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Sir Jordan Ober

Look, things just happen, alright?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Fortunate Son
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ober
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 8/5
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: olive

Titles: General of Ashford Keep

Obituary: Died tragically defending the Lodge - and defending his liege lord, pushing him out of the way at the last moment and taking the strike that would have killed Duke Harlan Ashford onto himself instead. He died as he lived, lucky to have managed exactly what he set out to do.

Description: With cropped short black hair and striking blue eyes, in addition to an athlete's build, Jordan looks the stereotypical part of a knight. His frame has filled out with muscle, with broad shoulders, and thick, well-defined limbs that are the more obvious signs of a fulfilled potential for athleticism. His skin is olive and somewhat weathered, the result of many years spent laboring and wandering under the sun, no doubt. His face is handsome, charming in a common man's way; he has a bright, engaging dimpled smile, in addition to a straight, slightly upturned nose and eyes that crinkle at the corners when he expresses joy; his squared jaw adds a certain hero's likeness to his appearance. His voice is deep, and he could be a talented singer were he not prone to speaking in often loud tones.

Personality: Jordan hasn't been given time to stop and pursue formal education. He has a filthy sense of humor and he has a peasant's sensibilities. He knows how to show deference to his betters and how to be courteous, sure, but he'll usually forgo that for a nice and florid string of curses if he has to work his way past an incident. He tends to be loquacious and care-free: the sort of person who might make impulsive choices in life and stick to them with responsibility and some modicum of poise and yet trust in their good fortunes, but he's seldom backing down from a challenge by his peers.

Background: Jordan grew up a peasant boy, his father a blacksmith and his mother a seamstress. Both were perfectly happy with their lot in life and the family lived quietly and uneventfully in their village, which is just how they liked it.

Until a band of marauding Shavs decided to raid; at the time, Jordan and his sweetheart were in the barn, exchanging private caresses with each other. They both hid out well until a group of Abandoned broke through the door of the barn, trying to look for stragglers. Outside, blood and carnage took place as the raiders plundered and killed anyone in their path.

Armed with only a pitchfork, Jordan did what most teenage boys trying to impress their girlfriends do: he charged blindly into the fray.

Except what happened next should not have quite happened -- in a stroke of absolute luck, as no one could call it otherwise, all four of the Shavs somehow found themselves killed by that charge as a haystack fell upon the first and he hit a wooden fixture on the floor, while the other three struck each other fatally in the confusion, letting Jordan walk out of a bad situation with his sweetheart in tow.

They parted ways afterwards: she thought he was up to something sinister like dark magic and decided to run for the hills instead of sticking around with him. But all is well that ends well: in short order, his life would take a sudden and unusual upturn: having taken up the sword of one of the Shavs, he would go on to be challenged by a wayfaring knight who confused him for anything BUT a peasant boy, despite his insistence -- and to this knight's great upset, he had to surrender his weapon and armor when Jordan won by forcing him to stumble back into a rock and drew first blood. Before forfeiting those, however, he knighted Jordan on the spot, who would go on to pledge his sword to a Crownlands baron in desperate need of able-bodied fighters for the Silent War.

Unfortunately for this Baron, his people were ambushed by the enemy and cut down to a man. That man being, unsurprisingly, Sir Jordan. A treetrunk fell over the campfire and started a minor fiery incident and he took the opportunity to flee, stabbing a foe in the process and running for dear life.

Jordan is now a hedge knight of some experience; having no-one to pledge his sword to, he travels from one place to another, seeking to do good deeds and hoping his luck doesn't run out. So far, it hasn't.

Relationship Summary

  • Bethany - Gentle, gorgeous and self-described incorrigible merchant.
  • Dominique - Her sense of honor goes beyond mere protocol. Good knight, and good Marquessa.

  • Friend:
  • Ophelia - Admirer and Admired

  • Ally:
  • Harlan - The liege. I've got his back.
  • Olivia - The liege's sister. There's a little mischief about her.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Quite the skilled fighter who I had the pleasure of sparring with the Sword of Stahlben. I intend to try and keep my eye on this one.
    Adora I don't like him.
    Aethan A knight and a general, with ideas about calvary. It's likely he knows what he's talking about -- I should learn more about that from him.
    Agatha He spends a lot of time at the sparring centers - after all everyone's been through with the war recently, it's good seeing someone taking their practice seriously and not letting down their guard
    Aiden It's a shame he didn't know me before the war. As it is, his enthusiasm and upbeat personality are welcome company, as they create some facade to returning to some measure of normalcy.
    Ainsley He seems very civic minded, it is commendable.
    Aisha He seems to know how one behaves. He and the jeweler Josephine know each other well, it seems.
    Alarissa A cheerful Knight who likes smudging the glass in the stacks. He seems like he will be enjoyable.
    Alban A hedge knight, who is looking for a patron. Claims to not have had much training but, is quite skilled a fighter. I probably shouldn't have used a practice sword to start. That was stupid and my hubris made me pay.
    Aleksei Very good with dogs. That always says a lot about a person's character.
    Alessandro By all accounts, an expert swordsman. I think that the 'underestimated' boat has sailed already. But if one cannot still be underestimated and surprise us all with his prowess, it is better to be able to make good, and Sir Jordan can certainly do that.
    Alexis By his own words a somewhat rough-edged knight, though he was a perfect gentleman at the Feast of the Senses. A rather unique way of meeting someone, and I quite enjoyed myself.
    Amarantha Although I was annoyed when I first found out he'd challenged my grieving brother, Sir Jordan seems pleasant, funny even. Suppose I can't hold onto that grudge forever.
    Amari A friendly knight who happens to know where they serve the best milk in town. Valuable knowledge indeed, and very kindly shared.
    Aodhan An interesting man. Seems to be rather steadfast in his opinions...but to my knowledge, he's one of the best knights in the realm. No matter what our interaction, I consider it an honor to meet him.
    Aonghus Strong man, and has good taste in armor. Pretty sure he is not someone I want to be on the wrong side of even if he seems overly friendly.
    Apollis Someone paid him to challenge me to a duel. How fun.
    Appolonia A knight of some stripe, he seems very affable. I did not get a chance to speak with him long but he may be someone worth tempting into a game of perhaps two-hundred questions, if I cannot coax him toward two million.
    Ardoin A fine, upstanding knight with a reputation for being forthright and virtuous. That his integrity would be slandered by the likes of Prince Barric is a shame, given that said Prince possesses none of the virtues of Sir Jordan.
    Aric Seems like a good man. Smart and dedicated to his learning. I expect he will go far if he keeps to it.
    Ariella A doughty knight of some renown as a duelist.
    Armani Maybe he takes life seriously! Seems like he'd be great fun, though!
    Arn Ran a good gauntlet, whoever the hell he is. Has an alaricite blade even though he looks like a common man. Maybe I'll look into him.
    Arthen Man strikes me as an easy sort to get along with, and would you look at all that diamondplate and alaricite? Makes my fingers itchy just bein' around it. If I were a worse person.. but I'm not! He seems like a fine fellow, this knight.
    Artur I met Jordan at the training center where he was just finishing a spar with Felicia, which he won! I took him on after that and he saw me off pretty handily too, so I can only guess he's a pretty impressive swordsman. A gracious winner and definitely someone to catch up with again.
    Astraea A knight with true honor. He values his oaths and he serves House Ashford and Lady Olivia well. What a kindly knight with the strength of mind to support his strength of arms. I look forward to making better friends with him if I can and I hope his House values his service -- in my heart of hearts I know they do.
    Aurora He said he was a passionate man, though I didnt get that from him. Maybe I am not his type and he likes taller women.
    Austen A most solid knight. Wishes to spar, which is one of my most favourite things in the world. He seems like he could be fun, and he has heard the most excellent stories about my sister...
    Avary He seems to think that the Ashford House is still a running concern for me. I hate to disabuse him of that notion, but the Faith is my family now. Still, it is good to see that my cousin has people in his house who seem to want the best for him.
    Barric Skilled with the blade, did well in his spar with Princess Caelis, could use some filing of his rough edges if he wishes to address others civilly however. Given time he could be quite the knight. There's more to it than fighting after all.
    Bastien Idealism is just another word for stupidity.
    Berenice Keep fishing.
    Bethany Good manners. He's working hard for his fealty.
    Bianca He seems a capable man. Diligent to his duties and proactive in ensuring he holds the knowledge he needs to see his work through.
    Bianca A stalwart man. He came to me with questions and was nothing but gracious as well as quick to offer a return on the shared knowledge. I look forward to continuing to watch the rise of his reputation here in Arx. He has much to offer.
    Brigida Doughty knight who means well, even if he occasionally talks above his station.
    Briseis Sir Ober seems to have a very storied background. Honestly? I just want to dig in more. Seems like he's the kind of person who's entertaining and interesting both. He seems friendly, easygoing and conscientious. Knight through-and-through. I'll look forward to meeting with him again.
    Cadenza So much fun to talk to! And fascinated with flowers! Hope to see him at the ball!
    Caith A knight! I believe he is friends with Duke Harlan. He seems a friendly fellow -- he shared a pun with me. Of course, I approve of that!
    Carita An intriguing knight, with a surprising twist of being rather entrepreneurial. Someone I will most assuredly be keeping an eye on.
    Caspian This man is certainly not a cod or any other kind of fish. I proved it in my duel for him, though he seems to get involved a lot in duels. Maybe he should join The Champions?
    Cedric Sir Ober is well mannered and appreciative.
    Cirroch A man who will share his bottle is a good man in my books!
    Clara Well, he showed up to The Black Axe and he was talkin' tea so he can' be a bad guy. I'd love ta catch him fer a drink some time and get ta know him a bit better. It was busy so I didn' get ta really talk ta him.
    Clover Anyone who likes Wyrmguard Hot Chocolate is good in my book. He seems like a staid and serious man, and I'd be interested in having more conversation with him in the future.
    Constantine A polite and very knowledgeable man. Seems a credit to the house he serves and pleasant company in general.
    Coraline eek! social male with charm, must run and hide!
    Cullen Knight and General of Ashford with wise advice for the upcoming battles and how one ought to handle it - whether on the front or at home. I wish I was fighting with him, certainly such a man would be inspiring to battle alongside.
    Daemon Introduced to the man by my brother in arms. Another Knight, but one without a master. I do hope he fixes that, for from the little I've seen, he's an asset in the right hands.
    Dante A lovely fella. I as of yet know too little about him but he keeps the finest of company.
    Darren The knight Sir Jordan seems a very precise, controlled sort. When I was first introduced to him by Princess Gwenna in the Stone Grove, I was struck by his intelligent and polite demeaner.
    Delilah As to be expected for anyone in a position at House Ashford, he seems to be an industrious fellow with several projects on the ground and in action.
    Denica Seems to be a soldier and a knight of sorts. Was last seen giving Lady Amari some of his armor to wear, and seems to be a kind soul from the dealings that I've had with him.
    Dominique He is young, but hopefully he can learn to control tempers when there are proper protocols.
    Domonico Sir Jordan. Simple enough to address. Respects Southport military culture and the fine occupations of war and sailing.
    Draven A Knight of Ashford, so named Sir Jordan. Only Sir Jordan, without all the fluff.
    Duarte A genial knight who shares with me the experience of not knowing what one is meant to achieve.
    Echo A Grayson-sworn knight who is actually /really/ tough to down. He took on one of the best in the compact and any seasoned warrior would tell you that it was impressive to see how long he was up on his feet.
    Ectorion A skilled fighter, and gracious in defeat, which says much for him.
    Edelma Friendly and easygoing by all I've seen. All the best knights are, so it's a good sign. Look forward to seeing his sword work and getting to know him.
    Eithne He's not going to be a typical customer. He wants the very best and well, he's gonna get it. Maybe he's particular but I happen to like people who know what they want and forge ahead. Get it? Forge ahead?
    Elgana Unyielding, but not entirely a good or a bad thing. He is strong and seemingly quite capable. I am curious to see what this one can do.
    Ember I know this guy, but I don't know him well. He mentioned that I was thoughtful, that happens sometimes, I guess.
    Emilia A bright and dedicated fellow Knight. I see a bright future before him.
    Enoch Sir Jordan Ober. A new Knight for whom I've met. A bold one, as he wished to fight two extremely skilled warrior Princesses in combat by my side. I rather like the fellow.
    Eris A man who has rightfully earned his byname, clever with his weapons, and deadly to boot. He is one to learn from, for sure.
    Estil Keen in a fight, one must never underestimate so capable a future (?) champion. Being buffeted about by nobility cannot be easy, but he tends to hold his own, and I respect that. Solid man.
    Etienne A polite man, with agreeable perspectives on the realities of the world at large.
    Eurion What a busy man! I can't imagine it it is easy being a minister type. I am sure one day my ladel fighting will take off with him however. The element of surprise!
    Eurion Hanging out with a knight for drinks? Yes please!
    Ezekiel A pleasant and convival knight. I suspect it will be pleasant to share a song or two with him.
    Fairen An ambitious Knight in the service of Duke Ashford, with an interesting project planned. I look forward to seeing both where his project goes, and how he develops himself.
    Faruq A knight, and a general, but more importantly a builder of housing for those who need it. He seems quiet for the most part. Something I understand well as I am the same way most of the time. I heard he was a very capable swordsman too but he was willing to work with a man he barely knows and helped his friend win the woman I wanted. I like that he helps his friends. I will need to share a drink and stories with this one.
    Fatima An interesting man with quite a few stories to tell. He took our teasing in stride and was happy enough to play along. I still have so many questions.
    Fatima My sister has the notion that he could be of some use working for the Isles Canines. I'd say, generally, for all that he seems a very formidable sort of fellow, that we will certainly find SOME use for him!
    Faye Shared a drink at the Sleepless Knights. A generous man. Seems to know and attend to his duty.
    Fecundo An iron man. Impressive and hits damned hard, but also honorable and likeable.
    Gareth A rat or a lion? Or a rat wearing lion's clothes? Or a lion whos lost its way? Only time will tell the makings of the man.
    Gaston A fine fellow. Apparently my sister assisted him with some fortifications he was needing help with. Perhaps he will in turn help us when we are in need. Time will tell, but he seems a good sort.
    Genevieve I haven't had much time to talk to him, but I saw him fight. He's really good.
    Gianna A dutiful knight who appreciates music and beauty. Delightfully generous.
    Giulio Stout knight. Definitely stout knight. That looks like it hurt a great deal.
    Grazia A polite young knight who works for Duke Harlan Ashford. He's a pleasant enough fellow, respectful in tone, and relatively knowledgeable about war stuff.
    Gwenna Sir Jordan Ober is exceedingly polite and kind, which is perhaps not unusual for a knight. As well, he is personable and pleasant company. A note in the whites lead to us speaking about an introduction to a friend of his, which I am both curious about and look forward to. He seems like an exceptionally caring and loyal friend, one that few might find in this life. How fortunate are those who call him such indeed.
    Hadrian Idealistic by nature. The irony doesn't escape of someone trained to kill... I mean defend others! Having an issue with a criminal being executed.
    Harlex A knight. No question about that. Good head on his shoulders.
    Harper Second time that we've met. Still haven't sparred with him. Seems nice enough... maybe he won't even knock me on my arse in the ring.
    Helena A very forward, but polite, Knight. I hope to get to know him and his Liege better.
    Helia Handsome and charming knight who has lots of admirable plans for the future. I believe he has the drive and vision to see them completed too! I'm looking forward to getting to know him, and going on that adventure we were talking about!
    Ian Decent eye for combat. Sloppy execution. He'll get better.
    Ignacio He seems like a good natured knight loyal to his Duke. I am sure he does honor to the house he serves.
    Iseulet Met with him at the Golden Hart - also a morning drinker. Good man to know I think, though maybe he should spend less late nights training and more mornings drinking anyway.
    Isolde Teller of tall but interesting tales. I wonder if he's as good at fighting as he is at being charming.
    Jacque A knight who seems honorable and devoted to the service of his lord, Duke Ashford. A helpful man who has offered to show me some of the finer points of combat through sparring, I'll take him up on that.
    Jan A knight and swordsman dedicated to the blade.
    Jasher Despite the shining armour, this knight seems to be old to the ways of the world. I wonder what he's seen.
    Jasper A surprise showing during Telmar's gauntlet by the Knight of Ashford, to be commended, and a credit to his house.
    Jeffeth A knight with no liege! Hopefully we can convince him to join the Solace!
    Jenessa Sir Ober, a knight of Ashford, if I'm not mistaken. He seems a very kind, respectful man, willing to offer advice and assistance - as well as escort services to the more questionable regions of the city.
    Jev I thought he wanted to spar but I was wrong. He was nice about it though.
    Joscelin Typical knight, as knights go. Polished to gleam, well mannered. I suspect there's more to him than that but for now, that's all I see.
    Juniper Sir Ober, Master of Deflection. Is there any compliment he cannot dodge, any question he cannot turn to interest in other people? I think not, on initial glance!
    Kaldur A quiet and steady man who both saves and paves. I'm glad to have made his acquaintance.
    Karadoc An excellent example of a knight in the current day. I look forward to interacting with him in the future.
    Katarina Courtly man, He seems very nice and polite. I'll have to get to know him better.
    Katarina A knight of House Ashford with a penchant for adventuring & a disinterest in pretty words. He recently responded to one of Katarina's ads for adventurers and it looks as though he's going on one. Either he is truly brave or doesn't know what he's in for, with her.
    Kenna He was a gentleman when we met in the Hart, and good heavens, those starting blows he delivered! After he took losing with grace, which is a good measure of a man.
    Kia A handsome knight who seems friendly enough. That is a curious thing about the city. All the knights are handsome. And friendly. No wonder women swoon.
    Kutazer He seems to be very responsibile, with all those jobs I am amazed he has the time to do much else. He is a pleasant sort, hopefully a good friendship grows here.
    Leola He met Sir Matthew. He was polite. Hard not to like the man.
    Lianne Potentially possessed of a rather subtle wit, boldly delivered. Or he just stumbles upon intriguing inquiries by chance. How I do so hope it's skill.
    Liara A lively knight. Perhaps a tad on the loud side, which is fine by me, though maybe it was just the influence of others there and that the first thing he did when he came inside was all but shout that made him come across so.
    Lorenzo Seems to be a loyal friend, even if he would use friendship as an excuse to pick a fight with me. Still, I can't blame him for the person he chooses to champion.
    Lou I am very proud to call Jordan my protege. Already, he is making a name for himself and is obtaining titles within his fealty. What more can a patron ask for? If he ever needs help, he need only call onme.
    Luca I've never ran into Jordan Ober without coming away more pleased than I was before. That includes the time he once stabbed me. I've been stabbed in much less pleasant ways. This one has a lot going for him, I think. It's always fun to watch someone come to Arx and climb up the rungs of the social ladder.
    Lucita Amusing, tells interesting stories, fits in well with a variety of people, enjoyable company.
    Lys Sir Ober always seems to be fighting someone when I come across him. I like that. I like him. We should fight.
    Magpie Magpie met the knight in passing so his only real impression is that the fellow seems easy-going and took some teasing in stride. Considering how stuffy some knights can be, this is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.
    Malesh Good fellow.
    Malika Even in borrowed armor the Knight does not fail to impress with his skill.
    Margerie He has amassed an extraordinary wealth of information on the dairy intake at various drinking establishments around the city.
    Marian He's got a good head for fighting. Should be able to give a decent show against Luca. He just needs to get in quickly when the duel starts, try to draw that first blood before Luca draws it out.
    Melody A knightly sorts who seemed eager to dress me up in a suit of armor. There might be a bit of a playful and endearing side to him, but he seemed very dedicated to his station.
    Mercedes Knight of Ashford. We sparred at the training center and were fairly evenly matched until I got impatient and sloppy. Was excellent at exposing my weak spots and demonstrating what I need to work on. For that: gratitude.
    Merek I met this nice Knight from House Ashford. I really think the family is quite respectful, and as such it is nice to meet another of them.
    Miranda A man with a good head on his shoulders and smart ideas. Glad to have the chance to know this man.
    Mirari Every time I meet a knight I feel the need to roll my eyes. Honor, all seems very boring. We'll see if this one ends up being different - I'm not holding my breath.
    Mirk Meticulous, efficient, prepared. I see why this man is a general. Anyone can swing a sword, but those qualities are somewhat more difficult.
    Modi Sir Jordan seems an affable man. Strong and well-spoken. But very loud. Not in voice, but in that orchestra he dresses himself in. One could make a living following him around and banging on his plates like a drum. Perhaps it would inspire the soldiers he leads into battle.
    Moira This knight of Ashford seems proper and courteous, but comfortable among us commoners. If I were to guess, he is of commoner blood as well, rather than high born.
    Monique A handsome knight is a dangerous thing, and this one, more dangerous than most, I think.
    Morrighan Seems harmless enough of a knight, but kind of wanted to groin punch him. Very flattery, friendly at least, not sure what to make of him yet.
    Mydas Spoke directly and was able to take the same language. A good mind wielding alaricite, a distressing rarity.
    Nijah He's hosting an event in the Black Fox, and it's -not- in the lowers. Another warning to stay out of there, so I guess maybe I should listen after all.
    Niklas A doughty knight and quite the duelist. Seems to have grown somewhat less combative recently. That's good. A measured approach to life can only help a knight of his skill.
    Norwood He seems a bit hot-headed and quick to take offense.
    Olivia A knight in our house service, who seems to live up to the storybooks in terms of his dutiful nature and bravery. It's probably good that he is not put off by strangeness nor adventure, for these are the hallmarks of an Ashford's life, it seems!
    Ophelia He showed me kindness when he helped me up after I had fallen and for that I am grateful! Oh, and I think he's friends with Luca. Which means that he's my friend, too!
    Orathy He ain't believin me about the bank and called me old, but he be sayin the truth of it. Aye, worked hard all me life for what I got and it be all I got. Leastwise he tried to be uh, makin sunshine out of shit, or somethin. Eh, one day we be sparring, that all I be knowin.
    Orazio A young knight who seeks to serve. Orazio finds him interesting, and believes in his potential. Whether he rises to it or not, the Legate will be watching.
    Orelia He seems a level-headed sort. But I imagine he could be incited to mischief, given the company he keeps!
    Oswyn An inquisitive mind; unafraid to ask questions.
    Pasquale For all that he calls himself just a peasant, Sir Jordan seems possessed of a steely spine that's plainly been shaped by hard times. Pasquale quite respected the thoughtfulness of his views on loss and suffering. Part of him would like to know the story of what shaped them, one day, over far more alcohol.
    Perronne He seems nice! And handled my little upset quite well - I know who to call when the statues turn creepy.
    Petal A knight who notices the little people around him.
    Pharamond A very serious man but he has some very serious responsibilities. That armor though...the Arx crafters need to invent sunglasses.
    Philippe You are as weak as your weakest link. Take care of each link and the chain will be stronger for it. A good knight deserves a good horse, and Sir Jordan seems like a good knight.
    Prisila A knight with some actual decency. It might have been refreshing to witness, but it was most definitely a pleasure getting to watch him reassure the seamstress of her usefulness.
    Quenia House Ashford's minister of warfare is polite, and inquistive. Both are very good qualities to possess, particularly if one is in the business of war.
    Reese A knight of house Ashford, I look forward to putting him to work! He carries himself well and isn't afraid to lose a spar. I think one day, he will be besting me at spars, he has the drive.
    Reigna An Ashford Knight. He seems all that a Knight should be, tall and broad and fighty, kind, respectful. Ashford. Sometimes I worry I am a curse on their House. If so, may he be spared.
    Renato A knight, who knows how to fight in armor! I did everything I could but he still managed to best me even as tired as he was. I need to stop sparring in public before I ruin my reputation!
    Rinel Resolute, but a bit headstrong.
    Rook Sir Jordan Ober, a man of some growing prestige, and one whom to hire when in need of a sellsword for hire with more than just brawn.
    Rosalie Another knight! And so handsome and dashing, and polite!
    Rowenova A good and real man: not by his words but by his actions. Also great at drinking games, but not as good as me.
    Roxana I believe Sabella introduced him as a knight, or something similar? He is both tall and good looking. I'll have to assess his personality later.
    Rue A hedgeknight turned proper knight. It was nice to see another commoner here and he seemed quite kind.
    Ruval Seems a bit intrusive initially when it comes to other's business. That said he doesn't seem the bad sort and sounds to be a capable fighter and commander as well.
    Sabella He seems very nice and polite, though underdressed for a knight! I hope he settles in quickly to Arx.
    Sabella A very polite knight in the service of Duke Ashford! Those etiquette books have done him well! Every time I see him he is quite pleasant to converse with.
    Sable Seems good with his blade, is concerned about the Lodge. Very intent and earnest.
    Sanya A very pleasant man. I look forward to aiding him in his future endeavours.
    Selene A knight! Swords, muscle, tendency toward flattery- all the usual, really. I couldn't make much more of him that, but it's not a bad start, hmmm?
    Seymour A knight, and astute. Few knights have I met, and most seem to be wholy focused on martial matters. It was nice to meet one with a larger vision for the future, I hope we will be doing business together for years to come.
    Simone A very polite and earnest knight. I do hope Arx is treating him well. Perhaps our paths will cross once more in the future.
    Sorrel A very proper and personable knight of some skill. He can handle my cousin in a spar, so this one might be a rising star.
    Sparte A capable and able fighter. I mean the nickname Swiftblade is a bit much but I like him fine. He has REALLY nice armor, too. Dunno how he doesn't die of sweat in there.
    Stygia Smarter than he looks. Wonder if he can figure out my little enigma.
    Sunaia They went and named a General while I was away but it seems they made the right appointment. Sir Jordan seems to know something about everything, a valuable skill in someone who has to coordinate many people.
    Sunniva Sir Ober is a remarkable and honorable man. Though we may not know each other very well I find him to be an inspiring individual. His house is very lucky to have such a sworn in their service.
    Talwyn A man of great spirit and knowledgeable on a martial front on all things jousting, armour, and weapons. Between him and Lady Veronica, I received a thorough education and a few quiet laughs along the way. I'd like to speak with him further.
    Thena The man gave a very fine speech at Grandmaster Armel's memorial, despite not knowing the man, and I believe Sir Jeffeth was trying to recruit him, from what I saw in the white journals. Seems like a good sort, if what I overheard about helping resupply Redrain lands is any indicator.
    Theo An attractive young knight with impeccable taste in drinking companions, if not in drinks.
    Thesarin Young knight serving the Ashfords. Has a conscience, and he knows enuogh to be scared.
    Thorley An old friend, and trusted ally. He has earned his place as a commandant and general. Perhaps it can build further relations in the future.
    Torian Ran into him at the darts and drinking. In full kit, must be afraid of stray darts.
    Triton A swordsman, not a brawler, but he seems like a decent enough. I think drinking might be something we could see more eye to eye on.
    Valdemar An excellent fighter and a good sport. I appreciate the lessons learned at his hands.
    Vanora I knew before the sparring began that Jordan was considered one of the best, and his performance in the melee proved the rumor to be true. His smile is sweet.
    Venturo A man who knows how to get his friends into trouble, which always makes for good stories. I'll look forward to seeing the pair of them around more often.
    Vercyn A proper knight, skilled at combat and unfailingly polite. He has displayed respect and proper decorum each time we met, something that is often taken for granted.
    Vercyn He is young, but intelligent beyond his peers. It will be interesting to see the man he becomes in the coming days. It would be wise for those that encounter him not to underestimate his wit nor his blade.
    Veronica He seems like a courteous and proper knight, who definitely has the right of it: Train hard and surprise them, indeed.
    Victus He thinks me swinging an axe in a crowded place would end badly. He ain't ever seen how precise I /can/ be when I /want/ to be.
    Violet I sparred this poor man at the Sip and Spar. He tried hard, but I was at my best. Still, he went back for more against the Lord General. That is two pluses for him.
    Vitalis Do his arms match his skill or his skill match his arms...? It's a toss up.
    Volcica He's been to the edge of the Everwinter and returned. I look forward to hearing of his travels.
    Yasmine A knight that I made scandalous conversation with at a memorial. Some people think that laughter in such occasions is disrespectful. I think it is disrespectful to send someone back to the Wheel without laughter to see them there. Sir Jordan seems to agree. So, I like him.