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Yasmine Champagne

If I can win over the coarse and violent, I can win over anyone.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Ravashari Dancer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Champagne
Gender: female
Age: 19
Religion: Ravashari Pagan
Vocation: Entertainer
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: inky black
Eye Color: gold flecked green
Skintone: dusky tan

Description: With dusky skin and lithe feline grace, Yasmine exudes a glorious exotic beauty that both entices the senses, and marks her, undeniably, as a Prodigal. Her deep green eyes, flecked with gold, dazzle anyone she dares turn her vibrant smile upon. Lushly curvaceous, she moves with light motions, allowing just enough sway in her hips to enhance her natural grace, without being coy and doxy. Her emotions reflect in her expressions, and the melody of her voice, lending intensity to any performance she may give, on or off the stage. Her hair hangs in blue-black waves, framing her face and shoulders with elegant delight. A woman of confidence just short of brazen gregariousness, Yasmine's attractiveness rarely causes jealousy, only a desire to know her more.

Personality: Intelligent and confident, Yasmine hasn't lived the easiest life, but uses her experiences to make herself happy. She does what she needs to do, and finds the good in most situations. She loves to perform, to act, to lose herself in a part she plays, whether she mimics the most successful courtesans, or a wicked brigand in a show. She has a sense of loyalty about her that never waivers, proud of her family and her people, even though most of Arx may ostracize her for her origins. She is not blind to the drawbacks of her people, but she also takes note of the shortcomings of the others around her. But, like her own life, she tries to find the good in people. It's always useful, whether it makes her more money by her performance pleasing them, or getting out of a bad situation by knowing the people around her, and their motivations.

Background: Members of the Abandoned tribes who return to civilized society are treated as the lowest of the low throughout the Compact, the so-called 'Prodigals' facing constant discrimation from noble and commoner alike. But Yasmine knows that even among the prodigals, the Ravashari are singled out for distrust and are on the receiving end of the bitter contempt that even the lowest of society reserve for those less than they. Being born and raised among the Ravashari, the nomadic ethnic group of prodigals who are tolerated at best in the Compact, was difficult for Yasmine but she never expected otherwise. She's defensively proud of her roots, even if she privately admits there might be more truth than she cares for among the common stereotypes of her people as scoundrels, swindlers and thieves. Not, she'd hasten to add, that it is unexpected when desperate people are forced to do whatever is necessary to survive. Yasmine knows a little something about survival herself, after all. As a child, she was forced to be a pickpocket in the Lower Boroughs in order to make certain her small Ravashari family didn't starve, discovering she had a positive talent for talking her way out of dangerous situations. As a young woman, that talent became a penchant for trickery that allowed her family to do better than survive, and now as an adult she is a talented entertainer using her gifts for song and dance to live in something approaching relative comfort in the Lower Boroughs. While she might dream of the pampered lives of the courtesans to nobility, Yasmine knows she's still a tremendous success on her own terms.

Relationship Summary

  • Prospero - Former Patron.
  • Garza - Likes to Watch (dancing, mind out of the middens!)

  • Patron:
  • Rook - Ambitiously Charming

  • Friend:
  • Audric - Drinking Buddy
  • Chanse - RIP
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Does not know midwifery.
    Alarissa A commoner, an actress, a woman of many talents. Some not so readily seen at first.
    Alexandre Her concern for others may not quite match her medical knowledge, but Miss Yasmine proved delightful company. I look forward to spending more time with, and learning more about, such friends of Rosa.
    Bastien I don't hate her, which is quite an accomplishment.
    Berenice That daring! I'm in love.
    Calandra Warmth and charm incarnate. It is no wonder she has risen as high as she has, and though she credits Rook, I think she deserves more credit for simply being herself.
    Clover When I returned to Arx I decided to look for a protege that I could help but who would offer me certain benefits. I wanted someone savvy with the market, fashionable, and well liked. Yasmine Champagne is all these things. But what I like the best about her is that she is so much more-- a mother, a leader for her family, and a woman I cannot wait to get to know more.
    Cristoph It's been awhile since I last saw Mistress Yasmine. She seems very happy and fond of my wife, something that I could never object about. Also charming and less drunk than her husband. I hope he doesn't have a headache tomorrow.
    Declan Yasmine Ravashari. Confident, beautiful and clever. But she won't make me swoon.
    Gianna There's much to admire; her journey so far must have been an interesting one.
    Harlex There are times in her presence where I imagine the whole world spinning on her fingertip.
    Itzal Strong and clear voice, an innate dancer's grace refined with experience, and exotic allure. What's not to like about Yasmine? Her spirit and humour? Only better! She proves the various descriptions true and then some, and it's a pleasure to work with such a professional.
    Jeffeth Wow. She is very lovely. She's the type of lady who could easily wrap a man around her finger. (Not me, I am too good at concentrating.) Yet she also seems kind and just wants to enjoy the moment. I like that. I like her.
    Jordan Unlike Bastien, who is also in the theatre, you can tell that she's joyful and she's the giggle at a... memorial. Not that I mind, to be honest. Those at the most vivacious and carefree of them!
    Joscelin Incredibly, vibrantly talented, sharp and as a flower with razor blades for petals.
    Josephine A lovely woman of immense skill and new to motherhood. I have seen her work and it is lovely and I look forward to seeing what else she brings to life.
    Niklas A tremendous actress. Truly touched by Jayus.
    River An absolute fiery spirit. I love it. Just my kind of person.
    Rook An exotic beauty, the Ravashari belly dancer grew on Rook from the start. Unlike the usual high class entertainers he's often in company with due to his connections with courtiers and courtesans from across the realm, Rook enjoyed the baseborn gypsy-like woman and her ability to graft for fame from the bottom to the top. It was his impression to not only enjoy the show, but have a hand in it, so in due course he took her on as a protege.
    Rosalie She's utterly gorgeous, has excellent taste, and a flair for artistry that I could only hope to achieve someday. I will have to find some way to try and keep up with her in the fashion arena... I wonder if I could turn one of my abstracts into a gown for her...
    Sabella An amazingly talented dancer who allowed me on stage and took the time to teach me some steps. So friendly and so talented, I will certainly be returning to the Black Rose to catch her performances. If her acting and singing are on par with her dancing the upcoming shows can't be missed!
    Sabella Yasmine is absolutely FANTASTIC at everything she ever does! Acting, dancing, she's an inspiration!
    Vanora Her skill at modeling is impressive, she doesn't even need to be wearing clothes to do it!
    Victus She has a lot of shiny stuff. Way more shiny stuff than I do. I'm not jealous, just very concerned.