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Brady Grayhope

The thing about morality is that everyone's very sure of right and wrong, and you know, I just don't make a habit of arguing with people who are sure.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Get-it-Done Guy
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: male
Age: 24
Religion: Optional
Vocation: Criminal
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: fair

Description: It's hard to stay mad at that face, you know? Melting brown eyes, lips a soft pout, an impossible sweetness summoned up with the flash of his teeth -- there's a shade of the long vanished cherub in the fullness of his cheeks, in the high sweep of his eyebrows. His hair is the burnished reddish richness of polished wood, but in texture a thick, luxuriant fluff, falling in loose waves inclined to rumple. There's a reedy height to him, limbs a little overlong and matched to the leanness of his frame and the youthful innocence of his features, that lends him more of that young, unfinished look. Adulthood has surely set in, and he sometimes cultivates it by flirting with a downy mustache or beard, but there's just something about his looks that makes it hard to translate youthful scoundrel shenanigans into anything more dire.

(He smells of brandy and pipesmoke, cleanly shaven though his hair is an artful mess.)

Personality: Look, everybody needs somebody sometime, and Brady's pretty good at becoming whatever's needed for any given situation. Manual labor? Check. Mercenary work? Why not? He loves hats! Arm candy? Okay, but shaving costs extra. Haze hookup? Sure, he can get that for you. Anything less savory, I mean why not, but it'll might cost you, because a night in the cells is so bad for the skin. Easygoing, wisecracking, friendly almost to a fault, he tries to stay mellow and keep on everybody's good side, and he can be irresistably innocuous. Of course, the ingenuous charm can be hard to turn off, and some people have gone so far as to say they find Brady obnoxious, which is just a heartbreaking thing to say.

Background: As one of several sons of Kelda Grayhope, Brady grew up a curious, acquisitive youngster. He rarely wanted for anything, especially pies to stick his fingers into. He learned the ins and outs of the Boroughs, back alleys a specialty, and served while still very young as a salty, scrappy little shit aboard the decks of smuggling ships. He frequently stole from the rich to give to the poor, which would have been more Robin Hood and less little shit if only he'd had any need to do so instead of doing it for the adrenaline rush. Speaking of the adrenaline rush . . .

Brady's brother turned traitor a few years ago, and it turned his life upside-down. While Corrigan ratted out the business interests, lit the launderers on figurative fire, and turned over their /mother/, Brady scrambled to course correct. He was broke for basically the first time in his life, and found that his skills at getting into and out of trouble were all he had to fall back on ... so of course he fell back on them as hard as he could. Luckily, the Grayhope family connections to business legitimate and otherwise are not few, and he was able to set himself up as a handyman: that is, a man handy for all kinds of jobs, just generally a good guy to have in your corner in the crunch. Especially if you need him to be quick with a dagger -- which is how he ended up moonlighting with the Valorous Few (he'll tell you for sure, he looks great in hats). Or, you know, a little bullshit artistry. He's good at that, too. On demand.

Relationship Summary

  • Willow - She's someone I'd consider a friend, and maybe hopefully more?
  • Ajax - Another sellsword to talk shop with.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Shady Brady back and just as touchy as ever. Grayhopes. I don't like him.
    Alarissa It's a rare Grayhope that doesn't make me raise my brows. But Brady seems to be one that doesn't really. Inquisitive, polite, respectful, he makes her wonder first what it is that he wants but allays that quickly enough. He's one of the seemingly less... questionable Grayhopes.
    Alessandro A Grayhope, though that is not a liability. Seems personable enough.
    Amund Good chap. Knows how to do fair business. I like him.
    Arcadia Handsome, mysterious and now I can't help being curious about his banana.
    Athaur A great sport to play cards with and friendly as well!
    Delilah The Grayhopes as a rule are witty, sharp as blades, well-spoken. Brady is no different. He gave a needed message at the Salon: that our allies don't dictate terms to us when we are mortally threatened, and asking the Compact to cease to be as a condition of survival is simply unacceptable. Someone whose candor and opinions I will read with interest in the future.
    Domonico A soldier of the Valorous Few. A gambler it seems as many soldiers are but enjoys games of chance over skill.
    Draven He seems nice. He was trying to help me feel better! I'm sorry my Nova was bullying him! I'll have to make it up to him somehow!
    Evonleigh A charming young man with a flair for words; he will break many a hearts I have a feeling.
    Fiora An enthusiastic sellsword who enthusiastically plays cards. He is enthusiastic.
    Harlex A greenhorn swordsman with a style honed in survival. He fought and lost in a battle he couldn't win. But I hope he keeps chasin' those kind of fights. Then he'll see that potential to good use.
    Helena A charming fellow and a flattering one; hopefully he didn't find his toes too stepped on from my poor dancing.
    Joscelin You know those people that are naturally adorable, that you don't just wanna pinch their cheeks but take them home too, introduce them to your family (except they are your family) and maybe adopt them? That's not Brady.
    Lucita A Grayhope who likes and appreciates good wine, has a variety of interests and is a little touchy about being called by a less favorable name of someone else.
    Mabelle He smells like cookies. I repeat. He smells like cookies. Where is his bakery?'
    Mirk Second place for best brawler in the commons, but no one got more into the spirit of the occasion than him.
    Niklas Finally, someone speaking out against slavery.
    Norwood I know the Grayhope name... isn't that the criminal family in the lowers? Why does he sound as polished as a piece of glass then? Curious.
    Orathy Reckon he's back from some trip or another. Reckon he still be one Grayhope I be havin a connection with 'n could find useful fer a job or two.
    Pharamond Not sure how he is with weapons, but the man has a way with words...
    Reese He seems warm, welcoming and concerned for others.
    Renata An interesting young man with interesting ideas, some of them along the lines of my own. I hope he manages to find what he's looking for.
    Rowenova He has been rather good to me on multiple occassions (despite that one time in that one place). He sure knows how to put the hurt on, Lowers Style, and did so during the brawling contest during the People's Tournament and even got me to yowl aloud (which was quite impressive)! Also, if you need someone to do some wheeling and dealing, he is the man with the plan.
    Rysen A wild, but fun loving fellow, who seems to know how to get things that are hard to get.
    Saro Rather flirty and facetious, but he did admire Tickles.
    Saverio Amiable enough, considering his origins.
    Sparte Seems to be a cardplayer. Nothing wrong with that, just not something I do. Him asking me to play cards wasn't the best way to get to know each other, maybe we'll find something in common another day. At least there pie.
    Torian Man's right to give Orathy a wide berth, but he doesn't sound like he's no slouch himself, and he's even got his heart in the right place.
    Venturo A quick tongue and ability to think on his feet. Talents worthy of a good story teller, and I should know!
    Willow Charming and intriguing. I look forward to knowing him better.