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House Grayson Presents: A Tournament of Swords (Closing Night)

And if you thought the first night was cool (I mean, I did!) the second night will be ALSO COOL. The rousing party will continue at the Tournament Grounds, with the following events:



And everyone's bloody favorite, a FREE FOR ALL MELEE FIGHT! WOO! See, there were totally swords in our swords tournament somewhere.


July 27, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Coraline Tikva Sabella


Kerr Tesha Waldemai Fianna Caspian Jordan(RIP) Aahana Terese Fecundo Niklas Helia Lethe Giulio Vanora Aksel Talen Mirari Rowenova Melody Lilith Talwyn Kaldur Corban Silas Tynan Alexandre(RIP) Alessandro Valdemar Sorrel Victus Tristan Oswyn Gerard Alarissa Ariella Eleyna Calaudrin Rosalie



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


It's always good to test ones skill in battle. Even in a fray such as I was just in of the Tournament of Swords, there are tests. And things you learn.

The biggest thing I learned? Wearing a full set of plate is mighty handy, don't know if I would enjoy being rattled around like that though.

Waldemai finds a seat in the stands. Nothing like watching at fight night!

The Archduchess of Lenosia enters with her usual retinue. An armored Archduke on her arm and thirteen guards accompanying. In contrast to Talen's shining steel, Eleyna is swathed in shadow dark umbra accented with rose gold. Her blond curls are drawn back into a severe chignon at the nap of her neck. She glances to Talen and reaches over to brush some imaginary dust off his chestplate. "Hold still. I need to check my eyebrows." She peers at herself in the reflective surface and smooths said eyebrows before straightening. "There we are."

Oswyn swallows a mouthful of cake before saying, "I'm also here to tend to any injuries. I'd best eat quickly." Nobody wants to eat cake after helping someone put their bone back in their body.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy arrive, following Sorrel.

Confessor Imori, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors arrive, following Tikva.

Ok so Cora wasn't really LATE, just mildly tardy? Either way, she leads Lilith, Rosalie, and Lethe along to the Tournament Grounds pointing out things here and there along the way. "And this is where the big thing is happening, there will be excitement! There will be adventure! There will probably be contusions and concussions and probable lacerations. And now I have an Archery range to run off to, but once all the big things are done there will be party!" And off she scurries.

Kaldur arrives, penants in Seliki's gray and gold streaming from the lance he bears, his valiant steed, Dumpling, lifts gleaming hooves high, her head lifted and nostrils flared, trappings swaying with each jaunty step. Kaldur and Dumpling are ready for the tournament! Archery! He's going to throw that lance down range.

Arriving with time to spare, Fecundo arrives with Lady Aahana Volkhov on his arm, and his helm under the other. He takes a deep breath and looks about slowly before leading her to the seats and letting her choose that which she finds comfortable. He stays aside, looking for where the participants might gather.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, delivering a message to Rosalie before departing.

"I'll keep that in mind, Your Highness." Tynan says back to Sabella before finishing up his cake as well, then tucking plate and whatever else he might be holding into one hand to take Rowenova's in the other. "I can see no fault in that reasoning. Good attitude to have. I mean, everybody should definitely know me." He says as he shakes her hand and then glances at the crowd gathering before looking around. "Perhaps a strategic retreat to somewhere more out of the way would be in order."

In comes Helia with a spring in her step, dressed in a bright ensemble of blues, purples and reds, and yet somehow managing to make the clashing colours look fabulous. Or at least, so she thinks. Matter of opinion! Her sword bounces as she jumps up and down with excitement on the spot, the scabbard bouncing against her leg. She's smiling, full of beans, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as she looks around the tournament grounds. Party!

Lilith walks into the tournament grounds following after Coraline walking with Rosalie and Lethe, her hand coming to rest on Rosalie's arm. She waves after Coraline as she departs from their little group. "Good luck," she calls out with a small smile. "Should we find some seats?" she asks of Rosalie and Lethe.

Sabella finishes off her cake very quickly as more people start arriving. "Thank you, this was lovely!" She says to Niklas, leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek then wiping a little bit of chocolate off of his face. "I need to go start introducing things and find Tikva and Coraline. Save whatever cake is leftover!' She's then racing off through the crowd, finding a bench to stand up to look around. "Hello everyone! We'll be starting in just a few moments! Archery will be our first event so if you'd like to start stretching and-or practicing, please feel free!"

"Master Isenhu," Talen greets of Waldemai as he passes the man on his way towards the field, pausing for Eleyna to do her mirror-check, before he shakes his head. Adjusting his stance, he shifts his helmet from under one arm to the other, before he drawls, "Really?" at her. Not long after, his horse is brought into the tournament grounds for him, the squire moving it down towards the competitor's area. "Go find Alarissa, I'll go and annoy Victus," he encourages of his wife, leaning in to press a kiss to her cheek, before moving off.

Did someone mention that there was an archery tournament? Because while Calaudrin really isn't into large, giant parties, he can be dragged from his dark corner somewhere to go one of these. He wanders in, bow slung over his shoulder and quiveer on his back. Then he begins to pace the field and look for where he might find the other archers practicing.

Victus is looking like a man freshly arrived from the heart of a storm. His long great coat flows behind him and beneath it, he is clad in a an assortment of dark grey leathers. The Prince is marching with purpose, the cat on his shoulder giving lording glares to all those they pass by as he makes his into the grounds. He's lugging with him an imposing, crimson steel warhammer as well. He doesn't take a seat just yet. Instead gazing across the crowds gathered, the competition and the spectators alike. Full house!

Waldemai bobs he head to Prince Talen and snatches the cloth cap from his head.

Aahana smiles as she looks about upon Fecundo's arm, soon looking to him as she says "This is quite exciting. I can't wait to watch." Easily guided to her seat by him as she says "Thank you for escorting me Lord Fecundo." Gracefully slipping into her seat and watching as Fecundo leaves to join the other participants.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Victus wields Victus' Skullsplitter Axe.

Oswyn swiftly puts the rest of his cake inside him and moves over toward the common seating. He drops down into a seat at the front, rummaging through the medical supplies in his satchel.

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Titus, a young wolfhound, Joan leave, following Gaston.

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Lethe grins as she looks around eagerly. She nods as she looks to Lilith, Coraline, and Rosalie. "Yes, I'm looking forward for things to get started. This will be exciting."

Tesha arrives in her usual quiet manner and the woman is only accompanied by the puppy that's with her. She sees that Gerard is here and there's a smile given to the man as she heads that way. "Sir Dastrid, are you going to be taking part?" she asks him curiously as she sees that he's in his armor.

Rosalie gets a ribbon-laced cream silk and leather corset from a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

Victus has joined the Field.

Rosalie gets a pair of dainty black leather slippers from a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

Alexandre arrives alone, clad in unremarkable clothes, for a nobleman, his platinum hair let loose to reach his shoulders. Dark eyes move over those gathered thus far, recognizing some, saluting Gerard, Helia, Lethe and Coraline with a smiling nod, before he notices Rosalie among the entourage of the latter. He approaches then, grinning as he asks. "I wasn't sure the message really came from you. Didn't you have enough, after the training center? I would have thought you'd stand at the opposite end of the city from this." he remarks, smile and eyes warm.

Rowenova firmly shakes hands with Tynan, but not too rough because it is a sincere gesture not a mean one. "Thank you. And, I am glad to know you now! Well, be acquainted at least. I would like to get to know you better! Sure, wherever around here." She glances around the room, cake in her other hand.

"Look, if my eyebrows aren't perfect, I go home until they are," Eleyna says quite reasonable. After Talen kisses her and begins to wander off, the Archduchess reaches out to pat his rear, smirking at him, before she glances around to find a good seat. She nods at the guards to clear the way.

Rosalie gets a back-cowled svelte cream silk blouse with draping sleeves from a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

Gerard bows his head to Tesha with a smile, warm and polite. "Lady Tesha, always a pleasure! I will be taking part in the melee, yes, although I have no imagination I might prevail in such august company, one likes to see where they stand!"

The average person might be forgiven mistaking Talwyn for one of the Archduchess' subjects, given his particular complexion steeped in a darker olive tone. He comes accompanied by a Lycene young woman, an assistant, and they sooner than not seek a place to sit that affords an excellent view over the tournament grounds. His eye is drawn by the bright shades Helia wears, ahd a smile creases the Valardinian's face.

Fecundo nods to Ahana, "A pleasure, lady Volkhov. We will see what condition I might be in following." With that, he dons his helmet and heads out onto the field.

Rosalie gets a hip-slung skirt fashioned from draping layers of emerald silk and lace from a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

Rosalie puts a simple black velvet drawstring bag in a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

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Sorrel enters and glances around, baby strapped helpfully to her chest to keep her hands free. Her small person peers at the crowds with storm blue eyes while his mother does her own peering with an evergreen gaze, and upon spotting her brother, heads in Alexandre's direction. "Brother," she offers brightly, greeting him with a sisterly punch.

Coraline clears her thoat and uses her parade ground voice, "Hello everyone and welcome to the Tournament of Roses. Archers who wish to be part of this contest please head to the mark before the targets and give me your names. We will begin shortly.

Finishing his cake as well, Alessandro puts his plate in the stack, smiling at Sabella. "I hope your birthday month continues to be a good one," he says with a laugh in his voice, before he turns to survey those entering as well. A nod to those he knows, before he turns toward the stands, but before he gets there, a messenger arrives and hands him something. He reads it, then makes a little rueful face. "I suppose I shall have to hear about the results after the fact. Your Highness, happy birthday. Prince Niklas, I hope I shall see you soon. Scholar Oswyn, Master Tynan." With that, he turns with a wave to anyone he recognizes, and starts out.

Rodrigo leaves, following Alessandro.

A simple salute towards Alexandre is returned as Helia smiles brightly at the knight. Her eyes search out Rosalie afterwards, and anyone else she knows with another one of those beaming grins. To Talwyn, she nods in an amiable way, cheerful and friendly.

Tikva is here in the deep, deep red of her armor, strolling amongst the others, greeting people and occasionally waving with apparently absurd levels of exuberance at this person or that. When Coraline starts rounding up archers, she hoists her quiver in its weight on her back, and strolls to join the other archers at their marks. "Fabulous prizes to be won," she carols in a bright, loud voice, just so as to, you know, hype up anyone who's interested.

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6 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Vanora.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vanora arrive, following Valdemar.

"Wrong tournament, Princess!" Caspian calls out to Coraline from the crowd, the man having arrived some time ago and is just hanging out in the crowd, waiting for his chance to shine. It isn't gonna be during the archery contest, that's for sure!

Talen might be heard saying he can't fire a bow or an arrow anymore, then adds, 'but I might do it for the hilarity', clearly to make everyone a little nervous of being shot.

Grinning and waving Coralien off to the archery field, Rosalie turns to smile at Lilith and Lethe, "Actually I... ah!" As Alexandre approaches, her smile warms and she inclines her head to him, "I can't seem to help myself, Alex. You'll just have to sit and make sure I have a good shoulder to cringe into." Looking to Lethe and Lilith, she grins, "Lady Lethe Tyde, Lady Lilith Melaeris.. may I introduce to you Lord Alexandre Wyrmguard. Lord Alexandre, this is Lady Lethe Tyde, and this is Lady Lilith Melaeris. I'm sure you won't mind if we all of us sit together?" Helia also gets a smile and wave and an ecouraging thumbsup!

"She said Swords!" Sabella calls out quickly, "I heard her say Swords!"

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Tikva shouts from nearby, "Come on, nobody else here thinks they can shoot an arrow?"

Location given! Calaudrin heads in that direction, picking a spot as his turf and getting ready to do the things. Which involves swinging his trusty rubicund bow into his hands and reaching back for his first arrow. Maybe he should be warming up first! But instead he tap, tap, taps his foot as pre-tournament nerves start to get to him.

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Talen says, "Anyone can shoot an arrow! It's about who it lands in that's the problem. Sure, I'll join."

Calaudrin shouts from nearby, "It's really very easy! I do it all the time!"

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as people start filing in for the other event tonight, Niklas wraps up the remains of his cake, leaving out two extra slices, one more for Sabella and one which he wanders over and shoves into Tikva's hands before he wanders off. "What an event." He looks over the crowd forming and waves to familiar faces. "Lady Vanora, Princess Terese, ah, Prince Talwyn, good to have the Sigh of Dragons back in Arx, we have a Bard's College now so you should seek out the Nightingale, high lords, high ladies, uh, Lady Vanora... I'm not going to win this one today"

"I dunno, I think I heard her say tournament of roses! Does the winner of the archery contest get a barony?" Calls Caspian over to Sabella with a teasing grin as he moves to the general seating to plop his butt down.

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Lilith looks toward Alexandre and gives him a smile. "Lord Alexandre," she repeats to cement his name in her mind. "A pleasure. Let's find some seats," she agrees as she follows them to a booth.

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Tikva grins in a bright and crooked flash at Talen as she rakes her hand back through her short hair and says, "Just so long as you don't shoot the healers, please! We'll need them later."

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Kaldur lifts a roar to the - well, there aren't rafters - to the beams of the sky itself of for his Deputy Commander. "Sir Calaudrin!" He rattles his lance against his shield. It's not awkward at all.

"Yes please don't shoot the healers!" Cora calls as she is clearly wearing her physicians robe today.

With all the mention of being shot accidentally, Fecundo coughs, clears his throat and puts the taller Victus between himself and the archery contest.

Talen tosses his helmet over to his squire and then wanders over towards the attendants and asks, "A bow, if you would, good man." As for not shooting healers? No promises are made, Tikva just gets widened eyes, as if he has a -great idea- now.

With a thumbs-up back at Rosalie over the way, Helia comments out loud, "Alright! I'll give it a go. I've fired a bow before now. Nearly took someone's eye out, but seize the day or something, yes?" Then she's off to get some sort of practice bow or something. They've got to have them here, right?

Eleyna finds a seat and lowers herself onto the bench just in time to hear Talen offering himself in the archery contest. She sighs the sigh of every put upon wife and shakes her head, muttering to anyone who happens to sit close, "Oh for the love of the gods, he's going to shoot someone's eye out, I know it."

Is... is someone calling his name? Calaudrin swings around and squints up into the stands and spots Kaldur. He waves to him up there.

"Aim away from the stands, Talen! AWAY. FROM. THE. STANDS!" Victus is screaming encouragingly from his position n the sidelines, where he's helpfully also being a shield for another Lord! In the meanwhile, his cat goes dashing off into the stands to go find god-knows-what manner of trouble.

"I'm going to go pretend to be Clover," Sorrel declares as she signs up for the archery contest. "You know I still have a scar on my arm from where my sister shot me when we were kids?" She heads over to stand next to Talen, looking cheerful.

"Haven't I!" Talwyn calls out to Niklas in a low, rolling voice. He doesn't need to be loud with that gem-cutting clarity, pure as a note. A raise of his dark brows fails to much impede the grin shared for the Grayson prince. "Already said and done, though I'm grateful. Were my evening not already called for, I might be listening to the Nightingale even now." He focuses on his sister, finding her among the crowd, gesturing for her to join.

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Oswyn seems to have located all the supplies required. Unless people are speaking very loudly right next to him, he does not hear about accidentally shooting healers. Thoug Victus bellows loudly enough that the Scholar looks up and over, squinting. "What?"

Tikva cackles at Sorrel. "Does that mean you're going to shoot while falling over?"

Moving to stands so that she can see the targets well but not so that anyone who isn't trying to is likely to shoot her, Cora calls out in that same parade ground voice. "Alright archers, ready....set....shoot at the 15 yard line!"

Tikva checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Calaudrin checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

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Helia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Sabella waves to Talwyn with a bright smile when she sees him coming in, "Prince Talwyn! I'm so glad to see you! I have so many things I need to discuss with you about upcoming productions that--this is probably not the time, but tell your assistant to be ready for many messages from mine!" She says cheerfully. When people start lining up for archery she looks around for a place to go mingle with the crowd and not get shot.

"And possibly drunk, and in the most ill advised manner possible," Sorrel agrees to Tikva.

The Archduchess makes a show of holding her hands over her face, but peeking through her fingers as the archers shoot the targets.

Sorrel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Alexandre grins when he catches sight of Sorrel, and is greeted with the sisterly punch. "Sister. And is that my nephew?" he asks, turning his gaze to the baby strapped to her chest. "Unless you're in the habit of simply grabbing random babies off the streets?" He then turns to Rosalie, presenting his sister. "My sister, now Princess Sorrel Thrax, have you met before?" he asks, before bowing gallantly to the two ladies presented, Lethe and Lilith. "Ladies, a pleasure."

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Eleyna's sigh must be familiar to Vanora for it pulls her from the amassing crowd with Valdemar at her arm, though neither appear to be volunteering to shoot arrows or become targets. "Talen is going to shoot someone's eye out eventually anyway, at least this is a sanctioned activity and he's been encouraged."

Tikva pulls an arrow and fires at her target in a quick, fluid motion, watching it soar with a wide, wide grin on her face. She whoops as it strikes the target cleanly, which may or may not be helpful to her fellows on the firing line.

Calaudrin nocks an arrow, lines up the first shot, draws his arm and releases. He watches silently as that arrow cuts through the air and lands solidly where it's supposed to be. He nods his head in satisfaction and then peeks down the line to see how everyone else is doing.

Sorrel totally dumped the baby into Alexandre's care before wandering off to join the archery contest. She's not that scary, yet. The Thraxian prince gives his Wyrmguard uncle a dubious look, however, unsure of what's wrong with his mother.

Hearing Vanora's voice pulls a grin from Eleyna as she offers in retort, "I spend so much time trying to discourage him from maiming others. Why do I bother?" She nods at the guards to scoot and make room on the benches for Vanora and Valdemar.

Talen's disconcertingly quiet in the face of people's comments regarding on his shooting tactics as he acquires one of the bows from the attendants. As he looks it over as if he hasn't in about ten years, he then looks to the target, prepping an arrow. Watching Tikva fire away, he glances aside at her, then steps up and draws with the bow side-long - gangster style bow-work. "Pew!" he says in a flat, emotionless tone of voice, watching it thunk into the board.

Tynan looks around at the crowd and everybody gathered around and decides to find somewhere with less ruckus and noise.

As the crowd begins to filter in and swirl about the grounds, Terese strides in with an easy step and soft clip of booted heel. Her dark tresses are swept up in loose curls that are artfully managed with a pair of silver snowflake pins that cross over one another. Clad in sleek black leathers, her gloved hands hold a number of vellum messages that her azure gaze slides over. She glances up at the sound of her name, a smile warming her lips at Niklas, "Prince Niklas! I swear you're on my list." She flicks one piece of vellum at him before folding each and tucking them into the side of her fitted jacket. "Oh! Happy Birthday Princess Sabella, apologizes for missing the celebration though work has been tiring as of late." At the sound of Talwyn's name, the templar brightens, "Well.. deigned to join us again? I was about to start pounding on your door in the hallway to see if you'd returned yet."

Talen says, "I would've been more entertaining if I could've used a ballista. It's just a giant bow."

Rosie, the red roan war horse arrives, following Corban.

Arriving with his wife on his arm, Valdemar is being led through the stands toward where the Archduchess is sitting. With his free hand, he occasionally tugs at the collar of his tunic, looking toward the archery contest from time to time. Once they reach Eleyna, he bows to her and greets, "Good day, your Grace."

Rosalie offers a warm smile and a brief curtsy to Sorrel, rising up to greet her, "Princess Sorrel. We've not met, no, but I've heard much of your skill! I wish you the best of luck in the tournament." She looks back to Alexandre and grins, "Come, lets get good seats before they're all taken!" Then there's a baby involved! Looking highly amused, Rosalie lifts a brow at him, "Are you qualified to hold babies, Alex?" Giggling, she leads him to the quieter of the booths where they can join the ladies.

"And think of all the time that passes where he doesn't maim others darling. Hours out of every day...sometimes entire days! All thanks to your tireless work. We don't expect perfection." There's a kiss at Eleyna's cheek from Vanora and she looks for a place close by to sit. With room for her husband too even.

Fecundo wields Dark Wings, a falcon-etched steel battle axe.

Nock, draw, aim, fire, whoosh! But as soon as Helia's arrow goes flying into the board, with mediocre results, she mutters something under her breath that might sound ever-so-slightly like, 'Ah, piss." But then she's laughing, and shaking her fist at the sky in mock-anguished fashion. "Maybe in another life I could have been an archer!"

"More's the pity to you, sister dear. I thought you might have moved in half your gear while I was gone," Talwyn calls back, none of the starchiness of some Oathlanders evident in his nature. He steeples his fingers as he watches the soaring arrows and piercing wit out of the Archduchess, whom he chuckles at. "You would blame me for preferring the warm Lycene sun to the last of winter? Be glad I've returned."

Niklas laughs at Terese's comment and shakes his head. "I'm on a lot of people's lists, your highness, so I hope it's one of the better ones!" He makes the rounds with the nobs, offering nods where he recognizes people and, to those he does not recognize, stepping up and saying, for instance to Lilith, "Good evening! I am Prince Niklas Grayson," followed by a quick straightening of his coronet, "and I am glad you could make it to Prince Ba- er, to the Tournament of Roses, brought to you by... the Grayson Family at Large!"

Fecundo watches the archery contest by looking around Victus, leaning back at the shots and then leaning up again to see where the arrows land. He lets his axe rest on his shoulder, but is quiet for the most part.

Waldemai cheers loyally for Prince Talen

"Oh, well done, Commander!" Kaldur hollers at Calaudrin's shot. He hops up into one stirrup to see if he can get a fix on if anyone's shot was as good as that. Some really close ones!

Eleyna returns the cheek kiss with a little laugh. "It's the small victories, I suppose." She looks past Vanora to give Valdemar a welcoming smile and a nod to his greeting. "So, how do you two feel about some friendly wagers?"

Belatedly because of spam, Rosalie lifts a hand to wave and grin at Sabella, "Hello Your Highness! Isn't this an amazing turnout?? You should come meet Lord Alexandre and Lady Lilith and Lady Lethe if you haven't already!"

Nodding at the results of each archer, and glad she didn't need to yet dodge, Cora jots down the point markers and then clears her throat to call, "Alright archers next is the thirty yard line target. Ready...aim....FIRE!"

Lilith gives Niklas a smile and bows her head. "Prince Niklas," she repeats in her soft, Mourning Isles accent. "A pleasure. Thank you, Your Highness."

Corban clip clops into the tournament grounds, atop his roan war horse Rosie. He also has a lance. One might guess what he is there for. Leaving Rosie with some minders, the Knight Lieutenant makes his way over towards Lady Rosalie, whom he knows. "Lady Rosalie. Enjoying the tournament?"

Tikva checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Calaudrin checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 32 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Helia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Flame, a chestnut stallion, Patches, a three-legged mutt arrive, following Tristan.

Sorrel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Talen checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Aahana watches from her seat quietly, a smile upon her lips. Her eyes following the arrows to the targets once they leave the hands of those competing.

Talen has a bright idea.

"I enjoy friendly wagers. Is it me or is this event not quite as lash-flutter sigh romantic as it was when we were girls. I feel like the most demonstrative gesture we might witness is Talen bringing you a target to declare his love. Maybe with an arrow in it." Vanora responds to Eleyna.

Tikva takes aim, sets herself and fires. It's not the worst shot she's ever made, though not the best either. She still seems pretty satisfied with it as she lowers her bow again.

Tesha gives Gerard a smile, "You'll do wonderful, Sir Dastrid." she tells him. "I'm going to go find myself a seat and get out of the way." she tells him. That's just as she turns to find her cousin entering on horseback and there's a smile up to him, "Hello Cousin!" she waves at him.

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Talen gives a long look down the line to the second target and purses his lips before querying of the other archers. Then, clearly having that bright idea come to him in a moment of genius, he pulls out two arrows from the quiver and lays them on the bow. Trying to fire -two- arrows at once, regardless of the rules, he shouts, "More firepower, harder to miss!" There's logic there somewhere, it's just Talen-logic. Of course, he's not a very good shot and they end up just making it harder to land anything at all!

"Hello Sir Corban! I am, yes! The archery tournament has been delightful, and I've never witnessed a joust before, so I'm both anticipating and fearful of it!" Rosalie calls out with a wave to Corban, smiling gaily to belie the comment about fear.

Calaudrin squares up for the next target, further away. His mark is just as solid as the last time and again, he looks satisfied again. What's when he hears Kaldur's voice once more from the stands, he waves back at him. Appreciation for the enthusiasm! In that moment he watches Talen fire two arrows at once and squints a little. Confused.

Sitting once invited to, Valdemarc gives the archery contest another glance. "Wagering can be fun. Though I have no idea of the skill of any of the participants in this contest. I'd more or less be picking at random," he remarks in answer to Eleyna's question.

Gerard smiles at Tesha. "You are, as always, too kind, My Lady." He watches her go, then follows her shout to Corban, dipping a nod to the man from across the area and lifting a hand in greeting before going back to watching the archery tournament with some interest.

"Oof, my mistake. Tournament of Swords, not Roses. That will happen later on, I believe, and will involve a lot more people a lot more eager to stab another." Niklas, who has his own Mourning Isles accent, considers Lilith for a moment and then says, "That doesn't sound southern Isles, and it doesn't have that Escuma twang." Niklas gives her a shrewd look, then takes a stab, "Are you, hm, a Tyde?"

Tristan and company (that is, horse and dog), wanders in late for the beginning, early for the joust. The stablemaster lingers near the entrance of the tournament grounds, eying the archery in mild interest, stroking Flame's neck. Flame is more interested in the grass.

Sorrel giggles a bit as she actually hits a target. "Hey, I'm an archer!" she declares with giddy glee, not too concerned about having abandoned her baby with her brother. "This is awesome."

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As if this second target is going to be any easier for Helia to hit! She tries her best, however, with a squinty kind of narrowed eye-thing going on as she aims for the mark. But then she looses the arrow as she lowers the bow for a second, and instead of flying true, it skids across the ground a fair way before it even reaches the target. "Whoops!" And with a frown, "BOO!"

While Terese turns in Talwyn's direction, she grins over her should at Niklas, "I'll leave that a mystery. What's the fun otherwise." Speaking of which, she makes a detour towards Eleyna as she muses, "You know I passed out for two days after the last gathering, your a terrible influence. Though I could blame it on your husband if you wish." A grin flickers upon her lips even as she dips to press a kiss to her Aunt's cheeks, it's quick, leaving her little room to react before she draws back with a wink. She slides off to the side to greet her brother, "It's been quite awhile since I've seen you last. I'm surprised to see you out and about in such a large gathering."

Talen hears Victus and glances back at Kaldur, as if belatedly hearing those comments, and laughs, "'all the time?'. You're being a drama queen." To Kaldur he says more seriously, "They don't. He just doesn't like fighting them because he nearly burned alive in a barn even though he wasn't the one having bits -fall on him-."

Victus says, "I wasn't the one that lit the barn on fire, jackass."

Talen says, "Neither was I technically."

Talen says, "I should be a lawyer. All you have to say is 'technically'."

"Hmm." Vanora muses towards the Archduchess. "I'll put money on Talen to win or come close to winning something /but/ he will have cheated. Or tried to."

Lilith blushes a little at Niklas and then shakes her head. "No," she says. "I grew up in Maelstrom. I was a Thrax princess before I married. And you?" she asks with a raise of her brow. "Oh are you the playwright? I met Gianna Whisper today."

Thankfully Cora, ready to dodge, still didn't need to as the arrows that did miss didn't go so wide as to go backwards, and with a sigh of relief she jots down these numbers too. Finally, in that same lovely parade ground voice she belts out, "Archers! Aim for the fourtyfive yard line, ready...aaaaaim......FIRE!" And really hopes at least one of these doesn't go sailing backwards/

Tikva checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 7 lower.

Sorrel's brother and her baby are doing GREAT, and are no doubt actively encouraging their sister and mother, respectively, to shoot more.

Talen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 12 lower.

Sorrel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 28 lower.

Calaudrin has rolled a critical success!
Calaudrin checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 74 higher.

"It wouldn't be gambling if we're being all logical about it, my lord," Eleyna says with a silky smile before the fades as she catches wind of Talen and Victus' shouted conversation. Another of -those- sighs and then she's calling back to Terese, "Teresa, darling, 'It's Talen's fault' is like the second motto of House Velenosa at this point."

"All right! Let's go, arrow," Tikva says, drawing her third and final arrow. The long distance of the target makes it challenging indeed. Her arrow .. whizzes past the target and buries itself into a wooden post nowhere near where it was supposed to go. "Aw, shit," sighs the once-scout. "I swear I used to be a better shot..."

Helia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 14 lower.

Nobody actually told Talen it was a bad idea to fire multiple arrows, so first he grabs a fistful, maybe a dozen? Then he looks to his one hand, then the bow, then the arrows again. "I don't think I can fire that many," he calls to Victus, as if it originated from the High Lord of Thrax first, and not him. So, instead... he just throws it toward the target. The bow, the arrows, he just lobs everything. It definitely won't count, but at least he's not firing a dozen sharp sticks into people in the audience, or-- and he remembers what he was advised against-- the healers.

Tikva says, "Ack!"

Nothing like an ack is going to cause Talwyn concern. He sharply looks to Tikva, not about to duck behind a seat. But enough to measure where the problem is. Then a better assessment gives a sense of Calaudrin's victory and he applauds that, for how not?

Vanora murmurs to Eleyna, "I was spot on about the attempting to cheat...just not the part where it would help him..."

The target is furthr back than before and so now, Calaudrin really squares up his shoulders for that final shot. He draws his arm back, turns that squint on Talen into a squint on the mark and lets loose. The arrow zips through the air as arrows are known for doing and it sinks neatly. Exactly where it needs to be. That actually gets a smile and he gives his a bow a little shake of victory.

"It always is!" Terese calls back with a lilt before glancing over at the mentioned man upon the field. She gives a sharp whistle through the crowd in his direction even as she watches the interplay between him and Victus. "Foul!"

Eleyna glances to her companions for a moment and murmurs, "Just a moment." Then, she stands and shouts out oh-so-helpfully, "Darling, you are supposed to -shoot- the bow, not throw it! That's not how bows word, sweetheart!" Then, she sits back down and mutters to Vanora, "I have no idea how high he is right now."

"I will be participating in the melee," Caspian says back to Aahana, lifting up his hand to deny the offer of whiskey. "Thank you thought," he says with a grin. "I am Grandmaster Caspian Wild of The Champions. I'm glad I can offer you a bit of company!" He says back to her as he leans back into his seat. "And I would remember seeing someone as lovely as you in a crowd. Are you new to Arx?"

Tikva shouts from nearby, "Congratulations, Sir Calaudrin!"

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Victus watches this tragedy unfold as Talen starts chucking shit at random. Rather than sit by and watch, he proclaims, "You are a dumb man." Then promptly grabs a bow himself and chucks it over for Talen to add some extra to his growing pile in the vague direction of the target.

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"You're doing a great job, Prince Talen," Sorrel says dryly, leaning on her bow cheerfully, in no way concerned about the eventual destination of her arrows.

Lyric, an aspiring vocalist arrives, following Melody.

Talen turns his head towards Sorrel and idly puts out a hand for a low-five.

Helia is /totally not good/ at this archery funny-business, as evidenced by the arrow that goes sailing over the target with a dangerous FWISH. She's a skilled swordswoman, alright? Nobody can be good at everything. That seems to be what she's telling herself as she frown-frown-frowns while she watches the poorly-fired projectile whizz into the sky, only to hit the edge of a wall or something and promptly shatter into bits of frayed wood. With a complete outdoors voice, the young swashbuckler announces, "Alright, arrows suck!"

Cora stares at Talen's display of....something that looks remarkably like not archery but then shrugs and grins making the desplay down. Whistling at Calaudrin's skills, and Nodding at the rest Cora then calls out. "The winner is Sir Calaudrin. Very well done and thank you all for not putting new holes in myself or any spectators! Congratulations! Next up, the joust!"

"He doesn't look much higher than...usual. I'm sure he'll be fine. There are healers and the like yes? It's not as if he's decided he's an archer and taken the army out one is firing back." Vanora comforts Eleyna in a very non-comforting tone.

Designated keeper of prizes, Tikva causes to be delivered unto Calaudrin -- by virtue of miming some gestures to one of the Grayson servants on hand with a large package full of bolts of fabric and a little pouch containing gemstones -- some wealth. "By that beautiful shooting, Calaudrin has earned twelve bolts of seasilk and two precious stones, to be used entirely as he wishes." What's he going to do with that? Tikva doesn't inquire.

Talen is overheard praising Calaudrin: Eleyna can we hire him

Aahana wasn't sipping whiskey from her flask sercetly at the table at all, it was amaretto within. Her smile still warm and welcoming as she says "It is a pleasure to meet you Grandmaster Caspian Wild. I arrived within Arx maybe two or three months ago now. Though typically I am buried with paperwork, but managed to get some free time tonight and wished to come and watch. And thank you for offering me the bit of company."

"I suppose I've been doing it wrong, then," Valdemar replies to Eleyna's remarks about gambling, then lets out a low laugh at what he hears going on around him. There is an amused look on his face that lingers as Talen goes on to throw the arrows...and the the target.

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That job done Cora goes to slip into her steel and find her horse. Because dammit she is going to joust! Finding Nibbles as she expected, overly excited and entirely too ready to do stuff, she feeds him a carrot and please not to toss her.

Sorrel does not leave Talen hanging; he gets his low five, and then abandons her bow to go find her brother and her son, neither of whom she particuarly trusts not to be too friendly with the ladies of Arx. She's got a broad grin on her face though. "I hit some targets," she boasts proudly. "Without putting an arrow through anyone's arm!"

The line has been dismissed by Coraline.

"Congratulations, Sir Estardes," Talen calls over with the helpful memory of announcers or some such before he shouts up at the stands towards Eleyna - something about hiring Calaudrin. Nevermind that the Grayson knight is sworn to the Grayson, is present in a Grayson event, and they're surrounded by-- well-- Graysons. As Sorrel smacks his metallic hand and is off, he wanders back to the sidelines, making a gesture toward his squire to prepare his horse for the joust. "You taking part, Vic?" he asks. "Horses are like boats, kind of."

Joust time! Sir Corban hears the call and raises his hand to those that he was speaking to so he can check over Rosie and make sure she is all in ready for the tournament.

"And your son, I fear, took the opportunity to steal the hearts of these beautiful ladies. I am so sorry, I could do nothing to prevent it." Alexandre answers, grinning, Sorrel.

Kaldur bellows his praise for the archers, fair and poor alike, he rattles his lance against his shield and then the call for the joust goes up and he straightens, page summoned with a gesture. Jairo scurries up and checks his knight over. Kaldur stands much as Dumpling does for her similar inspection. The boy scurries away and Kaldur mounts, "Gentlemen, gods go with you." And with that he and Dumpling turn smartly to trot out, prancing, to the tilt, streamers flying. He lifts his lance high in salute as he passes Calaudrin, teeth flashing behind his helm. He spots a familiar face in the crowd and inclines his head before turning to face inward.

Now /this/ is the event Fianna Crovane has been waiting for. The joust. With a couple of her trainees entered into the match! Dumpling, Kaldur's horse, and Red Rosie, Sir Corban's horse, are her favorites for the evening. She slides to the edge of her seat to watch with intent.

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"I'm sure you'll look wonderful in whatever you make from that, Sir Calaudrin!" Sabella calls out with a laugh, standing up on a bench to get people's attention. "For those of you that are looking to joust! Please get your horses and meet me over there!" She points to the grounds that have been nicely laid out with a straight line full of somewhat softer dirt for the horses to run on and bales of hay lining the sides to protect the people jousting and the spectators!

Tristan gives a small nod, mostly to himself, as the joust is called, and turns to tighten Flame's girth. The stallion fidgets a little, catching a speck of excitement from the crowd.

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Fecundo watches as people run for mounts. He switches the shoulder his axe rests upon and shifts a little where he stands, turning to get the best view of the contest, seeming very intrigued by it.

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"Oh for fuck's sake. Now he's jousting? Are there some horse healers on site?" Eleyna turns her head to see if she can spot any, seeming genuinely nervous.

Kerr remains on the outskirts of the crowds, leaning against the stands and fiddling with the straps on his helmet. As the joust is called, he swears under his breath and shakes his head. "Bloody horses, hooved monsters the lot of 'em."

Tesha gives a look over things and then there's a messenger that arrives for her. She gives a soft nod before she turns to head out. She gives a nod to Gerard again and then is off.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Puppy leaves, following Tesha.

Rosalie history

Victus raises a hand slowly. "Horses are nothing like boats. They're shit at swimming and they make too much damn noise." And he waves off that statement with a fair amount of mock disgust. "Me riding a horse, get ouuuutta here..." With some more grumbling he recedes back to the again. No riding and no pointy sticks for him today. Instead, he waves on Coraline as she steps up to them. "SPLIT 'EM WITH THE POINTY END, CORA!"

After a bit of whispering with Vanora, Valdemar stands up again, letting out another laugh. "Pardon me, your Grace, but if I am going to take part in the melee, I'd better hurry," he tells Eleyna, then leans down to kiss his wife on the cheek before departing.

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When Calaudrin is handed a bunch of seasilk, he looks at it and begins to chuckle. Like really chuckle. "Oh, how nice. Maybe I'll finally make some new shirts. Oh! Or curtains." Something about this is absolutely hilarious to him he wanders away with his prize, extremely happy. He waves to everyone congratulating him.

Hearing those encouraging words from Highlord Victus, Cora salutes with the pointy thing she will be splittin em with. "YES SIR!"

Talen soon swings up onto Chianti, accepts his helm and tournament lance, then smacks on the metal and lets his visor remain up until they're called forth into their lanes. As he sinks his taloned sollerets into the flanks of his beast of burden, it whinnies and leaps forward, irritable from the abuse. "Well, your loss, it's kind of fun running really fast into something with a lance."

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

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Jordan gets astride his horse, bringing him to the lists, his visor lowered again as he takes up a lance from a marshal's assistance. The shield is raised while he waits for his time to joust. "Good luck, my Lord," is said Kaldur's way as he waits.

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Now mounted, properly armored, and with lance well in hand, Cora rides to the lists and waits. Nibbles practically dancing in excitement for the joust to come. Cora pats him gently hoping to keep him from starting too soon.

Tikva hoists herself into the saddle and shakes her head like she'd be tossing back her hair if she had enough hair to do that, her teeth flashing in a wide and brilliant grin as she settles herself. "Wherezzat lance? Oh, thanks. This is going to be great."

Drawing very little attention to herself, Helia skips to the quiet booth. Archery fail! But she's still grinning.

Waldemai stays in the stands, Jousting is for the nobs.

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Silas strolls into the stands, minus a horse. It doesn't appear he intends to participate in the joust, merely spectate.

"Lord Commander, you're not letting me knock you off your horse? I am ensaddened. Is that a word?" Talen calls.

Corban knows a few peope here on the lists and he maneuvers Rosie around ro say hello to each of them. "Princess Coraline. A pleasure to see you. Ah! And Princess Tikva. I did not know you were a rider. Good chance to you."

Sorrel decides that she's going to participate, too, and gets up on her sorrel colored mare, looking somewhat unsure of her seating.

"I'm a great rider," Tikva claims. "But a shit lancer," she amends as she laughs, "so, you know, ... still, why not?"

Talen says, "The horse can be a lance if you aim it right into the other one."

"Sir Corban, Princess Tikva, good luck to you both. I fear I am going to need a good deal of luck myself." She grins, and nods at Tikva's words, "Why not indeed!" Sorrel gets a wave as she too joins in.

Tikva says, "You know, I've not done a great deal of study on the subject but I have this sneaking suspicion that's not accurate."

Kaldur squares up to tilt against Tristan, the Crown's own Groom, certain to be an impressive rider, he watches the man and his horse before setting heels to flanks and tilting towards him!

Kaldur checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Kaldur checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Kaldur checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Kaldur checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

Kaldur checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 9 lower.

Kaldur checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 6 lower.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Fecundo looks to Tikva and almost comments...until Talen does and he looks back at the man and just shakes his head.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 35 higher.

"Don't think you need the 'en' part," Silas turns and retorts back to Talen. "But no, I'm afraid I've come unprepared. Perhaps in the next tournament." With that, he takes a seat near the front row.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 17 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 1 higher.

Valdemar returns a short time later, this time clad in heavy armor. He is carrying a horned helm under one arm, and though he does not return to the stands, he does glance up at where Vanora is sitting with the Archduchess from where he waits, watching the joust for the time being.

Corban wields protector of the crown imperial rubicund lance.

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Waldemai spots Dash, the Guard Corgi, and signals down to the Concessions Tent. "Bring the pup a sausage," he says, holding up a few silver coins.

"Don't use your horse as a lance," says Tristan, tersely, vaulting into Flame's saddle gracefully and settling himself lightly onto the stallion's back. He readies his lance and turns to face Kaldur--and is briefly distracted by the other man's horse. "I know that mare," he says, a tinge of sadness in his voice, before he sets his lance. His stallion takes off almost without visible signal, a tongue of flame across the grass.

"A unicorn would be better, you're right," Talen tells Tristan, "it has a lance on its head and everything." Then, a call.

Talen says, "Eleyna can I have a unicorn!?"

Tikva says, "Audric would just kill it."

"Oh, I know Lord Fecundo, he is a fellow Champion," Caspian says back to Aahana as he looks downt ot the jousting going on, keeping his eyes on the group as they ride against each other. "He seems to be a good man too, though I haven't gotten to know him as well as I have hoped. I should make an effort to, I suppose."

Talen says, "Fucking Audric."

"Unicorns only go to those who are pure of heart, you dolt! You aren't their type!" Eleyna shouts back and shakes her head.

Talen says, "Rude."

Dash's ears seem to prick up at the word 'sausage' and he pointedly looks in Waldemai's direction.

"Is /that/ why there aren't any unicorns in the Lyceum? It makes sense now." Vanora nods to Eleyna.

Aahana smiles to Capsian as she says "I think you indeed should. He is a good man." Her gaze looking towards the current jousting with a smile and excitement echoing in her eyes. Soon asking Caspian "Do you know who you are paired against?"

Waldemai tosses away the bun (everyone knows what sausage onna bun will do to your insides) and gives pieces of sausage to dog buddy Dash.

Kaldur and Dumpling make a first pass, strike a glancing blow, but Tristan's hit is more sound and the younger man's seat suffers. They round for a second pass and Tristan's lance takes Kaldur right in the chest, he rocks back, foot coming free from the stirrup and manages a late thrust in answer, a good hit, for all he's lost his seat. But he's only just settled again when, on the third pass, Tristan totally unseats him. He falls to the ground with a thud and wheezes. "Hhhhhnhggh." Dumpling trots off the momentum of her dash and then returns, standing fiercely over her rider, ears pinned back, message clear. STAY BACK. "Hhhnngh. Ow. My," he grunts again, "Giblets."

Tristan is more lightly armoured than most jousters and his horse smaller, but they ride with confidence and speed. He lets Flame canter out the final pass after Kaldur's fall, wheeling about to approach the fallen rider. "Well ridden," he tells him with a stiff sort of graciousness.. And then to the other horse, far more naturally. "Good girl, Dumpling. Behave." Flame arches his neck, just in case the mare's looking.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 41 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 19 higher.

Jordan has rolled a critical success!
Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 79 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 5 lower.

Talen checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 7 lower.

Talen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 6 higher.

Eleyna nods at Vanora and says with a laugh, "If there were ever unicorns in the Lyceum, I guarantee someone made a handbag out of it and they decided to leave."

The valiant guard corgi promptly hops to his feet and trudges over to his sausage buddy to attain the morsel gifted to him. Silas takes note, but makes no protest, and returns his gaze to the jousts unfolding.

Fianna is literally on the edge of her seat as she watches the first match, acute interest in her tawny colored eyes. Then she's rising and clapping for Kaldur and Dumpling afterward. "Good try!"

"Or the Lyceum could be full of them. Swarms. Only the pure of heart can see them though we don't know they're there." Vanora muses back, grinning.

"That is an excellent point." Eleyna concedes. "We need to make a toast to that. Sybilla, love, get us some champagne or wine... whatever isn't absolute swill." The Archduchess sends her maid off.

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On the first pass once the visor's go down, Talen's horse is fast enough, his lance even enough. The clash isn't as strong as he'd like, though. The clatter upon his shield from Jordan's blow is added to by the sheer force driven from the horse's haunches and he takes the strike with a shake of his head to clear the mind. "What are you, half Blackram?" he calls over, whirling his horse back for a second pass. By the third, the blunt trauma has left him unsteady in the saddle, his strike a suffering due to the collision against his shoulder. There's almost a slip from the beast as he retires to the sidelines and someone works to pull a crumpled pauldron off his shoulder that's causing him some discomfort. There's a nod thrown to the knight from across the way. "Well won, Sir."

"HHhhhhh." Kaldur wheezes up at Tristan. Translation: 'Thank you, you rode most ably, and I hope to cross paths with you again.' He grunts and curls to his feet, clearing the ground for the next pair to use that lane. Dumpling shifts, ears flicking towards Flame, her lips peeling back to show her teeth, more display than over aggression. When Kaldur has his feet she relaxes, "Good girl, you did real good." He squints up at Tristan, "It's an honor to meet you finally."

Talen is overheard praising Jordan: Packs a punch like a ballista bolt.

"I actually like you, truth be told, so I'll wish you best of luck if I happen to be felled by you." Jordan calls across to Talen as he levels his lance with the opponent's center of mass. He draws in a deep breath, then draws it out slowly as he spurs Volare into action, leaning forward ever so slightly while turning so that the shield is facing Talen. The first pass has him nearly thrown off his horse outright, courtesy of a well-timed strike by the Velenosa; in a display of horse-handling, manages to wheel it about in time to avoid an embarrassing loss right then and there. The second pass has him spurring into action as soon as the flag descends and then the shoulder of his opponent is aimed towards right at the very last moment, in time to try for the third pass. But he's wobbly on his seat when he gets struck on the side, turning and barely managing to have Volare gallop down the lists for that third round. Courteously, he offers Talen a salute; fist to shoulder and a nod. "Well fought, Your Highness!"

Jordan is overheard praising Talen: A worthy opponent.

Coraline checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 36 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 7 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Oswyn speaks quietly with Rowenova in the stands. As quietly as you can at a loud event, anyway.

Coraline checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 23 lower.

Tikva checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Tikva checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Tikva checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 7 lower.

Tikva checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Rowenova hangs out and leans sideways to reciprocate whispers to Oswyn, too.

Tikva checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Tikva checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 30 lower.

"It is?" Tristan sounds honestly startled that anyone could consider meeting him an honour. He squints at Kaldur, examining him with a skeptical blue gaze. "Well. Thanks," he manages a little awkwardly, and strokes Flame's shoulder as he sends the stallion sidestepping away from the mare.

Victus whistles out from the sidelines as the horses charge. Even if it's not his thing, they certainly make a spectacle. Dirt and grime being kicked up while two people get ready to smash each other? It's exciting! As one person hits the mud after another, he even finds himself clapping along slowly.

In the tilt, Tikva's boasting of her riding seems like it might hold up on the first pass, but she was definitely telling naught but truth when it comes to handling the lance. Her spear wavers awkwardly even when she strikes with it, and on the third pass, the smash of Coraline's lance overbalances her in the saddle and she pitches to the ground, rolling several feet from the horse while she cackles, wheezes, and then apparently spits sawdust out of her mouth. "Oww. Ack," she says.

Fecundo seems completely enamored with the jousting event, not taking his eyes from a moment's action. He applauds both victor and defeated, perhaps just for the effort of something he is not skilled with, himself.

"It is. When I set out looking for someone to train Dumpling, your name was on everyone's lips." Kaldur grins, "I can see why." The young man points into the crowd, "I think she may give you a run for your money, though." Kaldur is pointing at Fianna. "Is there anything to drink around here?" He looks around, mud spattered armor and all. His poor page is going to have his work cut out for him.

Waldemai breaks the sausage up into tasty bite-sized morsels and smuggles them to Dash, being careful to keep his fingers away from the pup's teeth.

Saluting Tikva at her end of the lists, "Good luck to you your Highness." She calls before bringing down her visor and gets read to charge. The first run and she is doing pretty well, Nibbles isn't being too big a pain but ooooh boy is he excited. Feeling like she is riding one hell of a wave, Cora holds on for dear life and waits for that good moment to use the lance. She strikes well but no unseat and thus she turns, gets a new lance and once more she is holding on for dear life splitting her attention between not flying and the lance. Again no unseat, frowning she prepares and this time it feels like she really will fly. She is barely attached and maybe that is good because it adds impetious to her lancetip and sends her oppenent flying. Turning she goes to Tikva to offer her a hand up and a smile, "well fought indeed! You are amazing on a horse."

Corban checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 39 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 1 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 9 lower.

Sorrel has rolled a critical success!
Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 93 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 35 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Talen is overheard praising Sorrel: When she whoops your ass, Prince Sorrel's Bladesing'd'yer.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 29 lower.

Talen for whatever reason is tearing off his crunched up pauldron, nodding to Jordan and Victus after a shrug, and throwing it on the floor. There's a sweeping 'go right ahead' gesture to Victus.

Talen drops a rounded, full plate pair of steel pauldrons set with a pronounced gorget.

Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

Victus checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher.

Victus holds that big hammer above his head and proceeds to bring it down upon Talen's pauldron with a 'CRUNCH'. He slowly pulls the head away to observe the damages. The dent is buffed! But the armor itself is hardly reflective after it's been whacked like that.

"..." Talen stares.

Talen says, "That's like 13 years bad luck."

Sybilla returns with something to drink, passing one off to Vanora. Jiacomo comes into the stands to press a note into the Archduchess' hand. She glances at it and shakes her head. "He's going to fixate on this unicorn thing, I know it."

The walloping that Sorrel has for Corban in the first round apparently shakes both of them in their seating, for neither one of them seem to be able to stay horsed comfortably for the second round, and Sorrel is just barely holding on as Corban makes things even. The third round is closer, but the princess seems to prevail. "Excellent riding, Sir Corban. Beautifully done."

Fecundo looks between Victus and Talen, "I had been joking..."

Victus shrugs. "I didn't claim I was gonna do a good job."

It is the King's Own versus the Bladesong! Sir Corban lines up on the torunament grounds and they are off! Sir Corban's aim is true but Sorrel is an absolute laser, striking him spot on. Yet Sir Corban rounds and is ready for the next tilt, the two nearly unseating. It is only on the third charge that Sorrel's skill with the lance wins out, sending Corban (safely) sprawling to the ground as Rosie trots off to go for a carrot. "And you, Your Highness!" he calls.

3 Iron Guardsmen leaves, following Calaudrin.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 7 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 77 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 4 higher.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Fianna should just remain standing during this event, seriously. After the match, she claps for Sir Corban and Rosie, "Good job!"

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 23 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Jordan has rolled a critical success!
Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 18 lower.

"I mean, I can see his point though. If you had a unicorn I'd also ask you for it. Maybe I'd bat my lashes and kiss up a little first, Talen wasn't putting much effort in, but a unicorn is kind of cool. I think. I've read." Vanora muses at Eleyna, taking the drink and a sip. "Not swill. Not yours, but not swill."

Rosalie rises up in the booth and lets out a whistle, grinning towards the grounds, "Good job, Sir Corban!"

Duarte has joined the General Seating.

Gerard brings both hands to his lips for a whistle or appreciation at Corban's performance, cheering for the man afterward, always a firm supporter of the Telmars, of course. "Well done!"

"This is a great argument, if I had a unicorn. I mean, maybe I could just point at some air and tell him that's it and he can't see it because of the pure of heart thing?" Eleyna offers while taking a sip of wine.

Tikva cheers and whistles -- possibly indiscriminately. It's hard to tell. She seems excited.

Corban riases his hand in thanks for the cheers from his little supporters section. (Just think if he had won!) A small smile. "Thank you, one and all. Rosie did wonderful. And Sorrel's lance was true. I am glad she is on my side."

"He'll want to know how you can see it." Vanora hmms. "Oh wait! I know. You have to get the kids in on it. Tell them to insist they see a beautiful unicorn."

Talen flicks a single silver coin at Victus in response to something said at the field. "Worst smith ever."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vanora before departing.

Talen picks up a rounded, full plate pair of steel pauldrons set with a pronounced gorget.

Hearty applause from Helia. She's never met Corban and has no vested interest in his win, but he put in a great performance, so credit where it's due!

a huge spotted dog named Fury arrives, following Aksel.

Vanora glances around, catches Belladonna's eye, and grins, holding up the bottle that she then shows Eleyna. "And lo we are saved."

Victus stared on as the silver coin lightly dinks off the side of his head and falls to the ground. He bends down to pick it up and pocket it. A silver is a silver. "Ass."

"Donato already talks to people in mirrors and the girls... look, I'm not certain that they aren't seeing unicorns or something. They speak their own language now that they can babble. It is creepy." Eleyna wrinkles her nose and drinks more wine before offering, "We could totally have a playdate between your son and my creepy kids someday, though."

Tristan lines up for the joust, his stallion thundering down the lists. The two are fairly evenly matched; Tristan's seat is better, but Jordan hits harder. Tristan takes the first, Jordan the second, and although Jordan nearly falls in the third pass, his hit is firmer, giving him two rounds and the match.

For this second showing, Jordan nods across the aisle to his opponent, not really knowing the Royal Stablemaster, as it turns out. "I hope I don't steer you wrong, Volare." Having said this to his destrier, he sends the mount into a gallop, leveling his lance... only to end up getting walloped by Tristan on that first pass. He's somehow miraculously staying in his seat despite that, so that one loss has him nod to his opponent as he wheels his horse about and gets ready for the second round. That time, he strikes hard and fast, opting for a sweep to the other man's side, who, as it turns out, does not get unseated. The third round he hits hard once again, but the opposing strike has him nearly unhorsed and he's hanging by barely a thread when the flag showing his point turns up. With a salute to Tristan, the knight of Ashford rides back to the lists.

Coraline checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 21 higher.

Coraline checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

After pointing Lady Fianna out to Tristan, Kaldur realizes that in pointing he's pulled something that got jostled in the fall. Teeth clenched, he goes off to find that drink. "Well met, Tristan." He spares a nod for the horse too, whose name he didn't catch. Anyone close by can hear him grunting as he goes, 'Hgnnh ... Luca ... ... giblets ... someday.'

Coraline checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

Coraline checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 17 lower.

Aksel has joined the General Seating.

Sorrel has rolled a critical success!
Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 81 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 23 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"We could." Vanora agrees with Eleyna. "Wait another...three or four time to become interesting, and I'll have another little guest to bring I hope."

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 25 lower.

Lyric, an aspiring vocalist arrives, following Melody.

Lethe has left the Quiet Booth.

Niklas has left the Quiet Booth.

"They are so cute when they are little and squishy, though. And they smell so good! Bring him or her over. I can just hold it and get a few good sniffs in while my creepy kids creep you out. It will be fun. And we can have booze." Eleyna pauses a moment and then her eyes light up, "I might know someone who can get a unicorn for Talen. Sybilla!" The Archduchess murmurs a few words to her lady's maid and sends her off.

Niklas pushes himself to his feet and crosses over to where Sabella is being the best, as per usual, and leans over to kiss her cheek. "I'm going to go meet with Ian. I'll see you later, love." Then he's heading back out to the street.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense leaves, following Niklas.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

Kaldur has left the Field.

Dumpling leaves, following Kaldur.

Cora salutes Sorrel before lowering her visor and omg Nibbles calm down gods! The first round Cora isn't too worried, well apparenlty she should have been because damn! Feeling rather like she got a hell of a whammy Cora holds on, barely, to her horse. Second round and Nibbles is, if possible, even more excited. Rather like a puppy chaisng a ball he gallops before Cora is even close to ready but even still she holds on and manages a solid striked! And once more, not given a chance to settle herself, her horse is off like a mad thing. She manages a solid strike even as she feels herself lose touch with the saddle. Look everyone is it a bird? A plane? No its a flying thraxian princess who has just hit dirt hard. Coughing she waits for the world to stop spinning while trying to shove her horse's nose out of her face she she can breathe.

Sorrel probably should not be allowed in the first round of jousts, because she's really walloping people she likes. She's dangerous with a lance. Dangerous. She's also dangerous on a horse, because she's not that great of a horsewoman, and there's a lot of wild swinging and prancing about on her sorrel. Because of course she picked her horse by color to match her name. "Coraline, that was a good run! Are you okay?!" she wonders, clinging to her saddle for dear life.

Sabella watches everything with rapt attention, calling out winners as they happen! It's Tristan! Jordan! Coraline! Sorrel! Then Jordan again! Then Sorrel again! Going to the finals! "This is for the win!" She shouts, "Thrax against Grayson-via-Ashford! WHO WILL WIN!? We'll find out here in a moment!"

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

What a sneaky little prodgial. Melody had disappeared; vanishing straight off into the night somewhere, but just as quick as she had once vanished, she emerged in equally dark umbra silks at that! She'd eventually find herself by a small group of people, ducking her head to send a murmur off to them.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 4 lower.

Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Waving at the question, and once more shoving hores nose away, Cora laughs, "Yeah but damn woman, that was a hell of a hit. Nicely done! Now go kick ass!!!!" She hauls herself up and moves out of the way cheering Sorrel!

Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Jordan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 10 lower.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 39 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 19 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Sorrel has rolled a critical success!
Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 45, rolling 23 lower.

"Another person I like!" Jordan lifts his visor to smile at Sorrel, then lowers it and as he does, he levels his lance in preparation for the upcoming tilts. The first one, he gets. The second one, Sorrel hits harder, and he stays seated. The third one she hits him nicely enough to unhorse him outright. He lays on the ground for a moment. Catching his breath, then rising to his feet and leading his horse to the lists. "Well fought, Your Highness. Congratulations!"

Victus throws up his arm, hoisting his weapon high in the air as he lets forth a howl. "YEAAAAH! PRINCESS SORREL!" His excitement is not conservative in the least.

Wordlessly, Eleyna passes her wine to Vanora for a moment, stands up, brings her fingers to her lips and whistles before shouting out, "Go, Princess Sorrel!" Yeah, she might have been pre-gaming a little before the tournament.

Silas is overheard praising Sorrel: Well done!

Sorrel honestly seems a little stunned that she's made it this far, but then hitting people with objects while distracting them with singing or horses is her job. "Sir Jordan! You got me that first round, and that's usually my sticking point," she calls, trying to reseat herself properly on her horse. She raises her broken lance in the air and laughs. "Thank you, thank you!"

"WELL DONE PRINCESS SORRELL!!! Well done Sir Jordan," Cora clears her throat and looks sheepish, "Very well fought both of you!"

"Princess Sorrel Thrax is the joust champion for our Tournament of Swords!" Sabella shouts, jumping up and down!"Showing us all that one should never underestimate a Princess, especially a Thraxian one! Congratulations, Princess Sorrel! I believe Princess Tikva has your prize around here somewhere. And great job, Sir Jordan! You were amazing! I don't know how you're still able to hold that lance up at all after all those rounds!" She offers them both brilliant smiles and lots of applause!

Ariella has joined the Quiet Booth.

Talen wields a diamondplate hand-and-a-half sword with a straight crossguard and rhomboid pommel.

"I do!" Tikva, still finding spare dust on herself as she lopes over to Sorrel with the small pouch containing the prize, grins crookedly. "Congratulations, Sorrel! What riding!"

Melody has joined the Quiet Booth.

After seeing Lethe off, Lilith sits herself back down in the quiet booth to continue watching the tournament. She cranes her long neck and watches on, her green eyes keeping close tabs on the action. She looks around her booth and scoots closer to Rosalie. "Very exciting, isn't it?" she asks. And then Melody comes up to them and Lilith gives her a smile. "Certainly," she says. "Come sit with us. I'm Lady Lilith and this is Lady Rosalie."

Rowenova sets aside her cake plate (from the previous party) and stands up, clapping loudly for the winning woman! "Good job! Go you!"

Vanora applauds too, then Eleyna passes her the champagne bottle and she takes a drink before passing it back.

Fecundo applauds the win of Princess Sorrel, leaning his axe down, picking it up once the applause is done, waiting for the melee.

Ariella crosses the grounds, looking half-relieved and half-disinterested when she sees that the jousting is still going on. After scouting out a spot she sidles up and slides into a seat off on the side. "Glad I didn't miss the melee. I'm here to lose and lose BIG!"

Kerr winces in sympathy with each fall, but cheers himself hoarse nonetheless along with the crowd as the final jousters make their passes. He's not exactly holding back either, though he does seem to shy back a bit unnecessarily from the horses as the riders exit the lists.

"OKAY, EVERYONE." Tikva fills her lungs to shout with support from her diaphragm, and it's an impressive projection cutting across the thundrous rumble of a tourney ground full of people laughing and talking and betting and drinking. "IF you would like to participate in the Grand Melee of our Tournament of Swords, for the prize of SIX INGOTS of DIAMONDPLATE, we have some ground rules! First, no weapon of finer quality than finest steel! Second, no armor finer than finest steel or fine leather! And third and finally, DO NOT remain in the ring unto DEATH no matter how much you think you want that shiny metal! The Physicians are on hand to aid, but this is a DANGEROUS GAME meant to HONOR GLORIA, not to SPEND LIFE NEEDLESSLY! THANK YOU. The last warrior standing wins the plate!"

Going to settle Nibbles, and give him a proper good treat for being such a pain in her ass. Cora changes out of steel and into silk purple robes once more to set up as healer for this next event and goes to position herself accordingly.

Fianna has left the General Seating.

"Welp, that answers that. Someone, where are you, go fetch my blade!" Talen says.

Talen has left the Field.

Jordan has left the Field.

Gerard wields a plain sword of excellent make.

Silas smiles when Sorrel emerges as the jousting champion and offers a hearty round of applause. Theeen goes to get his stuff for the melee.

Chianti, a majestic black Ostrian horse, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Talen.

Sabella leaves the jousting field, cheeks flushed with all that excitement. "They're so tall, aren't they?" She says to Kerr as she passes, "I can't believe anyone gets up after a fall from one!"

Kerr wields Long Sword.

Caspian has left the High Booth.

Ariella has left the Quiet Booth.

Victus has left the Field.

Silas has left the General Seating.

Talen wields a narrow, high quality steel longsword with a grooved tang and silver fox pommel.

Helia wields storms upon a fiery horizon oathlands steel short sword.

Talen has joined the Field.

Gerard shrugs, drawing forth his second blade, one of high quality steel, plain and unadorned as he glides toward the field, smiling brightly.

Jordan has joined the Field.

Jordan wields a polished steel longsword.

Kerr has joined the Field.

Tristan eyes the field but seems to decide against it, settling in a bench with Flame and Patches. Not that Flame is on the bench. He's beside it. Benches don't usually survive horses sitting on them.

Rowenova stands up, "Looks like I am gonna go down." say she to Scholar Oswyn, "Probably, I will not win, but I wanna try." She heads down.

Rowenova has left the General Seating.

Rowenova has joined the Field.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Silas.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

a huge spotted dog named Fury have been dismissed.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice have been dismissed.

"I shall bow out, having loaned my appropriate gear out to friends and relations who needed to borrow them," Sorrel declares, heading towards the stands with her jousting prize, still floating a little from the win. She's giddy enough without trying for diamondplate, even if she does might have a shot at it, given her luck today. She heads towards her brother to collect her baby, and then moves to sit down. "I won ephiphanite!" she notes giddily to those nearby.

Walking towards the to the field with a feline sway, Helia draws her sword when she comes to a pause, and sends it whirling in her hand in a series of circles and twirls. The blade glints red and blue in the light, and she grins with amusement.

Caspian wields Relentless, a keen-edged black steel dagger.

Oswyn nods to Rowenova. "Good luck," he tells her. He winces at the mention of fighting to the death, standing and shouldering his satchel. He makes his way to the edge of the battle area, staying outside it. Outside.

Caspian has joined the Field.

Helia has joined the Field.

"I'm game," Aksel says as stands and moves down into the field. Adveture awaits.

Maxene, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

Aksel has left the General Seating.

Caspian gets A steel barbute with rounded spikes along the dome from a simple blackened leather backpack.

Aksel has joined the Field.

Gerard has joined the Field.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Eleyna sits back down and looks over at Vanora, "This is the part where it gets loud. Also, give me that back!" She reaches for the bottle. "The bubbles are bad for the baby. Red wine only!"

"Good luck everyone!" Sabella calls out as people take the field. She meanwhile makes her way over to Oswyn, " you have enough bandages in case it turns out that this night has been very long and people's common sense isn't...common?" She asks carefully.

Chianti, a majestic black Ostrian horse have been dismissed.

6 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Victus had to go get changed. And when he comes back, he is much... much different. He's no longer armored, instead arriving with standard boots and some black leather pants. And instead of a hammer he has a very... very, frilly, and floral patterned glaive. "Nobody say shit." He announces as he marches onto the field again.

Jordan has left the Field.

2 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Dash the Guard Corgi have been dismissed.

Gerard says, "shit."

Silas wields silver hued steel long sword wrapped in carmine leather.

Talen's horse runs to Tristan in an effort to be rescued forevermore, clearly.

"Nice glaive," Caspian says back to Victus with a little grin given to the man, standing in the field with his knife in hand as he readies himself for the battle.

Ariella watches as people go running off back home to get the mediocre stuff, "I've never felt so prepared." Ariella steps into the field and reaches down to draw her sword. Rather than her totally sweet champion armor, she's wearing a set of regular old leathers. Well, where regular means 'mostly inappropriate for any kind of fighting', what with all the skin it shows. But hey, she's got that Leg Avenue sexy pirate costume thing going at least. When people start getting ready for the fight, she reaches down and draws her sword.

Ariella wields just a dumb ol regular ol sword that ain't got no dang ol fancy name.

Helia snorts at Gerard's sass.

"They are? Are you sure you're not making that up?" Vanora scowls at Eleyna but hands the bottle back. "Want a hairpin love? So you can fight too?" She grins at Valdemar. "It's just like an axe but it's very small."

Ariella has joined the Field.

Set up near Oswyn Cora blinks at Victus as he arrives, "I swear by the gods if you don't win with that thing. Also don't die or I will be VERY cross with you."

Oswyn tells Sabella, solemnly, "I'm not sure there are enough bandages in the world for that."

Jordan is back in a full suit of steel armor instead of his diamondplate pieces. So he's about 30% less shiny, except the steel is so overworked that it's really, really good quality; courtesy of Eithne. Carrying his steel sword, he draws it with a grin as he lowers his visor once again, ready to show what he came for.

Jordan has joined the Field.

Kerr grunts in satisfaction when the melee is finally called, and pops his neck from side to side before slipping his helm over his head and trotting from the stands out to the fields, drawing his sword with a flourish. He swings it up in a salute to Fecundo as he recognizes his drinking buddy from the other morning.

Silas has joined the Field.

Tristan will defend Talen's horse forevermore.

Cora snorts at Oswyn's words, "Too right there aren't"

6 Grimhall House Guards have been dismissed.

Silas returns in completely standard Iron Guard armor. It is like 1003 AR all over again! He slips through the crowd and takes the field.

The Archduchess just grins and takes a drink from the bottle, "I have no idea, but I got the bottle back, didn't I? I swear to the gods, I am going to give Belladonna a kiss right on the mouth for making this next time I see her."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Alarissa's making her way in, all gleaming pin pleated Aeterna, a gesture for Pellinor to go deliver something to Victus as she's making her way into the tournament grounds to find some place to sit.


Confessor Warren have been dismissed.

Talen lets his blade weave before he begins to sidestep, gauging the field, snapping down his visor. Ho hum.

Victus claps a hand against his bare chest, pointing that flowery stick at Talen menacingly. "You're the one I'm gonna whack first." He states plain, eyeing Coraline up there in the stands. "My tolerance for cuts gets lower the more naked I am, trust me!"

"A hairpin and my smallclothes. I'd make such a dashing figure," Valdemar responds to his wife, his tone dry.

Duarte has left the General Seating.

Jordan touches the visor of his helm, uttering a quiet prayer that ends with, "...and, above all, give us skill in battle, that we might find ourselves victorious against the unworthy." With a finality, he draws his steel sword, lifting his visor to touch the flat of the blade to his lips. "You've served me well thus far. Let's get this one."

Talen tells Victus, "Seems fairest," concurs the Archduke Consort to the High Lord, "but you know if you cut my face my wife is going to poison you?"

Sabella glances over at who else is watching and gives Eleyna a bright wave and smile, "Archduchess! I have all the things ready for your contest! I am very much looking forward to it! Is that your husband out there? He did a great job in the joust!" So many exclamations. Everything she says is so bright. "Did you have some cake? There was cake here a moment ago..."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Gerard brings his pommel to his forehead, murmuring a quiet prayer to Gloria, smile still upon his face as he gets into stance seamlessly

Helia is just bouncing back and forth like an eager little beaver, or maybe some kind of weasel, or something that's bouncy and just wants to lay the smackdown on something or someone!

"Good!" Cora nods and crosses her arms, she is also not in the stands because SHE IS A PHYSICIAN DAMMIT SHE IS GOING TO HEAL PEOPLE!!!!!

Rowenova puts a hunting knife with a cedar handle and darkened blade, Aurora's Winter, Winter's Black Heart, a boar spear with cedar shaft and leather grips in Messenger Bag.

Rowenova punches one hand into one glove and looks around very suspiciously!

Tikva has joined the Judges Booth.

Vanora leans in to murmurs a farewell and Eleyna offers a wave goodbye that turns into a wave hello for Sabella! "Excellent, your Highness. I'm looking forward to seeing what the clothing designers of the Compact think I would like to wear." she looks skeptical for a moment when Sabella mentions Talen and calls out, "Were you watching him at the archery? I'm pretty sure bows aren't throwing weapons. I could be wrong, though."

Fecundo and Victus approaching him causes Talen to shoulder his shield heavily, preparing it against his crumpled and lose pauldron, and then blocking the incoming swings. "Let's do this!"

Jordan brings his blade sidelong to parry Caspian and Kerr, attempting a jab at Caspian's shoulder. Evidently, it misses, and he hisses out. Then there's the second exchange, where he evades the two people coming for him, sidestepping the blows until he comes alongside Caspian and slices at his side.

Taking a swipe at Ariella, and completely missing the nimble sailor, Helia decides to go crazy-go-nuts and make a charge at Victus, spinning at the last moment as she whirls a arcing strike at the big guy!

It's a grand melee! There is bound to be blood and gory stuff! Aksel chats quietly with Rowenova a moment before placing his greataxe over his shoulder to size up the others. He sets his eyes on his target and when the go is given, he's off to the races. Working in tandem with Rowenova, the Northerners set there sits on Gerard. The greataxe of the Northerner dips into Gerard but his follow up attack fails. Alas.

The wounds he takes that rent his armour cause Talen to narrow his eyes behind that visor, slits beyond the slits, as he hisses, "I'm just going to keep as many of you as busy as I can for as long as I can and see how the rest of the field fares. Honestly," he adds, "I think you look ridiculous," he adds to Victus with a sudden sharp laugh.

Gerard flows from stance to stance, keeping himself in a tight, defensive shell of flickering steel as he fends off Aksel and Rowenova both, suffering only a minor nick from the former as he keeps mostly to himself, trying to prevent injury more than inflict it.

Fecundo works with Victus for a moment against Talen, both of his strikes sliding off the man's shield, though he takes a step back after a moment to check his flanks and move on to the next attak or defense.

Ariella mostly hangs back, ducking out of the way of Helia's blade at the same time that she lunges at the other sailor, laughing as they both manage to miss. She recovers and takes a swipe at Fecundo, but the man is well out of her reach by the time she comes around. So, seeing Rowenova distracted, she steps in and jabs the woman hard in the shoulder.

Without all that extra leather weighing him down, Victus is thankfully nimbler enough to not get sliced to bits in the opening of the melee. His flowery glaive skims at the side of Talen in his first strike! "I won't mess up your face, promise." As he goes in for his next attack, he suddenly feels a slice across his back! He whirls around to Helia, catching her with a glare as he's now caught between her and Talen. "Well /one/ of you is gonna get it!"

Kerr is pressing his attacks at Jordan, blade flashing in the light but little else. He grunts as his first swing glances away and the second misses entirely, but his dark grin is in full force when he notices he's attacking in tandem with another and changes targets with a salute.

That's not good! Caspian is trying to smack around Jordan, poke him between the gaps of his armor, but the man lands a counter that gives him a cut! Not a bad one, but he does laugh, telling Jordan, "You're good! Ever thought about being a Champion?!"

Talen says, "I like to think my face is important but I think it's the common blood that Eleyna values."

Rowenova gets taken from two sides and is cut up a good bit before she then backs out despite not really wanting to. She has fire in her cobalt blues, but she will be no good to anyone if she does die. She is the first one out and gimps away to go see Oswyn! "Good luck!" she calls back to Aksel!

Rowenova has left the Field.

Rowenova has joined the General Seating.

"Thank you, and yes, I'd given thought to it, but mostly I don't think I could do that and all of my other duties all at once. From what I can see, being a Champion is sort of a full-time job." Jordan salutes Kerr in turn, bringing his sword about to face Caspian once again, his stance guarded.

Oswyn watches this all unfold, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose with a sigh. Rowenova approaches, and he waves her over and sits her down to assess the damage.

Silas has no particular reason to go after Aksel first, other than everyone else seems to be squaring off elsewhere already. Rowenova, however, seems to be in the way... and he makes the assumption she intended to. While his first slash is not particularly strong or effective, the follow-up seems to accurately convey that that strategy may not be the grandest idea. When it appears Askel's guard intends to yield, he nods to her and simply continues his advance on his intended target.

As Oswyn seems to have the healing covered for Rowenova, Cora settles nearby in case there is need to assist but mostly keeps her eyes on the fight for the next one who will end up needing the help.

The Archduchess shouts from the stands, "You're a bully, Victus Thrax! Don't make me come down there!"

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"He started it!" Victus roars back to the benches as he continues to poke at Talen with the flowery glaive.

Talen says, "NO HE DID"

Rowenova actually had a huge cut along her right leg as well as a big gash along her leather vest which slipped under her cloak on the left side of her heaving ribs. She does not ever complain with neither whimper nor whine, but there is a whole lot of gasping as she curls up on the bench there.

"I will put you boys in a 'get along' shirt, I swear to the gods!" Eleyna calls back while drinking champagne straight from the bottle.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Oswyn frowns as he looks Rowenova over, his movements efficient. "Stitches," he says. "The leg at least. Let's see here." He examines her side. "Alright. Vest off, we can push the shirt up." He pulls a clean cloth from his satchel and hands it to her. "I'm going to need you to keep pressure on your side while I deal with your leg."

Seeing that she can at least be somewhat helpful for now, Cora kneels down and puts pressure on Rowenova's side for her with a smile, "I got this, you can grab my shoulder and squeeze if you like."

Sorrel shouts from nearby, "GIVE IT TO 'EM, VICTUS!"

Talen says, "I DO NOT CONSENT"

Victus says, "YES YOU FUCKING DO!"

Sabella moves over by Oswyn and says, "Can I help? I am...not good at anything like this but just tell me what to do!"

Alarissa shouts from nearby, "Win with the flowers in your hand your grace!"

Talen knocks aside Victus' blade as it comes for him, then lunges, replying with pain. "Trust a Thrax to say that!"

Rowenova helpfully undoes her leather armor at the healing benches, which then ultimately leaves her covered up in the sliced linens which at least cover the important bits. She moves slowly but surely. After doing so, she lays down and just lets the medic folk do their thing, "Thank you, both!" says she.

Oswyn's head bobs. "Thank you, Princess. Princesses," he tells Coraline and Sabella in turn. Coordinating efforts, they are doing well. Rowenova's leg probably won't fall off and rot.

Rowenova says, "I am not into scars, so if you can help along those lines, that would be great!"

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Looking over at Sabella, Cora nods to the bandange, "If you can help me keep the bloodflow down here, I can get this cleaned and bandanged." She grins at Rowenova, "Awww but they do a great job of telling of lessons learned, like dodging." She teases gently and makes room for Sabella.

Jordan strikes swiftly at Caspian once again, this time with a slice meant for the man's torso. He's mostly silent and his body expression is completely void. Like he's not Sir Jordan so much as a well-oiled fighting machine, with precise motions and strikes that follow.

Whatever ends up happening with the duel, Gerard is down for the evening after a viciously-powerful blow from Aksel strikes /right/ where there's a gap in his brigandine, causing a spray of chain links and more than a little blood, despite his best efforts. He curses, backing up and signalling that he yields before turning to slowly makie his way toward the sidelines, already out of the bout.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, delivering a message to Talen before departing.

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a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, delivering a message to Talen before departing.

13 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Eleyna.

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Rowenova looks up to Coraline, "Well, whatever works. Thanks for your help." Then, she reaches up to try to clasp Sabella's arm, "Thank you for wanting to help me!" Rowenova stays untensed, so the medical work happens properly.

Cora grins at Rowenova as she takes over the leg stitching, really there was very little to finish up, the hard work done. She finishes the wrapping next and makes sure that was that. "Keep these clean, and do NOT put full weight on that leg, try not to bend it over much. If it swells or if you have any additional pain or discomfort give me a call or go to the clinic, either way we will take care of you. Okay?"

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Talen drops a fat stuffed white unicorn with a spiral rainbow horn.

Talen says, "Let's do this, unisworn."

Victus says, "I fucking hate you."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

As both Gerard and Silas converge on Aksel, the Northman switches his stance to more of a defensive approach. But even so as he tries to block Gerrard's attacks. He strikes back. He's not quick enough to defend against Silas, though, but he just seems to shrug off those attacks. When Aksel's axe finds that sensitive spot of Gerard, and sees the signal, he immediately backs off to turn his sights on Silas. Though there is a momentitary pause with the Unicorn being brought out. "They don't have rainbow horns," and that's all he has to say about that.

Mirari walks into the tournament grounds, making her way towards Eleyna. She glances out at the field, sees the stuffed unicorn and raises both eyebrows. "Is he really..he's going to ruin it. I didn't make that for him to ruin it."


Victus winces as that blade goes right in, blood drawn from his side as Talen breaches his defenses. He's hurting, but he hasn't been knocked down yet! "Oooh we're gonna see how you pay for that one fucker." The big Thraxian growls as he lifts his glaive up. This is a bad idea.

Sabella does whatever Oswyn and Coraline tell her to, but at one point she's clearly distracted. " you think I could make it past all the swinging blades to get that?" She wonders aloud.

Talen throws back, "To be fair, you deserve it, you came for me. It was the unicorn magic that definitely doesn't exist that aides me."

Eleyna doesn't even say a word. She just makes a gesture at Talen, a gesture at the unicorn, and then shrugs her shoulders. She holds out the bottle of champagne toward Mirari silently.

"No!" Jordan calls out in response to Sabella, instead considering the field for a moment. He shrugs, and opts for a target.

Cora looks directly at Sabella, "No, no I do not. I do not wanna explain to Tikva or Niklas how I let you go out into that and die...horribly....with lots of blood."

Silas momentarily pauses when Gerard quits the field and... a unicorn plushie is brought out? "Interesting strategy," he muses outloud, before moving forward and engaging Aksel again.

Kerr can't seem to catch a break. Ariella's blade slips under his pauldron and he withdraws with a hiss, blood running freely. "I yield, well fought." He hobbles off towards the healers with a grimace.

Mirari takes the bottle, finds a glass and pours some. "If I had known that he was actually going to try to ride it - I would have made it bigger." She holds the bottle back out to Eleyna and takes a sip from her glass. "Though Talen on a tiny unicorn has a certain charm to it."

"Is 'charm' a synonym for 'ridiculous'?" Eleyna asks very evenly as she takes her champagne back. "I have no idea what Victus and Talen are doing out there."

Talen checked command + ride at difficulty 1, rolling 43 higher.

"You said it, I didn't say it." Mirari murmurs, drinking from her glass again." She clears her throat and offers the Archduchess a bright smile. "They're being men, obviously."

Talen looks to the fat unicorn and stuffs it... that poor unicorn... between his cuisses. Then he 'rides' towards Victus and misses his swing, only to throw the unicorn at the High Lord, before swinging his sword. It's just a clusterfuck, really. A ridiculous, obscene clusterfuck that means they're well out of the way of any serious competitors - for the best, really.

"Victus is fighting shirtless. Talen is fighting with a stuffed unicorn as his partner. I don't know, Mirari. I just. don't. know." Eleyna takes another swig and then calls out brightly, "Good job, sweetheart! You're doing great out there!" Then, under her breath, but heard by Mirari, she mutters, "You crazy bastard."

Victus is genuinely unsure what he's looking at right now. He's still bleeding, he's got an extra little stab wound from Ariella too. But this sight is just... "Good gods above, this is even worse than Gyre war."

Rowenova feels better after some time, especially after the applied bandages, and so she sstarts to get up. "Thank you, Princess Coraline, Princess Sabella. Please, take care. I need to go to work! I will check in if anything amiss."

Seeing Kerr getting off the field bleeding profusely, Cora heads over to drag him over to be bandaged up. "I might not get you all the way but if not then you can either go to the clinic or maybe I can get some help, I am a combat medic after all." She begins pulling out more bandages.

Fecundo's focus has turned from Talen to Helia. He cannot seem to connect with the nimble young lady as she moves around her opponent. Frustration may be settling in for the young lord.

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Well, look at that. It wasn't long that Aksel was one on one. In a blink it's now Silas and Helia teaming up to take the Northern. The Northman stays trained upon Silas however, even if he can't seem to land a hit and doing the best he can to defend Helia's attacks as well. Fun! But not Talen vs Victus sort of fun, obviously.

Maxene, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

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Alarissa drops Mighty Baby Kraken Plushie.

"A stuffed unicorn between his legs, as his partner." Mirari slants a look at Eleyna, trying to look serious but failing utterly. "I bet you could auction that thing off after this spectacle."

Jordan decides to walk up to Ariella, making an opening move that isn't quite as effective as he'd hoped. Nevertheless, he manages to sidestep the counter-offensive.

What's that? That is a little plushie Kraken being thrown from the stands into the ring, and Alarissa? Looks completely innocent.

Ariella lands a blow against Victus while the High Lord fends off Talen, but then finds herself on the defensive as Sir Jordan Ober begins swinging at her. She lunges in to try and land a touch, but his pressed attack knocks her off her game.

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"Ugh. Don't let him hear you. He'll take it as encouragement." Eleyna takes another drink and leans back to look over Mirari before nodding in approval. "It's a pity you didn't make it sooner. You could probably wipe the floor with the lot and your hair would still be fabulous."

Silas is ever patient in attacking Aksel and defending himself. He is currently doing the latter much better than the former, but at least the steel armor seems to be doing its job in making sure Aksel doesn't skewer him with that big axe.

Using her big booming voice Cora calls to Alarissa the Innocent, "Alarissa, little help please!" Too much to do too few hands to do it with. She tries to guide Sabella to help as well and is still running out of hands.

Victus checked command + animal ken at difficulty 1, rolling 27 higher.

One hit on Aksel? Did that hit? Who can say! It's all such a blur right now. But regardless of whether or not her sword missed him completely, or just grazed off his armour, Helia turns to Fecundo next, because that wily fox just won't quit! Twirling in a flamboyant circle, she aims a wide swing at him. It is drama. It is flamboyance. It is a complete miss. But that's okay! It is fun!

Victus, upon being hit by the unicorn, is not phased by Talen's secondary attack! Unicorn cheating or not! When Alarissa throws a buddy of his own to use, he sprints across the battlefield. "KRAKEN, ARISE!" And bites the little fellow on the head. He proceeds to constantly flex the flower glaive above his head, while making muffled 'OOGBOOGABOOGA' sounds before rushing at Talen again.

"Oh!, coming!" A look to Sorrel. "I suppose it's for the best I wore Aeterna..." And carefully, Alarissa's picking her way down. "Coming Princess Coraline. Though generally I just tend to Victus..."

Kraken versus unicorn, who will win? "Reinforcements are against the regulations!" Talen insists before he throws his shield at Victus. Whatever is going on down there is actual fighting but it's so blended with insanity that it's kind of hard. For once though, Talen isn't cheating, he's just-- well, nobody really can explain it, save 'being Talen'.

Kerr grunts as manly a grunt as he can manage as Coraline and Alarissa tend to his wound, grinning despite the pain. "My thanks. Quite a bout out there." He seems content to linger long enough to watch the remainder of the fight.

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"I was busy sewing the unicorn and taking care of some business." Mirari murmurs, watching the fight with an amused look on her face. "This champagne was worth the trip here though." She takes another drink and leans in to speak quietly to Eleyna again.

Cora laughs, "Oh I think there will be plenty to do with the flowery kitten patterned bandages for Victus, the kids at the Murder had a blast making them and now I have someone to use em on!" She cackles as she words and nods at Kerr's words, "Oh yes, that is one hell of a fight out there, this one is going to hurt, hold onto something." And with that she starts stitching him up, no anethetic but your good ol medieval variety, although that aint that bad really.

Talen, after attacking Victus until he yields, begins to parade through the grounds sharing out his harm. Fecundo first, Helia next, and then onto whomever else is unlucky enough to have the unisworn ride for them. "Charge!"

Cora handed Kerr a bottle of rum in other words.

Sabella wraps bandages and holds things down and looks briefly pale and green because this is super gross, but at least she's wearing aeterna! "Nnngh. I don't know how you guys do this all the time."

Whatever Mirari leans in to murmur has Eleyna rolling her eyes before she murmurs something in return, her expression hardening for a moment. Then, she points at Talen and says, completely deadpan. "That. That is what I married."

Hark, the kraken is slain by the prince of darkness. Or something like that. As Talen's blade glides over Victus' chest a second time, the High Lord takes it that much worse as he stumbles backward. The kraken hangs from his mouth by a single tentacle. "This flower stick is the worst." He barks, catching the kraken in his free and bloody hand. "Yield!"

Jordan keeps focused on Ariella, fighting her with a clear stalemate between both sides of that particular struggle.

Fecundo trades attacks with Helia for some time, the lady getting the better of the exchanges. When Talen enters the fray against him, he takes strikes from both, backing up a bit and then refocusing on Talen again.

Now it's back to 1 vs 1, and Aksel can focus on the man. He feels he's getting closer, to a strike, and finally he lands one. It looks like a vicious hit. But who knows. Armor and everything.

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Talen says, "On me, on me you wastrels!"

Aksel is refering to Silas, obviously.

Tikva shouts from nearby, "Will no one rescue the unicorn?"

Victus shouts from nearby, "KILL THE UNICORN!"

Jordan shouts from nearby, "It knew what it was getting into!"

"Highlord Victus GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE SO I CAN PATCH YOU UP! Cora calls without looking, she is paying attention though. To Sabella, Cora laughs, "Oh this is nothing, in the war thigns turned green and smelled much worse." she hums happily as she works.

Finally managing to sneak a lightning-fast swipe past Fecundo's defenses, Helia can only widen her eyes as Talen comes a-charging her way. "WHAT THE FU---!"

"You've had some heirs, we can get rid of him now if you want." Mirari gestures to the massive fight, but Eleyna's quiet words make her jaw clench as she offers a brief nod.

"I mean, at least he's pretty? At this is entertaining." Eleyna just shakes her head and drinks more champagne.

Ooooh, that smarts. Kerr takes a deep slug from the bottle and growls deep in his chest as Cora does her needlework. He eyes the wound balefully for a moment and mutters, "well, I must get used to sleeping on my back for a while I suppose. Thanks for the drink."

His armor fails to brunt the force of Aksel's next bow, and Silas seethes when he finally feels a jolt of pain course through his afflicted side. He breathes in, though, and continues to attack Aksel - though he's notably less relaxed than he was before.

"Best way to deal with it is to be shitfaced." Cora nods at Kerr's words with a laugh and finishes the stitching before beginning to bandage the wounds. Cora is NOT wearing aertna or however you spell it. Hers is silk, and the purple isn't quite so vibrant any more.

When Coraline mentions things turn green and other colors, Sabella herself turns a bit green, saying apologetically to Kerr, "Sorry I need to...I..." and then she's pushing away to go run behind the bleachers to probably throw up all that delicious cake from earlier.

Victus marches back up to the stands, bloodstained kraken in one hand and glaive in the other. Bare chest cut up, adding a few more scars to that battlefield. He passes the doll to Alarissa as he moves to stand beside Eleyna and point down to Talen. "That's yours. That's your legacy." And then marches onto Coraline, all the while barking jeers at the damn unicorn rider.

"Oh, please. Look at you. You fought without a shirt. Did you think you were going to distract them by bouncing your pecs?" Then, Eleyna pauses and says, "-Can- you bounce them? Asking for a friend."

"I'm so very sorry it's not Alacrite. You know how to remedy that. THink how beautiful it will look and the outfits I'll have to co-ordinate with it." The bloody unicorn is glanced to and Maxene steps forward to take it from her. "Eleyna, cuff his ear for me." She calls over, sitting beside Coraline as people are tended to.

Talen is still parading, it's a drive-by slash and prance, on the back of a ridiculously fat unicorn plushie. Honestly, if anyone would ever write this down into the Whites, it wouldn't be easily described. The only thing that can be said is that Talen is spreading his offense to anyone and everyone on the field and not at all targeting anyone in particular. He's a constant annoyance; the kind people should be dispatching simply out of punishment.

"I don't know, I never thought of Talen as cute. He's too grumpy." Mirari does turn at Eleyna's words, gazing towards Victus. "I'm the friend!"

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"Shitfaced, here I come." Uuuup goes the bottle for a moment, before Victus comes stumbling in, at which point Kerr winces at the man's bleeding chest and offers the remaining rum without another moment's hesitation. "Well fought, sir."

Managing to dodge past that rascally Talen as he charges past her, Helia goes back to whipping at Fecundo with swift strikes of her blade. After several misses, she manages to land a strike, and bounces back before he can return the favour.

Jordan lands a powerful strike at Ariella after Talen distracts her with the unicormageddon. He turns to see the fight between Helia and Fecundo, then, considering something quietly before walking towards the two. He opts fight the Rubino first, as it turns out.

Finishing with Kerr's wounds, and blinking at the lack of Sabella, "Hey where did princess Sabella go?" Cora asks as she reaches in for the special bandages for Victus. Kerr gets a laugh and a nod. Then with a look in her eyes, Cora goes to begin cleaning and bandaging and stitching Victus's wounds, "I thought you said you wouldn't get messed up. This is pretty damn messed up." This last to Victus.

Sorrel checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty -1, rolling 40 higher.

Victus picks up Mighty Baby Kraken Plushie.

Aksel is next, receiving a clash of his longsword, then driving towards Silas soon after. "Lord Commander!" Talen calls, "it's been an utter age since we sparred." Clang, he swings, and he looks along the field to gauge the situation. Jordan is considered, with little to no wounds or dents in his armour, and he foreshadows, "I'm coming for you, Sir Ober."

Finally getting a strike in on Helia, Fecundo does not the Jordan's approach and takes a heavy strike from the man. He backs away after that, yeliding from the combat, falling heavily on the side.

"Bounce 'em? Shit yeah I can bounce them, what kinda man you think I am?" Victus places his hands on his hips and does indeed, bounce those pecs to an unheard bongo beat. This of course isn't the best idea as he's still cut and bleeding. But what's a little extra blood forced down the chiseled chest? "I think it adds to my charm." He muses to the pair of Eleyna and Mirari, still flexing and showing off even as his family is coming to scold him. He gives a them a look while taking the offered rum from Kerr with a nod of thanks. "What? It's not /that/ bad. Talen hits like a chickadee."

Perhaps distracted as Jordan comes towards herself and Fecundo, or perhaps just because she messed up, Helia takes a hard hit from Fecundo, and staggers back gasping. But then Jordan gets a strike in on her opponent, so she's safe for now! Hopefully. She goes charging towards Aksel in any case. No theatrics now, just honest-to-goodness fighting.

"One moment," Eleyna says to Victus and Mirari before standing up the shout out to Talen, "You better win this, darling. Your unicorn needs a diamondplate saddle!" Then Victus is bouncing his pec and Eleyna sinks into her seat, murmuring in an entranced voice, "Oh, my."

It's a blur of combat. Aksel and Silas go back and forth. Askel, blinks though and looks momentarily confused by the man on the Plushie. "What the fuck..." is all the Northern can say as he gets smacked on the chest. He can't stop now, though, as Silas blade nearly takes a chunk of his arm off. There is a shake of his head given before Aksel turns from Silas and trains his axe on Talen now.

Silas steps back when Talen attacks Aksel, then changes course and goes after him next. He changes his stance - fighting a blade is far different than an axe. "We've never sparred!" Silas corrects.

With a nod to Talen for his words, Jordan glances at the field with an analytical look once again, as if torn between Aksel and Helia for a moment. Since Aksel targets Talen, he opts to go for Silas, instead.

Mirari watches Victus for a few moments, obviously entranced by the bongo pecs. She glances at Eleyna distracted before she bursts out laughing. "Did you just..?"

As Fecundo ends up tapping out he is waved over by Cora to join the heal line. Damn she needs minions, "I NEED MINIONS!" Cora snorts at Victus' words and tries to chase the pecs as they dance, "Will you stop that, it makes it much harder to clean if they keep moving." boing boing boing, Cora plays chace the laceration across Victus' chest.

Eleyna just shrugs at Mirari. "When you love someone, you help participate in the madness sometimes."

"I'm mean," Talen says to Silas, "fought? I'm sure we've fought," insists the man. Then as he sees people pile upon him he seems to relish in it, holding the unicorn up, yelling, "It's innocent, don't you--" swing, clang, clash, "--dare!" Aksel's kept at baby not by a blade though, but by armour, before he staggers back and shakes his head. "Damn it. You could've hit the unicorn."

"The princess is where I well mean to be, I believe. Heaving up whatever's left of her insides," Kerr informs Cora, before chuckling at Victus' comment. "Looks like a bad enough chicken scratch."

"Apparently." Mirari says, shaking her head as she watches Talen heft the unicorn up while fighting with his other hand. She gets an impish grin on her face before she murmurs something to Eleyna.

Silas gets slammed by Jordan next, and grunts. Melees were always fun, this way! He keeps his focus on Talen as he rights his stance, but it's clear any fight between them was now going to be short-lived. "Always in these things." He huffs. "And never for long." Jordan was given a short glare.

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"Victus! Put those away!' Alarissa shakes her head at the pec dancing that he's doing.

Kerr has left the Field.

Ariella staggers over to Coraline, barely able to keep herself together when she slumps into a seat. She's bleeding from a number of holes the gods didn't give her. "You know," she slurs, bruises already thickening the side of her face, "I figured if it came down to it I'd just pop out the girls and make my getaway. If it works for Luca..." She turns and spits a mouthful of blood and nods approvingly when she doesn't see any teeth. "Didn't expect two of 'em to come at me from either side. Which, y'know, usually not something I mind? But... bleeding now."

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 23 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Sorrel tosses a squid toy at Alarissa and the baby in her arms watches it, then goes back to sucking on the corner of his mother's tunic. It's a pretty good rendition of a squid. It'll probably get thrown at Victus's head at some point. That's what happens to toys in House Thrax.

Fecundo remains settled, taking off his helm and wincing a bit. He watches the remaining combatants, currently with a particular eye on Helia, though Jordan does get a glance here and there.

"YOU CAN'T CAGE THE BEAST!" Victus screeches back at Alarissa, the extra exertion earning him a hard wheeze of pain. The pec dancing ends as the Prince makes a controlled fall into the seat behind him. "Alright alright, ow. Fuck, ow. He /does/ hit harder than a chicken..." He grumbles, gnashing the cork off the bottle with his teeth. "... But not by much, I'll reckon."

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Talen is a fully armoured knight in appearance and with his unicorn-- a little blood-soaked now-- he fights off Silas with some effort. "You keep a solid assault, Lord Commander. It's quite enjoyable to see a persistent threat that I'm struggling to keep up with. I'm not sure if it's because you're fast or firm in your swings that makes it worse."

"If you're worried about the Unicorn, you should likely yield," Aksel comments to Talen without a trace of humor. His axe comes to bear just after the strike comes that misses he's not prepared for the Jordan and Helia onslaught. It staggers the Northman, mightily. And there is, for the briefest of moments that Aksel looks like he's going to continue. BUT, someone did say no dying, so. He rasps out a yield and manages to stagger hismelf bloody off the field.

And now Cora has Victus stable and goes to do the same for Ariella, "Well that can work but I would think it would but them in danger of getting new holes." Cora says distractedly as she works as quickly as she can to stem the bleeding, "Hold this here, tight, to keep from bleeding too much and I will get to it when I finish this one." By now Cora's robe is rather splotchy and she doesn't envy whoever is cleaning the thing. She glances at Kerr and Victus and nods that they don't seem ready to die just yet and keeps going, moving to the next wound, "Don't pull the stitches and don't push too hard for a few days. If it hurts too much or you do any of those things call me and I will come fix it."

Talen says, "The unicorn cannot yield, its weapon cannot be sheathed, it's on its head my lord!"

Jordan strikes decisively when he does, and that's about when he notices, with some horror, that Helia's follow-up assault at Aksel capitalizes on his own overhead and he turns to the swashbuckler, then, sword lifted. "If I win this, I swear that an exact same depiction of that unicorn will be my personal sigil for the ages to come."

Fecundo seems patient enough to wait for Cora, holding himself around the middle for the moment. HIs eyes stay trained on the fight otherwise. A moment or two later, he winces and grits his teeth, "You did this to yourself", is mentioned through those gritted teeth, likely a comment to himself.

In fairness, Helia had planned to take on Aksel by herself, but great minds think alike apparently -- or otherwise, that theory is soundly refuted by Jordan and Helia going at the same guy. "WHOOPS!" she shouts, but nonetheless her blade strikes home and it is a beauty of a hit. Turning to Jordan with wide eyes as if to say 'oh shit', she stands taller, though with perhaps a bit of a limp at the wound she took from Fecundo. Then a salute with her own sword. En garde!

Silas is more worse for wear than Talen, but those who do fight him routinely know his penchant for stubborness when it comes to fighting. He's careful not to overextend himself as he swings his sword and probes for an opening on Talen - one mistake, and it's likely over. "Well if I have any hope of turning this around..." He mutters back, but ultimately trails off.

Now that Ariella seems stable she looks direction at Fecundo and points a rather bloodstained finger at him, "You. Here. Now. Do you need help to get here?" She is ready to pick the man up and carry him over if she needs to.

"You two need to turn on the uninjured one, you jackasses!" Mirari calls out before she takes a drink of her champagne. "Probably too late though. Tsk." She mutters afterwards.

"I am uninjured! All three of them should try and take on the unicorn as a team and sort it out later," insists the Archduke Consort. "What am I going to do with 6 diamondplate ingots-- wait. UNICORN ARMOUR!"

Fecundo rises and moves over to where Cora is, "I can make it...I can make it." He does, but barely, settling down aheavily where indicated and letting out a whoosh of breath.

At that Cora gets to work and strips off armor with quick efficency, it is pretty obvious why she is a combat medic rather than some other specialty. "Do you need booze or a bite stick?" she asks distractedly as she starts cleaning the wound and seeing if it needs to be stitched.

Fecundo shakes his head to Coraline as he speaks to her in light tones.

Aksel stands off the side, doing the whole bleeding thing. He finally drags himself towards the direction of the healer on hand for this and just stands about. If there is one thing Aksel knows how to do well, it's bleed.

Talen and Silas' tradeoff seems to be a constant back and forth and the Archduke Consort can't get a hit in. In contrast, whenever Silas attacks Talen, it's smacking off his armour and leaving the man a little dented but no worse for wear. "You're rattling me around in this here tin can, you know."

Kerr gets to his feet and offers the wounded and healers a deep bow -- only slightly wincing. "Great tourney, everyone. Let's do it again soon." Then he's off!

Marius, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrive, following Giulio.

Giulio has joined the High Booth.

Meandering on in, Giulio makes his way into the tournament grounds, trailed by his guards. Casually, he looks from person to person, one brow lofting. There's a considering glance soht about, before he moves to join Sorrel in the stands, one leg crossing over the other.

"I'm not sure who I should be cheering for. The Unicorn...or Talen." Mirari folds her arms over her chest and shakes her head back and forth.

"Neither. Don't enable him." Victus bemused to Mirari as he watched the fight unfold, now freshly patched up thanks to Coraline.

Talen is back and forth with Silas, it's a clash of sparks and unicorn and swords really, and they seem to be having a great conversation amongst themselves. He can't hear what's happening in the audience of course, but the unicorn is probably the only reason he's still standing. Who wants to hurt that fat little pointy spear-horse?

"He's my patron Victus, if I don't enable him, he might stop paying me." Mirari tilts her head towards the tall High Lord, her voice dropping slightly. "I'm angling for a raise too."

Having received help from both Coraline and Alarissa, Fecundo still doesn't look in top shape. Could have been the blow from Jordan was a little harder than expected. He relaxes on the sidelines, but doesn't look too comfortable.

Indeed, Talen and Silas seem to be conversing just as energetically as they are trading blows now. Epic concentration, really.

This much time and this much champagne later, Eleyna just sort of slumps against Mirari's shoulder, watching the fight with bleary eyes.

Mirari wraps an arm around Eleyna, gesturing towards the fighting circle. "We're going to be here for a while. I should have made an Eleyna doll when I made the Unicorn so we could sneak off."

Finished tendingto Fecundo as best that she can, Alarissa sits with that ever so straight back, ignoring her husband and his injuries, and watches the ongoing battle.

Jordan continues his exchange of blows with Helia, taking several shots on his armor that are bounced off by the plate (blessed be Eithne Thornburn) as he returns blows with each subsequent strike. Eventually, once Helia signals her yield, he nods to her, with a thumbs up, and he turns to the Talen versus Silas battle.

Managing a thumbs-up to Jordan somehow, Helia goes stumbling towards a healer!

As Helia yields and Jordan moves onto Silas, Talen glances alongside, looking completely bewildered. "The unicorn is the real reason I'm here, isn't it? Everyone wants to fight me, but the unicorn? Noooo," he sing-songs for a moment, before getting a little more serious to square off with Silas.

Fecundo smiles at Helia as she comes off the field, leaning to say something to her quietly with a warm smile.

Silas has left the Field.

Glancing towards Talen, Giulio calls out, "If I ever get challenged and Luca is the Champion? I'm making it a duel of sobriety. The first person to take a drink loses the challenge." He bobs his head.

Helia has left the Field.

Talen switches opponent as he and Jordan remain, providing a loud clash of a gauntlet to his chest in salute to Silas, before he readies himself for the last pass.

Maxene, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat leave, following Alarissa.

"Well, then," Jordan turns to Talen, his stance defensive. He doesn't seem quite fatigued yet, either. "For the unicorn's liberation!"

Eleyna just sighs and sets the empty champagne bottle next to her, murmuring to Mirari, "If he wins, we will never hear the end of it. Everyone is Arx is going to want a unicorn."

Mirari gazes at Eleyna and shakes her head. "I'm not making any more unicorns. That one is an original, and it will stay unique." She glances at the empty bottle before she finishes off her glass.

When Jordan joins in the attack again, it's all but over for the Lord Commander. He manages to weather a few more glancing blows, but finally raises his hands to yield when he senses he wasn't likely to remain conscious for much longer. "I yield. Good luck!" He wipes the sweat at his brow and retreats back to the stands.

Looking pretty dented, though starting to take on the toll of combat, Talen tilts his head and launches himself at Jordan for a few short, snappy attacks before backing up. The unicorn is tucked under his other arm now, like a shield should be, only kept more to his side than used as any blocking implement. "You fight well, Sir Ober. I am flagging," he says honestly, "the heavy armour is takings its measure on me." Yet, for the moment, he continues to play at the game of swinging and hitting, missing and dodging.

"So do you, Your Highness. Your resistance in face of multiple opponents ought to be the stuff of war chants," Jordan states, nodding to the Dark Prince and moving carefully after taking that first hit. His motions continue to be precise and measured, his body language nothing if not exacting. Overly rehearsed and mechanical, perhaps, but effective.

"I don't know about that; I normally cheat. Nobody said anything about using a unicorn as a hostage though," Talen shares, as he tilts his weapon, keeping Jordan at bay and looking for an opening.

"Gloria blesses those with the wit to be inventive in the battlefield also." Jordan is surprisingly even-paced, also looking for a significant opening. "Let me guess, though, Eithne Thornburn also made your armor?"

As she keeps patching people up Cora yells, "MY PROTEGE IS AMAZING BUY HER ARMOR!!!!"

"She did," Talen concedes, "and it's served me well. My exotic and rubicund set is pretty but not nearly as effective as hard plate. You have to admit, the Valardin have a way with encasing themselves, and I've learnt to take what works and adapt to it."

Eleyna lifts her head and shouts out, "Less talking, more hitting each other! Some people are drunk and want to go home." The Archduchess points at Mirari, who is clearly not drunk.

"She's a great smith." Jordan agrees, nodding affirmatively as they hit each other and, surprise of surprises, the armor holds. Both cases.

Mirari waves her free hand at the combatants. "Throw the Unicorn at his face!" She calls out, smirking towards Eleyna. "I need more champagne. Why do we only have one bottle?"

Talen promptly throws the unicorn at Jordan and rushes him, outright reckless, perhaps to finish this.

Eleyna lifts her head to look around. "Vanora only left the one bottle. Hold on. Sybilla! Sybilla, we need more champagne, please." Then, he head drops onto Mirari's shoulder again, continuing to watch.

Jordan doesn't move away from the unicorn, getting ready to face the Dark Prince, plushy collapsing on him or not.

Talen checked mana + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Talen is praying for unicorn magic here.

Giulio checked mana + manipulation at difficulty 50, rolling 11 higher.

Marius would wander over in the direction of Eleyna and Mirari. He carries an earthenware jug, which is offered to the two.

"Noted, raid the Grimhall Longhouse for their champagne." Mirari quirks her brow at Talen's aggressive rush. "Maybe this is almost over. Maybe you'll get carried home. Maybe we'll have to carry the special unicorn rider home."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Jordan before departing.

"I yield," Talen calls upon receiving a gash that rips through steel and leaves him looking-- for all anyone can see despite the visor-- in pain as he leans forward. The unicorn is clutched, but the sword is not, and it tumbles into the dust and joins the little pool of rich, red vitae. "Sir Ober takes the day," he calls, then signals the healers.

"Fuck. I didn't mean to, Your Highness." Jordan lets the blade clatter down to the ground, reaching to wrap his arm around the other man's shoulders and take him to the healer straight away. "My apologies."

Tikva rises, clapping, from the judges' booth, and then begins her march down back towards the field. "Well fought!" she calls, her smile wide. "Well fought, all of you, but especially to Sir Jordan Ober, /champion/ of the Tournament of Swords!"

Sitting down somewhere, all bandaged up and holding her side, Helia winces as she applauds. Lifting her voice, she manages to croak out, "Good fight!"

Aksel is overheard praising Jordan.

Aksel is overheard praising Talen.

Cora, now rather well drenched in blood, comes padding over to see to the rest of the fighters. She eyes everyone and starts on the worst first. Freja starts passing out bottles of rum.

Fecundo is overheard praising Jordan: For his stamina and skill in the melee

Eleyna sits up a little straighter and rolls her shoulders, taking in a deep breath. She sees Talen actually -bleeding- and frowns.

Giulio is overheard praising Talen: But did he ACTUALLY die?

Fecundo is overheard praising Talen: For fighting to the last...and the unicorn.

Giulio is overheard praising Jordan: Swing, swing life away...

Talen inclines his head to Coraline and says, "Your highness, if you would? If you hurt me though, I hurt the unicorn." Just because he's an asshole.

Victus finally cranes up from his seat as well, rolling out his shoulders with a long groan. "Hoooly shit. That was a long one." He grumbled, deep and gruff after all of the excitement.

"The unicorn didn't help him win, but it helped him get second." Mirari says sotto vocce to Eleyna. She raises her voice, calling out to Talen. "I deserve a raise!"

Silas is overheard praising Talen: Think of the unicorn!

Aksel gives a cheer to Jordan and Talen both. It's promptly accompanied by a wince as he over exerts himself. "I need large amounts of whiskey."

Tikva shouts from nearby, "Thank you all for coming! Hail Gloria! THANK YOU GOOD NIGHT!"

Silas is overheard praising Jordan: RUDE but the rightful Champion of Swords!

"I think it's because no one wanted to attack the insane man with the unicorn between his legs," Eleyna replies and stands with the attention of making her way toward Talen.

Talen calls back to Mirari, "Okay!" It's that easy.

Leaving Talen in the good care of Coraline, to whom he nods, Jordan removes his helmet, his visage matted with sweat as he offers a salute to Tikva. "It is a pleasure to be a champion, by Gloria's will! Ever Rising!"

Standing, Helia gives a stiff bow, but despite the twine of pain she feels, she grins and waves when she straightens up. "Good event! Thank you! And good night!"

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