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Sister Emilia Godsworn

What good is the armor of an oath, when the heart beneath is blackened?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Maiden of the Sword
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Godsworn
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 8/8
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: electric blue
Skintone: alabaster

Description: Emilia's appearance can be one of paradox. She may, and often does, appear saintly honey-sweet and poised, like the vista of a dew-covered mountain at the dawn of a beautiful spring morning, and yet, sometimes, like the waning and the waxing of the moon, she may appear disciplined and commanding, like the frozen rays of twilight dancing over turbulent and violent storm clouds-- Because despite her beauty and mellow features, her tiny form exudes martial prowess and military bearing. Her eyes are almond-shaped and deep, brimming with goodness and heart, and there are many who, uninterrupted, stared into them for quite a while, lost in those deep blue pools. Her silky golden hair, almost luminous as if fashioned from sunlight itself, is long and made into a thick braid that reaches down to just above her knees. She carries herself with a humble grace that easily tempers the martial fire that lives inside her will.

Personality: Love and adoration, for all her righteous fellows that stand in her rank and file, and for all those that seek her for protection, is the crux of Emilia's personality; And exactly because of this, her righteous fury and hatred for the apostate and heretic is boundless. Emilia is fiercely religious and single-minded in her purpose to protect its teachings and shield the Compact from evil, no matter where it may be-- within or without. But few are those who have seen her so, and many know her as someone who is honest, straight-forward, generous and graceful. Every day she treats like a blessing from the Gods, and every Creature with life she loves equally. She abhors violence, even though she is a master of it, and very rarely will she ever resort to it-- she will sooner run, hide or even prefer to be the one injured than injure another, in hopes of avoiding further aggression. However, should the cohorts of evil, the unrighteous or dishonorable, stand before her, she will not hesitate or show mercy. She strives to be the pillar of stability in every community she ventures into, and selflessly gives to accommodate all within. She never shares her reasons for why she does any of it, and just as surely, she shields the secrets of others.

Background: They say that at a very young age of 14, Emilia, bruised and dirty, wandered onto the fields of battle against an Abandoned wartribe, hoisting an old war banner. As she did so, a single ray of sunlight pierced the overcast sky, and illuminated the golden and blue banner, and the soldiers took this as an omen from Gloria, that their battle would go favorably; and indeed, so it did. Emilia's story, of course, did not begin here, but more importantly, neither did it end.

After the battle, Emilia approached a Knight of Solace, and asked him to escort her on a pilgrimage that will lead her all across of Arvum, and then to Arx. She warned the Knight of Solace that on this journey he will die. The Knight of Solace, nevertheless, agreed, even though he believed that the warning was true.

Almost two years later, Emilia arrived at Arx, alone, the grieving bearer of tragic news about the Knight's demise to the Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace. She did not speak much of her journey, except that she tried her hardest to take the Knight's place- but he would have none of it, and defended her from the Abandoned until his last breath.

Shortly after, refusing the hospitality or the company of the Knights of Solace, Emilia once more went to Pilgrim, insisting that she must go alone.

Years have passed, and only rumors, for those interested in her whereabouts, existed of her deeds. She had pilgrimed the lands, giving away much of her wealth that she earned during her travels-- she was often seen at the sites of battle, as if uncannily guided there, inspiring the righteous to fight on and to struggle, and when the battle was over, she was gone. Knowing only her appearance, but not identity, had inspired a small folktale by itself, and she came to be referred to simply as the 'Paragon of Gloria'. A few years later, she was at the Siege, in the mien of a renown Godsworn Templar Knight fearlessly charging under the banners of her own unit-- the Strifebearers-- and breaking into the ranks of the Silent Army.

Finally, heeding the summons, she relocated to Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Jacque - A very close friend of mine and sparring partner.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Blah blah hero blah blah dying young. I don't like her.
    Agatha She ... has a lot of silver to give to charity!
    Ainsley She seems incredibly earnest, if perhaps a bit of a reluctant Templar.
    Ajax A devoted knight, who visits a place of vice to duel a monster of a man. I could of gone a similar route at one point in my life. I hope she eases up before the steel she's trying to be shatters.
    Alarissa A templar and one of the more exemplary ones. Not that they aren't all exemplary. I look forward ot further meetings with her and delight in knowing that they have such fine knights in their service and to the gods.
    Amarantha The first and only Templar I've ever met. Seems like a nice woman! And I'm a bit jealous of her sword.
    Anisha A Templar's decisive action is something we can all appreciate. No one will fault Templar Emilia's zeal or courage. But in my quiet times, I can wish that her second blow was a little -less- decisive.
    Aodhan A rather passionate woman who believes steadfastly in her beliefs. I think we'll get along quite well.
    Apollis She's strong enough to beat Astraea! She seems so very sweet too.
    Artorius A woman saw at the Gala. I realized how hard she was trying to win the time of Dame Thena, so...since I wasn't using it, I decided to give her a helping hand. Of course, I require nothing in return, I wasn't doing too much with those funds anyways. I am happy to see that she had found her happiness.
    Astraea A valorous woman who fights like a true templar should. She is unyielding and relentless, the kind of warrior I very much feel the most respect for. Her offense is something terrific to behold and inspiring in it's elegance. She has refined her skill with words and the blade, a most excellent example of Gloria's disciples.
    Astyr A knight of pen and sword; a knight of the road; a knight of very sharp eyes. She seems nice, if busy.
    Atherton Idealist. That may be her downfall. Her skill in a fight is not to be trifled with, so maybe ideals might endure for this one.
    Berenice She certainly has a lot to say about why everyone is terrible!
    Bianca Honor and humility are both apt descriptors for Dame Emilia. She also seems to have a good head on her shoulders. While she may at a glance be a diminutive woman, I have no doubt she is and will continue to be a force to behold in the name of Gloria.
    Bliss There is a healthy level of skepticism and curiosity in this one, as well as the love of a good story. It's always good to see a Templar focused on more than just hitting things, but rather, one who truly wants to understand the world around her. I have no idea of her views on so many things, but trading stories is a good start.
    Brigida Loud and presumptive. Even godsworn can sometimes stand to listen rather than simply wait their turn to speak.
    Brigida Zealous as Templars have a habit of being.
    Calaudrin The Templars, they are absolutely brutal fighters. And Dame Emilia is no exception. I appreciate her humoring me by going a few rounds in the training center. Very gracious about it too. I don't like sword play, but it helps to train in it now and again.
    Caspian Wet met at the Shrine of Gloria and she will be helping out in my Rite to Gloria! I am grateful
    Catalana A formidable opponent.
    Cirroch A woman who took a deep interest in Giant's Reach. It was heartwarming to see a stranger take such interest in my lands. I thank her greatly for the interesting discussion.
    Constantine Our first encounter was too brief. She seems a proper Templar, but edged with a social temperance in manner many warriors lack.
    Cristoph Emilia is a devasting adversary in the ring! She claims that she's not so skilled, but I think Prince Jacque is correct in that she's just being humble. All in all, I had a fine time getting my brains beaten in.
    Daemon She nearly took my heart with her ferocity. A bidding war, never again... Well, unless there's more orphans involved.
    Delilah Forthright. Blunt. There is little veneer here, especially in a situation where a likely sense of justice seems wronged. In that, she serves the Faith admirably.
    Denica A knight that I met at Sina's Godsworn Ceremony. She seems to have heard some paladin stories, and though she doesn't seem interested in joining The Order of East Light, perhaps we could trade stories someday all the same!
    Domonico Fluid and graceful in the ring. She fights exceedingly well and maintains her composure all the way through. I approve.
    Echo Dame Emilia is very well spoken. She's got such a way with words that would make most people swoon. I bet she's a terrific sparring partner, too!
    Ectorion A very skilled fighter, truly Gloria must smile on her.
    Edain A young Templar I meet in the market. She has a vibrant positivity to her that I feel like few have in this day in age. It is refreshing.
    Estil A woman of firm conviction, but no less the warm and admirable for it. It is easy to pay my respects to her, knowing somehow that her soul is good to the core. I have an inkling that should I ever need a shoulder, she would provide one.
    Evelynn Insightful, intelligent and with an interest in understanding the world as it is, not just how we want it to be.
    Giulio A conscientious young knight and willing to speak her mind. I can understand why she would do well in Gloria's service.
    Harald A soldier. Forthright, and more honest than those who command her.
    Harlex Not bad, White Hawk. See you soon for another.
    Helle It's not possible for anyone else in the world to move so fiercely, I think. The Gods are too good.
    Jacque Dame Emilia is a devout of Gloria, and her spirited prayers are inspiring. He hopes to become better acquainted with her, considering how well they did as a team -- friendly fire notwithstanding.
    Jan I like this one. Gloria smiles on those that face defeat with a smile.
    Jasher She may be dressed simply, but someone who Alarissa calls friend is someone who has my attention.
    Jeffeth Dame Emilia, she bid an Ungodsly amount on Dame Thena. For this she has become very intriguing!
    Jordan A devoted Templar Knight, unassuming, simple in her faith, and non-judgmental. At least, not overtly judgmental. I'll seek her theological advice.
    Jules She happened by the arena after everyone else had finished. You had a brief chance to speak with her before she had to go but she is a templar and seems to think her work is not so special but there's miracles in all work.
    Laric Not afraid to pose challenging questions of those in positions of authority. It's an admirable quality.
    Lisebet What a fighter! She seems honorable and strong, and a very intense fighter.
    Lucita Generous with time, advice, encouragement. Her expertize shows in her comments and manner. Makes me glad she is willing to help Saikland with its military.
    Lys An incredibly devout woman. Devoted to Gloria above all else it seems.
    Marian A sweet, helpful girl. Perhaps a little idealistic. I hope the darkness does not take that away from her in the coming days. Sometimes when I look upon such innocence, I feel the weight of what I have lived through. Perhaps it is worth it if it allows rare gems like this one to live in their utopia.
    Miranda Oh goodness! She has a right wit about her!
    Mydas Dame Emilia proved to be pleasant and insightful company when I visited the Shrine of Gloria. Eschewing the stereotypical Templar grimness, she instead exhibited warmth and kindness, a face that denotes the often overlooked complexities of the Templars.
    Ouida A most memorable meeting, wherein the lovely Dame put me on my arse before thousands! Truly, the Gods have the best flames burning bright in their service, and she is no exception.
    Petal She seems nice and likes flowers. I would like her to see my garden. I wonder what she will make of it.
    Reese A templar! She seems quite serious, like templars often are. I can't wait to see her her fight. Although maybe I can wait, things might get dangerous.
    Rinel A knight with a gracious and generous heart.
    Sasha A dame who I hope to stay close to. I see much potential within her awaiting to bloom forth.
    Selene A light of grace burns in her when she enters a duel. She stands tall as any warrior and composes herself like a knight, but shows an uncanny humility that glows from within.
    Sorrel The knight is quite the fighter. I met her while hanging out with sellswords, and she's just as fierce and relentless as the rest of them. I'm sure that she and I will face off at some point.
    Tescelina A sunrise, chased by darkness. I see her light. I will know its glow. What will she see in me, I wonder.
    Thena I don't spend that much time with her, besides day to day Faith Militant business. But she showed an unexpected (to me) depth of kindness and generosity towards me with her request regarding her win at the KoS Gala.
    Theron A devoted follower of Gloria. She's a Templar, of course. And she's a very tough opponent, unafraid to go into combat without armor. One must respect the fierceness of this woman.
    Thesarin One of the Templars. She's a small thing, and humble. Shy, even. Talks herself down, but she's fast as anything, and knows her work with a blade.
    Vanora Passion is a powerful emotion and courage a powerful quality. Dame Emilia possesses both in spades.
    Wash A striking templar, in multiple senses of the word.
    Zoey She must spend a lot of time among nobility to have such good manners.