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Lady Elsbetta Farshaw

You are an inspiration to your people. Never let them see you down. Smile while you're bleeding.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Upbeat But Staid Diplomat
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Farshaw
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 10/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: russet brown
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: pale

Description: Tiny and russet haired Lady Elsbetta cuts a stately figure. Her eyes are a cerulean blue that shine with a determined warmth and are framed by raven dark lashes. Her mouth is wide and her lips often curled halfway into a pleasant, pragmatic smile. Though small there is a sense of presence to her that makes one take notice of her. Elsbetta's posture is upright and unbending. She takes great care of her appearance; always clean, her hair always in perfect fashion however it is styled. Never a hair out of place. Never a smudge of dirt on her skin. She is the picture of an dignified noble woman.

Personality: The naive optimist matured into a determined realist with a firm sense of nobility. On first blush Elsbetta Farshaw is an incredibly bright and bubbly woman, but underneath it is a steel backbone and an intense pragmatism. She is aware that every thing you voice, every expression you give, every action you take makes an impression on the world around you. She has chosen to make the impression she leaves a positive one. Not haplessly optimistic but socially aware, Elsbetta does her best to lift others up despite the pain and suffering they have faced.

Background: Elsbetta Farshaw is the younger sister of Duke Ryhalt Farshaw, a Lady of Westrock Reach. She serves as the duchy's Minister of Morale.

From an early age she was an optimistic child; bright and cheerful. Happy in all of the things that she did. However, as she grew and she began observing the world around her she began to understand the darker side of life. Before her uncle Warwick Farshaw died and her brother inherited the Duchy, she was witness to an uprising against one of their vassal houses.

A local Baron had been mismanaging Barony, and had been acting somewhat tyrannical. Her uncleHer uncle felt that it was properly the duty of the Count the Baron was sworn to, and so did not intervene until there was a mass revolt and the Baron was killed by an angry mob. This left a lasting impression on her young self, convincing her of the importance of keeping up the morale and trust of the people. When she was old enough she began to work with the new Baron and the people of that Barony to build trust back up in the nobility.

It was this work that let her to petition the King for a place in the Observers. It is also this work that has lead her to be the Minister of Morale for Westrock Reach.

She knows very much the cost of low morale and distrust of the people for the nobility, and she does everything in her power to prevent this lost of trust.

Name Summary
Cosimo Delightful company who didn't get on my nerves even once. Promises to listen well to teaching. No doubt will encourage my coffee addiction.
Grady She is new to the city, or so I am given to understand, but I cannot bring myself to believe that she is as bereft of friends and acquaintances as she claims, considering how charming I found her company!
Mabelle What an energetic spirit was sent my way. I miss having her zest for life. Perhaps she will rub some upon me.
Martino The Petite Charm of Westrock
Mikani Another scholar. While we don't share research areas it is always good to run into someone who loves The Stacks.