with good captains I will flourish.
    Amund Fights well. Graceful loser and likely even more graceful winner. Definitely a ship captain worth knowing.
    Appolonia Rather salty and mean-spirited this one but I suppose that can be due to age and the weather. I'll be certain to watch my fingers around that one. Oh. Captain Valenzo isn't too bad himself either, though. Cheerfully the other side of the coin to Kevin.
    Athaur A decent seeming sort, so long as he keeps that bird away from me.
    Beatrice Loud, graceless perhaps, but with a utility all his own, an earnest manner, and one who is most definitely not a pirate.
    Braden A captain who is famous in the turtle soup culinary social circles. He also knows his history.
    Carmen If Joscelin likes him well enough to rock a few boats with him, he's got my okay.
    Delilah Explosive energy foments in a man driven ever to the furthest horizon of knowledge. He rushes for reasons I cannot fathom, but the smile on his face and the gleam in his eyes suggest this madcap dynamism is not without cause. What a fascinating puzzle!
    Denica So, he is difficult to make out, but seems to be great entertainment, and a sailor. Certainly the type to make a long voyage all the longer.
    Domonico The old right hand man of my Cousin Artorius. It's good to see him in the City and hopefully I'll be able to rope him back into the navy again.
    Evaristo Great coat, smokes a pipe, captain of his ship, relic hunter. A man of my own tastes! I sense great things in our future. Just keep that bird away!
    Evonleigh I doubt that I'll want to keelhaul him in the end, no matter what his first mate warns me. Lovely manners and the ability and resources to keep me safe on a dangerous mission are two of my favorite qualities in a person.
    Faye An interesting and thoughtful man, apparently with many tales of adventure. I wouldn't mind the chance to hear a few more sometime.
    Fiora Earnest. The Captain is earnest and is brighter than he lets on. That brightness allows him to see in the dark where few may view. I do wonder what he will do when he finds the things in the dark he's searching for.
    Gilroy Lycene captain. Sensible. Bleeder.
    Harlex Very loud. But he got the job done.
    Helena A very close friend of a very close friend, and who I now feel is a fellow soldier-in-arms, and kindred spirit as well. He clearly is fighting a war on many fronts and yet is kind enough to worry and help others.
    Helle That bird. That terrible, horrible bird. It was eyeing me, I could tell, like I had branches and wood for pecking. The man wasn't so bad, though. Maybe he's a flower.
    Jasher Captain, self-professed relic hunter, and in possession of a dangerous bird. I will have to remind myself to never take off my gloves around them.
    Joscelin I like his bird better than I like him. Kevin is charming, dashing, sophisticated. And he's taken this man under his wing. He can certainly use the good influence.
    Juliana A captian, well I collect them.. but the bird..
    Kenna Ahahahahahahahahaha! He took all the jokes in such humor. Is it terrible that I loved the site of Josie upon his lap?
    Mabelle Handsome and knowledgeable. There is some quiet sorrow within him. I wish he would smile more.
    Miranda Captain of the Terrapin who suffers from the same plight as many ship captains: the difficulty of finding their land legs! Seems a decent fellow and likely has many tales to tell!
    Perronne A dashing and clearly adventurous Captain who hunts relics! Most interesting, and I hope to talk to him further about his travels!
    Petal He seems friendly and has an interesting Raven. He speaks with a colorful tongue, but seems to have a warmth about him.
    Reese Energetic, happy, seems adventurous and has an interesting avian.
    Renata A colourful man with a colourful bird. A relic hunter too. Him, not his bird. Though actually I suppose, they come as a pair. So why not?
    Selene What wit! A man who has thoroughly re-educated me on the expectations of pirates, and where his own diversions stand apart from them. His corvid companion may be uncouth as any Lowers ne'er-do-well, and it only burnishes his mannerisms to a loftier height. A captain I can get onboard with, if my calling ever brings me where he sails. Though that bird and I might need to have a few conversations about proper talk in the presence of a lady.
    Stygia Captain Vincinatti. We were quick friends, bonding over ships and cigarettes. I see raw potential and Arx is nothing but opportunity for him.
    Teireno He and his crew are very polite, but still keep that sailor charm. I recommend their paintings of sharks.
    Vanora From the first meeting he was absolutely full of surprises. Which I enjoyed.
    Venturo Certain, absolutely, without a doubt, not a pirate. But a relic hunter? That sounds fascinating. We shall have to swap stories!
    Videl Captain Valenzo may have a rowdy crew, but I can tell they're good people underneath that rough surface.