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Lord Wash Kennex

The drink never did me any good, I know that now, but you know what did? The sea. Only thing more beautiful is my Catalana.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Former Royal, Favored Mariner
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 32
Birthday: 3/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Tawny
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Deep tan

Titles: Legendary Sailor

Description: Rangy height and strapping sailor's muscle define the length of Washburn's frame. The classic lines of aristocratic beauty mark the planes and angles of his face, but the fineness of his skin has been weathered to a deep, sun-baked tan, while the beginnings of smile lines shadow his mouth and crow's feet at the corners of his eyes. His eyes are dark, a deep, laughing brown beneath heavy eyebrows. His hair is an unruly mane, brown kissed to a tawny lightness by long exposure to the sun.

Personality: Adrenaline is a hell of a drug. Challenge lures him as nothing ever has. With a reckless disinterest in reputation or politics, Wash is the kind of man who tilts at storms. When low, he is very low: long spates of shadowed darkness, where nothing can draw him out a funk except, maybe, for the rush. When high, he is unstoppable, with a manic intensity and a fierce unchanneled delight in every instant of being alive. Aggressively free-spirited to the point of throwing off the yoke of all restriction and inhibition, love is the only anchor to his passion: love of his wife, love of the sea.

Background: Expectation weighs heavily even on the landless scions of lesser lines of the Grayson family, but expectation without direction is a cocktail that deadens the bravest heart. As a boy, Washburn hated all his lessons and escaped them by passive resistance as much as possible. As a young man, the burdens of rank made him surly and depressed and a burden on his house. In his manic phases, he self-medicated with wine and occasional outbursts of near-violent passion and almost-deaths in hunting accidents. In his depressive phases, he slept for whole days at a time or funked out of training until a stalwart man at arms forced him into an icewater bath.

In short, Washburn was a handful: a prince who didn't want to be a prince, who dared scandal at every turn. He drank too much, he engaged in extreme sports - boar hunting! cliff climbing! whatever he could get into. He flirted daringly with throwing it all off and becoming Crownsworn. Yet he never quite took the plunge. His turning point was the lure of the salt.

Washburn met Lady Catalana Kennex at the height of a fever pitch manic phase and threw himself into maniac pursuit of her. Their passionate affair was the talk of the capital. After several months of intense passion, Washburn knew what he wanted for the rest of life, and stowed away on the transport ship as she and her family sailed back to Stormward. The results of this were twofold: he was discovered a day out of port and put to willingly to work by her family's crew as a ship's hand as punishment for his stolen passage, and he discovered a hitherto unknown love of the ocean, which dazzled all his senses.

Washburn was desperate for this life. He proposed to Catalana. Stormward offered Bastion a contract that would have made Catalana a Princess of Grayson, and all the arrangements were made, but Washburn was unsatisfied. Lost to another funk, he defied convention and invited scandal by throwing all of that aside and begging Catalana to marry him not as Prince Washburn, but only as Lord Wash. Many of the Graysons were furious, but King Alaric was temporarily moved by - or possibly distracted and not paying attention to - Wash's desperate plea to become a lord of the waves, and agreed.

After serving with the Marquis Ford Kennex in the Thirteen Hammers operation, Wash was named Admiral of the Stormward Fleet, Marshal of the March, and summoned to Arx to assist House Kennex, House Thrax, and the Compact.

Relationship Summary

  • Galen - Prince, Patron, Pal, Purveyor of alcohol.

  • Spouse:
  • Catalana - Wife

  • Family:
  • Ian - Younger brother by adoption.
  • Porter - Larger brother by adoption.
  • Aethan - Older brother by adoption.
  • Sabella - Brightly encouraging flower.
  • Niklas - Annoyingly persistent bumblebee.
  • Alarissa - Elegant condescension, deserving of deference.

  • Friend:
  • Lucita - Generous Baroness
  • Carita - Welcoming countess.

  • The crown:
  • Alaric - Generous and long of memory.
  • Name Summary
    Aella Out of the Thraxian men I met at the Hart, Wash was the most outgoing, and the loudest. And I can appreciate a bit of brashness.
    Aethan Whenever I see him, I can almost forget all the things I wish I didn't remember.
    Agatha Good color commentator on the fights at the Sip and Spar!
    Agnarr Some kraken lordling moping about love and the sea. He'd probably pay for me to kill pirates, which is well enough for me to not be too rude.
    Aiden My cousin is a sea-faring man and while the first few outings with him were something to be remembered with hoisted pint and laughter, I do recall most importantly, the ask for me to jump into the ocean and go salvage diving. That didn't go so well. He kept me from drowning.
    Ainsley I don't remember much of him from our youth, but from what I can see he has thrown himself into the duties required of him for his new house.
    Ajax A clever man, fairly certain he plays what he really sees off in a joke form. I like him.
    Alaric It's good to see Washburn happy and settled down (by Washburn standards, at any rate) after all these years. He's still living life a bit on the edge, but he wouldn't be Washburn if he wasn't, right?
    Alarissa My cousin. My favourite cousin. The loe must be strong to give up princedom for a simple noble status. Butshe loves him none the less and is glad that if she's committing to cleaving to the Thrax ways, that she has blood family here with her.
    Alban A flamboyant man, admiral, and good with a set of hairpins. Never would have thought them to be dangerous at all but I have been shown the errors of my ways for sure. Generous and amiable as well, a good man.
    Alessia Undoubtedly entertaining company.
    Alexis Lord Wash Kennex, a former Grayson who has taken very well to life among the pirate hunters. I think we are extremely different people - and he's a bit brash for my tastes. But he seems to be a decent man?
    Amarantha The most impressive move I've seen on the dance floor tonight. He's certainly athletic.
    Apollis Wash was standing vigil as parley for a woman scorned. The story was one for a song. A jaunty tune, if I were to have my way. He shared his wine and seems like a friendly fellow. I wouldn't mind seeing him again.
    Apollo I've never been more charmed by someone who called something I made rubbish.
    Arcadia Shares my sense of adventure and has taught me so much without barely even knowing one another.
    Arcelia He seems to be quite the family man. That is good. Kennex needs strong bonds between one another. I look forward to getting to speak with him more in the future.
    Ariella Just keeps going up and up in the world. Being an admiral (a grand admiral?) suits him.
    Armand A ship-enthusiast, and a fine conversation partner. A good, and surprising, meeting all in all.
    Artorius Admiral of the Kennex fleet. Nice guy, and appears wisely selected in his times of indulging in liquor and other substances. Smart guy, otherwise. Perhaps I should learn more about sailing than I already know from him?
    Astraea The admiral seems very unimpressed with the city but I hear him. What he says it true and that he stands so quick to candor impressed me. I liked how well he conducted himself despite the underlying sense of disappointment I sensed. Then again I have been wrong and perhaps it's longing for something. I do enjoy the beauty of the sea and he seems to as well. Perhaps in time I'll see more of the Lord-Admiral, Thrax and Lycene go together like two fish in a bowl. Or so I have been told.
    Azova A fellow of... humor.
    Barric Cousin Wash, the runaway Grayson Prince. I've always liked him and am a little jealous he got to run away to be with his love but I am happy for him. Always fun to spend time with, though I should have won that!
    Brady A fairly interesting guy. With the most important quality one can have: A good conversationalist.
    Brigida At least he realises when he has made a poor impression and knows when to shut up.
    Cadenza Are all the Kennex boys hansome? And he's an admiral! Perhaps I can eventually get some sailing lessons from him to brush up my skills.
    Caelis The Kennex Admiral, he seems nice, keen to work and make good relations with other sailors.
    Caith He's such a wonderful and intriguing balance qualities -- he bears the heavy weight of responsibility when it comes to war and war planning, there is light and love in his heart for his wife, and obvious joy in his step considering the dance lessons he is taking from Princess Sorrel. It's so interesting to see all those traits come together!
    Cambria Those who drink freely in the company of others are apt to be manipulated. Then again, there are plenty of people that abstain who are just as easy. Not that I am suggesting Wash is either of these things.
    Caspian So he was the donkey riding donkey! That was fucking hilarious. Not as hilarious as Galen's pork king, but still hilarious.
    Caspian My new patron. I admire the Kennex, Wash amongst them, and I hope to work with him to further both of us.
    Catriona He makes me feel sure I should read up on ships and shipping for more than their monitary value to the House. A very interesting man.
    Christine He's a very helpful man. A great addition to the family.
    Cirroch The antics I hear about this man persuing his wife! Quite a romantic, not that it's a bad thing. It worked for him!
    Clara A kind seeming Lord, a sailor, apparently a commander of ships. He seems polite enough but I wonder about the other side... who is he when he's not trying to keep up with etiquette?
    Coraline Best booze EVER!
    Daemon A begrudging sailor with a past I could never imagine walking. He might be a bit dower but he is a treasure of informative sailing tips. I hope his family appreciates his advice nearly as much as I!
    Darrow A Captain who drinks on land to keep his surroundings tilting as if at sea.
    Delilah He was wonderful company, definitely quick of wit. /And/ he's going to teach me how to sail the boat that we leave in the dockyard. How wonderful!
    Denica Well, he dragged off Catalana before I could paint her, but he's a good man. I understand his concerns, and hopefully we'll see each other more soon!
    Dominique One of Calarian's cousins! I can see the family resemblance. He's easy on the eyes and easy to get along with. Hopefully he'll be at the wedding.
    Domonico A sea captain with what seems to be a considerable amount of experience at sea. He also filled me in on the blades of Darkwaters Rise which was informative.
    Echo Him and his wife make a lovely couple! He's got a lot of wisdom, I'm sure. I just need to pry it out of him.
    Edain A good man, and a good lord. One who clearly cares about his people. I know he's had a hard road, but he is carrying it with honor.
    Elgana Intriguing man. He was kind enough to entertain my desires to see the docks and listen to me rattle on about my dreams of going to far off places.
    Emilia He is entertaining to watch, and a skilled fighter. Confident too.
    Esoka Good balance. Not-so-good form, but he seems committed to improving his swordwork. If he learns good habits and discards bad ones, Esoka suspects Wash can make something of his swordarm yet.
    Estil A seemingly steady balance between cheeky humor and mature wisdom, and a good conversationalist to boot. Overall impression: my, what an awfully nice man.
    Evander He's been nothing but a benefit to the Kennex family. I can't say we're as close as the brother I always wanted growing up, but he's a good man, and he makes my sister very happy. For that, he has my gratitude and loyalty.
    Evonleigh He is as warm and sunny as the tales his brothers-in-arms say, and a spirited conversationalist that makes a lazy summer evening go by quickly.
    Fatima He seems very much like a Grayson but oddly very Kennexy too. Which is good because Gods know I love Ford and Titania. Pretty much any pirate killer is gonna be on my top one hundred favorite people. Someday I have to get this kid and his wife drunk and really see what he's like behind that decorum. He /has/ to be related to Calarian.
    Felicia The Admiral seems like a good and honorable man. Strong fighter, definitely one to keep an eye on.
    Flavien One who takes care for even the lowliest of creatures is one with a kind soul. Need more of them.
    Gaston A Grayson. Or a Kennex? Damned if I know. Amiable anyhow, if... Well, I hate to gossip, but it seems he's a bit fond of his cups. Titus liked him though, and he tends to be a good judge of character.
    Gianna A gallant sailor who appreciates music.
    Giulio An amicable fellow -- he enjoys my alcohol and apparently knows the family. Even though he cost me a thousand silver, well, the seeing of pink hairpins in action was well worth the price of admission.
    Harald A restless sort, who craves occupation. Capable enough, more wary than many, with shit taste in wines.
    Harlex The man knows his hairpins. Or, at least, how to use them.
    Henrick Daaaaaamn, the Setarco fleet battle was... fucking insane. That man must have diamondplate balls.
    Ian FIRST impression? Hardly. He's almost a brother to me. I'm so glad he's here.
    Ida A lord who seems kind as well as friendly, atop of not being dreadfully boastful. Someone, I suspect, who leads well both among his peers as well as whatever company he may be in.
    Ignacio I have run into him several times already and each time I have been impressed. Lord Kennex is a good man.
    Jacque Lord Washburn Kennex is polite, well-mannered and is a lover of the sea. We've had a pleasant conversation at the Queensrest Inn. Of note is his devotion to his wife, something that warms the heart in seeing. Truly, a blessing of Limerance.
    Jan My brother-in-law. Always wanted a brother. Seems like a good man. I approve.
    Jasher At the sea, there are few who I will implicitly trust with their hand upon the ship's wheel. Lord Wash is one of those few.
    Jeffeth A kind Lord who tried to teach me about donkey knights. I don't think I liked it.
    Jev He was nice enough to go easy on me in my first spar.
    Jordan A Kennex Lord, apparently a little depressed. I hope my words of outreach manage to speak out to him in some way, though I am no good at making people feel better about things. Just trying to do good where I see it needs to be done.
    Joscelin Lord friend to Oliver Coldrain. Which means he's probably a rascal. It's a good thing I'm good with rascals.
    Kaia Funny and charming! Loves his alcohol; but, which Kennex doesn't?!
    Kenna I cannot even fathom how much he must love his wife, their expressions almost radiated happiness as they spoke!
    Killian I'm really still not sure who this fellow is, but he's brash and loud, and seems to be tied to Thrax. So, fairly fitting. I'm not sure he appreciated my response about the matters at the harbor, but then, I've a long history of pissing Thrax off so changing seems a waste of time at this stage. He's got ideas that seem good enough, but I'm not sure anyone is listening when he talks because of all the other that's coming out in the process..
    Liara A cousin, though I've never known him very well, what with age differences. There's a sharp wit there somewhere.
    Lou I have met Lord Wash Kennex a handful of times, and he seems like good people - and someone willing to work hard toward a cause. We need more people like that. Also, he invited to teach me how to sail... I might never hear the end of it from Mason, but - if it means I could quest to the Eventide Vast again...
    Luca A fine seaman, a good drinking partner, and there's a caring nature tucked in there also, you can tell. I never walk into a room and think it's a worse place to be for his company. I'm always glad to find out he's doing well, existential dread notwithstanding.
    Luis Another great Kennex by marriage, with a fun love of the adventuring days!
    Lydia The consummate sailor, infused with all the sunshine of the open seas, and a breath of fresh air like a seabreeze.
    Mabelle Need.To.Comb.That.Hair!
    Magpie Magpie always has such interesting meetings with nobility and this man is no exception. On the one hand, Magpie *was* trying to invite himself to a private affair without any reason to expect that to fly. Kennex was *also* polite enough to actually hear Magpie out. On the other hand, Wash implied that material gain and survival instinct aren't worthy traits for a man to have when certain doom faces the Compact. Agree to disagree!
    Malesh Met him following a sparring match between he and another in his house. I don't know much about the way such things are done, but he beat the other man handily it seemed.
    Marian I am greatful for Lord Wash's presence today. It was good to see that House Kennex is giving back. And his presence reminds me that I need to stop by and visit his wife for that stretching session.
    Mercedes You will always be Sir Ham to me. All hail Sir Ham!
    Merek Merek saw him carry a whole bunch of alcohol and he seems to be fervent about making sure that the supply is steady in the Isles. That seems to be a great social interest point to him!
    Monique A bit of a mess, truth told. Outrunning the demons living inside of him doesn't seem to be working out so well, but, future drinking buddy?
    Niklas Cat's husband and among the finest sailors in the realm. Also the most banter-ready Kennex yet. Perfect!
    Niklas He may not be a cousin by blood, but he is a Kennex through and through. Just let someone question his heroism around me.
    Norwood He seems to be a good-natured man with an easy manner to be around and a willing attitude. Good on him for accepting that spar!
    Orazio An interesting man. Taciturn, even morose, when his heart isn't engaged, but as soon as he becomes interested in something, he reveals wit, manners, and even charm. Rough charm. Orazio isn't sure if he approves, yet, but is at least interested in knowing more.
    Petal I am not quite sure what to make of him yet. He seems to be quite close to Ian and seems a kind of dry sense of humor. I think he is doing important things during the current struggles.
    Quenia I met Lord Kennex at Coldrain Crafts, while shopping for some hairpins. He was in an argument with another woman, and it sounded quite heated. I hope they work things out. Afterwards, he and I spoke about our respective families.
    Raimon Very generous to offer to teach me to sail.
    Raja Interesting fellow. He never gave me his name, but he did invite me to join him on the high seas. I have to admit this interests me and I just might take him up on the offer. Someone else called him admiral.
    Reese I remember him from when I was little and he is my second cousin. A second cousin who fight on a ship, this is a good thing! He seems very interested in warfare and fighting and the like, but he is grounded about his interest. He has an eagerness to learn.
    Rinel I am not entirely sure the Lord Admiral is clear on the duties of our order...
    Romulius He is a very smart man with a deep passion for the sea and the vessels that sail upon it. His concern for fellow sailors and the people is to be set as an example of the right way for a noble to be. I wish I could be half as talented, or speak half as easily.
    Sabella A curiosity, married into the seafarers yet still learning their ways and that of how to handle a ship.
    Sabella Growing up, cousin Wash's moods were always rising and falling like the tide, so it seems fitting that he has ended up with a family that's tied to the sea. I don't know if I can really help him, but I will never stop trying!
    Sabella My cousin who I inadvertently followed in the footsteps of when it came to love. He's a lot more than people realize and I am happy he seems open to becoming closer
    Sabella I know a lot of people have differing impressions of my cousin Wash, but should they ever see him with his family they'd know that he is a man of true character and heart whose great love is a king's tide that catches everything nearby up in his wake! Those are all sailor terms, right? Please use the correct ones if you ever tell him I said this!
    Sameera He seems disheveled and argumentive but doesn't seem terrible. He was hung over so further thoughts needed.
    Sanya I am now curious to try watermelon filled with vodka.
    Sebastian Who knew that the lord could dance with such skill? Truly impressive upon the dance floor at Marquis Hadrian's fete.
    Shard He's a sailor, I remember him from the Hart a few weeks ago, drinking with Aiden. Man needs to stop using certain names. Tikva has a point, it'd be nice if he told his whole Great House to stop using it while he's at it.
    Sivard Lord Admiral Wash Kennex, a fine enough upon meeting. It's heartwarming how highly he speaks and thinks of his wife, I hope one day, if I even feel the need to marry another.. that it is to someone that makes me feel as the Admiral does his Catalana.
    Skapti Grayson who sails with Thrax? Didn't see that one coming, really. Wonder what he's like with a bit of rum in him. Seemed to zero in exactly on Ford's tendencies though, and Harald's too.
    Sorrel One of Ian's people; not his brother but might as well be, given how close they are. And he's so smitten with his wife, it's cute!
    Sparte An able mind, well acquainted with the dangers at sea. I only hope enough people listen to him.
    Tarik Not as loud as Jan, but more approachable than Ian. I enjoyed talking to him. He was really drunk when I met him. I mean really drunk.
    Tarrant Surely no man could survive in such a state forever, let alone a nobleman or an admiral. He must be in his right mind, at some point. ...Musn't he?
    Tescelina Very much a sailor from what I have seen. An adventurous soul can be noble, however.
    Tessa Sir/Lord Drunksalot. He said he was a K...something. He said he was a Greyson. Really he's mostly drunk.
    Theron I'll give him that he's quite persistent. I can respect that. Here's hoping he smooths out whatever issues it is his House has between them and my cousin Dianna. Seems like a good, generous fellow!
    Thesarin Heard tell off the man, Prince of Grayson became Lord Kennex. Haven't seen him at a fight, but he's a sharp enough man to make good comment on a match.
    Turo Nice enough fellow. Glad to see he takes the duty of war seriously. And glad he found true love.
    Vanora He's likeable. If Ford doted on me the way Wash does his Catalana I think I'd have to flee. As it is, I find his company pleasant when I have the chance to enjoy it.
    Vega Quick to volunteer to aid the House in a time when we need every hand on deck that we can muster. Precisely the sort of people we need right now.
    Victus Lord Wash an' Ian make an exciting pair of brothers. Even if they weren't raised in the Isles, they know a hefty amount of shit about sailing. I respect it.
    Videl Lord Wash seems excitable, intelligent and hard-working. Perhaps a bit prone to rambling, but not in a bad way, it just proves his excitement.
    Vittorio I am not sure what I expected from a lord of Thrax, but he seems relaxed in the company of different provinces and unconcerned with too much propriety. A good reflection upon Thrax in Arx.
    Willow I like his floppy hat, but I keep coming back for the mystery.
    Zebulon I knew of him by name, but he seems a good man from meeting him at my match. Well spoken and he definitely has the feel of a kindred spirit of the waters.
    Zoey Quite possibly Ian's closest friend. Absolutely adores his wife. I think he's still trying to figure Ian and I out, however. Or maybe he's just trying to figure me out. Who knows?
    Zoey For many reasons, I'm glad that you and I both managed to join this family.