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Good Duke Opening Night

The Good Duke of Gemecitta, Prince Niklas' latest theatrical event, is a stellar success! Come to the Bard's College post-performance to mingle, hobnob, and be seen. There aren't any play emits - this is just the party after. Commoners and nobility alike are welcomed to the Bard's College. There will, of course, be food and drink. (See Vox Populi for more information about the musical play!)


Jan. 9, 2019, 7:57 p.m.

Hosted By

Gianna Niklas


Sabella Elgana Berenice Tabitha Sorrel Yasmine Lumen Delilah Alejandro Tikva Evonleigh Carita Aurora Bliss Rook Caspian Liara Alarissa Alaric Teagan Amari Vincenzo Harlex Arik Lisebet Lorenzo Margret Luca Videl Harlan


Bard's College


Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Main Hall

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Comments and Log


A successful opening night is so satisfying. Everyone performed beautifully, and The Good Duke of Gemecitta was, of course, a rousing success. My patron, Prince Niklas Grayson, is an astounding talent.

I think I should like to perform in one of these musicals. Do write me a part in one, Prince Niklas.

There's a glance over her shoulder, but soon enough Vincenzo is guiding her around with him and she's executing a curtsey to follow. "Princess," she greets Alarissa in turn. "So lovely to see you in person, yes, though your letters are always a joy as well." There's a smile, amused. "And yes, I have. He has an eye for design that I could never imagine to match. I can only hope to bring some justice to his work when I wear it." She looks to the man alongside her, expression broadening just a touch more.

The Good Duke is a rousing success. Everyone plays their part wonderfully. The songs are witty and well-written, people show come out in droves, and there is thunderous applause. Now that the musical is over with, the excited crowd's poured out of the performance hall and into the main hall to mingle, sip drinks, eat morsels of finger food, and generally chatter.

Tabitha is overheard praising Bard's college.

Tabitha is overheard praising Gianna.

Tabitha is overheard praising Niklas.

Gianna has swept into the hall, wine glass in hand, resplendent in dark seasilk, crow feathers, and stygian jewelry. She looks rather smug about the whole thing and she's actually smiling. Really smiling, unguarded and bright. She circulates through the crowd.

Tabitha makes her appearance quietly, staying in the background. She'll be sipping at a drink for most of the night, making polite smalltalk and generally being her shy self. But as an artist who worked on the play's sets she's here! Just a wallflower.

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Sorrel has changed out of her costume and into something she owns, along with a very jaunty hat that's made out of something that isn't the usual fabric. She looks damn good for someone who just had a baby, and it can be assumed that she's not actually taking it easy, what with being in a play and all. She's all smiles as she makes her way through the crowd, a beaming smile for Gianna. "You have a smashing success on your hands," she says.

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Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Vincenzo before departing.

Lisebet is overheard praising Niklas: fabulous show

Tabitha is overheard praising Gianna.

Harlex gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

Berenice gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

Carita gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

"How could I not be. It is as I have been crowing, a resounding success and another feather in Prince Niklas's cap." There's a nod to the matter of Vincenzo's designs. "He has a keen eye and skilled. When he suggests something, I say run with it. It has not failed me yet." There's a wink to the tailor in question before Alarissa appropriates a passing glass of wine from a tray and looks to see who all else is present.

Lisebet is overheard praising Gianna: fabulous show

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Amari doesn't pour out of the hall, but waits until the rush lessens and exits in an orderly fashion so she's not stepped on or over. She looks pleased with what she's witnessed, completely lacking the sour face of a critic feeling compelled to run to her journals and write a scathing review. No, it was good. She's happy, and happier still to be out and mingling with other happy people full of congratulations for a wonderful performance.

Carita is overheard praising Niklas: Glorious playwright!

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Berenice is overheard praising Gianna.

Berenice is overheard praising Niklas.

Stepping out into the hall to greet the crowd and congratulate her fellow cast and crewmembers, Evonleigh is bright-eyed with cheeks a bit flushed from the excitement of opening night. She's found a glass of wine to help her celebrate and finds a spot to watch the playgoers give their respects to the playwright, composer and the other actors. Her gray-blue gaze darts over the faces in the hall, scanning for a particular face, perhaps, and not finding it.

Flashing a smile to Teagan on his atm, Vincenzo shakes his head, "My gowns are nothing without someone to wear it. You are as much a part of the process as the cloth." Flatterer. He looks back to Alarissa and holds a hand over his heart, "You are going to make me flush with such praise. And might I say, your current dress is glorious. I must concede again, aeterna was made for you."

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Tabitha.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards leave, following Tabitha.

Sabella gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

"Why, thank you," Gianna tells Sorrel, raising her glass to the woman. "Partly because of you, of course. You sang marvelously. I'm so pleased with the performance!" she exclaims. "You look good." It's rare to see Gianna so... exuberant, but here she is.

"The sword fight was decent, but they were jumpin' around too much." Harlex is heard commenting as he and Berenice arrive in their usual dynamic mismatch. He walks with her, arm and arm, dressed handsomely in a rich black umbra longcoat and shirt beneath. Of course, the swordsman doesn't go anywhere without a SWORD but his is peacebound with a blood colored silk strip. His mood is as oft steady with the simmering wolfishness beneath--a fitting contrast to his elegant companion in her champagne gold and general, glittering immaculate presence. After that comment though he adds, "I liked it." In the midst of their arrival, he takes in the whole of the room. "What'd you think?"

Niklas spent time backstage after the show backslapping everyone who wasn't pregnant or recently pregnant, lest he knock out some extra babies or something. Just in case! But eventually he comes out like the goddam celebrity he is, the guy they're just calling The Playwright, with one of his stars on his arm. He takes a moment to just soak up the praises because he totally overvalues the opinions of strangers, then turns and whispers something to Sabella before walking over to Gianna. "Well, giving the extras a few hours of not living in terror of you worked, Nightingale. It was a spectacular success. I'm glad one of us had the good sense to decide to work together on a bigger production after you did the music for The Playwrights."

"One could argue, that I was made for Aeterna." Alarissa counters. "But this creation is not yours. Someone had made it to be sold in Artshall. I came back with a dress -and- your statue, Princess Sorrel came back with a babe." A gesture politely to the woman in that direction.

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Berenice was a part of making sure opening night was a smashing success, so it's not surprise that she's personally in attendance. Despite her making a game of seeing how many people she could get to vie for her escort for the occasion as part of encouraging talk of the upcoming production, it's also not a surprise that her /actual/ escort ended up being her public favorite. "/Jumping around too much/," she scoffs back at him. "Do you expect them to really try and stab each other on stage? They'd go through actors awfully quickly. I thought it was marvelous, of course." She's also debuting a new gown that clings to her figure and drips with the drape of gold at the chest and collared neckline. Her gaze slips about the room to note who's in attendance.

Carita wanders in with Arik, her hand on his arm, as the pair speak casually - though the Countess' eyes are bright with the excitment from the play. As she walks there's the faintest of ringing of tiny bells, the chime of her ankle jewelry as she walks. Given a book at the door, she dips her head in thanks, showing it to the Sword of Whitehold beside her. "Did you enjoy yourself, Lord Arik?"

Sabella is just glowing from the thrill of finally, truly walking the boards for the first time and doing a rather spectacular job! She greets a few people before heading over to Berenice, beaming, "Thank you so much for everything that you've done to promote the show! I saw people standing in the aisles! It was amazing!"

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Margret gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

"If it makes you feel any better Captain Harlex, I had to ask Champion Bliss Whisper more than once to stop nicking people." Niklas grimaces at the memory of extras with complaints. Actors. Yeesh. "They were theater swords, but a bruise is a bruise and theater types are delicate."

Arik walks side by side with Carita and while many might be dressed up for a night out at the theater the Halfshav Lord is dressed down with little to denote him as a Peer save the House sword and hanging signet ring around his neck and likely companion. "I haven't seen a play like that before, how many times are they planning on performing it?" he wonders in an aside to the Countess even as frost grey eyes sweep the room seeking out Gianna.

"Yes, you deserve the credit for that, too," Gianna tells Niklas with an amused expression. "Princess Sabella, you did wonderfully! You should be very proud indeed." She raises her arm to greet Berenice and Harlex, taking in the former's new gown with a calculating eye.

Teagan is overheard praising Gianna.

Teagan is overheard praising Niklas.

"You do wonders for the process," Teagan points out to Vincenzo with a hint of a smirk. She does tilt her head to Alarissa. "Once he gets that look in his eye that says he is getting an idea, I know to step back and allow him to work. Each design he has done has been nothing short of amazing. I cannot wait to see the next." There is a look cast to the man upon whose arm she has attended the occasion. She, too, snags a glass of wine off a passing tray. "I am looking forward to the next performance. They had auditions for one recently, correct?"

"It was pretty amazing, I've got to say. Everyone really enjoyed it, but then, it was very well done," Sorrel says brightly, then laughs at Harlex's comment. "Bliss and I have fought with live steel before, but I was pregnant for everything leading up to this, so I've got to say I appreciate her refraining this time."

Lorenzo gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

Lisebet is here, having taken her time coming out of the show hall. She's quiet for now, glancing around and enjoying the ambiance.

Harlex's smile is dry as a bone when he says, "Well a little poke here and there never killed anyone." Which is probably not true. He does look very pleased at something and shakes his head. "It does a bit," he offers Niklas. "I bet it helps the process. What do they call that--method somethin'?" There's a slight smirk for Sorrel and a nod. "I haven't had the pleasure, but I don't doubt it. Would've made child come out ornery. Nothin' ruder than gettin' woken up by a sword poke."

"Oh, darling, of /course/," Berenice says, practically cooing in her reply to Sabella. She leans in to greet her with a brush of a kiss to the cheek. "I am /always/ delighted to support worthy artistic endeavors -- and to assist my friends where I can." She offers that same brilliant smile to Niklas, Gianna, and Sorrel, all near enough or offering a greeting of some kind. "Prince Niklas, you must be positively thrilled at the reception! People were still /in/ the aisles when the curtain fell at the end."

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Gianna wriggles her fingers in Carita and Arik's direction, still looking ever so smug as she circulates. Spying a somewhat unfamiliar face or two, she pauses by Teagan and Vincenzo and says, "Hello there. I'm Nightingale Gianna. How did you like the musical?"

Lorenzo makes his way into the hall, his arm looped around his sister-in-law Margret's arm as he escorts her in. He flashes a warm smile of greeting at various familiar faces, friends and acquaintances, though he seems to be looking for someone in particular. "I'm certain she must be here somewhere," he says in aside to her, then: "Ah ha! Lady Evonleigh! Your performance was a delight! The whole play was just fantastic!" He spots his protege off to the side and announces this to the room as he heads over in her direction.

Vincenzo smiles to Teagan, and he takes her hand, giving her an elegant bow. "My lady praises me too much." He takes a glass of wine and sips from it as it he glances around the room. He spies Berenice and Harlex, focusing his attention there for a length of time before looking over towards Gianna and then Sorrel, taking a glance at the stars, just watching for the time being.

"It was fantastic." Amari says as she passes behind Gianna, even though she wasn't the one being asked at all. "Lady Blackram. I'm looking forward to the archery competition." She adds with a polite nod and smile to Teagan, with Vincenzo included even if she doesn't seem to know him. Off she goes, barely pausing.

"I must say, Princess Berenice, that you look positively radiant tonight," Sorrel says with a beaming smile. "The Oathlander in me is quite scandalized, but the artist is most appreciative of a gown that's a beautiful work of art worn by a beautiful woman. You're quite the model, I must say." She folds her hands against her own figure-hugging dress, and it seems like she's regaining her figure quickly. That, or she's got secret magical undergarments. Perhaps a mix of both.

Gray eyes turn at the sound of her name, and Evonleigh's faraway look comes into focus. She beams at Lorenzo's praise. "I'm so glad you made it, your highness," she says, with a quick curtsy for her patron Lorenzo, which is then followed by a more friendly offering of her hand, so she can squeeze his in return. "And Lady Margret! Thank you for taking a night off from your precious little one to come see our folly," she tells Margret, a quick kiss planted in the other's red hair.

There's a laugh for Vincenzo at the bow and Teagan gives a squeeze to his hand. "You deserve it," she assures him before turning her attention to Gianna. There is a dip of her head to the Nightingale. "I am Lady Teagan Blackram. This charmer is Vincenzo Villente." There's a glimmer of amusement still in her mien; a somewhat uncharacteristic lightness to her bearing for the evening. She's enjoying herself. "I enjoyed the musical quite a bit," she offers to the Whisper, earnestly, before calling after Amari: "I am glad to hear it! We should speak of it soon."

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Margret walks arm-in-arm with Lorenzo. She waves to Niklas and Sabella and calls out, "It was amazing! Bravo!" Their path, however, leads them to Evonleigh. "Lady Evonleigh how lovely to see you again, and what a fantastic performance!" She leans in to hug the other woman briefly.

"Excellent," Gianna tells Teagan and Vincenzo with a self-satisfied sort of look. Alright, it's smug. It's so smug. She flashes a bright smile Amari's way and calls, "You made it! Is that a new gown? Did you wear it to the Artshall celebration?"

Carita's smile curls as Gianna wiggles her fingers in her direction, there's a finger wiggling from the Countess in return before her attention returns to Arik. "You know, I'm really not certain." She watches as a few wine glasses pass by, snatching a few up - one offered Arik's way. Though if he should try and take it, she holds tight. "Did you want a drink, too?" There's amusement sparkling in her eyes before she releases the glass to him, blue eyes scanning the room for familiar faces. Spotting Luca, she lifts a hand to wave in his direction, and Elgana's, smile curling higher.

Elgana gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

Arik gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

"Lady Margret!" Sabella heads over to Evonleigh as well, seeming to walk on air with all the attention. "What did you think?! It seemed to go well from where I was standing but that was the stage so what do I know?" she laughs.

In midst of his appraisal of the room, he catches that look from Vincenzo and after a deliberate pause--a nod. Harlex's attention drifts back toward Berenice and by Sorrel's indication, he looks over the gown. Not that he hasn't seen it, but he--taking an excuse even without need--looks her over appreciatively. "She's a wonder," he says to Sorrel, or simply a loud. "You make a quick recovery," is his follow up. "You and Princess Lilah both looked the picture of health the other night."

Sorrel gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

"Nightingale." Arik rumbles before catching a passing servant for the evening and handing them an envelop. It has Gianna's name on it and everything. After that his attention returns to Carita and he tries to accept the wine only to give an unsuccessful tug against her lingering grip. "Well I had thought it was safer than the water, but if you'd like me to go down to the river." he rumbles to Carita only then getting the wine glass from her and taking a long sip. His own gaze scans the room in a different direction, "You know I always wonders who comes to these when it's not opening night... Do you go to plays more than once, Countessa?"

In her playing wall flower, Lisebet spies Amari and smiles. "Lady Amari, good to see you," she greets easily. "The play was fabulous, I must admit. Did you enjoy it?"

Vincenzo looks to Gianna as she is introduced and he gives her an elaborate bow. "Gianna Whisper, your institution is a glory. Your performance is one I will remember for a very long time. You are indeed, a legend." He smiles to Teagan and lifts his glass for a sip, smiling to the tall brunette on his arm.

Gianna takes Arik's envelope with a bit of a quizzical look and immediatly hands it off to her assistant, Madialaena, who disappears it into the Nightingale's office. "I'm glad you enjoyed it," she tells Vincenzo. "You're too kind." She's still smiling cheerfully, raising her glass of wine to her lips for an elegant sip even as she threads her way through the crowd.

Prince Luca, the nappiest Fox amidst the Gryiphffons, seems to be awake, no doubt thanks to the wonderful musical he's just seen. At least, if he's sleepwalking he's managing to do it with some purpose and grace as he appears again in the main hall of the Bard's College to mingle with everyone else. On his arm, Princess Elgana Redrain joins him in her splendor, making even his appearance almost socially acceptable. Somewhere he seems to have already found a glass of wine. There's something to murmur, his dark eyes sweeping around the gathering. It's hard to miss Carita's wave, and he raises his glass to her in appreciation and in greeting, sharing a grin with his protege.

"I think I wore something more flowery, but not nearly as nice as what you wore in Artshall." Amari replies to Gianna, but she doesn't look entirely certain. The recollection might be slightly fuzzy, because of the mead. So much mead. "I'll write you soon, now that I'm home." She quickly adds to Teagan, then she finds her way to Lisebet. "It's good to see you. I did. I was hoping they'd have someone fall out a window like the last one, honestly, but I can forgive it that one minor failing."

"Sometimes a girl needs to make a fast recovery from a difficult event. That's what we train for, isn't it? As soldiers? To live through the trauma and come out the other side still capable of fighting?" Sorrel wonders of Harlex with an impish, girlish grin and a little shake of her head. "Just because my weapon is my song instead of my sword most of the time doesn't mean that I'm not in good fighting shape. And I'll probably take some time to really get back into it, but I don't let things get me down."

Lorenzo waves off the curtsey from Evonleigh, not the sort of man (prince or patron) to stand on such formality, especially in a social occasion. "I wouldn't miss it, honestly. I can't say I've been to see many plays, though this one made me think I should go to more. He gives a smile over at Margret. "Was my brother left at home to watch little the little lord? I'm imagining him reading a dry legal text while he rocks the cradle with his foot." He grins, a sparkle of mischief making his teasing evident. Another familiar face passes by: "Oh, cousin Luca! I haven't seen you in ages. Remind me to catch you with a question later." He lowers his voice to a stage whisper. "It's a cat question," he adds.

"The place can only hold so many people," Sabella tells Arik with a bright smile, "So those who could not get tickets tonight go later. When I used to frequent the theater I would see a show numerous times to try to memorize the dialogue or the dancing or just the story in general!" A bit flushed from the excitement, she thanks a wandering bars with a tray of drinks as she takes one.

"Oh, that was marvelous!" Elgana exclaims to Luca as they make their way into the main hall. "Quite the show. Everyone looked so lovely and performed so well." The Fox isn't alone in his wine drinking as there is a glass in Elgana's free hand. She brings their leisurely stroll to a pause, catching Carita's wave and smile, offering one back in return even if it is just a lot of motion made with that wine glass of hers, her own smile bright and warm. "Mm. Who should we mingle with?" she wonders as those dark eyes scan the gathered crowd. "Oh!" And then she's off, tugging that Fox by the arm as she threads their way through the crowd toward - somewhere.

Gianna murmurs, "You did so well," to Evonleigh as she passes the actress, on her way to Margret and Lorenzo. "Lady Margret, Prince Lorenzo! So glad you could attend!" Thus greeted, her attention is drawn to Elgana and Luca and she says, "I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Wonderful, wasn't it? Prince Niklas really needs to write a role for me specifically." She shoots him a glance. Her voice rose just a little for that last part. It carries so well.

Harlex nods in agreement with Sorrel. "That is so. And you are one of the tougher ones that I've faced at least. I ain't too surprised to see you up and around. Once you feel up to it, we ought to go at it again."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Arik before departing.

"Oh, but you can tell when it goes badly from the stage, for certain. And unless the audience were as excellent of actors as yourself, Princess Sabella, I think they quite enjoyed it," Evonleigh says to Sabella when she greets Margret. She lifts a brow at the mention of cats from Lorenzo, the corner of her mouth quirking up into that amused smirk she so often wears, before turning to Gianna and smiling. "I'm sorry I did not do your music justice, but I'm determined to do better next time. I'm more of an actress than a musician, that much is sure," she says warmly. She laughs a little and glances at Niklas. "I am sure I would pay well to see such a performance."

With all the initial flood of introductions, queries, and flattery past, Teagan seems content to settle into the watching game- much like Vincenzo has done. She sips at her wine and observes as people mingle, settle into groups, and discuss the play. "I feel," she comments to the man whose arm she graces, "I may have missed something important by not being at Artshall."

"It was very funny! Ad the costumes were beautiful and everyone was so good!" Margret says to Sabella excitedly. She laughs a little before she shakes her head. "He promised me he would stick to more simple texts until he can walk." She spots Elgana and Luca and practically jumps a little in excitement before she lifts a hand to wave enthusiastically to her bestie. That done she smiles to Gianna, "It was lovely. Thank you."

"I think if someone fell out the window in all of the plays you'd get bored with it," Lisebet replies to Amari, with a smile. "But have you congratulated everyone yet? I should do that, and make sure to let everyone know they have done wonderfully." She glances over towards Gianna and Teagan as Amari addresses them, smiling at the both of them.

Luca manages to linger in one place with Elgana on his arm for long enough to catch Lorenzo's attention, at which point he calls back, "Well, if it isn't the nicest cousin I have!", and he brandishes the wine glass in greeting again. "You know I love cat questions..". A wink's given, quick and sharp and then he's being tugged along and he doesn't even lie down and make anyone drag him. "I'm glad you have this all figured out..", he asides to Elgana, "Normally I just get drunk in a corner until someone sweeps me onto the street..". His laugh's quiet, but there, and before he can add anything else Gianna's greeting them also, "It was good! I liked the part about the Duke!" But he has to ask, "Could he write a role grand enough for such a songbird?".

"You don't know how much I enjoy people falling out of windows." Amari grins before shaking her head in the negative, and slipping an arm through Lisebet's if she means to go around congratulating everyone. She'll tag along. "Lead away, Lady Farshaw. There's so many people to congratulate I didn't know where to begin."

Sorrel takes a deep breath and lets it out. "And here I consider myself one of the more mediocre fighters this city has seen! I mean, I'm not Prince Luca there, nor am I Aleksei Morgan nor Caspian Wild. There are plenty of Champions that I think have me beat at every blush. But I do pretty well with a sword user. I'm not much against small weapons or huge ones. The dancing gets off with the size mismatch," she says brightly.

Videl had watched the show, but was forced by health to spend some time taking care of herself before going to the afterparty. Still not entirely well, she is here regardless. "Lovely show, lovely." She announces in a voice that carries decently well. "I figured I'd join the afterparty a little late, allow the crowd to converse and form some opinions before they just follow mine." She is clearly joking.

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Harlex rubs his jaw with some consideration, "Could show you a thing or two sometime. Aleksei, I like this style. Caspian's alright. Never seen the Prince fight." He nods, "Those big weapons, they rely so much on momentum if you get ahead of it or around it, they ain't never gonna touch you. For smaller weapons, its reach and--honestly, lettin' them think they're hurtin' you."

Gianna inclines her head to Lisebet, giving the woman's outfit a quick once-over and smiling. So full of smiles. So weird for Gianna. A nod for Margret, and then she arches her brows at Luca and leans in to stage-whisper, "Don't let him hear you doubting his skills like that."

Lorenzo gives a warm smile to Gianna and nods. "We were delighted to attend," he says to the Softest Whisper. "I'd certainly love to see more of the work from Prince Niklas, and I'm sure anything written to your strengths would be amazing." He gives a wave to Elgana as well, figuring that even if she is headed to a different spot in the room, he will meet up with her later in the evening. He snags a glass of wine from somewhere, and one for Lady Margret, if she likes, and sips bebfore gesturing with the glass. "I know of no one else more knowledgable about cats," he says to Luca. "I'll definitely catch up with you later." Maybe cat questions aren't necessarily suitable for parties.

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That warm smile is offered up in full to Gianna as Elgana says, "I would love to see that day! You certainly deserve a part just for yourself and I can't imagine it being anything less than brilliant." The Redrain has swept the Fox all the way toward that little corner of the world, not a drop of wine spilled. She turns that smile on Luca, a quick little wink given. "Always a plan. Doesn't mean they always play out as I like them to but--" she trails off, head tipping to the side as she gives his arm a little squeeze before she unthreads hers from his so she can do the proper thing and give Margret a hug. "Bestie!" and then once that's done Lorenzo gets swept up into a hug as well, Elgana careful of her wine glass at all times. "Lorenzo!" And then stepping back she turns to Evonleigh as she exclaims, "You looked so lovely on the stage! A wonderful performance."

Lisebet laughs at that, letting her arm stay hooked in with Amari's. "Oh that's easy," she replies with a bubbly laugh. "We just walk over to the center of the room, spin in a circle and call out, "Congratulations everyone!" She calls out the last bit more loudly. "The show was spectacular and you all were perfection!" Then she nods, glancing at Amari with some amusement. "Your turn."

*ah* Arik eloquently replies to the ever helpful Sabella and dips his head, "Well now I know Princess, thank you." and then she's snagging a drink and he lightly touches Carita's back incase she hasn't spotted the Princess Grayson approaching them. "Countessa Carita convinced me to come out as an escort for the evening. Which isn't to say that I don't enjoy seeing your husband and Nightingale Gianna's work." he rumbles on conversationally with Sabella. There is a pause then and a look around the party before Arik murmurs something to Carita.

The praise from Elgana has Evonleigh look her way, dipping a quick curtsy to both the Redrain princess and the Grayson-esque prince. "Thank you so much, your highness," she says, raising her eyes once more. "I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Prince Niklas is quite a talented writer. I feel flattered to have been included in the cast, I'm sure. I'm not known for my singing ability, it's certain."

"Hey! Don't sell yourself short, Bladesong! I've never heard of any of those other people fighting while pregnant!", Luca calls over to Sorrel when he catches his own name in conversation. Then he clears his throat a little and adds, "I mean, I've never see you do it either. Clearly. That would be irresponsible..", and oh look, another conversation pulls at him with sudden urgency. There's people, greetings, and the Fox offers Margret a nod and a wine-sleepy smile, "Where are you hiding my more handsome cousin at? I know how much he loves being out and around people.".

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"Maybe you could," Sorrel agrees to Harlex with a little nod. And then Luca calls out, and she laughs musically. "Far be it from me to be irresponsible! Why I'd never...!" Which is to say she lied about being pregnant for as long as she could manage it, because Sorrel is not a good liar except where it comes to sins of omission.

Luca gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

Harlan enters in from outside, moving rather slowly with a cane, a servant behind him to make sure...well...that he doesn't fall over. He hums slightly to himself between steps and pauses to look about.

Margret takes the wine glass from Lorenzo with a murmured, "Thank you." She smiles pleasantly at Luca when he is dragged over by Elgana. "Prince Luca." Then her attention goes to Elgana, and she lifts her glass of wine up to avoid accidentally spilling it on her or Elgana's clothes, and gives her a tight bestie hug. When they disengage from their bestie hug. To Luca she says,"You know I think he said he hadn't made his lying about quota for the week, and I'm told that it is very serious business."

More quietly aside to Lisebet, Amari says, "That seems slightly impersonal and I think I'd really have to shout it." And so she balks. She balks hard. Still, she laughs with obvious amusement despite that. "I'll filter through on the way out and offer my congratulations, more quietly, so I can also express my disappointment in the lack of pretend fall deaths."

Spying someone she's not familiar yet, Gianna swoops. Well, she makes her way over to Videl, anyway. "Hello there. I hope you enjoyed the show," she tells the frail-seeming woman. She tilts her head to the side. "Oh, I like your dress."

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense have been dismissed.

Carita laughs softly, over the din of the room it's practically silent, guided toward Sabella by Arik's hand at her back. There's a look in his direction before she turns her attention on the Princess, smile widening. "Princess Sabella," the warmth in the Countess' tone is easily heard a she dips a small curtsy, balancing her wine glass as well. "I meant to write to you and tell you I had a lovely time with you at the last event. Did you enjoy the play?" She leans as she listens to Arik's murmur, brows lifting as she nods his way. "Alas, duty calls. We should get together soon?"

Harlan gets Musical - The Good Duke of Gemecitta from large wooden chest.

"The first man to teach me the sword said that I ought not have a favorite weapon, to become over familiar with one weapon is as much a fault as not knowin' it sufficiently well. He said a lot of things like this," Harlex comments briefly and then follows her gaze to Luca, cracking a slight grin and then looking back to the Bladesong, Sorrel. "Nothin' wrong with a little mischief."

"Prince Niklas is peerless when it comes to his works," Elgana agrees with a nod to Evonleigh. "But it takes talent to bring to life the words on the page too. Something I believe you definitely have. Has someone swooped you up as their protege?" There's a critical but playful eye cast the Whitehawk's way. "I'm terribly unlucky so you probably have been." The Redrain retakes her place next to Luca, glass lifted to take another sip of that wine as she gives Margret a little look over as she speaks about Alessandro. "Pity he is missing this but I imagine hitting his lying quota is just as important."

Videl smiles at Gianna. "I did, madame. It was lovely." She smiles at the compliment, "It's one of my favorite ones. I unfortunately had to leave most of my wardrobe behind in Grenata, so I'm still working on getting replacements. I'm Lady Videl Igniseri, and of course I couldn't ignore a play involving my family."

"I loved every single second of it!" Sabella enthuses to Carita, "It's the first time I've ever been on stage after a lifetime of dreaming about it! Truly a dream come true and the most amazing work to debut with! Prince Niklas is truly blessed by Jayus," she gives a fond look over to her husband who is totally here just swamped by fans.

Lorenzo is an expert in hugging with a glass of wine in one hand, luckily for Elgana. It's one of those things taught very young in Lenosia. "Elgana, so good to see you again! Isn't it funny that we live right down the hall from one another now and barely see one another in passing?" He laughs at Marget's remark. "Perhaps we should be praising liars this evening, since isn't that some measure of an actor? Or, wait, was that lawyers?" He makes a show of looking thoughtful.

"Oh, I think we should do that too, because they all deserve an individual congratulations," Lisebet says. "But at least if someone gets tired before I get to them, I've given a general congratulations too?" She laughs at Amari's balking, tugging her over towards - well she meant to go over towards Sorrel, but she gets a little distracted as she accidentally catches sight of Harlan. That brings a definite pause to her step and then she nods, catching herself, and heads over that way, tugging Amari along with, assuming the other doesn't ... balk. "Harlan, you look quite dashing this evening. Have you met my friend, Lady Amari? Lady Amari, Duke Harlan Ashford." Just in case they haven't met yet.

"Nightingale Gianna Whisper," Gianna introduces herself to Videl. "Well met, Lady Videl. How unfortunate you had to leave your wardrobe behind! On the other hand, now you have an excuse to buy more, haven't you? That could be fun." Harlan's entrance gains him a curious look, and the Whisper smiles. She's in such a good mood.

"Aw, I get sentimental about swords, probably because they were all gifts from people who love me," Sorrel says to Harlex, swaying from one foot to the other as she thinks about her sword collection. "What I really ought to do is learn to use small weapons and then be armed with hairpins even when I'm extravagantly dressed in a ballgown. Because mischief happens." She winks at Luca at this.

Arik dips his head to Sabella when Carita mentions duty to be attended to. "Princess I hope to see you around the spirits again with your favourite sausages. Until then congratulations on a life long dream being achieved."

"Are you? I am as well, your highness, at least when it doesn't involve a stage," says Evonleigh with a laugh. "However I think I used up all my luck in that Prince Lorenzo here is my very generous patron and a wonderful mentor." Her cynical smirk evolves into a fully-bloomed smile, with not even a touch of jade or bitters. "However, I'm not against to having a fight over me. I'm sure it'd be entertaining to all of us here." Her eyes sparkle a bit at the quip, before glancing at Lorenzo, and putting a hand to her chest as if scandalized. "Liars! There may be some parallels but acting doesn't mean to deceive -- it means to transform and elevate, your highness." She grins again. "Well, at least at it's finest, most sublime levels. But there are some very talented liars who could grace the stage should they wish to use their gift for good instead of ill."

"The most serious business..", Prince Luca assures Lady Margret, and his expression darkens a touch in appreciation of just how serious it is. "Three hours of nap and layabouting for each hour in the waking world. That's the bargain. It's how we keep our strength up..", he says, and just then Elgana's returning and he helps himself to a bit more of the wine in his glass before he seems to agree with the Redrain princess, "It's true. You've had the worst luck with proteges. I'm not sure how I managed mine, but somehow they keep me in one piece and mostly on time." A moment while he abandons his glass for another floating around, and then he calls over to Sorrel, "Just get a sword to match each gown!", good naturedly.

"I think he meant a type of weapon, not a specific one." Harlex smirks just a touch and shakes his head. "You can't really break that connection, between the memory and the thing. I don't blame you." He looks around and snags a drink off a tray that passes him, realizing how deeply sober he was at the moment. "I met a young man who uses a fan as a weapon. Metal inlaid. Beautiful thing. I can't wait to fight him."

"I do have an excuse to buy more, indeed. And I'll be glad to do so, but I'd like to get more familiar with the city and the local prices before I spend too much money." Videl answers Gianna, then overhears Evonleigh and laughs mildly and turns that way. "Any good liar will be good at faking emotions and speaking falsehoods as though they were truths, my lady. Skills that any good actor will possess."

"Luca is more cat than man," Sabella asides to Margret, giving Arik and Carita a bright wave as they go, "I'm rather sure he also has nine lives, though he must be down by two or three these days."

No balking. Amari accompanies Lisebet, dragging her feet only when she realizes they're diverting from Sorrel as a destination. She looks sadly after the princess, but all trace of disappointment is gone by the time the pair have closed on Harlan. She bends her knee and bows her head politely, suggesting a curtsy, "Duke Harlan. We may have met once or twice before, quite some time ago now. I have to agree with Liseber, you look quite dashing."

Harlan smiles towards Lisebet, and slowly leans down to brush her cheek with a kiss, before moving gingerly to a fully standing position. He smiles a bit tiredly towards Amari and says, "A pleasure, Lady Amari. Thank you both, I know I'm still recovering, though."

"Isn't that just how it goes? The closer you get the farther away something is," Elgana says with a laugh to Lorenzo. "We should have a family breakfast sometime. Perhaps another of those pajama parties to get our family together." A beat as she turns to smile right at Margret, "All of the family. So that means our Greemarchers too!" There is a sad bob of her dark head at Luca's words, curls tumbling off her shoulders as she sighs, "Guilty! I have had the worst luck with proteges. But I imagine it shall recover nicely as things tend to do. Or grow worse." Her nose crinkles at that thought. "Gods and spirits let us hope it improves." But her smile returns as she turns toward Sabella and says, "You looked amazing on the stage, Princess Sabella! You were born for it, there is no doubt in my mind."

Sorrel also swoops a drink off a tray, having the first alcohol she's had in months. "If I'm off my head after one glass, just send me home to my poor husband," she teases, though it might be a reasonable warning. To Luca, she says, "I don't think I need that many swords! I'm not you. Snoozing and sword collecting and cat raising."

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"I can recommend Aurora Thornburn at the Costumer's Closet," Gianna tells Videl. "She did the costumes for tonight's performance and I take all my ideas there." She pauses to have a sip of wine, admiring the sparkling duskstone ring on her finger almost absently. Distracted by shiny things. Maybe the crow feathers are apt.

Margret laughs when everyone says lying since clearly she said lying, and her cheeks turn a little red. "Oh gods forgive me. I meant laying. Not lying. I'm so sorry I never sleep at night anymore." She has a good swallow from her glass before she nods in agreement with Luca. "Yes. Layabouting. I'm told a certain number of hours are in the marriage contract per week. I /suspect/ he may want some alone time with the baby, but won't say that outloud." She then asks Lorenzo, "Where is Princess Gwenna? Layabouting as well?" At Elgana's words she says, "Oh! Yes! And I wanted to talk to you about a party later." To Sabella she says, "That might be an interesting play? Man-cat? Cat-man?"

Sabella beams at Elgana, "Thank you! It was absolutely amazing, an experience I shall never forget! Which is good since we still have several engagements this week," she laughs and has a sip of wine, "If I were younger I might make a real go of it. Run off to act like some Princesses run off to be knights of the Faith! But, I am a mother now, so these things must be rare delights. But oh, how delightful it is!" She points to Margret, "You will give Luca an even bigger head with talk like that! But I bet if you mention it Nik would come up with an idea. Did you hear what they're calling him? The Playwright? Master Bastien would roll over in his grave. Which he's hopefully not in. Metaphorically. Him being in the grave not him not being in one."

Lisebet tilts her cheek for that kiss on her cheek, lips flickering into a smile. She inclines her head to Harlan, with a "You are, but ever so much better. Lady Amari and I were just going to go congratulate alll the stars of the show. Are you well enough to join us? Or shall we find a spot and let you settle into a seat, hoping they will take pity and come see us?"

"Very true," agrees Evonleigh, when Videl speaks to her, dipping her head in agreement. She laughs when Margret corrects them. "I thought you were simply being a little harsh about the lawyer types," she tells her. "Not that I think of lawyers as dishonest, gods no." She shakes her head solemnly, before mouthing 'or are they?' to Elgana, but she's kidding, and dips a laughing smile behind a sip of wine.

Lorenzo gives Evonleigh a teasing grin. "Oh, of course. But I think we all go to a performance to be deceived in one way or another. Perhaps just for a couple hours. It's part of the contract with the audience." For a moment there he looks shocked. "Oh dear, I'm not going to have to challenge someone to a duel in order to keep you as a protege, am I? If you're even thinking of such a thing, I must not be doing my job well." He gives a warm laugh at Luca's napping comments. "Napping is a cat secret, isn't it? No wonder I knew you'd be a tremendous expert in such things." He shakes his head to Margret. "No, unfortunately my dear Gwenna is laboring with pen and parchment for the sake of Redrain's finances. Hopefully she can join us next time."

Harlex studies his glass and looks to Sorrel, "I'll be certain to, your highness." He takes a drink and drifts a bit, fading into the mingling guests of the party before he finds a couch and posts up. Solitude always suits him, as well as that silk coat. He removes his sword scabbard and places it beside him at a lean, so uncomfortable to sit with those things.

"Why not a play about a man that can turn into nine cats? Gods, imagine how much of Arx you could cover as nine cats. The things you'd see!", Prince Luca suggests somewhere between Margret and Sabella when conversation turns toward Catman the Mancat. That's worth drinking to, so he does after a swirl of his wine in the glass. Casually over to Sorrel he says, "Nobody /needs/ that many swords, but want is important too.". Luca flashes the Bladesong a smile, before settling his dark eyes on Elgana at his side again, "Why don't you ever try out for one of Nik's plays? I'm sure you could really bring a role to life. You're so spirited!". Who can keep his attention off cats, though? To Lorenzo, he answers with a quiet grin and a bit of a lean, "Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be much of a secret, would it?".

Videl is overheard praising Bard's college: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Niklas: A lovely show

"I'll let you both sort that out, and find some drinks." Amari suggests with a bright smile, quickly making herself a lone wheel instead of a third one as she turns and slips off, supposedly on the hunt for booze.

Videl is overheard praising Gianna: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Tabitha: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Aurora: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Caspian: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Yasmine: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Alejandro: A lovely show

Luca is overheard praising Bard's college: My favorite college for bards!

Videl is overheard praising Sorrel: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Bliss: A lovely show

Videl is overheard praising Lumen: A lovely show

"No, I jest, but who wouldn't want royalty fighting over them, Prince Lorenzo?" says Evonleigh with a smile, reaching to pat his arm lightly, like she's consoling him for the imagined offense. To Elgana she adds, "If he tires of being my patron, I'll let you know, your highness. I do have bad luck, so it's not an unlikely possibility, I'm sorry to say."

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"I'll endeavour to keep that name in mind, and if I do end up purchasing from her I'll make sure to mention you." Videl promises Gianna, and then to Evonleigh, "I neglected to introduce myself to you, I believe. Lady Videl Igniseri. You played Lady Eleanora Zaffria on the stage, correct?"

Lorenzo is overheard praising Evonleigh: A fantastic performance!

Lorenzo is overheard praising Gianna: A delightful host!

"Princess Elgana, how did you end up with the unenviable task of leading this one around and keeping him awake?" Sorrel teases, motioning to Luca as Harlex moves away. She's full of grins and appreciative smiles, nodding to those who offer congratulations on the show.

Gianna inclines her head to Videl and looks over to Evonleigh. "She did wonderfully, didn't she?"

"Oh, that's quite all right. I'm sort of awhirl with post-performance energy and exhaustion and a little bit of whine, so I haven't introduced myself properly to anyone," Evonleigh tells the diminutive lady, offering her hand. "Lady Evonleigh Whitehawk. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Videl," she says. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, given your connection to the characters." She smiles at Gianna's praise. "Thank you, you're too kind. Though I'll take some vocal lessons before the next musical, as I imagine they'll be all anyone wants after this."

"A party? Oh, delightful. I do so love a good party," Elgana exclaims as she trades off her wine glass for a fresh one as a servant pauses near their little grouping. But it is Sabella's words that draw her smile once again as she laughs, "Ah, too true but at least you have the joy of a husband who can give you a taste of that life, highness." She doesn't touch the comments on cats and cat gods and splitting into multiple cats but Luca does get a little smile as she shakes her head before she blushes a delicate pink. "Me? Oh, gods, I don't think that has ever crossed my mind. Not with such talent as Princess Sabella and Princess Sorrel running around, and our lovely Lady Evonleigh." A shake of her dark head and another squeeze of Luca's arm with her own. "Not that I am not flattered." At Sorrel's question, Elgana's smile turns brilliant as she says to the Bladesong, "Well you see, I caught this one here catnapping in the botanical garden. He was curled up amongst a rather pretty flower bed. I was loathed to wake him but it looked like it was going to rain. And since he was thankful for my rescue he offered me a single little wish. And I wished to lead him about by his nose to this very musical. He didn't seem to mind too terribly bad."

Lorenzo gives his cousin Luca a grin and a knowing look. "A secret shared is the best kind." He is somewhat molified by Evonleigh's soothing words, and he gives her hand a pat in return. "Oh, of course, of course. And this is your big evening, so perhaps everyone should be fighting over your attentions. I don't feel guilty in the slightest by monopolizing them, though." But she and Elgana get a poutish look. "Do I look like someone who gets bored of people easily? I'm not!"

Margret cringes a little when Lorenzo mentions where Gwenna is. "Goodness. We'll have to drink a glass for her." And then she does just that, and drains her glass. She then gets poised to snatch another goblet off of the tray of a passing server. "Oh, what if the pray was random scenes that the man saw as nine cats?" She asks Sabella and Luca. "You could do anything then. A wedding, a personal drama, a crime." She then adds enthusiastically when Evonleigh mentions musicals, "Oh, this could be a musical, too!"

"Perhaps I should endeavor to pick up acting, it seems like so much fun." Videl comments idly, though adding quickly, "Of course I'd have much to learn before I could match such wonderful performances."

"You really should," Gianna tells Evonleigh, with regard to the vocal lessons. Because she made a few of the weaker singers in the cast cry, and she's rather blunt.

The after-party continues; drinks are had, and praise is given, and it's been a very satisfying evening all around, really.

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