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Metallic Songs: Silver

Come hear Princess Sorrel's song about the Metallic Silver, her life and times. Learn about the founding of Arx, the Gift of Silver. A question and answer session will follow and supporting evidence will be provided. (OOC: NO CLUE SHARING until after the event.)


Dec. 20, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Sorrel Alaric


Merek Alarissa Eithne Bliss Sabella Ysbail Oswyn Ian Gaston Helena Violet Ouida Macda Galen Orvyn Kedehern Sapphira Shard Waldemai Sina Reese Leona Jasher Lisebet Miranda Seymour Alistair Jaenelle Shae Amari Delilah Niklas Puffin Carmen Simone Victus Ashe Khanne Alrec Rymarr Duarte Kaia Niccolo Mirk



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

Merek has come to watch, with his cloak on and hood up. He has peace-tied up his gear, while he finds a place to settle in to relax. He also takes a few notes while listening.

Alarissa moves when Victus does, aeterna and stygian and the half sized wife to the High Lord's towering status. Just as quiet as he is, she takes a seat just a little after he does, stopping to murmur greetings to some others along the way.

By the time Eithne arrives, it seems to be 'standing room only' which is actually how she prefers it. The legendary armorsmith is looking tired these days, and the scent of acrid metal lingers around her. She hangs out in the back with the plethora of colorful retainers. "Hey, how's it going?" She murmurs yo no one in particular.

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Crimson and umbra surround Bliss Whisper, but the copper-hued peacebonds perhaps bely that she isn't expecting violence here tonight. A few looks around the room, smiles given, and then she's standing to one side unobtrusively, lifting her eyes to watch the performance today.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

Sabella laughs, though she does reach up to touch her very sparkly tiara, "I'm sure they would only ask for the name of the jeweler that created it. And if not, that's why we employ Clark." She gives Oswyn a wave and as they get closer beams, "Congratulations! You most certainly deserve it."

Ysbail shifts when Helena arrives, The young Blackwood woman moving over to greet the woman with a warm smile. "This should be interesting shouldn't it? Are you familiar with the singer Lady Helena?"

Someone is waving at him. Recognizing Sabella's voice, Oswyn smiles a close-lipped smile and waves to her and Niklas. "Thank you!" he mouths.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Almost invisible in an alcove near the stairs, Ian and Jasher watch the crowd, more guards than attendees. Though his intense blue eyes are alert and watchful, ever moving, the rest of him projects a sense of relaxed readiness, potential energy without the tension of a coiled spring.

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Gaston strides into the Great Hall, barbute helmet tucked under one arm and looking a little hollow-eyed, several day's untamed growth on his jaw. He pauses near the entrance to the Hall, taking in the space without comment, broad shoulders noticeably slumping even under his dark-enamaled pauldrons. After a few minute's deliberation, he takes a seat at one of the less occupied tables and sets his helm on it, within easy reach.

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2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Sapphira.

When Helena arrives, she looks a off -- her color's a bit pale, her eyes a little shadowed beneath, like perhaps she's not been sleeping well. When Ysbail approaches, she blinks, before smiling, and reaching to squeeze the other woman's arm lightly. "I don't know her personally very well, though she's very talented. I've been to I think all but one of these so far. They're always lovely and interesting."

Violet enters a little late with a small figure holding her hand. The woman tries to keep quiet as they are a touch late. She scans about with a frown, looking for a seat. Yet Tala tugs her hands and drags her towards the couches. "What?" She whispers as Tala plops herself down on a couch and turns her cheerful attention on Sorrel. Violet hesitates, obviously looking uncomfortable as she looks around, before she comes and sits awkwardly on the very edge.

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Sorrel is standing on the stairs, tall and darkly clad like dusk in beautiful blues and purples. "Tonight," she says with a spread of her hands. "You have come to hear the Ode of Silver. And you will. But first I cannot but say something about Tuesday. Tuesday, the day that the snow was blackish-green like the poison in the magic, for the source of magic is poisoned, and it is poisoned in such a way that it looks like that snow. Tuesday, you felt like you lived the day twice -- because you did. We don't know how much time was turned back when the clock tower fell, but our failsafe against the end of the world, a clock that told time when time should be, is broken and with it, its creator, Copper, whose song you may have heard last week, is gone. And if that made no sense to you, I understand. The simple version is this: Copper is dead and she sacrificed herself to save Arvum."

The soprano pauses a moment as people continue to filter in. "Copper is dead, and the Dream itself mourns. We mourn too, and I will open tonight with a story about Copper, then sing her song for you again, and then move on to Silver and her ode. After will be a question and answer session as usual."

Ouida remains in her peripheral seat, her gaze still watchful now and then towards the doors. She smiles as she sees Violet and Tala enter, however, with a bow for the Baroness-Consort, and a little wink for the girl. Some of the pleasant reserve eases a little, though for now she remains silent, as the program begins.

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Walking in only to lift onto her toes, Macda scans the many sections with craned neck. It doesn't take much to spot the permanently armour-clad Terese, so the princess moves to meet the Templar and give quiet greetings. Her attention then turns to Sorrel as she addresses the crowd.

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Heimlin, the Scholar, 5 Harthall house guards, Kestrel, the Scholar arrive, following Orvyn.

Galen claps the butt of his spear against the floor each time Sorrel says that Copper is dead, a tribute to her sacrifice, audible, emphasizing each time the tragic news of the passing of one of their greatest champions of old and now is put out there, but beyond that, his face is far more stoic than the usual playful Thraxian Prince. Current events have sucked some of the joy away, as he focuses on the performance.

Violet' face becomes somber and she lets the grief of Sorrel's words show on her face. Tala looks as confused as any young child would, frowning as she looks from her mother to Sorrel. However there is no information coming yet and so she waits. Violet glances around the room, noting the reactions of others to Sorrel's words. In doing she sees Ouida and gives her a faint and sad smile, nodding her head in hello.

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Only a smidge late, Orvyn Harthall enters, waving off messengers trying to offer him more letters on the way in. Eventually he makes it into the place proper and seeks out the seat that his sister had reserved for him.

:smiles again, to Seymour and Reese, giving each a nod from where he was seated. "Master Oak, Princess Reese, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Lord Ke--" Oh, and then Shae's introducing him! "Mmm, I've heard some about the plantings at the lodge, but... Well, I'm afraid I'm no green thumb," he murmurs, before his attention too, is on the singer.

Sapphira arrives in time to hear Sorrel's words and a hand covers her mouth. What sad news! So brave, Copper.

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Shard slips in late, but she's very quiet about it. She skirts around the edge of the room, keeping close to the wall.

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"Once upon a time, about two hundred years ago," Sorrel begins in the style of a storyteller, which she is, being a bard. "There was a woman named Lady Amenaris Grayson who was from a minor branch of the Great House. She was madly in love with a lowborn scholar, whom she married, and who died young. In the back of a journal somewhere, there lies a letter from him to her, as he sets off on his last mission for Copper, for he was a member of the Copper Guard. He was fighting against the Abyss, he praised Copper as a teacher, and fretted that he would not see his beloved wife again and prayed to Gloria that he would meet his end bravely. But Copper got the letter to her.

"More than that," she continues, "his grave would always have flowers bloom on it. Even in the dead of winter, it would be warm and lovely, like a summer's day. A household servant is noted as having asked about it, only to be told by Lady Amenaris, 'Many think she doesn't care, but she does. She gave me a day of Summer, the day we wed. She gave me the day most precious to us, and for that I'll always be grateful.'"

Waldemai listens respectfully.

Sina's features are filled with sorrow at Sorrel's words about Copper and the clock tower, and she glances down at her hands in her lap, clasping them tightly together. Where before she was murmuring quiet words with those nearest her, she's fallen silent now, and her normally abundant smiles have been stifled by the events of the past few days. Her olive skin is paler than usual, dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep. Are there people around her? She barely notices them now, and it's only with an effort that she's able to lift her gaze to Sorrel once more as she speaks about Copper, listening quietly.

Eithne leans against a back wall. The sound of leather moaning with her movements is only noticeable to anyone standing within an ear shot of the armorsmith. Violet silks drapes over her shoulders, a pristine cloak she seemingly adores, keeps her warm as Sorrel retells Copper's story. Not one to get emotional, she finds her eyes getting misty. Strange.

Reese listens to Sorrel, seemingly both somberly sorrowful and hopeful at the very same time.

Cementing the idea that he's here as a guard rather than a spectator, Ian doesn't show any particular reaction to what Sorrel has to say about Copper, nor to the story told afterward. He looks worn and aged, of course, but no more than is usual for him. He's looking at the crowd as much as he's keeping an eye on the singer.

Leona listens to the tale of Copper, her expression serene but her eyes filled with sorrow. She murmurs softly to those sitting nearest her, but perhaps it carries a little too far. "It is hardest to hear those who think she didn't care. She cared more than anyone could - or should. Her hope was all she had left, with everything torn from her time and time again. And still she hoped. And dreamed. And fought for right. A champion of all humanity beyond anything humanity could ever have earned." And then her voice quiets again as she says something further, but that does not carry at all.

Ouida continues to listen quietly, though the careful composure of mild pleasantry never leaves her face, she too like many in the hall has shadows under her eyes from many recent nights of stolen sleep.

Reese is overheard praising Leona: So well said in honor of Copper

Jasher remains in the alcove alongside Ian, though in contrast to the other man's seeming indifference, the prince watches Sorrel, his graven face a mask, blue eyes clear, yet opaque.

Lisebet murmurs only briefly to those at her table, before she goes quiet to listen to the story. She does glance to Leona, and to those at her table, curiously. Her own expression is thoughtful as well as sad, feeling the mourning along with the cold rain that continues to fall.

Miranda glances from Sorrel to Leona, her honey-brown eyes hold a bit of sadness at the news of the sacrifice and of the story. It's just more poignant with what they were told. Her hands rest, clasped, upon the table she shares with others. She nods a little bit, but to what? Only she knows. She sits forward a bit in her seat, listening raptly to what is said of Copper.

Alarissa's hand laces with Victus' closest one.

Merek doesn't show his emotions on his face, but he does seem calm and also thoughtful. He looks over to Leona as she speaks to hear more, then his gaze is back upon Sorrel, listening. He takes a few notes, likely writing stories that are said to remember all of them.

Seymour looks confused by what Sorrel says at first, quietly asking a few questions at his table. The confusion fades, expression shifting briefly appreciative before falling somber as he listens to Sorrel's tale.

Reese looks over to Leona as she speaks with respectful attention.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Alistair stands rigid in the back, hands clasped behind his back and pressed lightly against the wall as he watches the growing crowd finally settle and the entire evening begin in earnest. There is little reaction on his features as they speak of the recent happenings. Of the truth of the matter and what has been happening. What has happened. He glances about for a moment as Sorrel speaks so boldly and openly about magics, as if waiting for some creature to lurch out and make its presence known. Magic made manifest for mischief and misfortune. When that doesn't happen... he does not settle at all, for he seems to be incapable of becoming relaxed.

Jaenelle tightens her hold on Leona, head tilting slightly to rest her cheek against her sister's arm briefly before straightening once more. Her voice soft, "she is able to finally rest now. After holding on to duty for so long."

The quartet of young bards on the landing of the stairs begin to play a familiar tune: Copper's Ode. And then Sorrel begins to sing. And yes, it's a repeat of her previous concert, made all the more bittersweet that Copper is dead and no longer able to hear the words nor the music. It's a beautiful song, after all, and a little sad.

"Grieve not, beloved Copper, not today,

Though eons of sadness on you must weigh.

My song is my gift to lighten your soul:

A smile on your face is my only goal.

"The Knights of your Copper Guard stand with you

With deep loyalty, they'll always be true.

Unknown and unsung, they fight through darkness

And drive back the horrors of the Abyss.

"Who does know the Mage of Second Chances,

For whom time itself may be forced to dance?

Many a mortal across many years

And losing friends leads to many tears.

"Yet even in this there is hope and Light

For these are your friends who try to make Right

To rebuild the world for the greater good.

Whatever you need, they'd do if they could.

"Uncountably many successes done;

Immeasurable are the battles won.

Recall the fallen, but the living too.

All those you have loved -- they also love you."

Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Simone.

Shard settles into a spot along one wall. Her eyes are faintly narrowed, her shoulders a little hunched, and her expression very difficult to read. She watches what she can see of the crowd as much as she looks toward Sorrel, her gaze lingering here and there, but never quite stopping.

Shae sits quietly at the green table, listening to Sorrel, as she shares the story of Copper. Ever attentenive she spots her cousin, Amari, giving her a warm affection smile and wave.

Reese is overheard praising Sorrel: Beautiful song

Amari arrives in time for the second rendition of Copper's song, so stays in the back out of the way to stand, listen and watch from there. She lifts a hand to greet Shae and offers a subtle little smile before putting an appropriately somber expression back on.

Sapphira is overheard praising Sorrel: So lovely! Her songs are just so wonderful!

Lisebet is already quiet, but at the moment, she seems to go even more quiet, watching Sorrel and listening. She doesn't even know Copper, far as she knows never met her, but she feels the sadness.

Delilah closes her fingers and raises her sleeve to her mobile mouth. She says nothing whatsoever as Sorrel begins to speak, that lilting cadence of speaking truth to the heart.

Niklas listens to Sorrel's song, expression neutral, attention mostly turned inward as he lets the words sink in a second time. When she finishes singing he raises his glass to her and paraphrases a line, "Let's rebuild the world for the greater good."

Miranda offers, out loud, "Hear, hear. Well said," in response to Niklas' toast.

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Lisebet is overheard praising Sorrel.

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Eithne is overheard praising Sorrel: A fitting tribute.

Gaston is leaning his chin on gauntleted fists, his attention moving between Sorrel and the others in the Hall, noting tired faces and the presence of arms and armor much like his own, everyone worn and gray like the weeping skies, the murmurs that pass between the tables. His gold-flecked eyes don't brim over until the somber reprise of Copper's song, once so hopeful, and he runs his armored hands over his face and through his short-cropped hair with a grimace.

"I'm already on it," Comes the quiet reply and faint smile from Violet at Niklas' toast.

Violet is overheard praising Sorrel.

"Here, here," Lisebet says, quietly.

Merek is overheard praising Sorrel: Wonderful.

Before the song began, Helena could be spotted wiping slow dropping tears from her cheeks once or twice. But as the song begins, they seem to come faster, and she covers her mouth to stifle the sob that comes at the final verse. She murmurs a quiet 'pardon me' to those near by her at the couches, before joining in the applause for the song. "Hear, hear," she murmurs, quietly as well to Niklas, though it's softly spoken.

Gaston is overheard praising Sorrel: We'll carry forward and make her proud. Beautiful work, as always, and more poignant now.

Even in the Great Hall of the Palace the rain can be heard. And yet for a moment it seems to slacken slightly, and then there is through the window a flash of lightning that lights up the sky. The thunder rolls through the hall, as though the gods themselves have witnessed the determination of those in the hall itself. And then the rain picks up again, drowning the world in sorrow for what is lost and never to be recovered. Perhaps it was just happenstance.

Reese sucks in sharp breath as the rain seems to pick up. She looks toward the window and her blue eyes widen.

Carmen taps her head back against the wall with the song, arms folded across her chest, attentive more than moved. The toasts have her exhaling a long breath through her nose, mouth tightening - and then her eyes snap to the lightning in the window.

Simone makes her way slowly into the room, glancing around for faces she recognizes. Spotting Corban, she gives her cousin a warm smile and a wave. She looks over to Niklas and Sabella as she hears Niklas' toast, studying them quietly yet nodding along to the sentiment. At the bright flash of lightning, she jumps slightly and moves a bit farther into the room.

Seymour is overheard praising Sorrel: A voice as precious as silver

Violet glances up at the lightning and the thunder. Her eyes turn towards the back wall and then the windows. There is a faint twitch to her lips and she turns to place a kiss on top of Tala's head.

Ysbail reaches a hand in comfort to Helena, before she join into the applause, but the storm outide draws her attention more fully.

Ian looks generally unmoved by the song and the sentiment that accompanies it. Not unmoved in the sense that he's successfully hiding some deeper feeling -- he really looks like it doesn't have much of an impact on him. The flash of lighting and the roll of thunder, however. THOSE get his attention, if only for a moment. After all, it's probably just weather.

Ouida seems on the verge of speaking perhaps, but the flash of lightening and roll of thunder, followed by driving rain steals her words. She seems content to remain silent, and listening.

"Thank you for allowing me to memorialize Copper and some of the things that she's done for us," Sorrel says, wiping a tear from her eye. "Copper was someone I knew, and perhaps someone you knew, too, and she definitely has had a big effect in all of our lives." She takes a deep breath and smiles broadly at Niklas, nodding once in acknowledgment. She glances up, too, at the lightning at the window, and places a hand to her breast for a moment.

"As the evening continues, and we thank King Alaric for hosting tonight," Sorrel says, motioning gratefully towards His Majesty, we will discuss Silver, who not only had a large hand in building Arx, but gave her life in defense of it, many years prior. Silver was a Nox'alfar, and she was a true ally of humanity. And in a moment, I will sing you her song."

"Holy fuck." Comes Victus' unrestrained voice as the room is lit up by lightning.

Lisebet winces a bit, at the lightning and thunder, jumping nearly as much at Victus' sudden interjection.

Galen goes to raise the butt of his spear one more time and before he can bring it back down the thunderclap happens and as such, well, there's no reason to match that. There's a look outside, a brief look towards the windows, before turning back towards Sorrel's voice.

As people speak of rebuilding the world to be better -- rebuilding it in Copper's memory -- a hint of a pleased and proud smile touches Ashe's face.

Sapphira jumps a bit from the sounds of the thunder, and looks for a place to sit and take part.

Merek looks to the window when the weather shifts like that. He pulls up his cloak to him and looks from under the hood. He then shifts his attention to Sorrel, and tries to relax. Not easy to manage at all.

As is often the case, when Sorrel sings, Sina seems to blossom on hearing that voice. A hint of color returns to her cheeks, and though her moonshine eyes are glistening with unshed tears, she does seem to be sitting a little straighter by the end of Copper's song. Then there is thunder, and that brief slackening of rain. She gives a little start at that, glancing upward briefly. Then her gaze turns back to Sorrel, curious and quiet.

6 King's Own Guardsmen, Narses arrive, following Eleanor.

Miranda's attention goes to the windows and walls as the thunder rolls. She shivers a moment, a slight shudder of.. well.. perhaps a well timed bit of nature or something more.

Shard looks sharply to the windows at that conveniently timed flash of lightning. Her crossed arms tighten a little as she adjusts her wall-lean, and then looks back over the crowd.

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Helena jumps visibly at the clash of lightning and leans against Ysbail with another small sob.

Kedehern's hand perhaps went to his sword hilt a the flash of lightning, raising from his chair a half inch or so, but then... He awkwardly sits back down, coughing a touch into a fist. "Well, that was certainly.... Exciting," he murmurs.

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As the rain quiets, Shae glances up, looking around a bit. Eyes widening a touch as the flash of lightning lights up the hall. Her breath held for a moment and then a soft look settling over her face. A hint of a smile at Kedehern, she nods gently in agreement.

Seymour's eyes widen, a hand going over his heart as he looks to the windows. "That was ominous."

The bolt that lights the hall only highlights the scars on Gaston's face, though he does glance at the window; the rumble of thunder that follows seems to match his mood, and earns a grim nod.

Whatever shock the lightning or the ripple of thunder disturbing the stratosphere provides, Delilah remains riveted upon Sorrel. Or a point approximately an inch off the Thraxian princess' shoulder, her downswept lashes serving properly to soften reamy celestial eyes. Her concerns likely have gone inward, the caprices of imagination supplementing the tale.

The quartet of bards on the landing of the stairs queue up a much jauntier song. It's got rhythm. It's got almost a military sound to it. It's completely unlike the previous song in meter, style, and verse. The last song was bittersweet and aching, full of love. This one is no less full of love, but it's a happier, punchier sort of love, and Sorrel smiles as she sings it.

"Practical, magical: thus Arx was built.

For those discerning sensibilities,

There are so many fine amenities

And wondrous sparklegas keeps our streets lit.

"Construction was fast, but ever so good.

Urban planning was a magical must:

Fortifications to never go bust.

Powers were worked both on stone and on wood.

"To appease Death herself the city stands

A great necropolis under its ground.

Always new mysteries here to be found.

Arx as a city: the grandest of grand!

"Yet who must be thanked for this finest place?

Shout aloud that Arx is the Silver Gift!

This triumph of Silver our Souls uplift!

Whose gift in the Light is our saving grace.

"Silver fought for humanity, for all

Not human herself, she understood man

And the choices we make, some very grand,

And some very poor: choices large and small.

"Shout aloud that Arx is the Silver Gift!

This triumph of Silver our Souls uplift!

"The Silver Order are Arx's greatest knights

Who work in her spirit of giving to

Light up the darkness for the living to

Ever banish the Abyss and the night.

"Shout aloud that Arx is the Silver Gift!

This triumph of Silver our Souls uplift!

"The Silver Swords are the King's Own knighthood.

Tirelessly working to protect and serve,

With strength and with honor as kings deserve,

For the whole Compact, a great force for good.

"Shout aloud that Arx is the Silver Gift!

This triumph of Silver our Souls uplift!

"A city of Death yet gives Mankind life

The city of Silver bequeathed to man

By the greatest of elves who made her stand:

Between two races, harmony not strife."

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Eithne taps her toe to the beat of this song and as Sorrel sings, the smith's expressions also lighten.

Waldemai recites, "Arx is the Silver Gift." It seems apropos.

Tala perks up at this song and the beat. Uncurling from under Violet's arm she resumes bouncing in her seat. This time to the beat.

Victus checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Miranda claps her hands to the song's beat as Sorrel sings, quietly mouthing the chorus as Sorrel repeats it.

Simone makes her way over to a table in between the songs, settling into a chair as quietly as possible. She smiles and nods to the others at the table, pleasantly, then turns her attention over to Sorrel to listen to the next song. Her foot seems to tap along to the beat almost unconsciously.

Lisebet does try to sing along with the chorus, if it seems to be acceptable.

Victus cups his hands over his mouth and shouts in his best, sea captain's demanding voice, "Arx is Silver's Gift!". Were he on a ship he may be expecting a hurrah, but he seems content to let his voice bounce through the room along with the song.

Eithne gives Waldemai a thumbs up along with a crooked smile. Victus's booming voice however hits her eardrums hard and she crinkles her nose, laughing to herself.

Sabella is overheard praising Sorrel: A true gift for the ages

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrives, following Khanne.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

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Khanne slips into the Great Hall, looking a bit lost in a daze. She looks about and finds a seat for herself with some familiar people, joining them with just a nod in greeting.

2 Bisland pride guards arrives, following Kaia.

Arrives fashionably late, finding himself strangely out of all places in the Palace's Great Hall. At moments he stops in front of guards, looking at them half expecting them to approach him but they happily ignore him as long as he doesn't stay in one place for long. He stumbles in with an open flask in hand, sipping a swig. The smell of alcohol and smoke heavy on his leathers. He shuffles over to Duarte, giving him a kiss on the cheek and whispering something before trying to quietly move down the table to Miranda's side, pulling a chair and offering his hand to her as he leans to the side to whisper to her, after greeting everyone sitting with him.

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Rymarr steps away from the shadowy corner and moves off to stand near the primary means of exit from the Great Hall. He keeps his back close to the wall, but watches on in silence. Periodically his attention diverts from Sorrel so that he may look out over the gathered crowds.

Rymarr has left the Shadowy Corner.

"Arx IS Silver's Gift," Sorrel agrees with a sudden laugh, her face lighting up with delight as Victus bellows and other people join in on the chorus. "Thank you so much for listening to my song about Silver. One of the greatest and most talented of the Metallics, she was beloved by their leader Platinum and often worked with him. She was a great figure in the construction of Arx, which was built so fast it required magical construction. She worked with Brass, a crowd-favorite, who put in things like sparklegas lighting, among other wonders. She was a great advocate for humanity while being an elf. If you have questions about Silver, I'd be glad to answer them."

Orvyn engages in quiet conversation with those at the couches towards the back of the room, but he does appear to be intently listening to the song as it is sung and once it is over he offers the polite and respectful appreciation for the wods so sung. His attention is pulled however to something said at the couches and thus he is once more engaged.

Duarte places a hand delicately to his own cheek where it has been graced by Alrec's lips. He draws in a happy breath, reveling in the moment with lidded eyes before he soon focuses back on Sorrel.

Khanne's weary mist-grey eyes look towards the window and her chin lifts as she watches the stars in the sky, the weight of rain lift. A touch of a smile curls her lips, and for a moment, her expression is hopeful.

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Merek smiles wanly at Sorrel's words, then he looks also to the window with awe, while he peeks from under the hood. He seems content to listen if othrs have any questions, but he seems to have none himself while he watches.

Sina seems quite a bit brighter now than she was when she came in here. She is smiling toward the Princess. She does not stick around for questions and answers right now, however. Instead, she rises quietly from the table where she's seated with a murmured farewell for the others seated there. And then she's quietly and unobtrusively leaving.

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Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 1 Templar Knight guards, Jacinthe leave, following Sina.

Ysbail sucks a breath, and at last raises a hand, calm and patient waiting for Sorrel's acknowledgment. So large a crowd some semblance of order should be maintained after all.

Leona looks up when the rain ends, and as even the stars bid farewell so too does the light sparkle in the depth of Leona's eyes. Or perhaps those are unshed tears, shining brightly.

Lisebet mentions something to those at her table, speaking softly, and then she looks up too, expression turning hopeful.

"Mama lookit!" Tala's voice has her looking out a window to see the wisp of a shooting stars tail. "Did you make a wish?" Is the soft reply from Violet as she smiles gently, stroking her daughter's head.

Jaenelle lifts her hand, "Not a question but, please do not send questions regarding sparklegas light fixtures to the Crown's Minister of Infrastructure. I don't have any useful answers, and I do not like disappointing people with poorly answered messengers."

Ysbail is overheard praising Sorrel: A strong voice in uncertainty, your memorial was touching.

Alaric says, "Please refrain from taking any apart to try and understand them, either. You will be fined."

When the sound of the rain outside finally comes to a stop, it's a noticeable silence that makes Helena look up, too. Her cheeks shine a little with tearstains on either. The stars shining, and then the sight of the one shooting star, draw a deep breath from the Redrain princess, and she looks somewhat more hale, if only just. She glances to Ysbail when the woman beside her lifts a hand, then glances back to Sorrel.

"I know a bit about sparklegas, if anyone does have questions sometime," Merek offers, perplexed at all the change of subjects, also hoping people won't dismantle any.

Her spirits a bit lifted by the shooting star, Khanne looks up at Jaenelle's words, a small bit of a twinkle in her eye. She starts to raise her hand, an impish grin growing while she stares at Jaenelle and not Sorrel. It seems, even under her weariness, some of Khanne still has energy. Her mischief.

4 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

Ashe closes her eyes for a moment as the rain ends, saying her own farewells. One tear escapes from her closed eyes, tracing a path down her cheek as she sits there silent and motionless. But then the cloaked woman takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out, opening her eyes once more. And with a smile, she reaches out to rest a hand on Leona's shoulder, just for a moment.

Delilah has left the Shadowy Corner.

"Princess Jaenelle reminds you that she doesn't know how to answer questions about sparklegas, and technically, I don't have a lot of good answers about it either, because you probably won't be satisfied with 'sparklemites!' as an answer," Sorrel admits with a laugh. "The king asks that you study them without touching." She nods to Ysabail to acknowledge her question. "Yes, go ahead." She glances to the window and takes a deep breath, her own evergreen eyes shining bright. Then it's back to her considerable crowd.

Miranda looks window-ward, taking in the clear night sky, the stars, and the streak of starlight. She looks awed, curious.. and grateful? There is a soft smile upon her face as she looks at the sky.

Kaia Bisland arrived too late it seemed, at least for the song; and yet, right on time for the questions and clarifications -not that she'd have any considering she couldn't hear the song. Nonetheless, the petite beauty stepped into the room -wearing her brightly colored sapphire and crimson gown- and found her way around nonchalantly, after motioning for her two Bisland escorts to stay behind.

When the rain ceases, Delilah wraps her arms around herself. Shifting away from the shadowy nook where she sits, a few steps convey her aorund the periphery of the hall. Stars and their calling leaves her sighing, gaze aloft rather than much focused. With a few murmurs to excuse herself, she slips out into the night to behold the vast tapestry of the infinite cosmos.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards leave, following Delilah.

Khanne lowers her hand and sends a wink across to Jaenelle as she does so.

Jaenelle makes im watching you motions towards Khanne.

Though Gaston's mood doesn't seem to lift much with the cheery tune, he does smile a little when Victus bellows. The sudden change in the weather does earn a tilt to his head, a dog hearing an odd sound; he gazes up at the star-filled sky through the windows in time to catch the shooting star and his face eases into a musing, quiet wonder.

Merek makes his way on as he shifts his cloak about him, and also adjusts the hood as the rain is little.

Ysbail releases Helena's hand to draw to her full height, the softness of her voice projected to carry. "If Copper has fallen, does Silver's gift still stand? Or are the guards against death starting to fail?"

Rain is finished, even.

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Willow, a silent attendant, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Niccolo.

"Copper has fallen, but Silver's Gift still stands. For Silver's Gift is Arx itself. The city was built for the goddess the Queen of Endings and Beginnings, and Brass put in the sparklegas to make it glitter at night like the night sky," Sorrel replies to Ysbail with a warm smile, then lifts her hand to the window, as if to show off the stars. "As above, so below. Beautiful. That Copper is gone just means that we have one fewer fighter for humanity. 'Just.' Copper was a fantastic fighter for humanity, but we're here all fighters for humanity. We're going to stand together and fight the Abyss together as best we can. Like Copper did before us. Like Silver did before her. And we're going to shape the Dream ourselves. We're going to shape reality."

Now /that's/ interesting. Carmen's eyes, vibrant green, refocus on the event and study Ysbail from the back of the hall. Tall, she straightens further from her lean to move her gaze slowly from Ysbail to Sorrel.

Nash has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

Alistair watches from the back as people come and go, the man still rigid and at attention with his hands behind his back. Though he is not as ominous as the Kings Own in their armor, his red and black of the Inquisition comes with its own aura. He marks some other Inquisitors that depart, giving a slight nod to Niccolo as the man enters... and then his gaze turns back to Sorrel as she speaks more of Silver and her Gift.

Gaston stands, and bows deeply to Sorrel and King Alaric, murmuring "here, here" before snatching up his helm and departing, some thought having just caught him up and carrying him away if his expression is any indicator.

Gaston has left the Gray Table.

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Shit it's the inquisition! Lowering himself on the table, he appears to be focusing on his conversation to Miranda. Whatever she tells him, brings a playful smirk on his face as he gives himself a moment. He gazes across the room, catching Alistair in the corner who to him had been invisible until now.

Niccolo Velenosa times his arrival incredibly late, a classic Lycene technique. People are into their cups, memories will be foggier, etc. As he strides into the crowded hall, he makes his way directly to the drinks, offering an occasional nod, eyebrow raise-nod combo, and other polite greetings along the way. When he notes Alistair, he threads his way in the Inquistor's direction.

Violet nods her head at Sorrel's words and Tala seems slightly confused. But she nods with enthusiasm. "I dream of unicorns," She tells the people at the couch. It makes Violet smile despite herself and chuckle slighlty.

Victus checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

"A fine show," Rymarr states aloud to the few Iron Guard which linger nearby. He nods once before he steps forward and turns to make good his departure. "Break's over," he advises as the quartet make for the entrance hall.

3 Iron Guardsmen, Patsy leave, following Rymarr.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog leave, following Amari.

Ysbail is silent as the answer comes, nodding slowly as though choosing her words carefully. "Then, if I may add a second question, What tools have been left with us to continue that fight." Her voice getting slightly stronger with the words. "How will we shape this new reality?"

Helena manages to smile at Tala's words, and whispers, though it's loud enough to carry, "Me, too," to the little one, before returning her gaze back to Sorrel for her next answer to Ysbail's follow up question.

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Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sabella leave, following Niklas.

"One of the things that has been taken from us is magic," Sorrel says with a little sigh, focusing on Ysbail for the moment. "So one of the things that people are working on is a Ritual of Cleansing, which will make magic usable again. If you've never witnessed one, start talking it up with your friends. Someone will know what I'm talking about and be able to show you. Once they teach you, you'll be able to teach others. And I know it's spread throughout the city, from high lords to the urchins of the Lowers.

"Beyond that," she continues, "Love. Love will help us fight the Abyss. So will swords, magical and mundane, heirloom and brand new. There are a lot of tools that normal people can use to fight the Abyss -- and have succeeded in doing, at the Lodge, in the Pirate War, in the Silent War. But love for our fellow man and a willingness to put everything on the line for the sake of humanity -- that goes a long way."

Simone moves to stand up from the table after saying her goodbyes, but pauses to smile over to Corban as she departs and to give Alaric a deep, and proper, curtsy, saying quietly, so as to not disrupt things, "Farewell."

Galen looks over to Helena, after giving a shrug to Carmen at something quiet, near where they stand by the wall and he looks back to Sorrel now, her words drawing his attention once more. He is otherwise at ease, for the moment, not in the largest of hurries obviously as he likely won't leave until Sorrel is ready as well.

Shard stiffens in place. She flicks a glance toward the door, for whatever reason, then back to Sorrel.

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Violet shifts in her own seat and considers Sorrel when she finishes speaking. But then her eyes sweep the crowd. Taking in their reactions to her words. Little on her face gives away what she is feeling beyond thoughtful at the moment.

A shadow passes over Ian's expression, a brief flicker of weariness. He pushes a hand through his short hair.

Ysbail's expression is far warmer now, but any further comment she keeps to herself returning to her seat.

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"Hear, hear," Alaric declares regally in a voice that carries without needing to yell.

Sorrel's sentiments have got royal approval, at any rate!

"And Hope!" Shae says, speaking up. Smiling warmly.

Kaia found her way not too far from the entrance, she noted some familiar faces amongst the crowd -to whom she'd direct a respectful nod and maybe even a smile if noticed; yet, she didn't head over in the direction of anyone in particular. She simply stood there, and listened to Sorrel quietly.

"There is a story," Leona says after Sorrel's comment, and her voice is loud enough to be heard in the Hall, "of Silver. That when faced with the armies of the Abyss, knowing they would attack and kill thousands of wounded, she made ready to fight. It was daytime, and she was a Nox'alfar cursed to cruel pain from the sun, to weakness too. And one of her Nox'alfar brethren tried to convince her to wait in the tunnels beneath the city until it was dark. Until it was safe." Her voice is sure and certain as she tells the tale.

"'If I wait,' said Silver, 'then thousands will die.'"

"'But if you go,' said her Nox'alfar friend, 'you will be in such pain. You will be weakened. You will die! That's insane!'"

"Silver looked at him, it is said, and she just smiled. 'No,' said she. 'It is not insane. It is human.'" Leona pauses and then finishes. "To strive for a goal, even when it costs us our lives, is the most human thing of all."

Khanne rises up, nodding emphatically towards Sorrel at her words. "Agree, completely. Love for humanity, Hope for humanity.... fight for humanity." She nods again, and with that, turns to walk out of the Palace with a tired gait.

Reese looks to Leona as she speaks, seemingly very attentive. She nods silent in response and then nods to Khanne as well.

Lisebet smiles, and she rises to echo, "Hear, hear." There's a glance over at Leona, and Lisebet then adds, "To rebuild the world for the greater good. Whatever you need, they'd do if they could." Quoting Princess Sorrel's song.

Shard looks toward Leona as she speaks. Something tenses in her expression, though it only really serves to harden what's already there, rather than change it.

Violet smiles now as Leona speaks up. "That is a story I don't want to forget," She says softly and Tala, too, seems impressed. "I'll 'member it," Says the little girl, which makes the baroness chuckle softly.

Leaning against the wall, Bliss brings her hand up to rub at her cheek with the side of her index finger, a soft smile on her face and a nod at Leona's words.

Miranda looks to Leona as she tells her story. She nods, agreeing with the sentiment and smiles some. "Dying to protect others is worth the pain. The struggle is far more rewarding when you meet it."

Miranda amends, "Dying or living is worth the pain."

After murmuring something to those still near her at the couches, Helena rises, giving Sorrel a nod of thanks for the evening, and dipping a quick curtsy to Alaric, before moving to the door. Despite looking unwell, she's agile enough on her feet to dart that way quickly.

Helena is overheard praising Sorrel: As always, lovely and poignant.

Galen is overheard praising Alaric.

2 Bisland pride guards leaves, following Kaia.

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Ouida, for her part, seems mostly content to listen, veiling her expression behind her habitually affable mask. She will rise when Helena does, to offer a respectful bow, before she retakes her seat.

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Lisebet is overheard praising Alaric.

Alaric is overheard praising Sorrel: Hear, hear!

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Ysbail nods, and dismisses herself from the couches as well, making her way over to Khanne.

Ouida is overheard praising Sorrel: An intriguing evening of song, prose, and generosity of information. Thank you such much!

Mirk is overheard praising Sorrel.

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Galen steps away from the wall and moves up towards where Sorrel is, stepping up beside the speaker slash presenter slash storyteller slash teacher for the night. That's a lot of slashes! And so he stands there then, not at all trying to usher her off or any such, but just putting himself closer now as the room empties a bit to be able to be near her should she need anything.

Alrec winces but remains quiet, looking over to those talking. He cranes his attention back to the table.

Alistair delivers a respectful and practiced clap in regards to the ending of the event, especially when the King gives his approval to Sorrel and her songs. It is short, and to the point. Though there is a hitch in the man's clap when Leona shares her tale of Silver, the man peering at her for a moment before he regards Niccolo.

Kedehern gives a good soft clap at Leona's story from where he sits, and nods to the woman from his own table. "A noble sentiment indeed."

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Gruffudd, a ridiculously fluffy large cat arrives, following Ysbail.

Mirk rises to his feet, offering a nod of his head to others at his table, and heads to the door in silence to join the crowds, though he lingers for a moment at the door and glances back in the direction of the speakers, still curious but just as clearly distracted.

"It's almost enough to make one proud of being human; with all its attendant frailties and follies," Duarte says in an airy lilt. "But why was she cursed so?"

"Are there any other questions before we close out this last chapter in the concert series? All of you are welcome to find me or a Bard or a Scholar to ask further questions," Sorrel offers, spreading her hands and looking over the crowd curiously. "It's been my pleasure to perform for you, to educate you, to work with you in molding the Dream just a little bit closer to the way we want it, and to be human with you." A pause. "I also would like to thank King Alaric for the use of the space to celebrate not only Silver but Copper as well."

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Victus checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 13 lower.

Sorrel is overheard praising Alaric.

"Because Diamond was a raging asshole," Leona says wryly to Duarte.

Violet moves to stand as things seem to be clearing up. She says something to the Harthall's and as she does, Tala slips off. As she does. The little girl sprints over to the other couches where Ashe and Sassabrass are. All she does is move in to give the golden-haired sass a big hug. With every intention to dart right back to her mother before she is in too much trouble for wandering.

Seymour is overheard praising Alaric: My King, who I'd very much like to talk business with one day

Miranda glances about the room, noting Macda off to the side. She then murmurs to those at her table.

Victus stares ahead for a long moment. Then quietly, he raises with a quick nod to those at the couches. "Good evening, I should get home." He straightens his gloves, gives a proud grin to Sorrel, and then he's off.

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"You can have her toe" Jaenelle tells Alaric suddenly as Leona blurts out her answer.

"Elves, my friend. Elves have issues," Sorrel explains to Duarte. "Just as humans have issues, elves have ...issues. And Nox'alfar are pained by the sun."

Ashe snorts at Leona's comment about Diamond, stifling an undignified laugh.

Sapphira is overheard praising Alaric: Thank you for allowing us in tonight.

"Well he /was/," Leona states at Ashe's snort.

Seymour raises a hand as he speaks. "A question for you Princess Sorrel, but first let me congratulate you and the King on this wonderful and powerful event." Seymour leans back in his seat comfortable as he continues. "This is the first I have heard of these heroes and I am intrigued. Are any of them associated with Gild, economics, commerce?"

"Well, there you have it." Duarte grins playfully, lifting a palm to face the ceiling and then letting it fall back to his leg. "It's always some asshole out there making life difficult for the rest of us."

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Ashe raises her hands in answer to Leona, as if to say she's not arguing the point.

"Certainly one theory," dryly at Leona's answer. A look from Kedehern to Sorrel, and "Issues indeed," as he starts to rise from his chair.

Alaric nods gravely at Sorrel's elves have issues comment before eyeing Jaenelle. "Please don't make it sound like I'm collecting body parts," he deadpans.

Something catches Violet's attention as she moves to fetch Tala back. "Wait, he? Diamond was a He?" She asks curiously of the two.

Miranda has left the Great Table.

Leona looks at Violet, and her mouth drops open and she just stares. And then she starts laughing. "Oh. Oh. Wait 'til I tell Tyrval."

Alistair makes NO COMMENT about Elves and their damned oddities. He still has the Elf Transportation Trunk back int he House of Questions.

Having exchanged quiet words with Terese between listening to the questions and answer, Macda idly looks over those still lingering. At some point, she's noticed Miranda get up from her seat and watches her a moment.

Bliss just awkwardly clears her throat, bringing her hand up to hide the grin spreading on her face.

Shard listens intently, although her features do twitch once or twice at varying points in the conversation.

Lisebet gets to her feet, her eyes going over to Leona and Ashe, curiously. The conversation about elves, issues and assholes is noted, and brings a wry little smile to Lisebet's face. She pauses, apparently about to leave but caught by this odd conversation.

Miranda makes her way through the crowd, weaving through people, wherever there is space to do so and trying hard to not be too disruptive. She eventually makes her way to the side of Macda that is opposite of the the one Terese is at. She offers the Princess a curtsey before speaking softly to her.

Macda returns the curtsy in automated fashion, trying to lean in to hear Miranda.

Pushing away from the wall, Carmen slips along the back of the room as unobtrusively as a 6'3" woman in a thinning crowd can.

"There were a lot of Metallics, and it's certainly not impossible that one of them could have an affiliation with Gild, but I have nothing concrete to say that any of the heroes I've covered particularly were interested in economics or commerce," Sorrel says to Seymour's question. "Although our money is silver because of Silver."

Eithne pushes off from the back wall, finishing her conversation with some random retainer. "Wow, I didn't realize how much you actually overhear. We kinda have the same job. You'd be surprised at what people tell share with me at the forge. Well then, have a good evening."

Once it's clear that the gathering is breaking up, Ouida will rise from her chair, and gallantly offer her arm to her brother. Violet is offered a gentle smile and a courteous bow as she and Tala make their way off. And then she will smile at Orvyn briefly before they make their way from the hall.

Miranda smiles, as if chuckling, to Macda. Her eyes are on the Bard, but also on Macda herself at times.

Ouida has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Whatever Ian and Jasher are discussing is, judging from their (non)expressions, decidedly less whimsical than the question of Diamond's assholishness.

Orvyn bows to the quiet Eddard whom had been at the couches with them, but then at the insistance of Ouida, he rises and then moves off with her. "A lovely, if sad evening," he admits.

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Seymour gives an appreciative smile to Sorrel. "Thank you." He is quite visibly satisfied with that answer, glancing around the table as others begin to rise. With a brief grunt he shifts his chair, pushing himself up to his feet. "It was nice meeting you all." Kedehern in particular he dips his head to, before pulling on his cloak and starting to make his way out.

Violet blinks at Leona and then Ashe and smiles slightly. "I am missing a joke, care to fill me in?" She asks with a faint, if wry, chuckle. Tala clings to her leg and is, for the moment, quiet.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

"No, no," Leona says, still chuckling. "You'd really have to be there." She stands then. "If you will excuse me," she says to her friends, "The High Inquisitor needs a bit of my time. Something something tower something something rubble," she murmurs softly.

Salvadore, a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Ashe before departing.

Orvyn has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Heimlin, the Scholar, 5 Harthall house guards, Kestrel, the Scholar leave, following Orvyn.

Niall RedTree, adorably awkward page, Orvyn leave, following Ouida.

Alrec nods to Seymour, smiling to the man.

Seymour has left the Green Table.

On the way out, Lisebet sweeps a courtsey to the king and any assorted royalty about. "Thank you, this was wonderful," she says, and then she too takes her leave.

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