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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXX

Join us for our 30th event and another fun-filled night of excellent sparring, high spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of fighters and disciplines are welcome (including melee, bare knuckle and archery). Bring your weapons and armor or borrow the Hart's equipment and truly test your skills. Or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Donations to the Golden Hart's charitable fund always appreciated. Deepest thanks for your ongoing support!

We hope you will join us!



This event was created to have some fun and offer more chances to RP a bit before the battles to come.

As always, the Hart is open to everyone in Arx. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please feel welcome. If you have questions, you can @mail Valencia.

Look forward to seeing you! <3

Please see the Winners Circles from past events here:


Jan. 27, 2019, 9:30 p.m.

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Harlex Merek Brady Miranda Gunther Gianna Ysbail Selene Olivia Jan Miella Helle Kanean Elsbetta Desiree Lailah Mirella Wash Jeffeth Waldemai Ian Ajax Emilia Niklas Domonico Lisebet Reese Zoey Lore Athaur


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Harlex arrives early for the event. He carries his bestial helmet beneath his arm. The plate-mail which adorns him is closely fitted, dark bronze with an overlay of scorching marks that make it look like he was spat from the belly of the Abyss. He's half-shrouded in a dark cloak, studying the arena. Waiting. Quiet. His cold, bright eyes resting on the distance. Singularly, one of his claws on the end of his gauntlet taps against the side of the helmet. Idle and rhythmic.

Merek has put on his best crimson-black and also a cloak with hood up when he comes to visit the Sip and Spar Arena. He looks around a bit, bowing to Selene as he recognizes her, offering smiles while he looks around a bit.

Brady find his way to the Arena with an influx of others. His armor looks like it might have been scavenged off a battefield, mismatched and some old, some new. He carries his skull-shaped helm beneath his arm, nodding and waving to a few people. He follows the crowd until he can break off near the bar.

Miranda enters the arena, mostly following the crowd. Her aide is whispering to her harshly, as if she's ignoring him deliberately - she is. Her guards just look stoic as they follow their charge in. There are bandages on her left arm from elbow to shoulder and across her collarbone. She finally does quietly hush her aide and looks about, "Just find us a place to watch, Brenlin. I promise, I have no intention to fight. Honestly." She smiles warmly, however, to lessen her scolding.

The mid-fifties squat and short man that enters does so slowly and with caution. Wide eyes look around and the man touches his meaty fingers to his dome. He has a discolored lump on the top of his crown. The man's clothes are substandard. Worn and travel weary. He walks with a slight hitch in his step. Gunther looks around and just whistles, "I reckon this is fancy. Ain't seen no fistin' place ike this before. Reckon this here is a pew-jowl-ism place."

Gianna sweeps in, clad in fluttering spring-green seasilk and emeralds. It's a whole ensemble, and she strides along with her head held high, as though she is expecting attention. The Nightingale Whisper makes her way to the bar to order something to drink. Likely whiskey. (It's whiskey.)

Ysbail is shadowed by the ever disdainful Gruffudd, Cobalt eyes scanning the room as if she is debating staying for the actual event. For now, at least She sits toward the back.

Brady spots Gunter and weaves his way through people towards him. "Hey, Gunter. Ya gonna fight tonight? I hear no one ever dies here, so they got one up on us." He's caught off-guard by the sight of Gianna, speechless and gawking.

No rush to speak of rules Selene. Her smooth movements see to that, a dance in motion. The slightest willowy waver gives her champagne-hued gown the gilded dazzle honoring the venue. Such things are purely accidental, except where the former Radiant is involved. She slows when Merek bows to her. Small hands come together and she expresses her delight in a smile to him. The pause should provide Mirella plenty of time to catch up with her. "Are you planning to fight, messere?" she asks after giving him a soft greeting. "Look at the turnout. The princess must be delighted. A credit to her as a host." Her sapphire eyes sweep the place with great interest.

It is a beautiful night. Summer is soon and the air warm and teaming with excitement as droves pour into the Hart's arena for a night of fine fighters, fantastic company, and the best Arx has to offer. The grand double doors open and the little vixen arrives wearing sultry southern silks and bright and beautifl smile. Casting her her eyes about the room, Valencia nods to her Master Barkeep Maggnus and offers final intructions before moving to greet her many fine guests.

Olivia finishes unpacking her medical supplies, somewhat close to the actual fighting arena. She gets out a needle and gets it ready with a fine silk thread tied to it. Bethany brings Olivia hearty glass of whiskey. Looks like way too much for the little Lady. She looks around and notices Jan and waves wildly at her.

Jan flashes a discrete grin at Gunther. "Finally get tired of carrying offal?" But her tone is not one that is making fun of the man. "I'm very interested in seeing what you can do. Or teach." She tips her head in greeting to the man, although one might wander how she managed to meet some strange company for her station.

Miella draws back the hood of her cloak as she steps into the area where the arena is, giving a cautious look around to see what is happening and where people happen to be gathering. She steps to the side so as not to impede traffic and after a slight hesitation gives Jan a wave of her fingers.

Brady is overheard praising Gianna: Incredible fashion sense. Stunning.

Helle follows not long after Gianna and Selene like a tall, dark rain cloud, inspiring very little wildfire, her sable head tilted down to the ground in front of her. Everything about the melancholy beauty is glum, including the small piece of driftwood she clutches in one hand like a talisman.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

Harlex finds an open space around the arena. He rests his back to it, arms folded over his chest after setting his beast helm aside. Shadow suited, a small glance is paid toward Gianna's arrival since it does catch the eye, along with Selene. Both are given nods, the latter the touch of a subtle grin. When he spies Helle, he cants his head a bit. A claw is risen, a gesture of greeting and beckoning.

A jiggling of bells could be heard as Kanean walks in with his hood on. He nods at the people present and hastilly goes to the bar.

Elsbetta wanders in, her movements fluid and calm. She is watching the crowd to see whom she recognises. There is a smile on her face hiding her slight uncertainty. She moves to the bar and orders a drink.

"Ah... I might, but this isn't one of my weeks where I'm feeling up to it, I came mostly to drink, Whisper Selene," Merek tells her, while he shifts his cloak about him and rubs at his beard. He also has tattoos on his cheek made with henna which can be washed. He then looks to see if Valencia is around, "Our host about? She's wonderful, I have to tell her I've practiced our card games." He notes Miella, hasn't seen her before, and waves.

"Oh, I dunno. I have thought on teaching the art of whallopin' a man to another. And I reckon if Sally thought I was teaching fellas that wouldn't go on drink'n and fight'n and hurting folks. You know, like soldiers and what not. I don't think she would mind none." Gunther tells Jan, "I'm gonna start showing people how to bare knuckles and fight like real fokks used to. Back before they got obsessed with metals and meat stickers." The della shrugs, "Not sure these folk know what a good fisticuff is anymore. I don't think anyone would fight and old fella like me anyhow, onna account I will gas easy."

Gianna makes the briefest of eye contact with Brady as she sails past. She looks smug as anything, and once she has her glass of amber whiskey in hand, she flicks her hair over her shoulder, likely just to draw attention to herself. An inclination of her head to Harlex, and to Selene as well.

Helle's dark gray eyes fall on Harlex and his beckon. There's a pause and a long moment of gloomy indecision before the slender shipwright turns her dragging feet in the imposing direction of the fighter. Her words for Harlex as she joins him are barely above audible, especially in this crowd.

Desiree smiles as she looks to Valencia and others she might know. She makes her way to a seat.

Lailah enters the place and looks for familiar faces, if there are any, but otherwise seems keen to head to the bar, ordering some brandy.

Jan notices Olivia wildly waving, bringing her already relaxed expression to one of mirth. "You are full of surprises. You come to show off your shot with a crossbow?" Then back to Gunther, although she begins to move to join Olivia, "I can't wait to see. Maybe I'll even be able to convince you to show me some things." She winks and continues.

More or less lost within the room and its more notable figures, Mirella weaves lightly through the crowd with the grace of one who is used to navigating packed taverns and teeming city streets. Not drop of wine is spilled from her goblet, and finally she arrives to stand next to Selene and Merek. She dips on her heels in a neat, exacting half-curtsy and dips her chin in greeting. "Mistress Selene", she smiles, and then tilts her head to regard Merek.

It doesn't take long to realize that most of these faces are somewhat new to the blackwood Shaman, eventually however, she makes her way over to Merek whiskey glass in hand. "Any word on who's fighting tonight?"

Harlex is facing the arena when Helle joins him, although he watches her from the corner of his eyes. He speaks quietly.

Olivia giggles at the concept. "No Lady Jan. I am here to bandage and stich up all the wounded you are likely to create for me." Is doing her very hardest to make a joke of it and do a little smack talking for her friend Jan.

The little dark eyed vixens ears perk to the sond of someone seeking her out and she smiles to Merek and offers him a warm incline of head and a delicate hand. "I'm so glad this is so, Sir Merek. We shall have to host another games night soon then," she offers warmly as she turns to nod to Elsbetta who has just arrived as well. Gunter is offered a warm smile, the little princess not recognizing the man, but welcoming him with great warmth and delight. "Welcome to my Hart, sir," she offers. "I hope you enjoy yourself this evening. Please enjoy a drink on the house."

Miranda makes her way slowly towards the assorted tables, looking about. There are a few faces she knows. She smiles warmly Harlex's way, though doesn't interrupt him as he seems engaged in another conversation. She then notices Selene and offers, "Mistress Selene, greetings." She smiles gently to the woman, offering a light tip of her head her way. "Have you been to this event before? It's my first time."

Brady trails after Gianna for a bit, before he's distracted by the sight of Harlex. He approaches the Crimson Blade, straightening his posture. He offers a respectful nod, asking skeptically, "Are you gonna fight tonight?" A faint smile, "Is that -fair-?"

" Heya, Brady. It has been awhile, How ya doin?" he smiles and drinks his beer and offers Brady some.

" Heya, Brady. It has been awhile, How ya doin?" Kanean smiles and drinks his beer and offers Brady some.

Selene's gilded smile is sunshine to Helle's gloomy weight. The company of unfamiliar and familiar faces appeals well enough. "Good evening," she says to the woman behind her, standing aside to permit Helle to pass easily. Indulgent in manners, her fingers lace together against the polished silk. Harlex gets a nod and the return of the grin with the ample degree of subtlety still. To Mereke, she says, "I have heard excellent things and sadly missed the last. Could hardly let it happen again. Look at the turnout. Lady Miranda, I wasn't anticipating seeing you here. Shall you fight and we cheer for you?" Arm offered to Mirella as she approaches, this puts her in fine position to pull in the dark crow. "Should we find a seat before they are fully taken?"

Selene has joined the ringside table.

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Elsbetta returns the princess'nod with a warm smile.

Miella nods to Miranda and shuffles back a little to stand by a small space of wall, still trying to get her bearings, "Excuse me," she says to Gianna, "How do they decide who actually gets to fight?"

Gianna and Selene are offered bright and very fond smiles, along with the offer of a light kiss upon the cheek. The dark warrior Harlex, offered another smile, her dark eyes flashing with delight. Valencia moves through the crowd easily, slipping lightly between guests on small slippered feet. Desiree is also offeres a warm hello and light hug as she passe. "Thank you for coming. It is so lovely to see you,"she nods again as the crowd swirls about finding their seats and the warriors ready themselves.

Brady spots Kanean, flashing a bright grin as he accepts the beer. "You know you can't use tha' bow, right?" He chuckles a bit nervously, glancing around for confirmation, "Right?"

With another of those little curtsies as and where relevant to anyone who seems like they might warrant the formality, Mirella just nods to Selene and follows her patron to a seat.

Wash comes into the arena with a couple of crownsworn sailors. He directs to enjoy themselves and offers each a small purse. Then he makes his way to the table where family is sitting.

Merek looks then to Valencia and offers a hand to shake hers with his glove, which is probably what she did not intend, but well. He then looks to some of the new faces, crossing his arms, while he considers a moment and speaks to Selene, "I have participated a bit before, in fact one of my wins brought a lot of the interest of others here."

Elsbetta has joined the bar.

Beside Harlex, the forlorn pools of gray that are Helle's eyes watch the glitter and glitz, her chin nodding with uncertainty to all the approaching glamor, even while she keeps a quiet conversation with the fierce warrior.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Olivia has joined the ringside great table.

Gianna has a sip of her whiskey, peering at Miella. She inclines her head. "Well, it's something of a free-for-all at times. You just sort of... hope some Champion isn't fighting if you'd like to have a go. You'll likely want to see Princess Valencia to arrange a fight. She's the little short one there." Gianna raises her arm to point.

Harlex listens to something Helle says and he grins, far more bitterly than he intends. When Brady arrives, there's a look to him and he scoffs. "Very funny," is offered to the fellow sellsword. "Everyone has the right." He offers Miranda a nod as she passes, a slight smile. So too, does Valencia. Then he looks back toward Helle, gloom to gloom, and whispers something.

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Gunther smiles and shrugs to Jan. "I could teach you a little, I reckon." The man bobs his head up and down. "I like on the house drinks." The man smiles to the princess, "But only one, Sally wouldn't want me gettin' drunk. I get mean and tend to swing my mitts when I take to my spirits too much. So just the one." The man then starts back in his conversation to Jan, "I think I found a place to stay currently. I'll make a go of teaching hands. And maybe see if I can get one of them great houses, but not the knights -- wouldn't piss on em' if they was burn'n after what they done poor Gunther. But any of them other houses. Sure as sure they need someone to teach their young bucks how to sweat knucks."

Miranda chuckles at Selene, "I'm afraid not. My swordarm is well enough, but my doctor has threatened to knock me out if I engage too soon and rip out my stitches." She seems good humored about this. "Honestly, I don't know why she bothers. She knows, soon as I am at full health, the first thing I'll do is head for the nearest training center and get at least two or three spars in." She nods to Merek, recognizing him from somewhere, but as he's talking to Selene, she offers, "Greetings, Sir." To Selene, she adds, "Though, if you need a good one to cheer for, I'm rather fond of Captain Valtyr there." She nods towards Harlex, indicating him. "He's very well skilled with his sword."

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Jan looks up as Wash approaches. "Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes." It is a simple greetings, but one who knows her would recognize the veiled happiness seeing her brother for the first time since her year long hiatus to Stormward. "I hope you have a present in the form of a bottle for me." She smirks.

Brady arches a brow at Harlex's response, seeming a bit peturbed, before he shrugs. "I know you're good enough to pull your blows, but someone's still gonna get -huuuurt-." He lifts his beer in cheers and moves to join Kanean at the bar. "How's life, Kanean? Seen Audric lately? Ajax?"

"Generally I'm a sight for perfectly healthy eyes. Not a good sight, just a sight. I like to set my bars low." Wash settles into a seat and rummages through his ever present rucksack of holding.

Mirella is quietly drinking her wine at the rinside table with Selene, occasionally leaning over to whisper something to the... er, Whisper.

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Merek nods a bit to the others while he shifts his attention to that Arena.

Miella looks over to Valencia when indicated and then nods to Gianna, "I've never been to one of these," she admits, golden eyes scanning the crowd, "It seems very...busy."

Speaking of knights. The hulking form of Sir Jeffeth Bayweather comes lumbering into the arena a warm smile lingering on his lips, long legs carrying him through the establishment at a meandering pace. Jeffeth glances around, going to tuck his thumbs into his belt as he starts making his way for a table. An unoccupied one seems to be where he's headed.

Jeffeth has joined the Champions' table.

Jan Makes a happy grunting sound and begins to quickly pour glasses. Sliding one to Olivia and Wash as well, although the bottle is placed on the table for access to others. "You always know how lift your sister's spirits, with your spirits." She chuckles, adding to Gunther. "How do you feel about Kennex Corsairs I wonder?"

Ysbail has joined the Champions' table.

Harlex takes up his bestial helm. No steelsilk tonight. That's gauche. So he's all metal. The walk down to the arena is measured. He seems to look at Helle, briefly, and he nods to something she says. His eyes trailing her in his departure. He sets the helmet on his head, somewhat morphing him more into the vision of a beast. "Preference on steel?" He asks Brady.

Dressed in southern silks that embrace sensual curves and slender waist, Valencia gracefully moves to the center of the Ring of Valor.

Offering a bright smile, she graciously inclines her head to the room. "My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends.... welcome to my Hart. Thank you for joining us. Tonight, as always, we offer you another exciting tournament of exceptional skills, excellent drink, and beautiful company."

"To our many formidable fighters sharing their skills here this evening, thank you so very much. And, to those who are here to cheer them on, we offer you our gratitude and fondest regard for your kind spirit and generosity of heart.

"Our Hart would not beat so strong if it were not for all of you. Thank you to everyone for making our Hart a such a vibrant, warm and welcoming gathering place for all in our city."

"And now, if you please, the bar is open for your pleasure and the ring of honour ready to receive. To one and all, we hope you enjoy the festivities and all that our Hart has to offer. Competitors, if you would please take to the sands!"

"Dangerously talented, isn't he?" Selene follows Miranda's nod and gives that knowing look of a snile. "I look forward to seeing the show of skill." Settling at a table ringside, she pours herself into the chair. The ample additional seating invites otehrs to join, though she gestures with her hand. "Would you like to join us? A fine place for us to be heard cheering on others." Something gives her reason to swivel around, and her gaze flits to Jeffeth, the man earning a warm salutation of a wave.

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Gianna will do the briefest of cheek-kiss greeting with Valencia - "Hello, Princess Valencia," before inclining her head to Miella. "They're usually quite busy, yes. It's free entertainment and free drinks. What's not to like?" She considers the golden-eyed young woman and says, "Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College. Well met."

Waldemai cheers, hoisting his horn of ale, dipped liberally from his bucket.

Miranda does, indeed, join the Whisper and friends at the ringside table. She nods to the woman there and speaks softly to both ladies.

Kanean replies and cheers with Brady, "Met Ajax already, we talked in the Cabin. Haven't seen Audric still. I'm fine little business with the Cabin has gone well."

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Brady spots Harlex stepping onto the sands, and pushes away from the bar at the question. To the laconic and fearsome warrior, he states, a bit awkwardly, "That sword, I reckon. Anything but your cleaver." He reflexively touches his abdomen, some memory sparked before he takes a defensive stance and pops his helm atop his head.

Valencia smiles to Gianna. "We do what me must to keep our city's spirits high, my sweetest Whisper Gianna," the little raven haired princess nods warmly, returning the kiss. "I'm glad you are here. You look love as always. Thank you for bringing your light to our Hart," she nods again. Looking over, she smiles to Miella and nods. "Thank you for coming. I'm so pleased to meet you. I hope you enjoy tonight, it is, well, it is quiet wonderful to see so many beautiful faces, yes? Do you enjoy watching the matches?" she asks with a sparkle in her eyes.

Harlex wields Claw, a vicious grosse messer.

Brady wields Circumspection's End, a sharp, slim dagger.

"Miella Corsetina," Miella replies, giving Gianna a bit of a deeper nod when she mentions she's a Whisper, "With no real title to speak of. The drinks are free?" She gives a more extensive look over at the bar before answering Valencia, "I've never watched one before. Work keeps me quite busy, but Master Harlex mentioned this was happening tonight and I thought I should stop by to see what it was like."

Harlex whistles and Dolmen throws down a large grosse messer in a sheathe. Its drawn and the scabbard tossed aside. He eases down into his stance, unfurling the claws of his free hand. The smallest motion is made to his helmet, behind the perked metallic ears, and there's a vicious SNAP as the top jaw falls. Sparks spray from the connection of rough-cut fangs. His eyes visible through the crooked slots. There's a nod toward Brady, that he was ready.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Merek takes up his lute from his back and begins to offer a light tune on it for all the patrons while he watches the combat. He hums a bit to him self while he plays as well as listens.

Selene waves in a greeting to Gianna and Miella in kind. The inclination of her head to the table with several seats lingers before she looks away to see Harlex and Brady.

Brady has joined the ring of valor.

There's a whiff of the docks on Ian as he comes into the Hart, watching his own footsteps as he moves.

"I'm so very glad you did, my lady," Valencia smiles back to Mielle as she offers a slender hand. "I am the Princess Valencia. Welcome to my Hart. May I ask your name?"

Helle steps back when Harlex steps away, the pale woman's eyes following his departure until he reaches the ring. Only then does the stormcloud turn to find a space out of the way of the fabulous din, climbing the stairs with slow, melancholy steps to watch from the upper rafters.

A warm smile that could rival the hearthfire is cast to Selene, the big man pausing on his way. Going to tuck into a deep bow, fist pressed to his chest. With a gleaming smile when he stands, the big oaf goes to take his seat. Only to pop back up to his feet surprisingly quick when Ysbail goes to join him. Jeffeth ducks into another deep bow, fist pressed to his chest once more. "My Lady." Jeffeth rumbles, then collapses back into his chair.

Helle has joined the upper rafters.

Brady gives Harlex a subtle nod, before lunging forward with his knife, eager to be the first to attack.

Waldemai calls down from the rafters, "A thousand silver on the brown-haired one! Who'll take that bet?"

Merek says, "1,000 on Harlex."

"Miella Corsetina, my apologies for not mentioning it immediately," Miella gives Valencia a half-bow/curtsey when she says she's a Princess, "It is very kind of you to invite everyone here for such an event. Every week as I understand it?"

Merek snappoints to Waldemai.

With a slow trudge, the large man known as Ajax makes his way into the Hart's arena proper his brown eyes looking around with a casual interest though his attention is quickly stolen to the ring proper.

Waldemai points to Merek (although he doesn't know his name): "You're on! Let's have a good fight!"

"Oh, of any relation to Mirari?" Gianna asks of Miella, her brows arching gently. She looks between Miella and Valencia and says, "This is Miella Corsetina, your highness." As an aside to Miella, she says, "Captain Valtyr is quite the fighter and interesting to watch. I have no idea whom he's up against. I do believe, however, that Selene is inviting us to sit." She gestures toward the table where Selene, Mirella, and Miranda are.

Ysbail winces as she watches the wounds on the fighters, "If you need stitching up Brady..." She notes before returning to the conversation at the table.

"How lovely to meet you, Mistress Miella. I'm so very pleased. And yes he is," Valencia nods in agreement to Gianna. "He is wonderful to watch. I'm delighted to see him once more," she smiles and turns to answer Miella's quiestion.

"Not every week, though if there was appetite for it I would be happy to host. Our arena is open around the clock for anyone to spar in, but our Sip n'Spars are usually every two weeks or so," Valencia explains ans she turns to look out to the sands as Brady and Harlex square off. A little smile is offered to the rafters as Master Waldemai begins the betting. "It is going to be an amazing night I think," she smiles to Gianna, Selene adn Miella.

Something perks Jeffeth's attention and his eyes flick up over to Gianna. First. He smiles brightly, popping to his feet. Again, waving to Gianna and then going into a deep bow at the waist fist pressed to his chest. Then he's glancing over to who Gianna is speaking with, his brow arching. "Miella?" Jeffeth grunts quietly, more to himself than across the tavern floor but he does stare quite openly over in Miella's direction with an expression that exists somewhere between warmth and confusion. But leans confusion.

Harlex is oft the aggressor in most circumstances but the man in the wicked wolf-head helmet is low to the ground with his shoulders set. Bristling like a beast as Brady comes hurling toward him. Then like lightning he moves to the side, delivering a harsh blow to the skull-helm sellsword's side. It's followed by a vicious slash with his claws to drive him back. And then he begins to move. Fast and kinetic. A howling dark under the current of his sword as he seems to trap him in a current of futile blows. Like a swirling black vortex gobbling Brady up slowly.

Ian looks up and notes the people fighting in the ring. He shifts his weight to his cane and, rather than make his way the rest of the way to a table, he watches with interest.

"She's my sister," Miella confirms for Gianna, then looks over to the table she's indicated where Selene sits. "Though by adoption and not blood there is not much of a difference." When she hears her name she turns to find Jeffeth and then has to look up to actually make eye contact, "Sir Jeffeth, it feels like it has been ages. How have you been?" She asks politely.

Kanean winces,"Did you have to fight Harlex...." hemutters under his breathe

Kanean winces,"Did you have to fight Harlex...." he mutters under his breath.

Gianna inclines her head to Valencia and peers over at Jeffeth; there's the faintest upward flicker at the corners of her lips, the closest she usually comes to a smile. "Ah," she murmurs to Miella. "I see you already know Sir Jeffeth."

There's a rhythm to the ring of metal on metal as Brady's armor catches most of the blows that rain down upon him. After his first lunge, he's turned around, and driven back. The skull-helmed mercenary finds Harlex's blade in every path he takes, until he finally backs off. The only safe option.

He's left panting and clutching his side, staggering towards Ysbail. A quick defeat.

Olivia grabs her bandages and a salve and rushes out to the downed Brady, she seems eager to help, yet concerned at the same time

Selene catches that smile from Valencia while checking the bar from under her lashes. At once the Whisper's sapphire eyes kindle with warmth and interest, her hands coming together. A respectful nod held lasts but a moment or two. A question asked to her tablemates has an equal warmth to it, and all at once her gaze goes back to the fighting ring.

Brady has left the ring of valor.

Ysbail winces, getting to her feet to check over the man. "Excuse me Jeffeth, I need to Do the healery thing." Moving over to Brady to start checking him over. "Harlex, remind me never to get on your bad side."

Sir Jeffeth arrives and it is obvious his eyes are all for Miella. The little vixen smiles and graciously departs the group to enjoy themselves and slips off to greet Lord Ian and Lord Wash. "Gentlemen, a pleasure to see you both. Lord Wash, your very handsome face has been missed. I'm glad you have returned," Valencia smiles waving another bottle of whiskey for their table.

Waldemai sends the stakes down to the winning bettor. "Well fought!" he calls. "A good fight and a good show!"

Miranda applaudes the two combatants. "Well done!" she shouts out, not indicating who specifically she's meaning.

Kanean gives Brady some beer. " Quite a fight, here have some it'll dull the pain. You need more practice before you could beat him."

Merek lifts up his palms to applaud, and looks then to Waldemai, "Ready for the next match? Make your bet on it, double down," he tells him.

Harlex lifts the top jaw of his helm as Brady retreats, yielding early. He offers a nod of his head, respectfully, in his departure. When he can, he lifts his helmet, tucking it under his arm. He hadn't quite broken a sweat yet. There's a look toward Valencia then the audience.

Ajax's hands come together in a clap for the fighters.

Merek is overheard praising Brady: Good try.

Ian nods to himself and then looks around the room, first to the bar, and then to Valencia when she greets him. "Princess." It's curt, but it passes for a greeting in return. He takes a moment to skim the tables, and, noticing familiar faces, angles towards the great table. Once again, he watches his feet as he goes.

Merek is overheard praising Harlex: Well fought.

Small pale hands clap together lightly as Mirella applauds Harlex and Brady in a polite fashion.

Waldemai isn't answering the offer to bet on the next match as he is busy negotiating a snack.

Olivia notices Ysbail looking over her potential patient and returns to her table and supplies

Wash stands to greet Jeffeth as the knight approaches. He offers him his hand. "Well-spoken flatterer. The only face that brightens when it looks on me is the sun itself. And possibly Catalana, if I'm not arriving late. This isn't salt in my hair, it's grey. But it's a pleasure to see you are hale sir, and lending your presence."

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Harlex moves from the arena in the aftermath. His sword sheathed. He moves to join Helle.

Jan has left the ringside great table.

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The audience goes wild for Harlex and Brady's battle, each recieving thunderous applauds. The little vixen rises with the crowd and cheers as loud as any, her eyes filling with admiration and delight at a well made first match. Valencia nods to Harlex and smiles again as he looks he way and she places a small hand upon her heart and then bows her head. The Hart's mercies come to see to the men as they leave the sands and Jan and Kanean are called to fight next.

Brady leans against a nearby table, chugging the beer Kanean hands him. Deleriously cheerful, he explains, "See I've got a plan. If folks only ever see me fight -him-, they'll never know how awesome I've gotten." He punctuates this with a hissing wince, touching his side, before he offers Harlex a wave with his bloody hand.

Brady shoots Ysbail a grateful smile.

Harlex has joined the upper rafters.

Jan gives a wicked grin and makes for the ring. "Oh yes we shall. Wouldn't want to deprive these folks the pleasure of watching me get the rust out of my arms, or Olivia's training in sealing wounds." With the tug of a strap, her flail clatters out to full length and she adjusts her armor.

Jan wields an exotic looking rubicund flail on a short handle.

Jan has joined the ring of valor.

Kanean laughs, "Suit yourself, Brady. That is quite a plan you have." he walks to the ring while he takes his bow.

Brady watches Kanean move towards the ring and excitedly calls out, "Two thousand silver on Kanean! Any takers?!"

Olivia My join js on jan.

Ysbail snorts, as she works on getting the worst of the cuts clean and tended to. "Right, and I'm a world class fighter." She notes with a smile patting Brady on the shoulder. "Your mostly fine."

Ian has joined the ringside great table.

Ian eases himself into a chair and shifts his attention to the ring.

"I'll take that action.... Brady is it?" Wash answers. "Do I have two thousand silver on me?" He wonders out loud after a moment.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Kanean smirks, "Some words, Madame. We will never know Olivia just might be taking a few arrows off your body instead." he does a few streches, tightens his armor, and brandishes his bow.

"I'll put 2,000 on it," Merek tells Wash.

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With a bit of quick jerky stretches causing bones to pop and crack, Jan nods she is ready.

"Bravo!" Selene's applause punctuates the space at ringside. She joins in that wave of sound, brought to stand shortly after. "A rousing performance by Master Valtyr. Your words are prophetic," she tells the other two women at her table. She gives a shake of her head. "I may be a part of a bet, but I will not stake coin on two capable fighters, my lord!"

A girl with golden hair walks into the establishment. She wears armor, but she looks rather out of place in it. The hint of dress underneath all that metal seems to fit it better. She's not always around the city, but the Templar Emilia is known to visit the Hart every once in a while. Tonight was no different. She is on a mission though, it seems. She takes a seat closest to the ring and takes a seat. One of the staff whisper something to her and she cracks a smile, looking around the room.

"...and that's why you never use a toothpick while riding in the back of a wagon," says Niklas to his assistant as the pair of them walk into the Sip 'n' Spar event. Lacking his wife to regale with his nonsense that leaves poor Sam to take the brunt. "Fortunately they were able to pop his eye back in and so long as he didn't have to look to the side or up or down you'd never even know what happened." Niklas pauses to take in the show, then calls out, "MURDER HIM, JAN! STAB HIM TO DEATH WITH YOUR SWORD!" He claps as he does this, then heads down toward the ringside tables.

Brady has joined the Champions' table.

"It would be rude to turn down an invitation from so many Whispers and I don't know why I'd want to," Miella replies to Gianna and while she doesn't smile her tone sounds amused and she heads towards said table.

Miella has joined the ringside table.

A bright smile is offered to Emilia as she arrives, dark eyes dancing as she tears her gaze from the sands. Valenica offers a gentle nod to the event's latest arrivals, Dame Emilia and Prince Niklas. The latter bringing a smile to her face as he bellows out his encouragement to Lady Jan as she faces Kanean.

Ysbail returns to her seat convinced that Brady is mostly ok. Shaking her head slightly at something murmured quietly. At least Niklas' outburst earns a wide eyed look from the young Blackwood, mouthing something to the effect of the word toothpick, to Jeffeth.

Gianna has joined the ringside table.

Ian leans forward a little bit, all of his attention fixed on the fight. His electric blue eyes move constantly, taking in details -- the shifting of weight, the momentum of a weapon, the turn of a head.

Harlex watches from on high up in the rafters with Helle. They speak to one another quietly and GLOOMILY.

Domonico enters the room, stiff backed, military styled and attired, as always for war. Upon entering he takes a few moments to sweep his gaze around, just like he was surveying the horizon. His stern face is serious as always.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 26 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Kanean checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 44, rolling 26 higher.

Kanean remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 12 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 68, rolling 8 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

It's a gloom contest that Helle is obviously winning as she passes Harlex a bright vial, blank-faced.

Kanean checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 94, rolling 45 lower.

Kanean checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 8 higher.

Kanean remains alive, but close to death.

Kanean is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Ysbail says, "That one's all yours Lady Olivia." Ysbail calls once the knockout happeneds."

Wash applauds the conflict. "That's how Corsairs do it! They get bloodied but they never give up." Wash claps dramatically before sweeping up his drink to salute his erstwhile companion.

Brenlin leans over to whisper to Miranda. Her head leans back from her seat and she looks to where Brenlin subtley gestures to DOmonico. Miranda slides DOWN in her seat as if trying not to be noticed. She's grinning a bit and waves off her aide who darts off to the bar!

Kanean falls from the blows of Jan, but he knows she also got hurt. "Good game, my name is Kanean. It is nice to meet you here, Madame Jan." he walks to the mercies to get treated.

Hesitating at his table the big man gives a distracted nod to Ysbail as she rushes off before looking back to Miella. "Miella." Jeffeth repeats, going to stand. He goes into a deep bow, and presses his fist to his chest. "It has been some time." The big man murmurs with a warm smile. "Haven't seen you in a bit, hope you're doing well." He calls out, giving a little nod over to Wash with a warm smile before sitting back down, glancing over to Ysbail as they continue there conversation.

Olivia runs out, her arms full of medical supplies after watching the damage both combatants decided to take. First she runs over to Kanean, but she points forcefully to Jan. "You are next"

More understated than Wash, Ian nods to himself. He twists to catch the attention of a server and motions to indicate he's looking for a drink, and said drink should involve a bottle.

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After a few blunted arrows catch her full on in the armor, Jan gets a look. Suddenly the flail extends to the full length, about twice the length of normal flails. She twirls her entire bulk intentionally allowing it to wrap her opponent. The wooden blocks that have been placed to prevent the rubicund from causing fatal damage do little to slow the momentum of her strikes as she pressed, taking quite a bit of punishment as her weapon is not meant for parrying. Especially parrying arrows. The fight is close, but her resolve keeps her going until the very end. After he gets up, she comments, "I guess it all depends on our field. Give you twenty more paces, and I think I'd of lost." She chuckles.

Ysbail gets up. "I need to go.

Ysbail has left the Champions' table.

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat, Inka Bramblethorn leave, following Ysbail.

Domonico wields Raptor's Reach, a rubicund-tipped cornel-shafted Dory spear.

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Brady calls out a sad, disappointed, "Why?!" He starts counting out coins before briefly leaving his table to give them to Wash, then Oliiat when she has a free hand. "I won't underestimate this Jan again, that's for sure."

Waldemai calls out, "A thousand on Lord Domonico Malvici! Malvici house forever!"

Niklas walks past the regular ringside table, the one that isn't so great, and offers waves to those he recognizes. "Celebrated Serene, good to see you out and about! Lady Miranda! Mistress Mirella and Miella." Niklas pauses to look between the two, uncertain if he got those right. Well, it's fifty fifty, right? Then, taking his life in his hands, he gives Gianna's hair a friendly tousle. "Aw, look at you, kid! A superstar and still hanging out here!" Then before Gigi can give him a well deserved stabbing, he continues on toward the great table. "Ian! Wash! Shit, Wash! It's been an age!"

Emilia claps her hands together for the two warriors and smiles. "You have done Gloria proud, I am sure," she tells them.

Desiree stands. "It's been fun, but it's time for me to go."

Desiree has left the ringside great table.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

Merek walks to the ring and shifts his hood back while he looks with henna's painted face towards Dom, while he shifts his weapon and places some materials upon it for sparring. He then shifts to a stane while he nods also.

Jan has left the ring of valor.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, 3 Farshaw novice guards, 1 Farshaw trained guards, Bigsby arrive, following Lisebet.

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Kanean has no strength to stop Olivia and so he let her do here thing. "Thanks..." he replies.

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Gianna's eyes widen as Niklas' palm makes contact with her hair, then narrow into slits. She glares at him and looks like she's about a second away from hissing like a viper or something. Or stabbing someone. The Whisper, however, recovers and simply presses her lips together, reaching up to remove first one emerald-adorned haircomb, then the other, to tidy her tresses.

Ajax's large form draws near Kanean as he reaches over to pat the archer on his shoulder, "Good job, Lad." he offers a bit quietly, his eyes moving back to the arena.

Wash kicks out a chair so that Niklas can join him. "Prince Niklas Grayson. As I live and breathe. Thought I could sneak in and out of Arx without running into you." He jokes, the smile on his features betraying his pleasure at seeing the other man.

Miranda supposes when a Prince addresses you, you should sit up. Ahem. Miranda offers a bow of her head to Niklas, "Greetings! How're you this night, your Highness?" She chuckles a bit at his antics, but stifles it to talk to those at her table.

Elsbetta smiles widely as her sister enters the room. She continues to sip her drink and watch everyone.

Domonico strides straight down to the ring, a dory spear over his shoulder and a very serious expression on his face. He reaches the sands and notes Waldemai's shout before offering him a nod. His gaze sweeps back to Merek and the Malvici Commodore nods once.

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Kanean looks at Ajax, "Thanks. Have you come here to watch or fight?" he drinks his beer and gives one to Ajax.

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Say her name and she will appear. Does it work something like that? Selene watches Niklas' approach and she is already rising from her seat. The deep curtsy sends the glittering plumage stitched into her dress to wildly twinkling. "Your Highness, good evening." Her smile lifts brighter. "Please send my warmest regards to your wife. I hope she's well."

Lisebet wanders into the arena, curious to see how it is going. She takes a look around, and spies her sister, heading that way first.

Gianna is overheard praising Sabella: Clearly the wise one in that pairing.

Merek wields Torean Nightsong.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Brady weaves his way through the crowd, limping to find Valencia in all the chaos. He manages a bow, telling her, "Lady Velenosa, a pleasure, as always." He discreetly hands her a pouch, explaining quietly, "I brought this to gamble, but I'd rather it prosper at least one of us, instead of disappearing into someone else's hands."

Niklas is overheard praising Gianna: A friendly pat is something that this dino really hates.

"Eh, lad. A bit o' both, I suppose, ain't yet fully decided." Ajax offers towards Kanean, his hand moving to rest on his shoulder rubbing it gingerly.

Ajaxppl ,oe;;a

Making her goodbyes, and then whispering something to Selene, Mirella dips into a curtsy and weaves through the crowds with her sad-looking odyguard following her. Somebody wanted to get very drunk, it would seem.

Mirella has left the ringside table.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow leave, following Mirella.

"And a pleasure to see you as well, Missere Brady. Bravely fought. Captain Harlex is a beautifully dangerous man. You did so very well, I am impressed," Valencia returns, dark eyes lifting to smile Brady's way. "You will be alright," she winces a little. At his generous offer, Valencia blinks and then blushes. "Are you sure, my dearest Missere. I mean, it will go to a good cause, but are you sure?" she asks, her cheeks flushing pink at the gesture.

Valencia is overheard praising Brady: So very generous and so very kind. I'm grateful to know him.

Ajax gives Kanean a small wink as the leaves his side, heading over towards the ringside table proper spotting Ian, he pauses to give Jan a dip of his head, "Good fight, lass. Got me tempered to test yer steel sometime tonight." he shifts his gaze over towards Ian, dipping his head in turn, "And always a pleasure, Lord Kennex."

Ajax has joined the ringside great table.

Lisebet pauses to offer a wave and a smile at Valencia, though it's been a while since she's been at the sip and spar. "Good day, your highness," she calls out, pitching her voice to be heard. But only that, alloweing Valencia to continue as she was, as she looks over to her sister. "Elsbetta, you beat me here I see. What's going on? Have you been following the sparring?"

Lisebet has joined the bar.

Olivia notices Lisebet and Elsbetta and waves at them wildly from her makeshift triage at the big table ringside.

A bottle and glass are delivered to the table Ian's sitting at, and he pours a fair amount of whiskey for himself, then nods to Ajax. "Good to see you."

Brady nods simply to Valencia, tone confident, "You do so much good, and you do it so well. I know this events are not cheap... The Gods are generous with me because I give wisely." He winks slyly and adds, "Allow me to go find some good brandy to dull these bruises of his."

Merek backs up from the ring after he got one hit in and a flurry upon him. He notices that his weapon is not getting by that armor, "He wins," he says. He pulls up the hood of his cloak and shifts a bit to feel better after the match, while he finds a place to settle in also.

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Olivia has joined the bar.

Elsbetta turns to her sister with a smile. "It has been a fun night. Two good fights - quickly decided - this is the third"

Elsbetta waves back to Olivia

Elsbetta smiles shyly at Olivia as she returns her hug

Waldemai cheers wildly as the Malvici lord comes home victorious. "Well fought! Another fine bout!"

The templar, Emilia, rises up from her table and looks around the Arena. She smiles and nods to Harlex, as she begins heading towards the Arena. The two previous fighters, Dominico and Merek, are given polite nods. "You have fought well," she says. Her boots fall on the sands of the arena, and it seems like she might take the next bout. She's a tiny thing. She'll probably get crushed.

Harlex offers Helle a reassuring nod at something she says and then he takes his bestial helm and moves down the rafters and back toward the arena floor. The sellsword is much changed since the last time he's seen Emilia. That armor is viciously designed. Scorched over dark bronze. The weapons at his hip as savage in appearance. "Been a spell," he comments and draws on that helmet.

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Harlex has joined the ring of valor.

Domonico steps back from his relentless assault on Merek, idly looking at the scratches on his armour. "Good shooting Merek. Had we both been armed wirh bows I would have lost." To Emilia, "Careful, Harlex is very aggressivw."

Domonico has left the ring of valor.

Harlex wields Fang, a wolfish red-steel sword.

Elsbetta Smiles at Olivia "So very nice to meet you finally." She says. "Having one of each is never enough so I am glad to be getting more"

Emilia smiles to Harlex. It is clear they know each other. "I see you still favor brutality over grace," she says, looking at Harlex' armor and sword. "I take it you haven't found room in your heart for the tenets of Gloria, yet?" The question is accompanied by Emilia lazily drawing her sword just enough so that it lands tip first into the sand once it is free from the scabbard. She clasps her hands on the pommel of the sword.

"Good evening, my lady," Valencia returns happily to Lisebet as she heads to the bar. A warm smile is offered to Ajax as he joins Kanean. "I hope the gods revisit such kindness thirteen times over, my sweetest sir. I thank you. Please, come share a drink with me, yes?" she invites as he fighters leave the sands, once again seen to by the Hart's mercies if need be, and Harlex and Dame Emilia arrive to thunderous appauds.

Emilia wields Sunrise, a rubicund longsword.

Jeffeth watches Harlex and Emilia attentively, his brow furrowing and a light frown pulling on the big man's lips.

Valencia has joined the ringside great table.

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Harlex reaches for the back of his helm, snapping the jaws shut with another spray of sparks from the rough-cut fangs. "Afraid not," he comments. "Afraid I'm still one of Her lost children." His bright, cold eyes focused behind the helmet. "Though I have prayed to her for this day."

Merek looks at his sword and blinks then at Dom, but he nods all the same while he shifts his cloak about him, "Well fought, thank you."

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Gianna's assistant, Madialaena, arrives; Gianna has a few quick words with her and, after apologizing to her tablemates, takes her leave.

Domonico has joined the ringside table.

Emilia reacts quickly to Harlex' slash, and strikes the sword away with her own, sending it grazing along her tassets with a loud screech, and a shower of sparks. "You are a great warrior, Harlex," she says. "I would welcome you as a brother in arms." She takes a more aggressive stance and nods to the other man.

Domonico claps his hand on Merek's shoulder, "You should join me at training sometime." He offers a nod to Waldemai as he leaves the ring before spotting a Miranda and stalking over to his cousin before giving her a kiss on the forehead, "Cousin," is his greeting as he pulls off his helm and places it on the table.

Miranda meeps as her forehead is abused with a kiss from the fierce Malvici! She chuckles and lifts her right hand up to pat his cheek and smile at him.

Niklas has left the ringside great table.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise have been dismissed.

Harlex has developed a more honed brutality. A roiling darkness which he seems to shackle in his claws. Letting it loose in bursts of aggression, like loosening a leash on some awful beast. He flows with this kinetic energy, his red-steel blade matching hers in a display of wicked sparks. Employing the unfurled claws in his free hand as a complimentary weapon to his cleaver. Hits are given, hits are taken as the dark wolfish swordsman prowls around the lightened grace of the Templar.

Selene equally spectates, speaks with those at her table, and makes a study of drinking wine iwthout really drinking it. The languorous ease which the Whisper affects can weather Domonico showing up to blot a kiss on Miranda's head or the screech of sparks. The Malvici joining them has her leaning forward to speak.

The Templar does not seem as weak and crushable as she appears on the surface. She attacks with a vigor as if she is trying to shatter her blade with every impact she makes on Harlex' armor and sword. She is not without fault, though, as she takes mostly glancing hits to her armor. A smile hovers on her lips nonetheless.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Helle watches the bout from above, leaning over and against the rail, talking quietly with Waldemai as powerful hits are traded below.

Reese arrives in the Hart while adorned in so much pink and toting her weapons. She moves with a warrior's easy grace. The girl peeks over the room and starts toward one of the tables.

Reese has joined the ringside table.

The dark swordsman swings around Emilia, like a predator trying to corner prey. His black cloak moving like a rippling mirror of motion. But there's no sign that he underestimates her and the familiarity is clear--he's going all out. The sands beneath him a dust cloud as he comes in for those fast and vicious attacks. Harlex's eyes, the only visible thing of his face behind that wicked fiendish wolf's visage, track her movements with wide attention. They are fluid storm of opposites, doomed to clash it seems.

Valencia takes a moment to tear her eyes from the matches to offer a warm, bright smile to Reese as she arrives. "My lovely Highness. Welcome! You will join us, yes?" she invites with a wave of a delicate hand.

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Reese smiles warmly to Valencia. "Oh, thank you Princess, it is nice to see you and what a turn out!" She says. The girl is quick to order herself a mug of hard cider.

Wash looks up and greets Reese with a nod. "Cousin." He glances around. "Niklas was just here... a moment ago." He shakes his head, unsure where the other man went.

Emilia strikes with the swiftness of a falcon. She steps in and turns that momentum into a weapon. Clearly, she knows how to fight. Even Harlex' unpredictable fighting style does not seem as difficult to overcome. She takes blows to her armor, leveraging the few metal pieces she has to great effect. They exchange two strikes that look fairly effective. Emilia smiles, "Let righteousness guide your sword for once, Harlex," she says. "You will find the sword replies more favorably to gentleness than fierceness."

Reese peeks over to Wash. "Oh, Lord Wash it has been a while. It is very nice to see you." She then peeks around as if searching for Niklas herself. "I don't see him, bu the does come and go." She muses.

Ajax's brows furrow over towards Jan next, as he rubs the back of his head, "Don't go too crazy with rubicund, after too much you'll find dodgin' harder, and you won't last as long in a fight. Try to keep it too a couple o' pieces of equipment until you're comfortable you can go a long bout with them on."

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

Jeffeth is watching the fight with a deep tension, leaning back into his chair. Clasping his hands over the table, lips in a thin line.

Miella has left the ringside table.

Lailah has joined the ringside great table.

Ian watches the fight with as much intensity as Jeffeth, but with no trace of emotion other than a keen interest. Once or twice, he starts to shake his head the barest amount a split second before someone lands a hit.

The fight rages on and the crowd cheers loudly filling the arena with a joyous din. The little princess gives Wash a confused looked once more and her cheeks flush. A sip is taken and Valencia, smiles once more to Reese. "Will you be sparring this evening?" she asks as the princess settles in her seat.

Jan blinks a few times, watching as the fighting gets more intense. "She might have found a chink in all that armor.." Although she isn't really saying the girl is winning, she is surprised she has made it this far. She makes a point to shout an encouragement to both fighters without favor. "Cartugan for the winner! More Cartugan for the loser!"

Harlex's skill is on even keel with Emilia and when two fighters of such caliber meet its always a show. Or a holy terror. The darkened swordsman seems to bristle at her comment and watches her /smile/ at him. There's something dry in his voice, muffled by steel. "You don't know a damn thing." He strikes almost /toward/ himself, pulling Emilia in with the momentum of his blow and delivering a fierce follow up against her breastplate. A more serious hit. Then he's gliding back, guarding as aggressively as he attacks. "Not a thing."

Reese looks over to Valencia. "Oh, I don't think so. I came more for the company than anything, but thank you for asking, Princess." She says toward her.

Miranda has left the ringside table.

Miranda rises from her table, quietly speaking to them. Reese and Domonico get kisses to their cheeks as Miranda makes her way out.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Miranda.

Valencia watches now, her attention fully upon the sands, her body still and her eyes flashing with respect and full interest as Harlex and Emilia turn about the sands, weapons flashing with dangerous speed. "Remarkable," she whispers. "I should wish to be so talented as those who fight here this night and any night," she sighs softly.

Lisebet calls out, "What a great fight, well done!'

Emilia coughs out as her breastplate is struck and she staggers backwards. She pushes a stray lock of hair behind her ear, and smiles once again. "What is there to know, Harlex?" she asks. "Look at you. Sword brandished and ready to be used. Against what? Anything that stands, just because it stands?" She flourishes her sword, and lunges at Harlex, hammering a blow towards him, using her sword more like a club to defeat that armor. "I still stand," she reminds him.

Harlex swipes his sword at nothing at all as distance lays between them. "Against anything I damn please. Against the whole rotten world." He sounds, bitterly, as if he laughs behind that wolf helm. Then he comes at her, fast, taking a small scraping blow which doesn't slow him down at all. The red-steel cleaver howling with each fast swing. Again and again and again. It becomes clear, as the fatigue sets in for Emilia, that he's wearing her down with an unrelenting ferocity. "How much longer, Falcon?" Heard behind the flurry of attacks.

The little vixen's full focus now falls upon the ring where the wolf and the falcon meet. Valencia sets her cup down and watches silently, her chin lifting lightly as words and blows are exchanged. The crowd continues to cheer racously.

Wash greets Lailah. "It has been my lady. It should be. Just need a little more to drink, and maybe some pen and paper for the Princess."

It is true. Emilia's fire wanes, like a candlelight wavering in the wind. She slows down. "Your shell is as armored as your heart," she says, parrying Harlex' sword and driving it to the ground. She steps forward, letting the light fall on their entwined sword, reflecting red and copper glares on the sands below. "If I defeat you, will you join the Templars?" she asks, taking a defensive step back.

Helle begins to carve the piece of driftwood in her hands at quicksilver pace, sending woodchip sprinkles heedlessly down into the crowd below.

"I'd sooner die." Harlex says, simply. Lowering down even further until he can drag his claws against the sand. "If you're holding back, I'll kill you." And he's hurling himself at Emilia then, "Prove your point with that sword, girl!"

Valencia's cheeks flush a deeper shade of pink and she blinks at Wash, though she does not reply. A warm smile is offered to Lailah, though, " Welcome, lady. I'm so glad to see you," she offers and winces, looking up to see where the woodships seem to be coming from. Eyebrows lift at Emilia's wager. "And so a truly rich wager made," she muses softly, her breath helds for a moment. "And declined," she nods to Harlex's response.

Emilia nods to Harlex, her smile fading somewhat. "Very well," she abandons defense, and lunges at Harlex. "Let the sword decide then," she utters, grabbing the sword with both hands.

Emilia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 33, rolling 10 higher.

Emilia remains capable of fighting.

Reese peeks up to Helle as she sees the falling chips of wood. "Oh, Mistress Helle!" She says and brushes some wood from her locks. "Hi!"

Selene's gaze rests somewhere among the combatants in the field. The more serious tone of an exchange between them quells any conversation. She sets the wine aside. A look of calm regard lies on the Whisper. Pretty, yes, and suitable ornaments for festivals. First and foremost they are diplomats. Harsh exchanges over blades draw the Radiant Emeritus and she forgets most everything else around her.

Emilia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 42, rolling 5 higher.

Emilia remains capable of fighting.

Emilia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 62, rolling 7 lower.

Emilia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Emilia remains alive, but close to death.

Emilia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Waldemai cheers. "Well fought! All glory to Gloria!"

Selene is overheard praising Emilia.

Selene is overheard praising Harlex.

Domonico glances up at as he feels something fall on him and he huhs as he looks at the flakes of wood. Where the...? He then spots who Reese is talking to and hmms quietly.

Helle has rolled a critical success!
Helle checked luck + woodworking at difficulty 29, rolling 106 higher.

Jan has left the ringside great table.

Elsbetta is overheard praising Emilia.

Helle seems satisfied with her carving as the bout comes to an end, and it is delivered into the hands of a waiting server, with hushed instructions to deliver it to its recipient when the time is right.

Helle is overheard praising Emilia.

Helle is overheard praising Harlex.

Elsbetta is overheard praising Harlex.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Ian is overheard praising Harlex.

Lisebet is overheard praising Emilia.

Lisebet is overheard praising Harlex.

Jan moves to offer the defeated girl a hand, "You both fought better then I've seen anyone fight in a long time." She regards the Godsworn specifically. "You should be honored. I am sure the way you just fought stole Gloria's attention Herself."

Emilia staggers back after a staccato of blows are exchanged. Defense is thrown to the wind, there is only two people in the ring-and the ring sings an aria to glory. Emilia lands a few blows that seem effective, but she is quickly driven back, and to a knee. She doesn't seem to be disappointed in the result. She chuckles instead. "You are a stubborn man, Harlex," she says, using the sword for support to stand up, and extends her hand to the man. "I look forward to the day when you put that anger behind you, and join me on my path. Strength is for defending the weak, not for tempering your weakness." She clears her throat, bowing politely to Harlex, and makes her way off the sands slowly with a noticeable limp.

Olivia rushes to the Arena with the fighters her medical supplies in hand a look of great concern on her face as she looks between Harlex and Emilia. She first heads to Emilia, ready to treat wounds.

The crowd goes wild as Emilia finally falls beneath Harlex's blade, all rising to call out and cheer. The little vixen rises as well calling out: "Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Well fought! Brilliantly done!" The sands are cleared for the next match as the mercies moving into action to see to the fighters. The Hart's gruff Sargeant of Arms bellows out, "Lady Jan wishes to take to the sands! Who is brave enought to meet her?"

Jan has joined the ring of valor.

She lunges at him, both hands on her blade, and Harlex meets her with a wickedly fast strike. It smashes against her, knocking the Templar back, before he's pouncing at her like a black beast. His claws, his sword, vicious and certain in their combination of blows. Its sparks and pains and wild sounds. Then, the dark swordsman moving back, lets Emilia come at him one more time. He pivots, unfurls the claws of his gauntlet, and slashes along the flat of her sword. A spray of sparks sent toward the blonde swordswoman's face before he moves in and in a ringing, final blow, knocks her to that knee.

Harlex removes his helmet and throws it to the dust offhandedly. His eyes are flaming malachites in the light of the arena. His voice is quiet. "Would I could. I would howl with such a force that the world cracked open and bled all its loathsome things into the void." A pause. "But I'm just a man. A stubborn one." He returns the polite bow. "Plenty of fights left in me, Falcon. Maybe someday."

Standing at his table, the tall form of the Bayweather Knight looks down at the sands. His jaw is tight though his expression remains passive. As passive as the behemoth can be in all his armor. Holding his hammer at his side, Jeffeth watches Emilia and Harlex intently, grip wrapped fast around the haft. His chest rises and falls slowly, before Jeffeth slowly sits back down wordlessly.

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Olivia is overheard praising Harlex.

Jan wields an exotic looking rubicund flail on a short handle.

Olivia is overheard praising Emilia.

Harlex also definitely shakes Emilia's hand in a firm warrior clasp.

Harlex has left the ring of valor.

Waldemai finishes off his ale and climbs down from the rafters. "Night, all! Enjoy the rest of the fights." He staggers off in the direction of Southport Square.

Hands to the rail, Selene effortlessly rises. No, she is not going to step into the ring. That would be an ungodly mistake on anyone's part, enough for Gloria to cry foul. Shaking out her loose wavy hair, she gently pushes the chair in behind her. Casting a thoughtful look into the tables and upper reaches, she puts her fingers to her lips. No blowing of kisses; this is a moment of reflection.

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Renault, the fluffiest Velenosan cat leaves, following Selene.

That clattering links of the overlong chain make a good commotion as the twin heads of Jan's flail fall to the sand with a low thump. She stretches in quick fashion and waits for her challenger.

Lailah gets Rose Gold War Helm from a short leather girdle.

Lailah gets Rose Gold Leg Plates from a short leather girdle.

Lailah gets Rose Gold Rubicund Breastplate from a short leather girdle.

Lailah gets Rose Gold Sabatons from a short leather girdle.

Lailah gets Rose Gold Rubicund Arm Plates from a short leather girdle.

Lailah gets Rose Gold Rubicund Gauntlets from a short leather girdle.

Lailah gets Rose Gold War Coat from a short leather girdle.

Wash claps authentically as he stands. "It's an impossible task to follow, the artistry and the violence leaves one breathless. Ajax!" He says, "The Lady is interested in testing the mettle of Sellswords. Are you tempted to exhibit?"

Ajax rolls his shoulders in a casual shrug as he trudges his way towards the sands, his lips curling into an easy going smile, donning his helm, "A pleasure." he offers politely.

Ajax wields Retribution - A rubicund hand and a half blade.

Domonico stands and offers some nods to people as he makes his way out, looking just as serious as ever.

Emilia smiles to Olivia and pats her on the shoulder, "I am all right, you don't have to worry," she says with a sweet tone. "Just bruises." She winks with one eye and makes her way towards her previous table, where she sits down, movements hindered by the previously mentioned injuries.

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Olivia wanders back to the bar, but looks concerned that Jan is back in the arena, she had just finished bandaging her up!

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Jan clasps her flail by the handle, the other hand gripping the chain halfway up its length. She begins to wind up, getting the deadly twin heads moving in a circular fashion in the air. "Ready when you are."

Lisebet is sipping wine, quietly conversing with her sistr and Olivia. She smiles as Olivia returns, and then murmurs quietly to her soon to be sister-in-law.

Reese over to Lisebet and Olivia. She then looks to Emilia as joins the table. "Very well fought, Dame Emilia."

The templar bows her head politely to Reese, "Thank you for the kind words, your Highness." At that moment, a server brings Emilia an object and she seems utterly surprised. How was this even possible? It's been only a few minutes! She chuckles and holds the object, which appears to be a wooden broadsword, close to her chest affectionately. Her expression betrays her gratitude better than words could convey.

Jeffeth is overheard praising Juniper.

Jan grunts as every attempt to catch her opponent is met with a dip, a dive, or simply overthick armor. Her leathers are not doing nearly as well, and she is pummeled but unrelenting, she looses her grip on the chain and gives a large swing in an attempt to wrap Ajax, but he is either much more used to fighting a flail then her last foe, or she not countering a sword nearly as well as the bow. Her eyes darken as she continues, not ready to throw in the towel.

Wash takes a moment to fill his glass again from the bottle he was sharing with Jan. Then he empties whatever she left in her glass into his own as well.

Reese seems curious about the sword that was delivered. She then lifts her gaze to Helle and peeks back to Emilia. "Oh, Mistress Helle must of have made that for you. Can I see?" she asks.

For the first long bouts of the fight, the usually trudging along sellsword is moving as if he got a second lease on life. With rapid movements with strikes that match his new found tempo, Ajax draws near, pulling back briefly to study his foe a small growl escapes his throat as he pushes onwards with more aggression.

Ian leans forward, elbows on knees, all of his attention fixed on the spar. He's watching Jan more than Ajax, and with an appraising eye.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 6 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Helle is still up in the rafters, peering down at the fighting with dark, gloomy eyes. The only difference is now there's no driftwood in her hands. However, she has replaced it with a smokey-looking drink that remains untouched.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 81, rolling 17 lower.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 24 higher.

Jan remains alive, but close to death.

Jan is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Elsbetta has left the bar.

With the newfound aggression, Ajax left himself open towards a serious blow delivered, causing a brief stagger. A roar escapes him as he assaults poor Jan with a flurries of blows leaving her knocked out. The man lets out a roar clearly meant to be played up for the setting as he raises his free hand upwards.

Wash takes a pair of corks out of the bottles around the table and screws them onto the tops of his hairpins. "Just so you know, I've never actually wielded this pair. And if you want someone to actually teach you how to use a small weapon like this..." Wash says to Lailah as he stands. "You should talk to our host. Little known secret, Velanosans are deadly with a dagger. Princess Valencia being no exception."

Emilia claps her hands together for the two fighters. "Well fought," she says.

The sight of Wash heading for the sands with his hairpins gets a quick twitch of a smile from Ian.

Jan stares at nothing for a long moment. She took a risk leaving herself open as well, but she was hoping to score just one more hit. The flail is not the most accurate weapon, but when it hits, it hurts. After a little while, she rouses, propping herself up on an elbow to look up at Ajax. "Damn sellswords and their rubicund platemail." It sounds more like a sarcastic joke though, which is confirmed as she chuckles and pushes herself back on her feet. "You're very quick Ajax. Well fought."

Olivia runs in to Jan's side her medical supplies once again in hand the look of concern for her friend plastered on her face. "Are you going to make me worry all night?"

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Jan says, "You said you wanted practice.."

The crowd goes wild once more as Ajax and Jan's match comes to a dramatic end, the roar growing louder and Ajax plays to the crowd. Valencia too calls out with delight, "BRAVO!!! Well fought! Well, well done!" she cheers jumping up from her seat and applauding. Wash's comment seems to catch the little vixen's ear and she turns to smile, her large dark eyes glimmering with mischeif, "Not half so dangerous as my tongue, my lord. Be wary," she teases playfully. The call from the Sargaent of Arms calls forth the next match, and Lailah and Wash are hailed to the sands.

Jan has joined the ringside great table.

"I think that if ever we were to duel with tongues... Catalana would flay us both Princess. So your sharpness will go untested." Wash rejoinders.

With a dip of his head, Ajax slips his blade back to his scabbard and returns towards the table.

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Wash greets both Ajax and Jan with a nod as he passes them on the way to the sands.

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Lailah applauds when the fight finishes, having missed most of the fight to change into her armor. She bows to Wash and draws her blade. She seems a bit nervous, but ready.

Wash sheds a number of stylish leather garments. "I shall not give you the full Luca tonight, but it is a little warm for such gear."

Lailah wields Pride's Claw, a steel short sword.

Wash wields red dragon hairpins with red opal scales.

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3 Bisland pride guards have been dismissed.

Lisebet watches with some bemusement, having not seen such a fight previously. "How interesting," is her comment. Princess Reese gets a smile and a wave.

Wash does some ridiculous stretches, starting off with pointing his toes and verging on using the pole in the center of the ring as a dance partner. "I am getting old." He grunts. "Been a year since I got sand in my smallclothes. Is this the nicest sand you could find Lady Valencia? Or was the quarry all out of ground glass?"

Lailah meanwhile does only modest stretches, but practical ones, making sure to get comfortable in her armor.

Zoey is late, yes, but she heads over to Ian's side. She stops still, however, hand touching his shoulder. Surprised eyes are locked on Lailah. "Was she fighting?" she asks her husband as she finally settles into a seat.

Jan lifts her glass to Zoey, "Come join us. We're about to see Wash fight with his pretty hairpins." She smirks, glancing suspiciously suddenly at the glass he left behind.

Zoey has joined the ringside great table.

Wash spins around the center post in the arena and holding both hairpins in one hand and letting his head hang backward so that he can see her, he calls out to Lailah. "Ready when you are Lady Bisland!"

Deliverance, an albino falcon arrives, delivering a message to Gunter before departing.

Ian settles back with his drink and a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. When Zoey joins them, he briefly slips his arm around her waist.

Zoey ahs. "I don't think I've ever seen her fight with anything before." She calls over to Lailah, playfulness in her voice. "Pointy side out, cousin!"

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With a light exhale of breath, Jeffeth slowly goes to push himself up to his feet and starts to make his way out.

Lisebet notices Jeffeth as he starts on his way out, and she smiles his way, acknowledging him with a nod and a smile.

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Lailah is being careful, using practiced if not comfortable moves, her strikes are careful trying to land hits and not worrying too much about how solid those hits are. While she tries to get out of the way of incoming attacks, it's her expensive, heavy armor that really makes her able to shrug off the hairpins Wash is wielding.

Wash doesn't really seem to be taking this duel seriously. His casual attitude extends as far as tapping on Lailah's armor with the side of his hairpins and dodging her ripostes by collapsing on the ground like a puppet, only to pop back to his feet a moment later. "Are you an older cousin, or a younger cousin?"

Valencia takes up her glass once more and watches the next match begin. The Hart's crowd shows no sign of slowing and the cheer just as loudly.

Harlex has sent Dolmen to fetch his helmet. He moves back up toward the rafters, removing his gauntlets as he goes.

Harlex has joined the upper rafters.

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Brother Chester leaves, following Jeffeth.

Wash does take a battering. His silliness ends when Lailah's blunted edge catches him across the mouth as he is reeling away from a blow a little too slowly. He puts up a hand as he staggers away, checking to see if he has any loose teeth.

Olivia adds "Like that bear.... Stupid thing is lucky I was not there...."

Lailah raises an eyebrow as Wash takes the fight so casually, her posture taking on a more aggresive form. "I may be but a cub, with little training, but I am still a lion. Are you sure you wish to toy with a lion's pride?"

The little vixen lets out an audible gasp as Lailah catch's Wash and he reels back, her eyes widening as he checks make sure that his teeth remain in tact. Valencia tears her eyes from the fight and back to reply to Emilia once more

Gunther was quiet as he nursed his suds. His grizzly mitt lifts the mug to his mouth and he does not dare drink another. He is a total mouth-breather as he sits there with his lips slightly agape and he watches the fighting. The man grins from ear-to-ear, "I reckon Sally wouldn't mind none if I knuckled it up a little. So long as I'm not drunk. Which I'm not. Anyone up for a good bare-knuckle duster? Don't hit me too hard -- ain't fought in forever. Not since I met Sally on the regular. My Sally, she had the prettiest freckles around her nose." He looks around, "Anyone feelin' clucky?"

Lailah raises an eyebrow as Wash takes the fight so casually, her posture taking on a more aggresive form. "I may be but a cub, with little training, but I am still a lion. Are you sure you wish to toy with a lion's pride?" She then answers the question, "Younger. Zoey is about the same age as my older brother, Michael."

Zoey grins suddenly. "Lailah! We Win Glory!" she calls over to her cousin, egging her on.

Ian is briefly distracted from the fight by an exchange at his table, but his attention snaps right back to it once said exchange ends.

"Ah. The Bisland Pride. People think that they were named for lions. Others know that lions were named for them, yes?" Wash readies himself again, and he might be taking it more seriously now that he is bleeding from a cut lip, but it doesn't affect the nonchalance in his voice. "Life is a toy. We get to play with it for awhile, but in the end, it only belongs to the Lady of Spiders." He moves more gracefully in attack.

Reese has a gentle smile for all here and then rises to her slippered feet and quietly slips out.

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1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting leave, following Reese.

Lailah's more aggressive posture doesn't quite pay off for her, she gets hit in the face by the hairpin, and this clearly hurt her quite a bit. Not just that, but her breathing is clearly showing signs of getting tired, all this heavy armor weighing her down doesn't help in that regard.

Valencia turns to Gunter and smiles. "I think we might be able to accomodate your stepping on the sands, sir. May I have name" she invites.

Zoey winces a bit. "Not the face, Wash," she murmurs.

Lisebet rises and offers a wave to those she knows, before quietly taking her leave.

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Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, 3 Farshaw novice guards, 1 Farshaw trained guards, Bigsby leave, following Lisebet.

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Wash grunts at the force he exerts in trying to make his opponent feel the hairpins through her armor. With the corks on the end there is little chance that a pointy bit will slip past such defences. "As you like Lady Kennex." He lowers his pins slightly for the followup. He's landing blows now, using his lightness of foot to force Lailah to keep chasing him, always to her right.

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Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 1 Ulbran Thug arrive, following Valencia.

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Being led to her right shows clear weaknesses in Lailah's movements, and she grants Wash an opportunity to strike at the leader that covers the gaps in her armor, wincing clearly at the solid hit. Still, she keeps trying, forcing herself to breathe steady and to make careful practiced strikes.

Wash works the body, tickling the mail between the plates when he gets a chance. "Thirteen gods. Which one do you follow, if I may ask Lady Bisland? Or have you found no favorite yet?"

Gunter looks around for a bit and the fella shrugs his shoulders, "S'alright." Gunther informs those near him, "All these fancy knights and their swordplay. Honor in weapons and what not. I understand, ain't so popular these days to knuck up and lay hands. Maybe two drinks is okay though? I mean, I'm not sloshed or nothin'."

"I am a disciple of Vellichor, but I follow all of the gods." Lailah answers Wash, her voice clearly marked by her fatigue at this point.

Olivia is not as sneaky as she thinks she is clearly. She smiles to everyone at the table and then looks to Valencia, "Seems the warriors here are good at pulling their blows, no serious wounds, especially when you consider how vicious the fights look"

"Vellichor. Musty old scrolls and lost truths?" Wash asks. "Sounds boring. But then, you can make anything sound boring if you try hard enough, am I right?"

"I have found the greatest warriors are more controlled in their skills, my lady. It is a beautiful thing to see. Such raw power and skill honed so fine that each move is magic," Valencia muses. "To be true, we do have injuries that are serious from time to time, but that is what my Mercies are for. Though, we try to avoid such. With men and women who make living with such skills, we cannot afford to have them waylaid. Though, they fights are earnest as are the skill in which they are gifted to us."

"Legends and knowledge of the ancients, the knowledge to fight the enemies we face today. Knowledge is power, and I am glad to serve the compact in that way." Lailah answers Wash before getting hit in another weak spot, wincing but taking advantage of the moment to land a quick hit."

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Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

Lailah checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Lailah remains capable of fighting.

Lailah has rolled a critical success!
Lailah checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 31 higher.

Lailah remains capable of fighting.

Ajax has joined the ringside great table.

Lailah checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 1 lower.

Lailah checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 9, rolling 37 higher.

Lailah remains alive, but close to death.

Lailah is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Jan roars a cheer for Wash. The second gripping fight of the evening. That and the Cartugan, could it get any better?

Zoey brings her hands together to clap once the fight is over. "Well done," she says laughing. "Lailah! When did you learn to do that?"

Lailah soon finds herself out of energy to do much more than fight, tired and hurt, she takes a few more hits before she is forced to her knees and drops her sword. "Need to get more practice." She states, motioning towards the healers to come. "Well fought."

In the end, exhaustion always wins. The heaviest armor suffering the worst of it, Wash is left standing though he's far from untouched, bruises over most of his body. He offers Lailah his hand out of the ring of honor. "You won't be a cub for long." He assures her.

Zoey gets an odd look on her face and rises. "Please excuse me," she murmurs, heading out the door.

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Olivia sees Lailah motion for the medics and rushes over bandages in hand floating behind her like ribbons in the air, once arriving she begins her work, even while she is moving.

Emilia applauds for the fighters, the turn around quite surprising. "Well fought," she says. "You honor Gloria with your skill."

"Who hear has the courage to step into the ring and face Gunther the Bearfighter," (she obviously just made that up), "Bare-knuckle champion of Arx?!"

Ian seems surprised to turn away from the fight and find Zoey gone. He looks towards the door.

Gunther looks around and then at the comment about fighting bears. "I uh... er.." He flushes, "Ain't never rightly seena bear before. But not sure I would want to put my mitts on one if I did. I hear tell they once found someone who once tried to thump a bear a good one." He shrugs, "Not sure if it's true or not but you never hear a living person claiming they done it."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Wash leans on the edge of the wall, not tired, but clearly feeling his bruises.

"Bare-knuckle champion?" Valencia repeats and offers Gunter a respectful bow of head. "I'm very pleased that you should grace my Hart, sir. "I should like to see you skills, sir," she nods warmly as Wash and Lailah return. "Well fought you two. Lord Wash, I am impressed. And you, Lady, such grace, truly."

Lailah still seems quite exhausted. "Well fought, Lord Wash. And thank you for the praise."

Jan sighs, "No one? Well if there isn't a man brave enough, I'll have to take another beating for the pride of the Compact's women." Jan stands and stretches, obviously already a bit beaten up, but always ready for more.

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Wash picks up his fancy fitted vest and leggings before heading back to the chair.

"I mean, ain't no bare-knuckle champion neither." Gunther shakes his head, "Ain't fought none in twenty years. My Sally wouldn't take kindly to me lyin' or braggin'." The old man gets up though when Jan offers to fight him. The elder man wasn't dressed for fighting. Loose old guy pants though and he takes off his overshirt. Gunther is left in a thin white shirt and his hairy shoulders and chest are evident. The unfortunate looking mid-fifties man makes his way carefully to the ring. He gets limber and looks around before hanging out his mitts at chin level in front of him. For an old guy his arms look like hard as funk tree limbs.

Gunter has joined the ring of valor.

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Jan strips off her outer layers of armor, leaving herself in a sleeveless tunic and some leather still on her legs and arms, but this should make it just a hair more even.

Wash has joined the ringside great table.

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The old fella starts in the ring and he comes from the left. He hands his right mitt out there and slowly paws at the air. His grey eyes measure his reah and the distance. He throws a number of slow looping punches. The short and out of shape man is already sucking wind through his gaping yapper. "You know, when I met Sally it was after my first time losing. We was fighting in this rock quary. Side show stuff, and I got pummeled something fierce that night. Drank too much before the fight. And ol' Sally she saw me walloped and dumped in the pig pen. She cleaned me up.. set my nose. And I fell in love with that car sized booty o' hers." He yaps while he swings and lands a gut shot with a heavy mitt. The man is measuring up.

Jan doesn't look like she is used to fighting without any weapons at all. At least not in this kind of setting. She mostly relies on her bracers to glance the hits off of her until he connects. She smirks at the conversation, but doesn't offer much in return, only a, "That so?" She circles him, looking to be a little winded herself already from the two previous fights.

Wash settles into drink again, checking Jan's cup before he refills his onw with whatever is on the table. Odds are the Cartugan vodka is long gone. He'll go with whiskey when it is available.

Ian settles in to watch the bout with interest. This time, it's Gunter, rather than Jan, who he's watching with that focus and intensity. He follows strikes and shifts in weight, even occasionally nods his head along to mark out the rhythm of the match.

Gunther was getting reckless with his swings. He's just unwinding and tossing out his meat hammers in wild successive looping punches. He ducks low and the man swings low and with a stiff cross into the ribs of Jan. He feels the wind and the 'oomph' of the punch. He grunts with the impact, "That's so. I used to wake up every morning. Rump so fine you could smother yourself with it." He rumbles and then goes on the defensive as Jan comes back at him.

The sight of a bare knuckle fight is rare in the ring and the audience is giving the pair full attention. The little princess pauses to offer a fond farewell to Emilia before returning her attention to the match. "I once was very close to a man that was very good with his fists. I never saw him spar, though. I find this fascinating," she nods with a curious cant. "I'm," she winces as a solid punch is landed, "Impressed."

If not for the bracers, she'd probably already be laid out. Jan adjusts her fighting style a bit. She trying to mimic her opponent in an attempt to get a better idea of how this works. "Well I can't offer any of that," She gives a grunt as she takes several more blows, "But win or lose, I'll put you in silver if you can teach me how to do this." Circling again, trying to use her speed to her advantage, she also calls out, "Leave my damned cup alone Wash!" She won't let that slide a second time.

"It was empty when I got here!" Wash calls back.

Emilia nods to Ajax. "I look forward to your story, Ajax," she says. She inclines her head politely to those at the table, and even gives Harlex a wave of the hand, before she heads out towards the streets of Arx.

Emilia has left the ringside great table.

Gunther switches to the defensive and he leads Jan into the fighting. The small squat fellow is doing nothing but breathing. Every word he breathes. Mouth and nostrils gasping and tugging in that sweet air meat into his lungs. The bruiser gets in close and he lifts a foot and then stomps hard on Jan's tootsies. When she is distracted he leans in he gives her a rib shot to the opposite side he damaged before.

Harlex had disappeared for a while. But he returns, coming down from the upper rafters. Adjusting his cloak. He tugs on his gloves, his gauntlets. His helmet is brought to him and he puts that under his arm then, quietly, he departs.

This might cause most fighters to get disgruntled and start yelling at their opponent. Jan let's out an 'Oof', but a grin quickly spreads across her visage and she hops back and shakes out her foot. "Clever.." She says trying to imagine the pair fighting with weapons so she can wrap her head around it. "I knew when I laid eyes on you that you were more clever then you let on." Jan deftly moves about, but stops dead, pointing behind Gunther. "Is that the King again?"

"Your majesty!" Wash says, standing upright.

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1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Lore.

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Reese returns to the Hart after having stepped way for a bit. She i adorned in her normal pink and toting along her many weapons. The girl peeks over the room, trying to get feel for the current settng.

Valencia blinks with confusion and covers her mouth with a delicate hand as the bare-knuckled brawl reels on. A little look to Wash is offered and she turn aside just in case. No King is present of course.

Helle follows some small time after Harlex, smelling of booze and forest and holding a dagger with a thin line of blood on it as she slips slowly through the crowd and away.

Helle has left the upper rafters.

The aged former brawler circles the ring. The man moves spry and youthful. His belly bounces under the tight fabric of his thin white tee. The hair arms and shoulders of the squat knuckler tightens as his arms extend and retract. he ccomes in close and his head dips in and his forehead glances in a sudden graze off Jan's brow. He continues his slow pawing and playing. Teasing her guard down and then just going to work. Left, right, shove... back away.

Ian continues to watch the fight with interest. The corner of his mouth twitches at Jan's attempt at a ruse, but the "smile" is gone soon enough as the bout resumes. He's starting to do that thing where he betrays a reaction a split second before the actual hit.

At the ruse of the King. Gunther laughs a bit and shakes his head, "Ain't no King comming in a place like this to see my back sweat as I work you over for a whallopin'."

Wash sits back down with a shrug. "My mistake. Different Grayson." He picks up his glass and toys with it. "This looks a lot like how a cat fights. How does a man that size remind me of a cat?"

Clearly Jan is not very good at deception. At least with anyone but Wash. Dropping her guard for the obvious ruse grants her a few more sound knocks on her unprotected head. She bares down this time, trying to take a more serious approach.

At the ruse of the King. Gunther laughs a bit and shakes his head, "Ain't no King comming in a place like this to see my back sweat as I work you over for a whallopin'."

Reese looks toward Gunter and Jan, seemingly curious about the in progress fight. She goes to order herself a mug of warm cider.

Reese has joined the ringside great table.

Lore enters the arena with a curious look around the area, coming to a halt when she sees the bare knuckle fighting going one. Tsking, she mutters, "Of course the week I show up late there's fist fighters." Letting out a bit off a sigh, she makes her way towards the folk she recognizes, lifting a hand towards Ian and Ajax and Reese before smiling at Valencia, "Can I call dibs on the winner? Is that a thing?"

The meaty hands of the older fella let fly. He hands hooks and jabs out like he was churning butter. The light glancing blows are meant to keep Jan on the defensive as each successive swing he changes his stance. Soon the short pot-bellied meat-hammering Gunther is smiling gleefully. It had been a long time since he fought -- rarely ever this sober either. The man's rust shakes quick as he is at work and as he nears, "Best thing about my Sally. She could cook the nipples off a pork belly. Food so good you couldn't sit still an' eat it!"

Wash gestures. "This fight was decided the moment they entered." He tells her. "But you might want to get three drinks in just to keep it even with ol' Bearkiller. Only thing he kills faster than a bear is a bottle of whiskey. Both with little finger extended." Wash demonstrates, sipping his drink with exaggerated daintiness.

Olivia sips her wine daintily

Actually, Jan looks to be having just about as much fun. Real warriors enjoy getting beaten up more then winning. Life's best teacher is a face full of bruises. She spits some blood into the sand, obviously falling behind in the fight as she trying to outmatch the much more skilled fighter. She won't go softly though, she begins her attack anew.

The little dark eyed vixen smiles as Lore arrives and then a little more as Reese returns. A look to the battle on the sands makes her smile and she nods. "If our winner agrees, yes, of course," she nods back to Lore. "I am rather amazed at this kind of sparring. It is so very different and yet so very rich in skill," Valencia nods her eyes moving back to watch the match continue to the cheers of the enthusasitc crowd.

Reese has her mug of warm cider and she goes to take a seat. She has a warm smile for Valencia and Wash. Olivia then gets a wave. The princess turns back to watch the fight, seemingly curious about it.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 2, rolling 44 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 32 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Wash gestures for Reese to join the rest of them at the largest, closest table to the fighting. "I see you hurried back with all your gear. Not sure there is anyone left to fight in that much armor though."

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Grinning towards Valencia, Lore offers a cheerful, "Excellent! You would not believe how hard it is to find a good brawl these days." Then she's leaning a hip against the table and looking to the ring once more, watching the pair as they go round the ring.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 17, rolling 28 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 25 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Olivia stands from her wine, "I will challenge you all!..... to flower picking" sits back down and drink a little more wine

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 44, rolling 38 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 49, rolling 0 higher.

Jan remains capable of fighting.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 64, rolling 23 lower.

Jan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 15 higher.

Jan remains alive, but close to death.

Jan is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Reese looks upon Wash. "Oh, I always wear it, Lord Wash. I normally take it off for pars though." She says softly to him. She then smiles over to Olivia. "I flower picking contest. That sounds fun. I would likely join."

Gunter takes his time with his work. The man moves and his head movements are predictive. The fat melon of the man watches with careful clarity the fists and feet of his opponent. His head moves before she throws. He switches his profile up, leading with the left foot -- then the right. He goes southpaw and then lowers a hard fist to the gut. Gunther as he stalks in close clinches up with Jan and then from close in he grinds the hard parts of his noggin' against her face. Crushing her nose and grinding the cuts on her face; mashing and deepening them until the blood in her eyes takes her vision. That's when Gunther sends out and over-handed right that misses. Except on the way back his elbow comes clean in and crushes her at her temple. And when she goes feet up to the sky and his the ground the man holds his hairy arms up. He then goes to his knee to check the woman he just sent to lala land.

Ian takes a slow breath after the marathon fight comes crashing to a finale. He pushes a hand through his hair.

Straightening as the fight draws to a close, Lore angles over towards the ring and grins, calling out, "Great fight! Feel up to another one?" She.. does not look like a fighter. Not even a little. She looks more like a dancer than anything, but she's looking eagerly to Gunter and grinning brightly as if this is the best thing EVER.

Armor couldn't keep the man off her forever. Her blows glancing off the oaf, it is soon apparent who is going to win. Jan sticks it out til the end though. Even after the middle of her nose is facing the wrong way. For the second time in the night however, she sees stars. Waking up several minutes later to stare up into the mouth breather. "My hero.." She grunts in pain, but also in jest as he holds her off the sand. Jan pats his shoulder and laughs.

Jan has left the ring of valor.

Reese looks over to Gunter and Jan. "So well fought!" she say in their direction. The princess then takes another ip of her cider. She seems to be in a cheerful mood.

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Gunther does not respond or engage anyone. "You did really well, there." He offers up, "Be happy to show a few things, few dirty tricks and the like." The man then looks to the person that offers him a scrap. He is covered in sweat. The hair on his shoulders, chest, and back is madded against aged skin. The smattering of liver spots just emerging on the man. That lone tuft of hair ontop his dome is mingled with blood and lays flat from sweat. He gets some water and motions to the ring. "I only fight with my mitts, can't afford armor or nothin'." He tells the challenger.

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat arrive, following Athaur.

Lore flashes a grin towards Gunter and motions to her clothes, "These -are- my armor, but I can change into normal clothes if it makes you feel better! And I'm not wearing a weapon." She lifts a shrug, still jsut as happy as can be, "Up to you, though!"

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the jingling of bells rings lightly through the Hart before Athaur steps into the Arena propper. He holds a mug of ale in one hand and has a smile on his face as his dark eyes surveys over the room.

Reese looks over to Athaur, having a gentle smile of greeting for the Count. "Oh, Count Athaur, hi. You just missed and exciting fight." she says in his direction.

The elder man gets back to the center of the wring. He slides his hands down to his pants and dries them. He pulls his shirt up and his one pack rolls out as he wipes his brow and eyes of sweat. Once sweat he looks over the silks and shrugs, "Suit yourself miss." And Gunther hops up and down a bit before he starts...

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Someone taps Ian on the shoulder and says a few words to him. He shows a flash of irritation, but then sighs and braces himself on the table, pushing to his feet. He takes his cane and heads out after them.

Olivia with a sickening crunch Olivia takes a hold of Jans nose an pushes it back in to place. She looks down pretty satisfied with her work. "Now you will need a salve for all those cuts...." She starts digging in her physicians satchel

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The first few rounds are always the most boring. Fighters taking each others' measure, dancing around, looking for openings. It would seem Lore is not slouch when it comes to fighting, she manages to either avoid or roll with most of Gunter's hits. She also has no luck in landing one on him herself. "Hmmmmmm, this could take some time..."

Wash has left the ringside great table.

Athaur approaches Reese with a charming smile. "Princess Reese!" He bows gratefully to her. "It is good to see you. It seems that I have arrived just in time for another one though. I hope you are well?"

Jan slams her fist down on the table hard enough to cause the glasses to rattle as her nose is jerked back into place. She all but growls but quickly recovers. A raspy chuckle escapes her lips as she mumbles her thanks to Olivia.

Fresh off a victory the ol' man was feeling himself. But something was different from the very first moment Lore started in. Her movements were unexpected and the man reacted straight away in a far different manner. The elder man as he huffs and puffs takes to the defensive as he measures up the opponent. They were both uniquely skilled in pugilism and it showed straight away. When they break away he nods to the comment, "Ain't fought no one who could thump good in a minute." He grunts, "Not sure I'm good for a long fisticuff but imagine we're gonna see if these knucks can manage." He grunts and then heads back in to fight, "Mah name is Gunther." He greets Lore, "Crownsworn."

Domonico walks back in, folding his arms as he considers the fighting going on right now, hmmmming as he takes a few moments to consider the fight.

Reese peeks over to Athaur once again, giving him a another smile that touches her blue eyes. "I'm well. Did you want to join the table with us? Do you know Lady Olivia and Lady Jan?" she asks of him. Reese then studies the fight in progress, giving Gunter a smile. "Go Gunter!" She cheers.

Domonico walks back in, folding his arms as he considers the fighting going on right now, hmmmming as he takes a few moments to properly appraise the fighting styles of those in the rijg.

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"General.. Lady.. my sister." Jan grunts, although her attention quickly returns to the fight. "He's faster and meaner then he looks! Best watch yourself!" Then a pain etched chuckle.

"Lore Artiglio. Velenosa fealty," its offered with a grin to Gunter as she darts back from his next swipe. She rolls away from one hit, coming up to a crouch and moving to try and sweep his legs out from under him. The hit scores, though Gunter is sturdier on his feet than she'd given him credit for. And it does leave her open for a return volley to catch her squarely!

Olivia Curtseys as she is introduce

Gunther's hands hang heavy and he switches stances. He holds his arms straight out and his fists are above his head. This is a measuring move to keep constant watch of reach. It also allows for grazing but not serious blows to land as the man bides his time. Welts start to show in the next flurry as the two square off. The gnarled mitts drop as Gunther comes in close and starts to work his jab a little quicker. But then the sweep catches him and being short and close to the ground saves the man as his feet don't buckle. A knee bends but Gunther uses the leverage to spring forward with a quick left jab, a second, and then a right hook that leaves some red marks on his opponent's face. He huffs and puffs, "Sweet Sally's heavenly jugs you're quick." He grunts and spits a little blood out as they prepare to go once more into the fray.

The little vixen smiles to Athaur as he arrives, a delicate hand offered in greeting. "My dearest Count, please be so very welcome," Valencia nods gently up at the man. Another smile is offered to the returning Domonico as well, a warm nod offered as well. The fight in the ring is brutal and quick, the litte southern princess draws in a deep breath. "I think my Missere Theodoric would like to know this Gunter a little better. He is very talented, is as Mistress Lore."

Athaur offers a deep bow and a smile to both Jan and Olivia. "I have seen the Lady Olivia in passing and the Lady Jan and I have exchanged a few short words. A pleasure to see you again my Lady." He turns to Valencia and smiles. "Your Highness. Your Hart is as lovely and welcoming as it always is." He takes her hand, offering another bow over it before he takes a seat. "I do hope that everyone is well?" He lifts his mug to his lips and takes a deep drink from it.

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"So are you, Master Gunter! In fact, I do believe you might even be faster than I am... though I fully intend to give you a run for your money," Lore has the audacity to wink at the older man before sidestepping a punch. They go back and forth like this for quite a few rounds, neither one quite able to land a significant hit on the other. But then, Lore gets a lucky break. She catches an opening and takes it! Swinging around after Gunter's last jab, she darts in to catch him a blow to the ear. Its not enough to send him down, but his hearing won't be thanking him for it! Sweat has broken out across her body, her breath comes in pants, but she is grinning and loving every second of it. "I do believe this is the longest I've spent fighting someone. Its truly a pleasure to face off against someone so skilled!"

Reese ohhhs softly. "That is right. I was at the Ebb and Flow with you and Lady Jan both." She says toward the Count. She curls-up cat-like at her seat and then takes another sip from her cider.

The little princess smile back, her cheeks pink with his kind words. "I'm so very glad you think so, my lord," Valencia offers back. "My Hart is happier for having you in it," she smiles. "You are well I hope? Tell me, do they often fight like so where you are from?" she nods to the fight in the ring.

The fight goes on; fists fly and knuckles catch air, glancing blows, and lots of tactical angles are worked. The pair know what they are doing and the fight is largely even. The elder Gunther prefers looks up to Vice a good six inches. And so his reach is naturally shorter and he uses every bit of his experience and his level head to get in close to work. Clinches become constant as he nears Vice but the issue between them is that Gunther has to eat shit every time he comes in range of her reach where he cannot. And so Gunther sticks to the angles -- bobbing, weaving, and then finding his opening to counter-punch his way in. Except this exchange Gunther eats more then he dishes out. The puffy ears of the bare-knuckle Zzzzz tosser splits and bud leaks down the lobe. When they separate he is left looking just as haggard as opponent. Yet he isn't sucking as much wind and here a smile opens up on his lips. "Can't hear whatever you just said through the ringin'." He grunts.

Another wince comes to the face of the little raven haired princess, but she does not turn away. A breath is taken and a drink as the brutal brawl continues.

"You are to kind Your Highness." Athaur smiles to Valencia. He turns his head towards the fight, watching curiously as he listens to the conversations flowing around him. His fingers drum slightly on the mug as he does so.

Laughing, she shakes her head and continues with the match. Blow for blow, duck for dodge, they really are just too evenly matched for clear victory. Its going to be hard-fought, hard-earned, bloody, drutal victory. The way the Gods intended! Getting more and more winded from keeping up her defensive stance, however, is starting to work against her. She not quite as quick as she was at the start, not quite as light on her feet. And when Lore misses with her last punch, she knows she's made a mistake and can only brace for the blow.

The heavy hammer like hands of the old an fly swifter and faster now that he sense that he is anglin' Lore to the ropes. He does not swing as hard these flurries and instead he relies on his jab. He finds that stinging pestering jab landing through the hands of his opponent; and when she makes the mistake the man changes up his tactics to take advantage. Thus far in the fight the more experienced fighter had been swinging his mitts to and fro but only as a boxer might. As they get in close and Gunther engages a clench he doesn't use his head to grind nor his elbows like before. Instead he brings up his knee straight into her bely to leave the woman winded and panting. He then backs up and starts to circle. Gunther is smothered in blood.

Olivia stands and curtseys to all. "Well I think I shall go tend to my studies." She turns to Valencia. "Thank you for allowing me to try and help people, and for hosting such a great event."

"Oh, my sweetest lady, thank you for doing so. You're expertise and gentle hands are so very welcome. I hope you will join us again soon," Valencia offers warmly to Olivia. "You will be safe travelling home?" she asks. "I can call carriage for you if it pleases."

Reese smiles gently to Olivia the Lady Flower rises. "Oh, take care, Lady Olivia, it was very nice to see you again." She say sin her direction. She then smiles over to Domonico. "Hi, Lord Domonico." She adds realizing that she forgot to great him. The girl then looks to the Count. "Things are well on your lands? Are you going to ever throw a wild...a wild Ravenshiri party?" She says not seeming to find the right word for his background.

Olivia says, "The walk will do me some good, thank you all."

Lore checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 73 higher.

Lore remains capable of fighting.

Lore checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 22, rolling 38 higher.

Lore remains capable of fighting.

Lore checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 6 lower.

Lore checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 12, rolling 39 higher.

Lore remains alive, but close to death.

Lore is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

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Jan puts Kennex Corsair Leather Helm in Canvas Rucksack.

Athaur smiles to Valencia. "But, no. We do not often fight exactly like this. We are more likely to grapple with each other then use fists, at least for sport. Of course sometimes a disagreement will errupt and we get more violent with each other." He laughs softly before looking to Reese. "Ah, we should throw a party. There has been some discussion about doing so and soon. To show ourselves to our new allies."

"If you should need a venue, my lord, my Hart stands," Valencia offers with a little nod as the fighting continues in the ring. A deeper sip of drink is taken as she winces at the sound of fists finding faces.

What comes next is an epic display of savage brutality. After a time when Gunther's knows how this end he knows what's left is the spectacle. He had forgotten the roar and joy of it. The sheer carnal flight of blood and sweat. The scream of aching muscles as each wildly swinging hammering of an arm is agony and fire with every motion. The rining in his ears grows louder as the older man makes his way to exactly center in the ring. And it is here the visceral blood starts to smatter and sprinkle the crowd. His saliva is a mixture of crimson and copper spittle. His nose runs red and and his skin is angry and welted. One eye is half-sealed shut as he watches Lore swoon and waver. Here the man bullies her to the center of the ring. And then he does something nuts...

Gunther Crownsworn lowers his guard and motions for the woman to do the same. And there they stand hands down exchanging blows. Punch after punch. Each of their heads snapping until Lore cannot lift her arms any long. And that's when she reaches up to clench and their heads start to collide. Clash after clash of bone against bone as they viciously take turns headbutting each other. Faces turn to battered mush and soon only one person is headbutting as Vice's eyes roll back in her head.

Gunther stands there her head in his mitts. His face a mutilated mess. He laughs blood and starts howling his joy as the body slides down unconcious before him out of his grip.

Gunther turns to the crowd and raises his blood soaked arms and hands.

Jan laughs and cheers on the Crownsworn. Maybe she actually got off pretty lucky. Those two look like they just tried biting the barnacles off a passing ship. Good thing Olivia wasn't the only healer around, she claps as the mercies rush in. Probably none too happy about this mess.

As the battle comes to a close, Ajax's gauntlet covered hands give a polite clap echoed by the metallic clink.

Athaur lifts his hands and claps for the two contestants, the movements setting the bells in his clothes to jingle with each movement. He lifts his mug and takes a drink before he stands and smiles. "I could find it in myself to test my blade this evening."

Reese looks over to Arthaur, smiling at the mention of a party. "I will try to come if you do." She says.

When she's brought back around, Lore staggers up to her feet, accepting enough aid to get her cleaned up and anything that needs immediate attention taken care of. After that, she's shoo'ing them away while looking groggily for her fierce competitor. Seeing the man with arms raised, she shuffles her way over and claps a hand on his shoulder, offering what is probably a gruesome grin. "Hey. That was -great-. We should do this again soon! Next time, though, I'm buying drinks after."

Ajax lets out a small yawn as he looks over at Athaur, dipping his head towards the man as he starts his slow trudge towards the sands.

Ajax wields Retribution - A rubicund hand and a half blade.

"That sounds great." The panting Gunther sounds back, "But only one drink. My sally wouldn't want me drunk. And onna account I can't spend a waking hour not thinkin' 'bout her. I don't aim to make her made in the beyond. But I'd like a single drink after next time, sure." And with that the old man cleans up and limps off into the sunset.

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Jan is overheard praising Gunter: Amazing fight!

Athaur smiles and inclines his head to Reese. "Of course, when such a party is held you will receive an invetation." He nods to Ajax with a grin as he walks down towards the sands.

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Athaur wields Riva's Fortune, a curved shamshir.

Reese is overheard praising Gunter: amazingly fought!

Reese is overheard praising Valencia: Great hostest!

Reese is overheard praising Jan: Great fighting and a great sport!

Jan is overheard praising Valencia: Your events always bring the crowds!

Reese is overheard praising Willow: Amazing painting!

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Ajax lips curl into a warm smile over towards Athaur, his visor of his helm shutting as he raises retribution upwards, "Are you ready?" he asks the man, shifting into his stance.

Watching Gunter head off, still smiling, Lore makes her way over towards the Mercies to let them tend her a little better. Once she's as patched up as she can be, she makes her way towards the edge of the ring to collect her rucksack and bow to Valencia, "Your Highness. Thank you very much for hosting. As always, this has been a great time!" Straightening with a bit of a wince, the young woman heads off to get some well-earned rest.

Athaur rolls his shoulders slightly, lifting his curved blade up in front of him. "I forgot my armor this evening, so this may be over sooner then before. But yes, I am ready Master Ajax."

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Reese looks upon Ajax and Athaur, seemingly curious about the fight soon to take place.

Valencia nods gently to Lore and wince a little at her state. "Thank you for gracing our Hart, my lady. Are you sure you are alright," she winces again, pausing to wave farewell to Gunter as he departs. "I am glad you had a good time," she offers as she turns back to smile. "It was a remarkable night. Sweet sleep."

At the start of the engagement Ajax wastes no time probing his defenses, the mercenary charges in with vicious speeds striking out against his partner in a reckless fashion, leaving him open towards a blow past his armor. Yet none the less, Ajax shifts moving even faster to lash out against the man.

"Of course, Your Highness, it looks worse than it is!" Lore offers with a chuckle and grin before heading off to seek out her bed.

Athaur is put onto the defensive quickly, unable to defend himself from two serious strikes made by Ajax at the begining of the contest. The count manages to rally again, a few of his own strikes hitting true as the two men move across the sands as their blades flash through the air.

Athaur checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 14 higher.

Athaur remains capable of fighting.

Athaur checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 13, rolling 26 higher.

Athaur remains capable of fighting.

Athaur checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 9 lower.

Athaur checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 17, rolling 29 higher.

Athaur remains alive, but close to death.

Athaur is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Domonico gives a few heavy claps of his hands together in applause as he watches the bout finish. "Well fought."

As the battle continues, a roar escapes Ajax's form as he strikes out against poor Athaur with a frenzy of fury filled blows, causing the man to eventually falter he lets out a long exhale as he slides retribution back into his scabbard, offering the Count a hand out in return.

For a moment, it seemd The Count had started to strive back against Ajax, his tactic of darting into strike and moving away seemed to be working. But then a final mighty blow from Ajax struk the Rivenshari, sending the man crashing down into the sand with a glatter of bells. Athaut let's out a sigh, taking Ajax's hand in his before standing to his feet. "Well done once again, Master Ajax."

With a round of applause Jan stands from her table. "Next time it looks like I'll have to put a purse up for the man or woman that can knock Ajax into the dirt." She laughs. "Well fought Ajax."

The crowds continue to cheer as the warriors meet once more on the sands. The little princess is rivited to the scene, the flashing weapons ringing across the arena to another cheer of the crownd. Valencia watches with bright intensity, each move of the men taken in carefully and assessed. By the end of the match, she, too, is rising and cheering wholeheartedly. "Well fought!" she cries with a bright smile. "Bravo! To the tonight's fighters! Bravo!"

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

"Yer getting faster, Count." Ajax nods his head slowly, before his large form starts trudging out of the sands proper. his hands moving to remove his helm slowly. Letting out a sharp exhale, he looks at Jan tilting his head to the side, "You beat the Kid, Lady Kennex. You took quite a victory today."

Domonico hmmms as he watched the fighters talk, taking the time to analyse their combat styles with a quiet 'hmmm' of appreciation.

Athaur is overheard praising Ajax: A formidable warrior!

"I feel more of a champion for taking on two fighters that were almost sure to take me to defeat. It isn't the fights I win that stick in my mind." Her busted face turns to a grin. "Still, it was nice to know that I am not as rusty as I feared."

"You did very well in our bout." Ajax offers, as he starts to trudge his way out of the arena proper. A soft hum can be heard from the man.

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