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Baroness Katherine Moore

I desire most to be the light by which other flowers bloom.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Blossoming Baroness
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Moore
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 20
Birthday: 3/03
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: Flaxen
Eye Color: Steel Blue
Skintone: Ivory

Titles: Baroness of Acorn Hill

Description: Though her visage favors a demure countenance, Katherine is most comely when gracing present company with congenial laughter and smiles. Clear, ivory skin is free of blemish and a natural roseate hue persists at the apples of her cheeks. Cosmetics are wholly unnecessary, though at times she delicately ornaments the line of her eyelashes with obsidian paint, an effort to better draw out the bold hue of steely irises. When set free of ornate pins, glossy locks of spun gold hang in rivulets to the small of her back. For an additional touch, she habitually embellishes her hairstyles with red roses or ivy-wound wreaths which fill the air around her with a mild effusion of floral scents. Chosen attire trends form-fitted to better accentuate her tall, sylph like frame.

Personality: Katherine is a clever, capable young woman, though at times may come across to others as superficial, interested most in frivolous pleasures and pastimes. Casual conversation is navigated with ease, though topics trending toward a deeper, more thought-provoking nature might lay bare her inexperience with life and all of its complexities. Still so young and uncomplicated; the burdens of Arvum have yet to weigh heavily upon those delicate shoulders. In due time, and with the right guidance, she may acquire the wisdom to discern which situations most require the proper amount of gravitas over imprudent levity.

In spite of any such critique, this young woman commands a pleasant synthesis of a quick study, empathetic friend, and impish socialite, and carries herself with a languid poise expected a learned Peeress.

Background: Growing up, Katherine never really wanted for anything, for life lived among her Fidante relatives was, in a word, baroque. As an only child born of a union between Dario and Aela Moore, it was to be expected that she should enjoy not only all the luxuries afforded to the sole recipient of parental affection, but also those inherited by her aristocratic station. Had she a single complaint, it was likely inconsequential in nature. That is, until the day of her father's untimely passing.

The manner of Dario's death was regarded as suspicious by his wife, though a lack of convincing physical evidence and a clear motive failed to prompt further inquiry into the matter. It was ultimately ruled an accident. Aela unraveled in the wake of her husband's demise, growing paranoid and emotionally unsound, and ultimately clashed with the Fidante family when it was clear they disagreed with her assessment that Dario's accident was no accident at all. This great divide in opinions stoked discord, and resulted in Aela's unilateral estrangement with everyone around her, including her daughter. After many unsuccessful attempts to mend the relationship, Katherine resigned herself to the reality that her mother was a lost cause and began to cultivate a sense of self-reliance and confidence that had, up until that point, remained underdeveloped. Some months later, when Katherine was only twelve years old, Aela returned home to live among her own family in the Oathlands, leaving her daughter behind to be cared for by her cousins. However hurtful the departure, it was still a preferable arrangement to Katherine to remain in Tor. After all, she had that point maintained only light, casual discourse with her Moore relatives, and had no desire to give up a bustling city for a rural countryside.

The years passed by, and Katherine moved forward with her life. She completed courtier school, and even spent a short stint as a member of the Bard's College to cultivate skills that might compliment her natural aptitude for music. Everything was going perfectly well, though her thoughts often drifted toward her mother. The only way she remained informed on Aela's wellbeing was through her Moore cousins; a letter here and there detailing her health and status. After each successive update, Katherine would feel the sharp pangs of abandonment, but never allowed herself to dwell upon it for very long.

Katherine had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday when stories circulated about destruction of Acorn Hill and the Moore family massacre. She learned some weeks later that Aela Moore was named among the deceased. The news jolted Katherine to her core, and resulted in a period of agitation wherein she desperately filled her days and nights with distracting social events: parties, masques, plays, anything that could keep her mind off this new source of distress. For the first time in her life, she was unable to simply will away the pain. In time, she put an end to all avoidance and allowed herself to grieve, not only for her mother's violent death, but for having her opportunity for reconciliation abruptly stolen away. In the immediate aftermath, Katherine developed a budding interest in her distant Moore family, and what legacy they left behind in their wake. Perhaps, she thought, learning about their lives might bring her some much needed closure.

A letter was sent to Marquis Kael Keaton to request an audience, and, when the reply contained within a polite invitation, Katherine packed her bags, kissed her cousins goodbye, and left for Oakhaven, not knowing when she might return. She could have never known what might be revealed by making such a visit: the knowledge that she is the last Moore alive who might consider pressing a claim for the Barony of Acorn Hill, and that the Keatons might even be inclined to grant it to her.

Relationship Summary

  • Brigid - In such a short time, you have become my dearest friend and confidant.
  • Lora - You are poise and grace exemplified. No words can express my appreciation that you are so willing to lend your wisdom and strength to me.

  • Deceased:
  • Dario - My loving father, I may never know what really happened all those years ago. What I do know is that I will see you again someday, and I'll miss you every day until then.
  • Aela - Mother by blood alone. You left me behind, in more ways than one.

  • Friend:
  • Ridley - Each week, I look forward to our lessons. You are a patient and dedicated teacher.

  • Spouse:
  • Rane - We are a perfect team, you and I. You are steady, the solid foundation I desperately need.
  • Name Summary
    Amari Lady Katherine is delightfully charming and well mannered. She's also all courage when contending with unpleasant company (and my cousin, who seems thoroughly and understandably smitten with her).
    Apollo People in Oakhaven tend to act like the Lycene are from some foreign land, but it isn't so. She's perfectly charming and it's pleasant to know someone from House Fidante besides.
    Brigida Looks to the injured as soon as possible to render aid. Truly a worth trait to possess and I admire that.
    Cornelius A seemingly refined and polite young lady, with just the right balance of humor and sweetness to carry on fine conversation.
    Dante My distant cousin may not be a fighter like the Baroness but she's no less courageous for it. Clearly sharp-witted and unafraid of the terrors to be found in the ruins of Acorn Hill, it is inspiring to see one of our Oathlands relatives work at the same tough task that Lora and I have undertaken.
    Drusila She seeks to rebuild her house and honor the lost of her family. I can't help but wish she has the strength to see it through.
    Eugene I should have opened my eyes a little wider and it would have clicked faster. Of course she was of the peerage. Her poise was surprisin' but was it really? I didn't deserve that much civility. I expected her grabbin' her beau's blade!
    Lora Sometimes a rose cut too soon blooms but halfway and for just a few days, then withers and fades. But sometimes a rose, cut just right and tended just so, propagates and becomes its own bush. I fear she was cut wrong, but she is so much stronger than she knows.
    Rane Young, charming, beautfiul. I've little experience with Lycenes and less still with Lycene women, but she was a wonderful host and had a countenance about her that was wholly her own. I hope her meeting with the Keatons is fruitful.
    Reese Lovely, charming, thoughtful, aware of others. She has empathic and grace. A true assest to her house. Sometimes kindness and power comes in simple words and has that.
    Reigna Lady Fidante, clearly feels sorrow at the loss of her Mother's people. She seems driven to see the lands restored. A positive thing, though a curious one too.