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Magnotta House Dinner

Count Domonico Magnotta welcomes the people of Arx to join him at Magnotta Manor for food, drink and an introduction to the Cyrto Archipelago for those curious about the island chain.

Following this will be the birthday party of Neilda and Medeia Saik next door in Saik Tower.


Oct. 24, 2020, noon

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Miranda Reese Dariel Svoli Zoey Jasher Fecundo Iseulet Olivian Thea Calypso Desma Medeia Lucita Neilda Kaia Santi Akamos Eirene Waldemai Dycard Irisa Anisha Cadern Drake Aahana Aedric Romulius Rowenova Vanora Valerius(RIP)




Arx - Southport Square - Magnotta Manor

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Thea has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

The Main Hall of Magnotta Manor has not seen much use in recent years and not to the extent that it shows now. It seems that virtually the entire staff of the (admittedly) small House is present under the watchful eye of the Head Servant Grumio, who is taking his duties very seriously as he inspects every goblet and utensil that is presented to the table. Guests are welcomed by a young man who is in a barely fitted footman's outfit that obviously was intended for someone a lot broader than he.

Domonico Magnotta though has yet to arrive.

Waldemai arrives from his shop across the square, smelling of coal fire and red hot steel.

Calypso strolls into the hall with a long, unhurried stride, her heavy boots striking the ground hard, her round hips swaying. She sniffs the air as she makes her way towards a table. "Now this is more like it."

Despite telling the whole world and anyone else who would listen that she'd be wearing a dress, it appears that Desma's either failed to procure one... or has, but has failed to wear it. She wears instead a clean white shirt with a leather corset over, a pair of leather pants and boots which, whilst worn, are obviously well-cared for. She satellites around the dining table, picking at bits of this and bits of that, too hungry to wait for guests to arrive and be seated. Dark hair is worn down for a change, her brunette hair bearing the only concession to jewellery that she wears for the evening; a silver enamelled pin. "Good evening Duchess. Welcome to Magnotta Manor." She smiles a welcome to Calypso, though is caught with a bit of meat halfway to her mouth.

Moving tenderly and covered from throat to foot in umbra, Medeia arrives at Magnotta Manor with her assistant, Fortescue, in tow and little Lady Arsenia Malvici in her arms. At the door, her assistant peels off to make himself inconspicuous, but available should she need him. Medeia continues toward the gathering with the not-yet-one-year-old and gives Waldemai a nod in greeting, then smiles brightly at Calypso. "Duchess, lovely to see you!" She turns to see Desma, as well, and inclines her head. "Lady Desma, hello!"

There is a swish of silk, and a flourish of a long triangular shawl as Lucita steps into the Hall. Its removal shows she has shed winter weight garments and is thankfully into spring clothing. She has impeccably applied makeup, her hair carefully arranged in restrained curls. She smiles warmly and glances over the arrangement of foods and drink briefly before turning to the others with murmuring. "Hello all. It is good to see you!"

Zoey leaves her guards at the door when she arrives at Magnotta Manor, still dressed in velvet to keep off those last bits of winter chill to which early spring is wont to cling. She takes a moment to glance around, noting the improvements made to the place since her last visit. She glides along as she approaches the other guests who arrived before her.

"Good evening," she greets them.

Thea ventures in with Finn, completely on time. And IS wearing a dress. A low backed white dress, because Desma SAID she'd be wearing one. Seeing she's not, Thea huffs at her,"I was trying to be all nice cousin and shite, and supportive and you FAILED!" There's a grumbling a bit at her as the younger Malvici waves anyway, a smile on her face. To her and the rest of her family and friends. "Is there coffee? You know, Santi coffee?" Someone may be a tad hungover still...

Drake will show up to things if he has a direct invitation and there's food involved. Sometimes he doesn't even need the invitation, but this time he had it. So he is, indeed, here, walking into the hall to check out the spread. The military meals in the spread are all comfort food enough for him, so he finds a spot to slide into and have a seat.

Marcel, a terrible mime arrives, following Dariel.

Calypso gives Desma a jaunty wave, and Medeia a smile. "You look nice, Thea." Look at her, being all supportive. "A hung over sulk in a slinky dress suits you." Or not.

Domonico enters from the stairway after a few minutes, dressed as he is usually in his armour and fine fireweave. His serious face looks tired to say the least as he surveys the room and the people arriving before giving the two high back chairs at the end of the hall a look before returning his attention to his guests.

He clears his throat and in a clear voice used to bellowing commands on ship says, "Welcome to Magnotta Manor all. Forgive me for not greeting you all as you arrived... there has been a considerable... development that has taken up the majority of my time. Please. Be seated and eat what you wish. My cook Casio Rybac has been preparing this for a while now he claims."

Waldemai takes up a place down at the commoner end of the table. Meat, cheese, and liquor are in easy reach. "This is the life," he can be heard to mutter.

"Lady Medeia." Desma nods to the Malvici. "So pleased you could come, especially with your own party due to start in only a few hours from now." She tosses that piece of meat into her mouth and reaches for another. She's probably doing all sorts of terrible things to the servants who are still laying things out, and if she were a child she might well get her fingers smacked. A sly grin to Thea. "I changed my mind. I /was/going to tell you, but then... forgot. Forgive me?" She quickly claims a chair for herself when Domonico announces his presence.

Driven by a desire to learn more of the Cyrto Archipelago and House Magnotta, Aedric Blackshore arrives several minutes after the manor's doors are opened by servants adorned in ill-fitting attire. Upon entering the main hall, boots pause to permit gaze an opportunity to take in the pristine interior and d├ęcor. His platemail, polished and properly maintained, was likely in reasonable enough shape to pass as appropriate dress. He takes a seat near Drake and makes a mental note to thank the hosts for such an extensive spread before the party's conclusion.

"Oh? Pray tell, what is this development?" Zoey asks Domonico as she takes a seat for herself.

Zoey has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Desma has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Aedric has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Waldemai has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Domonico has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Lucita has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Domonico checks composure at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

Calypso crows out a delighted laugh when Domonico names the cook. "I THOUGHT I recognized the smell of his stew." She drops into a chair and crosses her legs. When Zoey asks about the 'development', the wry face she pulls suggests she knows what it is and is, maybe, not as pleased about it as she could be.

Calypso has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Dariel is fashionably late, of course. Though he does arrive just in time for part of the booming speech that the good Count gives. "Behold! I am here! The food is all well and good, but where is the wine?" When he spies it on the table he makes his way over and drops into seat and pours a glass almost immediately.

Carefully shifting Lady Arsenia into the crook of her left arm, Medeia sees Lucita and wanders over to give her sister-in-law a kiss on the cheek, wincing at one movement that twists her tors the 'wrong' way. "Hello, Luc." Then she makes her way to the table, sitting not far from Drake. "Lord Drake! Good to see you." The man gets a warm smile before Thea's entrace grabs her attention. She waves to her friend, not wanting to yell.

Dariel has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Drake has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

At the Count's invitation, Romulius moves to take a seat at the table, previously having contented himself to stand and offer a polite greeting as addressed. Electing a position by his uncle, the typically vocal Romulius is largely quiet - bags beginning to form under his eyes reflect fatigue, but he's at least managed to tame his hair for the evening.

Romulius has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

"Yes yes, I know. I'd sleep with me looking like this,"Thea tells Calypso with a sweet but not so sweet smile. Reaching over for food, she eyes Desma. "I'm getting you back, not sorry,"Thea warns. Seeing Drake and Dom, Thea waves to them too. She makes a place for Drake as well, if he wants to sit. "Hey Dariel,"Thea calls over as well. COFFEE! The Malvici grins at Deia too,"Hey. How are you bruises,"reaching for her niece for a moment.

Akamos looms near one of the entry ways, looking for a while like a rather intimidating guard. It doesn't last all too long though, he's constantly eyeing up the food table, and he gives in, very happily too. He ladels himself a generous helping of stew with unbridled delight, "Oh now this brings back fond memories."

Drake smiles at Medeia. Apparently now that the duels and such are over, there's less awkwardness between those two. He does sit near Thea as he settles in. He's curious about this supposed development... but seems more curious as always about women and food. "I actually have a bruise or two myself. But it's worth it to get back into the training yard."

Who has Desma ended up sitting next to? "Hello again," she smiles to Romulius. "We'll have to stop meeting like this. Wine?" She lifts the nearest pitcher and looks into it. "Ah. Red. You like red?" She pours some for herself, then leaves it hovering over Romulius' glass, awaiting his yay or his nay.

Domonico coughs once and opens his mouth to answer Zoey before Dariel's entrance distracts him somewhat. He works his jaw a little before he answers, slowly and carefully.

"My... wife... Lady Aahana Malvici and daughter... Lady Palania... thought dead at the destruction of Volkov Woods... are..." He pauses a moment as if he can't believe what he saying,

"...They are alive."

"Is this not cause for celebration, my lord?" Aedric inquires, raising a brow.

Calypso pours a glass of wine for herself with a hand that doesn't shake even a little at Domonico's news, another sign that it's no surprise to her. Either that, or she's really, really focused on getting a glass of wine. The speed with which she empties the glass once it's been filled hints there's at least a little bit of the latter option in play.

Lucita takes a seat at the table and eyes the stew which is the topic of conversation between Calypso and Domonico. To that conversation she just grins and adds no further comment. She murmurs softly. "I'm not sure have met everyone here. I'm Baroness-regent Lucita Saik, a neighbor. You likely strolled through the shadow cast by Saik Tower when on the way here." Her self-introduction breaks off abruptly, glance daring to Domonico as she says. "She is alive, and the little one? How? Where have they been, are they alright? What happened?"

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Waldemai stops eating and his eyes are wide. "People coming back from the dead?" Um, yeah, that could be a little scary.

"Petrichor's balls!" Desma blurts out. "Are you serious?"

As if aware of this revelation, Romulius shifts his eyes downward in an attempt to avoid whatever uncomfortable conversation - or silence - is to follow Domonico's declaration. Once the discussion continues, his eyes come up to offer a small smile and nod of confirmation to Desma beside him. "Lovely dress."

Showing up with Sir Floppington at her side is Scout Rowenova in her wolf furs, the only Northern-fealty-aligned person here.

Rowenova has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Thea glances at Aedric, waving to others as they enter. Maybe she SHOULD drink more. Thea looks over to Medeia and then Dom as this news announced and simply shakes her head. Looking to Waldemai, she nods her head in head in agreement. "That's my thoughts. Yeah. Your answer is nicer than mine though,"snorting at Desma.

Zoey offers her cousin Dariel a wave, and at the news of Aahana's apparent survival her eyes widen. "That... certainly is a development. Where are the two of them now?"

"Fine enough, you'll see later." Medeia says with a smirk to Thea. As everyone settles in, she sits and amuses Arsenia. When Domonico makes his announcement, she has no reaction, a sure sign she already knew and just keeps her focus on Martino and Kaia's baby - who she has at the moment precisely because of Dom's news.

"Oh that's great news!" Akamos grins around a mouth full of foof, "Do we need to go and fetch them?" He steps forward, "I'll do it, see them back safely."

Finding a seat somewhere proximal to Lucita, Nova looks to her with a smile then fills up a plate of food for herself as Sir Flop chins her nearest knee.

Desma scowls at Romulius, and lowers her voice to mutter something at him.

Calypso (re)fills her glass of wine and sits back with it to tuck into her stew. As the reactions range up and down the table, there's a careful neutrality about her aspect. She's just here to eat stew and drink wine. Really.

Desma mutters, "I'm not ... ... dress. ... offended."

Dariel nods his head to Thea. "Ahh Thea! How are you?" Dariel might have had some wine before arriving. He sits back in a chair and drinks the red wine he's poured perhaps a little too quickly. Though he's distracted by his cousin's wave and waves somewhat enthusiastically back.

Domonico raises a hand to Akamos, palm first, "Thank you but no. They are both upstairs resting now. Aahana is still coming to terms with the fact her family was killed at Volkov Woods and is in mourning. Apparently she cannot remember anything of the past two years. However, she insisted that I still attend and host this planned meal." A pause, "So yes... it is something to celebrate. If you would care to raise your goblets? To Those Returned to Us."

Drake gets a glass of wine. He looks up at Domonico, and reacts with... what one might describe as a rather mild surprise, rather than actual shock. It's possible he already heard at least some of this, and this is merely confirmation. He mutters something to Thea again, but then, as people are raising glasses, also raises his.

Thea hears Romulius and grins. "It is isn't it,"Thea tells him, eyes on Desma. HA! Taking a bite of much needed food, she tries hard to move on from the conversation of her dead sister in law and niece. Or was. Whatever. "Dariel, come have coffee with me." Yes, she said coffee. "Akamos, Nova, hey,"Thea greets with a smile for them too. "How are you both?" Thea does look to Domonico for a moment, correcting him,"No. Svoli was deemed dead too and is back around too." Yep. She said it.

Finishing his hushed conversation with Desma, Romulius raises his drink at Domonico's prompt to toast the newly returned.

Waldemai raises his goblet obligingly. His eyes still seem wary of it all, however.

Zoey raises her own wine. "To those returned," she echoes Domonico. Desma's muttering draws her curious glance and she says, "Did I not see you at the patronage night the Whispers put on?"

Calypso raises her glass. "And to those who haven't."

Medeia is incredibly fascinated by the Malvici baby in her arms, who is being an absolute treasure of a child and not screaming - despite her nickname. Though it seems she has no reaction or input to Domonico's news, anyone looking closely can tell the Harlequin is unnerved by the dead being... not dead.

The elder Blackshore does as instructed, raising glass of a darker liquor into the air. "To those returned to us," he mutters, slipping his free gauntlet to rest between breastplate and sternum.

Akamos grins widely at Domonico, "The hard part's done then!" Ge finds himself a glass of wine, tops up his bowl of stew and finds a place to sit somewhere vaguely near Thea, who he also smiles at, "I'm terrific, thank you! How are you?" Then he raises his glass in a salute to the Count. "To family."

Thea lifts her mug, her face completely neutral. Safe to say, people know her stance at the moment, but she doesn't reveal much as the toast is given.

When Domonico speaks of Aahana being alive, Nova looks up under the shade of her wolfy headdress and peers his way. Though, she soon softens her intensity and quietly tells him, "I am glad your woman is with you again." She does lift a goblet of tea to this. Then, she looks to Thea. "Hey hey." says she as she sets her goblet down. "I'm alright."

The toast co

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Desma lifts her own glass and toasts along with the others. "To safe returns," she joins, then takes an immediate mouthul. Setting her glass back on the table, she turns to Zoey. "Yes indeed, I was at the event. I spent some time talking with Lord Kael Kennex, but left quite early. Forgive me, I don't recall either seeing or speaking with you, it was all a little overwhelming if I'm honest. Lady Desma Magnotta."

The toast complete, Romulius leans towards his uncle to whisper something to the elder Blackshore as he sets down his drink.

Lucita mutters, "... ... ... ... have been gone ... ..."

"Cheers to family," Drake says, but also, without smiling very brightly at it. He does drink as others are... and then starts to load up on food. He might be struggling his best not to ask any rude questions here, and filling his mouth with food is the easy way to avoid doing that.

Dariel frowns at Thea's mention of coffee, though he does pick up his wine and move closer. After filling his glass up again. He's only been half listening to everything going on, so he leans in to Thea. "What's this about Aahana then?"

"Rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated," Calypso says to Dariel in a dry tone, complete with a twist of a half-smile.

"Lady Zoey Kennex," she introduces herself to Desma with a nod. "And I understand the feeling. I actually had to continue a conversation I began there at a later time for similar reasons."

Domonico finishes his drink (yes Domonico just downed an entire goblet of wine in one), and then settles into his seat, "I hope the fare is to your liking. Our cook is an Southport army veteran and does filling food rather than fancy." He smiles once, "Please enjoy the meal and drink though and if you have any questions regarding the the Cyrto Arch please by all means ask. My Trident Akamos here is of the Pol of the Mountain who pledge allegiance to Magnotta when the House was formed."

Azzurra, a proper personal assistant, Captain, a Small Red Fox arrive, following Valerius.

Medeia finds or summons a glass of wine and drinks it, now that Arsenia seems to have fallen asleep on her. She looks around at everyone and remains quiet.

Valerius puts a WANTED poster for Tolv Mora in a leather backpack with Thrax insignia on the flap.

The Duchess Grimhall arrives a bit past fashionably late, enough so that her expression is apologetic as she steps into the room, handing off her cloak to a set of servants and shimmering in dark fabric shot with silver, and jewels to match in glittering onyx and diamond shades. Vanora scans the room and approaches Calypso first, the face familiar, greeting the Duchess-General with an airy Lycene kiss to each cheek that doesn't quite reach skin. "I wanted to come and extend the warmth of family to the Magnotta's...and hoped I wouldn't be an interruption."

While glancing toward Domonico as he speaks, Nova confers quietly with Lucita before rumbling softly then picking up a few bites she soon consumes.

Akamos raises a hand at that, "I'll very happily regale you with any kind of stories from back on the Achepelago. There's good food, wine, and the pleasant news makes me nostalgic for home."

Thea murmrus something to Drake and Nova both. Possibly about different things. When she hears Calypso, she just grumbles a bit. "I think I need to up my drinking game, obviously." Taking a bite of more food, she asks Desma,"Are you coming with me? To that island to look to see what's causing that sickness? I TOLD you I would let you know next time I was sailing off somewhere..,"glancing at Domonico,"You forgot the chocolate you know..."

Dariel blinks quite a bit at what Thea and Calypso have to say. He opens his mouth to say something, then closes it again. It seems like he's ready to say something and he opens his mouth again, but nothing. Then he decides to drink some more of the wine he has. Then there is some frowning, but not for long because that could mean wrinkles. Finally he has something to express. "Hmmmmmm," is about all he has to say about that then.

"I believe I was also asked to come take a look at that, if you aren't sick of traveling with me yet," Drake says with a glance at Thea. But then he smiles. "I doubt I'll be of much use in the medical relief, but, I'm good at standing guard."

Valerius looks a little frazzled though it could also be due to his fashionably extra late arrival. He ducks into the hall and takes a seat, nodding to a couple as he enters.

"False modesty," Calypso accuses Domonico with a more genuine smile. "You snapped up the best damned cook the army had." She doesn't sound salty about it, though. She gives Vanora a quick grin, and a jaunty wave. "Vanora. Good to see you out and about."

"But the food was wonderful," Desma notes with a smile to Zoey. "I've become quite skilled at stacking a plate 'just so'." She hovers the flat of her hand above the plate before her, indicating a height of around four inches in total. "I'd certainly attend another event held by Whisper House, if only for that." Even as she speaks she starts to load pieces of the various meats on offer onto that empty plate of hers, her fork stayed only by the question Thea throws at her. "I hope to," she confirms to her cousin. "Unless duties require me elsewhere."

At mention of the island by THea, Medeia perks up. "Oh, yes, that's soon, isn't it? I need to pack."

Valerius has joined the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Akamos leans toward Thea inquisitively, "Wait, would that be the one with the poison glass that Emberly was talking about? Or a different sort of sickenss? Either way I think I have some skills that might come in useful there."

Seemingly satisfied with the additional exposition supplied by Romulius, Aedric nods to demonstrate polite appreciation. "What are the archipelago's chief exports? Have you any troubles with regional piracy or Abandoned?" This question was directed in the direction of Domonico and Akamos.

"I've had most of the Malvici navy out keeping the shipping lanes clear." Calypso (partially) answers the second part of Aedric's question. "Keeping piracy down is important, given how far they are from the mainland."

"Always good to get out of town, honestly, for a bit. I don't really mind the sea," Drake says, shrugging one shoulder. Then he digs into the food in front of him, which keps him busy for a while while people talk about... exports and things.

Domonico curses under his breath at Thea's comment about the chocolate. "Yes. The chocolate. The Cyrto Islands have many cocoa tree groves and I'm in the process of trying to properly use that resource and bring it back to Arx as well as opening it up for trade."

Vanora and Valerius's entrances get a nod of the head and gestures to the table, "Welcome. Please join us."

Aedric's question gets a pause before he speak, "Exports? Exotic birds. Chocolate and Lilies it seems at the moment. I am in the process of discovering more that will be usable. As for piracy. The main problem is one of the Pols. The Pol of the Reef are particularly aggressive and raid not only Magnotta territory but that of the various other Pols of the Archipelago and the Duchess General is correct, the Southport navy patrols the route between the Cyrto Arch and the mainland. The Magnotta navy s upports and protects our smaller ships around the islands."

Vanora listens to conversations flit around her and steps forward to Domonico then. "Count Magnotta. I wish to extend good wishes from my House to your own. Once upon a time, the Duchess-General and the Great Grim Duke conquered Caer Morien together, brought many forward to bend the knee, and gave it to Artorious and Duke Harald's eldest daughter as a place to establish something beautiful of their own. That story..." Ended oddly, and the family brought together surely knows that, but she continues on with. "Please consider us as allied to you as we were when Melinda was newly wed." At that point she goes quiet again, trying to follow conversations about shipping and piracy and the export of exotic birds.

Thea shakes her head at Akamos first,"No. This is something different I believe, but yes. You're more than welcome to come,"grinning toward Drake. "You can keep Drake busy too. Or company." She glances over to Medeia, admiting,"Usually when Deia and Nel and I get together for anything, it turns out--well--,"trailing her words and peers at Desma. "You'll see. Because I'm dragging you kicking and screaming. Vanora gets a smile as well as she bows her head,"Duchess, hello. It's been awhile since I've seen you last..."

Half distracted Akamos looks back to Aedric, "Ah, well, those questions ony really come up with you've got an external context... We didn't have exports before Malvici and Magnotta, we don't really have pirates, just... As the Count says, the Pol of the Reef are not as sensible or diploatic as my people."

Lucita seems a little troubled at Domonico's words regarding the memory loss but just nods, her expression somber as she turns toward dinner companions. A smile is summoned and cast toward the most recent arrivals to the dinner. "A wide variety of goods there." She goes quiet, nibbling at some of the food and sipping wine as she listens to the varous conversations flowing around her.

"Thea, I can..." Medeia shakes her head, adjusting Arsenia in her arms. "We're going to /help/ people, not on a random adventure. How much trouble could it possibly... Don't answer that."

Calypso grins across the table at Nova, with her glass just at her lips. "Ever thought about using your alchemy skills to make a better chocolate bar?" Vanora's mention of Harald gets a lift of Calypso's glass; she drinks in honor of the Grim Duke. Or, you know, maybe she drinks just to drink.

"I don't anticipate any adventure," Drake says, even-toned. "Just guarding the boats. You shouldn't really need me unless something goes wrong with the mission. But. I could always use more duel training. Trying to cut a bit now that spring is here again."

Valerius takes a small bite of the food available, and with a sip of wine. A small smile on his face from listening to the conversation, and to no one in particular, "You realize that the easiest means to stop a pirate is to think like one, yes?"

Nova lifts her goblet of tea to Calypso then sets that back down after a swig. "Could do. I have made chocolate lip balm and chocolate sexy time oil, so... you know, I could enhance a chocolate bar for sure." She says that out there, just like that.

Lucita looks over toward Medeia. "Wonder if some of the Saikland fruits, dried into raisins and apple chips might couple with chocolate for a combined product."

The discussion of piracy draws obvious interest from Romulius, whose eyes are surprisingly bright above a small smile given the subject matter. "While I cannot promise the Black Vanguard, my brother has some experience tracking down pirates." An upturned palm is offered towards Domonico. "I am sure I could have the Intrepid tasked with assisting your hunt, Count Magnotta."

Calypso was in the middle of sipping her wine when Nova speaks the words 'chocolate sexy time oil'. Her eyes widen and she promptly snorts said wine and falls to a mix of laughing and coughing.

Drake looks up from his food suddenly, at Nova. "... Pardon, chocolate what."

Thea eyes Medeia with a lifted brow. Like--REALLY. "When you're learning something, it's ALWAYS an adventure." At least as far as Thea is concerned. Peering at Rowenova, she too asks,"Sexy time what? Have any?"she asks already.

Lucita's eyes widen and her eyes slide their gaze toward Nova at her comment while she discretely tries to restrain her laugh.

Medeia looks at Lucita, nodding. "Yes, I believe so. I've been talking to Domonico about some ways we could pair Saikland's fruits and wines with his chocolate."

Akamos grins brightly at Drake, "It would be my first adventure as a champion, you can show me the ropes!" His gaze turns to the discussion of piracy, more than a little confused, "But there are no pirates in the Cyrto Arch..."

Desma points her meat-loaded fork at Thea. "You won't need to drag me kicking and screaming," she notes. "I would, in fact, embrace with open arms the sniff of an adventure. But," and her eyes slide briefly to where Domonico sits in conversation before flitting back to her cousin, "I'm expecting the breadth of my duties to the family to increase quite shortly. I'm not sixteen anymore." She makes a wry face and skewers a piece of cheese with the meat on her fork, then eats the pairing together.

"I do apologize for my lateness and the interruption...for I don't know the details of what you are discussing since I'd not yet made it here...but please if there is any way that House Grimhall might be of assistance in any of these endeavors for House Magnotta's let us know. We've no shortage of ships, just yet." Vanora murmurs.

Domonico raises a newly filled goblet to Vanora at her words before nodding, "Indeed. I consider Duke Valdemar a firm ally anyway and had the honour of commanding half the Grim Fleet in defence of Estoroch and the Empyrean Trade Route. Your ships and crews do you credit."

To the suggestions of how to deal with pirates Domonico gives a small smile, "I can assure you that I have considerable experience in hunting down pirates. However... if... when we are plan to move against the Pol of the Reef in earnest then I will gratefully accept the help."

After all the great responses she gets, Nova wolfishly grins within the headdress shade which frames her visage. She quietly clarifies something for the Kennex among us then looks to Drake, and she ultimately reiterates. "Well,... sexy time. Massage and otherwise. Use your imagination!" Then, the wolfy scout tells Thea, "Sure, but not on me. I'll send you some later, k? Also, there are other things like berry if you want that."

Zoey blinks a couple of times at Nova's reply, then drains her wine glass.

Calypso, Domonico, and Akamos' replies are acknowledged with another nod, the mariner now attempting to picture the aforementioned trading routes. He knew very little of Malvici and its vassals. It was clear that he sought to correct this. "You speak of exotic birds, cocoa, and rare flowers. Describe the climate to me? Humid, temperate? Frequent storms?"

Waldemai listens to this as well. "Crops? Fruit trees?"

Calypso's mix of coughing and laughter has devolved into silent shoulder-shaking while she tries to get ahold of herself. "That's it." She claps her hands together once, as though to make the point. "That's your big export, Dom. 'Magnotta Chocolate Sexy Time Oil'."

"We have a trade fleet too." Vanora offers. "Specifically for the purposes of conducting trade successfully in challenging conditions."

"How much do you charge for it?" Drake asks. Thea seems interested too, so, he'll roll with this. He adds, for punctuation, "Blancbier does a good deal of trade in chocolate."

Thea shoots Nova a wink,"Maybe one of each,"sipping her coffee. Then she hears Caly and bursts laughing,"Dom can advertise with his shirt off, wearing the oil." Obviously THea will be disappearing for that. "I like visiting the islands to be honest. Now that the whirlpool is gone, I plan on visiting. I'm taking out Seas the Day very soon." Looking to Akamos, she remembers something. "Oh! I owe you your gift,"a bit conspiring really..

Domonico shakes his head a little at the suggestions coming through. "I suppose Scout Rowenova that I will be needing to enlist your help in helping me make Cyrto Archipelago Chocolate famaous around Arvum... and the bodies of Arvum."

Calypso shakes her head slowly. "Arx isn't going to know what hit it. Gods, I think that wine went up my nose." She rubs her nose for a moment, but refills her glass anyway.

A Northern laugh audibly escapes Nova, and she drops the bottom of her fist on the table which gives it a bit of a thud but not too hard. She gets leverage from the contact there, then she finally huffs! "I agree with the Duchess!" says she before giving a grin to Domonico. She looks to Drake and Thea then, "Well, for the two of you..." Hint hint. "I will send you an ingredients list then you send those to the Defense Lab, and I will see what can be done."

Akamos really warms to the subject, "The weather there is great! Long warm dry summers. The winters are cool and refreshing, with rain, none of this terrible snow stuff. We have, as well as the cocoa, a good variety of crops, grains and such. We do also have fruits, plums, pears, grapes and so on. Truly, the weather is beautiful, there's nothing like being on one of our beaches, the sand warm and white, and the sea so clear and blue..." He seems lost in a little reverie for a moment before being snapped out of it by Thea, "Present? For me? I... you con't have to at all."

The continued discussion of oils and their applications forces Romulius to grimace, an expression he attempts to hide with a long, drawn sip of his wine.

Medeia mutters something to Thea and gulps down her wine.

Waldemai listens to the list of fruit trees and nods, making a mental note.

"Thea! Why are you thinking about your brother shirtless?" Dariel eyes her with a big grin. "I heard it's a nice place with handsome sailors, but no theatre. So sad."

"No theatre *yet*," Zoey points out to Dariel. "Give it time. There is still much work to be done."

"I could also volunteer, for the demonstration," Drake says, as he gets a little whisper from Thea, and then grins. "You know, so she doesn't feel left out."

Nova jokingly leans to Thea and explains something then motions her fork to a random bottle of wine before grinning bigger, eyes alight.

"No theatre yet where?" Vanora pipes up to ask Zoey, finding a part of the conversation she can possibly offer something to.

"Now, now, Lord Blackshore." Calypso smiles to Romulius, proof that she caught that grimace. "You didn't really think you'd get through a whole dinner in the Lyceum without being subjected to talk of sexytime oil, did you?" Her pale blue eyes glitter with amusement.

Domonico clears his throat at as he realises what Desma had said earlier, "Ah yes. Desma..." He raises his goblet again. "I would like to draw peoples attention to my cousin Desma. Just finished her military service to Malvici and she has, with the Duchess's permission..." he says with a nod of a head to Calypso, "...joined House Magnotta fully. I would like to acknowledge this properly and offer her command of Magnotta's archers... as well of a ministerial position of her choice. Desma. I thank you."

Waldemai raises his goblet. "Hear hear," seems to be the appropriate thing to say.

Akamos still appears slightly confused, "We do have our own sort of theatre, the telling of stories and such... But I suppose we would welcome any new performance."

With a soft cheer, Medeia raises her wine glass to Desma. "Congratulations, Lady Desma!"

Thea murmurs something impishly something to Medeia, then something to Nova. She is laughing at that as she murmurs to Drake as well, mischieviously. When Desma is announced, Thea DOES lift her mug. Sincere,"Congratulations to the sister I was supposed to have!"

Valerius is biting his lip as he watches the non Lyceum squirm in their seats when Rowenova describes her uses for chocolates.

Dariel chuckles at his cousin Zoey's comment. "Well, it's funny you say that actually! Something that has been on my mind." He nods to Vanora. "Caer Morien. If Count Domonico wants me to visit I should need somewhere to perform properly."

Drake tries to look away from talks of oils and such to join in the new toast. He gets a refill before raising his glass. "Congratulations!"

"Oh, no theatre yet in Caer Morien," Zoey replies to Vanora cheerily. "But there is time. We have only just begun, really." She lifts her class to Desna. "Congratulations to you."

As Akamos elaborates upon the region's climate and its flora, Aedric draws a worn leatherbound journal from his satchel and sets about scribbling upon one of its pages. He makes no effort to hide the scowl brought on by the discussion of chocolate lubricant in polite company. "Congratulations, Lady Desma. We wish you a long, fruitful, and -- ideally uneventful -- command."

Dariel raises his class of wine and cheers. "Congratulations, Lady Desma!"

What Calypso says to Romulius gets Nova to laughing again, this time the wheezing breathing kinda laughing. She finally calms just enough to raise up another toast to what Domonico announced concerning Desma. "Congratulations, indeed!" She finally simmers down, calming enough to actually drink her tea.

"I'm sure that you will find ample supporters when the time comes to create your own theater, whenever that might be." Vanora smiles warmly to Zoey in response, and then to the general crowd.

"Forgive me, Duchess. I am not sure I will ever truly be able to appreciate how..." Brows flash as the word comes to Romulius as he explains himself to Calypso. "Forthcoming, the Lyceum can be." At Domonico's announcement, he turns to smile at Desma beside him and raises his drink. "Congratulations, Lady Desma."

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrives, delivering a message to Domonico before departing.

Nova sets her goblet of tea down, and then she suddenly laughs, "He just said 'forthcoming'. Haha!"

Calypso lifts her glass to Desma in acknowledgement of the accomplishment, then turns her attention back to Romulius. "You only need a nice Lyceum girl to teach you. Men who can still be trained are such a rarity here."

At Zoey's words Akamos insists, "We do have theatre. What we perform isn't quite like what you have here, and we do it in the open air, rather than in buildings, but we do have it." On seeing Aedric takes note Akamos also adds, "The soil is very fertile, so the forests on the islands are very thick, and very old. And the mountains, like the one of Caer Morein, are a wonderous sight."

Desma stands, then turns to where Domonico sits. A press of her hand to her chest and small half bow is given him. "Thank you cousin. It's an honour to be entrusted with all you've bestowed upon me. You have my loyalty, but this you already know." There's a seriousness to her words and the manner in which she speaks them, though when she looks back to the rest of the table there's the glow of a smile on her lip. "Thank you all for your congratulations. I'm overwhelmed." Sitting back down, she refills her glass and drains it in one.

Waldemai applauds the speech.

Turning to Akamos Vanora murmurs, "Can you tell us more about it? Theater and culture and music on Caer Morien...what makes it beautiful to you? I love hearing people speak of their homes, one learns so much." Passing close enough to Zoey to do so, she reaches out and squeezes the other woman's hand, unprompted.

Vanora listened to that moving speech and applauded herself first of course.

His assistant comes up to have some whispered words with Valerius, then steps back. "It appears that I must go. Apologies to the gracious host, Count Domonico."

Domonico nods at Desma's answer before he smiles warmly, "The honour is mine cousin. Truly. I would like to also add that I am in agreement to have Dariel oversee an amphitheatre built in Caer Morien on top of the mountain. After all it will also make an excellent location for briefing my army as well and..." he tales of as servant familiar to those who know Eirene enters and approaches Domonico and Planchet himself reports Lady Eirene apologizes for missing supper. She says, and he quotes, "I'm going into fucking labor so blame Mihaly." Planchet looks suitable embarassed with having to report this.

Desma mutters, "... that your ... of offering ... congratulations? ... ... I think."

Valerius has left the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Azzurra, a proper personal assistant, Captain, a Small Red Fox leave, following Valerius.

Calypso straightens up, her indulgent smile gone in a moment. "Well, shit."

Thea gives a wave to Valerius,"It was nice to see you. I'm sorry we couldn't talk much,"glancing to Desma. She grins at her cousin, adding,"I'll make sure to have a gift sent. Don't you worry." Always be weary of Thea gifts. ALWAYS.

"Eirene's in labor?!" Medeia sits up fully, waking Arsenia. "Shit."

After the talk about Eirene going into labor, Nova looks up with a soft smile, "Beautiful news!"

Dariel just rolls his eyes at Domonico's comment. "Briefling his army?! Sacrilege. Is Caer Morien on the top of a mountain? I thought it was by the sea. I really should pay more attention when Count Domonico talks."

"Another cause for celebration, it would seem," the sailor murmurs amidst his diligent notetaking. "These forests -- is the wood durable enough for shipbuilding?"

"Oh, wonderful! Her day is bound to be challenging, but at least she will get the reward of the last nine months," says Zoey. To Dariel she explains, "It is an Island with a mountain on it."

Thea pauses at the mention of Eirene. "Shite! That's amazing! I need to send her a gift too! For baby Theo." Even though his name isn't REALLY Theo...

"The wood is indeed sturdy, my people are sea faring, although we never did build ships to the size and extent of your fleets." Akamos squints at Dariel for a long moment, "By Archepelago we saying that there's a whole lot of small islands, the larger ones, especially Cyrto Major, or Caer Morein as you call it, have a mountain, that is the island."

Having properly disturbed Arsenia in her surprise about Eirene, Medeia stands and excuses herself from the table. "My apologies," she says, trying to hush the now fussy baby. "I'll see you all later, I need to take her somewhere quiet."

Nova gets out a scrap of paper from her inner cloak and her hawk quill from an ink vial on her alchemy belt then she writes down some names: Lord Drake, Lady Thea, and Lady Eirene.

Romulius nods in agreement with his uncle. "We'll need to find a way to convince you to host something at the Blackshore manse, Count Magnotta, if we might be able to expect such good fortune."

Drake is eating quietly, but... doesn't miss that his name is going on a list. It's a good list, he figures, since he might get free samples.

1 Saik Guard, Fortescue, a snooty and disinterested Lycene coxcomb, Fluffy, the wary wildcat leave, following Medeia.

Domonico smiles at the reactions to his news, "Yes. I believe Eirene would *truly* appreciate it if we all send missives with well wishes to her shortly." There is a ghost of a smile at that before he notes Aedric's and nods in agreement with Akamos's comment. Romulius's comment made him laugh, "I confess I am not a natural host for these affairs. Military drills... that is something else."

Desma frowns. "Once we know the child is born," she appends to Domonico. "I'm sure the last thing she wants right now is messengers piling up in her birthing room."

Calypso takes a long drink of wine and then tops up her glass. "I'm not going to fuck with her while she's in pain. That woman has an alaricite scalpel and a long memory. And she knows where I live."

Dariel pours our some more wine and nods. "Well, ahh, I see. Hmm. That puts a spin on things. I really should pay more attention." Dariel goes back to thinking for a few moments. "It's for the arts though, not for any fancy military uses."

Zoey nods to Calypso. "Agreed. I think if it were me, I would have a few arrows with names on them once it was all over."

Nova quietly explains something to Zoey as she taps the paper scrap upon which she wrote, doing so with the feather of the quill she had used to write the names down. Then, she looks up to what Calypso says. "Do you think that it is potentially possible that it might not have to be painful? She is a medic, after all. Maybe, she knows The Way?"

Rowenova says, "People used to tell me that losing one's virginity was painful, but that was never a problem for me. I wonder the same of childbirth."

Thea glances at Dariel and teases him always. "Oh--are you trying to make acting a thing again?" So fun! Looking over to Nova, she promises,"It LOOKS painful. I wouldn't know, but I helped delivered two babies. And the screaming is awful!"

Desma glances across to Dariel. "But my lord," she frowns. "Such an amphitheatre would lie unused for much of the time. There are only so many performers and perormances that would be attracted to Caer Morien in the course of a year. Would it not be better to have it serve a duel purpose, at least until we are grown enough to have a permanent troupe of our own?"

"Ah, acting," Drake says. "Just a cousin of lying, really. Oathlanders cannot abide by it." He says this very stiffly. You might not realize that it's a joke. But then he sort of smiles around his glass.

Calypso starts to crow a laugh, then Nova's second comment makes her smile fade to something more indulgent. "Oh, sweetie. It's going to hurt like a bitch." She breaks the news... not exactly gently. But the thought is there. "Having the father close by to beat up on helps. I'd start practiciing my right hook now."

Dariel eyes Thea, Desma and Drake and shakes his head at them. "You're all uncultured boors. I'm quite sure at least one of you is trying to bait me too." He waves a hand dismissivly at Desma's concerns. "I have plans for that too."

"I remember when I was carrying my daughter that Eirene encouraged swearing during labor," says Zoey. "I must confess, it helped more than I had anticipated."

Nova sockets the pen tip of the quill she had been using into the cork that rests within the top of the ink vial on her belt. She then looks to Thea and hmms softly before looking to Calypso. "Well, when there are a bunch of... people who are hyped up and running around and telling you to lay down when maybe moving would be better and telling you to push when just going with the -- pardon the pun -- the flow, and maybe rather than blaming the father who blessed you with the light of life, you enlist his aid to go for a walk until the process comes to the point that you have to squat, you know... then you work together rather than against one another to bring light into the world. Right hook? I am not only a master alchemist but master brawler, hah! Though, were Tarik and I to ever have children, I would probably not hit him for it, but be grateful and stroke his face and thank him." She then nods after saying so, as thoughs he has made her mind up about it all.

Domonico smiles thinly, "As Thea and Calypso would remember, Aahana went into labour in Southport and we got word just after a military exercise on the docks there. Thea here helped deliver my daughter." At the last part he gives his sister a respectful nod.

"It's actually a joke," Drake says, looking over at Dariel with now, a larger smile. "I think acting is a fine persuit. Honestly, I'm a Champion, and it's more showmanship than real fighting most of the time. I could probably learn a thing or two from you about how to make a better show of it."

Nova curiously asks Domonico, "Was she mad at you?"

Calypso listens patiently through Nova's explanation, amusement growing in her eyes. "No, swearing and violence is definitely the way to go. It's not going to feel like a blessing when you're trying to push something the size of a melon through a hole the size of a grape."

Akamos sits back in his chair, it's very clear that the conversation has moved on to a topic he knows very little about. He seems quite happy to have a chance to tuck into his food, "And..." He says around a mouth full of food, "We'll need actors to recant the tales of my great and heroic exploits."

"I thank you, Count Magnotta, for hosting such a lovely event and you, Master Akamos, for sharing with me information of your homeland. Regretfully, I've other matters which I must tend to before the day's end. Congratulations again, Lady Desma, on your ministerial appointment," Aedric concludes, offering a polite nod to those assembled as he stands.

Desma beams a smile at Aedric. "Thank you for coming, my lord. Your kind words are welcome. Should you wish to know further of the Cyrno Arch and the isles of the Archipelago, you need only ask." She lifts her glass and tilts it his way. "Safe travels."

Romulius offers Aedric a nod and a quick clap on his shoulder as he rises. "Be well, uncle." Beyond that, it seems Romulius has little input on the subject of childbirth, content to instead sip at his wine.

Desma is, also, notably quiet on the subject of childbirth.

Aedric has left the a grand dining table with luxurious silk chairs.

Waldemai sneaks a piece of one of the better cheeses into his pouch for later. Smithing is hungry work, not just thirsty! "Thank you the meal, my lord," he says. "I'll be off to the forge again now."

Domonico nods his head at Aedric's words. "Indeed. Thank you for attending this dinner." He thinks a moment before he adds, "Thank you all for attending this and allowing me to be a host for the evening. Now however I believe it is time to prepare for a birthday party next door at Saik Tower so... By all means come along and join the Saiks there and likewise, feel free to remain here and eat and drink more if you so choose."

Romulius is overheard praising Domonico.

Dariel is overheard praising Domonico.

Waldemai is overheard praising Domonico.

Waldemai is overheard praising Desma.

Romulius is overheard praising Desma.

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