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Lady Videl Igniseri

I shan't let the weaknesses of the flesh stop me from enjoying life to the fullest.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Frail Socialite
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: igniseri
Gender: Female
Marital Status: unmarried
Age: 20
Birthday: 1/12
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Sickly Pale

Titles: Igniseri Minister of Petitions

Description: Videl is thin and short. Her raven curls and dark brown eyes contrast starkly with the sickly pale skin she can't seem to ever overcome. With little muscle to speak of, there's no doubt that she's always been this frail. Her lips stand out with the pale skin and the lightest blush can be seen from a distance, but her smiles are abundant and her features pleasant on the eye.

Personality: Frailty barred Videl from so much she'd like to have done, she's determined not to let anything else get in her way. If she decides she wants to do something, she will. Often cheerful, always glad to be around people, and in love with crowds, Videl is at home in grand parties. But, her frailty has shaped more than just her determination. She's compassionate towards those who struggle with circumstances beyond their control, eager to help those she can, and in those frequent times of sickness, she paints. Her work is cryptic, a way to express herself when she can find no other way.

Background: Videl Igniseri was born the youngest, after a pregnancy riddled with problem and born early, small and young. It was a miracle she survived, but she never recovered. As a child she was often sick and as such she was gently guided towards mental pursuits. And although a clever girl, she found a myriad of excuses to dodge her studies, making little progress on them.

No, it was the court that drew her. And parties. For as frail as she was, Videl was determined to live life to the fullest, and that meant she wanted to enjoy herself. Parties, friends, fashion. Videl knew what she wanted, and she quickly figured out how to use her frailty as a way to get it.

Now, having grown to adulthood. She's decided she wanted to go to Arx, despite what the ardeous journey might do to her. She's here, to partake in the grandest social arena on Arvum.

Name Summary
Adora Silk with an answer for everything. I don't like her.
Ajax A kind enough seeming woman, burdened by sickness. In the fringes, they usually leave those to die. It's almost heart warming to see her trying to thrive, I will be sure to try to see her again.
Alaric I don't know if she's intentionally friends with Lady Ysbail because it makes the two of them stand out when together, but either way it's definitely working!
Alarissa Quenia's cousin, and a soft and lovely presence. Easily a boon to the igniseri, and someone to whom Alarissa could and will make an effort to befriend further. She dresses so lovely too.
Alessia A most interesting young lady, I'd like to know more about her art.
Amari We only met briefly, but she seems quite friendly and full of curiosity.
Apollo What a lovely lady! A bit underdressed for the weather though.
Arcadia What a charming lady! A sharp tongue and a bright mind.
Arman If one was to look at her they'd think her a lovely, yet sickly thing. To speak with the woman, however, reveals a strength that supersedes the physical.
Athaur A most generous giver of gifts
Avary She seems to give a lot of thought and attention to nuance in her decision making. Or at least in being able to defend her decisions.
Beatrice She wants you so desperately to know that she is alive - vital, vibrant, vivacious, a phoenix soaring. Does she know that one only needs speak with her to see her essense, her passion, and her light?
Bethany A playful young woman who knows her wine. Obviously knows her food too. I shall introduce her to new wine soon enough.
Brigida This girl could do with more enjoyment in her life, maybe a few more good meals.
Danielle She has beautiful jewelry but seems very sickly? Makes me wish I knew enough about medicine to help her. Still, she seems nice enough, for a Lycene!
Dimitri A warrior of words, much as myself and one who wields her tongue as expertly as a knight wields a sword. I look forward to engaging her further in conversation when the opportunity arises.
Domonico She seems frail but there is real steel in her spirit. That much is clear.
Esme We met where deep choices had to be made and the outcome was not as one might desire of it. I am sure that we shall be good friends though.
Fiora Yelana's younger sister. At first I thought them very dissimilar though I believe I may have been wrong. She seems delicate in body but with a fierce heart.
Furio A companion of Lady Thea, Lady Videl seems like a perfect match. A very entertaining noble.
Galen Never going to disapprove of people improving their navy! She seems committed to the task.
Haakon Seems half broken. Full witted, at least, but she'd not have survived among us.
Harlex Looks breakable. But there's iron hidden deeper, I suspect.
Ian I guess she's sick. Took me a while to figure out how to deal with people, too.
Jeffeth Coughing so hard she fell to her knees, then was upset when I took her to the House of Solace. Perhaps she's always sickly, but I hope she didn't /walk/ here. She's probably nice enough when she's not sick.
Josephine An igniseri, how I enjoy them. Her quiet enjoyment of fine things makes me smile and I hope to adorn her with more things in the future.
Juliana One of the Igniseri, though prehaps more important someone that Sebastian respects. It will be interesting to see.
Jyri Anyone who hosts an art event like that is high up on my list of interesting people.
Kaia A clever woman with an interesting sense of humor. Sharp of tongue.
Karina Lady Videl is bright and pleasant. Even better, she and I are painters in arms. I hope to see her creations soon.
Leola Dainty, almost. Until she talks. Like a spiderweb, really; one wonders how it holds together, but it can hold a rainful's worth of droplets in perfect ease.
Liara She likes the things I like and she knows what she wants. I look forward to working with her.
Lore A lovely lady that embodies nobility and grace. I hope that she can thrive here.
Lucrezia Short, young, and with skin which makes me wonder if she has fallen ill, this lady remains perceptive and insightful. It would surprise me none if she grew up to become a scholar.
Mabelle Very pleasant Lady, taking care of what's really important.
Magpie Magpie briefly met Videl at the Queensrest. It's not often that the nobility are willing to talk to him *and* politely in such a classy place. It was surprising. Maybe she's one of the good ones.
Malcolm She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, smart as a whip, and I'm sure she'll do her Marquessa and Granato real proud.
Martino A brief passing in the Black Fox. Excellent taste in red wine.
Miella A painter and very friendly woman who knows what she wants and exactly how she wants it, which is refreshing in a customer!
Mirk A cousin of a friend. Lady Videl has a high need for amusement, it seems, but looks in all the wrong places for it.
Niklas The socialite of House Igniseri. Seems to always be out and about.
Petal She seems nice and curious and someone who listens to others. She seems to be suffering from some kind of illness.
Poppy At first she seemed to sickly, but her strength of character and vivaciousness for life simply overcomes that. Her company even for a short time was immensely pleasurable.
Quenia It's good to see Videl again. It'll be nice to have some other social company around the house. If boredom is all that troubled her in Granto, I'm certain we'll cure her of that here in Arx.
Reese Her name means to live and she seems very hopeful and like a survivor.
Reigna An interesting Igniseri. She seems to both be frustrated by her illness, long not to be bothered or hindered by it, and equally uninterested in allowing me to help. Then again, I suppose if I spent my life being coddled and prodded I might have a dimmer view of my life's passion.
Rodica Prim, delightful, has lovely elbows.
Rowenova Socially graceful. Generous hostess of the strategic games at the Domus Igniseri. Fellow philanthropist to her own respective House, too.
Roxana Creative, to plan an event surrounding art that was so well attended.
Sabella Loves people and parties and all such things? I think someone just became my best friend and doesn't know it yet!
Samael An accomplished artist, and a friend of Zoey's. I have reserved judgment, but she is certainly astute and well-spoken. Her reputation precedes her.
Samira A noblewoman, a fellow artist with a realistic outlook on the relationship between silks and those in the Lowers. I have a feeling she has interesting ideas about art - and maybe about life as well. I hope to learn more.
Samuele I don't know much about her, but she seems quite interested with the arts and is ratherrelaxing company.
Sebastian An artist, like myself -- and a rare one at that -- we seem to view art in much the same way. That is a thing meant for ourselves, not for others. While she is frail, she is observant, and not to be underestimated.
Selene Rarely do I encounter someone who guards their creative spark and unleashes it upon their own terms only. Lady Videl practices what she claims, and that no doubt makes her creations all the more precious. She has no pretensions, only fine insights and a delightful candor. Company I would very much like to keep regularly.
Shazza Poised, polite, proper. Diplomatic. A successful person without the cynicism many successful people harbor.
Sorrel She seems so sweet, this artistic young lady. Such a pity that her health is so poor. Perhaps she'll do better during the heat of the summer, if the chill of spring doesn't agree with her.
Sudara Amiable Igniseri artist. A cousin of Lucita's late husband: it seems that the impending marriage between our Houses could bring me some rather lovely new relatives.
Tabitha A fellow artist! We had a lovely chat about painting, and she seemed very nice. It sounds like she has some wonderful events and projects in mind, too! She's someone I'd like to see again.
Teireno She seems to be doing quite well. A shame we didn't get to talk much.
Theo Lady Videl, while fragile, is fragile in the same way a crystal vase might be. Quite beautiful and elegant.
Valenzo A very talented and generous host! Glad she didn't mind teaching me and my crew some fine culture, despite our rough edges!
Venturo A lady with the tongue of a poet, an appreciation for drink and company. A good addition amongst the stars of the sky during which we met.
Wash Loyal to the Igniseri family and happy to find her place in it. If I had any shame, she'd put it to me.
Willow She has a lovely glove but plays her cards too close to the vest for me to have any strong impression of what she is about.
Zoey Well spoken, a good amount of pride there as well. I should like to see more of her.