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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXIV

Join us for a fun-filled night of sparring, spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart as we come together raise spirits and funds for the defense of the Lodge of Petrichor.

All levels of fighters and disciplines (including melee, bare knuckle and archery) are welcome. Bring your weapons and armor or use the Hart's equipment to truly test your skills, or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Donations of economic writs to the defense of the Golden Hart's Lodge Fund much appreciated.

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Deepest thanks for your ongoing support!

(OOC: Hey all! This is just a casual event created just to cut loose and have some fun (and support the some of the efforts of other players with the battle to come). The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you.)

See the Winners Circle from past events here:


Oct. 14, 2018, 7:55 p.m.

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Waldemai Marcas Ian Aethan Auda Lethe Ruslan Lailah Iliana Dagon Kalani Zoey Helena Fairen Bashira(RIP) Theron Agostino Gianna Rowenova Cirroch Reese Thorley Donella Eilonwy Josiah Carita Turo Giulio Jasher Ilinca Berto Theodoric Harmon Elora Faruq(RIP)


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Waldemai has joined the upper rafters.

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Waldemai hurries in to see the fights and climbs into the rafters, carrying a pail of ale (in order to save on trips to the bar).

5 Sanna House Guards, Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met arrive, following Cirroch.

Ian has joined the corner table.

Merril, an Assistant Page arrives, following Lailah.

Helena has joined the corner table.

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Auda has joined the bar.

Marcas comes thumping his way into the arena, rolling his shoulders. Dressed in a mix of leathers and other items, he looks out of place. What probably doesn't seem out of place is that he immediately seeks a beer before doing much looking around.

Marcas has joined the bar.

Ian is just taking a seat with Zoey at the corner table. He signals the staff and makes a general indication towards the people there. Bar sign language? Or maybe the staff just know their tastes really well.

The large arena of the Hart begins to fill with guests, fighters of all ilks and a happy buzz of people coming to see the best of Arx meet on the sands of the the Ring of honour. The little vixen is elated and beyond excited tonight. There is something in the air that brings extra fire to her eyes as she smiles brightly and welcomes her guest. As Waldemai arrives, a bevy or pretty barmaids rush to see him well cared for, a the girls seeming as fond of the man as Valencia is. A bright and happy welcome is offered to Lord Ian and Lady Zoey and another to Waldemai as he passes. Duke Dagon receives a gently incline of head and the offer of a delicate hand, his formidable squire also welcomed warmly. "I am so happy to see you. Please, if you should need anything, it is yours. Please ask," Valencia encourages.

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms, Abalene, the Northern Hawk Owl, 4 Leary House Guards, Caenn, the Juvenile Scribe, Davrik arrive, following Fairen.

Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a slender lady's assistant, Fairen arrive, following Iliana.

Aethan arrives, looking around before he starts to the bar as well, ordering a coffee. He lifts a hand toward his brother when he sees him, though doesn't quite go over there yet. Instead, he nods to Marcas in a polite greeting of one who doesn't know the other person, but is also at that same bar near to them. So it's nice to greet them!

Auda slips into the arena, dressed in her usual assortment of umbra and leather. The slender young woman mames her way for the bar, sliding up onto a stool as she orders a beer.

Lethe arrives to the event and takes a look around while she decides where to sit.

Not here to fight, Ruslan has already ordered a bottle of whisky as he heads to one of the tables. He's not going to be fighting, instead, he's checking out the people arriving, and offers a bow of his head to Valencia, before winking at the Princess, "Try not to run around too much and enjoy yourself, Your Highness." he offers with a snort as he moves to take a seat, the Marquis travelling alone.

Lailah spies a particular cousin as she comes in and heads over that way, heading towards the corner table. "Lord Ian, Zoey." She greets, "It's been a while. Mind if I join you at your table tonight?" She glances towards the others at that table, too.

Ruslan has joined the ringside table.

Iliana and Fairen arrive as a unit, she on his arm. Not dressed to fight, so it seems she's here to spectate, rather than test her skills, today. She grins with anticipation as they stroll in. She murmurs to him as they enter.

Marcas gives Aethan a sidelong look, surprised when he doesn't recognize the man, and then just grunts. "Big crowd tonight," he comments, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. "It always like this?" His fingers thud at the bar while he waits for his drink, gaze wandering -- he spots Valencia, offering her a rough smile, but doesn't try to interrupt her hostessing duties just yet.

Dagon offers Ian a bow in return. "Lord Ian, always a pleasure. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Bashira Ru-taul, my squire? She's part of the Order of East Light." a smile, and similar bow for Zoey. "Lady Zoey, as lovely of a presence as you ever are." and then he straightens, motioning for a pair of rums to be brought over. And then the greeting for his person, and a smile as he bows once more. "Princess Valencia, it is always a pleasure, of course." making the same introduction for Bashira, before he moves to sit.

Trailing along in the wake of others who have a better sense of time than she does, the Seliki healer looks slowly around before spotting the bar and altering course slightly with the clear intent to get a drink before the shenanigans begin.

Ian acknowledges Aethan's wave with a nod, and then Lailah has his attention. He fixes his gaze on her, electric blue eyes intense. It's a look that's both way too focused and a little bit too long for politeness' sake. "You're Zoey's cousin? Have a seat."

"May I join you?" Ruslan asks as he approaches Dagon's table. "I am Ruslan Volkov, Marquis of Volkov Woods. Figured I'd take in one of these things."

Cirroch has left the bar.

Zoey pauses in time with her husband and nods at his decision, giving Dagon a small, warm smile. "My Lord is as silver-tongued as ever," she replies with a warm twinkle in her eyes. "Are you well?" She then moves with Ian towards the corner table. As she takes her seat, she seems perfectly content to let Ian "order" with his vague gestures. But then? Then there's a LAILAH! Zoey's face brightens immediately. "Good gods, woman. Don't even ask; what a silly thing to do." She's shooing the woman into a seat with her hands.

Helena enters and looks a little uncertainly around before simply sitting in the corner of a corner table without looking. So much for etiquette. Only then does she look up to see there are other people around, quite comically the people she was with not so long ago. "Hello again, Lords and Lady Kennex," she says mildly, cheeks pinking up a little as others join the table. "If this is a family table, do let me know and I can make room for others." Her fingers curl around the book she holds, like she might open it and start reading like she's at a tea house.

Contently arriving with his wife on his arm, Fairen strides in with his hand clasped on one of the hands she has on his arm. Those preceptive eyes of his immediately search out among the seating for the best place to position him and Iliana, with the small squad of Leary Guards following along behind them. She whispers to him, so he whispers something in return.

Bashira gives a nod of her head to Ian and to Zoey, "Lord and Lady Kennex." she offers with a smile after the Duke has introduced her. She was familiar with them in passing. She then heads after Dagon with her hand on the hilt of her sword.

Ian nods to Dagon again, also, and then Bashira. "We've met, yes."

The little princess gives Rulsan a sweet smile, though the chances are slim she will rest until everyone is happily seat and enjoying themselves. Lord Aethan and Marcas both receive affectionate smiles as the pass, and Valencia beams to see Lethe arrive. "You are welcome to join me at the table at ringside, my dearest Lady. My Duke? Mistress Bashira? Would you care to join as well? Do you know Lady Lethe? She is a delight," Valencia smile between them, happy to make introductions.

Lailah has joined the corner table.

"Mm," Aethan says with a nod in reply to Marcas. "Sometimes bigger. Everyone likes to see people getting hit." It might have been a joke, but coming from his very deadpan expression and tone, it really doesn't sound like it. And hey. Maybe it's the truth! He nods to Valencia in turn as well, and then his coffee arrives and he takes a sip. "You planning on fighting?" He asks as he turns back to Marcas.

"It's just a table, your highness," Ian assures Helena. Or it probably was an assurance, anyway. The general tonelessness in his voice leaves open the possibility that he's really explaining to Helena that yes, this is, indeed, a table. "Stay if you like. Aethan should be here soon."

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrive, following Theron.

Zoey has joined the corner table.

Lethe has joined the ringside table.

Iliana nods her head at whatever Fairen has said to her, changing their course towards the bar. Her words are low so as not to add too much to the hubbub, but as she passes Valencia where the woman is busily greeting guests she gives the Princess a little bow and a smile. "Your Highness, it's good to be here again so soon!"

Bashira is quiet as she stands, looking towards the nobles as they speak. She's not a very talkative person. It's probably why she gets along so well with people. She gives a respectful dip oof her head to Ruslan, "Marquis." she greets him.

So many to greet and the little vixen moves with effortless grace through the crowds offering welcomes and smiles and gently hugs. The room is filled with the some of the best in Arx and the crowd rumbles with excitement, eager to see the first matches begin.

Valencia moves to the center of the Ring of Valor and offers a warm incline of head to the crowd. "My lords and ladies, misseres and madames, dearest friends -- thank you for coming and welcome to my Hart."

"Tonight we come together to enjoy excellent skills, fine company and to raise spirits. All are welcome to participate," the little vixen says with a warm and gracious smile. "For those who are new, we hope we will see you often in our Hart. For those who are part of our Hart's family, thank you for your ongoing support and patronage, and for bringing such happiness to our Hart. We could not do this without you," she nods warmly, her small slender hands folding before her. Another smile finds her sweet lips. "Tonight is one we should embrace and enjoy. The drinks are on the house! Sturdy armor and weapons available for those who did not bring their own. Again thank you for being here. And now, warriors, if you would please take to the sands!"

Dagon would reverse his seating motion, to stand and offer a short bow to Ruslan. "By all means, Marquis. Duke Dagon Tyde, Sword of Maelstrom. Well met." and a nod for Zoey. "I have been very well, and I hope the same for you?" before he sits, accepting the rum when it arrives and settling down in his seat. "And I do, of course. Lady Lethe, good to see you here, since we do not often get the chance for general conversation." then he's paying attention to Valencia, as she makes the opening statements and welcomes for everyone, lifting his drink up to salute her once she's finished.

Cecily, a coy secretary arrives, following Agostino.

Offering a bow to Dagon before the Duke makes his own, "A pleasure, Your Grace." he offers as he takes his own seat, before settling down to watch the set up. "Are all the events like this?" he asks with a lift of his brow. "It seems to be an excitable evening."

Marcas rolls his shoulders, glancing towards the arena, then back to Aethan. "Of course. Why would you be here if not?" and then he seems to realize, squinting a little. "You fighting?" His beer arrives -- after Aethan's, because he has that sort of luck. He downs a good portion of if, then makes to stand when Valencia announces for those willing to fight to come down to the sands. "I'll go," he calls, as he claps Aethan on the shoulder and moves down.

When Iliana takes the lead, and directs the pair of them more towards the bar, Fairen grins lightly. Though he casts that sly grin onto Valencia as they pause near her. "Yes, it is always a pleasure to see you, your Highness. You look lovely as always." He comments, joining in on the bow.

Lethe sits down at the ringside table with a nod to those seated. "Good evening." She smiles as she looks to Dagon. "We really don't. It is good to see you."

"It is indeed a table. Thank you," Helena says with a smile that's just a touch impish, before turning her attention to Valencia and her welcoming words. "Are any of you fighting tonight? I will not, and thus not do any dishonor or shame to my family by falling on my royal behind." She looks around, holding her book with both hands on her lap, like it might be the only thing keeping her from floating away.

Lailah sits down as practically commanded and smiles. "I just wasn't sure if you'd had other people in mind for these seats, Zoey." She looks yowards the others with a smile. "Any fighters I should be paying attention to?" She's saying this in the unsurprising, to those who know her, tone of someone not planning to take part in the fighting.

"Are either of you gonna fight?" Auda glances down the bar to Marcas and Aethon, lifting her beer for a pretty big swig. "Ah, that answers that." She grins, watching Marcas move towards the ring.

Arriving in time to hear about free drinks, Theron's path shifts to pluck up something to have on his way to the sands. Two large swords on his back, and followed by Garibaldi carrying some more. Theron's grin finally arrives as he tugs at his gloves, and rolls his shoulders one at a time. "I feel rusty. Who wants to try to knock some off me?"

"There's not enough room for a horse!" Ruslan calls at Valencia teasingly. "I'll sit this one out!"

I might," Aethan says with a nod, though there's a slightly approving look when Marcas offers to go first. He does not, however, join him for the moment, but does tell him, "Good luck," before he heads to the table where his brother, Zoey, Helena, and Lailah are sitting. "Princess Helena," he says, "you decided to come. Good." He sits down then with a nod to Ian and Zoey, and then to Lailah as well, settling back to watch the first match.

There is a curious gleam in Agostino's dark eyes as he enters this part of the Hart, glancing around while walking further into the room. The ring gets particular attention, as does Theron when he issues a challenge to those in the room. Heading for the raised seating, he takes a seat near the back for the time being, hailing one of the waitstaff to request a glass of wine as he continues to observe for the time being.

Zoey shakes her head at Lailah. "Friends and family, by and large, and you fit both bills." At some point, there was whiskey and cognac delivered to the table, and she reaches for the latter. "Depends on what you're looking for, I guess," she replies. "Almost everyone here has at least one thing worth watching."

Agostino has joined the raised seating.

Ian's answer to the question of whether he's fighting is a shake of the head. He scans the people after Lailah asks her question. And then there's Lord Theron. He nods towards the Mazetti Sword. "I've fought Lord Theron. He's good, and he's versatile." He nods to Aethan when he comes to sit down. "... And my brother, if he fights." It's hard to tell if there's a joke in there; his voice is too deadpan to be sure.

With a backwards glance to Auda, he says: "Look after my beer," as he moves away. He pretty much finished it, so it's an odd thing to say. Down on the arena floor, carefully and deliberately, he strips himself of all his leather gear, rolling his sleeves up and wiping his hands on his pants before he unsheathes his sword and sets it point down, glancing around to see who might take up the challenge.

Marcas wields a sharp, crimson-steel bastard sword.

Fairen and Iliana both receive a bright smile, Fairen's comment bringing a blush to her cheek. "I am so glad you are both here. A smile comes to her eyes as Marcas declares, the little vixen having a clear fondness for the large northman. "I think tonight will be an amazing night for matches," she says a little breathlessly as Theron answers the call. A little smile is offered to Auda as she cheerful calls out and then a warm smile to Helena as she arrives and settles. Ruslan's comment has her smiling. "My arena floor is large enough to manage archery, my lord, it can manage your steed if it pleases," she calls back. Looking up to Waldemai she grins, "500 silver on Marcas, Master Waldemai. Do you care to accept?"

Iliana fetches her own drink from the bar, and one for for Fairen, and the pair of them head up into the raised seating where they can get a good view of the action.

"If anyone is fighting with daggers or swords, let me know and I'll give it a go." Bashira states with a nod of her head. There's a look given to Dagon and a nod to his whisper. She then gives a look around and well, she's not done the public fighting thing before. So she was new to this!

Iliana has joined the raised seating.

Waldemai waves from the rafters. "I will take that bet, your highness," he calls down. The only question is whether there is a bet he won't take.

"Sure thing!" She grins at Marcas, and then turns her bright green gaze to Bashira. "I'll take you on! I like knives." Her grin turns decidedly toothy, and she looks excited for the fight.

Drink in hand, Kalani smiles at the news that drinks are on the house and leans slightly back to watch the gathered and gathering crowd.

Thankfully taking his drink from Iliana as she offers one over to him, Fairen smirks playfully at something she whispers to him, then turns and arches a brow at her, feigning surprise. Whatever he whispers back at her, it's clearly brimming with sarcasm, followed by a wink as she directs the pair of them.

"Sure, why not?" Theron declares as Marcas steps up and wields a sword. "Garibaldi, Adamant, if you would." Theron reaches back over his shoulder to have a sword hilt slapped into his palm. Entering the sands, Theron rolls the blade in his grip a few times. Then Adamant is raised upwards to sketch a salute at his opponant.

Theron has joined the ring of valor.

"Lord Aethan," greets Helena. "I did. I may regret it, but we shall see. This is much more my sister's realm than mine, but it's been ages since I've watched a duel." She looks around at those chattering and calling out to accept the bid to fight. "You are planning to fight?"

Marcas has left the bar.

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Marcas's brows go upwards as he hears Valencia calling a bet -- on him. "Ain't sure I'm worth that much, Princess Valencia," he calls, but he looks at ease enough all the same. When Theron steps up, he gives the man a big grin, eyes following him as he joins him in the ring, nodding approvingly.

Bashira gives a dip of her head to Auda, "Thank you, Mistress Auda." she smiles to her.

When Iliana and Fairen come to sit near him, Agostino smiles and bows his head to the pair. "Good evening Marquis, Marquessa, it is good to see you again," he greets the pair before sipping from the glss of wine that he is brought.

Fairen has joined the raised seating.

Dagon nods his agreement, "Any time that I have shown up, it has been like this." with all the back and forth, Dagon lifts his drink for a small sip before lowering it back down once more. A nod towards Auda, and offering a smile to go with it. Then he's focusing on the pair who are entering first, to pay attention to the ongoing combat.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants have been dismissed.

Waldemai has his coins to on Lord Theron and is about half way down his bucket of ale. "You go get 'em, m'lord," he shouts down. "Rats rats ree...Hit 'em in the knee!"

Lailah smiles, "I'll keep an eye out, then." She prepares to watch the fighting, but glances towards Aethan and Helena. "I'm sure watching a duel isn't likely to cause regrets, so long as you don't make any unlucky or ill-considered bets." Then to Zoey and Ian, "So how's married life working out for you two?"

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer have been dismissed.

Gianna strides into the room with her typical confident air. She may not be wearing silks, but she is wearing sapphires. The bard glances toward the sands to see who's fighting, flipping her hair over her shoulder before continuing to the bar to collect something to drink.

Auda flashes a bright smile to Valencia, and then to Dagon as well. She orders Marcas another beer before turning her attention to the ring. This first match looks -good-.

Theron wields Adamant, an alaricite longsword with patterns on the blade.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Kalani has joined the bar.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Rowenova has joined the ringside table.

Aethan eyes his brother at the comment about him being worth watching, as though he's trying to look for any hint of a joke, though of course, he finds none, and eventually he lets it go, instead turning back to Helena. "I saw your sister fight once," he says. "It was something else. She's amazing." It might not be the most flowery compliment, but it's clearly sincere. Lailah's words get a little huff, not quite a laugh, but almost.

Valencia looks up to the rafters and out and out laughs at Waldemai's cheers. She smile back at Auda and then Gianna as she arrives, offering a warm incline of head as she arrives as the fight begins and the crowd goes wild with cheer. The little vixen joins them, rising on her toes to shout her encouragement with a grin to Bashira, Dagon and Lethe.

As the fight begins, Ian's attention snaps in that direction. He's probably expecting Zoey to carry the weight of the conversation for the both of them. Or else he's been too sucked into watching the fight to notice at all.

Drink in hand, Kalani helps herself to a seat at the bar and resigns herself to the fact that her feet are a good foot off the floor once she's seated. Thus is the lot of those not blessed with long legs.

5 Sanna House Guards, Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met arrive, following Cirroch.

Rowenova shows up to the Sip N Spar, her wolf pelt down over her face whilst the young woman totters sleepily over to sit down at the ringside table with Dagon, Ruslan, and Lethe. She peers out the shadowy sockets on her wolf pelt.

"Mistress Rowenova." Ruslan greets the wolf-pelted woman. "Planning to battle tonight?" he asks her as he keeps his eye on the fight unfolding on the floor below.

Rowenova mmhmms quietly with a muffled voice behind her wolf-pelt's face. "Aye, if they let me. I have plenty aggression to unleash. How about you?"

"I've already put in, but I fear that I am not so trained in foot combat. Expect it to go poorly." Ruslan admits with a small laugh and shake of his head.

Zoey's eyes turn towards the fighting when it starts, but she seems capable of watching -and- talking at the same time. Thus, she answers Lailah without missing a thing. "It's quite pleasant," she murmurs. "Deeply comfortable and not without a bit of adventure."

The fight, especially one she has laid coin on, has her attention, but that's not to say the little dark haired princess is not aware. A little look is giving Agnostino's way and a smile, her gazes sliding to Helena and then to Rowenova as she arrives. The wolf scout gets a happy wave and a invitation to join the table as does anyone else who seems to bee sitting or arriving alone.

Valencia has joined the ringside table.

Gianna collects her drink - cider - and strolls along through the tables, making her way to the corner table where the Kennex lot and friends are seated. She rests her hand on the back of an empty chair and asks Zoey, "Have I missed anything interesting?"

The big northman brings his sword up as the fight begins. Marcas is patient enough to wait for Theron to ready himself before he closes. There's a fierceness to his attempted strikes -- not so much quick on his feet, but the blows are strong ones all the same -- that allows someone quicker on their feet to dodge his heavy swings of his big sword. A series of quick strikes from Theron -- small, but quickly adding up -- begin to draw blood and a grunt each time -- though it doesn't seem to slow down the Redrain warrior as yet. He seems less worried about defending himself as he is pressing the attack.

Zoey smiles, briefly looking up at Gianna. "Whisper Gianna. Not especially. The fight is rather one-sided."

"Then fight you shall, Mistress Wolf Scout. Do you have someone in mind to join you on the sands, "the little princess nods warmly, Rowenova's name inked onto the lists by the elegant hand of little Lizette, Valencia's pretty little buxom barmaid.

Cirroch comes in for The Sip 'n Spar, for real this time, approaching the tables with his eyes glancing over to the ring. Spying someone he knows, Rowenova, he waves to her with a smile offered her way. "Hello Nova, so you have some frustration to work out?"

Gianna has joined the corner table.

"Oh, I won't bet, then. I have much too much sympathy for underdogs to make any money," says Helena to Lailah, then beaming at Aethan's praise of her sister. "She is, isn't she? I'm as likely to cut myself with scissors as to harm someone else with a blade, I'm afraid. But I sleep better at night knowing she will protect me." She beams over at Valencia as the other princess makes everyone feel welcome.

After having finished his salute of the blade, and dropping into his stance. Theron finds himself pausing, to look back feeling a presense. "Hey! No. Bad Aspirants! Out of the ring, Garibaldi!" Theron points at all three of his followers in exasperation and sends them packing out of the ring. Turning back to Marcas, a rogue's grin comes to life. "Best of luck!" Once Marcas begins, Theron keeps himself and the sword moving working to parry the big man's swings. Again and again, darting in for quick little slices, and back out again before that big sword makes a big mark upon him. Of all things, Theron's wearing a pleased expression and smile, the smile of a man enjoying the thrill of the moment.

Rowenova sits back in her chair and reaches out to give Cirroch a hand squeeze with a tiny nod as she looks his way through the eye holes in her wolf pelt, "Aye, just a smidge. How are you, Marquis Cirroch? Wanna join us?"

Ian leans forward ever so slightly, drink and table forgotten. His sharp eyes follow every motion taking in details -- the angle of a parry, the shift of weight onto a back foot, the motion of a dodge.

Cirroch has joined the ringside table.

"Oh, of course I know who you are. I've seen you perform, but felt too shy and full of awe to go say hello after," exclaims the Redrain princess to Gianna, though her eyes to dart now and then to the duel she's come, ostensibly, to watch. "Princess Helena Redrain. So pleased to meet you. I'm so sorry to miss the opening of the Bard College. I was still traveling back from up north. I heard it was amazing. I'll try to make your next event, unless my family drags me off somewhere. Which is probably very likely, really."

Although Marcas is breathing hard, his gaze is fixed on Theron, watching him dart around with an awareness that his strength isn't enough to counter the other man's speed. But by no means is he giving up, even when a particularly hard strike lands against his bare arm, earning a rough sort of grunt -- all the big Northman does his shift his stance, grin a wide grin at his opponent, and close again for another strike, one that hits but seems to do no damage against Theron's armor.

Trying a trickier manuever to close into Marcas, Theron nearly pays a price for it. He barely escapes being wounded once the next round begins. Perhaps this near-miss inspires Thron. Adamant flashes repeatedly as it is swing in several patterns working to strike again, as well as deflect anything coming at him. The fact that the big Northman simply shrugs off whats coming at him, does cause Theron's smile to hold, but a solid nod of respect is sent Marcas' way. The pause was brief though, and Theron's footwork, combined with sword play does make him a bit of a human blender.

Waldemai is caught up in the fight. "Well struck!" he calls from the rafters. He takes a big swig of ale. "Hit him again!"

Marcas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 13, rolling 48 higher.

Marcas remains capable of fighting.

Marcas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 53, rolling 16 higher.

Marcas remains capable of fighting.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Reese arrives in the Hart while adorned in her pink and toting her weapons. She glances over the area, trying to get a feel for things here.

Valencia is smitten by the battle below. Her eyes widen and her breath is held for a time until she can hold back no more. "Bravo! Gentlemen! Bravo! Stand firm, my missere!" she calls out with delight, her large dark eyes dancing as the men whirl about the ring with flashing blades, sharp grins and what seems to be great respect for each other's skill.

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "GO HOUSE HALFSHAV."

As he receives a message, Ruslan gives a faint frown and then moves to his feet. "Your Highness" he offers to Valencia. "Could you please take my name off the list? I have an appointment with my Duchess I was remiss about." he admits as he bows to the table to prepare to depart.

A definite line of sweat creeps down Marcas' face and back, running together with some of those light flesh wounds where his opponent's sword has struck. He's clearly slowing down, though by no means giving up yet -- only grinning wider when Theron closes, giving a quick nod in return as he tries to anticipate Theron's next close strike to take advantage of it.

With the conversation at his table going on around him, Ian remains in a world of his own, all of his attention on the fight.

Ruslan has left the ringside table.

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire arrives, following Thorley.

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire have been dismissed.

Once again, Theron engages his personal human whirling dervish mode. Random feints, whirling stikes means Theron is patiently whittling the bigger man down. Another brief lull in combat has Theron moving Adamant before him in a figure-eight pattern. His breathing shows no signs of labor. Not yet at least. His eyes dart about on Marcas at seeming random spots, either scouting ahead for new places to strike at, or more attempts at misleading his attacks. His grin has grown, just something of one enjoying combat for the sheer thrill of it.

Marcas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 70, rolling 1 higher.

Marcas remains capable of fighting.

Marcas has rolled a critical success!
Marcas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 77, rolling 31 higher.

Marcas remains capable of fighting.

Marcas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 95, rolling 39 lower.

Marcas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 56, rolling 5 higher.

Marcas remains alive, but close to death.

Marcas is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Princess Reese's arrival gets a bright smile and should she draw near, the pink Princess will be gladly offered a sweet smile and a warm hug in greeting. "Welcome, my sweetest friend. I am glad ot see you, " Valencia smiles turning a back to watch another devastating blow landed and answered in the ring. Marcas rallies and then falls. "Bravo! Well fought gentlemen!" she cries out and then sends a fat purse up to Waldemai in the rafters.

While one of the older knights of the Compact, Thorley still enjoys a good spar every once in a while. Arriving in the Golden Hart, he offers a bow to those present before casting a grin towards Valencia. "Cider." he offers to one of the barmaids when he asks, as he greets Reese as well. "Your Highness." the man offers, clearly not in a position to drink as usual.

It's a fierce fight -- but with an inevitable end. Marcas, finally, is driven to his knees, blood trailing down through his thin shirt, gesturing a yield. After a moment, he pushes to his feet, sheathing his sword, and offering a hand to Thorley. "That's some sword you have there, friend," Marcas says, admiringly. Apparently a fierce battle makes friends, at least in the northman's eyes.

From the raised seats, Iliana can be heard calling, "well done!"

Bashira gives applause for Marcas and Theron, "Well fought!" she calls.

Valencia looks thrilled and breathless. Watching such things bring a flush to her cheek and she pauses to take a sip of her drink. The sergeant of arms steps forth and gives a call to Rowenova and Kalani to take to the sands next.

Zoey brings her hands together for the participants, clapping a few times before looking at Ian and Aethan.

Waldemai applauds the fighters. "Well fought! All glory to Gloria!"

Noticing Zoey at the tables with Ian, Thorley offers a bow and a wave to the couple. "Violet couldn't make it tonight." he comments as he gives his stomach a little pat. The commandant is pretty much on 'any day now' watch at this point.

Rowenova stands up from her chosen chair and pulls off her Messenger Bag and various pieces of her leather armor: her fur cloak which she lays down on the table before piling up the gashed bracers, leather vest (underneath which is linen garb), leather skirt with many pockets (linen trousers are underneath). The weapons belt is added to the stack, too, and then her wolf pelt over top, which ultimately reveals a face which should probably get more sleep due to those raccoon eyes. She definitely looks a bit puffy about those cobalt blues as she strides forth in her grey linens, her hair braided and kept back in a dazzling array of many ribbons of many colors. She only kept her gloves and boots from her leather garb.

Rowenova has left the ringside table.

Rowenova has joined the ring of valor.

"Good fight, both of you!" Auda hollars from the bar, raising her beer and then downing what was left before ordering another. There's one for Marcus already present.

There had been a brief hesitation of staring from Theron, as Marcas stayed on his feet when he should have fallen down. Adamant whips about once more, and finally seals the deal. Once Marcas is on his knees, Theron accepts the yeild and laughs. Stepping up with a smile, he offers Marcas a hand up just in time as Marcas looks for a hand up. "Well fought! Truly. Well. That is some of my rust gone." Adamant spins in his grasp to be held out for Garibaldi the Swordbearer to take for him. "Thank you, I like my big blades, but that one gives me some joy as well. Let us go get something to drink, fortify you and those wounds!"

Also rising to his feet at the raised seating, Agostino claps loudly for the two warriors who just finished their bout. "Well fought!" he yells for them, before sitting back down again.

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"Won't say no to that," Marcas rumbles to Theron. Tracking his way out of the fighting pit, the big Northman pulls off his shirt, and uses it as a makeshift towel -- running it across his face and down his chest and arms. He pauses, as he hears a familiar name called up to fight, "Get 'em, little wolf," he rumbles at Rowenova, as he passes her on the way towards the bar. There, he spots the beer Auda's ordered for him. He looks surprised and grateful, and downs the whole contents before grinning, "Thanks," at her, presumably for the beer as much as the hollaring.

Ian takes a sip of his drink, and then a drink. He says something to Aethan, before letting Thorley using his name distract him from what's going on at the table. He nods to the man.

@emit Some who know Rowenova might notice that she does not wear any khol liner, but that might be because she was going to fight today. She peers to Marcas with her bloodshot eyes then firmly claps his shoulder with her gloved hand on her way by him, "Thank you, friend." Then, she is heading up into that ring and preparing herself in the corner in which it seems right to do so. Glancing over to her current opponent she gives her a slight nod.

Raises his arms up in appreciation for those that cheered, and makes sure he gets the hell out of the way for the next set of combatants. Theron makes a beeline for a bar and orders up a drink. Noting Marcas has one waiting he pauses a moment. "I was about to order your next round, and remembered it's on the house tonight anyways." A quick chuckle is followed with. "I need to do this more often." Settling on a chair he turns to lean back against the bar to watch the next match.

Normally on the outside of the ring, let alone not in the ring at all, Kalani finishes her drink, carefully stows her medicine bag and heads into the fighting ring. Dressed in a pair of trousers, button up shirt and boots, she's dressed more for a hike than she is for an evening out on the town. But, at least there's nothing to trip over. She aims a quick smile at Rowenova once she's in the ring and warms up a bit as well in the other corner.

Valencia is overheard praising Marcas: Always spectacular to watch. A fine fighter and someone I am so very honoured and glad to know.

Valencia is overheard praising Theron: Formidable and brilliant with a blade, and rather charming. Someone I hope to get to know more.

Initially not smiling, Nova softens up a little bit when Kalani flashes her one and gives her a nod with the hint of a smile showing up. She soon turns into a serious scout once more, though as she heads forth to the central ring where a courtly bow from the Halfshav Servant (Rowenova) is thus given toward Kalani.

There had been a brief hesitation of staring from Theron, as Marcas stayed on his feet when he should have fallen down. Adamant whips about once more, and finally seals the deal. Once Marcas is on his knees, Theron accepts the yeild and laughs. Stepping up with a smile, he offers Marcas a hand up just in time as Marcas looks for a hand up. "Well fought! Truly. Well. That is some of my rust gone." His head turns as Marcas makes introductions. "That reminds me, Lord Theron Mazetti. Sword of Ostria. Good match though, I really do mean it. I, well. Honestly I expected it to end sooner."

3 Last Watch Sentries arrives, following Donella.

Sharing a bow with Nova in return as she reaches the center of the ring, "Hi," she says in a low voice, casting a short look around then back. "Sorry, I'm probably really bad at this," said with a bit of a sheepish smile as she skims one hand over her hair and tries to loosen her shoulders a bit at the same time.

Rowenova stands back up and momentarily surveys the shorter woman before then nodding lightly. She then speaks something unheard to the woman in the ring.

Valenciasits down once more and takes a deep breath, her smile so bright and happy that it would seem the little vixen might levitate from her seat. Thorley is offered a warm incline of head and she turns back to her table and settles in to watch the next match.

Thorley has joined the ringside table.

Donella is shown in to the locus of activity, giving thanks to those that show her the way, this being her first Sip & Spar. Valencia's near hovering for is greeted from a distance, as well as her tablemates, as she looks for a place for herself so she can get the sense of things.

Rowenova pulls her gloves on a bit tighter. Closer inspection might show they probably look to be a bit padded within somehow. She faces off with Kalani and then slowly prowls in a sideways circle around the other woman, watching her with those intense eyes of cobalt blue, carefully watching her.

Bashira gives a look to the side as she sees more people come in and there's a bit of a smile when she sees Donella, a bit of a wave is given to the former Princess of Thrax. Then she leans down to whisper something to Dagon and nods to Donella.

Kaleb, a Harthall sailor, Avril, the adventurous assistant arrive, following Josiah.

The little raven haired princess turns to see a new but familiar face appear. Valencia offers a warm smile an invites the lovely Donella to join her table with a little wave of a delicate hand. "Princess, how beautiful to see you again. It has been to long. Join us, yes?" she invites and begins to start making introductions to those at the table.

The Princess Donella's arrival earns her a wave and a beaming smile from Helena, sitting over at the corner table.

Putting her game face on, which is slightly less possibly scary than her surgeon-on-the-job face, Lani mirrors Nova's movements as the taller woman begins to prowl sideways. Tucking her hands in close to her chest, fingers slightly curled, the Seliki healer gives a sort-of bounce to her toes before darts forward in an attempt to trip Nova or set her off balance.

Gianna speaks quietly with the others at the corner table. Or as quietly as can be managed in a bustling bar with fights going on, anyway.

5 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Eilonwy.

Waldemai finishes his bucket of ale, and accidentally drops it. ""Ware below!" he calls.

Dagon stands once he catches sight of Donella, to offer her a short bow and a little grin. "Sister," motioning to the numerous empty chairs, before he sits down. "We'd certainly be glad of your company."

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrive, following Carita.

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Donella makes a scattershot of greetings, until she begins to seem overwhelmed at the warmth of the greetings. "OOf!" she remarks of Kalani worrying Rowenova with her fists. "However do you all manage to come away from these things without looking like bruised fruit..." She scoots toward the table she is offered, and says, "I certainly don't mean to interrupt you, but I happily would visit a while." She winces again, "Oooh, was that a sweep of the leg? How does one know if they've won?" To Dagon she says, "Come and kiss my cheek, you rascal, or I shall tattle on you to Deni."

Donella has joined the ringside table.

Walking in, Eilonwy looks about and clasps her hands in front of her. She takes her time finding somewhere out of the way to sit and watch things.

Spotting a familiar figure coming in, Marcas lifts a hand to try and catch the new Marquessa's attention. "Eily," he calls to Eilonwy from the bar. "Come join us -- Rowenova's about to fight," he says.

Ian didn't look like he was paying attention to anything but the beginnings of the brawl in the sands, which is why it might be surprising when, as the bucket falls towards the corner table, his cane is in his hand and moving up in a precise, controlled motion. When did that start? When did he grab his cane? It all went pretty fast. He neatly impacts the bucket Waldemai dropped with his cane at a perfect angle, an angle that gently deflects it away from their table and to the ground, without risking breaking it. He looks up and makes an awkward waving sort of motion with his other hand, maybe to assure him that everyone's alright? Or ask for another bucket? Or maybe it's a rude gesture? That part is as stilted and unsure as the motion with his cane was certain.

Gianna starts as the bucket drops but is promptly swept away from the table by Ian's quick cane. She shoots an irritated look upward.

Bashira gives a bow of her head to Donella once she approaches, "Your highness." she greets her with a smile. Then she steps to the side and lets Dagon greet his sister. She then looks up to Waldemai and there's a bit of a curious look. Then back down to the fighting ring.

As Kalani approaches, Rowenova dashes forth a split second later toward her, too. In a flurry of motion, the twain meet up. The healer who has anatomy on her side proves to be the victor on this first attack as a leg sweep goes out under the wolf scout: she suddenly falls out like a tree, right onto her back and doing so with a WHUMP into the sands. There is a look of shock-and-awe as she flails around and tosses up plenty sand (which does not get very far and definitely does not endanger her opposition). Rolling away, she soon kips up, doing so with some grace to face off yet again, this time trying to catch the other woman in a fireman carry, if possible.

Waldemai waves down to Ian. "Well struck, my lord, and my apologies!" he calls. "I'll limit myself to smaller containers for the rest of the night!"

Josiah walks in, just wanting to be a fly on the wall. He walks up to Valencia to greet her and then takes a seat furthest away from the action...

Iliana's voice can be heard again but this time she's looking at Ian, then up at Waldemai, "Make a contest out of that, and we'll all get some practice in at dodging!"

Looking for a second in one direction, Eilonwy follows her name being called and lifts a hand to greet Marcas heading in his direction. "Rowenova, she's the best." She offers once she reaches the bar and looks up at her friend.

Eilonwy has joined the bar.

"No glass, if you would," Ian calls up in a voice that might or might not be making a joke. A serious request for no glass please wouldn't be out of the question.

Instinctively ducking her head and squinting her eyes shut, Lani keeps the sand out of her eyes for that first toss but has to blink more of it away as it dusts out of her hair. Getting the drop on Nova was a momentary thing and the healer lets out a startled sort of 'Yip' of sound when Nova catches her on rebound and lifts her into the air for a dizzying moment. Never one to be afraid of heights, the Seliki healer casts her arms and and ties to throw Nova off balance again and topple them both back onto the sand.

Carita's wrapped in opalescent seasilk tonight, the color shifting and shimmering with the light, and bringing out the blue of her eyes. As she pauses upon entering to scan the Arena for a seat, there are a few familiar faces she offers not only a dipped curtsey to, but a warm smile, as she makes her way towards the well-stocked bar for a drink.

"GO LITTLE WOLF!" Marcas calls from the bar, wincing briefly when Rowenova goes down, before he grins to Eilonwy and moves over a seat to make room for her at the bar.

The sound of the impact of the cane to the bucket immediately draw the little vixen's attention. She lifts her brows as her staff rush to ensure all are safe, the mess cleaned up and glasses refilled. Valencia nods her thanks and turns to smile a welcome to Carita and Eilonwy as they arrive. Her smile blossoms as Josiah is spied and she calls out warmly, "My lord, welcome! It has been some time. Would you care to join us?" she invites with an encouraging nod.

Helena never saw the bucket, and her eyes are wide when Ian pulls it out of the air more or less with his cane, keeping it from striking those paying less attention than he to their surroundings -- literally everyone at their table, to be fair. "Thank you, Lord Ian. A concussion would not be a very welcome souvenir," she says with a smile in his direction. She waves to Waldemai, to assure him all is well but for a few splashes of ale on their clothing.

Donella glances across the room in the midst of her chatter with family and familiars, fixedly, before she turns back her attention.

Adam, A Young Apprentice, 4 Navegant Marines arrive, following Turo.

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After hoisting Kalani up to shoulder level, Rowenova only manages 720 degrees in counterclockwise spins, doing so with a long groan until drug down into the ring's sands by the Seleki healer, thrown off balance and brought down for a second time! Nova flails around in the sands with the other woman, making a decent show of scrambling for leverage and exaggerated rolling action!

Turo steps into the Arena, pausing to glance over the people who are assembled. Some he knows, others he doesn't. Everyone gets a friendly enough smile from the Navegant Count, and he makes his way toward the bar to get himself a drink. And, in a move that should surprise no one at all, it's a rum.

Hitting the sand again with a groan of sound at impact, Lani tucks her hands and arms tight to her body as she rolls to the side to give her some room to work with. She turns the last roll into momentum to regain her feet and immediately joins Nova again for a round of scrambling and grappling, more dust and sand kicked up in the effort.

Zoey has joined the corner table.

Turo's arrival causes a bit of a blink followed quickly by a delighted smile, "Count Turo! I am so very pleased to see you, sir? Welcome. Would you care to join us?" Valencia invites with a smile.

Carita has joined the bar.

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Ian is briefly distracted at his table with staring Aethan down about something. Or trying to. (Let's see how long THAT lasts.) He points and says a couple of words.

Zoey returns from dealing messengers (they will not leave her alone!) and retakes her seat beside Ian. Her fingers reach out to lightly touch his hand, and she gives him a warm smile. "Sorry about that. People wanting to tie up a few loose ends from the infrastructure project." The story of The Song, however, causes her eyes to twinkle.

Rowenova was picking herself up slowly and almost halfway up, one knee bent and kneeling on the other. That is when she is dived into by Kalani and they go rolling around into the sands once more before Nova comes up with what looks like it might be an armbar hold but it is not kept extended nor over duration for some reason as she makes an 'oofing' sound and sucks in her gut as if somehow punched and thusly relents from keeping the other woman held.

The battle on the sands between Rowenova and Kalani rolls on, the crowds cheering and shouting their encouragement. Valencia blushes to something said and she turns to watch the match, the fight one she has not seen the like of before.

Waldemai has to climb down to rummage around for a suitable ale container. A leather bucket this time! Much less auerodynamic and much safer. "Thanks," he says and climbs back up, spilling not a drop.

Turo smiles warmly and replies to Valencia from where he's leaning against the bar, "Highness, that's a generous offer. I will accept, and will be along shortly. I'd like to give a few greetings before I settle in." He lifts his rum in salute to the hostess, and then sips his drink.

Iliana clambers her way down from the raised seats and heads for the door. "Highness," she calls to Valencia as she passes. "Your entertainments are always fabulous. Thank you!"

Iliana is overheard praising Valencia.

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Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a slender lady's assistant, Fairen leave, following Iliana.

Carita glances aside to Turo as he speaks quietly to her, brows lifting before her eyes shift towards the ring. Her brow levels good-naturedly at the Count before she answers him and then laughs.

Valencia is overheard praising Waldemai: A fixture at the Hart with a joie de vivre that is hard to beat. Generous and joyous, he's also an excellent and gracious gambler. A treasure.

By sheer stroke of random confluence of events, Lani manages to get a good hold on Nova and pins the taller woman to the sand for a moment. There's a serious amount of maneuvering and effort but at NO TIME is there hair pulling! It's a near thing but she manages to pin Nova in place long enough for it to count, technically!

Ian's attempts at staring Aethan down are not going well. His brother is grinning at him. Aethan. Is showing a facial expression. That is a grin. Ian gives up.

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3 Last Watch Sentries have been dismissed.

Rowenova grunts and groans to no avail! She is kept pinned, and then after the full count of 10, she face plants into the sand below and stops fighting with released exhale which blows around a few sandy grains away from her face. Then, she plays dead!

The crowd goes wild as Kalani manages a pin, the ladies given a chorus of cheering and calls for more. Valencia rises and cheers as well. Her smiles bright, large dark eyes dance as she calls out her delight. "Bravo, ladies! Bravo!" Turning to look up, the sergeant of arms waits for Rowenova and Kalani to take their bows and depart the sands before calling Bashira and Auda to the ring for their match.

"Well fought, ladies!" Bashira calls out to the women in the ring.

Bashira has joined the ring of valor.

Auda hops up from her seat at the bar, laughing at something before making her way down to the sands. She grins a crooked little expression to Nova and Lani, of course. "You two are a tough act to follow!"

Marcas pushes to his feet as the fight comes to its conclusion. "Good fight, little wolf," he calls from the bar, as his gaze flickers between Rowenova and her opponent. And then his attention turns to Auda, chuckling at something she says, "Next time, perhaps. Good luck," he adds, as she moves towards the ring.

Waldemai applauds. "Well fought, and a fair ending!"

Valencia is overheard praising Kalani: Fierce and fast. A woman to watch in Arx. A most excellent match!

Exhaling a huff of sound, Kalani leans back onto her heels for a moment before she rolls to her feet and extends a hand to Nova, not -quite- concealing a grin before she bows to the watching crowd. Her head angling slightly as she says something quiet and sidelong to Nova.

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Lamora have been dismissed.

Bashira heads into the ring and there's a smile to Auda, "They are. But we'll be fine." she tells her fellow East Lighter. "Just have fun and if I end up bleeding don't worry on it." she grins to that.

Bashira wields Blood In The Water.

Auda wields Steel Knife.

Valencia is overheard praising Rowenova: More heart than the biggest of northern bears. Formidable as a dire wolf. A woman who's star is clearly rising. A most excellent match!

Rowenova only acts dead for the briefest while before she gets up with the offered help from Kalani and stumbles around, only saved from not falling due to the nearby healer who helps her. She soon steadies with a little grin, "Now, time for drinks, I say!" as they make their way.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

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"Fantastic idea. Alcohol, making social interactions so much easier and or more entertaining, for generations," Lani remarks in a low voice as she grins at Nova and heads back toward the bar.

Zoey's laughter suddenly spills into the air, a rich golden fullness of sound. And then it dies away, and she goes back to talking quietly at her table.

"Scout Rowenova, well done! Let me buy you a drink?" Carita calls out, waving from the bar. There's another quiet aside to Turo, her attention drawn briefly towards Zoey as she laughs, making the Darkwater woman smile a little wider before her attention returns to her drink, and quiet conversation.

Auda pulls out.. just a regular steel knife. Nothing fancy, nothing flashy. Certainly not the same quality as weapons seen previously tonight. She holds the weapon easily, though, and she watches Bashira closely. After a moment of suspense, Auda darts in to slash at Bashira, cutting only air.

Rowenova winks back to Auda and then puts on a rueful smile for Marcas before she then sets her sanded arse onto a bar stool. "Yes, it is!" says she to Kalani before turning to Carita, "Oh, that would be wonderful. Thank you! Mayhaps, a good whiskey or rum?" She looks hopeful, letting out a deep phew!

Bashira side steps the incoming knife and there's a flash of redsteel that skims across Auda's arm as she quickly moves, anticipating the attack. She doesn't draw blood on Auda and there's a dip of her head to her as she readies for the next shot. Her feet moving still as she watches her.

"Oh rum, always rum. Any time there's an option, Rum is the answer," Lani remarks as she climbs up and then settles on the stool, heels dangling a good foot off of the floor once she's in place. She retrieves her medicine bag and slings it over one shoulder, looped over her head and worn cross body once again.

Rowenova has joined the bar.

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Once the Marquis and his wife depart, Agostino stands up at the raised seating to stretch his legs a bit. He then begins to wander a bit, eventually making his way closer to the ring to get a closer look at the fight currently going on, cradling a glass of red wine in one hand. Though he remains on his feet, he bows his head in silent greeting to Valencia and Thorley, who are sitting near where he observes the match from.

A few attacks are traded back and forth, perhaps testing or warming up. Auda's steel catches only air for a few long minutes, her chagrin mitigated by the fact that she never let Bashira land a wounding blow, even if the other woman's weapon made contact a few times. Finally, though, Auda springs in close, dragging her blade across Bashira's upper arm.

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Bashira and Auda were definitely dancing around the damn ring. Like butterflies with knives. But Auda found an advantage and there next thing Bashira knew there was a bit of blood. "Well, I think we can call it before we dance around the ring for the rest of the night." the Shaman grins at that. Then she heads over to clap Auda on the shoulder, "Alright, out of the ring so someone else can get in here." she laughs at that. "Good hit." she adds as she walks out.

Turo speaks quietly with a few people at the bar as he lingers there, laughing at times, and drinking his rum. He looks out into the pit at times, noting the fighters with interest, and a slight shake of his head.

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1 House Corvini Guard, Claudia arrive, following Ilinca.

Marius, 1 House Corvini Guard, Ilinca arrive, following Giulio.

Auda laughs as Bashira suggests an end, but the young woman nods to the other. "You sure? We might not have to dance too long before one of us finds another opening." She bumps a shoulder into Bashira when the woman is close, and then follows her out of the ring. "Looks like I'll need to get a bit faster, maybe, before we have an excuse to fight again."

Auda has left the ring of valor.

The crowds go wild as the ladies fight on, but it is Auda who wins the day. The crowd responds in kind, both combatants receiving praise and applauds. The sergeant of arms waits till the fighters depart and checks the list. Sir Thorley's name is called and then the call is opened to any fighter brave enough to face the knight.

Waldemai cheers for the fighters. "Well done! Another great match!"

Over by the bar, Marcas looks away for a second and... the fight's over. He looks impressed, clapping loudly, eyeing Auda with interest.

Valencia is overheard praising Bashira: Dagon choose well when he selected this squire. A formidable fight!

Trailed by guards, Giulio and Ilinca Corvini make their way into the Arena. Something of a smile toys the Count's lips as he leans in to whisper something to his wife, before glancing towards the bar. He glances towards the bar and sees several people. "Let us to the bar, first." There's a grin there, his hand squeezing his wife's as he starts to stride in that general direction, arms linked.

Valencia is overheard praising Auda: Blades never looked more dangerous than in this woman's hands. Well fought!

Giulio has joined the bar.

Jasher isn't slightly late. He isn't even fashionably late. He's just "late", walking quietly and nonchalantly as if he had always been here, somewhere out of sight and mind, and just decided to make himself apparent right now. The man's dressed in that manner of understated formality, dark and severe, sharp angles and stark contrasts of bright silver against the opacity of his outfit, shaped by his body and hints of blue and blood-red embroidery. This shadow of a man heads for the bar to order something to drink, though it seems to be more out of tradition than actual thirst.

Jasher has joined the bar.

Whatever it was he said to her, Ilinca laughs softly at the last few words that slip from Giulio's lips. "Then you have married far better than many are thinking, if that is your opinion on the subject," she retorts and, though there is a shake of her head, it is the only protest she offers as he guides her towards the bar.

Ilinca has joined the bar.

Ian nods to Aethan when he rises to go. Staredown apparently forgotten. "See you," he says to his brother.

Carita dips her head respectfull Jasher's way, at his arrival, "Prince Jasher, lovely to see you as always." She tilts her head as she lifts her glass of rum, yet untouched, and leans in to murmur something softly to him, humor dancing in her eyes.

Aethan rises from the table after receiving a messenger, and then starts to depart, though he nods to Valencia as he goes. "Your Highness," he says, "thank you for the evening, as always. I'll see you soon." He starts for the exit then, slipping out among those who are arriving.

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Gianna rises from her seat, leaving her cider mostly untouched. "I ought to be leaving, myself. One of these days I'll get in a match with a knife, maybe."

Turo slips from the bar and moves to take Valencia up on her invitation. Jasher gets a friendly smile from the Navegant en route.

Auda barely makes it off the sand before pausing, waiting for someone else to step up against Thorley. "No takers, really?" Her head tilts, glancing around at the room before she just steps back onto the sand. "It'd be a shame for you to go home without a spar, so.." She seems just excited about this round, as the one with Bashira!

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Bashira gives a smile to Auda and there's a nod to her, "I wish I was a bit quicker." she admits. "But, I think I'm going to head out." she admits. "Since Duke Dagon has already left." she muses. "Good luck!" she calls to her. Then she is making her way out.

Berto makes his way into the Arena, sidling in with a wide, white-toothed grin. The short man's walk might be a little unsteady, but it is deceptively able to move through the crowds. He tips his head toward the notables he sidles past, making his way generally bar-wards.

Mal, a devious raccoon arrives, delivering a message to Marcas before departing.

Valencia smiles warmly to Aethan as he offers his farewell. "Thank you for coming, my lord. I hope you will return soon. It's been some time since I have enjoyed your stories," she smiles. A warm nod is offered to Ilinca and Giulio as they arrive with elegant style and to the Prince of Thrax, Jasher, who always seems to make her smile. "Welcome she offers," with a warm nod, Jasher offered a delicate hand as Giulio and his lady make their way to be settled. Another warm smile is given to Turo as he arrives and settles at the table. "My Count, this is a wonderful surprise. I have not seen you in so very long. I hope you are enjoying yourself."

Lamora have been dismissed.

Carmichael Ulbran arrives, following Theodoric.

As a new match is getting ready to begin, Agostino finishes off his wine and then begins to make his way out of the Hart, dropping the glass off at the bar along the way.

Cecily, a coy secretary leaves, following Agostino.

Helena has left the corner table.

Helena has joined the bar.

Jasher's journey towards the bar was interrupted as Valencia, ever the hostess, manages to zero in on him with the precision of a hawk stooping on a mouse. "Princess Valencia," he intones cordially, accepting the offered hand and squeezing it but a little, long enough for courtesy before gently letting go and turning to resume his way to the watering hole.

"Lady Darkwater," Jasher replies towards Carita, reaching to take his glass when it's given. He tilts his head as if he was listening to something quiet, then replies, just as quietly.

Rowenova keeps downing the shots of rum. One after another. She goes through at least a whole half dozen before finally nodding. She gets up, shoulder claps Carita and Kalani then starts to move back to the ringside table to pick up that abandoned armor she gathers up into her linen-clad arms.

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Rowenova has joined the raised seating.

Rowenova has left the raised seating.

Rowenova has joined the ringside table.

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Berto has joined the bar.

Theodoric enters the arena, black and brown clad and fur-bound as might be appropriate for the swiftly emerging fall. Already possessed of a drink in one hand and the leg of some sort of roasted bird in the other. He wanders through the rows of the arena, circling the ring and approaching the large tables.

Auda is lingering near the ring, just people watching a bit. She nods to Theodoric when the Ulbran appears, and finally moves back towards the bar.

Berto is noted as he slides in, his smile returned by one of her own. Valencia nods warmly to the man, her brow furrowing at this unsteady gait a moment. But he is soon settled at the bar and one of her ladies is quick to serve him. As Theodoric the little vixen begins to smile even more, her dark eyes lowering gently and lifting once more. "My Missere Theodoric, I am so very glad you are here. It has been a remarkable night, sir. You are well?" she offers.

Theodoric rounds the ringside table, granting a warm smile to Valencia in between bites of his bird leg, a wipe of his mouth across the sleeve and he replies. "My Princess. I am well, thank you. Quite the audience you've gathered tonight." his words followed with a large sly grin. Hands full he kicks a chair out from the table with his foot and settles down heavily into it.

Berto offers a bow to Valencia, a slightly errattic bobbing sort of motion, before he settles down to the bar.

Auda is overheard praising Valencia: She's put on quite a gathering, full of fun and entertainment. I'll have to make sure I go to the next one, too.

Rowenova gets her Messenger Bag back over her shoulders as she follows Maggus as they get food put into this bowl she gave him, mostly healthy Things like meat and greens and roots with a little cheese. She quietly thanks him then takes back the bowl she covers up with a plate as she hauls it out along with her many layers of undonned armor.

Rowenova has left the ringside table.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

Harmon makes his way into the weekly Sip n' Spar, interested to see how professionals approach the craft of combat. It's all useful data.

Timbo, agile and cheeky rivenshari youth arrives, delivering a message to Turo before departing.

Marcas has left the bar.

Helena is overheard praising Valencia: Wonderful hostess.

Helena is overheard praising Marcus: Well fought battle.

The fighters gather at tables as the Hart's staff prepare the ring for another competition. A light net is lifted and targets placed. The sergeant of arms calls out for those who wish to partake in a battle of agility and concentration. A set of blades presented to make it fair. The Hart's knife throwing competition begins.

Helena is overheard praising Marcas: Well fought battle! For real this time.

Turo has left the ringside table.

Adam, A Young Apprentice, 4 Navegant Marines leave, following Turo.

Auda makes her way back to the ring, shoving her sandy blonde hair out of her face. It was time to do things again, and she's looking around to see who her competitors are going to be.

Due, a large hunting dog, Sir Peckingston the Third, a chestnut colored hawk arrive, following Elora.

Theodoric is nudged by an attendant of the Hart, having just settled into his chair he sighs slightly and rocks back on to his feet. Bird leg in one hand, mug in the other he takes a long draft from the mug and leaves it on the table. Walking down the steps into the ring, still munching on the now nearly meatless leg. "Blades then." he says to Auda.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eilonwy before departing.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

It's pretty clear that Auda's no stranger to this particular artform! Knives sail from her hands, thunking into the target with satisfying weight.

Waldemai ducks up in the rafters. "That's some wild throwing," he says. Time for more ale.

Helena has left the bar.

Theodoric puts the bird leg in his mouth, wiping his hands on his armor, at some point during the cleaning of his hands a knife appears in his fingers, just as quickly as it glints in the light of the arena is it loosed toward the target landing with a solid thud, however a bit farther away from middle than Auda. "Nice shot." he says, you assume, he hasn't taken the bird leg out of his mouth.

Valencia watches quietly as Auda shows off her skills. The crowd cheering with each thunk into the wood indicating the young woman has met her mark. So to does the crowd cheer Theodoric.

Slipping out of her seat at the bar, Helena makes her way to Valencia to offer the other princess a quick hug and squeeze of the hands. "Thank you for being a wonderful hostess, Princess Valencia." She then moves toward the exit, glancing back at the oohs and ahhs of the well-placed throws.

Harmon blinks at the knifeplay, then begins sketching the arc paths on a scroll with his quill and inkwell in between sips of whiskey.

The little vixen happily returns Helena's hug. "Thank you, my lady. Until next time," she invites, bidding the woman farewell. A little warm but curious nod is offerd to Harmon as eh watches and takes notes? She cants her head to that, but then Elora arrives to take her turn.

Ian has settled into silence and watching and drinking. Mostly the first one and the third.

Elora has been somewhere in the crowd, just sort of watching things as they go. When they ask about knife throwing, she figures that she'd might as well give it a shot. "I will try! But I have no skill in such things. Be prepared to be in sheer awe of how very terribly this is going to go." When it's her turn, it becomes very clear that she isn't exactly how to even really hold the blade right. She's trying to mimic the others, squinting at Auda's form. Her knives go sailing, off the target and hitting the netting. As she predicted.

The crowd, being a Hart crowd, thinks this is marvelous that the woman has the guts to try the contest, and her effort is applauded loudly as the other two.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Kaleb, a Harthall sailor have been dismissed.

Avril, the adventurous assistant have been dismissed.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Zoey turns in her seat a little and leans lightly against Ian as she drinks her cognac and watches knives. Going everywhere. It's entirely possible that she flinches a couple times when it looks like one of the pointy things is coming her way.

Berto laughs and bangs his hand on the bar at the knives that hit, and laughs and pounds twice as hard at the knives that miss.

The targets are moved, and Auda once again starts throwing the knifes. The first is off, hitting close to the edge to the target. The other two, though, are wonderful shots/

After such fantastic form in the first round Theodoric only grows in unearned confidence, this time he holds his bird leg in one hand and the knives in the other, apparently the effort of holding two objects is too much, or the distraction of the last remaining pieces of meat clinging to the leg cause him to lose focus either way the knives go wildly into the netting.

Ilinca looks to Carita at some words passed between them, offering a soft smile of her crimson-painted lips as thanks. "I will be sure to seek him out. And be sure to tell Iulio who to thank, for whatever bill arrives on our door."

Carita has left the bar.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant leave, following Carita.

Harmon returns the wave that Valencia had offered him. When the last series of throws is made, he makes more scribbled notes as well as drawings.

Waldemai applauds the knife throwers from his safe spot behind the netting. "No fatalities! Well done!"

Elora can only laugh as two of her blades go flying, just like last time. There's an audible gasp from her when one of them actually hits. It's on the very edge, just barely hitting the target. But the fact that she managed at all is prett increadible to the petite blonde. "Yeah!" she offers with a pleased bounce on her toes, hands clapping once. "Look! I did it!" This to Auda with a beaming smile. Never mind that if Auda's target were a person, they'd be a pin cushion.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Elora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Eilonwy finishes off her drink at the bar, leaving off the bits of conversation as she smiles to the people she was speaking to briefly. "No doubt, you're right." She agrees to Giulio. "Please excuse me." She adds with a look to the other of the bar's occupants before quietly slipping out.

Eilonwy has left the bar.

5 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant leave, following Eilonwy.

The final targets are selected and Theodoric slides his knives against his leather armor as if they need some sharpening and that will help. He lines up, he checks his sightlines, winds up and thocks a knife through the air it bounces off one of the arena support beams, the next narrowly misses the target, and the final knife sails far off. "Well, it seems we've a similar skill for blades this evening." he says to Elora. He frowns, the large woolly beard on his face emphasizing the expression he rips the last piece of meat from the bird leg raises it in the air and chucks it at the target.

Theodoric checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

Zoey murmurs something to Lilah as she and Ian rise to depart.

Ian braces himself on the table and pushes to his feet, then takes up his cane. He prepares to head out with Zoey. Not fast, but he'll get there.

"We do!" One more of Elora's blades hits. It's actually a decent hit this time around. It elicits another happy noise from the woman. "To be fair, I'm honestly surprised that I managed to hit anything at all," the girl admits to Theodoric with a quick smile. You were hitting and eating at the same time. That's even more impressive."

Waldemai waits for the knives to stop whizzing by and climbs down from the rafters. "Thanks for betting with me, your highness," he tells Valencia. "Another great evening of fun and games." He sends a few silvers to the Golden Hart fund, and heads off toward Southport Square.

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Valla, Bosun of the Black Siren arrives, following Faruq.

"It's my particular talent." Theodoric smirks in reply. "It requires all sorts of practice." he walks up the steps from the ring and back to the ringside table where he left his mug, slipping back into the chair he previously abandoned.

Theodoric has joined the ringside table.

Ian has left the corner table.

Faruq ambles into the Arena with his usual rolling gait and takes in the room. A tip of his hat goes in various directions but no words of greetings follow. Rather those rolling steps carry him over towards the bar where he finds a place to sit.

Faruq has joined the bar.

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, white-tailed eagle, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, white-tailed eagle, Lianna leave, following Mia.

Zoey has left the corner table.

The crowd cheers wildly at the final round, all contestants offered salute, but it is Auda who wins the day. Valencia smiles brightly as Theodoric arrives back at the table and waves Elora and Auda over to join them. Waldemai is offered a gentle farewell, the little vixen smiling fondly as he goes only to have her smile falter a little as Faruq arrives. Not his usual buoyant self, she gives him a little study, offering him a warm but tentative welcome unsure if he wishes company or not.

Valencia has left the ringside table.

1 Ulbran Thug have been dismissed.

Marius claims two glasses of a clear liquor from the bartender and Giulio carries a third as they wander towards the contestants. Each is offered one in turn. "For your contest," he says, extending the pear scented liquid towards Auda. Marius would offer the same to Elora and Theodoric. "Oh, and water as well, but... the drink first, neh?" One dark brow lofts in question.

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