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Tynan Grayhope

Any situation can be solved with enough knowledge of the problem

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Street Lawyer
Fealty: Crown
Family: Grayhope
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 09/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: fair

Description: Tall and lean, he doesnt seem to be much of a fighter though looks can be deceiving. He can look a bit scruffy at times, but its the kind of scruffy that implies that its a carefully cultivated scruffy. His dark brown, almost black, hair is kept brushed back, and he typically always seems to have a five oclock shadow. He has light brown eyes that can seem friendly and charming or can pierce through you as he tries to glean information and motives. Even in his more relaxed times, you can tell that great care has been put into his appearance.

Personality: Tynan didnt grow up with much and when he has a chance, he likes to indulge in the finer things in life. Fueling it is an insatiable curiosity, both for experiencing life and learning new things. He has an easy manner, often jovial and good humored and has still to run into a joke he doesnt like. Good or bad. The fast talking, sometimes flirtatious, demeanor does get muted when it comes down to business, however, taking his work rather seriously. It may seem he has a short attention span at times, but when something really interests him, he can spend an inordinate amount of time giving it his attention.

Background: Growing up on the streets of the Lower Boroughs, you struggle for every advantage you can get. Tynan found that, beyond street smarts, book smarts could be very helpful. When youre useful in other ways, people tend to overlook slight missteps. Even better, if youre running the books, its so simple to skim some from the top. He was headed firmly down that path until he got his hand on a book of laws. After that point, things became much clearer for him. See, when you know exactly what you can and cannot do, it is so much easier to skirt the line so that small infractions simply get glossed over.

The small start fueled a lifelong curiosity, and Tynan tended to be the first one to arrive at the Scholars of Vellichors lessons when they were given. With enough knowledge, and a quick enough tongue, you find your way through. That goes for Lower Boroughs, Upper Boroughs, even with the nobles. Act like you belong, and soon enough, you will belong.

The more he learned, however, the less content he became with the idea of living just to skirt the law. Now, he balances a life that tries to combine where he came from with an impulse to seek beyond. There are always new things to explore, new things to learn, new ventures to capitalize on.

Name Summary
Aahana A very intelligent lawyer I quickly put upon retainer. I look forward to seeing how he can aide me.
Aethan A lawyer who takes his job seriously.
Alarissa Another Grayhope - they are everywhere and as prolific as Graysons it would seem - but this one seems to be cut from a different cloth. It will be interesting as I tutor him in the finer points of etiquette, to see what kind of a Grayhope he is. Perhaps, just perhaps, this one might surprise me.
Alessandro Very pragmatic. An admirable quality in a lawyer. At least, I've heard.
Arthen One of the first folks I ran across after stumbling back into Arx. Well, him and the entire Clearlake Festival, but he stood out. I don't imagine we have a lot of common ground, but he seems the sort who can work up a conversation even without that. That's a mighty good trait in a person.
Bethany I'm afraid I might have accidentally interrupted a flirtation!
Bianca What an intelligent and dedicated man. I look forward to our future conversations and I hope they are plentiful.
Bliss Perhaps the most serious of the Grayhopes that I have met, but considering his chosen role, that is all too well. He has chosen an excellent patron, his invoice to me was very formal indeed, and he seemed altogether willing to engage. All good signs.
Caspian He can lie without even me hating him for it, he must be an excellent lawyer! Hopefully I never need him for a trial though!
Cirroch A humble lawyer who seems as sharp as diamondplate!
Clara Sleepin' isn't necessarily easy fer anyone in these days but the loss of a loved one cannot have a great effect on one's ability to get some peace. Master Tynan seems a sweet man and I hope that he finds the rest and peace he is lookin' for. Spirits know that the Grayhope family has suffered quite enough.
Coraline A man who seems to exude charm as easily and naturally as he breathes, I don't think any could ask for a more pleasant companion to share a drink with, and the fact he has a proper appreciation for rum serves him well in my books.
Delilah A wit. He asks the questions that I held in my thoughts after connecting one too many dots in a conflicted pattern. Anyone who draws a quick conclusion and thinks of propriety leaves me strongly intrigued.
Echo A very studious and easy to talk to Grayhope!
Elgana Another Grayhope and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in my book. From what little exposure I've had to Master Tynan he seems friendly, sharp, and definitely worth getting to know better. I think I shall enjoy such a thing.
Etienne A Grayhope, so many of them in the faith and this one a lawyer I wonder how much he is alike to his sister.
Evelynn Lord Alessandro's protege. He has chosen well, the man seems to be both intelligent and charming. I'm curious to see his talents.
Fairen Direct, communicative, intelligent and thoughtful. I appreciated having the opportunity to meet with Scholar Tynan, and I look forward to his work with the Academy of War. Also, Cady dreams about him, apparently. They must have an interesting relationship.
Gareth A lawyer of some capability it seems. A man who seems to understand his position at least. He'll do well in this city, I'm sure.
Gwenna Master Tynan Grayhope is Lord Alessandro's protege and an attorney as well. We met at the Clearlake festival and he seems both friendly as well as full of good humor. Perhaps we have in common that we do not fit the particular mold our families are known for. It is not unlikely our paths may cross again given his relationship with Lord Alessandro.
Harlex A lawyer and a tomcat. Nothing wrong with that. I see a pragmatic man beneath all the charm and flourish.
Harper He's slick, hence his nickname. Likes to talk circles around me, but he's good at it. I'm not telling him that though. I'm still wondering what his angle is, but he's definitely growing on me.
Helia An easy-going fellow I met at the Sip'n Spar. He's quick-witted and has a friendly manner, which made him pleasant to talk to. No complaints from me!
Jeffeth Thena's brother. He told the best joke about a horse. It was... It was... Oh gosh. I forgot it. I'll need to find him and have him tell it again. He's the man who writes wills! I should talk to him about it!
Kenna A slippery man who must have SOME quality about him that makes Harper want to do business with him. Also. He totally flirted.
Lou A Grayhope. Who self-proclaims himself a nuisance. Really, Lou just sees him as inquisitive, and there's nothing wrong with that!
Luca Would you look at that, a new Grayhope I missed. He seems well-spoken, and there's humor in him as well. I'll have to pin this one down for a bit of a lengthier discussion, sometime.
Lucita One of the Grayhopes, cousin to Magpie. Apparently enjoyed picking on 'lawgirl', Will have to see if that is his form of flirting! He is a lawyer. Seems intelligent.
Lys A Grayhope-- they're good people! This one seems intelligence and rather shrewd.
Melody The Grayhopes have always been awful sweet on me, and Tynan is no different. A lawyer with a wickedly sharp mind and a good drinking buddy make him the best kind of company.
Mirari Silver-tongued Grayhope lawyer. I usually tend to slink far away from anyone that has anything to do with law - mostly because I find it boring. This man has made me firmly believe that you don't have to tear down a wall to get around it. He seems the sort to make another path.
Monique My cousin's protege. Seems like a decent enough sort. Probably has too much common sense.
Orathy He be fuckin smart as what he do. If silver outta be spent for lawyer-ish shit, I ain't ever gunna flinch when it be this one hired, even if he be a Grayhope. A good bet is a good fuckin bet.
Oswyn He strikes me as a man with a keen intellect and an inquisitive nature. I look forward to working with him someday.
Petal A lawyer who seems likable and intelligent, if only he could help with this!
Raymesin A Lowers Poet. An intelligent man indeed, who has no hesitation about showing off that fact. Still, at least he has a nicely dark sense of humour, and he can play with the words he utters.
Reese playful and light-hearted on the surface, but with a subtle awareness that suggests he has an intelligence.
Rosalie Lovely man, and he seems eager to help with the Marin'alfar! I just hope that I was able to help him!
Ruslan I'm not entirely clear on what a lawyer *does*, but he is friendly and personable, and I trust my sister's judgement in hiring him. As usual her opinion shows clear insight based on what I've seen of Master Goodhope.
Sabella A very clever lawyer who has quite a way with words! Should I ever do anything where I might require representation--gods forbid I ever do--I would certainly seek out his counsel!
Sasha A very well spoken lawyer. I think we have similar passions and goals. I hope we can research on something together very soon.
Seth Tynan is an attorney who I ran into at the Empyrean with a woman named Harper. He's definitely business-minded, sharp enough to guess what the family export was. He also, supposedly, has been looking after the Leary girl, Arcadia, I believe. I don't know if I trust him to do the best job in that regard. But he's a lawyer and can probably talk his way out of anything.
Simone Alessandro's protege. His ability to conduct himself appropriately in social circles is impressive. I shall enjoy watching him grow under my cousin's tutelage.
Sparte A fine lawyer, so I hear. I mean I don't really need lawyers, or I havn't yet. If I did need a lawyer it would probably be him though. Which isn't to say I've done anything. Stop looking at me like that.
Starling A more-than-capable sparring partner when it comes to words and wits.
Theo He seems competent. I like that. His choice in friends, perhaps, not so much.
Vercyn A lawyer from the Lowers, a man who is keen but knows to keep it subtle, also knowledgeable of the Commons. Someone who has potential to be useful and good to be acquainted with, yes.