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Keaton-Moore Reception and Fun Time!

Come join the Moore and Keaton families as they celebrate the marriage of Lady Katherine and Lord Rane. Lady Katherine Moore and Lord Rane Keaton invite you to the Moore Grounds where they will host a garden party filled with drinking, dancing, and wonderful conversation with guests from all parts of the Compact. Delightful music will be provide by the Bard's College's very own Nina Autumndale.


April 5, 2020, 3 p.m.

Hosted By

Rane Katherine


Veronica Kael Kritr Mabelle Nina Lora Rowenova Eugene Lierre Martino Reigna Brigid Adalyn Kaia Kastelon Irisa Aedric Amari Norwood Dio Mia


Grayson Pravus Redrain Thrax Valardin Velenosa


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Moore Estate - Grounds

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Comments and Log


Wedding receptions can be as boring as the day is long, but my cousin and his new wife did everybody proud. Good food, good company, great dancing, and that's really all you can ask for. Especially the dancing.

I'm happy for them both, too.

Veronica arrives at a trot from the direction of the Keaton grounds,

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

Cupcake, a cookie girl arrives, following Mabelle.

The mood of the festivity (for that is what it is, yes?) is enough that Kael is not walking with his wife on his arm. Nay, the Marquis is currently wrapping with his arm wrapped around her, holding her close

There is no shortage of bustle around the Valardin Ward this afternoon. Comers and goers funnel to the once long abandoned Moore Estate, now home to Katherine and Brigid to celebrate a marriage and joining of the Moores and Keatons to bounds beyond those of mere liege and vassal. The grounds are delightfully decorated and the murmur and laughter of guests brought a delightful din to the area. Nina Autumndale and her troupe are in the midst of entertaining the guests with a variety songs that begged for the dancing to began.

As punctual as ever, Rane appears with Katherine at his side and they were dressed in fresh elegance. Smiles are shared with each other, one handsome, one beautiful as the newlyweds greeted those that were in attendance.

Rane, unaccustomed to the level of finery that he wears, shifts just slightly in the new ensemble but appears otherwise quite content. "Thank you all for coming," comes that baritone voice as his gaze swept over the guests.

Veronica arrives at a trot from the direction of the Keaton grounds, with a short lead in one hand on the other end of which bounds a young, excitable Keaton bloodhound. Actually sometimes the dog looks to be pulling Vee more than she's pulling the dog. He makes a beeline straight for Flop, and Veronica waves at Rowenova as the dog pulls her to a halt. Good to see you again," she murmurs in an undertone so as not to speak over Rane.

Kritr will not make any concessions to the weather when formal wear is required. However, his idea of formal wear appears to be kid leather vest, trousers and a bathrobe. At least it's a nice and clean bathrobe. He takes up a position opposite Brigid by the door since he has no idea what to do here and she invited him. That makes him her responsibility.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Adalyn before departing.

Mabelle was a little delayed so she wont show up covered in flour. She makes her way inside and flashes smiles to all those present, specifically to Rane and Katherine, who she offers her greetings to, "Congratulations, may your union be happy and fruitful".

The hired entertainment from the Bard's College is already at the stage. In the center of the group is Nina, the red-haired bard in a splendid and elaborate icy-green toned gown. Surrounding her is a quartet of other players - with stringed instruments, a flute, and some light percussion. As the event begins, she's playing some light work on her lute with the background accompanyment, a light processional for people to walk in with and mingle about.

Portia, a tittering bashful handmaiden, Renato, an overconfident courier, Irisa arrive, following Kaia.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Kaia arrive, following Martino.

Lora makes her way into the garden, only a little bit bundled up in recognition of the cold but clearly not willing to be put off by something as simple as the threat of snow. It's just a step or two before she spots Brigid standing guard by the entrance and tilts her head in greeting, a smile emerging that might almost be amused.

The mood of the festivity (for that is what it is, yes?) is enough that Kael is not walking with his wife on his arm. Nay, the Marquis is currently wrapping with his arm wrapped around her, holding her close and protecting her from the chill of winter. Or perhaps that would be his excuse if he had to have one. For the moment however, there is just a low murmur offered to her, something whispered in her ear that is joined with a tilt of his head and a flicker of a smile sent her way. Rather than rush in and immediately offer his well wishes to the bride and groom, he steps off to the side. Still, his kin are greeted with a little chin-up (he sees you there, Veronica, Amari, Lierre), and there is an inclination of his head toward those of Laurent and Clement. Others that he knows are greeted in kind as well, but that is later.

Veronica has joined the an ornate brocade couch in snowdrift white with a solid oak wooden frame.

When the Keaton Hound approaches him, Sir Floppington happily touches noses, doing so while wagging happily and watching with soulful/bright eyes.
Briefly bowing to Veronica, Rowenova pops up to her full height and then quietly agrees, "Aye, good to see you again, too, Lady Veronica. How do you do?" Then, the thanks for coming is spake, and Nova shouts out in Northern Fashion, "Welcome! Thank /you/!"

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Norwood before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Norwood before departing.

Eugene lingered about some of the confectionery tables, eyes peering around at the sweets and delectables before his hand instinctually began chorale whatever alcoholic drink he could get his hands on. Being it was a more civilized affair, the burly and yet well-dressed brute opts for a deep red.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser leave, following Norwood.

There's a bright smile curving across Lierre's face as she looks over to Rane and Katherine. Though she's not right up in the faces of the bride and groom, they'll be able to see her from where they stand. Little waves to her fellow Keatons and to others she knows are given, that same bright smile flashed in a way that makes no attempt to hide that warm glint of happiness within her dark gaze.

Stepping in from the general side of Valardin, the Lord Martino Malvici arrives with his wife Lady Kaia Malvici upon his left elbow and the Dame Irisa upon right elbow. His chin lifted as he crossed further in with a wife and wife's friend side-by-side with him, a confident step of sorts as he bowed his head to those at the door making their greetings, "Lady Kaia Malvici, Dame Irisa Wainryte and Lord Martino Malvici. Mmm... here with the groom." Murmuring hushed with the greeter, Martino turned his gaze afterwards before glancing to the couch with his wife and her companion.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Lierre before departing.

Reigna laughs as Kael murmurs to her, and leans up to kiss her husband in a way that skirts public formality. She murmurs something back, her eyes shining brightly. Despite the cold winter weather, she is radiant, wearing her heirloom finery, she is a vision in brocade, umbra and stygian. She looks around, beaming a smile to her family, clearly she is feeling the love on this day of days.

With her continues smiles and nod of head in welcome to those filtering through, pretty head does cant to peer up at Kritr with something close to respect at his having showed up at all. The Dame's smile is warm, taking a step back to admire his bathrobe and kidskin vest, " I'm glad you decided to attend. " As Eugene is seen skulking about does the ghostly grey of her eyes settle on him, narrowing enough to get her warning across. As Martino approaches, a light of recognition is flashed as she is the greeter this evening, " Very well met, I'm Dame Brigid Moore of Acorn Hill. Please come in and enjoy yourself!" A smile is given towards the beautiful women at his side.

Katherine stands off with her husband near the banquet table, all grins and smiles as she prepares, with little effort, to greet everyone who has decided to come celebrate this day with House Moore and House Keaton. There are familiar faces and unfamiliar alike, and though accustomed to such social functions, suddenly feels quite overwhelmed by everything and does not know where to begin! First, then, she reaches out to collect her new sister, Lierre, and say hello with a swift peck of kisses granted to either cheek. "I am so glad you are here today, truly," she dotes.

Adalyn arrives to the party appropriately bundled against the chill. Scanning the surroundings, she lifts a hand to wave cheerfully to the Rane and Katherine before allowing her gaze to shift from the couple of honor to the others assembled. There's a warm smile for Kael and Reigna as well as the other Keatons and various familiar faces gathered. "It's nice to have something positive to celebrate!"

Kritr nods. "It was a kind invitation." He rumbles in a voice loud as usualy, but somehow appropriate in a crowded room full of talking. "She's the host." He tells the next person through the door. "Dame Brigid Moore." He even remembered her name, maybe he waited for her to say it to make sure he got the right title, maybe. He stands there keeping Brigid company as people pass between them.

Eugene caught glimpse of the Fury herself, the ornamented dragoon that steeled him to defense with that ghostly gaze. He met her with one of his own, brow tweaking as if to ask what did he do this time? He waved away concern with a hand, pacing over a bit before he drained the red wine in his glass and made to approach the happy couple. He would wait in line until it was his turn.

Giving up on the food-and-drink acquisition for now, Rowenova steps closer to the married couple and double bows -- once each to each one of the new couple -- before standing up to her full height once more (plus those wolf ears atop her pelt headdress). "Congratulations to you both. May happiness find you forever Moore."

"Couldn't be btter," Veronica agrees cheerfully, while her hound play-bows at Sir Flop. Veronica pulls him back. "Sorry. He's new. I'm hoping to socialise him a bit this evening." She glances over at the bride and groom, apparently plotting the best time at which to ambush them. "Care for tea? I might as well get you some when I get mine."

She casts her gaze around for the tea table, catching Lierre's eye as she does and waving to the other Keatons.

A wave was returned to Adalyn with a bright smile as once more each guest was met in turn. "Please feel free to talk, mingle. The dancing will begin very soon, so make sure you find a suitable partner." Why was Rane staring at Brigid for such a long time with a bright and slightly playful smile curling at his lips. "There are hors d'oeurvres and drink for all palates." He moved with Katherine over to his younger sister and smiled, greeting her sister and wrapping her in another trademark bearhug. "You look lovely, Lie." A laugh came at the quip from Rowenova and he nodded his approval at the pun.

Cupcake, a cookie girl leaves, following Mabelle.

2 Keaton Huntsmen have been dismissed.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat have been dismissed.

River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Barf, the Bog Dog have been dismissed.

Reigna is overheard praising Katherine: A lovely bride, may your days be ever joyful

Reigna is overheard praising Rane: Congratulations, Baron Rane, you do Keaton proud.

Nina keeps her ensamble busy, moving through music that's suitable for light conversation without being overwhelming for now to the guests as they mingle. She looks over to Rane listening to cues as to when the proper dancing and the couple's dance and such are about to begin. The band slips slowly into music suitable for light dancing as it comes to happen. Those eager to do so can always get started after all while others chat and mingle.

Having exchanged the cheek-kiss-kiss with Katherine, Lierre gives one of Katherine's hands a squeeze within her own. When she smiles at the blonde, it's with crinkles at the corner of her eyes. "I can't tell you how happy I am for you and Rane. This is so wonderful." A sunny grin goes over Veronica before Lierre gets Rane'd. With a laugh, she squeezes back with surprisingly formidable strength; a rib-crusher of a hug. When the hug is over and she steps away, she gives Rane's shoulder a pat and notes, "And you're looking very regal, I must say. It must be the influence of your beautiful wife." To said wife she turns. "And of course, you look glorious."

Sir Floppington the soulful hound is totally about the playing around with Veronica's hound and does so with eager bows and many wags and a paw up onto his fellow hound, before wrassling around with fake bites (mere nipping).

Eugene stepped up a bit closer to the couple, hands tied along behind his back. There was a quick scan of his head over the guests, eyes furiously glancing around for someone, or other. It looked as if he had stepped in time to be nearest to Nina as salutations and congratulations were offered.

That brief exchange between Reigna and Kael has the young man offering her a grin that is absolutely and entirely besotted. Tis the season after all. He eyes the line that is forming, his attention moving from the bride to the groom, somewhat thoughtfully. With a nod and a glance toward his wife he moves to the end of the line so that they can wait their turn in the progression forward.

Katherine curtsies to Rowenova, and when the gesture is complete, offers the woman a quick, open chuckle. "I hope that I never tire of those witty puns. Thank you so much for coming to celebrate with us!" At Rane's mention of dancing, her expression grows all the more bright. To Lierre, she turns to add, "Your brother will soon be unrecognizable, now that he is surrounded by people who desire him to be fashionable. This is all thanks to Lord Martino's intervention." Her fingers tug lightly, carefully at the fabric of Rane's sleeve in gesture. A glance in the Malvicis' direction is filled with gratitude.

Reigna drifts through the party on Kael's arm, moving over to Amari and giving her cousin a bright smile, "Hello Amari! This is quite the turn out, is it not?" She winks to Amari before she moves with Kael towards the end of the receiving line.

There might be some strategizing on Lora's part as she eyes the bride and groom, as if trying to gauge the likelihood of actually getting up through the cluster of celebrants. She settles for waiting to catch Katherine's eye, when she lifts her fingers to wave a little, her smile filled up with something midway between joy and pride. Rane? Well. He's not spared this either, though she waits her turn, moving instead toward the end of one of the tables to deposit a bottle of something.

This requires Veronica to follow Thunderboy on his leash, which brings her in step with Rowenova and the happy couple. She grins at them both, claps Rane on the shoulder and smiles at Katherine. "Congratulations, you two! I hope you both get plenty of enjoyment out of today."

Thunderboy nips at Flop's nose, ignoring Veronica's subtle attempts to pull him back. Not taht she's trying /too/ hard. That would make a scene!

Kaia would give Brigid a smile in return, and accompaniment to her words. "Most gracious of you, Dame Brigid. We shall do so. Thank you for having us.~" she would let out with a bit of a chime at the end. Her eyes curiously moving about the room for any familiar faces. Her arms, still, elegantly wrapped around one of her husband's - Martino- as they continued to move on. "Oh, Dame you happen to know anyone else around here? If not, I'm afraid my darling husband will have to start making proper introductions." she notes with a grin.

After dropping those puns for Katherine and Rane, Nova bows with a grin before standing again and welcoming in Veronica with a clap to her shoulder before turning back to the hounds. "Who are the GOOD BOYS, hmm?" She does not seem to really mind that they are roughing each other up a little bit there, with the nose nipping being returned in like kind by the older hound if a bit slower than the younger one.

Kastelon makes an appearance at the party to congratulate Rane and Katherine, nodding to the pair of them through the crowds. He doesn't shoulder through, and contents himself with finding a cup of tea somewhere. Rendering nods and bows of his head to the various Keaton cousins whom he recognizes, he stations himself in a slightly wide stance, at an out-of-the-way location, to observe.

Bowing his head low, Martino replied to Brigid's greeting with a faint curl of his lips, "Oh mine thanks, mine thanks." Crossing in further, still with both Kaia and Irisa on an elbow each, the Lycene Lord leaned to his wife Kaia to murmur hushed to her ear, "This... is like the Oathlander Harvest we went to with Zoey where Princess Zara made us try...." There is a wrinkle of his nose, Martino still remembered it, "Oathlander White Wine." Martino's skin shivered, his shoudlers rolled before lifting his chin for an effortless smile across to both Rane and Katharine, "Oh good couple, fair blessings to you both. The ceremony must have been utterly beautiful, the wine... delightful. May this be the start of your own story written together for many more books."

"Indeed, Lierre, Katherine already has a firm grasp on me and my fashion sense, insisting on something that was finely made." And at that, he caught sight of Martino and smiled brightly with a small wave. "Lord Martino had his tailor work on this and I have to say, a wonderful job. Not that..I'm the best judge of those sorts of things." An arm hooked around Katherine's waist as they shared another look with the talk of dance. Lora was seen and he bowed his head politely to her as well. Then, cousin Veronica and he laughed at the shoulderclap. He reached out and gave her upper arm a strong squeeze. "Thank you, cousin. I'm glad you're here, truly." To Kastelon, another polite nod and little wave. With Martino's words, he laughed aloud, "Thank you, my lord. Glad to have you here, truly."

Irisa seems to have no issue with being on the arm of Martino. She's quite comfortable there, looking quite pleased with herself and confident in the lovely gown. The diamondplate on her sash is peacebonded in a goldish scarf, hanging on her left hip. Her eyes look over the room, scanning faces and names she hears. To Kaia, she lifts her voice towards the other woman, "No, I'm afraid not. I wish that weren't the case but.. he may have to take the lead with this."

"'Good' is a bit rich," Veronica says dryly, clearly referring to her own hound more than Rowenova's. She tugs sharply on his lead. "Thunder, behave yourself! This is /not/ playtime!" She grumbles it in an undertone, managing at the same time to grin at Rane as she steps aside to allow the next person up to greet and congratulate. "Don't be a stranger," she calls to him as the crowd (or the dogs) tug her slightly aside.

Turning back to Rowenova she adds, "He's called Thunderboy. I think I should have called him 'Big Bag of Nose-biting Trouble', though." She looks down at the dogs playing and adds, "Floppington seems to like him, though."

Katherine reaches out to take Veronica's hand for a quick, companionable squeeze of appreciation. "Thank you so much for coming. Truly I could not be happier. I hope that we can meet and get to know each other better," she adds on, an earnest smile offered to the woman she has not met, yet. So many Keatons, so little time. Lora does not escape unnoticed, nope! Katherine waves in a beckoning motion so that she can properly greet her dear cousin with a kiss to the cheek. "Thank you for coming, it means so much to us. Your support this past year has been such a boon to me. And! I have not had the change yet to congratulate you on your newest arrival. Now that all my planning is done, I do intend to come visit and greet the darling."

Adalyn grumbles to herself as she is pulled aside by a messenger. Her brow furrows, a faint nod offered as she murmurs apologies to those nearby and slips out, hopefully to return.

Aedric, in clean and finely tailored court dress, pauses just outside of the ornate stone archway marking the entrance to the Moore Gardens and lifts a silver flask to his lips. Held between his left forearm and hip was a small glass container full of seawater and what appeared to be a brilliant ruby cephalopod. "To us," he mutters, giving the creature a knowing nod before taking another drink and wandering into the crowd in search of the bride and groom.

Lierre turns her smile from Rane, to Katherine, to Veronica, and then finally to Martino's merry party. "Lord Martino, well met." Lierre dips her head in a deep, respectful bow. "Lady Lierre Keaton. My pleasure to meet you." Lifting her chin, she nods a couple of times, merry good humour in her eyes. "You have quite the tailor, I must say." As pleasantries are made, the young Keaton woman only momentarily looks aside to the dogs, but there's an expression flitting across her face that suggests she'll give them such a petting later on.

Kastelon lifts his teacup in a small toast to Rane as the man waves politely. His gaze drifts to the playing Thunderboy and Floppington, and there he stands, dog-watching more than people-watching.

Reigna walks with Kael over towards the newly wedded couple and smiles to each of them, "I am so profoundly happy for the both of you on this day. I hope that your paths are filled with joys to outshine every sorrow, that each tomorrow is better than the day before it. May your House blossom and prosper under your wise rule, and may your partnership prove as lovely as your smiles." She offers each of them a kiss on the cheek, and then looks to Kael expectantly, as if waiting for him to present something.

Moving alongside Veronica, Rowenova curiously asks, "What inspired you to name him Thunderboy? It is a good name. A songworthy name, I think." And then, the wolfy scout hopefully drifts them toward the food-and-drink table over yonder. Though, the playing doggos surely have a big steak in the current direction, too. "Are you a dog trainer, yourself?" Sir Floppington does not help much, constantly enticing further play that apparently goes without any reprimand.

That glance from Rane is caught, her sights narrowing a fraction with a cant of her head to his very pointed announcement of dancing. Attention drifts over all those who have gathered, looking for some and not finding others. Glancing up to Kritr, does she take his arm and guide him further in, " Come on now, don't be afraid to mingle and eat something - or have an ale, but try to remain from having three for I fear I'd have to get my horse to help carry you out." It was playfully said to the big Shav," I'll introduce you to the happy couple, actually." And it is so that drifting smoothly over the grounds that Brigid gets in line to greet the happy couple, features demure with a twinkle in eye. Falling in line behind Reigna and Kael, she patiently waits.

"Cousin," greets Kael first and foremost, though perhaps eye contact went to Katherine first before his full attention rests on Rane. "It is with great joy that I see the happiness that you and yours share. I thank you for your service to House Keaton, for the steadfast command of the Timberwolves, and your support through times difficult and not. I am grateful for the alliance that you have forged today with the marriage contract to House Moore and look forward to seeing your House grow greater." Let it not be said that Kael will not utilize House words for his own cheesy benefit. He inclines his head toward the man, keeps it held for a series of beats and thereafter shifts his focus to Katherine. Please excuse Kael, his mouth softens to a hint of a grin there. A smidge of something boyish that still exists. "Now, to you I must apologize." Ah, and see, he glances back toward Rane there as if making some implication. Yet his eyes sparkle and no commentary comes *there*, but rather as he turns back, an earnest explanation of, "For I did not respond to your most recent missive, my protege. My advice? Take a deep breath and do. Consider, have your people to confide in, remember your goals and stand proud with your partner. Remember your allies and know the strength in kin both blood and by other ties. Now, my vassal, my protege, my cousin-in-law. We have a small token of a gift, a representation of Keaton's clasped hand to aid you, but so too mine. Should you require my ear, I shall be there, steadfast. Congratulations, we look forward to seeing you and yours grow." With that, a piece of parchment with a voucher at the bank is offered over.

Oh, Lora does inevitably come around to more properly greet her cousin. Or cousins, now; there's a squeeze of a hug for Katherine and a kiss to both cheeks. And a pair of those for Rane unless he's especially good at avoiding them. "I do not have time or words to tell you how happy I am for you both. We'll have to catch up again at some point when you've fewer guests." Like the Keatons. She steps back again when they approach, giving both Reigna and Kale a formal tilt of her head that is robbed of some of its gravity by her lingering smile, then settles in to listen to the speech-making with what might almost be amusement.

Lierre is called away momentarily by a maid, whereupon she makes a 'sorry, just a moment' lift of her hand. A smile glitters before she heads off, but she'll be in the background!

Veronica squeezes Katherine's hand before she departs, grinning broadly. "I hope so too, very much," she murmurs.

Tagging along with Rowenova towards the drinks at a touch-and-go pace mostly set by the dogs, Veronica laughs. "Not in a million years. He's a good hound, but I"m a terrible trainer. As for the name Thunderboy? Well. It's not as honourable as all that. Cousin Amari decided that's what he should be, and so that's what he is. What about Sir Floppington there?"

In the midst of this chat, she raises her hand to wave a beckon to Kastelon where he stands out of the way, offering him to join them if he wants a closer-up dog-watching view.

"And to meet you as well, Lady Lierre, a fine day." Martino's chin dipped low as he laughed hushed with her, "Oh it was not just Rane's garments that were sorted... nay. Well, Kaia and I spent so very long picking what to wear." There, Martino laughed hushed as he turned his chin to Kaia to murmur, "That was until Lady Zoey covered for us."

Kritr says, "THREE!" Kritr bursts out at Brigid's suggestion that three ales will lay him low. "Do you serve it by the BARREL here?!" He asks, but the mention of food gets him thoughtfully stroking his beard. "I will say congratulations to the bride and groom." They are at the front of the line. Long line. Hungry. Long line. Hungry. "CONGRATULATIONS LORD AND LADY MOORE!" He shouts holding up a fist in the air. "LONG LIFE AND HAPPINESS! MANY BABIES!""

Eugene stepped backward a bit, after having fixed himself another libation, toward Brigid and the familiar shav; a nod of his head as sudden boisterousness emitted from Kritr's mouth. His eyes widened a bit as he looked to Brigid, a bit lost in his reaction, "...uh."

Nina is keeping good pace, but is watching the couple carefully to figure out when formal dance proceedings are likely to begin. As the party is quite bustling, there's a lot of people to watch. She's good at reading the room, figuring out when interest is moving and waning. After a moment, she finishes the current set, lowering her lute, and picking up a fiddle.

"Hello everyone and I do hope you are having a magical time. For your entertainment! Our happy couple has practiced a dance, which I am sure that you can all join in with as well!"

Have they? Well, of course they had.

Kisses were returned lightly to Reigna as his cousin began to smile and his chest swelled with pride despite his best attempts at staying humble. "It's been the pleasure of my life, Marquis, to serve you and our family." The rest, meant for Katherine with no small measure of humor at his 'apology', he grinned broadly and shook his head, giving him a 'why I oughta' sort of look. He looked between his bride and his liege-lord while those words were exchanged. Afterwards, he accepted similar kisses from Lora and smiled. "Thank you, my lady. And thank you for being here, I look forward to catching up as well." At the outburst from the clearly northern male, Rane looked up with a wide-eyed expression at first, laughing quietly and awkwardly. "Indeed, sir. We will try our best." To what? The long life or the many babies? Huh.

Kastelon nods to Veronica, walking over closer to stand next to her and Rowenova, studying the dogs. Although his expression remains ever impassive, those who know him well enough can sense his pleasure by the faint crinkling around his eyes. Kritr's shouting causes him to lift his teacup again. Cheers.

Rowenova meanders along, also welcoming Kastelon in their quest for feasting, which is -- indeed -- set by the pace of the dogs who play. Nova up nods. "Well, mayhaps your fellow Keatons can help convince him to be a gooder boy?" Yes, a gooder boy! "I am not sure why, but I always felt like Sir Floppignton was his name, that it just fit him, that that was who he was." Slight shrug, "Saved me from some thugs in the Lowers, he did." Then, she shouts back to where Kritr is, "ONE MILLION BABIES!"

As the Marquis and Marquessa Keaton were giving their congratulations, head dipped a fraction as attention drifted elsewhere for the time being. It was honed back in given Kritr's proud and happy elations, a hand was raised to cover her mouth trying her best to mask a grin, " May I introduce the ever excited Kritr Clearlake." A glance towards Nina and her announcement, with that does she step away to make sure she is no where near the dance floor. A bit of silvery silk, glimmer of a proud luminously pale back as the Dragoon dips into hiding like a star being dimmed by a cloud.

Katherine returns the kiss to Regina's cheek, and offers her protestations of appreciation to the woman and her very kind and generous words. This is all too much! Then, after Kael's own speech, requested words of wisdom offered with such candidness, Katherine reaches out to accept the voucher. Suddenly her vision grows blurry. Oh no, the tears. There they are! And one falls down her cheek against her will. The voucher is politely handed off to Rane, next, so that she is free to openly and unabashedly hug both the marquis and marquessa in succession, no matter the break in formality. She's just so happy! "Thank you!" is all she can muster, but perhaps she can be forgiven it. There's a hitch in her throat, you know? It is when Kritr's booming offer of congratulations resound from behind the Keatons that the emotional spell cast upon her is broken, and bright laughter follows. "My goodness, thank you, Lord Kritr!" she adds, "and I am so happy to meet you. Please come visit us any time; any friend of Dame Brigid's is a dear friend of mine."

To be fair. Kritr did manage to go a whole fifteen minutes without shouting over the party. He realizes immediately that the shouting part was either premature or not appropriate for this venue. He only nods his response to Rane. "Well we only just met and she invited me so. I'm here now." He tells Katherine, after the responses have gone from titters to silence again. Then to Rowenova: "A million. That's a made up number Nova, just like umpteen. You won't catch me out twice." Kritr turns his back to the gathering and collects food while his ears turn red along with his freshly shaved scalp.

Reigna laughs delightedly at Katherine's hug, returning it warmly. "You are more than welcome. We are family now, and forever... Moore." There is grin at the pun, a wink and she says, "We are here to help you and Rane grow the House, as friends, allies and lieges." She moves on after, as the couple have more people to greet, but she does look very pleased. As she and Kael move on, she directs them over to Kastelon, beaming, "Hello, Lord Kastelon! I am glad to see you here. How are you settling into the city?"

"Sounds like a good guard dog," Veronica says, looking at Floppington with perhaps some new respect. "I spend enough time in the boroughs that I /hope/ Thunderboy will take up the same mantle." Not that he looks like he will, as he's rolled on his back for the moment, pawing at Flop's face.

She nods as Kastelon comes over. "Kastelon! This is Rowenova. I lost a bet to her once and it seems we are now bonded forever by the dogs. Rowenova, my cousin Kastelon," she introduces them quickly. Then she has to pause to whistle shrilly over at the happy couple. "Dancing? Oh yes, lt's see some dancing!"

Ah, and when Katherine is moving to hug him, Kael is responding to do the motion with a hug of his own in turn. This, combined with a gentle kiss to the woman's brow, is a rare display of outward affection from him. At least for other than Reigna. So, after a clasp of Rane's upper arm in good nature, he is of course drawing an arm around his wife once more and turning to leave the newlyweds to their hosting. Not before adding, "I do recommend many children," by way of agreement to Kritr. His own focus seems to be Brigid afterward, but Reigna is guiding him to Kastelon and he is greeting him with an amiable, "Cousin."

Amari is late. That's likely why she strolls in and doesn't make a huge spectacle of her entrance. She's perhaps hoping no one will have noticed and she can sift in and join the other guests without any fuss. With her are Barf and River, as always, leashed even if they both seem happy and obedient enough to heel without straining or pulling her along.

Eugene chuckled lightly at Kritr's greeting to the couple, shaking his head. With his wont for a bit of refreshment sated, the armored rider paced about; shifting his posture to keep the hefty weight on his back from bogging him down. He posted along nearest the banquet table, grey gaze poised on the entry from Cavalier Place.

Irisa lofts her brow at something she hears from the group she is with, smiling a little as she turns her eyes towards another group. Another remark from Kaia has her smiling brighter as she tucks closer to Martino, happy to be here and take part in the well-wishing.. even if she's a bit shy about it.

There was an unbridled smile that bloomed over the soldier's lips at the acceptance and love shown to and from his wife. It's true what they said: Keatons are awesome. He took that parchment and tucked it into his coat without knowing, or caring, just what it was. At the call for a million babies, he twisted his lips and looked to Rowenova and gave a helpless shrug with a wry grin. "All the same, my lord, pleased to have you. Any friend of Cousin Brigid's is a friend of mine." He looked to Nina and her call for dancing and smiled, lifting a single finger as it seemed that most of the guests had been properly greeted, but they may have been a few remaining.

"Very well, thank you, Marquessa," Kastelon replies to Reigna, bowing his head to her in respect as he lifts his attention from the hounds. "I have not yet seen all there is to see. But I am pleased to be here at this celebration of Lord Rane's marriage." The teacup lifts for a third time, towards his cousin, Rane. Then he nods to his cousin, Veronica, at the introduction. "Fine to meet you, Rowenova." He bows his head to his cousin, the Marquis of House Keaton. "Marquis Kael."

Nina watches Rane and looks at his finger, waiting patiently as he still has a few in the receiving line to accept. She turns and talks to her band, and swaps a few pages of music on one's sheet, before sitting down and making sure her fiddle is properly tuned.

After spotting the line and confirming that the bride and groom were predisposed, Aedric finds and deposits his aquarium atop an empty cocktail table. Internally, he makes note of the great effort put into the event's d├ęcor.

Can you bring or take Northers anywhere? They just start yelling so randomly! Rowenova grins back to Rane then calls back to Kritr, "Even though I have never seen a million of anything in my whole life, I have texts which reference it as being real!" Then, she looks back to Veronica before her cobalt-blue gaze trails down to the playing dogs. "Well, he wants to guard, but we quarrel about who gets to save who. Yes we do!" Jumping down to kneel beside the good boys, she pets them both quite furiously! Looking up, though, when Kastleton speaks her way, she smiles brightly. "Good to meet you, too. Sometime, when it is less crowded, I will tell you my full introduction!"

Speaking of Dame Brigid, where has that sneaky woman gone off to? Well, no doubt hiding away after Rane's pointed smile and attentions. When finally free to do so, Katherine makes a bee-line for the woman's location, and makes a very deliberate motion to hug her with the same vehemence presently given to leaders of House Keaton. "Why do you hide away when I have so much to say to you?" she asks with a mischievous smile, pulling away from the hug and holding her outward for a quick look at her attire. "The dress, it looks so very lovely on you. I am glad you chose today to wear it. There's something I want to say to you, but I promise not to announce it to the whole world. This is just for you." A serious nod follows, eyes still overflowing with unbidden tears. "I could not have done any of this without you. I will endeavor to make you proud of me, in all things. That is my life's goal. Your trust in me will not be misplaced. House Moore will thrive so long as I have any say in it." A kiss is offered then to each cheek.

"Well, I hope that means that you are enjoying yourself." Reigna says to Kastelon, sincerely. We should sit down, you, Kael and I, soon." She lifts a hand to wave to Rowenova as she nears, "Hello Scout Rowenova. I hope you are doing well? Veronica! About that matter you brought up to me? We should discuss the next steps."

"I heard from someone that you were in town," and by that someone, Kael is glancing Veronica's way with a grin before following it with a glance back Reigna's way. Two someone's, evidently. "It is good to have you join us in Arx. I do so hope that you are settling in well?" The question is punctuated with a slight tilt of his head. His eyes flick toward Rowenova and he nods to her by way of greeting, lifting his gaze afterward to find Brigid. That being said, Katherine has done so already, and so his attention shifts back to the gathering close by him.

Brigid checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Martino "Mmm Lady Amari." Martino's head bowed to Amari as he turned and faced her with Kaia and Irisa on an elbow each, a faint smile upon his lips as he made easy introductions, "This is my wife here, Lady Kaia Malvici and our dear... companion and saviour of Kaia's life. Dame Irisa. With how the last wedding was, well, we could not help ourselves to have proection beside." Martino's eyes creased down to Irisa as he spoke of her highly.

Thunderboy immediately sneezes on Rowenova as soon as she sits down to pet him, but it's probably a friendly sneeze, all things considered. It does, somewhat to Veronica's relief, distract him from playing for the moment, so she has a bit of slack on the leash. "People and animals are all the same about that," she says to Rowenova. "Nobody wants to be saved by anybody." And she grins a little amused grin to herself.

Her eyes flicker around the place, almost habitually; she has the most focus for Nina, the master od the dance; but also for Irisa, whose sword she is almost-but-not-quite-ogling. But family first. She nods to Reigna, her eyes sober. "I agree. Tomorrow, soonest."

Kastelon nods at the Marquis and Marquessa. "I am," he agrees solidly, taking another sip of tea. "And I would like that." A cant of the head to Reigna, and he looks to Veronica nearby, and then back down at his cousin's and Rowenova's hounds.

Rane followed over with Katherine to settled nearby to Brigid and waited for the two to exchange words before giving the dragoon a loving hug. "I think the greatest gift I have for you is that I will not mention dancing anymore." He offered her a stern nod, but those eyes of his own danced all the same. He turned to spot Aedric depositing something on the table and he lifted a hand in wave to the man as well, "Glad to have you here, Lord Aedric. Thank you for coming."

Kritr returns from the banquet table hands full of finger foods, mostly meats and roasted acorns. Mingling is not something he has ever done well, but he does get close enough to throw an acorn at Rowenova, he's even nice enough to catch her eye first as a warning. Then he squares his shoulders and moves to engage his nemesis... pleasantries. "Lord Kastelon." Kritr says. "A place like Acorn Hill should have good Acorns, right?" Then to the Keatons he is talking to, Marquis and Marquessa Kael and Reigna Keaton: "I'm Krit Clearlake. Dame Brigid invited me." Blame her.

Is is the threat of dancing that has Lora drifting toward the edge of the garden? It's very, very possible. Surely she isn't planning to skip out on the party before the music really, properly gets going? Well. Maybe.

Wendy the little brown wren leaves, following Lora.

Rowenova checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

One last pet for the good boys (Sir Floppington and Thunderboy), and then Rowenova lets out a little laugh about the hound's sneeze, which might cling upon her fur garb but no matter! She hops up with apparent surprise in her cobalt eyes before respectfully bowing to first Reigna then Kael, too. Standing up from that last bow, she reaches up and quickly catches that thrown acorn from Kritr, making it look easy. "Thank you so much, I am doing quite well, and you look stunning, by the way, Marquessa Keaton." There is a thankful smile there before she steps back so her other family members can ultimately visit with her. That acorn from Kritr is soon eaten, of course!

Amari dips her head politely and offers a smile to the Malvici, and their honor guard. "It's lovely to see you, Lord Martino, and very nice to meet you Lady Kaia, Dame Irisa. That wedding sounds as if it were terribly exciting, or just terrible."

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser arrive, following Norwood.

Irisa smiles easily with the introduction and gives a small curtsey. "Lady Amari. Pleased to meet you." There's a bit of bashfulness with the praise and she smiles demurely with it. "It was an event. I was just there to support Lady Kaia and Lord Martino in their time of need."

Standing apart for the time being, little flurries of snow on the edge of the tent and therefore having her settle near a heated brazier that seemed to warm the bits of skin that Katherine's dress design put on display. It was when she was found out by the gilded bride, that a playful grin was given in kind, " I want you to be in your moment and I do enjoy idling back to watch you soak it all in." Slender hands, battle hardened as they were lifted up to cup Katherine's face with a sweep of thumb across the delicate line of cheeks as a matronly kiss was then set to her brow with care, " You have already made me so proud and you will continue to make Moore ever greater, sowing roots deep. You've got support all around you whether they be from Keaton, di Fidante, or myself." Hands drop, trying her best to not let eyes glitter but they did and a betraying tear trickled down, " You are never alone." At Rane's approach did she straighten, having been collected in a hug and boy does she love those, a smile brightens with the edge becoming mischievous, " No one needs to see me stomping about out there." Attention drifts however towards the announcement of Aedric, how could she have missed him? " Lord Blackshore, you snuck in." Hearing her name fall from Kritr's lips does chuckle, giving a shake of her head but keeping her silence.

Anne, a dangerously alluring Seraceni first mate, 2 Seraceni pirates, 2 Seraceni cutthroats arrive, following Dio.

"Well caught," Veronica calls to Rowenova. "Better luck next time, Lord Kritr!" They haven't formally met, but having overheard his name, she seems content to address him as if they're old acquaintances.

Katherine waves at Lord Aedric and points to Dame Brigid behind her back, as though suggesting something. SOMETHING. What could she be suggesting? Oh, right. Dancing! With that, Katherine reaches out to grasp Rane's hand and lead him to the middle of a room. All of that training she put him to teach him basic moves will now be put to the test. Katherine shares a private smile with Nina up on the stage and then nods, as though acknowledging the time is right! And so she stands in her husband's arms and looks up into the grinning face with a broad smile of her own. "Ready?"

Norwood totally isn't wearing armor to a wedding, nope. Something appropriate is on. He has a piece of cake as he comes up to Cristoph's side. "I'm not going to be able to walk by the end of tonight."

"Absolutely. We'll begin with a spirited song, and then a love ballad for the happy couple," Nina says, giving Katherine another nod.

She raises her fiddle to her chin again. Her instrument tuned and her accompaniment ready, Nina begins to work in the dance portion of today's program. She starts up with... a strike on the strings, and a rather spirited song. This requires a bit more timing of her band, and a bit more timing of the dancers as well. But... now the question remains if the bride and groom kept up with their dance practices in her absence. When the fiddle breaks to accompanyment on the flute behind her, she claps her hands a few times.

Kael dips his head to Kastelon once more in that humble manner that it has. However, his focus is shifting to Kritr when the introduction comes forth. "Well met on such an auspicious occasion," greets the Marquis in an easy manner. Easy enough that he offers over his arm to Kritr, for a clasp, should he be so engaged. "Are you married, Lord Clearlake?" That lead, it probably-maybe has something to do about the well wishes of many children. Yet the curiosity is genuine. When the dancing begins however, he shifts his stance slightly so that he might glance to the newlyweds.

"Good acorns," Kastelon agrees with Kritr. "I have not seen acorn bread yet here in Arx, but perhaps their acorns are not as good as those from Acorn Hill."

Kaia would smile in response to Amari's greeting. "Likewise, Lady Amari. The pleasure is ours." There would be an appreciative glance shot at Irisa, thankful even. "Yes...we could say a little bit of both. Nothing that I would wish upon anyone." she notes with a polite smile. Her eyes moving about --taking in the lovely decor. "Now, this, is a wonderful event. I'm quite eager for the dance to begin." she admits with a chuckle. "It's been some time since I've dance with my beloved Martino." she notes. A loving glance shot his way.

Aedric returns their greetings by offering a polite nod and smile. "Congratulations to you both. Many blessings," the mariner calls after them, gaze then shifting to Brigid. "You won't have to worry about dancing if you appear indisposed," he notes, dipping chin toward the opposite end of his table.

Kritr's expression goes from painstakingly going through the motions to 'hunted' at Kael's innocent inquiry. He freezes there, arm clasping the Marquis' arm. "No. Don't PUT that evil on me. Now that the Baroness is finally engaged... no no. Ringvald is next. Surely Ringvald. Everyone LIKES Ringvald." He has instinctively turned his shoulder to Kael to present a smaller target.

"Ah-hah!" Veronica's crow rises above the party rumble, almost in accidental tune with the fiddle. "Here we go!" She glances left, glances right. Kastelon is the only person within arm's reach, so she tosses Thunderboy's leash at Nova with a hasty "I'll just be right back," grabs her cousin by the arm, and tows him out onto the dance floor. Once they're out there she remembers to ask, "Can you dance?" But she, at least, is already moving to the music.

"Oh quite... well..." Martino's head turned to Kaia on his left arm as he smiled down to his wife, leaning to press his lips upon her temple with hushed ardor, "Mmm. Wonderful event if not with an edge of grave danger." Laughing slight to Amari, Martino added for her and Irisa, "Well like Kaia's cousin Lord Dariel wrote, 'Even in your wedding. You had to upstage us and try to make it a funeral'." Exhaling pleased at Kaia's words, Martino nodded, "Mmm it has been a while. Well, for us three. I have something if you follow my lead."

Dio enters the Moore Estate with a rabble of piratical looking figures. Immediately taking notice of the cocktail tables, Dio calls out in a loud voice, "Drink up, me hearties! I told you the spirits would be flowing at an Oathlands wedding!" He laughs, as the pirates excitedly make their way over to the cocktail tables amid the frowns and outright avoidance of the other guests and servants, greedily grabbing whatever strikes their fancy.

The Marquis of House Seraceni then begins to scan the guests looking for Lord Rane and Lady Katherine. "Rather clever way to make good on your promise to give the those who slew the most slavers all they could eat and drink in Arx, My Lord," says Anne to Dio, pulling her tricornerd hat a little lower. He flashes her a quick grin, and then begins to make his way over to the newlyweds.

Rane checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Rane looped one arm around Katherine's waist and the other collected her left, with the music started, they began to dance in a lively jig across the floor in time and rhythm. The smile he wore was the same as the first time they'd danced together, truly delighted from having her in his arms, with loved ones nearby to share and for the prospect of their future ahead of them. With the arrival of what was undoubtedly sailor folk, looked over briefly, but paid them little attention, focusing on someone much more important in that moment.

Eugene winced lightly at the hooting and hollering, his head tracking to where the piratical figures had made their entrance. His eyelid twitched lightly, canting his head as he rolled a shoulder back to measure out the weight at his back. "...hearties be havin' one glass of wine and that's it."

Rowenova deftly snatches the end of the Thunderboy's leash from midair, doing so with quick grace. "Have fun!" says she to Veronica before carefully urging the good boys (Flop and Thunder) to follow along with her to the food table, because that is the ultimate destination of all! "Lord Dio!" she calls out to their new arrival. "Of course everyone likes Lord Ringvald!" she tells Kritr, "But we like you, too! TOO."

Kastelon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Kael laughs in response to Kritr's remark, a sudden thing that is joined with a full grin. "I assure you, my lord, that there is something exceptional in the true alliance of two Houses and a fair partnership. Not to mention children. Still, when it is the right time. For the moment I will keep this Ringvald in mind if suitors come to me asking for opinions of which Houses are seeking alliances." His lips twitch again, he dips his head to the man, and then shifts his attention back to his wife. His brow lifts and he chins vaguely toward the dancing area. There's a silent query there.

A glance towards Aedric, " What makes you think that I'm indisposed? Maybe I just don't like dancing." At the sudden abundance of pirate folk, her gaze narrows darkly as she watches Eugene go into action, giving a sigh of relief before her stare rests on Dio with something that isn't overly friendly.

Veronica checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Kastelon blinks at Veronica's tugging, and quickly sets down his teacup on a surface as he follows her out on the floor. "Uh, no," he tells her, but that doesn't stop him from trying. And while he's lightfooted enough, he does not know the steps, and moves discordantly with the music. His coordination with his cousin is sorely lacking, too. The heavy tread of his hiking boots is probably not a comfortable thing to have stamped down on one's toes. Does she avoid it? Maybe she's quite agile.

"Do enjoy yourselves. I'm fairly certain there will be no fatalities on this occasion." Amari says to the trio as they consider dancing. She moves on, gliding along the periphery to watch those that have already taken to the floor and Nina's tunes.

Reigna laughs and nods to Kael, a bright gleam in her eyes. "As long as you accept that I am going to be a terrible dancer!" She's excited to dance, that much is clear. She takes Kael's hand and all but drags the poor man to the dance floor and unleashes her terrible, terrible dancing on him and all watchers. It's bad folks. It's *really* bad. But she's having SO MUCH FUN.

Reigna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Katherine checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Kael checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Noticing Rane and Katherine dancing, Dio offers a hand to Anne, until he hears the voice of Rowenova. "Ah, Messere Rowenova - finder of Cerdic's Windrose." Anne frowns, and stares daggers at Rowenova, as Dio saunters over to her. "How are you and your ever loyal companion, Love?" he asks, probably referring to Sir Floppington. Glancing over his shoulder, he says, "Anne, wine, eh? The good stuff."

Kritr seems rather surprised at the genteel and even elegant manner in which Kael turns his stammering into sensible conversation. He lets the man's arm go and runs a hand across his scalp. "Yes. Well. He never really fit in around Clearlake. He's doing much better in Arx. There... uh... might be a suitor already. I don't know." He's happy to be spared the rest of that rambling non-explanation by the Keaton power-couple moving onto the dancefloor. He looks at Rowenova with large eyes.

Katherine follows along with Rane's movements, for once not concerning herself at all with the quality of their steps, just enjoying the moment. She makes an effort to look around at all the couples joining them there, sharing the moment with laughs and smiles, words of encouragement in particularly reserved for Reigna as she passes in a whirl.

Mostly, Veronica manages to avoid the stamping Kastelon. Mostly, not entirely. But she only winces a little bit, apparently to engaged in remembering and pulling off the dance steps to be upset. "Oh, well," she says. "Niether can Reigna, look." She gestures with her head towards the Marquessa and her Marquis. "Don't worry ... just this one dance, then I promise I'll let you go. I should probably rescue Rowenova from the dog soon, anyway." She looks up at him with a grin. "But everyone should dance at least /once/ this evening, right?"

"Mmm shall we?" Martino asked as he heard the call to dance. He stepped slightly further to the dance floor with Lady Kaia and Dame Irisa still with him. The three to dance together?!

Stepping back slightly, Martino's fingertips worked into the hands of both Irisa and Kaia's as they followed suite. Gradually they moved to the left in something of a bounced skip with Martino's lead before stepping with a sweep forward and a sharp step back, their feet clicking in time with the music with each back step. Slowly they stepped in a circle, another click of their heels before another brisk shift forward. The three would step closer to each other's presence, a hushed murmur shared from Martino with the other two with a wry curl of his lips before he, Kaia and Irisa would step back. With each forward step, their hands would loft up beside their shoulders and on the fourth, Martino's breath was a hushed whisper to Kaia's own before the torn step back. Click. Another half pivot as they continued to step in a gradual clockwise direction.

"Harmless lot," the sailor murmurs, nodding toward Dio and his posse. "Don't let them bring down your spirits. They'll dance and feast and be on their way, I'm certain." He again draws his flask from his tunic and takes a swig. "Shame you didn't bring that sword with you, though. Would've been quite the deterrent. Might even have distracted them from those tears," he jabs, hiding a smile.

Ah, thus with a grin - perhaps to illustrate marital bliss to Kritr - Kael is thus drug away to go dance with his wife. He does managed a mouthed 'well met' again before he is pulled away. It might be rare for the pair to be able to indulge, and so it is at the horrible and awful joy that his wife displays, Kael is laughing and dancing thusly with her. Eventually though, fun that she might have (and he too at first), he is snaring her and more properly leading. That'll control the dancing to something far more formal, if he has his way. It's also slowed the dancing so that he can murmur whatever affections in her ear again.

Norwood tucks his plate of cake under his arms and lifts his hands up to applause the dancers - no matter how well they're doing. Dad claps on go.

Rowenova smiles brightly to Dio and shortens up the leash on Thunderboy, extremely excitable about a new person approaching them after Sir Floppington momentarily pauses the play to go greet Dio, too. He is not leashed and has plenty freedom to go nose the man's hands. "Cerdic's Windrose you say!" Then, Rowenova jaw drops before closing up her cherry-glossed mouth. "Wow! That is incredibly impressive! So glad I actually wore it, then!" Grinning big, the wolfy scout further notes, "Sir Floppington and I are doing quite well, and thank you for asking! How about you? And you?" That last ask is for Anne who soon earns a curious look and head tilt for the glared daggers. "What's up?" Northerners. Asking things out in the open! She smiles back to Kritr before then jerking her head as if to suggest he come over here and meet someone.

Kastelon tilts a look over towards Reigna and Kael. "Hmm," he agrees to Veronica. "Well, they look very happy, still." He seems pleased to see this, even if he doesn't smile, and even if the distraction makes for another potential crack to his partner's foot. At that, he releases her with a step back and a bow. "Now I have danced once this evening. My thanks."

check composure at 15

Brigid checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher. Brigid rolled a critical!

Rane smiled as those in attendance began to join them on the floor. First, to Kael and Reigna, he laughed aloud as they bounced about with the airy melody and then a glance to Martino, Kaia and Irisa as they danced together in a fashion that was far beyond his abilities. He spun Katherine in his arms and circled around with a bright grin, looming over his petite bride with nothing but affections and enthusiasm.

Kaia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 62 higher.

"Oh, I thought they were relatives of yours." A soft applause is given after her comment, glancing sidelong towards Aedric with a slight twinkle in her eye, weighing the Blackshore with a gentle sweep of her sights and tilting her head a fraction as if she found much to be wanting, " There are very few who can say they've witnessed those tears, " Came in a gentle usherance of breath, seemingly nonplussed, " But I promise that -you- won't be witness to such a show of emotion again."

Reigna doesn't fight the shift in dancing (mush to everyone nearby's relief), and instead happily lets her far more coordinated husband guide her into a semblance of grace and propriety. Their murmurs are hushed, but the joy and affection in Reigna's expression is evident. She leans in to kiss his cheek as they twirl slowly.

It looks like Thunderboy wants to jump on Dio, but Nova does not let him, but is not mean about it, just very strong and able to keep him in one spot.

Veronica doesn't begrudge Kastelon his backing out. She nods, clapping his arm before she lets him go. "It's good to see you," she says sincerely. "Next time, we'll have a bit more quiet and maybe some time to catch up." Pause. "And thanks for indulging me." She grins at him, then slips back off the dance floor to limp over towards Rowenova, favouring her stomped foot a bit.

Irisa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

"Most impressive," says Dio as he watches Martino with Kaia and Irisa. Anne hands him a glass of wine, and he raises it to his lips. "Who's that, m'lord?" asks Anne, turning also to watch the three dancers. "Lord Martino of the House of War," replies Dio. Anne laughs, and takes a sip of her own wine. "I'm serious," says Dio with a grin. "Not all Malvici's excel in mere fighting."

"Just like not all Seraceni can sail," mutters Anne. Dio narrows her eyes at her, but then turns to Rowenova. "I was most impressed with what you were wearing when you recovered that priceless necklace, Messere," says Dio to Rowenova. "That sopping shirt of yours doesn't easily fade from the mind." He smiles. "Been well enough, Love. Busy in the Saffron Chain, but decided to head back to Arx to unload some plunder, and because I can't get enough of this abyssal cold weather."

Kritr meanwhile is free to return to the table for drinks to wash down acorns and meat. That's his definition of bliss. Eventually, well after she gets his attention, Kritr heeds Rowenova's invitation and ends up next to her. "Ugh. Boats." He says. "Wood is a lie. Blackwood, is ... maybe a half truth."

"No, no, no. We've more manners than that," Aedric replies, joining the woman in her applause of the festivities. He returns his attention to Rane and Katherine after snatching the curious octopus mid-escape and returning it to its case.

Eugene returned along to his station, only this time a bit closer to the banquet table where the finger-foods and drinks were being lifted with wanton abandonment by the crew that had cavorted in with their supposed captain; to which the brute could surmise. His grey gaze flitted out over the center of the floor, watching the guests with a discerning eye. With shrug of his shoulder, Eugene lifted off the heavy war maul off his back and let the macehead poise into the cobblestone, using the haft as a post he could take leisurely guard.

When Dio brings up 'that sopping shirt', Rowenova wheeze laughs about it, but does so off sideways not to pour out whiskey breath all over the noble man. Soon recovering (and still holding the young dog from jumping up while the older dog happily greets Dio), Rowenova looks up. "Good, I am glad you have been doing well. Also, thank you for the complement, too." A wolfish grin before nodding over toward Kritr, "Have you both met? Lord Kritr Clearlake. Marquis Dio Seraceni." She looks aside to Veronica's limping, though, with obvious concern. "I thought you were going to dance, not fight out there!"

Kastelon nods to Veronica and departs from the dance floor as well, relocating his tea to stand guard and watch.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, Lianna, Feydin, a white-tailed eagle, Vigilance, a juvenile female Oakhaven Bloodhound, Berthold, Tinsel arrive, following Mia.

" Do you? My goodness, I'll have to start making comparisons then." A smirk, watching him dash away to reclaim the tentacled prisoner trying to leave his confines. Following after him does she curiously eye the beautifully colored octopus, " Is this your house mascot? "

Threading her way through the crowd to take Thunderboy's leash back from Rowenova, Veronica shrugs easily. "I did dance! My cousin's just got ... very head shoes. Still, it's worth it." She stomps her squashed foot as if to prove it, winces slightly, and adds, "Thanks for watching the hellion for me." She bows slightly to both Kritr and Dio, although her eye is drawn to Anne, her knives, and her glower first of all.

Katherine allows herself to be twirled around by her husband, then returns to his embrace to share a private moment. An endearing look is cast up to him as they move about the room together in perfect time, and it is then that she finally speaks. "Either I am an excellent teacher, or you are a natural at this. I am inclined to believe it is the latter," she says with a wink, and then twirls once again on cue. Thereafter, the woman leans in to whisper something into Rane's ear, a sly glint in her eyes as she does so.

"Can't say I've had the pleasure. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mate," says Dio to Kritr. "Marquis Dio Seraceni." He returns Veronica's bow with surprising grace. Anne ceases hating Rowenova long enough to remove her hat and bow to Veronica as well. Meanwhile, at the cocktail table the pirates are getting rowdy. Some of the cuthroats begin arguing loudly with Eugene.

Nina brings the livelier dances to the close with a cheer and a little whoop, and then, she stands up, and gives a little bow. Then she moves into a softer, waltzier number, one full of heart and drama for the couple to slow the pace with a very gentle waltz. Perhaps this will lower the spirit of fighting among the crowd, as well as serve as a natural point for some others to take a breather and slow pace.

Martino mutters, "My... if this was ... Lyceum wards. Then! We ... dance ... so more... liberating"

"You look like a boat man." Kritr says to Dio. "Why are you introducing me to a boat man?" He asks Rowenova, voice rising in pitch. "Sorry. I'm Krit Clearlake, Marquis Seraceni. I don't like boats. I don't trust them."

Brigid dips away from Aedric's side, instead of going to the table where Eugene is stationed as a deterrent, does she glide up to the Marquis Dio's side and tap his shoulder, " Get control of your folk, please."

Somewhere in the mass of all of those gathered, Mia makes her arrival -- and terribly late, at that. Best not to attract attention if such a thing can be avoided, and so with the exception of her lady's maid and Gerrin, the sole tattooed Prodigal among her otherwise liveried guards, she deposits her entourage at the gate and tries to slip into the tent as quietly as she can. Perhaps there's a pillar or a bit of decoration she can suddenly appear besides, looking as if she's been there all along.

Once more there is that quiet exchange with Kael and Reigna. The Keaton pair, they are conversing quietly with one another, and their dancing... well, that might take them further away from the crowd as well. Are they going to sneak off? Why yes, yes they are.

Vern, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Devo, an extraordinary Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Kael.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Fidelity, a white-tailed eagle, 1 Healer Guardian, Kael leave, following Reigna.

Rowenova hands back Thunderboy's leash to Veronica, making sure not to let go until she truly has hold. "Welcome. This is Marquis Dio Seraceni as well as Lord Kritr Clearlake. Have you met them both?" She curiously asks before giving Sir Floppington a noggin rub then standing up to full height again. "Because, you both have epic personalities. That's why!" She tells Kritr before she grins back to Dio. "Sometime, we need to talk of that treasure!" Though, she slides sideways and shoulder taps a few rowdy pirates there.

The Kea--nope! The Moore smiled down at Katherine and shook his head, "And I must insist it's the former, Katherine." He held her close as the new music began into a more tender ballad, shifting into an easy waltz with eyes for only one, despite the rowdiness of pirates nearby. This is, clearly, the type of dance where she would have have wonderful influence. A look was shared to Nina, almost one of thanks for indeed reading the room and what was needed in that moment.

"Pleasure," Veronica says to Dio. "Veronica Keaton." She chooses to add no further titles, as her attention is distracted by the rising waffle near the refreshments table. She lowers her hand towards her swordbelt, though she moves more like a city guard than someone who expects to be on a battlefield. Absently she salutes Anne with her other hand, a crisp little greeting gesture from one fighter to another.

"No. This is a giant -- oh, alright," the mariner says, plucking suckered appendages from his wrist and forearm as Brigid promptly departs. "Intelligent, that's what I was going to call you. Smart enough to avoid a brawl," he adds, speaking directly to the creature. "But not a net."

Following the expert lead of her very skilled husband. The lady Kaia herself would not stay behind. She too would be moving quite gracefully in that unusual dance between them three. A chuckle being exchanged amongst them at something said by the lord. "My, where did you learn this dance Martino?" she would ask with some amusement. A bright smile shot at Irisa. "You are doing quite wonderful yourself, Dame Irisa!"

Eugene glanced around incredulously as some three 'guests' took tone; the man glanced all around to see just -who- they were talking to. Eugene did not seem to catch Brigid stalk away. He chuckled, nodding his head, "Yeah, you heard me correctly. Wash the salt out! One glass so the guests all partake. This not be the Lowers. No hoardin' the sweets and treats."

Dio checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Dio laughs. "Indeed, I'm a boatman, Kritr Clearlake. And I've no love for the gods forsaken weather of the Northlands, so I can't blame you for mistrusting the beautiful means of freedom called shi -" Brigid's tap grabs his attention. He glances over his shoulder at her. "Aye, My Lady. Apologies. They've been knee deep in blood and entrails for a couple weeks now."

Dio takes a few steps over towards the pirates arguing and causing trouble. "Silence, you filthy sea rats! This is a proper wedding! Show some fucking respect - you get what drinks they give ye!" He nods to Eurgene, and there is an immediate silence from the pirates.

Dio returns to stand beside Veronica and Kritr. He takes a sip of his wine, and says to Veronica, "I am very please to meet you, Lady Veronica."

Kaia mutters, "... certainly! The ... of the south are something else ... One could say without parallel, ... that right? ... sensual. They, without doubt, put the Oathlander's ... most ... ... ... in the ..."

"I haven't had the honour," Veronica tells Rowenova. And, as Dio silences his pirates, she looks quite impressed. "But I'm glad I got the chance. Lord Kritr, that goes for you too." She nods to the man from the north.

As the music perked, the Lord Martino, Lady Kaia and Dame Irisa stepped brisker in their circle. Each quick step forward before one back. The three breathing their chest and breath close before sweeping back and finally their circle finished. Laughing easy, Martino's head bowed to both Kaia and Irisa, "Well... my darling Kaia. What if I said that I have done this dance with five others before?"

With the shift of the music to something more of a waltz, Martino stepped back and gestured his left hand for Irisa to stand before him and to face Kaia. Martino's fingertips rested upon Kaia's left hip, forearm brushed upon Irisa's side, with the three hands together as Martino led them slowly upon a three-person waltz. More gradual this step, three slow swings to the left before a pivot and a turn back. Just-so the three waltzed upon the dance floor, Irisa in a Malvici sandwich of sorts.

Martino checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Eugene, to his credit, kept himself civil but once there was a commanding tone, his eyes lifted to see the Marquis offering him a nod. The brute glanced at him with a rather dismal looking countenance; where was he BEFORE? The guard waved his hand to the seething but controlled sailors, mushing them away from the bride and groom's immediate place settings, "Ya, Ya! To your captain's call. Moderation, gents. And that ain't a port off the coast of Arx!"

Irisa laughs happily with the compliments from Kaia, swinging and moving with Martino and his wife. The beautiful white dress looks beautiful on her form as she moves, happily rolling with it. Not a single thing to drink yet and she looks to be living this to the full. "Lord Martino, I never expected this sort of skill from you. Perhaps I underestimated the Malvici name on the floor. Lady Kaia chose wisely, indeed!"

Kritr looks past Dio to the sailors and then turns his attention to Brigid. "Maybe he thought it was safer not to let them out of his sight." He tells the Dame with a deadpan expression. "Lady Keaton." He salutes her introduction with a lift of his ale glass. "It's just Krit. I'm not a woodland forest animal."

Katherine checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Irisa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

A nod is given, " I can most certainly understand that having been in such a state myself, sometimes folk just need a kind reminder. " That kind reminder came in the form of a righteous yell and it was one that she approved of with a wide grin, " Perfect. Thank you! " A glance to Kritr, smirking," Perhaps, but he has a good control over them and I thankfully don't have to bash some skulls in whilst wearing this dress." Came with a nod before she departed without so much as an introduction, returning to stand next to the Blackshore to inspect the recaptured creature now back in it's prison. " That was handled very well, don't you think? " A glance towards Eugene, a respectful nod of thanks given to her second in command.

"You are most welcome, My Lady," says Dio to Brigid. He chuckles at Kritr's remark. Turning to Veronica, Dio asks, "May I ask a dance, if you're not spoken for, My Lady?" He takes a sweeping step back and offers a calloused sailor's hand.

Now that the pirate crew has calmed down, Nova lets out a relieved sigh and picks up her own refreshments into a wooden bowl, plus a poured cocktail, and then joins up with Krit, Veronica, and Dio once more. She grins faintly while the good boy Sir Floppington leans sideways on her right leg. Nova pipes up, "Once adventured with Marquis Dio here, sailed out to a sunken shipwreck and dived down to dig up the treasures lost but now found."

Katherine spins again in Rane's arms, and then, at the next natural break, slips free and runs out with a hand outstretched to Brigid. "Come on, dance with me!"

Eugene canted his head toward Brigid as she passed, his eyes rolling a bit. It was the minor agitation he could have done without. But no one had died. "Willin' to give folk the benefit of the doubt. Good on us to show some Moore hospitality." He glanced with a start as Katherine came to abscond with Brigid. He gave a smile, bowing his head, "Many congratulations, my lady."

Norwood is watching quietly, his toe tapping out in time to the music. Mostly. It's a little off-beat.

"It /is/ her wedding day," the Blackshore asserts, dipping chin toward Katherine. "Be a good cousin."

"Krit it is then," Veronica agrees easily, nodding to the northern lord with a with a little grin. Dio's offer is accepted at once; Veronica clasps hands with Dio, and turns with a rather hopeful look back to Rowenova. "I want to hear more about that," she says. "As soon as I'm done with this dance." Pause. "Let's give it a go, Lord Dio."

Martino mutters, "Mmmm, ... pivot there ... Yes, I know. ... the centre of us is ... but think of it as a ... a ... layer ... our ..."

Dio checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

A glance towards Katherine, then back towards Aedric with a loft of brow, before she ducks to release a sigh and then lifting that face is there a strained smile, " Of course, but only because of that." Calloused fingers come to fall into Katherine's soft own, being guided towards the dance floor with no small amount of coltish grace.

Brigid checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

While the better of the two dancers of this newlywed couple had found herself a new partner, Rane smiled and looked out to the crowd and passed Veronica, giving her hand a squeeze as he did. He found himself in front of Mia and bowed politely, "Good day, my lady. Lord Rane..Moore. Not, that's not it. Baron Rane Moore, I suppose." There it was, the first time he had to correct himself. "Thank you for cmoing."

Well, perhaps less coltish than she had first expected and we'll go ahead and chalk that up to her moves mirroring those often seen in fighting stances which Martino might note.

Katherine checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Veronica checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Dio smiles at Veronica, and sweeps her into dancing in time with Nina's exquisite music. As the pair move gracefully about the dance floor, his dark eyes remain on the Sword of Oakhaven.

Kritr sees that the dancing has started in earnest and slides one foot toward the exit. "Thank you for the invitation. It was a nice reception. Very good acorns." Kritr says as he sidles away from the Danger Zone.

Mia's dark eyes had been scanning the crowd for familiar faces. Irisa... dancing. Kaia.... dancing. The Keatons she knows best disappearing down a pathway. Damn. A faint frown crosses her face for a moment, but then she's being bowed to. A curtsy, too well-practiced to speak of effortless grace, is her immediate reply. "The groom, then. Marquessa Mia Riven. My hearty congratulations to you, my lord, and to both of your families on such a joyful day. The Marquis and Marquessa Keaton have been dear friends since the battle of Stormwall and I am delighted to see them spreading the branches of their family tree so wide."

This time, Rowenova gives one of the pirates a job. Here, hold this leash to the dog who wants to jump on people. She turns back toward Kritr, then sees that he is leaving. "Farewell!" says she with lift of her hand.

Accepting the leash from Rowenova, the pirate frowns, and says to Eugene. "C'mon, Mate. Another drink, eh? I's got responsibilities now." Anne laughs, her expression toward Rowenova softening perhaps a touch, and her wrath now focused with renewed vigor on Veronica.

Nina is again arranging things with her band. There is a small pause, and then one flute player lifts a viola, and they swap into a nice processional, a peaceful bit of music to keep the dance moving but at a moderate pace. The bard is quite intense on her own fiddle at this point, her eyes half-lidded, though in the process, someone comes round and brings her a glass which is set upon the table next to her. She'll attend to it in a bit.

Katherine does not need to add or embellish a /thing/ to Brigid's dance moves; she so fabulous, especially in that new dress of her's. With graceful, practiced movements, the cousins twirl around one another to the waltz. "You are so very cruel to me, you know? All of this time, you knew how to dance and never told me," she accost with effortless laughter in tow.

This time, it's Veronica's turn to show less skill in the dance than her partner. She's not bad at it, showing the long-honed dexterity and light feet of a fighter, but Dio is unquestionably better. Not that the Sword seems to mind. Her eyes never stay still for too long, taking in movement and the ebb and flow around her, but they always flit back to her dance partner. "I like your style," she tells him. "Brings a bit of excitement to the place. Where'd you meet the happy couple?" She cocks her head and adds with a little sideways grin, "or are you mostly here for the booze?"

"That's very kind of you to say, my lady, and very well met. I'm proud of the impact my family has made and am pleased to see how much better we can make the world. Katherine and I are very excited for what lies in store for us." As the music changed, he turned back to Mia and smiled, extending a hand politely and without expectation, "Would you care to dance, marquessa?"

"Ah, you flatter me Irisa. I'm happy to be reassured of my choice. He is a talented one, this one." she says with a smile directed at Martino, as they swiftly and quite elegantly shifted on their stances to prepare for the delightful waltz. The skirts of those winter-like dresses shifting and twirling in a somewhat mesmerizing dance of their own. "Oh how fun! I had never danced like this before!" she chimes with excitement. "It's certainly different.~" The words would echo in a sweet tune followed by a bell-like laughter. "Oh we must do this more often!" she'd say in regards to that three person waltz.

Kaia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

After drinking from her alcohol glass, Nova steps up to stand close to Anne. "Unrequited love, eh?" That, she speaks quietly whilst curiously observing the noble dancers.

Eugene peeled his eyes over to the Marquis, canting his head a bit. He opened his mouth to protest but hardly anything would come of it, ", aye. Tis a celebration but we just couldn't be havin' all the wildness. Thank ya for sayin' your words and peace. We want to make sure this affair is nice and cordial."

A laugh, trying to keep an easy pace with Katherine, " It's only because I know how to wield a weapon, I swear that is the reason." The dress which garbs the Dragoon is indeed splendid and made with care, the colors catching the lantern lights beautifully and causing that pale skin to shimmer as if mirroring the snow touched by moonlight. Terribly clever is Katherine for the design! " I'm going to go stuff my face now. " Slowly does she glance towards Aedric, swinging Katherine along with her in a graceful sweep of statuesque form and the far slimmer curvature of her dancing partner, " Lord Aedric, would you be so kind as to gift Katherine with a dance? It is her day after all and I'm eager to see just how agile you can be." An impish wink is tossed conspiratorially towards her aureate haired cousin.

There's a blink from Mia at the question, and then another, before she replies to Rane, "I will do my very best not to leave you limping off to the healer, my lord, but I am afraid that I can make no more promises than that." A slender, long-fingered hand that might be called 'elegant' were it not prone to ink stains that won't quite scrub out and an archer's calluses is offered in return. "Should you be inclined to call it 'dancing', I'd say you're a very generous man indeed and will surely be a great blessing to your new wife."

Aedric promptly slaps his right thigh. "Bad leg. Most sincere of apologies, my lady."

"Mmm... oh a fine idea Kaia. More threes please." Martino's emerald greens creased across to Kaia's icy blue as he, Kaia and Irisa pivoted once more. Martino stepped back slightly to gather the left hand of Irisa and the right hand of Kaia's in each of his opposite before slowly twisting his fingertips, "Ah... now we do swap." Where some might have expected Kaia to be in the centre, oh no. Martino took this as his chance to be in the middle. With himself stood to face Kaia, Martino's fingertips were upon his wife's hip while Irisa's arm was around him and layered on his fingertips. Their hands, placed by each other, their waltz began anew. A swing of Martino's hips this time as the music perked, as the three of them pivoted and Maritno;s eyes locked quite intense upon Kaia's own, "Can we?"

Rane took up her hand and laughed quietly and bowed his head again. "I'm certainly no expert in the art either, my lady. This is a new battlefield for me, in many regards. I'm certain we'll be able to stumble through this together." With Mia nearby, a hand was placed high at her back between the shoulders and an arm was stretched out wide, just as Katherine had taught him. With a nod, he began slowly at first so that she--and he--could feel each other's rhythms.

"Entirely here for the booze," replies Dio with a smile, as he dances with Veronica. "Lord Rane and Lady Katherine were kind enough to extend their invitation to House Pravus, and I hoped to wish them well - and perhaps fulfill a promise made in a battle at sea." His dark eyes remain on the Keaton Lady as they continue to dance. "Something tells me mortal conflicts are something with which you may have some familiarity," he says softly, as he adds as a slight flourish to his dance steps, and pulls the Veronica a bit closer to him, if she'll allow it.

Rane checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog, Blade of the Last Midnight, a rabbit leave, following Amari.

Mia checked charm + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Eugene gave a polite smile to the Marquis Dio as his attention was then lifted by a potential dancing partner. His face quickly became irritatingly stoic, his lower lip bulging as he seemed to be fighting a holler; his tongue will get the brunt of his frustration.

Katherine is overheard praising Nina: The musical talents of Nina and her band never cease to blow me away. Our wedding was made perfect because of her!

Irisa has an easy, happy smile sandwiched between the two. Its good to see the knight dancing without a care in the world, moving effortlessly with them. Allowing Martino to take her hand, she lets him guide the two and swings around behind him with the waltz! This is unexpected but she doesn't seem to mind at all. Hands clasped to each of them, she moves behind and rolls her hips in time with the waltz, dancing and closing her eyes, letting herself forget everything else happening.

Irisa checked charm + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Rane is overheard praising Nina: A peerless bard and an absolute master at her craft. A true testament to her College.

Veronica turns her head slightly to glance from the corner of her eye at Rowenova, the pirate with Thunderboy, and Anne. Her brief gaze is intrigued, but most of her attention is for Dio, and she closes with him with an easy friendliness. "Something would be right," she says, with a little shrug of one shoulder. "I've been about with the Keaton Huntsmen since the day I was of age. Strictly land battles, though. I've not had that much chance to be at sea."

"Ha!" laughs Anne dramatically to Rowenova. "Nothin' like that, Wolf Girl. Just don't like these landlubbers bein' so familiar with the Marquis." when Rowenova leans in to ask her something else, Anne grins. "Aye. It's not to cover an injury, Lass. It's to help with the darkvision, and there's quite a bit of shade here in Arx," she mutters as Dio and Veronica sweep past.

Brigid is overheard praising Dio: What an absolutely beautiful commanding presence, I appreciated his booming voice checking his crewman back into being respectful.

Brigid is overheard praising Kritr: He didn't have to show up to the wedding, but I'm so glad and honored that he did. To future friendships!

Katherine inclines her head to Lord Aedric, effectively absolving him of all responsibility to dance with her. "Of course, my Lord. You simply need to endure my company, now." Her hands immediately reach out to grasp the man's upper arms, and he knows what's coming! She leans in and air kisses his cheeks, then leans out and gives him a look that reads: DEAL WITH IT. "Now, you must introduce me to your companion," she adds, gesturing to the creature in the glass container on the table.

Rowenova swigs down more booze and curiously watches the dancing nobility, briefly lingering on the triple dance of the Lycene folk before drawn away by chatting up Anne. "Ah, hah! Well, I am sure that if any land lady ever fell for the Marquis Seraceni, she would do her best to try to learn how to sail, yes?" Nova wryly grins to the dancing pair then looks back, "Or were you hoping that he would hook up with a Thrax of some kind?"

"Much like my current dance partner, it's beautiful, the sea," says Dio. "The winds, the rolling waves, the life above and beneath - its vastness, its calms and storms. Aye, My Lady, if you ever wish to become better acquainted, allow me the honor of escorting you to Ishcia." As another of Nina's songs come to a conclusion, Dio bows to Veronica. "Thank you again for the dance, My Lady."

Brigid blinking at Aedric considers herself foiled, taking a sidestep to allow Katherine a chance to inspect the container and it's leggy occupant.

Nina finally lowers her instrument, and rises again to her feet, looking back at the band with her with a glance. The glass that was brought to her, she raises. "I would love to join you all in a toast, in congratulations to the bride and groom. May their love flourish for all of their days and inspire love songs of their own in the years to come."

Easy grace may not be among Mia's charms -- or at least not a particularly refined elegance of carriage, anyway -- but it seems she's not quite so stumbling of a dancer as she claimed to be. On the contrary, though she's quite simple in her footwork, there's something rather charming and pretty in the unpretentious movements she makes as she tries to follow Rane's lead. And if nothing else, well. At least her clasped hand is surprisingly warm. No chilled-by-winter fingers for the poor new Baron to clutch. "Have you been in Arx long, Baron? The Keatons and I were just lamenting how rarely we see one another of late at a dinner earlier in the week, but I don't believe your face was one I saw there, though that may be a fault of that very unhappy schedule both our Houses have kept."

Katherine is overheard praising Martino: Our wedding attire is as fabulous as Lord Martino Malvici, who was kind enough to gift them to us. All praise goes to him for ensuring my husband showed up in proper fashionable attire!

Martino mutters, "... either way, darling... you are ... utterly ravishing as always. Truly."

Eugene smiled lightly at the bard, tapping his mace lightly on the cobbles to partake in the toast, "Hear, hear!"

Kaia would laugh as she danced with the two of them. Martino --now sandwiched in the middle of them ladies-- would get a swat in the arm at something asked hushed. The former petite Malvici shaking her head --would keep laughing-- as she continued to pivot, sway, and --well-- waltz that odd, but most curious, waltz. "What a scandal indeed!" she would reply to something said by Irisa. Another musical laugh echoing through the room as she leaned in to whisper something in return.

Nina is overheard praising Katherine: Congratulations!

Nina is overheard praising Rane: Congratulations!

Anne leans over to share a quiet word with Rowenova. She doesn't look pleased.

"I think I'd like that," Veronica says, showing a rather businesslike whip past the flattery; whether that's just her way or whether it's a reaction to him in specific is anybody's guess. But her smile when they part is sincere, and she bows more deeply to him this time. "Anything a man talks so passionately about is worth experiencing, and best with the man who knows it." She steps back off the dance floor to allow the dancing Lycene threesome past, and turns to collect Thunderboy's leash.

The hound has, it seemed, had about as much of this as he can take. Just as Veronica grabs him, he makes a leap up towards the food table, nearly dragging the Sword with him. Growling, she checks his headlong rush, gives a loud, stern, "No!" and turns to pull him away from temptation. If this means leaving the party, it's unfortunate, but just as neessary, and she waves to those she's leaving behind as she hurries away.

Veronica has left the an ornate brocade couch in snowdrift white with a solid oak wooden frame.

Fion, Thunderboy, a juvenile Keaton bloodhound leave, following Veronica.

Kaia is overheard praising Rane: Cheers to the groom!

Brigid is overheard praising Katherine: To future happiness! You will continue to do great things as Baroness in my stead!

Pivoting smooth once more as the music began to fade and come to a halt, the Lord Martino Malvici slowed the waltz and with that it came to an end. Standing still, once more between Kaia and Irisia, he lifted his chin to echo across the words from Nina as she spoke, "May their love flourish." Dipping his head low, Martino bowed it to Katherine and Rane low as he inhaled faintly, "Mmm, should either of you need anything to start life in your new unison. Merely have myself, Kaia or..." Still enjoying this game, Martino turned his chin to Irisa to add, "Or Irisa here know. One of us shall see to it."

Kaia is overheard praising Katherine: Cheers to the bride!

Martino is overheard praising Katherine: Sucessfully married without a single arrow hole! Well done.

Martino is overheard praising Katherine.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser leave, following Norwood.

Irisa is overheard praising Katherine: Congratulations!!!

Any visible reaction to Katherine's gesture is successfully repressed. He turns to the aquarium, removes the bottle of wine weighing down its lid, and dips his hand into the water to collect the juvenile octopus. "A giant Lycene cephalopod," the sailor explains, offering the creature to the newly-appointed baroness. "This one took a liking to old chum we had recently discarded. They are incredibly intelligent and form close bonds to those responsible for their feedings. They'll eat fish, crabs, small birds, and even snails. She's small now, but she'll grow to ten feet -- if not more. What you've heard about their colors changing is true," Aedric continues, "they'll camouflage themselves to ensare unsuspecting prey or escape predators."

Martino is overheard praising Rane: Married into a fine position and with fine clothes upon him. Congrats

Non-chilled fingers were always a plus when it came to a dancing partner. "Perhaps a year now, my lady. I rarely find myself out an about and return to Oakhaven often to tend to my garrison nearby. It was fate that led me here, actually." He turned to glance at Katherine with a seemingly distant, fond memory. "The marquis and marquessa are fine companions and company to have. Hopefully we can arrange a dinner of our own. It would be nice to make new connections in Arx."

Martino is overheard praising Kaia: Was the perfect bread for a dance of three

Martino is overheard praising Irisa: Fine right arm companion

Nova continually conspires with Anne, doing so while obviously looking at Dio.

Coming to stand again beside Anne and Rowenvoa, and accepting another glass of wine, Dio raises it after Nina's toast. "May Gild bless Lord Rane, Lady Katherine and both their Houses!"

Irisa grins with the laughing from Kaia and sways with the waltz, working through the turns as she takes up the habit of it. Its easy and nigh casual for her. When Martino steps back to call that out, she laughs all over again and lifts her hand to wave round. That's Me! I'm Irisa! She steps to the side and looks around finally. Seeing Mia, she dips her head respectfully.

Irisa is overheard praising Martino: Fine left arm companion

Kaia is overheard praising Irisa: A splendid friend and dancer! I am quite happy she could join us!

Kaia is overheard praising Martino: Still my delightful fashionable devil! He had those tailors dress the newlyweds to perfection and had us perform a most wonderful and unique dance.

Rowenova lifts up her own glass, then she curiously glances to Anne before smiling somewhat to Dio. She does not ask, though, briefly compartmentalizing for the toast up. "Agreed!"

Irisa is overheard praising Kaia: A lovely invitation to a fantastically bloodless wedding!

"Given that the Marquessa once did her utmost to see me survive an enemy charge where none else save for her and Dame Harrow stood with me at the entrance to the medical tents, I can assure you, Baron Moore, than any kin of the Keatons will always be welcome at my table -- even those whose names have changed by virtue of marriage," Mia replies with a deep nod. It is the best she can manage at the moment, given how awkward a curtsy would be mid-turn. "Consider our doors open."

Eugene clapped loudly with his plated gloves, in chorus with the clinging of glasses and rousing praise of the guests.

Something Mia says draws attention from Rowenova. She curiously smiles before shifting away to look up to the pirate Marquis. "How did the dance go?"

Playful as ever, the Malvici Lord Martino's eyes creased to Irisa as she waved her hand around to the room and glanced to him. Leaning slightly to Kaia, he laughed hushed as he shared with her, "I have been working on another dance, one for just us... perhaps later in our suite."

As the song ended, he smiled and at Mia's comments and again, his chest swelled with a bit of pride. "I would expect no less than absolute heroism from Marquessa Reigna and I'm glad you stood with her. That speaks highly of your character as well." He bowed to his partner, "It was a pleasure, my lady. And I do hope we remain in close contact. Thank you once more for coming."

Rownova wheeze laughs then calls out to Martino, "Smooth move, My Lord!"

Katherine receives the octopus awkwardly, though, to her credit, with only a mild amount of concern visible on her visage as she handles it. "Ten feet, you say? Well, we're going to have to find a way to properly house her, it seems." The creature is then placed back into its cage once more before a tiny arm can get itself stuck to her skin. "Thank you for coming; it means a lot to us. To me. Hold onto her for us, will you? I want to make sure someone looks after it while we're away on vacation over the next few weeks." Katherine smiles brightly to Lord Aedric, and then she turns to set her sights upon Eugene. "I owe you my thanks for keeping the peace here this evening. I suppose that will contribute nicely to our efforts to begin our acquaintanceship anew. I hope you enjoyed the evening. I look forward to getting to know you better when we return." With that, Katherine curtsies to both men and turns around to spy out her husband. With the music ended, it seems things are starting to wrap up.

Mia offers a deep curtsy to her host. "A delight, my lord, and one I'm thankful for. My very best wishes to you and your lady, today and for many long years to come." Her hands then fold together, disappearing somewhere under the long sleeves of her gown. A half step back is meant to excuse him from any lingering obligation he might feel to entertain her, given how many guests they have milling about.

Eugene placed a hand to his chest as he bowed lightly to Katherine, "My all for House Moore, milady. Tis what we do to keep you and Lord Rane safe. I did, thank you. Save for the gaggle of pirates. All's well that ends well."

Carefully watching from a safe distance the handling of the octopus, she made mental notes of it's size and already was she working out a way to house it. Quietly does the Dragoon of Acorn Hill take in all those that have left and seeing who was still present, it caused her to drift away to somewhere quiet where she'd be able to properly inspect.

Casting an eye in the direction of the pirates, Dio says to Anne, "Time for us to return, so as to be prepared for the tide." Turning to Rowenova, Dio grins. "Quite well, Messere. Lady Veronica has been blessed with both grace and poise. I must take my leave, but it has been good to see you, and your faithful hound again. You should visit the Palazzo sometime soon, perhaps share a tale of your latest adventures."

Anne hands Dio a bottle, and makes her way to the pirates, beginning to corral the rabble. The marquis approaches Rane, and bows, saying, "Congratulations to you and Lady Katherine, My Lord. My Gild and all the gods watch over you. I've brought some wine from my homeland as a small gift." He offers the wine to Rane or a nearby servant. "I must take my leave, but I thank you for your hospitality."

Dio gets Ischian Ruby - Red Wine from a black canvas sailor's bag.

Kaia gaze is then, on Mia --who had just finished dancing with the Baron Moore. A smile directed her way, and a proper courtesy given from afar, should their gazes meet. "Oh, how lovely, to see more familiar faces about." she comments to both her husband and her friend.

The couple's eyes seemed to meet across the room and Rane smiled brightly as he made his way to Katherine's side and laced his fingers with her own. "We thank you all for coming this afternoon. Thank you for your affections and--" He blinked at the octopus. "--gifts. For those of you we did not get to speak with much, please know that we will rectify that as soon as we can. I can't recall having been happier in...perhaps ever." He looked over the crowd and pressed his lips into a shaky smile as he glanced down at Katherine. "Please enjoy what is left of the food and drink." He shot a linger gaze to Eugene and Dio, along with his companions as those seemed to be the most excited by the spread. "I look forward to future excuses to gather as friends, and to that, soon."

Rowenova jokingly tells Eugene, "At least they became responsible pirates!" Back reference! She soon turns to Dio, doing so with a brief dip of her wolfy-framed visage. "Thank you, My Lord. I look forward to meeting again." Then, she moves along with Anne and helps out but at some point tries hard to curiously inquire about the prior talk.

Katherine glances around to look at the remaining attendees and offers them all a beaming smile. "Thank you all for being here, and for all of your well-wishes. To those of you I did not get a chance to properly meet, I do apologize, but do plan to rectify that when we return from our little vacation," she says, turning her affectionate look to Rane for a brief moment. "Have a lovely evening, everyone!"

There is indeed a brief moment when Mia catches the look given to her by Kaia and the Marquessa dips into a small bob somewhere between a nod and a curtsy from across the tent. But then their hosts are speaking and, it seems, closing the celebrations. Best to make her way quietly back to the gates, then, and likely off to the Grayson ward.

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