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Lady Veronica Keaton

No matter the trick, no matter how far, I am coming. You will not escape justice.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Relentless Rat-Catcher
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23
Birthday: 7/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Sword of Oakhaven, Inquisitor

Description: She moves with unthinking grace, a byproduct of years of training with sword and shield and fist. There is a comfort, a confidence in her movements, in herself that shows in each step taken, it lends a touch of arrogance to her delicate features. Her brow is wide and smooth, her eyes sharp, intelligent and as blue as a Summer sky after a rain. Her nose is straight and set above a mouth that is too generous for the rest of her face. There is a coiled intensity around her, found in the restless motions of her long limbs; hints of a temper lurk, the promise of violence if unleashed, though it is matched in the boldness of her smiles and the uninhibited nature of her laughter. She is tall, her femininity blended well with her athletic frame.

Personality: Determination, tenacity and perseverance, thy name is Veronica Keaton. From even a young age, the stubborn resolve of this Keaton Lady was legend. When she has a target she is ferocious in her focus, all lines of thought return to the situation at hand and she will pursue her goals with a fiendish, reckless abandon that some call driven, and others call 'Oh gods, why is everything on fire?!'. On the rare occasion that she has no pressing hunt, she is just as intense in her pursuit of entertainment. One thing she rarely is, is relaxed.

Background: The second born of Ambrose Keaton of Thistle Hill, Veronica Keaton was born a force of nature and has never ceased being so. It was when she was quite young, only seven or eight years old that her mother was taken from her. A man, arrested for banditry escaped capture and as he was fleeing, sent Lady Anastasia Keaton hurtling from the ramparts, falling to her eventual death. That the man not only escaped, but killed her mother was an injustice that never stopped clawing at Veronica. She joined the family business, as it were, dedicating herself to stopping criminals, letting nothing, nothing ever get in her way of seeing justice done.

Since joining the Huntsmen of Keaton, she has brought in no fewer than one hundred and fifty bandits single-handedly, which led to her swift rise through the ranks and the inheritence of the title, Sword of Oakhaven. She has been Sword for just over a year, and is, by all accounts, doing her family proud. That being said, her dedication has resulted in three house fires, four hobbled horses, the destruction of a town bakery, the cracking of a mill stone, an entire wheat field set ablaze and the loss of her father's left eye. A whisper campaign has begun, filling the young Sword's mind with thoughts of heading to Arx. There she can continue her duties as the Sword of Oakhaven while pursuing new goals: Joining the Inquisition and becoming a Disciple of the Sentinel.

Name Summary
Amari It goes without saying that of my cousins, Veronica is the fiercest and always has been. I'm so glad she's returned to Arx and is in much better spirits. It was very sad to see her fire dimmed and sputtering for so long, but I saw in her a new spark ready to become a blazing pyre again, crackling with courage and ferocity, eager to burn down mills and rid the lands of evildoers.
Anisha Lady Veronica has returned from Oakhaven and remains a breath of fresh air wrapped in Oathlander honour. She gives herself far too little credit and I am eager to see where our philosophical musings will lead. Truth and Honesty, my darling. Truth and Honesty.
Calypso I suppose it -was- too much to ask for an Oathlander to play along. As much fun as it would have been.
Cornelius A sharp, playful, and beautiful young lady. She seems to have a sword as well...
Corrigan I don't usually care for Silks, but having worked with this one - she's an Inquisitor first, and a highborn Peer of the Realm second, far as I can tell. Which is good.
Dio A noblewoman of strength and grace. One day, perhaps, she'll come to know the indescribable beauty of Mangata's realm.
Kastelon This cousin has a rambunctious hound and a recalcitrant horse. I like them, and her. Although I would add that she is very graceful on the dance floor, that might dim the understanding that she is also the fierce Sword of Oakhaven who must be respected for a strong arm as well as light feet.
Kritr The Keatons feature two martial ladies. I hope one day to prove Clearlake's honor against both of them.
Mabelle Lady Keaton is fashionable yet practical and she is no nonsense! Beautiful however and clever.
Martino Delight of Keaton. Fun to be around, good to chatter with and with a fine balance of play-to-work. Good. Accept Lycene Red wine. Better.
Reigna There is something vital and irrepressible about Veronica Keaton. She is fierce in every way as if life beats a little more brightly inside her than in anyone else. She is intense, but not offputting. And she loves her family. And we love her.
Rowenova Sir Floppington and her good boy Thunderboy became fast friends! The woman herself is the Sword of her House Keaton, and we seem to have similar traits in build and height and coloring (slightly different), which I find interesting! She is a good sport when it comes to bets with me. Excellent company.
Rysen Steadfast in the face of danger, I've found her a skillful squad leader on even the most dangerous missions.
Sunaia I'd almost swear we'd known one another for years.
Sydney I appreciate that she's open-minded. Perhaps I've merely become too jaded and immediately believe I'll get chastised by nobility for being a brute, and it's a relief when I'm not. Did she recognize my name, or is that me imagining things? I do wonder.